Download Dedication
(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie DedicationThe romantic comedy follows a misogynistic children's book author (Crudup) who is forced to work closely with a female illustrator (Moore) instead of his long-time collaborator and only friend (Wilkinson). Balaban is the book's publisher.


Bob Balaban as Arthur Planck
Peter Bogdanovich as Roger Spade
Bobby Cannavale as Don Meyers
Billy Crudup as Henry
Martin Freeman as Jeremy
Jason Evans Lee as Bookstore Patron
Christopher Grey Misa as Boy In Diner
Antonio Parisi as Young boy
Jeremy Shamos as
Steven Wargo as Photo Double: Billy Crudup
Tom Wilkinson as Rudy Holt
Charlene Biton as Belle Dancer
Cassidy Hinkle as Cassidy
Mandy Moore as Lucy
Jicky Schnee as Mandy
Justin Theroux

Download Dedication
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See also: Bob Balaban in No Reservations

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3. Various Artists - Black album. dedication to george harrison
4. Various Artists - Dedication
5. Nargaroth - Black Metal Ist Krieg (A Dedication Monument)
6. Lil Wayne - Dedication, Vol. 2

The Cellar Door

Download Cellar Door, The
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie The Cellar DoorThe girl next door, having coffee, lunch with a friend, shopping, unaware she is becoming an obsession. She has been chosen. A young woman awakes to find herself imprisoned in a serial killer's basement. She is not the first to be entrapped in this diabolical torture chamber. She is not the first to captivate his perverse affection, Herman has been searching for the perfect girl, but all he's collected are pieces - a chunk of hair; a severed finger; a jar of blood - and now, the alluring and beautiful Rudy. Imprisoned in a wooden cage and yet refusing to play along in his twisted game, she has only her wits to use against his savage and murderous insanity. Will she win the desperate, hallucinatory game of cat and mouse and escape through the Cellar Door, or die trying?


James DuMont as Herman
Michelle Tomlinson as Rudy
Algernon D'Ammassa as Missionary #2
Melina Bielefelt as Missionary #1
Annie Coffey as Cashier Wendy
Christina Reynolds as Jennifer
Heather Sconyers as Christa
Matt Zettell

See also: Horror: Evil Dead II

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5. Mike Andrews - Donnie Darko Soundtracks - Cellar Door
6. Michael Andrews - Donnie Darko - Cellar Door

Americanizing Shelley

Download Americanizing Shelley
(comedy, romance)
Download Movie Americanizing ShelleyA wannabe Hollywood player sets out to Americanize an Indian girl from the Himalayas.


Namrata Singh Gujral as Shalini Singh/Shelley
Beau Bridges as Gary Gordon
Brad Raider as Rob Shorwell
RonReaco Lee as Blaine
Phillip Rhys as Neil Brar
Wil Wheaton as Director Alan Smithee
Erin Hershey as Nicole
Shaheen Khan as Kirat Singh
Ajay Mehta as Jaspal Singh
Tony Yalda as Happy Singh
Noureen DeWulf as Littly Singh
Morgan Brittany as Georgina
Robert M. Rey as Elastic Surgeon
Lenora Chu as Smithee's party girl
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as Ryder
Lorraine Senna

Download Americanizing Shelley
See also: Comedy: Brothers Solomon, The

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Alvin and the Chipmunks

Download Alvin and the Chipmunks
(comedy, family)
Download Movie Alvin and the ChipmunksIn a tree farm, three musically inclined chipmunks, Alvin, Simon and Theodore, find their tree cut down and sent to Los Angeles. Once there, they meet the frustrated songwriter David Seville, and despite a poor house wrecking first impression, they impress him with their singing talent. Seeing the opportunity for success, both human and chipmunks make a pact for them to sing his songs. While that ambition proves a frustrating struggle with the difficult trio, the dream does come true after all. However, that success presents its own trials as their unscrupulous record executive, Ian Hawke, plans to break up this family to exploit the boys. Can Dave and the Chipmunks discover what they really value amid the superficial glamor around them?


Jason Lee as David Seville
David Cross as Ian
Cameron Richardson as Claire
Justin Long as
Don Tiffany as Don the Sound Engineer
Matthew Gray Gubler as Simon
Jesse McCartney as Theodore
Jane Lynch as Gail
Jordan Green as Obnoxious Kid
Allison Karman as Female Intern #1
Tiara Parker as Female Intern #2
Kira Verrastro as Female Intern #3
Beth Riesgraf as Mother in Store
Oliver Muirhead as Butler
Don Abernathy as Photographer
Tim Hill

See also: Comedy: Then She Found Me

See also: Jason Lee in Underdog

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2. Alvin and the Chipmunks - Alvin and the Chipmunks OST
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5. Alvin and the Chipmunks - Club Chipmunk: The Dance Mixes - Alvin & The Chipmunks, Achy Breaky Heart, 4.49
6. John Waters - A John Waters Christmas - Sleigh Ride - Alvin & The Chipmunks

Dog's Breakfast, A

Shoot 'Em Up

Download Shoot 'Em Up
(action, adventure, comedy, crime, thriller)
Download Movie Shoot 'Em UpLate at night, in an unnamed U.S. city, a solitary man sits at a bus stop. A pregnant woman runs by, pursued by a man with a gun. With reluctance, the man at the bus stop rescues her and assists with the baby's delivery, while additional pursuers fire at them, including the gang's particularly nasty leader, an intuitive man named Hertz. Our hero, known only as Smith, determines to save the child and find out why Hertz wants the baby dead. At a local bordello, he tries to employ a lactating hooker to watch the child, but things quickly escalate, and this makeshift family is soon on the run. Heavy metal music calms the baby. Why? A laboratory, a gun factory, and a presidential campaign all figure in Smith's search for the child's ultimate safety.


Clive Owen as Smith
Paul Giamatti as Hertz
Monica Bellucci as Donna Quintano
Stephen McHattie as Hammerson
Greg Bryk as Lone Man
Daniel Pilon as Senator Rutledge
Sidney Mende-Gibson as Baby Oliver
Lucas Mende-Gibson as Baby Oliver
Kaylyn Yellowlees as Baby Oliver
Ramona Pringle as Baby's Mother
Julian Richings as Hertz's Driver
Tony Munch as Man Who Rides Shotgun
Scott McCord as Killer Shot in Behind
Wiley M. Pickett as 1st Killer
Stephen R. Hart as Club Bouncer
Michael Davis

Download Shoot 'Em Up
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4. Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony - The Collection Vol. 1 - Shoot 'em up
5. Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony - Greatest Hits - Shoot 'Em Up
6. The Chemical Brothers - Flip the swith - Left Right (JoolsMF Shoot'em Up mix)

Mr. Brooks


Download Pigs
Download Movie PigsTake an intimate look at college life in the gritty romantic comedy PiGS. Miles (Jefferson Brown) is smooth, smart and attractive - the definitive ladies' man. After returning from yet another successful conquest, Miles' best friend Cleaver (Darryn Lucio) has the idea for Miles to try and "complete" the entire alphabet prior to his graduation. Goaded on by his dorm mates, Miles accepts and the contest begins. The rules are simple: the rarer the first letter of the girl's last name, the higher the odds. Money and pride are on the line, and all is going according to plan, until Miles comes face-to-face with the captivating Gabrielle Xeropolos (Melanie Marden), aka: the "X". She's everything Miles has ever wanted in a girl. Now he's torn between his ever-growing feelings for Gabrielle, and his allegiance to his testosterone-filled dorm buddies. The ultimate question remains - are all guys PiGS?


Jefferson Brown as Miles
Darryn Lucio as Cleaver
Melanie Marden as Gabrielle
Christopher Elliott as Ben
James Chmiel as Top Gun Guy
Derek Cvitkovic as Silvio
Karl DiPelino as CMFU Deejay
Emidio DiPietro as Mechanic #1
Tyrone Greenidge as Big Eddie
Daniel Holmes as Winnifred's Boyfriend
Kevin Ling as Trainer
Yo Mustafa as Waiter
Ted Neal as Tommy
Chris Ragonetti as Doogie
Calvin Skidmore as Mechanic #1
Karl DiPelino

See also: Comedy: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

See also: Jefferson Brown in Dead Mary

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2. Rock - Various Artists - Blast - Pigs Can Fly
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6. Kula Shaker - Peasants Pigs and Astronauts


Download Rise
(action, horror, thriller)
Download Movie RiseSupernatural thriller in which a female reporter wakes up in a morgue to find herself a member of the undead. She vows revenge against the sect that put her there and hunts them down.


Robert Forster as Lloyd
Cameron Richardson as Collette
Lucy Liu as Sadie Blake
Allan Rich as Harrison
Samantha Shelton as LA Weekly Editor
Kevin Wheatley as Ethan Mills
Margo Harshman as Tricia Rawlins
Cameron Goodman as Kaitlin
Holt McCallany as Rourke
James D'Arcy as Bishop
Carla Gugino as Eve
Michael Chiklis as Clyde Rawlins
Paul Cassell as Detective Easton
Mako as Poe
Sam Cooper as Coroner's Assistant
Sebastian Gutierrez

See also: Action: Platoon

See also: Robert Forster in Mulholland Dr.

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Download mp3 tracks:
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Rise of the Dead

Download Rise of the Dead
Download Movie Rise of the DeadNothing much happens in the small town of Dudley, Ohio. But that all changes when Lara Childs (Erin Wilk) becomes the target of the undead.


Peter Blitzer as Sheriff Brown
Steve Downer as Doctor
Chris Ferry as Deputy Greer
Jack Gordon as Cade
Michael Grenier as Laura's Boss
Chris Lavelle as Rick's Friend
Greg Levitre as Orderly
Jason Madera as Sam Fulton
Patrick Pope as Sam Sherman
Danny Ray as Possessed Man
Matt Regney as Rick Gerber
Stephen Seidel as Jack Walther
Doug Sobon as Hank Clemens
Daniel Wedig as Warden
Emily Ackerman as Barbara Clemens
William Wedig

Download Rise of the Dead
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4. Hellfire - Into Fire - Rise Of The Dead
5. Metal - Various Artists - Rotten Fake - Dead Shall Rise (Scrawl)
6. Agathocles and Scrawl and 7 Minutes Of Nausea - Rotten Fake - Dead Shall Rise

30,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Download 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Download Movie 30,000 Leagues Under the SeaIn this modern retelling of the classic Jules Verne tale, the charismatic sociopath Captain Nemo uses his high-tech submarine to wreak vengeance on the surface world.


Lorenzo Lamas as Lieutenant Aronnaux
Natalie Stone as Lieutenant Commander Rollins
Sean Lawlor as Captain Nemo
Kim Little as Specialist Sustin
Declan Joyce as Cooper
Rob Filson as Gunner
Spencer Jones as Ruskin
Damien Puckler as Blackwell
Emilio Roso as Ramirez
Victor J. Springer as Captain Farrgut
Michael Tower as Captain Anderson
Isabella Cascarano as Beautiful woman
Dorothy Drury as First Officer Clarke
Wittly Jourdan as Captain Morgan Frye
Gabriel Bologna

See also: Sci-Fi: Twelve Monkeys

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Welcome to the Jungle

Download Welcome to the Jungle
Download Movie Welcome to the JungleTwo young couples head into the New Guinea wilderness in an effort to find Michael Rockefeller, the heir to the Rockefeller fortune who disappeared in 1961.


Callard Harris as Colby
John Leonetti as Helicopter Pilot
Richard B. Morris as Christian Missionary
Jeran Pascascio as Fijian Warrior
Nick Richey as Mikey
Sandy Gardiner as Mandi
Veronica Sywak as Bijou
Jonathan Hensleigh

See also: Horror: Machine Girl, The

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4. Guns N' Roses - Cuttakes - Welcome to the Jungle
5. Guns N' Roses - Greatest Hits - Welcome To The Jungle
6. Guns N' Roses - The Story, Vol. 1 (CD 4) - Welcome To The Jungle 1

Species: The Awakening

It's a Free World...

Download It's a Free World...
Download Movie It's a Free World...Angie gets the sack from a recruitment agency for bad behaviour in public. Seizing the chance, she teams up with her flatmate, Rose, to run a similar business from their kitchen. With immigrants desperate to work the opportunities are considerable, particularly for two girls so in tune with these times.


Kierston Wareing as Angie
Juliet Ellis as Rose
Leslaw Zurek as Karol
Joe Siffleet as Jamie
Colin Caughlin as Geoff
Maggie Russell as Cathy
Raymond Mearns as Andy
Davoud Rastagou as Mahmoud
Mahin Aminnia as Mahmoud's Wife
Shadah Kavousian as Mahmoud and His Wife's Child
Sheera Kavousian as Mahmoud and His Wife's Child
Frank Gilhooley as Derek
David Doyle as Tony
Eddie Webber as Company Director
Johnny Palmiero as Company Director
Ken Loach

After a well deserved win Cannes Palm D'Or, with "The Wind That Shakes the Barley
" (2006) that meet head-on the question of political
issue of IRA , Author Ken Loach went on to address the issue of social workers
illegal immigrants in London, with "It's a free world."
While Loach, even when they show a degree of sympathy, always maintains a
objectivity, the IRA is an issue that is emotionally
dramatic. "It's a free world," however, is presented with such
the detachment that sometimes seems like a documentary, although it is by no means
without its dramatic moments. This rough relato

, realistically deeply disturbing, it was said through the protagonist
Angie, magnificently portrayed by Kierston Wareing (which, incidentally
, bears a certain resemblance to Angie Dickenson , To
who have seen the films long enough to remember his). A single mother
sixth grade, Angie lost their jobs and businesses in his own, with
teaming pink room to form an agency that organizes the work for
immigrant workers, often on a daily. The scene alternates between
their personal and company business. In the first case, we see
the continuing struggle to carry out a mother's responsibility to the
eleven-year-old son who is staying with her parents on a temporary basis
. There is also a very brief description of a romance with
a very good man, an employee of its work force supply. It is the latter,
however, that is the center of the film.

with a perfect division of labor, Rosa does all the administrative work
while Angie, riding his bicycle in an image almost as cool as
Arnold Schwarzenegger (you know that the films), going around places of
immigrate workers to collect their workforce. With repeated scenes, many of us in
fasting audience is drawn into this realistic world
represented the daily logistics of assembling the immigrant workers of all
shape and size, roll calls and sending of these color-coded trucks
send them off to various factories. Things seemed to go pretty well until
Angie (with a very grudgingly Rose) is lured into the lucrative business of
the use of illegal immigrants.

Gradually, the film also becomes a test of the imposition of the hearings "
scruples. Without judging,
Director Loach presents the audience with meticulous detail for them to form their own. We see
at the outset, Angie seems very sympathetic to workers, to the extent
a young chap who gets a small gift to thank him for his conclusion
such a good job. We see how it provides temporary housing in
place (with minor objections from Rose) to the family of an Iranian
four in a state of financial despair. On the other hand, there are
an ominous backdrop to the problems of delayed payment of wages by employers
irresponsible. Initially, although these workers
Angie pressure cheated of their wages, which seems as if she is a victim
as much as they are. Gradually, however, she begins to change, becoming a
operates itself, without scruples to a point where Rosas
can no longer live with their own conscience and withdraw from the association.
Physical violence and threats only serve to harden Angie. In the past,
ended scene we see in the hiring of a trip to Ukraine. If she
eventually come into serious problems and is not important.
The pressing issue, because the audience leaves the cinema, is what kind of
Angie is a woman. It would be undoubtedly
a broad spectrum of viewpoints, from sympathy to the complaint. But perhaps even that is not
important. Maybe Angie is just a case that Loach used to educate the audience
of a cruel reality.
There is a new kind of exploitation in the western world. The
illegal immigrants. Since I have no papers, which will take any job, any
salary, potential risks. And there are people who are too ready to help them

The principal here is fired from hiring an agency. She starts her own
and also begins to exploit people like her has been exploited. The free world
means almost slavery, as people without papers have no
rights. However, those who provide companies with such a labor force
can easily become victims of this vicious order.

Another of Ken Loach film that put the unpleasant questions. And
gives the unpleasant answers.

Download It's a Free World...
See also: Drama: Jump In!

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1. Cher - It's a Man's World
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3. Kitaro - Kitaro's World Of Music (Yu-Xiao Guang)
4. Kitaro - Kitaro's World Of Music 2 (Nawang Khechog)
5. John Scatman - Scatman's World
6. Banaroo - Banaroo's World

Werewolf: The Devil's Hound

Download Werewolf: The Devil's Hound
(action, horror)
Download Movie Werewolf: The Devil's HoundKevin had it all: An exciting pyrotechnic job, a caring family, and a beautiful wife. That is until a late night encounter with the savagely blood thirsty Christine prompts him to slowly turn against his family and co-workers. Now, with the help of the quirky and questionable werewolf hunter Kwan, two families from two different cultures will unite for one common cause. Will Kevin betray the ones he loves in favor of the one he lusts? From its first bloody death to its last explosion, Lycan draws you into a blood bath of beastly transformations and unbelievable gore. The film's unexpected and outrageous humor is the chaser that helps quench any gore-hounds thirst for horror.


Michael Dionne as Kevin Madden
Phil Gauvin as Phil Madden
Adam Loewenbaum as Michael Madden
Greg Nutcher as Karl Hofferman
Kevin Shea as Don Hofferman
Michael Wrann as Steve VonBunson
Kirsten Babich as Krystal Smith
Christy O. Cianci as Christine Hofferman
Tamara Malawitz as Char Madden
Jennifer Marsella as Elizabeth Madden
Gregory C. Parker

Werewolf: The Devil's Hound revolves around a small family
special effects company, a day that the delivery of some boxes.
Control after they find out they have a box more than they should.
Nobody cares about in particular. That night a wolf breaks outside the box and scratches
employee Kevin (Michael Dionne), which begins to turn into a wolf
too. Can you save his family from him? Can heal or
Kevin cursed him forever to walk the Earth as a Wereworl and each change
night? Who cares.

also known under the title Lycan this low-budget horror movie is
edited, written and directed by Christian Pinder and Gregory C. Parker, a
have to say right off the bat I thought it was terrible. After a rapid
browse the other "Comments" here at the date
IMDb until it is quite clear that almost everyone who has ever seen Werewolf: The Devil's Hound
had a very bad time to do it and trust me if you decide to move
odd ninety minutes of his life watching his
will feel the same way. I did. Like a lot of low-budget films
what happens in the script is almost entirely determined by lack of funds,
It's almost a fact that when writing this Pinder and Parker are said
themselves "can we afford this' and 'we could achieve that." The film has
places boring, has a clear logic or lack of action and some truly terrible
comedy of character and moments of relief when the final
seemingly come from nowhere. There is also something about U.F.O. 'S, but
by the time they are shown, I had quite lost all interest and was in
autopilot. The nature of the terrible is, the dialogue is horrible, horrible history
is at the beginning, middle and end are terrible and in general terms
the film as a whole is horrible. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

The film is quite amateur, it seems that was shot on a camcorder
by two students from using any type of film editing techniques annoying,
unsteady camera moves and you blink and miss editing. There are one or two scenes
gore, someone is cut in half, one arm and one leg are stealing, something
head is flat and there are some fake blood.
The special effects are poor, the wolf is more like a kind of albino hairy monkey.
It is not fear, and it is not fun and it is incredibly difficult to sit through
at once. According to the IMDb

this had a budget of about $ 1200000
that is really a good amount of money that does what it ended up on the screen
worse, it seems much lower budget what it really was.
Apparently filmed in Connecticut. He is not better than anything else
to do with this movie.

Werewolf: The Devil's Hound is a bad, bad movie that I found often
painful to sit and watch. Definitely not recommended, to avoid a
and most people are very glad that they did.
What can I say that has not already been said. This movie sucked! The
acting was terrible, the special effects were everything, but especially
the story was pointless and campy, the mood was pure cheese ...
the list goes on. However, another bad movie Lion's Gate.

This movie begins somewhere in Germany ... but I'm not sure what
part of Germany. Apparently, this is the part where people talk like pirates,
because nobody had a German accent. These are not military-type people, only that
Persimmons are using instead of cameo.
Is really a big mess from the beginning ... not a good sign. In the first wolf sighting
... it seemed more like a man in a suit of Yeti ...
I knew I was in trouble. But persevered and continued watching.

Then came the part where the fire Marshall was smoking outside the shop
fireworks ... which is bad in itself humor. And like any good fire would
Marshall, who throws his cigarette into the wastebasket.
Of course, there are explosive at the dump ... Why not there? Since
any good manufacturer of fireworks know, you always throw the remains of his
gunpowder in the dumpster. In truth, I turned off at this time.
I simply could not understand. It was so bad. Do not waste your money on this junk
. And if you know anybody who thinks that this movie is a big slap ...
them HARD! 0.25 / 10

Download Werewolf: The Devil's Hound
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Download Underdog
(action, adventure, comedy, family, sci-fi)
Download Movie UnderdogA bomb-sniffing beagle is fired from the mayor's office for a faux pas. That night a mad scientist dognaps him and injects him with an elixir. The dog escapes, but now has superpowers. He's adopted by a security guard - an ex-cop, who's a widower with a moody teen son, Jack. The boy discovers that the dog, named Shoeshine by dad, has super powers, but it's their little secret. While Underdog saves people in distress, the mad scientist and his underling continue their plot to catch him and take over the city. There's also a girl Jack likes who has a dog that Shoeshine takes a shine to. Will every dog have his day?


Jason Lee as Underdog
Peter Dinklage as Dr. Simon Barsinister
James Belushi as Dan Unger
Patrick Warburton as Cad
Alex Neuberger as Jack Unger
Taylor Momsen as Molly
John Slattery as Mayor
Amy Adams as Polly
Brad Garrett as Riff Raff
Samantha Bee as Principal
Timothy Crowe as Police Chief
Larry Vigus as Security Guard
Mario Mariani as Police Officer
Bates Wilder as Cop
Alexander Garde as Small Boy
Frederik Du Chau

See also: Action: Rush Hour 3

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. The Underdog Project
2. Gogol Bordello - Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike
3. Various Artists - Big Sid N Deetha Savor - Underdog
4. Conshafter - Fear The Underdog
5. Yellowcard - The Underdog
6. Yellowcard - The Underdog EP

I Want Candy

Download I Want Candy
Download Movie I Want CandyI WANT CANDY follows two hopeful lads from Leatherhead trying to break into the movies who stumble upon the opportunity of a lifetime. Frustrated by their arty film teacher (Mackenzie Crook), wannabe producer Joe (Tom Riley) and his talented but neurotic director friend Baggy (Tom Burke) head to London to sell what they know is a script made of gold.


Tom Riley as Joe
Giles Alderson as Carl
David Armand as Clive Purves
Tom Burke as Baggy
Colin Michael Carmichael as Gabi
Jimmy Carr as Video Store Guy
Mackenzie Crook as Dulberg
Richard Glover as Professor
Rasmus Hardiker as Cristi
Philip Jackson as Joe's Dad
Kristian Kiehling as German Guy
Eddie Marsan as Doug
Tom Meeten as Jeff
Sid Mitchell as Robby
Nick Nevern as Tough Man
Stephen Surjik

This is a great British comedy about a couple of film students (and Joe
Padded) to seek their script "The Storm of Love." After
go to a few production companies that come to a company of adult films directed by
Doug (Eddie Marsan). Joe decides to make the movie in an erotic movie
and seeks to recruit the biggest name in porn - Candy Fiveways (played by Carmen Electra

Surprisingly there is no nudity in this movie, but there are very few funny scenes
. One case of a player and allows only say thank God for
wet wipes. Another involves a baby from Asia and ping pong balls. Jimmy Carr and Mackenzie Crook
decent too few scenes between them.

This is a real feel-good British comedy and provides everything you need
for this type of movie. I give it 8 / 10.
I Want Candy is the story of two aspiring filmmakers who are students themselves
make a porn movie in Leatherhead.

Looking at the poster of the movie, I was hoping that this is a silly
British version of all-too familiar adolescent comedies that pollute our
screens all Summers (American Pie, Dude Where's My Car?,
Not Another Teen Movie, etc.). How I was wrong. It is not the greatest movie ever
, but not try to be.

Surprisingly, there is no nudity in the film, and the
references to sex and pornography are handled with a minimum of taste - again,
which would not be expected.

Eddie Marsan (Gangster No. 1, Vera Drake, The Illusionist) is excellent,
as usual, as the sleazy film producer, while Mackenzie Crook blesses us with
his presence as a teacher who desperately seeking fame

My two criticisms of the film would be a typical Hollywood ending
(which, like Carmen Electra, does not really suit the dream
Leatherhead suburb location) and the bad characterization of padding
(one of the two male leads).

I probably recommend this film to friends - even if only for the fun
bathing scene.

Download I Want Candy
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See also: Tom Riley in Return to House on Haunted Hill

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1. Pop - Various Artists - Hits of the 80s vol 2 - I Want Candy (Bow Wow Wow)
2. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Marie Antoinette - I Want Candy (Bow Wow Wow)
3. Bow Wow Wow - Wild in the U.S.A. - I Want Candy [Girl Eats Boy Mix]
4. Bow Wow Wow - Wild in the U.S.A. - I Want Candy [Razed in Black Mix]
5. Bow Wow Wow - Wild in the U.S.A. - I Want Candy
6. Aaron Carter - Come Get It - The Very Best of Aaron Carter - I Want Candy

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Download Like Mother, Like Daughter
(drama, mystery)
Download Movie Like Mother, Like DaughterWhen a successful business woman (Michelle Stafford)finds out her college-aged daughter (Dani Kind) has gone missing, she elicits help from her friend and daughter's college professor (Billy Moses) unaware that she is seeking assistance from the very man who kidnapped her.


Devin Babin as Police officer
Rick Bramucci as Police officer
Claude Huard as Passerby
John Maclaren as David Crane
William R. Moses as John Collins
James O'Regan as Detective Whal
Mark Slacke as Drug Dealer
Mariah Inger as Principal
Claudia Jurt as
Danielle Kind as Actress
Kathy Logan as Museum office worker
Mercedes Papalia as Actress
Tommie-Amber Pirie as Actress
Michelle Stafford as
Sherry Thurig as Dinner Patron/Student
Robert Malenfant

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1. Nathan Larson - A Love Song For Bobby Long - Daughter Like Mother

The Contractor

Download Contractor, The
(action, action)
Download Movie The ContractorThe film begins at the Montana ranch home of a former CIA Opperative - James Dial played by Wesley Snipes. One last time, he is coaxed back into action to kill a terrorist in London. It all goes wrong and he is forced into hiding where he meets and befriends a 12 year old girl.


Velizar Binev as Beloit
Ralph Brown as Collins
Charles Dance as Windsor
S.J. Evans as Man on Street
Richard Harrington as Terry
Ryan McCluskey as Parcell
Milos Miroslav as Harris
Bill Richards as FBI Pilot
Iain Robertson as Cramston
Wesley Snipes as
Nikolai Sotirov as Jahar
Stanimir Stamatov as King
Eliza Bennett as Emily
Lena Headey as Ballard
Sousila Pillay as Woman on Street
Josef Rusnak

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1. Mike Ladd - Welcome To The Afterfuture - To The Moon' S Contractor
2. Logh - The Raging Sun - Contractor and the Assassin

Superman: Doomsday

Download Superman: Doomsday
(action, animation, drama)
Download Movie Superman: DoomsdayWhen LexCorps accidentally unleash a murderous creature, Doomsday, Superman finally meets his greatest challenge as a champion. Based from the award-winning "The Death of Superman" trilogy.


Adam Baldwin as Clark Kent/Superman
James Marsters as Lex Luthor
John Di Maggio as Toyman
Tom Kenny as Robot
Ray Wise as Perry White
Adam Wylie as Jimmy Olsen
Townsend Coleman as Drill Operator
Chris Cox as Damon Swank
Kevin Smith as Grumpy Man
James Arnold Taylor as Officer Tucker


I could not even decide on whether to give it a 7 or 8, and nearly 8
won if he had meant to stay higher than
SUPERMAN Returns: that is the benchmark for the wrong way can get
Superman and warnings, however, deceived so many people to think that it is "really

As for this movie is a bit better but still has its problems, so
gets a 7.

The relationship between Lois and Superman is such that
seem to be sleeping together, but she does not know who really Clark Kent. This
It is decidedly un-Superman-like, however, the film is billed as a
with more than one "Badd" Superman, and generally be "darker".
not urinate on our shoes and rain as we

The story is an adaptation of losing not one, but three sagas of Superman,
who were later graphic novels: "Doomsday" (aka THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN
), " ; Funeral for a Friend, "(aka SUPERMAN WORLD WITHOUT A),
and" Kingdom of Superman "(aka THE RETURN OF SUPERMAN). Doomsday
of origin is quite different, as are aspects of the life of Superman
before the battle. No other super-heroes are mentioned. And perhaps most radical
(and disappointing) is the exclusion of four alternate
Superman comics.

Instead, Superman dies at the hands of Doomsday, which was discovered by employees of
Lex Luthor. He began his rampage and killed Superman.
Then, a mysterious new Superman emerges. It is not long before the
know that he / she was created by Lex Luthor to take the place of
Superman. The clone finally becomes a tyrannical overlord of
Metropolis and the real Superman - in the reduction in power - has to take him out

Some oppose the language, the relationship of Lois and Supes,
and some of the most violent scenes. The nature of
Toyman is the first victim of false Supes, but some might even find
justified in that he had killed a girl. Moreover, when for the first time see the
Toyman (designed to look like something from Tim Burton's SketchBook
that may be important to note) has a bus full of children trapped.
Nothing is ever said, but one must wonder if you are trying to involve
child is a bother in this version of reality.
The character designs are fine, but Superman might look a bit too old for some people
tastes, and as Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns, Lois
might look a bit younger. For a long time fans of the SUPERMAN / Justice League
Cartoons of the last few years, new voices could take some getting used to

The biggest problem with the film is that everything seems to happen too fast
. We hardly feel the loss of Superman before the impostor
shows up. And like many superhero vehicles, there are certain things that are
maybe something comicbookish. On the one hand, Superman is revived
in, say, 67%. What does it mean for the typical viewer?
That 67% as strong as he often? If so, what are the limits?
Is the "Superman" is necessarily struggling at 100% of himself? And like so many comics
, the anti-hero (the fake Superman) 's great crime is that
killed Toyman the film and believes it is wrong. However, Superman
himself seems to be trying to kill his Doppleganger, which seems
somewhat hypocritical to say the least.

Ultimately, the story of Lex clone of Superman
is not as interesting as "Kingdom of the Superman," that keep fans guessing
comics in 1993. Of course, the cat out of the bag now, and it would be
the need for some changes, but is simply a better story. This mixture of
with mediocre character designs and ideas that are created merely for shock value
make this trip quite good only as an experiment. I just hope that the future
direct-to-DVD DC (that bite) projects are better.
This film is good or maybe great for what it is, in his view, but in the short
changed. The fight between Doomsday was WOW! The funeral is GREAT! The
resurrection was good, but I was waiting to see the return of Superman
beyond the way they are shown in the comic strip. You should also have shown
Doomsday demolish JLA. I understand that this is only a'Superman
history, but have taken only 5 minutes to Doomsday
JLA demolish. This would have extended over Doomsday and the rest of the
65 minutes could focus on Superman! Jimmy could have said: "My God
Lois Doomsday JLA defeats in 5 minutes! How on earth will be
defeat Superman! "In the comic, there are four characters that seem
replace Superman. In the movie there is only one ... a clone. Note
comics in the clone is in fact the cyborg, but I think the filmmakers
wanted to change that too. Overall, a very entertaining movie.
This film is loosely inspired by the death and resurrection graphic novels. If
can accept that, then you'll enjoy it. I admit ... I did.

Download Superman: Doomsday
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Meet the Robinsons

Download Meet the Robinsons
(adventure, animation, comedy, family, sci-fi)
Download Movie Meet the RobinsonsMeet the Robinsons is filled with extraordinarily inappropriate and insensitive messages about adoption that will be disturbing to many children. The basic story is about an adorable baby whose birthmother leaves him on the doorstep of an orphanage. Portrayed as loving, sweet, extremely smart and overly appealing, he spends the next 12 years of his life wanting a family and being turned down by one family after another - in all, 114 couples refuse to adopt him. One disturbing scene shows a prospective dad losing interest in adopting the child because the youngster is more interested in science than sports. When he accidentally splatters them with food from his science project, both prospective parents walk out in a huff , leaving one very sad and disappointed little boy. Since no one else wants him, the child invents a time machine that will take him back in time to find his birth mother. The "bad guy" in his time travel journey turns out to be his best childhood buddy who was once his orphanage roommate. Now an emotional wreck resulting from being left behind when the orphanage was closed and shut down, the once-cute orphan is now mean and devious. The story continues with numerous monsters attacking the child as he continues to search for his birth mother.


Angela Bassett as Mildred
Daniel Hansen as Lewis
Jordan Fry as Lewis
Matthew Josten as Michael "Goob" Yagoobian
John H. H. Ford as Mr. Harrington
Dara McGarry as Mrs. Harrington/Receptionist
Tom Kenny as Mr. Willerstein
Laurie Metcalf as Lucille Krunklehorn
Don Hall as Coach/Uncle Gaston
Paul Butcher as Stanley
Tracey Miller-Zarneke as Lizzy
Wesley Singerman as Wilbur
Jessie Flower as Young Franny
Stephen J. Anderson as Bowler Hat Guy/Tallulah/Grandpa Bud
Ethan Sandler as Doris/CEO/Spike/Dmitri/Laszlo/Fritz/Petunia
Stephen J. Anderson

A history of heart with stunning 3D special effects. If you have the option to view
3D, you should choose it. The story is
strong, so enjoy either way, but since 3D is a rare
example, in this day and age, you should go that way. This film has a stellar cast
that can not be the big A-list names such as Dreamworks
movies, but they are very talented and well cast in their roles.
I prefer the subtlety of the cast of quality versus stunt casting, and
delivered this movie. You can say that John Lasseter
played an important role in this film - "Cars" delivered the message that
journey is more important than the destination and "Meet the Robinsons"
offers a message about not living in the past ... forward.
John Lasseter must be commended for helping to raise again the characteristics of Disney
to its days of glory. I will be the first to admit that there are no
yet, but with your help and films that focus on the history and
characters such as "Meet the Robinsons," we will not have to wait long ...
Beyond the beautiful faces that I helped create and another
made an honest man of me ... I really hate most everything that happens
... as anything, really. It took me two of my sons and a friend of the young
of them to see Meet the Robinsons, today. Having never wanted to scream
anything from the top of a mountain - let me offer a piece of advice
for anyone looking for something uplifting, inspiring -
heartbreaking, but re-affirming ... You should see this movie. I am a kind
Braveheart, I love Goodfellas and Will Ferrell movies - I'm an idiot
, but I can not imagine hearing most beautiful words out of my mouth that
children when he left the theater and the audience will say "
that the film made me feel good about myself." Poetry - from the mouths and minds
from someone who knows no better - or worse. The film is about
- and this is not a spoiler - the family and the care of another person who
yourself. Disney is not standard stuff - though that sounds exactly like standard
Disney. I'm running out of space and I'm not completely
the most sense that is exactly how I feel at 37
anyway ....< br>
Do me a favor, do your unit to work tomorrow morning to go see ...
this movie. Take an extra second in the morning to smack their children,
kiss your spouse and dismiss his horn ... is good once in a while
to leave some inspiration ..., and felt "really good about yourself
" - even for just a second.

Download Meet the Robinsons
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2. Danny Elfman - Meet The Robinsons - Meeting The Robinsons

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