Knock Off

Download Knock Off
(action, thriller)
Download Movie Knock OffIt is June of 1997. In 72 hours, Hong Kong will return to Chinese rule after 150 years as a British-ruled colony. Marcus Ray and Tommy Hendricks are sales reps for V SIX Jeans, and they are enjoying life in Hong Kong in this time before the island nation's transition back to Chinese rule. While Tommy busily prepares for the latest fashion show, Marcus is off looking at knock off goods -- imitation watches, jewelry, and baby dolls, in which his longtime friend Eddie Wang and his Hong Kong associate, Skinny Wang, are involved. When Marcus and Tommy's supervisor Karen Leigh arrives and informs them that much of their last shipment of jeans was filled with knock off imitations, the two can't believe her, but they agree to help in raiding a warehouse to prove their innocence. After a violent encounter that involves local police Ling Ho and Lieutenant Han, Marcus eventually learns that Tommy is an undercover CIA agent, and so is Karen. Meeting with their boss, agent Harry Johansson, Marcus learns of a conspiracy involving the Russian mafia and their attempts to smuggle tiny, but highly explosive "microbombs" to the worldwide terrorist black market. And these are bombs that explode into green flame when detonated. Marcus, Tommy, and Karen set out to stop the conspiracy and figure out who's behind it.


Jean-Claude Van Damme as Marcus Ray
Rob Schneider as Tommy Hendricks
Lela Rochon as Karen Lee
Paul Sorvino as Harry Johanson
Carman Lee as Detective Ling Ho
Glen Chin as Skinny
Wyman Wong as Han
Moses Chan as Officer Fong
Lynne Langdon as V-Six Secretary
Ray Nicholas as Karl
Jeff Wolfe as Skaar
Michael Miller as Tickler
Steve Brettingham as Hawkeye
Mark Houghton as Bear
Hark Tsui

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Fair Game

Download Fair Game
(action, comedy, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Fair GameMax Kirkpatrick is an excellent cop who takes it to himself to protect the lovely Kate McQuean, a civil law attorney, from a renegade KGB team out to terminate her. An exciting chase ensures, with the KGB team demonstrating its prowess at electronic tracking. Scenes to watch out for include a hilarious 3-way phone conversation and the effect of cold showers on heat sensing equipment but the movie suffers from an excessive number of explosions, including McQuean's house, a number of cars and a ship.


William Baldwin as Det. Max Kirkpatrick
Cindy Crawford as Kathryn 'Kate' McQuean
Steven Berkoff as Colonel Ilya Kazak
Christopher McDonald as Lieutenant Meyerson
Miguel Sandoval as Emilio Juantorena
Johann Carlo as Jodi Kirkpatrick
Salma Hayek as Rita
John Bedford Lloyd as Det. Louis Aragon
Olek Krupa as Zhukov
Jenette Goldstein as Rosa
Marc Macaulay as Navigator
Sonny Carl Davis as Baker
Frank Medrano as Graybera
Don Yesso as Beanpole
Paul Dillon as Hacker
Andrew Sipes

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3. Hans Zimmer - Mark Mancina and The Hans Zimmer Collaboration - Fair Game (Main Theme)
4. The Assailant - The Assailant - Fair Game
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Download Man-Thing
(action, horror, sci-fi)
Download Movie Man-ThingAgents of an oil tycoon vanish while exploring a swamp marked for drilling. The local sheriff investigates and faces a Seminole legend come to life: Man-Thing, a shambling swamp-monster whose touch burns those who feel fear.


Matthew Le Nevez as Sheriff Kyle Williams
Rachael Taylor as Teri Elizabeth Richards
Jack Thompson as Frederic Schist
Rawiri Paratene as Pete Horn
Alex O'Lachlan as Deputy Eric Fraser
Steve Bastoni as Rene LaRoque
Robert Mammone as Mike Ploug
Patrick Thompson as Jake Schist
William Zappa as Steve Gherber
John Batchelor as Wayne Thibadeaux
Ian Bliss as Rodney Thibadeaux
Brett Leonard as Val Merrick
Imogen Bailey as Sarah
James Coyne as Billy James
Cheryl Craig as Michele
Brett Leonard

The oil shale company is polluting the swamp Bywater and the local population are in
weapons on him - but that is nothing compared to how the
guardian of the swamp, Man-Thing, feels . Man-Thing will not rest until
the drilling rig se ha ido, and until then will kill anyone who
can get in their branches.

New sheriff in town, Kyle Williams, sexy and
third grade school teacher, Teri, embark on a quest to end the death and destruction

Brett Leonard's adaptation of the Marvel comic books is a pleasant
and schlocky monster movie that was never the ideas above their station and
is cunning enough to give his heart audience exactly what they want, but
get moderate gore, a smattering of nudity, a monster fairly decent and
not exactly a plot that the former prosecutor of gray matter.

The swamp locations are sufficiently creepy scene in history.
Swimming in fog and bathed in a glow green SPOOKY,
allow Leonard to use the shadows and light for maximum effect - sometimes hide the horror
and others, which reveals the full gory glory.

effects - both the gore and creature - are also quite impressive
. When the Man-Thing was occupied in its victims, does not hold
ago and we have a series of gruesome body parts splashed across the screen
during its 105 minute run time.

In fact, the only thing that really makes this film is its pace.
The film is too long (20 minutes) and too much time is spent with characters
either chatting or wandering aimlessly through the swamp
. If there has been a little less talk and a little more action,
I have rated as high.
The Man-Thing is the average monster movie, which is likely to appeal to
to Die Hard fans of the genre, leaving all other
only wonder what is the point that in the first place.

however, some things stand out, mainly landscape and the monster itself.
The swamp was captured on film in a very ambiguous, which is
realistic and a bit of nightmare and worrying. We owe it to
the excellent cinematography, which is responsible for the delivery of a strange
goldish light and the stunning photos of oozing green vegetation.

Now, the monster. Apparently, some Marvel se basa en
creature I have never heard. Either way, for a B movie, this is a very competent display
half man, half beast plant, something that could have easily
become ridiculous, especially since I doubt the FX team had a
large budget to work. Even so, I think we get to see a bit too
Man Thing, there are more scenes in the creature the least impact
which usually manages to create in the viewer.

Another thing that surprised me about this movie were the dead.
They are horrible and convincing, with roots and bark
impaling people throughout the film. Not very bloody, but still very graphic
in terms of pure violence.

What kills this movie is the usual ... a terrible cast, acting aborrecido
and a plot that is too superficial to celebrate.
It's all very predictable and we all know who will die and who will do it. Everything that is
part of the conventions of the genre, and from man-
Shake that purport to be a monster, and clearly relates primarily to
the most dedicated fans, I can say is reached all its objectives.

Download Man-Thing
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Rest Stop

Download Rest Stop
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Rest StopIn Texas, the aspirant actress Nicole Carrow runs away home to Los Angeles with her boyfriend Jess Hilts. They drive through a shortcut in an old road, and when they park in a rest stop, Jess is abducted by the sadistic driver of an old yellow truck. Along the night, Nicole is threatened by the sick maniac, while mysterious things happen to her in the place.


Jaimie Alexander as Nicole Carrow
Joey Mendicino as Jess Hilts
Deanna Russo as Tracy Kress
Diane Salinger as The Mother
Michael Childers as The Father
Curtis Taylor as The Ranger
Joseph Lawrence as Officer Michael Deacon
Gary Entin as Twin #1
Edmund Entin as Twin #2
Jennifer Cormack as College Student
Mikey Post as Scotty
Nick Orefice as The killer/kzl-303
John Shiban

This film made me very sad after having finally understood. This story of a supernatural
venus fly-trap that could have been an excellent
with a changing bit by writing.

My take on the story: A serial murderer snagging local people
around a Rest Stop was murdered by a family of even-more-than-usually
Freakish Jesus freaks. The family, the murderer, murderer and all of the victims are caused
haunt the area, drawing upon anyone who passes through
the area, especially if you stop at the Rest Stop.

My overview of the plot only be taken from
elements presented in the film, but is supported by the "Family Album" by Scotty
presented on the DVD . The murderer DID kill the family, except for the father and Scotty
simply not shown how the father achieves
kill him.

Here are my suggestions to plug the holes in history and fazer is a little more consistent: 1) Make heroin seem to be less
terribly stupid, showing that it is trapped in a
loop and can not leave the area. The fact that she did not just start walking
parallel to the road, but far enough away to avoid being seen since he was a constant thorn in my side
while watching it. After testing their present, but always return to
liquidation stop the rest have been alleviated.

2) Work little movie Scotty photo to bury his father's murderer
in the plot of the movie once it is established that we are not
cope with only a whackjob and we are in the midst of a supernatural event
. Most of the family in any case would have been
large, should have given more time to screen them and not less
silly things like the scene in which sweetcheeks heroin while outside their
time rangers in the shack ...

3) rethink the role played by fire in history. A puddle of gasoline on a cement floor
not cause a building constructed of cement to explode.
Covering the hood of a truck with burning gasoline
not cause the truck to explode. Of course, these are minor points I suppose, especially in an industry where
vehicles explode at the slightest provocation ...

handled differently, this movie could have been a great little ghost story
. Unfortunately, it did not. All the elements were there, simply never
I do not write reviews here often, but I can not stay and let others
people suffer through this movie without at least attempt to warn them.
This movie is horrible and it is not because "I do not know what the
director is trying to convey" or "I am too stupid to understand the plot
" this movie is horrible, because poor leadership, screen writing and acting
. This is the "trifecta" of passing bad and why the film was
directly to video. It tries to be something like "High Tension
", "hostel" and "TCSM" with the lifting of some of those ideas
but simply does not work. I did not have high expectations, or even medium
enter the movie, but it was still very disappointed. It had
potential to be very good with a good fit and a good idea for a movie
but to no avail.

Download Rest Stop
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Fat Albert

Download Fat Albert
(comedy, drama, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Fat AlbertFat Albert and the rest of the Cosby Kids are living happily in their animated world of Philadelphia when one day, a young teen cries on her remote control because she doesn't have any friends. Fat Albert and his gang then magically come out of her TV and enter the real Philadelphia! They decide-being such good kids-to help the teen make friends. Albert then falls in love with the girl's beautiful foster sister-but oh, no! If Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids stray from their TV world, they begin to fade away! Will Albert be able to return home after enlisting the help of Bill Cosby himself, or will he and his gang vanish forever? Go and see to find out!


Kenan Thompson as Fat Albert
Shedrack Anderson III as Rudy
Jermaine Williams as Mushmouth
Keith Robinson as Bill
Alphonso McAuley as Bucky
Aaron Frazier as Old Weird Harold
Marques Houston as Dumb Donald
Dania Ramirez as Lauri
Omarion Grandberry as Reggie
J. Mack Slaughter as Arthur
Rick Overton as Coach Gillespie
Kyla Pratt as Heather
Alice Greczyn as Becky
Farnsworth Bentley as Salesman
Joel Zwick

Is there an unwritten rule in Hollywood that if he chooses to return
comedy, has to be less fun than the original
not to dominate the time of the first true? I am a firm believer that there
such a rule because I fully witnessed in the film Fat Albert
. This film had so much potential that I really wanted to jump in my
television and start to grab the neck-the Homer Simpson.
Frustration grew in me as jokes were thrown towards
audience with this kind of disappointment that would laugh
given the film credit too. The characters are flat, the story
was "normal chaos that has been done in almost every other film," and
the kind of television show Fat Albert was diminished by cheap
emotion and excess budgeting. Is Bill Cosby has a real letter of credit
to this movie? It would be difficult for me to believe that
seriously considered this great job, but then again, is older and has to pay bills
… so why not? While the end sought to bring a tear to your eye
, I was already crying to the absolute lack of recognition that this movie and taken
influenced the youth of our nation.

To say that this movie was horrible would be too kind a word,
quote a line from the film "(Fat Albert) as the school on Saturday: No class
" ; again, probably giving too much credit. From the opening sequence
credit for cartoons to a lack of overly
animation characters became real when it was difficult to monitor
. Kenan Thompson tries really hard to enhance the soul
Fat Albert, but what comes across the screen are just pathetic. You do not have
backbone and literally, Albert gives this image of ignorance.
Instead of being helpful this friend, Albert Thompson's
has these huge glass eyes that roll around every time it starts problems. The
simply not seem to have that pizazz that I remember Albert
of television programs. If Albert was a leader in cartoons, he was not
one in this movie. Unless you count the fact that other actors in this movie
followed suit and also leave their household energy. Humor
child along with this sense of apathy does not really spark
this movie in the level should have been. I was watching the eyes of
really humorous story about Fat Albert in the real world, but instead
I was forced through another World Cool. That's how I
would better describe this movie, Cool World for children.

With our characters firmly not worry about their careers, then we
forced to concentrate on non-existent story that apparently
writers of this film chose not to write. Instead of creating a plot with some
climatic moments, our writers for this movie just chose to let the fat
Albert roam until something funny happened. I wonder if I stay
was an actual movie script or simply allowing Thompson and Zwick
improvement to occur anytime, anywhere. Now, if you were working with
a true comic actor, this could have worked (as
Robin Williams or Will Ferrell), but with Thompson that only felt forced. Almost every scene
felt forced or excess in this film. Spontaneity is not a
element that these writers. This ultimately caused the jokes
to be very flat. The humor not only brought real life
Albert on the screen. This is where I question the validity of Cosby
participate in this production. I know that was being paid, but how did
work? The jokes felt so old and used
surprising to me that children responded to them. Maybe it was the urban
Albert feel that somehow felt comfortable in… who knows? Anyway, the story allowed
loose unfizzy jokes, which ultimately lead to the disappearance of
this photo.

Lastly, I would say that Fat Albert (when I was growing up)
was an inspiration and "all men" for all of us. The group that followed
he and his actions always somehow felt like a part of us. There was nothing that could stop
Fat Albert to help another lost soul, and
somehow in this film adaptation, none of these feels old could be
remember. It's not as if they were trying, but this was definitely not the same
Fat Albert I grew up. I do not like the reach
before him, and perhaps was the largest budget or lack of imagination
, but Albert wounded soul in this movie. I am surprised that
Doris could help in their problem (this problem to hide
was never quite defined), because if I were in your shoes, I would have kicked this
Albert politely to the curb. Cosby needed to reconsider its
options before allowing this Albert to see daylight.

general, as if you can not say now, this movie hurts. As I
ladysouljah seen this picture, I could not help but wonder if this movie was
focused correctly. When I started I had this feeling that Albert
would be called to help Doris with your problem, causing him to be a secondary character
(like yours Jiminie Cricket), but
what happened is that the camera Thompson emotion stole performance
far from Doris while creating a film centered around Albert. This
should not have been the case for this to be a real source of inspiration
film. We have lost the central focus of the film, and then the story just
were diffuse. Too many hands in the honey pot with one hand
want to be at the top. It is sad, and ultimately destroyed this movie.

Grade: ** *****
I work with adolescents with problems and decided to invite a student more rest
to go to the movies with my 4 and 9 years old. He suggested "
Fat Albert" - I'm glad that did so! The film was absolutely wonderful in their
innocence and charm. My son liked it because of the "fantasy
reality" twist ... and pretty girls and great music.
Also liked the idea of someone looking out for the "loneliness" kid. My small children
thinking jokes are fun, the kids are fun, music and dancing were
"pump" and even the plot is still a bit of suspense
for a little boy. I loved because I grew up in the "Fat Albert"
series and was so happy to see and remember the moment all my old friends
. And the group of hilarious scenes in which the actions to
fundamental to the cartoons are just ridiculous in real life
adjustments were so smart and deliciously fun - I was so happy!
If you're looking around with all services, not crass or insinuations laden,
really sweet family movie - this is the only!

Download Fat Albert
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2. Bill Cosby - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Bill Cosby - Fat Albert's Car
3. Bill Cosby - Album - Fat Albert
4. Bill Cosby - At His Best - Fat Albert Got A Hernia
5. Herbie Hancock - Fat Albert Rotunda - Fat Albert Rotunda
6. David Gilmour - Remember That Night Live At The Royal Albert Hall - Fat old sun (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)
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Fat Albert

Download Fat Albert
(comedy, drama, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Fat AlbertFat Albert and the rest of the Cosby Kids are living happily in their animated world of Philadelphia when one day, a young teen cries on her remote control because she doesn't have any friends. Fat Albert and his gang then magically come out of her TV and enter the real Philadelphia! They decide-being such good kids-to help the teen make friends. Albert then falls in love with the girl's beautiful foster sister-but oh, no! If Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids stray from their TV world, they begin to fade away! Will Albert be able to return home after enlisting the help of Bill Cosby himself, or will he and his gang vanish forever? Go and see to find out!


Kenan Thompson as Fat Albert
Shedrack Anderson III as Rudy
Jermaine Williams as Mushmouth
Keith Robinson as Bill
Alphonso McAuley as Bucky
Aaron Frazier as Old Weird Harold
Marques Houston as Dumb Donald
Dania Ramirez as Lauri
Omarion Grandberry as Reggie
J. Mack Slaughter as Arthur
Rick Overton as Coach Gillespie
Kyla Pratt as Heather
Alice Greczyn as Becky
Farnsworth Bentley as Salesman
Joel Zwick

What disappointment this movie ... one of the most original cartoons
and brightest of their time deserve much more than that
badly written, unimaginative effort - the characters are more
in two dimensions than their original cartoon!

was okay, was the script that was the real disaster - where
Fat Albert went to help out with * * that particular problem?

the 'plight' of Doris and her sister barely enough concern raised at the hearing
to maintain a half-hour cartoon, let alone a movie --
with the long list of issues and concerns facing adolescents
these days, producers chose the mildest possible interpretation of what
Fat Albert was above all - children stick together and help out each < br> when problems arise - the 'problems' faces Doris
hardly worth addressing - problems even in the cartoons-in-the-movie
(' Danielle 'and flee leave school), where most pressing ...

The whole 'cartoon come to life "scenario was pretty lame - fazer a complete feature cartoon or make a film about the characters as if < br> were real people - that combines cartoon world with the real world only
has not worked in the hands of these writers - that could hardly achieve a single gag
in what was supposedly a light cheerful comedy FFS. ..

the characters were handled in a more displeasing - Rudy
was stripped of its original personality to be more 'Computer' -
makers of the original cartoon Rudy gave a cocky, SMART-ass attitude to
saccharin balance of justice and Fat Albert Bill Cosby -
la banda did not need more "nice guys" and could have been a
Lot of fun to be had with the character of Rudy had maintained its original
'Edge'. Russell's non-appearance in physical form and was disconcerting
uneccessary ... where the hell is Mudfoot? ... only the smallest
reference was made to the Brown Hornet - surely something more imaginative
could have been written with such a comprehensive and fun

Fat Albert movie was one of the figures of waste and celluloid
cellulite ...
For the most part, when "the family" and "movie" are right next to each other
in the same sentence, my first instinct is to run as fast as I can
the other way around. But with a film spends about to expire, and nothing
another part of the theater that piqued my interest (Christmas With the Kranks?
No thanks!), I sat in my seat, without expectations.
I have not seen the original TV series in years, but I have always been a big fan of
Bill Cosby, and I was immediately put at ease when the credit "written by Bill Cosby
" arose. Bill's script keeps the spirit of the original characters
intact, and incorporates in the real world without an excess
"Oh, wow! Things are so different! "Style of jokes.
This film is made for children, not children. Things are so simple
without being condescending, and at no time adults have to talk
his way to explain something "adult" to the kiddies. At the end
, while this movie will not win any technical or artistic awards,
is still a fun little film that the whole family can enjoy, and for once, which is a
good thing. B-plus.

Download Fat Albert

Tags: Download Movie Fat Albert, Download Film Fat Albert, Instant Movie Download Fat Albert, Fat Albert DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Herbie Hancock - Fat Albert Rotunda
2. Bill Cosby - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Bill Cosby - Fat Albert's Car
3. Bill Cosby - Album - Fat Albert
4. Bill Cosby - At His Best - Fat Albert Got A Hernia
5. Herbie Hancock - Fat Albert Rotunda - Fat Albert Rotunda
6. David Gilmour - Remember That Night Live At The Royal Albert Hall - Fat old sun (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)
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Bachelor Party Vegas

Download Bachelor Party Vegas
(adventure, comedy)
Download Movie Bachelor Party VegasFive friends' road trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party.


Kal Penn as Z-Bob
Jonathan Bennett as Nathan
Donald Faison as Ash
Vincent Pastore as Mr. Kidd
Lin Shaye as Cassandra
Daniel Stern as Harry Hard
Graham Beckel as Officer Stone
Eric Bernt

A very funny film. It's a movie about five best friends
taking a trip to Las Vegas to say goodbye to a man the only life forever. They think
this trip is "stretching their morale," the wasted
seeing hot women (maybe even participate), and remember (or not recalling
) as the best order week of their lives, but the party planner
has much more in store for them. You will not be ready to
what this movie has in store, and I recommend you see at least
the first 45 minutes of this movie because it will have you cracking up with
laughter. I guess you can kind of compare it with "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
" simply because you never know what will happen next
. I do not call this movie to "see,"
but I will definitely call this film fun and entertaining and
something you should get if you've seen everything else.
I watched this movie without expectations!. That is the key to enjoying
movie like this. I really enjoyed and so did my friends. It's a bachelor party
film (not donkey inhaling coke this time). Therefore, you
I think it is in the same spirit as National Lampoon movie.
If you want to watch a movie where you do not have to think, just relax and laugh
this is the film for you!. It seems to me that many people in hard
, or Do expect that this is a documentary bachelor parties?. Also
much Reality Show in already in my opinion. I would like to see again and
is purchased. I liked to see some familiar faces and some of the new face of
he did a good job.

Download Bachelor Party Vegas
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Warrior Angels

Download Warrior Angels
(action, adventure)
Download Movie Warrior AngelsA tale of vengeance


Byron W. Thompson

This is probably one of the worst movies I've seen this year.
Nothing seems to be interesting in the film. The story makes no sense
Come on, this movie claims to have a little historical background, but

seriously ..... a group of women around a camp of bandits!

The only thing I was watching Arnold Vosloo
performance and that it was still well below its average ....< br>
not just go rent this movie , Is a waste of money and precious time

Download Warrior Angels
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1. Joseph Loduca - Xena - Warrior Princess (Volume 6) cd1 - With The Angels
2. Richard Thompson - Sweet Warrior - She Sang Angels To Rest
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Mio West, Il

Download Mio West, Il
(comedy, drama, western)
Download Movie Mio West, IlThe idealistic lifestyle of a old West farmer Leonardo Pieracconi), his Indian wife Sandrine Holt), and half-breed son (Yudii Mercredi), who narrates the tale is disrupted when his father (Harvey Keitel), an old gunslinger shows up on the farm. Although looking to retire, the family is not happy with his return given his past lifestyle and mistreatment of his family. Things get worse when another gunfighter (David Bowie) shows up and terrorizes the town trying to force the father into a gun fight.


Leonardo Pieraccioni as Doc Lowen
Harvey Keitel as Johnny Lowen
David Bowie as Jack Sikora
Sandrine Holt as Pearl
Alessia Marcuzzi as Mary
Jim van der Woude as Joshua
Yudii Mercredi as Jeremiah
Michelle Gomez as Leather girl
Kwame Kwei-Armah as Rastafarian
Stephen Jenn as Albino
Rosalind Knight as Mrs. Willow
Jimmy Gardner as Sam Comet
Jean Heywood as Mrs. Comet
Lorenzo Wilde as Lieutenant
Sean Baker as Telegraph man
Giovanni Veronesi

One wonders if this film was actually directed by a single human being
with a process of creative thinking. The spectacular mountain region Tuscan
doubles very well for the big sky country of americas, offering the only
a real energy in this production moribund. It feels as if the screenplay
was generated by some sort of computer after being fed with
the essential plot points of west Hollywood. The film Lurcher
along awkwardly, trying not to lose any of the times preprogrammed.
It is rather a combination of Grubby far much better
films as "Shane", "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," "The Shootist", "High Noon
" or even evergreen, "The Angel and the Badme." "The
Gunslinger's Revenge" even throws in some "Dance with Wolves" moments
among the local population of amazing and great chipper
Native Americans. Presumably the computer weighed variables, and adds a solid
percentage of egalitarianism.

actions - if you can call it - the players are in the best
uniformly very soft. Hopefully this can be attributed to
the script that depends on every cliché western gunfighter
never produced and the wives of actors to the characters without any rank or

And speaking of Lee Marvin's brilliant performance as the vile,
mentally Unhinged Liberty Valance ...

What genius film suggested that David Bowie try the terrible
pseudo-Southern dialect as the mentally unbalanced that gunfighter
Keitel clues to his hometown? One could blame the computer again. This
sorted through the data and decided instead of being able to wear
Bowie as a former Nazi officer (always a quick way to establish a
as an independent character sadist), who opt for a Confederate
officer instead. Of course, everything makes perfect sense - like the rest of
this dreadful film.
Leonardo Pieraccioni is a nice, handsome man who made some success
comedy (romantic) films in Italy, aimed at 20-30 years
half WOMANS class. Not gross matters, not sex, language does not curse, I say no to
humor and fun, but it is not only my opinion.

This time, make an attempt with a spaghetti western comedy and not
miserably. The plot is absurd and amateur actors (very well)
is wasted in a plot with only some crappy views. Want to enjoy a comedy
Italian? Would you like to see a spaghetti Western
? Simple make another choice: Sergio Leone to
Ugo Tognazzi, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. Speaking of Tuscany 'commedians
, I would suggest Alessadro BENVENUTI (before 2000) and the principles of Benigni.

Download Mio West, Il
See also: Comedy: Hocus Pocus

See also Comedy After the Sunset

Tags: Download Movie Mio West, Il, Download Film Mio West, Il, Instant Movie Download Mio West, Il, Mio West, Il DivX Download

Sound of Thunder, A

Download Sound of Thunder, A
(action, adventure, drama, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie Sound of Thunder, A"A Sound of Thunder" is about a game hunter (Burns) who goes on a time-traveling safari owned and operated by Kingsley's character to hunt dinosaurs in the prehistoric era. When he kills a butterfly, he unknowingly sets off a chain reaction that will erase humanity from existence. A team of experts must return back in time and replace the butterfly. McCormack is the inventor of the time-traveling computer.


Edward Burns as Travis Ryer
Armin Rohde as John Wallenbeck
Catherine McCormack as Sonia Rand
Ben Kingsley as Charles Hatton
Jemima Rooper as Jenny Krase
David Oyelowo as Tech Officer Payne
Wilfried Hochholdinger as Dr. Lucas
August Zirner as Clay Derris
Corey Johnson as Christian Middleton
Alvin Van Der Kuech as Young Technician
William Armstrong as Ted Eckles
Nikita Lespinasse as Newswoman on TV
Stuart Ong as Chinese Man I
Antonin Hausknecht as Taxi Driver
Anezka Novak as Elderly Woman
Peter Hyams

I live for films like this.

I saw in a theater with about 12 others. 3 people left about 20 minutes
in. I'm not sure if the left because the movie was so bad
or because they could not hear the dialogue on
laughter from the rest of us.

mediocre special effects not excite me.
Abysmally bad special effects are wonderful. I do not agree with the previous comment - I do not think
players walked on a banda front of the green screen,
think they are just standing in place and shifting his weight from one foot to another

Sir Ben Kingsley is clearly aware of the "quality" of this film and
embraces the ridiculousness, with a great time reading his absurd

The plot, dialogue, special effects, creatures, the actor
accents - each piece of this movie is worse than the last.
There were at least three scenes that made me laugh so hard I cried.

I like dumpster-diving through bad movies in search of a treasure. The
recent crop of bad movies have been simply bored. This is the
diamond that makes it all worthwhile.
What exactly is the sound of thunder? If this movie is any indication
atronador then is the sound of moviegoers toward the exit,
demanding their money back. Yes, the film is so bad.

"Hey Johnny, how bad is it?" This film is so bad that Ray Bradbury
wishes he could invent a time machine so that he could go back in time
and can not write the story short, making it impossible for this movie never
being made.

"Whoa, that bad?" Worse. In fact, this film is so bad that Ray Bradbury
could kill himself by what can only roll over in his grave.
I know you think I'm trying to be nice, but I'm being serious. This is
one of the strangest movie experiences I've had in quite some time.
The problem is that I went into the film expecting to enjoy it. I thought
had a chance to be pretty good. So at first I was trying to make excuses
to discover what was on screen.

The first thing to induce involuntary laughter is the fact that
Ben Kingsley (the owner of safari travel time that the only
interested in how much money can do) looks like Bob Barker. Nice
poofy white wig, Ben. Well, not much, I can not laugh it off. Then we introduced the first dinosaur
CGI movie. "Hmm, that sure
is actually false", I thought. "Oh, I know! It is supposed to be false.
are deceiving hunters in the thinking of dinosaurs is real, but is
mechanic or something. "Not. Imagine my horror when I
large came to the realization that the dinosaur had to be real. Wow.
At this point, I began to get nervous.

Then came the incredible bad green screens. Folks, these are some of the worst
green screens that I have ever seen. My words can not do justice to how
were false. Some might even say they expected that the fake
Pamela Anderson tries to make things happen as the breasts. When
can tell that the actors are walking on a banda, then
has serious problems that are long past deal. I was absolutely shocked at what I was
witnesses. Frankly, I began to confuse and thought, "What in the world
is happening? This film cost $ 80 million to make, no
how they can watch this evil. "When there is a will, there is a path, and
someone must've had a strong will to do this as concerned and as ridiculous as they can
because I can not reach any other explanation.

I really like the concept of the film - the butterfly effect -
the theory that something as small as a butterfly flapping its wings
can produce long-term effects on a system dynamic. However, this film presents
theory in the most outlandish, most incredible
way imaginable. Sorry, but I simply do not buy it. One of the scientists in
the film says that if they kill a bee, after which the bees can not pollinate a flower
, an animal and will not be able to eat that flower, so animal
will die and can cause harmful effects in the long run. Um, if
"A Flower" never flowers after an animal hunger just go
find "Flower B" and to eat. I do not think that the animal immediately
die and the cause humans to become as alien-creature! Come on.

So the film decides to take the "butterfly effect" in the most extreme depths that can possibly
- fine, whatever. * What really bothered me *
is that you do not care to explain why kill the butterfly as a result the world
being taken by horribly rendered CGI creatures.
At least would have been nice to have an explanation of why and how such
drastic changes took place because of a single butterfly.

The butterfly that has been killed in a volcano eruption in
that right before they head back to the time machine anyway, so how do you explain that
? Well, if your name is a sound of thunder, then do not. You just
say, "This is the premise, now we're just going to become a monster movie
and have the good guys being chased by monsters bat in the dark. "
Well, I would be interested in hearing what he says when this movie becomes
one of the greatest (if not the largest) flops of the year.

midway point on I realized that there was no need
further rationalize why the movie seemed to be so bad.
I accepted the fact that in this case appearances are not deceptive and this is only a movie
really horrible. If you can accept that from the outset
then there is a lot of unintentional laughs to be had.

Once our heroes started being chased by strangers apes / bat / dinosaur hybrids,
I kicked back, laughed and shook their heads at the fact that the CGI
is just as bad (if not worse) than what you see on Sci-Fi Original Movie
starring Lorenzo Lamas and Michael Paré. I was exaggerating.

Frankly I do not know how this movie was allowed to achieve such
mediocrity. You know, when one of the characters begins with a
American accent, and then starts to fluctuate between the Americans and British
accents, and then finally settles in his native British accent
that all those involved, has obviously thrown in the towel and said:
"Screw, let's just get this over with." You might think that in the year 2005
a film with a $ 80 million budget did not see more
as a film that was held in $ 8 million budget. Sorry, but this CGI
uncomfortable in this size of a budget is simply unforgivable. Way to go
Hollywood. We can only wait a few jobs are lost over this disaster.

Download Sound of Thunder, A
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See also: Edward Burns in Holiday, The

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6. Pink Floyd - The Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Cd2)
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Double Team

Wild Wild West

Villa del venerd?�, La

Loose Cannons

Download Loose Cannons
(action, comedy)
Download Movie Loose CannonsMac, the two fisted savy cop finds that he's being saddled with a new partner, a known burn out, to work with him on a new and difficult case. The new partner is, Ellis, an amazing detective, one who puts Sherlock Holmes to shame with his lightning fast deductions. Ellis has a couple of problems. He keeps assuming the personalities of entire casts of Television shows. This can be a problem when people begin shooting at them.


Dan Aykroyd as Ellis Fielding
Gene Hackman as MacArthur Stern
Dom DeLuise as Harry 'The Hippo' Gutterman
Ronny Cox as Smiley
Nancy Travis as Riva
Robert Prosky as Von Metz
Paul Koslo as Grimmer
Dick O'Neill as Captain
Jan Triska as Steckler
Leon Rippy as Weskit
Robert Irvin Elliott as Monseigneur
Herb Armstrong as Cheshire Cat
Robert Dickman as White Rabbit
David Alan Grier as Drummond
S. Epatha Merkerson as Rachel
Bob Clark

See also: Action: Stormbreaker

See also: Dan Aykroyd in Evolution

See also Action History of Violence, A

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1. Loose Cannons
2. The Loose Cannons
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4. House - Various Artists - Nu Cool - the loose cannons-why you
5. Kurupt - Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha - Loose Cannons
6. Loose Cannons - Make the Face - Almost on Fire - The Loose Cannons,
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Kangaroo Jack

Biker Boyz

Download Biker Boyz
(action, crime, drama)
Download Movie Biker BoyzA mythic motorcycle tale of father and son", this is the story of Manuel Galloway (Fishburne), also known as "the King of Cali", the president of a motorcycle club whose members are all African-American men, mostly white-collar workers who exchange their suits and ties at night and on weekends for leather outfits and motorcycle helmets. The focus of this story takes place at an annual drag-racing event in Fresno, as Manuel tries to retain his championship title.


Laurence Fishburne as Smoke
Derek Luke as Kid
Orlando Jones as Soul Train
Djimon Hounsou as Motherland
Lisa Bonet as Queenie
Brendan Fehr as Stuntman
Larenz Tate as Wood
Kid Rock as Dogg
Rick Gonzalez as Primo
Meagan Good as Tina
Salli Richardson as Half & Half
Vanessa Bell Calloway as Anita
Dante Basco as Philly
Dion Basco as Flip
Tyson Beckford as Donny
Reggie Rock Bythewood

He is actually very good. The camera expectional; you do not
at any point that this notice was camerawork. It seemed as though everything

just flow together. Unlike the previous comments, I went to the movie theater
and people could not stop palms. The races were better and faster
Fuious; much more dependent on careers that

slow motion and camera tricks like that. The story at first was absent, allowing us to

generallt a good light and little feeling in the film, but then, as we

within the film, the scenes became powerful Both drama and acting prudently. And
story / script-wise. All ins this movie is meat to it; only had

to look beyond the fluff. Then, of course, why would anyone go to Biker Boyz
to do that?
I've never been much of a fan of motorcycles, but as always, I am ready to

accept there are people for whom their lives revolve around such
contraptions. Horses for courses and all that. Hence, was not exactly enthusiastic
when I had the opportunity to see this film. However, I consoled myself
with the knowledge that there might be some scenes and cool race
flash hardware and maybe even some cool stunts. After all, I thought,
could hardly be worse than 2 Fast 2 Furious .......< br>

This film is the most calamitous tediously movie I've seen this year! Fazer 2Fast2Furious seen as a Spielberg production. The plot is a standard
"coming of age" drama, but without the drama. The only slightly interesting

point throughout the film was when the three boys who will form the MC's Club title
first meet and interact. Beyond that, its
boooooring! Nothing in any way to keep your interest. No action, poor acting
(esp. of Kid Rock), and even bicycles seemed boring. The end
is so predictable that it was a relief when it finally arrives.

Oh, and did I mention that Hollywood expects us to swallow as Derek Luke

a 18-year-old? He is 30 for next year Chrissake!

And as for Laurence Fishburne ,....... I began ... Oops!
too late!
What was it? He hopes as well as some mid-life crisis-er
trying to regain his lost youth, but without any enthusiasm. And Larry lose ....
the gut
friend, his MC jacket'll fit better.

generally a movie to avoid at all costs.

Download Biker Boyz
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See also Action Assault on Precinct 13

Tags: Download Movie Biker Boyz, Download Film Biker Boyz, Instant Movie Download Biker Boyz, Biker Boyz DivX Download

Stay Alive

Download Stay Alive
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Stay AliveAfter the brutal death of a friend, a group of friends find themselves in possession of a video-game called "Stay Alive," a blood-curdling true story of a 17th century noblewoman known as the Blood Countess. After playing the game when they know they shouldn't, however, the friends realize that once they die in the game—they die for real. As their numbers begin dropping and as they begin dying in the ways they died in the game, the remaining friends realize they must defeat the Blood Countess or accept their fates.


Jon Foster as Hutch
Samaire Armstrong as Abigail
Frankie Muniz as Swink
Jimmi Simpson as Phineas
Wendell Pierce as Detective Thibodeaux
Milo Ventimiglia as Loomis Crowley
Sophia Bush as October
Adam Goldberg as Miller Banks
Billy Slaughter as Rex
Nicole Oppermann as Sarah
April Wood as Loretta
Monica Monica as Mrs. Crowley
Rio Hackford as Detective King
Billy Louviere as Fidget
J. Richey Nash as Young Rookie
William Brent Bell

Stay Alive is a new game in which you have to Stay Alive
or suffer the consequences in real life, is a pretty cool concept and one that could have been executed
way better than it really was .

Surprisingly the film is much less concerned than I imagined it would be,
the cast are quite convincing, but as very shallow and characters
direction, editing and production general are quite adequate. What
allowed to prescribe the manner in which lays down the rules, and then collects what
that will continue to depend on what stage the story was, Get
every step of the way to make it fit.

is slightly entertaining to see and there is a good sense of
tension throughout, although the scares were all a little cheap and
cliches, and that definitely did not need the twist at the end I hope
is not a setup for a sequel.

5 / 10
For what it is, this movie rocks! I know it's silly and predictable
even just-out awful, but it is entertaining, and yes, I had fun
laughing at him. Moreover, some of them are creepy, but in a very formulas
way. Very funny. You should see if you want a silly horror movie that
not completely suck. The Countess was strange future, and that was
something useful, because it is a video game character. Malcolm in the Middle
it was - very bad, I thought it was really good boy.
The house itself is quite creepy, and this game, if you do or
exist, it would be very fun to play. C'mon! You can not hate that because they
bad, even mocks itself! It's really a good hour and a half
... something. Something good in my book.

Download Stay Alive
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3. Jaded Heart - Inside Out - Hard To Stay Alive
4. Joshua - Surrender - 04.Stay Alive
5. Lil Wayne - The Suffix - Stay Alive Intro
6. Memphis Bleek - Coming of Age - Stay Alive In NYC
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Room 6

Download Room 6
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Room 6A young woman's world is turned upside down after a tragic accident steals away her boyfriend. The walls of reality continue to crumble as the troubled woman and a fellow victim try to track down their loved ones at a mysterious hospital which should not exist.


Christine Taylor as Amy
Shane Brolly as Nick
Chloe Moretz as Melissa Norman
Jerry O'Connell as Lucas Dylan
Ellie Cornell as Sarah
Jimmy Shubert as Bob
Lisa Ann Walter as Sgt. Burch
Marshall Bell as Amy's Dad
John Billingsley as Harrison McKendrick
Jack Riley as James Brewster
Andrew Davoli as Paramedic
Marissa N. Blanchard as Young Amy
Stacy Fuson as Nurse Price
Katie Lohmann as Nurse Lowe
Cheryl Tsai as Nurse Park
Michael Hurst

See also: Horror: Dead Silence

See also: Christine Taylor in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

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1. Jerry Goldsmith - At 20th Century Fox (CD 6) - The Throne Room (from Anna And...)
2. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Devil May Cry 3 Original Soundtrack (DISC 2) - Stage Music 6 (Gears Room ~ Underground Arena)
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Soul Assassin

Steel Dawn

Download Steel Dawn
(action, sci-fi)
Download Movie Steel Dawn


Patrick Swayze as Nomad
Lisa Niemi as Kasha
Anthony Zerbe as Damnil
Christopher Neame as Hired Killer Sho
Brion James as Kasha's Foreman Tark
John Fujioka as Cord the Peacemaker
Brett Hool as Jux
Marcel Van Heerden as Lann
Arnold Vosloo as Makker
James Whyle as Kasha Farmhand Tooey
Russel Savadier as Kasha Farmhand Off
Joe Ribeiro as Cali the Doctor
Alex Heyns as Priest
Brad Morris as Bluto
Tullio Moneta as Henchman
Lance Hool

To be a great movie cheese in my eyes a film needs 3
things that all concerned must take great films.

a mounting body of a bad power ballad

-A wrong, clumsy passionate "get together" with the speech

;-A star that has a big ego and has since seen his career tank

Fortunately, 3 of a check.

The plot is simple and basic (like all movies are concerned). Lone Wolf
protagonist rises to powerful bad to protect innocent people
and do the right thing. With Dawn Steel Swayze's character nomadic vague
ultimately, standing at his post apocalyptic head and meditating, and
of course, the fight against post-apocalyptic arena. And then more crap
that develops is not very important.

What you need to pay attention in this film to enjoy its cheesiness
are as follows:

1. Post apocalyptic 80 hair: Our lifestyle may have receded
centuries, but the rat tail and smooth hair teased went OK

2. Post apocalyptic low-budget action: Nothing spells
chaos and destruction rather than a flame trash can learn more kicking!

3. Post Swayze apocalyptic scenes of struggle: Genius is the new name for
person who had the idea of hiring Swayze's dance instructor
teach how to fight. Sassy High starts… Congratulations!

4. Post apocalyptic child bad acting: The child in this movie is terrible
. After seeing this I learned in IMDb
shares the same last name as the director and producer. So now I know why the film.
But the bad boy acting only means that they now have a reason to root for the bad guys

5. Post apocalyptic Snider comments: I've found to watch this with their friends
really funny to say "post apocalyptic 'bad
to make a comment about something in the film.

In short, I am proud to own Dawn Steel. His earned a place in the
Cheese to shelve my DVD next to a large section as well as over the top, road
House, Eye of the Tiger and Viva Knievel! Beside, this film is so terrible
that could provide a much needed boost to
Nuclear Disarmament movement.
I disagree with most of the other comments here, as I thoroughly enjoy this film
-and have recently purchased on DVD to replace my
version.Granted video that may sound and look a bit dated (after all is
was made in the late'80s) I think people can get a little too seriously
picky about the films and movies-i love (in fact iv'e always fancied myself
same to be a writer / director) Can people not only enjoy the movie, however
is simplistic? Without waiting too? Especially a 80
's creation.

Dawn Steel is a pleasant and easy to follow with film for those days of the week
nights or when you do not want to see something too complex
takes a lot of concentration.

It follows the story of Nomad (Swayze) who lost his squad of soldiers
during a war. Now only vague wasteland in the sand, still tired
using his uniform with pride. He meets with his former mentor (who is now a breeder
peace, and witnessed his murder) is completed taking into
the role of his former mentor, and heads to a valley of farms to act
as keeper of peace. The primary landowner (Damnil) rules with the valley
intimidation and fear, and is looking for a little
pure water supply located in one of the other farms (hence the need for peace
keeper) Nobody is strong enough physically or in terms of standing up
- he or his army of men. (hence Damnil had a contract drawn
kill the former guardian of peace before he reached the valley, but he was not counting on
Swayze turn! From then onwards the film very well Swayze flows
next attempt to be accepted and people's confidence
who gave him shelter-to try to maintain peace the only way they know
of bullfights. The film keeps you from seeing start to finish
(just to see what it does next Swayze!) The end is superb ...
perhaps predictable, but a good ending for a good movie.
some things hidden in the movie-like Jux (a guy who lives in the same holding as
Swayze) trying to overcome the parents of his death-
looking until Swayze as a role model.Plus growing friendship between
Swayze and Tarkan. ANYROAD! Iv'e ido too long! I feel despite
'Dawn Steel' perhaps a little concerned and outdated, and sometimes
predictable-is nothing more than a course easy, fun movie. With
and wielding sword for combat action seeking to keep busy growing
love story between nomadic and Kasha. (the person who farm stay hes
a) The story is meant to be simple and do not forget the fact that
made in an era of cheese (the 80's!) although the overall value
View-perhaps not as a Friday night 'first film, but only if
want a movie easy to go to fill the void. Of course, I recommend 8 / 10
< ; br> cheese wait ... wait ... wait simplicity 80 per done and feel ...
you'l end up enjoying this course easy and enjoyable Swayze movie classic

Download Steel Dawn
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Tirante el Blanco


Download Blessed
(drama, horror, thriller)
Download Movie BlessedHeather Graham and James Purefoy play a couple who desperately want to have a baby. Unfortunately, she has been diagnosed as infertile, and the couple can't afford the medical treatments that might allow her to conceive. Good fortune appears to be smiling on the couple when they are given an opportunity to receive free treatments at a mysterious fertility clinic. The woman is soon the expectant mother of twins, but as her due date draws nearer, she begins to suspect something is wrong, and that she has become the unwilling victim of a pact with evil.


Heather Graham as Samantha Howard
James Purefoy as Craig Howard
Fionnula Flanagan as J. Lloyd Samuel
Alan Mckenna as Detective Connors
Michael J. Reynolds as Dr. Lohman
Debora Weston as Dr. Leeds
Stella Stevens as Betty
William Hootkins as Detective Lauderdale
Andy Serkis as Father Carlo
David Hemmings as Earl Sidney
Michele Gentille as Mrs. Guber
Simon Fellows

See also: Drama: Bridge of San Luis Rey, The

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2. Blessed In Sin
3. Behexen - Blessed Be The Darkness
4. Black Label Society - The Blessed Hellride
5. Burden Of A Day - Blessed Be Our Ever After
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