Lilo & Stitch

Download Lilo & Stitch
(animation, comedy, drama, family, sci-fi)

In a place far, far away, illegal genetic experiment #626 is detected: Ruthless scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba has created a strong, intelligent, nearly indestructible and aggressive being with only one known weakness: The high density of his body makes it impossible for the experiment to swim in water. The scientist is sentenced to jail by the Grand Council of the Galactic Federation. The experiment is supposed to be transported to a prison asteroid, yet manages to escape Captain Gantu, who was supposed to deliver him there. With a stolen police cruiser (the red one), the destructive being races towards a little and already doomed planet: Earth. Stranded on Hawaii, experiment #626 can't actually do much harm: water all around, no big cities and two well-equipped representatives of the Galactic Federation already following close behind to catch him again. But Dr. Jookiba and the Earth expert Pleakley never could have guessed that earth girl Lilo adopts the experiment as dog, gives him the name Stitch and actually causes an emotional development in the little beast. Her dysfunctional family, consisting only of Lilo and her sister Nani, is about to be ripped apart by social worker Cobra Bubbles. Stitch as the new family member brings quite some action into all their lifes, and after a while, not even Pleakley and Dr. Jookiba can recognize their former target. But how shall they bring the news of failure to the Grand Councilwoman without being punished?


Daveigh Chase as Lilo
Chris Sanders as Genetic Experiment 626/'Stitch'
Tia Carrere as Nani
David Ogden Stiers as Dr. Jumba Jookiba
Kevin McDonald as Agent Pleakley
Ving Rhames as Cobra Bubbles
Zoe Caldwell as Grand Councilwoman of the United Galactic Federation
Jason Scott Lee as David Kawena
Kevin Michael Richardson as Captain Gantu
Susan Hegarty as Rescue Lady
Amy Hill as Mrs. Hasagawa
Dean DeBlois
Chris Sanders

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Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Download Die Hard: With a Vengeance
(action, crime, thriller)

It's a quiet morning in New York City...until a massive bomb explodes in the Bonwit Teller department store, causing several vehicles to flip, and causing several drivers to come to a sudden stop. This throws the NYPD into a frenzy, trying to sort out what's going on. At the station, Inspector Walter Cobb of the NYPD's major case unit gets a call from a man who calls himself Simon. Simon asks for Lieutenant John McClane, and Walter tells Simon that John, who is now an alcoholic, is on suspension. Simon wants John to go to the corner of 138th Street and Amsterdam in Harlem and wear a racist sign. Walter and his fellow officers Joe Lambert, Connie Kowalski, and Ricky Walsh find John, who is now an alcoholic who is seperated from his wife Holly, and they talk to him. Ricky tells Walter that there have been 3 killings in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn in the past two nights, and 14 dump trucks were stolen from a construction yard on Staten Island. John wants to know where the backup is going to be, and Walter tells him that the backup will be on 128th Street, 10 blocks away. John complains that 10 blocks is too far away for the backup to be. Walter tells John that Simon has threatened to detonate another bomb if the police don't do what he says. John wants to know why he's been targeted by Simon, but no one knows why. While John is in Harlem, store owner Zeus Carver rescues John from a black street gang that was beating John up because of the sign. John and Zeus find themselves stuck with each other as Simon continues his antics and forces John and Zeus to work together to do what he tells them, but John and Zeus can't stop one of Simon's bombs from blowing up a subway station, and it turns out that Simon is Simon Peter Gruber the brother of Hans Gruber, the terrorist that John rescued the Nakatomi building from in Los Angeles years ago. The question now is, is this about revenge on John, or is Simon planning something a lot bigger?


Bruce Willis as John McClane
Jeremy Irons as Simon Gruber
Samuel L. Jackson as Zeus Carver
Graham Greene as Joe Lambert
Colleen Camp as Connie Kowalski
Larry Bryggman as Insp. Walter Cobb
Anthony Peck as Ricky Walsh
Nicholas Wyman as Mathias Targo
Sam Phillips as Katya
Kevin Chamberlin as Charles Weiss
Sharon Washington as Officer Jane
Stephen Pearlman as Dr. Fred Schiller
Michael Alexander Jackson as Dexter
Aldis Hodge as Raymond
Mischa Hausserman as Mischa
John McTiernan

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Enemy of the State

Devil's Advocate, The

Download Devil's Advocate, The
(drama, thriller)

Kevin Lomax, a ruthless young Florida attorney that never lost a case, is recruited by the most powerful law firm in the world. In spite of his mother's disagreement, which compares New York City to Babylon, he accepts the offer and the money that comes along. But soon, his wife starts feeling homesick as she witnesses devilish apparitions. However, Kevin is sinking in his new cases and pays less and less attention to his wife. His boss and mentor, John Milton, seems to always know how to overcome every problem and that just freaks Kevin right off.


Keanu Reeves as Kevin Lomax
Al Pacino as John Milton
Charlize Theron as Mary Ann Lomax
Jeffrey Jones as Eddie Barzoon
Judith Ivey as Mrs. Alice Lomax
Connie Nielsen as Christabella Andreoli
Craig T. Nelson as Alexander Cullen
Tamara Tunie as Mrs. Jackie Heath
Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Leamon Heath
Debra Monk as Pam Garrety
Vyto Ruginis as Justice Dept. Mitch Weaver
Laura Harrington as Mrs. Melissa Black
Pamela Gray as Mrs. Diana Barzoon
Heather Matarazzo as Barbara
George Wyner as Meisel
Taylor Hackford

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Twinkle Brothers - Final Call - Devil's Advocate

Jackass Number Two

We Are Marshall

Download We Are Marshall
(drama, sport)

When a plane crash claims the lives of members of the Marshall University football team and some of its fans, the team's new coach (McConaughey) and his surviving players try to keep the football program alive.


Matthew McConaughey as Jack Lengyel
Matthew Fox as Red Dawson
Anthony Mackie as Nate Ruffin
David Strathairn as President Donald Dedmon
Ian McShane as Paul Griffen
Kate Mara as Annie Cantrell
January Jones as Carol Dawson
Kimberly Williams as Sandy Lengyel
Arlen Escarpeta as Reggie Oliver
Robert Patrick as Marshall Coach
Brian Geraghty as Tom Bogdan
Tommy Cresswell as Gene Morehouse
Christian Kanupke as Young Keith Morehouse
Nina Jones as Mrs. Morehouse
Kevin Atkins as George Olson

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North Country

Download North Country

A semi-fictionalized account of a long legal battle of group of women miners who endured a hostile work environment and numerous and continuous insults and unwanted touching when they became the first women to go work at the Eveleth Mines in Minnesota.


Charlize Theron as Josey Aimes
Elle Peterson as Karen Aimes
Thomas Curtis as Sammy Aimes
Frances McDormand as Glory
Sean Bean as Kyle
Woody Harrelson as Bill White
Jeremy Renner as Bobby Sharp
Richard Jenkins as Hank Aimes
Sissy Spacek as Alice Aimes
James Cada as Don Pearson
Rusty Schwimmer as Big Betty
Linda Emond as Leslie Conlin
Michelle Monaghan as Sherry
Brad William Henke as Lattavansky
Jillian Armenante as Peg
Niki Caro

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Sharon Drury - A North Country Christmas
2. Altan - Another Sky - Girl From The North Country
3. Astral Navigations - Astral Navigations - Today North Country Cinderella Lightyears Away
4. Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline - Girl From The North Country
5. Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin' - North Country Blues
6. Joe Cocker - Mad Dogs and Englishmen - Gurl From the North Country

Love Song for Bobby Long, A


Over the Hedge

Download Over the Hedge
(adventure, animation, comedy, family)

Traveling raccoon con artist, RJ (Willis), arrives in a woods outside a human city in the Midwest, excited about the wonders that living near humans can bring hungry animals. What he finds, however, is an Amish-like community that is deathly afraid of humans, after their leader, Vern the tortoise (Shandling), has an encounter with human boys that terrifies him. Encouraged by RJ, however, the animals slowly venture over the hedge that separates them from the brand new suburban development that appeared over the winter while they were sleeping, and what RJ shows them is a whole new world where humans leave tin cans full of fish and other food in big canisters, ripe for the taking. As they get closer and closer to humans, however, their comfortable lives in the woods appears to be threatened...


Bruce Willis as RJ
Garry Shandling as Verne
Steve Carell as Hammy
Wanda Sykes as Stella
William Shatner as Ozzie
Nick Nolte as Vincent
Thomas Haden Church as Dwayne
Allison Janney as Gladys
Eugene Levy as Lou
Catherine O'Hara as Penny
Avril Lavigne as Heather
Omid Djalili as Tiger
Sami Kirkpatrick as Bucky
Shane Baumel as Spike
Madison Davenport as Quillo
Tim Johnson

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Flags of Our Fathers

Download Flags of Our Fathers
(action, drama, history, war)

In February, 1945, one of the fiercest battles of the Pacific theater of World War II occurs on the tiny island of Iwo Jima. Thousands of Marines attack the stronghold maintained by thousands of Japanese, and the slaughter on both sides is horrific. Early in the battle, an American flag is raised atop the high point, Mount Suribachi, and a photograph of the raising becomes an American cause celebre. As a powerful inspiration to war-sick Americans, the photo becomes a symbol of the Allied cause. The three surviving flag raisers, Rene Gagnon, John Bradley, and Ira Hayes, are whisked back to civilization to help raise funds for the war effort. But the accolades for heroism heaped upon the three men are at odds with their own personal realizations that thousands of real heroes lie dead on Iwo Jima, and that their own contributions to the fight are only symbolic and not deserving of the singling out they are experiencing. Each of the three must come to terms with the honors, exploitation, and grief that they face simply for being in a photograph.


Ryan Phillippe as John "Doc" Bradley
Jesse Bradford as Rene Gagnon
Adam Beach as Ira Hayes
John Benjamin Hickey as Keyes Beech
John Slattery as Bud Gerber
Barry Pepper as Mike Strank
Jamie Bell as Ralph "Iggy" Ignatowski
Paul Walker as Hank Hansen
Robert Patrick as Colonel Chandler Johnson
Neal McDonough as Captain Severance
Melanie Lynskey as Pauline Harnois
Thomas McCarthy as James Bradley
Chris Bauer as Commandant Vandergrift
Judith Ivey as Belle Block
Myra Turley as Madeline Evelley
Clint Eastwood

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Clint Eastwood - Flags Of Our Fathers

Last Orders

Download Last Orders

1989, South London. Jack, an ebullient butcher, has died, and his last orders are to cast his ashes off the Margate Pier. His wife of 50 years, Amy, stays home, with the excuse of a visit to their mentally-disabled daughter. Jack's three closest friends, Ray, Vic, and Lenny - along with Jack's son Vince - head for Margate. Each has memories of Jack and of friendships, family, and conflicts. It's Vince's relationship with his dad that's the most complex, and Ray's long friendship with both Jack and Amy that holds things together. The last orders - to go to Margate and strew the ashes - become an invitation to recall what's done, what's left, and what's important.


Michael Caine as Jack Dodds
Tom Courtenay as Vic Tucker
David Hemmings as Lenny 'Len'
Bob Hoskins as Ray 'Raysie' Johnson
Helen Mirren as Amy Dodds
Ray Winstone as Vince 'Vincey' Dodds
JJ Feild as Young Jack
Cameron Fitch as Young Vic
Nolan Hemmings as Young Lenny
Anatol Yusef as Young Ray
Kelly Reilly as Young Amy
Stephen McCole as Young Vince
George Innes as the Bartender Bernie
Laura Morelli as June
Sally Hurst as Mandy
Fred Schepisi

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Arab Strap - The Red Thread - Last Orders
2. Booka Shade - Dj kicks mixed by booka shade - Richard Hawley-Last Orders
3. Richard Hawley - Coles Corner - Last Orders
4. Solid Groove - Straight Jackin - Solid Groove - Last Orders
5. The Clientele - Lost Weekend - Last Orders
6. The Faces - A nod is as good as a wink . . to a blind horse - Last orders please

In the Line of Fire

Download In the Line of Fire
(action, drama, thriller)

Frank Horrigan is a Secret Service Agent. He currently does mostly undercover work. He goes to check on a report about a person who is threatening the life of the President. When he goes to the man's apartment, he finds clippings and photos of various assassinations throughout history. When he does a background check, he discovers that the man's identity is false. So he goes back to the apartment to get him, but when he goes in there, he finds the apartment cleaned out except for a photo of him when he was in Dallas, November 1963, protecting Kennedy. Later he gets a phone call from the man and tells him that he plans to kill the President and is daring Frank to stop him. When Frank reports to his superiors, he finds that there are some people like the agent in charge of protecting the President and the Chief of Staff, who think that Frank is letting his failure to protect Kennedy cloud his judgement. But as Frank chases him down, he discovers that he is not dealing with a nut but with a well organized individual.


Clint Eastwood as Secret Service Agent Frank Horrigan
John Malkovich as Mitch Leary
Rene Russo as Secret Service Agent Lilly Raines
Dylan McDermott as Secret Service Agent Al D'Andrea
Gary Cole as Secret Service Presidential Detail Agent-In-Charge Bill Watts
Fred Dalton Thompson as White House Chief of Staff Harry Sargent
John Mahoney as Secret Service Director Sam Campagna
Gregory Alan Williams as Secret Service Agent Matt Wilder
Jim Curley as President
Sally Hughes as First Lady
Clyde Kusatsu as FBI Agent Jack Okura
Steve Hytner as FBI Agent Tony Carducci
Tobin Bell as Mendoza
Bob Schott as Jimmy Hendrickson
Juan A. Riojas as Raul
Wolfgang Petersen

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Line Of Fire
2. Ennio Morricone - In the Line of Fire
3. Line Of Fire - Line Of Fire
4. Ghostface Killah and Trife Da God - Put it on the Line - fire
5. Weinhold - Below The Line - Fire No Water
6. Antimatter - Planetary Confinement - Line Of Fire


Download Millions
(comedy, crime, drama, family)

The UK is about to switch its currency from Pounds to Euros, giving a gang a chance to rob the poorly-secured train loaded with money on its way to incineration. But, during the robbery, one of the big bags falls literally from the sky on Damian's playhouse, a 5-year old given to talking to saints. The boy then starts seeing what the world and the people around him are made of. Ethics, being human and the soul all come to the forefront in this film.


Alexander Nathan Etel as Damian
Lewis Owen McGibbon as Anthony
Leslie Phillips as Himself
James Nesbitt as Ronnie
Daisy Donovan as Dorothy
Christopher Fulford as The Man
Pearce Quigley as Community Policeman
Jane Hogarth as Mum
Alun Armstrong as St. Peter
Enzo Cilenti as St. Francis
Nasser Memarzia as St. Joseph
Kathryn Pogson as St. Clare
Harry Kirkham as St. Nicholas
Cornelius Macarthy as Gonzaga
Kolade Agboke as Ambrosio
Danny Boyle

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Hardmoon - Spacemusic For The Millions
2. M.D.C. - Millions of Dead Cops
3. M.O.D. - Love By Thousands... Hated By Millions
4. M.O.D. - Loved By Thousands Hated By Millions
5. Oasis - Familiar To Millions (CD 1)
6. Oasis - Familiar To Millions (CD 2)

Life of David Gale, The

Download Life of David Gale, The
(crime, drama, thriller)

Dr. David Gale, an advocate of eliminating the death penalty, is falsely accused of rape and murder. Once convicted, he ends up on death row in Texas himself, telling his story to a reporter through a series of flashbacks.


Kate Winslet as Bitsey Bloom
Cleo King as Barbara Kreuster
Constance Jones as Reporter A.J. Roberts
Kevin Spacey as David Gale
Laura Linney as Constance Harraway
Lee Ritchey as Joe Mullarkey
Gabriel Mann as Zack Stemmons
Matt Craven as Dusty Wright
Brandy Little as Motel Waitress
Cindy Waite as Margie
Jim Beaver as Duke Grover
Leon Rippy as Braxton Belyeu
Jesse De Luna as Supervising Guard
Vernon Grote as Door Guard
Rhona Mitra as Berlin
Alan Parker

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Erin Brockovich

Wedding Crashers

Download Wedding Crashers
(comedy, romance)

Divorce mediators John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey are business partners and lifelong friends who share one truly unique springtime hobby—crashing weddings! Whatever the ethnicity of the wedding party—Jewish, Italian, Irish, Chinese, Hindu—the charismatic and charming duo always have clever back stories for inquisitive guests and inevitably become the hit of every reception, where they strictly adhere to their proven rules of wedding crashing to meet and pick up women aroused by the very thought of marriage. At the tail end of another successful season of toasting brides and grooms, Jeremy learns that the daughter of Treasury Secretary William Cleary and his wife, Kathleen, is getting married in what is sure to be the Washington D.C. social event of the year. After infiltrating the lavish affair, John and Jeremy quickly set their sights on two bridesmaids, Claire and Gloria Cleary. With the lavish reception in full swing, Jeremy works his game plan to perfection in seducing Gloria, but John's flirtation banter with Claire is unexpectedly impeded by her pompous, Ivy League boyfriend Sack. Having uncharacteristically fallen hard and fast for Claire, John convinces a resistant Jeremy to bend the crashing rules and accept an invitation to an extended weekend party at the Cleary family compound. Once at the palatial waterfront estate, John and Jeremy endure a multitude of comical mishaps at the hands of the dysfunctional members of the Cleary family, but also learn a few unexpected lessons about love and relationships.


Owen Wilson as John Beckwith
Vince Vaughn as Jeremy Grey
Christopher Walken as Treasury Secretary William Cleary
Rachel McAdams as Claire Cleary
Isla Fisher as Gloria Cleary
Jane Seymour as Kathleen Cleary
Ellen Albertini Dow as Grandma Mary Cleary
Keir O'Donnell as Todd Cleary
Bradley Cooper as Zack "Sack" Lodge
Ron Canada as Randolph
Henry Gibson as Father O'Neil
Dwight Yoakam as Mr. Kroeger
Rebecca De Mornay as Mrs. Kroeger
David Conrad as Trap
Jennifer Alden as Christina Cleary
David Dobkin

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Prairie Home Companion, A

Download Prairie Home Companion, A

The movie is a celebrity version of Garrison Keillor's radio show of the same name. The movie takes place during the last live performance of the show as the new radio network owners have sent an axeman (Tommy Lee Jones)to close the show. Another fantasy element is thrown in as an angel (Virginia Madsen) stalks the theater to take one of the performers. Keillor essentially plays himself, even using his own name for the character. Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep play the singing Johnson Sisters, with Lindsay Lohan as a suicide-obsessed daughter of Streep. Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly are hilarious as the slightly off-color singing cowboy duo, Dusty & Lefty. Kevin Kline is a security guard who act as the narrator. Maya Rudolph also appears as a pregnant stage coordinator. Contains some mild sexually-oriented jokes.


Woody Harrelson as Dusty
Tommy Lee Jones as Axeman
Kevin Kline as Guy Noir
Lindsay Lohan as Lola Johnson
Virginia Madsen as Dangerous Woman
Meryl Streep as Yolanda Johnson
Robert Altman

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Download Mulan
(adventure, animation, comedy, drama, family, musical)

Mulan is a girl, the only child of her honored family. When the Huns invade China, one man from every family is called to arms. Mulan's father, who has an old wound and cannot walk properly, decides to fight for his country and the honor of his family though it is clear that he will not survive an enemy encounter. Mulan, who just got rejected by the matchmaker because she had set her on fire, decides to prove that she is worth something and steals away to fit her father's place in the Chinese army. She prays to her family's ancestors for protection and luck before leaving as a man in her father's armor with her family's horse. The ancestors awake and decide to send Mushu, a little dishonored dragon to aid Mulan in her quest. Weeks later, Mulan and the other troopers have survived the training camp and are on the way north to stop the huns. After being spotted and pursued by the enemies, an impass situation in the mountains forces Mulan to come up with an idea. But then, her real gender will no longer be a secret. She decides to risk everything in order to save China.


Miguel Ferrer as Shan-Yu
Harvey Fierstein as Yao
Freda Foh Shen as Fa Li
June Foray as Grandmother Fa
James Hong as Chi Fu
Miriam Margolyes as Matchmaker
Pat Morita as The Emperor of China
Eddie Murphy as Mushu
Marni Nixon as Grandmother Fa
Soon-Tek Oh as Fa Zhou (voice)
Donny Osmond as Shang
Lea Salonga as Mulan
James Shigeta as General Li
George Takei as First Ancestor
Jerry Tondo as Chien-Po
Tony Bancroft
Barry Cook

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Transglobal Underground - Rejoice, Rejoice - Ali Mulan

One Last Thing...

Download One Last Thing...

A boy, Dylan (Michael Angarano), in grade ten with terminal cancer gets a last wish from the Wish Givers Foundation. His makes a new wish which seems a little inappropriate. As his last wish he wants to be with a super model (Sunny Mabrey) for a week alone. At first Nikki (Mabrey) has pity for him but soon it turns into love.


Cynthia Nixon as Carol Jameison
Gina Gershon as Arlene
Dana Eskelson as Patti
Gia Carides as Madelene
Johnny Messner as Jason O'Malley
Michael Angarano as Dylan
Alex Steyermark

See also: Drama: Dangerous Liaisons

One Last Thing...

Download One Last Thing...

A boy, Dylan (Michael Angarano), in grade ten with terminal cancer gets a last wish from the Wish Givers Foundation. His makes a new wish which seems a little inappropriate. As his last wish he wants to be with a super model (Sunny Mabrey) for a week alone. At first Nikki (Mabrey) has pity for him but soon it turns into love.


Cynthia Nixon as Carol Jameison
Gina Gershon as Arlene
Dana Eskelson as Patti
Gia Carides as Madelene
Johnny Messner as Jason O'Malley
Michael Angarano as Dylan
Alex Steyermark

Bad Santa

Download Bad Santa
(comedy, crime)

"Bad Santa" is the story of two conmen who go on a road trip to malls dressed as Santa and his elf. Rather than spreading good cheer, the duo's motive is to rob each establishment, a strategy that becomes complicated when they encounter an 8-year-old who teaches them the true meaning of Christmas.


Billy Bob Thornton as Willie
Tony Cox as Marcus
Brett Kelly as The Kid
Lauren Graham as Sue
Lauren Tom as Lois
Bernie Mac as Gin
John Ritter as Bob Chipeska
Ajay Naidu as Hindustani Troublemaker
Lorna Scott as Milwaukee Mother
Harrison Bieker as Milwaukee Boy
Alex Borstein as Milwaukee Mom with Photo
Dylan Charles as Milwaukee Bratty Boy
Billy Gardell as Milwaukee Security Guard
Lisa Ross as Milwaukee Bartender
Bryan Callen as Miami Bartender
Terry Zwigoff

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day - the night santa went crazy
2. Weird Al Yankovic - Bad Hair Day - The Night Santa Went Crazy

NeverEnding Story, The

Download NeverEnding Story, The
(adventure, family, fantasy)

Chased by school bullies, reprimanded by his father for daydreaming too much Bastian is lost in his own world. Bastian escapes school bullies one rainy day by hiding in an old used book store. After explaining his predicament to the old clerk Bastian notices a large leather bound book with a symbol of two snakes intertwined into an emblem. Soon after the clerk warns Bastian that this book is not for him Bastian, rushes away with it "borrowing" it, while the clerk is in another room. Taking refuge in the attic of his school Bastian opens the book, and a world of fantasy. Learning that the wonderous, beautiful land of Fantasia is being destroyed by a terrible "Nothing" Bastian is taken deeper into the story. Soon discovering the ChildLike Empress is deathly ill, the cause; she needs a new name. A young warrior named Atreyu is called and Bastian follows his adventures, unknowing that he, himself is slowly being written into the mysterious book. Soon realizing that he is now written in the book Bastian realizes that the only one who can save Fantasia is him.


Barret Oliver as Bastian Bux
Gerald McRaney as Bastian's Father Barney Bux
Drum Garrett as Bully #1
Darryl Cooksey as Bully #2
Nicholas Gilbert as Bully #3
Thomas Hill as Koreander
Deep Roy as Teeny Weeny
Tilo Pr??ckner as Night Hob
Moses Gunn as Cairon
Noah Hathaway as Atreyu
Alan Oppenheimer as Falkor/G'mork/Narrator
Sydney Bromley as Engywook
Patricia Hayes as Urgl
Tami Stronach as The Childlike Empress
Wolfgang Petersen

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Boston - The Neverending Story
2. Trance - Various Artists - Neverending Story 2
3. Agnostic Front - Working Class Heroes - Neverending Story (Discipline)
4. Agnostic Front - Working Class Heroes - Neverending Story
5. Echo Image - Skulk - The Neverending Story (Fantasian Mix)
6. Electronic - Various Artists - Donkey Butt Feat Forest Friends - Freestyle Vol. 13 - Neverending Story (T H T. Feat. Sabrina)

Unfinished Life, An

Mrs Henderson Presents

Download Mrs Henderson Presents
(comedy, drama)

Recently widowed well-to-do Laura Henderson is at a bit of a loose end in inter-war London. On a whim she buys the derelict Windmill theatre in the West End and persuades impresario Vivian Van Damm to run it, despite the fact the two don't seem to get on at all. Although their idea of a non-stop revue is at first a success, other theatres copy it and disaster looms. Laura suggests they put nudes in the show, but Van Damm points out that the Lord Chamberlain, who licenses live shows in Britain, is likely to have something to say about this. Luckily Mrs Henderson is friends with him.


Judi Dench as Laura Henderson
Bob Hoskins as Vivian Van Damm
Will Young as Bertie
Kelly Reilly as Maureen
Thelma Barlow as Lady Conway
Christopher Guest as Lord Cromer
Stephen Frears

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There's Something About Mary

Download There's Something About Mary
(comedy, romance)

Ted was a geek in high school, who was going to go to the prom with one of the most popular girls in school, Mary. The prom date never happened, because Ted had a very unusual accident. Thirteen years later he realizes he is still in love with Mary, so he hires a private investigator to track her down. That investigator discovers he too may be in love with Mary, so he gives Ted some false information to keep him away from her. But soon Ted finds himself back into Mary's life, as we watch one funny scene after another.


Cameron Diaz as Mary Jensen
Matt Dillon as Pat Healy
Ben Stiller as Ted Stroehmann
Lee Evans as Tucker/Norman Phipps
Chris Elliott as Dom Woganowski
Lin Shaye as Magda
Jeffrey Tambor as Sully
Markie Post as Sheila Jensen
Keith David as Charlie Jensen
W. Earl Brown as Warren Jensen
Sarah Silverman as Brenda
Khandi Alexander as Joanie
Marnie Alexenburg as Lisa
Danny Murphy as Boss' Brother
Richard Tyson as Detective Krevoy
Bobby Farrelly
Peter Farrelly

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Misfits, The

Download Misfits, The
(drama, romance, western)

Roslyn is a very beautiful woman who just got divorced. She meets two friends, Guido and Gay, who take her to Guido's house in the country, to relax and forget the difficulties of the past few weeks. Everything is fine at first, but soon the two men fall in love with Roslyn, and start showing some bad aspects of their characters. Soon they meet another friend of Gay's and the four of them go to hunt some wild horses. This is when things just... explode!


Clark Gable as Gay Langland
Marilyn Monroe as Roslyn Taber
Montgomery Clift as Perce Howland
Thelma Ritter as Isabelle Steers
Eli Wallach as Guido
James Barton as Fletcher's grandfather
Kevin McCarthy as Raymond Taber
Estelle Winwood as Church lady collecting money in bar
John Huston

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Misfits
2. Misfits with Joey and Marky Ramone
3. Earth Crisis - Violent World - A Tribute To The Misfits
4. Eliza Gilkyson - Misfits
5. Joy Electric - The Land of Misfits
6. Misfits - Misfits

Laramie Project, The

Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The

Assassination of Richard Nixon, The

Download Assassination of Richard Nixon, The

Fact-based story about a disturbed office furniture salesman (Sean Penn) who in 1972 concocted a plot to kill then-President Nixon by hi-jacking a plane to fly over the White House to drop a gas bomb. At the start of the movie, the man is separated from his wife and stressed in his job where he is made the butt of jokes and is an under-performer. Attempts to get his brother's old tire business resurrected with a black partner is rejected by the banks. When he is officially served with divorce papers, everything comes apart and Richard Nixon's broken promises comes to represent all the evils that have come down on him. A news story about a pilot that landed a helicopter on the White House lawn gives him the idea for his attack. Bolting onto a Baltimore plane, he attempts the hi-jacking.


Sean Penn as Samuel J. Bicke
Naomi Watts as Marie Andersen Bicke
Don Cheadle as Bonny Simmons
Jack Thompson as Jack Jones
Brad William Henke as Martin Jones
Nick Searcy as Tom Ford
Michael Wincott as Julius Bicke
Mykelti Williamson as Harold Mann
April Grace as Mae Simmons
Lily Knight as Receptionist
Jared Dorrance as Sammy Jr.
Jenna Milton as Ellen
Mariah Massa as Julie
Eileen Ryan as Marie's Mother
Derek Greene as Joey Simmons
Niels Mueller

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Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

Fifth Element, The

Download Fifth Element, The
(action, adventure, sci-fi, thriller)

Two hundred and fifty years in the future, life as we know it is threatened by the arrival of Evil. Only the fifth element (played by Milla Jovovich) can stop the Evil from extinguishing life, as it tries to do every five thousand years. She is helped by ex-soldier, current-cab-driver, Corben Dallas (played by Bruce Willis), who is, in turn, helped by Prince/Arsenio clone, Ruby Rhod. Unfortunately, Evil is being assisted by Mr. Zorg (Gary Oldman), who seeks to profit from the chaos that Evil will bring, and his alien mercenaries.


Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas
Gary Oldman as Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
Ian Holm as Father Vito Cornelius
Milla Jovovich as Leeloo
Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod
Luke Perry as Billy
Brion James as General Munro
Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr. as President Lindberg
Lee Evans as Fog
Charlie Creed-Miles as David
Tricky as Right Arm
John Neville as General Staedert
John Bluthal as Professor Pacoli
Mathieu Kassovitz as Mugger
Christopher Fairbank as Mactilburgh
Luc Besson

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1. Fifth Element
2. Jade Warrior - Fifth Element
3. Robert Almblade and Carolyn Cruso - The Fifth Element
4. Soundtrack - Various Artists - The Fifth Element (Eric Serra)
5. Robert Almblade and Carolyn Cruso - The Fifth Element - The Fifth Element

Passion of the Christ, The

Download Passion of the Christ, The

The Passion of The Christ focusses on the last twelve hours of Jesus of Nazareth's life. The film begins in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus has gone to pray after sitting the Last Supper. Jesus must resist the temptations of Satan. Betrayed by Judas Iscariot, Jesus is then arrested and taken within the city walls of Jerusalem where leaders of the Pharisees confront him with accusations of blasphemy and his trial results in a condemnation to death.


Rosalinda Celentano as
Sergio Rubini as
James Caviezel as Jesus
Maia Morgenstern as Mary
Hristo Jivkov as John
Francesco De Vito as Peter
Monica Bellucci as Magdalen
Mattia Sbragia as Caiphas
Toni Bertorelli as Annas
Luca Lionello as Judas
Hristo Shopov as Pontius Pilate
Claudia Gerini as Claudia Procles
Fabio Sartor as Abenader
Giacinto Ferro as Joseph of Arimathea
Olek Mincer as Nicodemus
Sheila Mokhtari as Woman in Audience
Lucio Allocca as Old Temple Guard
Mel Gibson

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Peter Gabriel - Passion - Music for the Last Temptation of Christ
2. Peter Gabriel - [1989] Passion Music for The Last Temptation Of Christ
3. Shabazz the Disciple - The passion of the hood christ
4. Troy Christ - The Passion Of Troy Christ
5. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Das Orgelbachlein5 - Passion - Christ lag in Todesbanden BWV 625
6. Bach, Johann Sebastian - Das Orgelbachlein5 - Passion - Wir danken dir, Herr Jesu Christ BWV 623

Gosford Park

Download Gosford Park
(comedy, crime, drama, mystery)

Set in the 1930's the story takes place in an old fashioned English country house where a family has invited many of their friends up for a weekend shooting party. The story centers around the McCordle family, particularly the man of the house, William McCordle. Getting on in years William has become benefactor to many of his relatives and friends. As the weekend goes on and secrets are revealed, it seems everyone, above stairs and below, wants a piece of William and his money, but how far will they go to get it...?


Maggie Smith as Constance Trentham
Michael Gambon as William McCordle
Kristin Scott Thomas as Sylvia McCordle
Camilla Rutherford as Isobel McCordle
Charles Dance as Raymond Stockbridge
Geraldine Somerville as Louisa Stockbridge
Tom Hollander as Anthony Meredith
Natasha Wightman as Lavinia Meredith
Jeremy Northam as Ivor Novello
Bob Balaban as Morris Weissman
James Wilby as Freddie Nesbitt
Claudie Blakley as Mabel Nesbitt
Laurence Fox as Rupert Standish
Trent Ford as Jeremy Blond
Ryan Phillippe as Henry Denton
Robert Altman

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Download Elephant
(crime, drama)

The movie starts as a car has a hard time driving straight down the road in a residential area. We think some kid has stolen this car. Nah. It's the dad driving his son to school, and he's drunk. The teenage son must take over. So, adults give up all responsibility towards their children and mayhem can take place. The film shows one day in the life of several teenage students as they go in and out of classes. They live their student lives and we follow their steps through the corridors and doors, taking them as guides one by one, like avatars in a giant video game.


Alex Frost as Alex
Eric Deulen as Eric
John Robinson as John McFarland
Elias McConnell as Elias
Jordan Taylor as Jordan
Carrie Finklea as Carrie
Nicole George as Nicole
Brittany Mountain as Brittany
Alicia Miles as Acadia
Kristen Hicks as Michelle
Bennie Dixon as Benny
Nathan Tyson as Nathan
Timothy Bottoms as Mr. McFarland
Matt Malloy as Mr. Luce
Ellis Williams as GSA Teacher
Gus Van Sant

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1. Elephant Man
2. Kat DeLuna Ft Elephant Man
3. Arab Strap - Elephant Shoe
4. Bill Frisell - The Elephant Sleeps But Still Remembers
5. Buckethead - The Elephant Mans Alarm Clock
6. Clutch - The Elephant Riders

Thin Red Line, The

Download Thin Red Line, The
(action, drama, war)

In World War II, the outcome of the battle of Guadalcanal will strongly influence the Japanese's advance into the pacific. A group of young soldiers is brought in as a relief for the battle-weary Marine units. The exhausting fight for a key-positioned airfield that allows control over a 1000-mile radius puts the men of the Army Rifle company C-for-Charlie through hell. The horrors of war forms the soldiers into a tight-knit group, their emotions develop into bonds of love and even family. The reasons for this war get further away as the world for the men gets smaller and smaller until their fighting is for mere survival and the life of the other men with them.


Sean Penn as First Sergeant Edward Welsh
Adrien Brody as Corporal Fife
James Caviezel as Private Witt
Ben Chaplin as Private Jack Bell
George Clooney as Captain Charles Bosche
John Cusack as Captain John Gaff
Woody Harrelson as Sergeant Keck
John Travolta as Brigadier General Quintard
Elias Koteas as Captain James 'Bugger' Staros
Jared Leto as Second Lieutenant Whyte
Dash Mihok as Private First Class Doll
Tim Blake Nelson as Private Tills
Nick Nolte as Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Tall
John C. Reilly as Sergeant Storm
Larry Romano as Private Mazzi
John Savage as Sergeant McCron
Terrence Malick

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Hans Zimmer - The Thin Red Line
2. Edenbridge - The Chronicles Of Eden CD1 - Thin Red Line
3. Hans Zimmer - The Wings of a Film - The Thin Red Line: Journey To The Line
4. Hans Zimmer - Trailer - Small Treasure - The Thin Red Line (International Trailer)
5. Saxon - Unleash The Beast - The Thin Red Line

Thelma & Louise

Download Thelma & Louise
(action, adventure, crime, drama, thriller)

Whilst on a short weekend getaway, Louise shoots a man who had tried to rape Thelma. Due to the incriminating circumstances, they make a run for it but are soon followed closely by the authorities including a local policeman who is sympathetic to their plight. The federal authorities, however, have less compassion and thus a cross country chase ensues for the two fugitives. Along the way, both women rediscover the strength of their friendship and suprising aspects of their personalities and self-strengths in the trying times.


Susan Sarandon as Louise Elizabeth Sawyer
Geena Davis as Thelma Yvonne Dickinson
Harvey Keitel as Investigator Hal Slocumb
Michael Madsen as Jimmy Lennox
Christopher McDonald as Darryl Dickinson
Stephen Tobolowsky as Max
Brad Pitt as J.D.
Timothy Carhart as Harlan
Lucinda Jenney as Waitress Lena
Jason Beghe as State Trooper
Marco St. John as Truck Driver
Sonny Carl Davis as Albert
Ken Swofford as Major
Shelly Desai as East Indian Motel Clerk
Carol Mansell as Waitress
Ridley Scott

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Hans Zimmer - Thelma And Louise
2. Anis - La Chance... - Louise et Thelma
3. Hans Zimmer - Mark Mancina and The Hans Zimmer Collaboration - Thelma & Louise (Theme)
4. Hans Zimmer - Mark Mancina and The Hans Zimmer Collaboration - Thelma & Louise (Thunderbird)
5. Hans Zimmer - The Wings of a Film - Thelma & Louise: Thunderbird

Phone Booth

Download Phone Booth
(crime, drama, thriller)

A slick New York publicist (Farrell) who picks up a ringing receiver in a phone booth is told that if he hangs up, he'll be killed... and the little red light from a laser rifle sight is proof that the caller isn't kidding.


Colin Farrell as Stu Shepard
Kiefer Sutherland as The Caller
Forest Whitaker as Captain Ramey
Radha Mitchell as Kelly Shepard
Katie Holmes as Pamela McFadden
Paula Jai Parker as Felicia
Arian Waring Ash as Corky
Tia Texada as Asia
John Enos III as Leon
Richard T. Jones as Sergeant Cole
Keith Nobbs as Adam
Dell Yount as Pizza Guy
James MacDonald as Negotiator
Josh Pais as Mario
Yorgo Constantine as ESU Commander
Joel Schumacher

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Choke - Slow Fade Or: How I Learned To Question Infinity - it's not that i don't want to talk, it's just that it's freezing in this phone booth
2. DJ Keyz - Definition Of A Slow Jam 2 - Phone Booth
3. Relient K - The Best Of - My Cape Is Stuck In The Phone Booth
4. Robert Cray - Bad Influence - Phone Booth

Negotiator, The

Download Negotiator, The
(action, crime, drama, mystery, thriller)

In the midst of an elaborate conspiracy, an expert negotiator is driven to the edge when he's framed for the murder of his partner, as well as embezzling money from his department's pension fund. His only chance to prove his innocence is to take hostages himself, acquire the services of another expert negotiator, and find out who's running the conspiracy before it's too late.


Samuel L. Jackson as Lt. Danny Roman
Kevin Spacey as Lt. Chris Sabian
David Morse as Cmdr. Adam Beck
Adam Rifkin as Cmdr. Grant Frost
John Spencer as Chief Al Travis
J. T. Walsh as Insp. Terence Niebaum
Siobhan Fallon as Maggie
Paul Giamatti as Rudy Timmons
Regina Taylor as Karen Roman
Bruce Beatty as Markus
Michael Cudlitz as Palermo
Carlos G??mez as Eagle
Tim Kelleher as Argento
Dean Norris as Scott
Nestor Serrano as Hellman
F. Gary Gray

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1. Graeme Revell - The Negotiator


Download Unbreakable
(drama, fantasy, thriller)

This suspense thriller unfolds as the audience is introduced to David Dunn, played by Willis. Not only is he the sole survivor of a horrific train-crash that killed 131 people he doesn't have a scratch on him. Samuel L Jackson plays an obscure character who approaches Dunn with a seemingly far fetched theory behind it all rocketing off an enticing thriller with a sci fi twist


Bruce Willis as David Dunn
Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price
Robin Wright Penn as Audrey Dunn
Spencer Treat Clark as Joseph Dunn
Charlayne Woodard as Elijah's Mother
Eamonn Walker as Dr. Mathison
Leslie Stefanson as Kelly
Johnny Hiram Jamison as Elijah Age 13
Michaelia Carroll as Babysitter
Bostin Christopher as Comic Book Clerk
Elizabeth Lawrence as School Nurse
David Duffield as David Dunn Age 20
Laura Regan as Audrey Inverso Age 20
Chance Kelly as Orange Suit Man
Michael Kelly as Doctor Dubin
M. Night Shyamalan

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1. Alicia Keys - Unbreakable
2. Sahlene - We're Unbreakable
3. Scorpions - Unbreakable
4. Westlife - Unbreakable Vol.1: The Greatest Hits
5. Westlife - Unbreakable: The Greatest Hits
6. Westlife - Westlife - Unbreakable 1: Greatest Hits

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Download Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
(action, adventure, thriller)

After a frightening escape from death at the hands of Chinese gangster Lao Che in Shanghai, Indiana Jones & 2 companions, Short Round (Quan) and Willie Scott (Capshaw) board a freight plane to escape. Over the Himalayas, the pilots dump the fuel, and Indy discovers they are in serious trouble when the plane's engines start to stall. Parachuting out of the plane in a life raft, they survive a 300-foot fall into a raging mountain river and its rapids. They are now in India, and as their raft heads down river they are met by an Indian shaman, who leads them to his village where people are starving, crops are blighted, and there is not a single child! Indy's mastery of their language helps him learn that a sacred stone was taken by some strange men, which caused all the problems facing the villagers now. Short Round & Indy figure out that the missing stone is one of the Sankara stones, which are supposed to have a magical effect on whomever possesses them. The shaman sends them on a mission to Pankot Palace, which once housed the Thuggee cult. After a series of near-death encounters, Indy & the others discover the Temple of Doom, where the human sacrifices to Kali - the Thuggee goddess of death - are carried out, as well as a mine that has enslaved the children of the Shaman's village. Indy must get the stone back and free the children from the Thuggees and their psychopathic high priest, Mola Ram (Puri). What follows are several spectacular fights, a frightening chase through a mine shaft in tiny mine cars, and a bridge collapse 100 feet above a river filled with crocodiles! Hang on - and enjoy!


Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
Kate Capshaw as Wilhelmina 'Willie' Scott
Jonathan Ke Quan as Short Round
Amrish Puri as Mola Ram
Roshan Seth as Chattar Lal
Philip Stone as Captain Blumburtt
Roy Chiao as Lao Che
David Yip as Wu Han
Rick Young as Kao Kan
Chua Kahjoo as Chen
Rex Ngui as Maitre d'
Philip Tan as Chief Henchman
Dan Aykroyd as Earl Weber
Dr. Akio Mitamura as Chinese Pilot
Michael Yama as Chinese Co-Pilot


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Download mp3 tracks:
1. John Williams - Indiana Jones And the Temple of Doom

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