The Banger Sisters

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(comedy, drama)
Download Movie The Banger SistersWhen fiftysomething Suzette loses her job as a bartender she decides to make a road trip to visit her old friend Vinnie who she hasn't seen since their days as groupies back in the day. On the way she meets Harry, a nervous writer who says he is going home to confront his father, then shows her his gun. Once they reach their destination Suzette finds that Vinnie is now Lavinia, a conservative housewife who is reluctant to reexperience the flower power of her youth, and Harry finds confrontation with himself rather than with his father.


Goldie Hawn as Suzette
Susan Sarandon as Lavinia Kingsley
Geoffrey Rush as Harry Plummer
Erika Christensen as Hannah Kingsley
Robin Thomas as Raymond Kingsley
Eva Amurri as Ginger Kingsley
Matthew Carey as Jules
Andre Ware as Jake
Adam Tomei as Club Owner
Sal Lopez as Pump Attendant
Kohl Sudduth as Hotel Clerk
Tinsley Grimes as Prom Girl
Larry Krask as Man in Bar
Marlayna Garrett as Young Groupie
Josh Todd as L.A. Buckcherry Band Member
Bob Dolman

I just see this movie, and all I can say is that many of the critics
not "get it'-this is a fun break, mainly thanks to the efforts of extremely talented players
in it. Sarandon as an "uptight" midwife is a hoot.
Hawn giggled a bit, but shows a force of nature as well. And
Geoffrey Rush's character is a wonderful "mess".

Basically, a story best friends, with some twists and turns. Yes, I would love

love to see more of a story about how Vinnie becomes Lavinia and more than
firecrackers' `history, 'but for an afternoon of memories and joy, this is it.

really appreciate the central issue Bob Dolman seems
happened to us? Children, for those of us living with AIDS has changed

sexual revolution and the greed of the 80 most of us turned into yuppie,

were "free-er & # 39;. Gee, is a Chick Flick. The theater was filled with women when

I saw him and laugh at all jokes and sighing in
common experiences. The character of Harry Plummer? Just think about his reaction to
Suzette care of her friend's child. The scene shows her "real"
character, not just `floozy '.

If you want great significance and anguish, rent a DVD of Bergman; for a fun break,
This film!
I did not expect much from this film, but ended up enjoying!
Susan Sarandon plays a character like a bunch of mothers. She has been so busy
bringing up a family, which forgets that she is and what it stands for
and Suzette, Goldie Hawn brings its "back". This film reminds
be true to yourself. Remember that you were at 18? Well, some of which
teenager, some of their beliefs and dreams are still within you. And I love how neurotic
the 16-year-old daughter is - "Ginger, open your throat."

She has a little phlegm problem. This film has some very real moments.
I think that most women can appreciate!

Download Banger Sisters, The
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