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Download Movie My Super Ex-GirlfriendMatt Saunders (Luke Wilson) thought his luck had just changed when he start dating Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman). But what he doesn't know is he is going out with New York super-hero G-Girl. When he breaks it of with her for his work partner Hannah (Anna Faris) G-Girl makes his life hell.


Uma Thurman as Jenny Johnson/G-Girl
Luke Wilson as Matt Saunders
Anna Faris as Hannah Lewis
Rainn Wilson as Vaughn Haige
Eddie Izzard as Professor Bedlam/Barry
Stelio Savante as Leo
Mike Iorio as Lenny
Mark Consuelos as Steve
Wanda Sykes as Carla Dunkirk
Margaret Anne Florence as Shapely Bartender
Eva Veronika as Elderly Lady
Lawrence Feeney as Scary Dude
Lou Bonacki as Parking Lot Manager
Jeff Norris as NYPD Officer at Garage
Greg Northrop as NYPD Officer at Station
Ivan Reitman

This paper looked like a great concept: Average guy on the rebound
until tight libresca museum curator, who is really hot
a superhero who saves the world on a regular basis. However, the director Ivan Reitman
and writer Don Payne ( "Simpson") almost fatally miscalculate
in having their hero G-Girl (played by Uma Thurman in strike) is released as
A total nut job as Superhero secret identity and persona
Jenny Johnson. The film even policemen in a conversation between Jenny
and Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) after his rescue from the G-Girl
Statue of Liberty. Jenny, curiously, asks Matt what is G-Girl similar. Matt
replied: "She's kind of nut…" I think the intention was to have
Jenny (Thurman) is this lonely young woman, who has no one in his life, isolated from their
large faculty. Thurman does the best it can, but its
Jenny is a terrible mood swing in extreme need of Prozac.
Luke Wilson is too breezy in the role of investment and groom
superhero girlfriend.

"My Super Ex-Girlfriend" is also a victim of bad moment, in the coming
end of "Superman Returns" plays Superhero upwards, so to speak
. With all its peculiarities and inconsistent writing that still believes "
My Super Ex-Girlfriend" is fun and enjoyed the film. Given that this is a film
Ivan Reitman, this could have been much better. Reitman
begins with a great premise, and really squanders. Firstly, we all love
the hero. Here neither Jenny nor G-Girl is really all that likable
. This is surprising for Uma Thurman, who is normally a
charismatic and powerful presence. At the beginning of his Jenny / G-Girl
is just weird. Shocking. Because if there is a woman who can play
a superhero, it is Thurman-that looks great. Only toward the end Is Jenny
become his most sympathetic, rather than the caricature. Although "My Super Ex
" is not a straight Superhero story, a romantic comedy rather
class, does not offer what each requires Superhero mythology-
Super great villain. Here is Professor Barry aka Bedlam (Eddie Izzard
) is really bad lite. There is Lex Luthor. There are no plans for world domination
. Barry Bedlam rather includes a grudge against
G-Girl, and expectedly has to do with their shared past. What is strange
you do not know that you prefer spending time with Bedlam
-or G-Girl? Luke Wilson's Matt is just "some doubt" that happens to connect with the
psycho superhero. One thing that bothers him is not
confesses to his friend loser repugnant Vaughn (Rainn Wilson doing a bad
whacked out impersonation). Wilson plays at times a bit too dense
, which dilutes its likable charm. This, however, works in the
comic sex scene with Jenny. Matt while dating Jenny / G-Girl
he realizes that he is in love with his co-worker Hannah (Anna Faris
perky). So how does Matt break with G-Girl? Well, not quite
and mostly hilarious.

dramatic Superhero movies work. Comedy with romantic chemistry working.
What may be inherently difficult Superhero are
satire disguised as romantic comedies. The whole world loves the hero. However, hero nut job?
Maybe not. But Uma Thurman's talent she is unable to meet
this convincingly. And she does not get enough support from Payne and Reitman
. Thurman and Wilson has enough charm and presence to survive
its narrative shortcomings. "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" is fun and funny. Although
given all parties involved, the film could have been super.
My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) is
uncomfortable when he meets Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman), leaving him as a shy, needy
librarian type. But Jenny has a secret.

Everybody in the village knows G-Girl, who constantly manages to
without help keep New York City problem. Recently
nobody knows, really G-Girl is Jenny Johnson.

When Matt introduces Jenny to her long-time work friend Hannah (Anna Faris
), Jenny begins to act and control of jealousy, which leads him
dumping her. However, that disturbs her great, so it decided to lift its
revenge, using their powers to make your life a living hell. My

the final sequence, 'Girlfriend' comes out of control. But this is
refreshing, fun and strange premise that this summer needs. It's the perfect comedy
to beat the summer heat.

For a movie that is so silly, is surprisingly well executed.
Everything gels, and director Ivan Reitman catch us off guard with
absurd moments of hilarity.

performances are all likable, with Uma Thurman portray G-Girl
credible easily. Luke Wilson is so kind as the sky over his head
. The writing is solid, and the direction keeps things breezy.

'My Super Ex-Girlfriend "is a fund which holds the
screwball comedy that is driven by a silly premise that works.

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