Find Me Guilty

Download Find Me Guilty
(crime, drama)
Download Movie Find Me GuiltyA drama based on the longest Mafia trial in U.S. history, mobster Jack DiNorscio (Diesel), faced with a series of charges, decides to stand trial instead of ratting out his family and associates. A wrench is thrown into the system when DiNorscio opts to defend himself.


Vin Diesel as Giacomo 'Fat Jack' DiNorscio
Cassandra Hepburn as Klandis Secretary
Jerry Grayson as Jimmy Katz
Sidney Lumet

When I first heard of Sidney Lumet is unorthodox casting
to drive this movie, I was intrigued because Van Diesel selection was indeed a
Bold move. No doubt that Lumet wrong, and truth that has
Reaching a sensational film and presented us with an excellent
turn by Diesel. The film would have worked, and at least one decent film
due to the experience of Lumet. Diesel Directions to take control of
screen, the channel spirit of the infamous ultimately to the defendant
Convincing audiences both in film and theatre audience that
We witnessed a fairly unique individual.

The success of the film depends on each line
Diesel Delivery. There is a conviction and sincerity in their delivery. Here is a
has a background tarnished, ultimately, is a departure
For a new perspective on life, and runs with it. Finally, we get to
Discover that is a force more powerful than we had hoped.

Lumet once again shapes the film with his sure hand, allowing the
actors shine in their respective roles, not interfering with dialogue
That is almost taken from the original transcripts, adding
Excess dramatic touches or unnecessary inspirational music. There
Long silences when they are allowed to think about what happens in
front of us. We see a situation of change, witness how the players moves
has been changed because of unexpected twists in the story, and never the
intensity of the emotions and the real power relationships diluted by a < br> Note false. There is a wonderful scene between Diesel and his ex-wife,
Great performance by Sciorra that is both moving and incredibly sexy.
These are real people with feelings stronger and more passionate
Exchanges, and everything because it comes through these two artists'
Chemistry and the electrifying delivery.

This is a movie that probably divide its audience, depending on
Your opinion on the accused and their connections, but most people
probably agree that a star has born, and with the support of
An artist manager, we can see that he deserves to have a long and
Fruitful career in front of him. Many people are crowded into praise Hoffman
not long ago. I felt Diesel outdid Hoffman because this time the
Widget and shape also felt by the soulful approach
a real actor.
I see that people say that the curtains Director Sidney Lumet characters
moral ambiguity, and that the film is "reprehensible" as it
are asked to be pleased mafia.


This film is based on real-life events and takes the dialog
directly from the actual testimony in the transcripts of the court proceedings of a trial
real than real gang members
defendants were acquitted by a jury and the courtroom actually detonated
into cheers when the verdict was read. It is what it is. And that conveyed Lumet.

After 27 years as a trial lawyer let me also tell you that the
character of the prosecutor, the character portrayed by Sean Kierney
Linus Roache, was a spot-on bulls eyes. Most people have no
interaction with the criminal justice system so that they simply do not know,
But too often prosecutors are among the most repugnant, morally
Retorcido, secondary winding, double, game, washing four snakes in the pool.
They are capable of anything, because for them the end justifies the means
. They say they have to be that way if
Effective, to win, and everything is really well in the finals because they are
the side of good. You might even agree with that, since they are in fact
take charge of some very bad guys on the street and putting them
Far, and that makes it much safer for all of us. Fine and Dandy. But
not complain that when a filmmaker like Lumet and comes along
says that the truth is as ugly and distasteful. It is another
Thing that is what it is.

The best thing about this movie, which praises, is the
Outstanding performance of Vin Diesel. The man showed his chops here as
A first type of player. He is not who it seems, is not that we
I thought it was. There is much more to him. I am not surprised to see Vin Diesel and
become to be known as one of the truly great Hollywood
somewhere down the road. He shows that much potential here.

Also, I want to join the chorus of other reviewers, and agreed that
Annabella Sciorra is absolutely impressive in the brief role it had.
Stunning is the word we use to describe it.

Watch for Annabella, and to see that Vin Diesel.

Download Find Me Guilty
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Wo shi shei

Download Wo shi shei
(action, adventure)
Download Movie Wo shi shei


Jackie Chan as
Yamamoto Mira as
Benny Chan

As with Mr. Nice Guy, this is basically a Jackie Chan vehicle Hong Kong
English production shot mostly with western players. It's really strange
Chan movie in some respects. To begin with, the first third of the film hardly seems
Chan movie at all, beyond the comic bits
business (Chan chased up a tree by a lion), which are mostly The U.S. Court of
Version anyway. Even in abbreviated form, and with some good
desert photography, the whole 'Chan is among the desert tribes'
Sub unnecessarily laborious seems to be a way of getting into the world
Amnesia story that becomes the main thrust of the story.

However, after that the film becomes solid Chan at the same rate
Fast pace of Mr Nice Guy. There is a big car and while persecution
fights are fairly short (with the latest films Chan, he spends a lot of time
fleeing opponents), it is good to see on Chan bashed
Slightly - seemed very vulnerable in this film. Of course, the acting is
Débiles and some of the (ridiculous dialogue I am not sure that I agree with the reviewer
here said intentionally comic, but opinions differ
!) While intrigue of amnesia / spy plot only becomes an Excuse to pursue
around usual. However, one can forgive almost everything
This climax when the characteristics of a great struggle at the top of a skyscraper
thru simply one of the most impressive and frankly reckless
Stunt Chan has done. I will not describe in detail, only to see
You! You WILL be amazed.

There is a sense with Who am I that the filmmakers tried to tell a fairly complex
History, and then they realized that they were doing a Jackie Chan movie and
changed accordingly, leaving a fair bit of confusion.
Interestingly, Chan's original cut was about 3 hours long, and maybe
more than common sense and balance of the two elements of the film better.
Still, there is a lot of fun to be had here nevertherless. And just
Chan rap listen to the English side, the Chinese side during the song
Appropriations end.

Download Wo shi shei
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007 Dr. No

Download 007 Dr. No
(action, adventure)
Download Movie 007 Dr. No


Sean Connery as
Bernard Lee as
Ursula Andress as
Joseph Wiseman as
Jack Lord as
Eunice Gayson as
John Kitzmiller as
Margaret Le Wars as
Zena Marshall as
Terence Young

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Lost Voyage

Download Lost Voyage
(action, fantasy)
Download Movie Lost  VoyageTwenty five years ago, the SS Corona Queen disappeared in the region known as, "The Bermuda Triangle". Now, it has returned. Seven people go on board to learn the truth behind her disappearance but the ship did not return alone...


Judd Nelson as Aaron Roberts
Janet Gunn as Dana Elway
Janet Gunn as Dana Elway
Jeff Kober as Dazinger
Mark Sheppard as Ian Fields
Richard Gunn as Randall Banks
Scarlett Chorvat as Julie Largo
Lance Henriksen as David Shaw
Robert Pine as Mike Kaplan
Wendy Robie as Mary Burnett
Ray Laska as Parker Roberts
Bill Livingston as Helicopter Pilot
Ron Otis as Helmsman
Mason Lucero as Young Aaron
Donna Magnani as Cheryl Roberts
Christian McIntire

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2. Eidolon - Coma Nation - Lost Voyage
3. Alan Lomax - Caribbean Voyage: Brown Girl in the Ring - A Goosie Lost His Tale - Children Of The Valley Secondary Anguila School
4. And Oceans - Cypher - Voyage: Lost Between Horizons: Eaten By The Distance (feat. miqlo)
5. Michael Giacchino - Lost - Season 2 - Bon Voyage, Traitor
6. Michael Stearns - Spirits Of The Voyage - Lost
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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Download Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
(action, adventure, sci-fi)
Download Movie Mad Max 2: The Road WarriorMax is travelling in a post apocalypse Australia where Gasoline is the most valuable commodity. He becomes involved in a struggle between bandits and a town that has build defenses around a small refinery. He must cross the no man's land several times to allow them to make a dash for freedom, pursued by the bandits in their vehicles.


Mel Gibson as
Bruce Spence as
Vernon Wells as
George Miller

But above all, remember the sheet of Guerrero. By then, many people have forgotten that
this set of standard for action on the kinetic
Roads. Memories fade as the years go by, the new action films are
Since release, as "Speed" (94), which seem to set new standards. But
True, this is not the case. The Road Warrior has yet to be bested, not
amount of money, computer technology or loud noises never
Achieve writing. Nothing will ever capture the intensity
apocalyptic or, especially, the great elegance of fighting on the roads,
As illustrated here. "Of the Raiders Lost Ark" (81), for example, captured
Ridículo more frenetic style of action, also relentless, but not with the
level of tension. It's exciting, safe, but not tie your stomach in knots
, leaving you even more drained for begging.

The sequel to "Mad Max" (79) - also a unique experience tense -
begins with a prologue unusual, giving the audience on the historical background
Only Half of the screen. We created a time bomb for adventure, created
As a new mythology for our reading. Iconic figures abound, starting
Max (Gibson) himself, of course. Here is the quintessence
Wandering lonely hero / cowboy / samurai: surprisingly - damaged both
Physical and mental - but a final survivor. Here are their enemies: a
Scars, massive muscles, the atomic age-conqueror and his dog, garbed
Battle dress for instant death and destruction. This is your conscience:
last vestiges of civilization into a makeshift by strong
Oh end of decency. When these three factions face is the end of
The world as we know it. Welcome to the new world of Way of the Warrior.

The Road Warrior influenced the sub-genre of science fiction post-holocaust
throughout the eighties. There were many imitators, mostly
Efforts low-budget, and none of them came close to succeed in this
level. I hope not too many people still forget where it all began
To this exciting corner of the adventure of science fiction genre. It is our
Fall and regret that we forget.
I think this may be the greatest movie of the cars' throughout the night. Chase scenes are

Sandy and exciting, and quite realistic. None of that falls over Cliff
car and beaten up 'crap.

Fighting and scenes from the war, played a perfect balance between hidden
And open the action, never overselling the gore or lower,

The plot is an excuse to have a long road battle, but I am not
Complaining. It is vague enough that you can not worry much about
Just accept as a fund necessary to hang the fun things. Oh,
Being a stunt driver in this film! Or even to be a mechanic! That would be a
history to tell their children.

Every fantasy of driving I have had, and it plays perfectly. Be
Flavors, which no doubt my review, but it says that the films that are
Catártico to have not affected that way YOU?

Bottom line: thin plot, action-heavy, characterization decent. Symbolism
Away, the direct rule of the day. Jump on the band and ram
Something. Fun all the way.

Download Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Download Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
(adventure, fantasy)
Download Movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


Sean Connery as
John Rhys-Davies as
Kevork Malikyan as
Denholm Elliott as
Julian Glover as
River Phoenix as
Michael Byrne as
Alison Doody as
Robert Eddison as


Rating: **** ****< br>
My opinion of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, can be considered
Slightly biased. This is the first movie I have seen in movie theatres and
is also the first movie I purchased video. Even the very same
Desgastado down, beaten copy (and it looks even more affection that the Finnish
broad, sentimental reasons, of course) (but nothing
Late pristine quality DVD) . I think it is fair to say that this is
movie that cemented my love for the movies, the high regard I have for big
Escapism, which is sorely lacking in film today, the films must be
fun now drag or truncheon to the truce terrible
MTV-scripts or management style that becomes relatively simple
Desdibuja chaotic scenes. The last crusade can only be thirteen years, but I
I think I can safely say that does not make them as they used to.

Movie stars, of course, Harrison Ford as Indy Jones,
Arqueólogo / adventurer who in another search, this time to find
His father, who had come to look for the Holy Grail. Says Dad is played
none other than Sean Connery, whose performance is very charismatic
fast out this movie, in the form, above the others in the trilogy
Ford giving genuine equality of acting ( Let me put it this way,
He is only half a notch below Harrison Ford / Indy in the charisma and attractiveness
If that tells you something). The rest of the film focuses on this
continuous journey between father and son (the time joined along
Sallah and Marcus Brody), with surprising and doubles action sequences
, intelligent humor , and unpleasant surprises (but fun).

The screenplay, by Jeffrey Boam, takes a few tacos raiders of the Lost Ark
, but actually improves the story by paying more attention to
characterization. The enchanting opening scene (the three movies truth
Open with a bang, do not they?), It details how he obtained his young Indy
Scar, whip, hats, and the fear of snakes; makes for a better prequel that
Temple of Doom (and any of Adventures of Young Indiana Jones,
That matter).

The story is engrossing because there is a lot of fun
offered clues to the location of the Grail and, therefore, there is a lot of participation
Shortly discoveries (love " X marks the place "scene). I am quite
Some, like the Raiders of Lost Ark, the plot has a few holes,
But it is quite difficult to notice, and I have seen this movie enough
Times, but perhaps it is only my enjoyment of the film until overshadow.
Either way, it speaks for the leadership of Spielberg and

Given that the action and adventure is the series' point of sale, you can
We hope that the excitement and joy of discovery wonderful
delivered in spades. The action scenes are terrific (and well
accompanied with John Williams' rousing, the memorable score, the best of the trilogy), the Best
be a great setpiece ten minutes on board (and v) a Nazi
tank in a fantastic sequence of persecution through the desert, possibly the best
Sequence action of Spielberg's career. I also loved the motorcycle
Persecution and setpiece Zeppelin, where heroes go on sending
Two enemy fighters in unexpected, but great fun, fashionable. The
Clímax with terrifying booby traps, is a suspenseful
the unknown, which is the pinnacle movies aspire to adventure.

The Last Crusade is much more humor-oriented than its predecessors, but
Part of the effectiveness of the film is that it is able to offer belly
Ríe without defuse tension during the action sequences. Some
jokes are simply brilliant, one of them armed with Indy with a
Luger in the confrontation with a trio of Nazi aboard a tank still
Swordsman fun than the scene in Raiders (fine , to me, at least).

The supporting cast is superb all-around, as John Rhys-Davies is back
Sallah, wonderful as ever and show a little more enthusiasm
searching for the Grail that made digging up the Ark of the Covenant.
The late Denholm Elliot also returns as Marcus Brody, the most lovable
Goof curator of a museum. Alison Doody is interesting as Elsa,
Rubia historian who falls in love with Indy, a turn of his character
And their actions toward the climax of his do not as a dimension as
may initially appear. Julian Glover is the best in the major Indy
Villanos, it is much more menacing Paul Freeman and less than Belloq
Over-the-top, but equally pleasant Amrish Pruri Mola Ram.
Michael Byrne also enjoyed the performance as Colonel Jones hating Vogel,
dislike in the torture of Indy and his father. When it comes to pure
Villainy deliciously perverse, Byrne is even more fun to see

Harrison Ford Indy gives his best performance (maybe even your best
Yield, period) in this particular adventure. With the addition of
Connery as his father, who reveals a personal side to Indy we have not
Viewed before. It is his connection with the strikes that Connery
that spark that separates this from 99% of the genre. They develop a mysteriously touching
Fun, and genuine bond unlike any duo that I have seen. You could call it a
Buddy image, but with a heart and a real emotion, something
filmmakers Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer could learn a thing or two about
. The latest crusade is the pinnacle of high adventure summer
I was a little worried about what this was lower after the Raider's Lost Ark, Indiana Jones
thought this was much more fun. But you can not win 'em all
Right? After all, how can you resist Sean Connery of "Junior." It's so
Funny. And Harrison Ford is that, once again, with exciting adventures. And
still has a bit of history about the exact natzis. I loved this movie
. It is definitely better then Raider
or the Temple of Doom.


Download Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
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Way of the Vampire

Download Way of the Vampire
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Way of the VampireThis cheerfully low-budget riff on the Dracula story from directors Sarah Nean Bruce and Eduardo Durao follows Van Helsing, the immortal vampire hunter, as he battles the evil dead throughout the centuries. Asylum Pictures favorite Rhett Giles stars, alongside Paul Logan, Denise Boutte, Brent Falco, and Anthony Turk.


Rhett Giles as Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
Paul Logan as Dracula
Andreas Beckett as Sebastien
Denise Boutte as Arianna
Brent Falco as Emily
Alix Henning as Yvonne
Anthony Turk as Father Cefalu
Sarah Nean Bruce
Eduardo Durao

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Chinese Kamasutra - Kamasutra cinese

Download Chinese Kamasutra - Kamasutra cinese
Download Movie Chinese Kamasutra - Kamasutra cinese


Joe D'Amato

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Sweet Insanity

Download Sweet Insanity
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Sweet InsanityHigh school senior Stacey has a frightening nightmare that just might come true. Christina, the new girl in school, has brought something evil with her and Stacey and all of her friends are threatened. The plot twists and turns, but the ending is the biggest surprise of all.


Rebekah Hoyle as Stacey
Mackenzie Firgens as Christina
David Fine as Mr. Sutherland
Josh McRae as Rich
Larry Beck as Homeless man
Jeff Bell as Lex
Vic Chiapetta as Pizza manager
Evan Clinton as Burglary Kid
Zak Kilberg as Tony
Cory Knauf as Ty
Robert Kraus as Grown Man
Sam Kraus as Sean
Ed McCloud as Mr. Rooney
Steve McMoy as Father
Ryon Nixon as Brian
Daniel Hess

Although shot in the video, but that so little is understood now as a compliment or
Call, is a decent shot but it looks as video players look nice
But can not act. Great problem here is that very little happens there and
It is never generated enthusiasm. Listen to the director and commentary
You see perhaps why, as the things he chooses to discuss as
Interesting are the least interesting aspects of scenes uninteresting.
Very few deaths in the film, only one of them is convincing even
Any degree, no nudity - despite the fact that teases you in this regard that is a
Total tricks. If you are telling a story without nudity, well,
Even large, but not play the game of being sleazy and then not deliver. But
This thing does not deliver on any level ever. Technically there are things worse
been released by big business, and who made at MTI
Unlocking this talk fest, but what makes this so bad is
Without life. There is an effort to make something of interest to
House. There is no sense of how to tell a story or get performances
Of the "actors" Everything seems to be done at a level of the film industry
Competition, but who cares? The central idea, if we can even say that it has
One, and so we say, the trick is not convincing. It's just plods along
A short time that seems far away as useless scenes
Next one another. Why this film released? Just do not bother looking
no reason. That is why we say it's bad, is so
Useless, it would be meaningless, it so boring.
This was really a horrible film. I do not know whom to blame,
actors, the script or the director? Maybe I should blame everybody.
First, the script went wrong. Second, the actors are
Horrible, lack of talent is evident. I commend the director of that film
Filming terrible. I congratulate him because he
I am amazed his ability to make such a horrible, horrible movie.
People, flee this movie. Horrible plot, acting and directing
poor. Your time is better spent only sleeping. At least
Until awake feeling refreshed. I want my 1 ½ hours after look back
This excuse of a movie. :-(

Download Sweet Insanity
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Son of the Mask

Download Son of the Mask
(action, adventure, comedy, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Son of the MaskA cartoonist named Tim Avery loves his dog, Otis, more than anything in the world. But when Tim and his wife have a baby, Otis starts to feel left out. But then Otis finds an enchanted mask and plots to be rid of the baby once and for all, but is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, up in Valhalla, Odin is infuriated at Loki for losing the mask and orders him to go get it...


Jamie Kennedy as Tim Avery
Alan Cumming as Loki
Liam Falconer as Alvey
Ryan Falconer as Alvey
Traylor Howard as Tonya Avery
Steven Wright as Daniel Moss
Kal Penn as Jorge
Ben Stein as Dr. Neuman
Brett Pickup as Museum Boy
Peter Callan as Museum Redneck
Ashley Lyons as Museum Security Guard
Wayne McDaniel as Museum Person
Sandy Winton as Chris
Rebecca Massey as Clare
Issac Longmuir as Chris & Clare's Child
Lawrence Guterman

I just picture how this film came to be:

"So how can we screw up our careers?"

"I know! Let's take a movie that was wildly successful and make a sequel
Outside him!

"Perfect! We will B category of actors who have half the charisma and want
Only 10% of the initial salary of Carrey. We will save millions and a rake
Mass of the benefits, no matter the fact that nobody wants to see a second rate
Sequel to any of the original actors who made popular in the First
! We, as managers still believe honestly
People 'was a movie based on the name and history, not the players who did so in
First! "

" Brilliant! Let's put a big budget and get the cheapest players can be found
! "

And, in fact, that is what Son of the Mask can be described as. Only one
Single B category of film that attempts to suck the life out of his
Original classic.

However, if the film does not contain the words of the mask, or
Nothing to do with the mask, it's a good movie for children. For all
is horrible and massive failures to act, this really will be of interest to
Children. It's a good movie character he really wants to scream, "as
Me! "But only 8 and young people actually enjoy.

Jamie Kennedy is the only one worth mentioning in this film. He clearly
is trying to make the material work, playing the desperate, but dad
script is so poor, the only thing that spews It is worth recalling that it was
My cup after seeing this . The character of Loki
also deserves a mention, as he was the most pleasant character and really
Only one of the biggest reasons for adults to see this movie. It is a pity the
The character is lost in this film, I really would have liked to have
having regard to mask the true nature shoulder. Instead, they are reduced to
Fart jokes and toilet humor near the end.

The plot is both books, I do not bother to mention here.
Is all so clearly evident that even a Disney exec would be green with

Save your money, this is one item to DVD in three months from the
Expects him. Shame on studies for once again a good film smearing
a sequel horrible. Not dumb and dumberer teach them anything?
An Abomination before the Film Gods. Why is it necessary that producers
Spew out trash like this. Absolutely not saboteurs continue. It
Impossible offer saboteurs since the film has no plot, no credible
acting, bad effects etc. In fact, the film spoiled my evening. 3 hours
Desperdiciado. I offer this so you do not waste time unless you like
pre adolescent fart jokes, bad humor and the plot not.
If this is the type of thing you like, then you may like this movie.
This assumes that are less than 11 years. Son of the Mask is
Clara and positive proof that Hollywood just keep cranking out
Crap long as we are going to buy thickets. My only reward is knowing that
This film, when released on DVD, will end up in the trash of negotiation
5.99 or less. (A rip off at that!)

Download Son of the Mask
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The Nun

Download Nun, The
Download Movie The NunAn abusive and merciless nun turns an all-girl boarding school into a sadistic prison. Then she mysteriously disappears. Years later, someone or something begins brutally murdering the alumnae of the school. The surviving women regroup to face, once again, the ghastly violence of the nun.


Luis De La Madrid

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1. Celebrate The Nun
2. Bach, Johann Sebastian - JESU, NUN SEI GEPREISET (BWV 41)
3. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Nun Komm Der Heiden Heiland
4. Enbilulugugal - Nun Twat Armageddon
5. Freiburger Spielleyt - Nun Grus Dich Gott
6. Paul Kantner and Grace Slick - Baron Von Tollbooth And The Chrome Nun
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House of the Dead

Download House of the Dead
(action, horror, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie House of the DeadThis film is a prequel to all of the The House of the Dead video games. Set on an island off the coast, a techno rave party attracts a diverse group of college coeds and a Coast Guard officer. Soon, they discover that their X-laced escapades are to be interrupted by zombies and monsters that attack them on the ground, from the air, and in the sea, ruled by an evil entity in the House of the Dead...


Jonathan Cherry as Rudy
Tyron Leitso as Simon
Clint Howard as Salish
Ona Grauer as Alicia
Ellie Cornell as Jordan Casper
Will Sanderson as Greg
Enuka Okuma as Karma
Kira Clavell as Liberty
Sonya Salomaa as Cynthia
Michael Eklund as Hugh
David Palffy as Castillo
J??rgen Prochnow as Capt. Victor Kirk
Steve Byers as Matt
Erica Durance as Johanna
Birgit Stein as Lena
Uwe Boll

There are people out there that anything green!
That is the only explanation that I can offer as to why the House of the Dead movie exists. And
That fear is only part of the entire film. It is so bad you go off
Forever. Really wanted to disable this and turn the TV along the
paint drying channel, but I was bound by my word to suffer the whole thing. I

I do not know why I do these bad things to myself.

As if it is, here is the basic jist of the story. " A group of
Twenty-somethings are so desperate to leave to any island in the Pacific Northwest
(Canada now, because it is cheap) for "Rave
of the Century" (consisting of approximately 8 people and a-raving music)
some craggy old fisherman Paying $ 1000 to take him after they lost the
Chief ferry. That has to be some rave that uses everything the mass! The Fisherman
warns that the island is also known as the Island of the Dead

(Cuelgan that I thought it was CASA of the Dead?) And they are all
Convicted < br> Yadda yadda yadda.

First failures here. Why a small rave (century my foot!)

Be Held in some remote islands? Why would anyone pay a lot of money

get? Why pay more for the craggy old fisherman to take back
That could only come back with the other?

Once they arrive they discover that the rave (consisting of approximately 2
Tents, a small stage and a port-a-john) has been shattered, blood
everywhere and nobody around. What would be the rational thinking of any person
? Running for his life, of course. But no, these no idea, obviously blind
People who decide to go to find them. Soon they discover an ancient
Destartalado the house 50 times bigger on the inside as it is in the
Outside. Another half-hour trip in the woods around follows, as

An Excuse to kill some of the minor characters, and after much tedium

return to the house again . The characters, like the movie, go

Jammed in this horrible disaster is a glut of gobbledegook
Odiosos acting, mumbo-jumbo exposure and zillions of clips from the
Once-popular arcade game of the same name. Why this was universally accepted

As a good idea with the filmmakers never know. Clips
have no reference to any of the scenes, and only further degrade this garbage,

If it is at all possible.

It has nothing to do with the game except for some cheap, and throw online
end. Resident Evil Hare cinematic look glory. Hell, even the
Double Dragon movie seems worthy of multiple Oscar compared to this garbage.

Single that comes from this with his dignity intact is still
Jurgen Prochnow. He could have just taken their money and ran, but he tries his best
the terrible script and bring a bit of pathos to his character.

Rest of the cast suck I fear. The characters are idiots and deserve

Plus, if trimming the oath of meaning and nudity, I see no reason
This film could not be shown on television on Saturday mornings. It is not alarming in
minor. Pirates of the Caribbean is more frightening that the skeleton

Bad Guys in this film. And where did all the bad guys come from anyway?

There were only a few people on the island to begin with. I suppose this justifies
The reason they chose to reuse the images over and over again. I kid not, you

See the same zombie death a dozen times.

Who is ultimately to blame for the scandalous waste of celluloid? None
director Uwe Boll. His control over the film is non-existent. You can

See clearly the players have no idea what to do and that the
Zombies are not really taking everything seriously. The actors seem as
Reading outside cards signal, as it constantly break in the middle of long
and carried out the sentences to talk as soon as see the next card. All
It feels very unnatural.

Plus the film is like a shot of two mini-series. In fact, I have seen
television productions. And I started in publishing. The film is a
Balbuceo inconsistent with thousands and thousands of shots and sense
Tens of sense camera pans. No real skills or talents
This was done at all. It really baffles the mind boggles and how this film
Unfathomably wrong to collect and George A. Romero could not even get anyone

take your calls. House of the Dead makes reference to some idiot Romero

A vague attempt to be "post-modern", but it just irritates that, in his view
THIS is in the same league as a REAL zombie movie.

Why it's worth, the image looks great 1.85:1 anamórfico and

Dolby 5.1 soundtrack is clean, but very little and only serves to pronounce
Largely over-used ADR further. The DVD comes with extras, but why
Torture yourself. Is not this revision warning enough? Stay away! You all
Sentenced you say! Convicted! Convicted!

Download House of the Dead
See also: Action: BloodRayne

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3. Jan Garbarek and Terje Rypdal - Bleak House - Dead Mans Tale
4. Buckcherry - House Of Blues (Live) - Dead Again
5. Dead Or Alive - Evolution: The Hits - Something In My House
6. Dead Or Alive - Nude - Get Out Of My House
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Epic Movie

Star Hunter

Download Star Hunter
Download Movie Star HunterStar hunters are the space monsters who hunt helpless creatures for pleasure. One night couple of high school fotball players and their cheerleaders are returning home after the lost game. But, when their bus makes the wrong turn, they are going to meet those creatures, and the real game will begin.


Roddy McDowall as Riecher
Stella Stevens as Mrs. March
Rebecca Budig as Carrie
Kenn Scott as Pichel
Zack Ward as Cooper
Sean P. Donahue as Spivak
Alexander Keith as Leslie
Gregg Brazzel as Star Hunter
Steve Barkett as Street Bum
Tripp Reed as Junkie
Ted Monte as Kyle
Bob Bragg as Cop
John Brandon as John Taylor
Hoke Howell as Jack Turner
Fred Olen Ray
Cole S. McKay

See also: Sci-Fi: Red Planet

See also: Roddy McDowall in Overboard

See also Sci-Fi Judge Dredd

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5. Trance - Various Artists - FullMoon Hunter - Yellow Magnetic Star (Highko)
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Alien Abduction

Download Alien Abduction
Download Movie Alien AbductionWritten and directed by Eric Forsberg, this unabashedly low-budget sci-fi flick has a young woman being abducted by aliens on a camping trip—and then going through an even harder ordeal when she wakes up in a brutal military hospital for the rehabilitation of abductees.


Megan Lee Ethridge as Jean
Mark Elias as Rescue Worker
Griff Furst as Todd
Marissa Morse as Britney
Patrick Thomassie as Bud
Jilon Ghai as Thomas
Bobby James as Dr. Booker
Claudia Katz as Major Shakti
Edwin Craig as The Director
Angela Landis as Nurse White
Deirdre Schwiesow as Nurse Green
Alisha Seaton as Nurse Schwartz
Amanda Weier as Captain Helens
Robert Lucchesi as Lieutenant Biggs
Scott Evans as Staffer Maurice
Eric Forsberg

I have read many of the other comments on this movie because I have seen that with
Some people really loved and one and one and I really hated
species in the middle. Indeed it is because we are all big
Alien fans and we love the world of Star Fleet and Babylon 5 and
Doctor Who and what we are trying to compare this movie to everyone and emerged as
One of the best ideas and one of the worst looking. And finally discovered
just made on the downside. And when we realized we liked all

I love night of the living dead and Pink Flamingos and the Blair Witch and
All of them are on the downside. I never like "oh, that's
his corned beef and eat human flesh, no" or "hey that is acting really
Amateurs," because the films were really convincing and could not A suit
leave flaw in the way.

Alien Abduction is not the land of the great film
could have been if it had more money behind it. But certainly was original and fear
Enough enough and interesting enough to see, maybe even
More than once. And the initiative was a good actress. I say "go for it".
After watching more than two hours of Steven Spielberg "War of the Worlds" And Michael Bay
"The Island" I am not convinced that throwing
Millions of dollars, it means that film production will be good . I really
Gustaba "The Island", but certainly found that the large budget
Helped history to be more entertaining. I wonder if I would have
Gustó whether they were in the budget of half a million. David Michael Latt
directed a version of the War of the Worlds that left at the
Spielberg after the epic. I have to admit that if I were stripped
The huge budget Spielberg version I liked the cheapest Latt. It had
More heart. So I went to a film festival that another low-budget science fiction
was playing, it was only produced by David Michael Latt
. It was directed by Eric Forsberg, who never made a Sci Fi
Prior. Well, the movie was called "Alien Abduction", and again I
Surprised by the amount of head and heart that went into the making of
. This film had even less money behind it that the version of the Latt
War of the Worlds. In the first minute of the film I saw a spaceship
Sense was so cheap that I began to worry about what I had found myself
. But then I forgot about the movie home without money and effects
really began sinking my teeth into the flesh of history. And
Trabajadas. It was like breaking an addiction to big dazzling special effects
Movies high budget and the right to go naked there in the theater. For
The end of Alien Abduction I was not account of the sets and cheap
Mal sound. I left the theater feeling like I had been part of
Something. Like when I was alone in the theatre
The Motorcycle Diaries. And I wonder if Michael Bay's budget had been
Alien Abduction dumped on which I have been most interested in
Establishment of history that the sense of history.

Download Alien Abduction
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See also Sci-Fi Hollow Man

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Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Download Get Rich or Die Tryin'
(action, crime, drama, music)
Download Movie Get Rich or Die Tryin'A tale of an inner city drug dealer who turns away from crime to pursue his passion, rap music.


50 Cent as Marcus
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Majestic
Joy Bryant as Charlene
Omar Benson Miller as Keryl
Tory Kittles as Justice
Terrence Howard as Bama
Ashley Walters as Antwan
Marc John Jefferies as Young Marcus
Viola Davis as Grandma
Sullivan Walker as Grandpa
Serena Reeder as Katrina
Bill Duke as Levar
Mpho Koaho as Junebug
Russell Hornsby as Odell
Joseph Pierre as Uncle Deuce
Jim Sheridan

This abomination subject to a piece of the film has to be the biggest
loss of time and money in the history of man. Let us start with the part
Top. 50 were fired, a lot (big surprise). We do not know
Character 50 years for the reason that nobody care. The rest of the film straps
And drag him down through an eternity of boredom. It was slowwww!
Acting in this way to make you gouge your eyes or a strong push
Object in one ear and the other (I left early to avoid such
Occurrence). Worse, 50 is the narrator, and let's just say no
Morgan Freeman. The plot will go from bad, to worse, to a steam
Stack. The writer of this movie should go back to school and learn
make a decent movie. The scenes of children should not have been added,
simply deter the rest of the film and a waste of time.
Some of the lines in this film are so bad that you want to laugh
aloud. Things to do with your money before you go to see this film

-Get a gallon and a half worth in gas. -- Eat your money. -- Give away
homeless. -- Clean your beep * * with your money. -- Clean your
Fishtank with their money. -- Throw in the trash.

The list just goes on and on.
Terrible only awful.Let 's begin with the sad for nothing less than 50
Cent.He has to be the worst player in the world and only this movie suck
more.The history brutal and repugnant The dialogue shows
50 cents the amount of effort put into this garbage.Fans charging 50 cents We
the theatre to see this, but I even think that this crap
This film is not satisfied with the is more than a vulgar piece of crap with a bad
history, evil act, and not only will creativity.This
50 cents shows how much talent has absolutely none.I can only view this film as
Something to make money off due to the great popularity of 50 cents
As rapper.There is no chance in hell anyone put any thought into this
and I never see the again.Get is rich or die trying
Horrendos an excuse for a movie that is not even worth 50 cents.

Download Get Rich or Die Tryin'
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See also Action Cradle 2 the Grave

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3. Yukmouth - Million Dollar Mixtape - Get Rich or Die Snitchen
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Stomp the Yard

Download Stomp the Yard
(drama, musical, romance)
Download Movie Stomp the YardAfter the death of his younger brother, a troubled 19-year-old street dancer from Los Angeles is able to bypass juvenile hall by enrolling in the historically black, Truth University in Atlanta, Georgia. But his efforts to get an education and woo the girl he likes are sidelined when he is courted by the top two campus fraternities, both of which want and need his fierce street-style dance moves to win the highly coveted national step show competition.


Columbus Short as DJ
Meagan Good as April
Ne-Yo as Rich Brown
Darrin Dewitt Henson as Grant
Brian J. White as Sylvester
Laz Alonso as Zeke
Valarie Pettiford as Jackie
Jermaine Williams as Noel
Allan Louis as Dr. Palmer
Harry J. Lennix as Nate
Chris Brown as Duron
Oliver Ryan Best as Easy
Richmond Duain Martyn as Mark
Justin Hires as Byron
Michael Ngaujah as Harold
Sylvain White

Does this film deserve a 2? No Way. I do not know why people feel
Preface of their need to vote. Did you like it? Yes. Period. I do not
Waiting much and perhaps that is why I had a lot of fun enjoying the
film. I am an indie filmmaker and sometimes is a challenge to take off my hat
filmmaker and simply enjoy a movie. I had the opportunity to do
With this film. It's exciting, beautiful and I was surprised to see
history. People who slam a movie because it has a moral to a story
Or edifying topic should check to see if they have
Too cynicism running through his veins. As a black man, was
Pleasant watch a movie where the characters use their ingenuity and intelligence to Treat
or avoid confrontation with another's blatant disrespect. ***** Oh,
And the cinematography of this film was CRAZY! Great
dance sequences, the great camera work. He went to the nth SICK! Solid film
The real pity is that someone could come to IMDb, which
see this movie is rated 2.6, I think it is a legitimate qualification, and not to see this film.
This is a really good movie.

Yes, the movie is predictable, and sometimes cliché. Most of these
source of inspiration for films aimed at young people. But this movie
rises above most others. It takes note of views is very good, and the direction and choreography are
in point. The performances - acting and dancing - were
Very good.

It is a shame that so many people have such hatred in their hearts that
They are not going to expand their minds by learning cultures outside
His own. It is a pity that so many people who have obviously never
Viewed this movie uses his time and energy to this sort of film-to-1. How
Patético is that? I am glad that this film is a financial success,
Despite the "aborrecedores." I know bad for the kind of people who would spread hatred
part of their lives.

You can see by some of the comments made by some of the IMDb
commentators, as it were, that you never saw this movie. It is also
Obvio they know nothing of the subject of this film, reinforcement.
These are the people who want to see this film and learn from
Something new.

For my part, I am no great fan of "Greek" organizations. Still, I thought
In that message, in the proceedings, and the overall performance of
This film is better than anyone in this group of recent college
Age / gender friendship film .

I like all kinds of movies, and I can honestly say that this is a solid
film of this genre. It is also new to the field, which makes
is different from the movies peers.

If you are on the fence about seeing this movie. You must see.
Is precisely what you think of as trailers, but this is a very
So did the version.

I give the movie a strong 7 / 10. By gender, however, is so good that
already exists.

Download Stomp the Yard
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See also Drama Thin Red Line, The

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Download Doogal
(adventure, animation, comedy, family)
Download Movie DoogalLegend tells of three magic diamonds that, if in the wrong hands, can be united to create a force powerful enough to freeze the sun. When the evil sorcerer Zeebad escapes from his ancient prison, he vows to exact revenge by deep-freezing the earth forever. Determined to save the world, a fellowship of four unlikely heroes band together to foil Zeebad's villainous plot. Led by the candy-loving mutt Doogal, friends Dylan, Brian, and Ermintrude all embark on an epic adventure to save the world. In order to find the diamonds before Zeebad, they must climb icy mountains, navigate fiery pits of molten lava, sail across vast oceans and pass through a booby-trapped temple guarded by an army of ninja skeleton warriors. Along the way they learn that the most powerful weapon is their friendship - which even Zeebad's evil magic cannot destroy.


Daniel Tay as Doogal
Jimmy Fallon as Dylan
Jon Stewart as Zeebad
Whoopi Goldberg as Ermintrude
William H. Macy as Brian
Chevy Chase as Train
Judi Dench as Narrator
Kylie Minogue as Florence
Ian McKellen as Zebedee
Kevin Smith as Moose
Bill Hader as Soldier Sam
Cory Edwards as Additional Voices
John Krasinski as Additional Voices
Heidi Brook Myers as Coral
Dave Borthwick

See also: Adventure: Blade Runner

See also: Daniel Tay in Elf

See also Adventure Snakes on a Plane

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Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000

Download Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000
(action, sci-fi)
Download Movie Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000In the year 3000, man is no match for the Psychlo's, a greedy, manipulative race of aliens on a quest for ultimate profit. Led by the seductive and powerful Terl (Travolta), the Psychlo's are stripping Earth clean of its natural resources, using the broken remnants of humanity as slaves. What is left of the human race has descended into a near primitive state, believing the invaders to be demons and technology to be evil. After humanity has all but given up any hope of freeing themselves from alien oppression, a young man named Tyler (Pepper) decides to leave his desolate home high in the Rocky Mountains to discover the truth, whereupon he is captured and enslaved. It is then that he decides to fight back, leading his fellow man in one final struggle for freedom.


John Travolta as Terl
Barry Pepper as Jonnie Goodboy Tyler
Forest Whitaker as Ker
Kim Coates as Carlo
Sabine Karsenti as Chrissy
Michael Byrne as Parson Staffer
Christian Tessier as Mickey
Sylvain Landry as Sammy
Richard Tyson as Robert the Fox
Christopher Freeman as Processing Clerk
John Topor as Processing Clerk/One-Eyed Guard/Teleportation Supervisor
Shaun Austin-Olsen as Planetship
Tim Post as Assistant Planetship/Psychlo Guard
Earl Pastko as Bartender
Michel Perron as Rock
Roger Christian

This movie should have been a "Project Redlight." John Travolta is out
head and hopelessly devoted to L. Ron Hubbard. That could
with 10 other people to invest 80 million dollars for the realization of
This is the only film I can angle impressive work for this
Review. Perhaps Travolta wanted to work again and Tarrantino
thought that the only way that could happen is that if your own career
fell in the tank? Or perhaps he felt it was his duty to make the film in
For best seat in the 'Dianetics Heaven'? I hope that Tom Cruise
Barbarino can learn from the error.

I do not think it matters much to point out everything that is
Malo of the film, but the action, the dialog, special effects,
The credibility of the cellar people learning rapidly developing, and
Of course, the hair extensions will just have to suffice.

I would have given the film from 1 to 10 rating, but it made me laugh
the movie several times and that should be worth something, I think.
The version that I saw was on the USA network And was modified to
Teevee, so I may have missed some of the main elements of the plot were cut
The original vision of its director, but anyway I may have seen
Some really good Levitra added in their place. The end of the credits whizzed
So fast that it seems that nobody wanted
have nothing to do with this movie except Travolta.

"In the preparation of a value judgement,

I proclaim this lame movie to be worse '

Do not forget that" ; And I told him '

blame John Travolta

and L. Ronald for Battlefield Earth.

Oh, if only it were a musical. 2 / 10.

Clark Richards
When they found the original film, I was not aware of the Dianetic /
Scientology background surrounding this film and saw him almost

One viewpoint neutral. The fact that after I had seen that I felt
And frankly scared that a movie like this could be done in the first place
I did dig a little deeper into film history .

After doing a little research I came to the conclusion that fear
This piece of cr * p is that this movie is really taken seriously by
Cienciólogos , not unlike Christians with regard to the

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, people really believe this happened -
history, the characters in 2D and ridicule mindbendingly stupid
Conclusion is taken as the word of God.

So now I am terrified that this' cult 'has the influence of finance and
convince Hollywood to waste so much money. I have to say Hollywood
produces some god awful OFF THE TV AND LEAVE, but none so or advertising
Those big names starring in them.

So as to avoid this plague, do not give any excuse for distributors

Produce More copies of this trash and not waste another second of your life
Actually targeted.

I give it -10/10

Download Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000
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Download Gangland
(action, sci-fi)
Download Movie Gangland


Costas Mandylor as Jared
Sasha Mitchell as Derek
Kathleen Kinmont as Alexis
Vincent Klyn as Lucifer
Tim Thomerson as Dr. Adams
Ice-T as Officer Dunn
Coolio as Officer Harris
Teri Austin as Mary Anne
Joanna Bacalso as Aniko
Jennifer Gareis as Sarah
Kristanna Loken as Angie
David DeFalco as Damien
Michael Feichtner as Hellion
Anastasia Sakelaris as Angel
Nils Allen Stewart as Gangreen
Art Camacho

See also: Action: Sniper 2

See also: Costas Mandylor in Saw III

See also Action Thin Red Line, The

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2. Rock - Various Artists - Punk and Disorderly 2 - gangland (violators)
3. Various Artists - The number of the beast - Gangland
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Police Academy: Mission to Moscow

Download Police Academy: Mission to Moscow
(comedy, crime)
Download Movie Police Academy: Mission to MoscowRussian mafia boss Konstantine Konali is laundering money under the guise of a legitimate business. The business: a highly addictive video game that allows him to bring down almost any security system controlled by a computer on which the game has been played, with a string of major robberies as the result. Desperate to nail Konali, Commandant Alexandrei Nikolaivich Rakov sends for help from America. Rakov decides to bring in someone he met at a convention a month ago. This person is Commandant Eric Lassard. Lassard briefs his team about the mission in Russia, then they head to Moscow. Along with Lassard in Moscow are Sergeant Larvell Jones, Sergeant Eugene Tackleberry, Captain Debbie Callahan, Cadet Kyle Connors, and Captain Thaddeus Harris. As they plan to nail Konali, he has cooked up a new scheme -- create an even better version of the Game by making it good enough to bring down absolutely any computer security system in the world, including the systems that protect the databases that belong to world powers.


George Gaynes as Cmndt. Eric Lassard
Michael Winslow as Sgt. Larvell Jones
David Graf as Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry
Leslie Easterbrook as Capt. Debbie Callahan
G. W. Bailey as Capt. Thaddeus Harris
Christopher Lee as Cmndt. Alexandrei Nikolaivich Rakov
Ron Perlman as Konstantine Konali
Claire Forlani as Katrina
Charlie Schlatter as Cadet Kyle Connors
Richard Israel as Adam Sharp
Gregg Berger as Lt. Talinsky
Vladimir Dolinsky as Bellboy
Pamela Guest as Anchorwoman
Stuart Nisbet as Anchorman
David St. James as News director
Alan Metter

Oh man, this is one of the worst films in history, if not the worst!
Just think about it: the first film was kinda good, the second and third were OK
class reunion anyone? Duhhhhh ...) but telling the same joke is four times
BASTA! This film just breaks all the rules ... It's all there: the type that
makes funny noises with his mouth, which seeks to bring sargeant
Lassard (is that right?) Below, Tackleberry boy ... All of them doing

Same things in most situations predictable.
The story itself is so slight: Cmdr Lassard and his call to obtain protegés
Russian police (what?) To investigate a group of "criminals" who
Done fortune selling computer games ( !) it is believed they are smuugling
Diamonds ... Meanwhile, all sorts of things happen: crappy cadet falls in love

ice cream Russia, but cute cop ... In the end, everything works OK:
cadet receives police, and everyone can go back to the USA
Safe and sound ....
I can not believe that the good artists such as Christopher Lee and Claire Forlani
agreed to participate in this .... What a loss! This film is as tasteful as
bagful of garbage ... AVOID EXPENSES IN ANY!
I saw this movie when I was in 9-hour ferry crossing, I did not even have

Paying to go to see it, and still is the most stupid and painfully
movie I sat through. Actually, I rather liked the first movie,
Young impressionable and that made me laugh. But this was only

I am very happy to help this film with its progress to IMDB list

Worst movies of all time. 1 / 10.

Download Police Academy: Mission to Moscow
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Tags: Download Movie Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, Download Film Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, Instant Movie Download Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, Police Academy: Mission to Moscow DivX Download

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

Download Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector
Download Movie Larry the Cable Guy: Health InspectorIrreverent as ever, Larry The Cable Guy plays a big city health inspector who's happy with his usual beat of greasy spoon diners and low-rent ethnic restaurants. His easygoing life is turned upside-down when he's saddled with a straight-arrow rookie partner (Iris Bahr) and assigned the biggest case of his career: investigating an outbreak of mysterious food poisonings at the city's swankiest restaurants. Infuriating restaurateurs with his bad manners, Larry still manages to charm a sweet, shy waitress (Megyn Price) into a budding romance. But when his unorthodox methods cost him his job, Larry has to go undercover to bring the conspirators to justice and 'Git-R-Done!'


Larry The Cable Guy as Larry
David Koechner as Donnie
Michael Papajohn as Diner Manager
Thomas F. Wilson as Bart Tatlock (as Tom Wilson)
Brooke Dillman as Brenda
Joanna Cassidy as Lily Micelli
Arian Waring Ash as Lingerie Store Manager (as Arian Ash)
Trent Cooper

He played in a Baptist College baseball team for more than twenty years with
Dan "Larry the Cable Guy" Whitney. Even then it was only a part -
Launcher time, but full-time clown. I wish that it had changed its approach and
It focused more on his curve ball. If there then maybe we
have escaped his first feature of the story --- "Larry the Cable Guy
Health Inspector." As

"cocktail" of this draft film echoes those made by other transitions
comedians - especially Jim Carrey (Ace Ventura, Pet Detective) and
Less including Rob Schneider (Deuce Bigelow, Male Gigolo). But Dan's
The talent is probably better compared to the late Jim Varney
and his alter ego - "Ernest P. Worrell. " Still, I can appreciate much more Varney
Dan eccentric talent that stubborn assault on our sensibilities by
Offering Stock repeated versions of a crude version of a redneck
character (or has been expanded in this still somehow representative of
"Blue Collar crude, in an effort to pull some of the population living
In northern Ohio River in this movie foresight demographic?)

"Health Inspector" Dan manages the exhaust gases to most of the material found
foot in your routine. He also comes up with some new-most bits
are only incidental variations on his old bits. It is true that he
Breaking some new ground, too. We get to see Larry in love through a
Indirectly appeal to pathos. But the total amount for this movie, in the end,
that serves as little more than an unfortunate collection of "Larry's
The Cable Guy's" and not evil place national consciousness.

Touchstone for deciding whether or not to give "Health Inspector
" an opportunity can be found at the signing of Dan
stage --- Phrasing "Git r Done. " If humor buried in this term
Appeals to you --- then by all means get out before the film. But if the phrase
lets you lost, cold and empty --- that was the best film
Skip. For my part, I have never been able to translate "Git r Done"
everything that is registered as very "funny" in my tired brain. But I was still
and saw the show anyway. After all, as I said - I used
Playing ball with this guy at school.
I think I should preface this whole discussion by saying "No
See This Movie." Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector is a terrible movie.
The only good thing was to see a really hot extra at the mall
scene. Beyond that, this film has no capacity to love.

From the beginning I had my reservations, but being an open-minded film fan
I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. My doubt was first
Confirmed when lights when theater and other then myself and my
Guests had only two other spectators. Only
was downhill from there. Larry's jokes were not funny, the characters have no real
Development, and they say that it was foreseeable would be an understatement.

The film ends with Larry token "Git-R-Done" catch phrase in a song
That makes me mourn for the future of the music industry. Despite all
This, the other two films that patrons were laughing hysterically throughout
The film (which also included snuff chewing and spitting into a popcorn

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