Download Norbit
(comedy, romance)
Download Movie NorbitNorbit (Murphy) is a normal person, who after being adopted by Mr. Wong (Murphy), ends up being married to the very large, Rasputia (Murphy). Norbit's childhood love, Kate Thomas (Newton) arrives back in town to buy the orphanage. Norbit sees this as his chance to get back together with Kate, until he discovers that she is in fact engaged to Deion Hughes (Gooding, Jr.). Norbit isn't going to lay this to rest, whilst he tries to survive life with Rasputia, and it looks like Deion also has something he would like to keep secret.


Eddie Murphy as Norbit/Rasputia/Mr. Wong
Thandie Newton as Kate Thomas
Terry Crews as Big Jack Latimore
Clifton Powell as Earl Latimore
Mighty Rasta as Blue Latimore
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Deion Hughes
Eddie Griffin as Pope Sweet Jesus
Katt Williams as Lord Have Mercy
Floyd Levine as Abe the Tailor
Anthony Russell as Giovanni
Pat Crawford Brown as Mrs. Henderson
Jeanette Miller as Mrs. Coleman
Michael Colyar as Morris the Barber
Marlon Wayans as Buster
Alexis Rhee as Mrs. Ling Ling Wong
Brian Robbins

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Music and Lyrics

Download Music and Lyrics
(comedy, music, romance)
Download Movie Music and LyricsCheery Alex Fletcher lives comfortably in Manhattan off the residuals from his 80's pop success and reprising his hits at school reunions, theme parks, and state fairs. But those gigs are declining, so he jumps at the chance to write a song and record it with reigning teen idol Cora Corman. Trouble is, he's good at melodies but needs a lyricist and has less than a week to finish. Enter Sophie Fisher, subbing for a friend who waters Alex's plants; she's a pretty good poet, quick witted, and could do it, if she'd agree. But there's some sort of shadow over her head that Alex may not be able to charm his way past. And what if they do get a song written, what then?


Hugh Grant as Alex Fletcher
Drew Barrymore as Sophie Fisher
Brad Garrett as Chris Riley
Kristen Johnston as Rhonda Fisher
Campbell Scott as Sloan Cates
Scott Porter as Colin Thompson
Nick Bacon as Pop Bass Player
Andrew Wyatt as Pop Guitar Player
Dan McMillan as Pop Drummer
Tom Foligno as Has-Beens Promo Announcer
Zak Orth as David Newbert - TV Executive #1
Brooke Tansley as Janice Stern - TV Executive #2
Daniel Stewart Sherman as Willy
Aasif Mandvi as Khan
Haley Bennett as Cora Corman
Marc Lawrence

I was pleased when I finished this movie ... normally at the end of most romantic movies
my legs sore and I have no use just
enjoyed a nice little nap.

I found Music and Lyrics to be intelligent and charming .... Hugh Grant gives a great
fresh in his delivery very witty lines ...
good interaction between him and Barrymore, some good jokes time and ending a sincere
make this a nice date movie that did not follow the norm in his

This is where some things are different

1. The main male character was a womanizer is not a happy life that
2. The two characters have no shame secret to be revealed
halfway through the film 3. Failure to deceive his ... then met at the end

only did ... Sophie Fisher as the sister of the film, said "Something Extraordinary
" to win her love.

See it .. you smile!
I will admit, I love this movie! OK, the plot is thinner than
paint stripper, lines slightly more fun than ingenious, and
acting will not win any Oscars, but ...

which is one of those movies that just makes you feel good.

Law of the hilarious opening, showing Hugh's make-believe banda
"Pop" in his "MTV/VH1" hit video "Pop Goes My Heart", you
can not help but smile. Is obviously great fun for those of us who lived through
pop excesses of 80 years, but I have to say to teens
the public seemed to enjoy as well.

All the songs are pure cheese (and incredibly infectious), which
along with some funny lines, very friendly Hugh Grant, a very nice
Drew Barrymore, fabulous and support for functions and Kristen Johnston
Aasif Mandvi make this movie great romantic comedy for those of us who really enjoy
a "bit of fluff".

Download Music and Lyrics
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Goal II: Living the Dream

Freedom Writers

Epic Movie

88 Minutes

Download 88 Minutes
(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie 88 MinutesIn Seattle, the successful forensic psychiatrist and college professor Jack Gramm is in evidence since he was responsible for the condemnation of the serial killer Jon Forster, influencing the jury to sentence him to the death row. Jon accuses Jack of manipulation, inducing one witness and sister of one of his victims to testify against him. On the eve of Jon's execution, Jack receives a phone call telling him that he has only eighty-eight minutes of life, while a killer is copycatting Jon, killing women with the same "modus-operandi" and is investigated by Seattle Slayer Task Force. With the support of his former wife and associated Shelly Barnes, the FBI agent and his friend Frank Parks and his assistant Kim Cummings, Jack investigate some weird and problematic students, a security guard of the campus and the woman with whom he had one night stand.


Al Pacino as Jack Gramm
Alicia Witt as Kim Cummings
Amy Brenneman as Shelly Barnes
Leelee Sobieski as Lauren Douglas
Benjamin McKenzie as Mike Stemp
Deborah Kara Unger as Carol
William Forsythe as Frank Parks
Neal McDonough as Jon Forster
Stephen Moyer as Guy LaForge
Michael Eklund as J.T. Ryker
Michal Yannai as Leeza Pearson
Brendan Fletcher as Johnny d'franco
Carrie Genzel as Stephanie Parkman
Dexter Bell as Reggie
Paul Campbell as Albert
Jon Avnet

Al Pacino has been a great actor. Perhaps the best of his generation, but when was
? Watching 88 Minutes I was wondering why he could not close his mouth
. Well, that seems to have trouble using the muscles of his jaw
only to "close your mouth." And when it comes to running or jumping stairs,
what we see is just an old man limp badly. Worst of all, he is not
more able to act with any credibility. Try to see the young and full of life
, but it really looks like a ripple alcoholic. Worse still,
of course, the film itself. Inane plot ( "You will die in 88 Minutes, but
I will try to kill you before ..."), bad cinematography (
has noticed how many phone calls that exists in this movie? 30? 40?), Filming
cliches (every time there is a car trip, the car is filmed from above.
How original!). Pacino and is surrounded by very nice (and young)
girls who are in love with him. How pathetic. If you really like
"real", Al Pacino, did not even think to see this film. You could be pushed
to believe that aliens have replaced him with a bad copy
This film uses the time to create some urgency and a fairly rapid pace
to maintain interest. These devices are used effectively so that together with
Al Pacino and a decent script, we have an interesting thriller.

The story is a little extreme, but the pace does not really help me
question that (too) in the final analysis. The character played by Al Pacino is little
despite hosting a terrible past that
always in front of him. That changes since everything crumbles around them
in just over an hour. His struggle to find a murderer he cree que
going to kill him, as well as others, overshadows his hateful ego. Have you fulfilled your
party? Do you have some moral issues that both ways are going to
its downfall? It makes for quite an interesting plot.

This is not the best psychological thriller ... But
is respectable enough to warrant a solid 6 and is due to the great Al Pacino.

Download 88 Minutes
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See also: Al Pacino in Heat

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Shrek the Third

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Download Sight
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie SightJeffrey leads a quiet existence. Living in constant fear of being labeled a psychopath, Jeffrey constructs a complex world of denial. He is haunted by the spirits of the vengeful dead, which he can see while no one else can. After meeting Dana, a beautiful young woman who shares his "sight", Jeffery finds comfort in knowing someone shares his affliction. But his comfort is short lived. Dana suddenly goes missing and Jeffrey is left alone to find the answers.


Clayton Haske as Jeffrey
Tony Luke Jr. as Paul
Philip Raymond as Jeffrey's Father
Frank Traynor as Uncle Ron


See also: Horror: One Missed Call

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Disfear - A Brutal Sight Of War
2. G-Unit - Terminate On Sight (Retail)
3. Interface - Sight Of Life
4. James Brown - Out of Sight
5. M-People - Sight For Sore Eyes (maxi)
6. Maxine Brown - Out of Sight


Download 21
Download Movie 21Ben Campbell is a young, highly intelligent, student at M.I.T. in Boston who strives to succeed. Wanting a scholarship to transfer to Harvard School of Medicine with the desire to become a doctor, Ben learns that he cannot afford the $300,000 for the four to five years of school since he comes from a poor, working-class background. But one evening, Ben is introduced by his unorthodox math professor Micky Rosa into a small but secretive club of five students, Jill, Choi, Kianna, and Jimmy whom are being trained by Professor Rosa of the skill of card counting at blackjack. Intriged by the desire to make money, Ben joins his new friends on secret weekend trips to Las Vegas where, using their skills of code talk and hand signals, they have Ben make hundreds of thousands of dollars in winning blackjack at casino after casino. Ben only wants to make enough money for the tuition to Harvard and then back out. But as fellow card counter, Jill Taylor, predicts, Ben becomes corrupted by greed and his arrogance at winning which lets his feelings get in the way, and it also puts Professor Rosa, as well as the group, on the radar of a brutal casino security enforcer, named Cole Williams, who holds a personal grudge of some kind against Rosa which threatens to undo everything the students have learned and earned.


Jim Sturgess as Ben Campbell
Kevin Spacey as Prof. Micky Rosa
Aaron Yoo as Choi
Jacob Pitts as Jimmy Fisher
Laurence Fishburne as Cole Williams
Jack McGee as Terry
Josh Gad as Miles Connoly
Sam Golzari as Cam
Jack Gilpin as Bob Phillips
Butch Williams as Planet Hollywood Dealer #2
Jeffrey Ma as Planet Hollywood Dealer Jeff
Frank Patton as Planet Hollywood Floor Manager
Steven Richard Vezina as Red Rock Dealer #1
Chaska T. Werner as Red Rock Dealer #2
Kyle Morris as Red Rock Dealer #3


This film screened at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX. This is a
reasonably well-made based on a true story of movie that tells the story of
a group of MIT students who try to make a fortune at cards count
Vegas. The script apparently plays pretty fast and loose with
version narrated in the book. -- Never the less, the acting is excellent - especially
Jim Sturgess in the role of student initiative. Frankly,
his accent was so good that I did not realize - until he came on stage after
- that he was British. Doing a great job with the
Mannerisms to give a real sense of the evolution of character.
Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne are solid - although the role of
Fishburne is quite small. The minor characters are less well developed, as
could have been. Cinematography by both Boston and Las Vegas
is quite good, especially on the big screen. It's an interesting story, but
could have been edited slightly to make it move a little faster.
This is a good movie, but probably could have been much better.
21 is undoubtedly the major films in spring time, has
hot young actors, including an incredible winner of the Academy Award, Kevin Spacey, and
another great actor who's head appears that grew a little bigger,
Lawarence Fishburne. Hence, has all the key ingredients for a good
film, a decent plot, especially, a good mix of players, and awaits
well as a film together. So I saw this weekend and I must say that
I was disappointed a bit, I think that this movie was more
for adolescents, with the actors and qualification, I think we should have been
more adult. This is a typical story goes up and down with cliché'd
characters. Kevin Spacey, seriously my favorite actor, he is always a
beaten to death with each assumes that role, but apparently only
sleep his way through the film and not really worry about it. The new
and warm up and eat-Jim Sturgess was not a bad pair on the screen, but
were not strong enough to keep the story into something original. Basically we

Ben Campbell who needs $ 300000 to Harvard Med.
School, which is extremely gifted with numbers, so when your teacher,
Micky Rosa warned that his gift, he invited Ben with a group of its other
the students to go to Las Vegas and play 21. But there is a way to beat the game
apparently, by counting the cards. Ben promises upwards and downwards
that is only for school, but of course when he gets so hot, he takes it way beyond
and ends making a huge mistake and falls with some unpleasant guards
security you do not want to mess.

now has 21 pretty decent acting, the film itself is decent, I did not mind at all
looks. For the most part, is the group of young students who maintain
the film interesting and keeps your attention.
My main problems are, for example, about the characters of Ben and Jill
hitch, I seriously doubt that really happen, but for the movie,
who want to meet these two hotties at least for adolescents
the public good. Also, supposedly, the group says they have to stay in
downwards in Las Vegas not to get caught, however, go around
Vegas buy all these new clothes, dancing, drinking, etc. 21
is worth seeing, but to be honest, if you're reading this, wait for the
rent is only one story goes up and down.

6 / 10

Download 21
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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Ambassador 21 and Buben
2. Holden and Unit 21
3. Limi-T 21
4. Limite 21
5. Squad 21

The Other Boleyn Girl

Download Other Boleyn Girl, The
(drama, history, romance)
Download Movie The Other Boleyn GirlA sumptuous and sensual tale of intrigue, romance and betrayal set against the backdrop of a defining moment in European history: two beautiful sisters, Anne and Mary Boleyn, driven by their family's blind ambition, compete for the love of the handsome and passionate King Henry VIII.


Eric Bana as Henry Tudor
Jim Sturgess as George Boleyn
Mark Rylance as Sir Thomas Boleyn
David Morrissey as Thomas Howard - Duke of Norfolk
Benedict Cumberbatch as William Carey
Oliver Coleman as Henry Percy
Eddie Redmayne as William Stafford
Tom Cox as Rider
Michael Smiley as Physician
Iain Mitchell as Thomas Cromwell
Andrew Garfield as Francis Weston
Lewis Jones as Brandon Mark
Corinne Galloway as Jane Seymour
Alfie Allen as King's Messenger
Bill Wallis as Archbishop Cranmer


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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Paul Cantelon - The Other Boleyn Girl

Tripping the Rift: The Movie

Download Tripping the Rift: The Movie
(animation, comedy)
Download Movie Tripping the Rift: The MovieWhat begins for Chode and crew as a routine mission to protect a pissed-off princess will soon become a filth- splattered saga of dismembered royalty, indestructible clown assassins and desperately horny housewives. What vile act has Chode committed to bring down the ultimate wrath of Bobo? Can Gus, Six, T'nuk, Whip and Bob stop a time-traveling killing machine from ruining a booze-soaked birthday party? How much does a lap- dance cost at the Grope-A-Cabana on Omicron 9? The voices of Stephen Root, Maurice LaMarche, Jenny McCarthy, John Melendez, Gayle Garfinkle and Rick Jones star in this all-new feature length movie packed with plenty of sex, violence and &^%!#* too extreme for broadcast TV!


Rick Jones as Whip
Maurice LaMarche as Gus
Stephen Root as Chode


Wow, I have first to comment on this? This was a small gem,
actually. If you're a fan of the Sci-Fi Channel series, you'll enjoy this film version

The argument is that Choden McBlob and his team are planning for a birthday party
/ scam. Meanwhile, a murderer of android clown of the future,
Arnie-3000, has traveled to finish Choden before it can impregnate
the daughter of the leader Dark Clown, DARF Bobo.

rips The film classic horror in films, Indiana Jones, Terminator,
and Desperate Housewives.

The film was a compilation of TTR of the third season episodes (not
air in the U.S.) linked together with some new animations. There are three stories
really going on here. Even so, it appears that the current
together reasonably well.

Download Tripping the Rift: The Movie
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Grindstone Road

Download Grindstone Road
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Grindstone RoadA young mother becomes stricken by guilt after an accident leaves her son in a coma. Moving to a house in the countryside, she tries to resume a normal life with her husband, but soon beginsobserving supernatural events taking place all around her.


Walter Learning as Ted
Greg Bryk as Graham


Road grinding sculpture is one of those forgettable but not entirely bad flicks
history of ghosts that are about a penny a dozen. And I say "ghost story"
instead of "horror" because I do not think there is anything from anybody
find even remotely fear going on here, but still manages to worm
is how most people would consider a horror movie. Hey ...
can happen if the messengers as a horror movie then the sky is wide open

The film begins with our protagonist Hannah (Balk) have a flashback
a car accident that left his son in a coma. Now you may be tempted to think
the accident is why Balk seems so clumsy
throughout the rest of the film, but then you remember that she's always looked that way.
I swear, it appears that someone hacked a tennis ball in his mouth and
just leave it there. It's really limit distraction. Ugh.
Oh ... and a side note ... when going to visit her son in the plant
hospital is probably bad form to bring high-heeled boots Hooker.
Kinda makes you see not as if that really matters. Just a thought.
Anyway ... passing.

After becoming painfully aware of the film sub-(
the accident and that drama) across too many flashback sequences, we see
Balk and her husband to leave the country to start again ...
which seems strange because her son is not really dead, he is only comatose. Way to be
great parents. Long story short plays tricks the new house in Hannah's mind
(but its only a predictable ...) and her husband began to think she
until all nuts are reflected in an end so anti-climatic and
of left field you wonder what the hell the last
hour and twenty minutes. I mean, that all together and the bonds that saw him coming,
but still seems pretty lame and off-topic.

The cast is not bad and the director does a good job of making the house
as creepy as possible, but the movie never really gets to where it wants to go
. Or maybe you do and I simply do not care. Anyway I
say this is a good bet if you have nothing better to do / see.
Could not be a bad way to lose on Sunday afternoon. Moreover, it can be said
a lot of films that are not very good.

Download Grindstone Road
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Street Kings

Download Street Kings
(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Street KingsTom Ludlow is a veteran LAPD cop who finds life difficult to navigate after the death of his wife. When evidence implicates him in the execution of a fellow officer, he is forced to go up against the cop culture he's been a part of his entire career, ultimately leading him to question the loyalties of everyone around him.


Keanu Reeves as Detective Tom Ludlow
Forest Whitaker as Captain Jack Wander
Common as Coates
Cedric the Entertainer as Scribble
Chris Evans as Detective Paul Diskant
Noel Gugliemi as Quicks
Kenneth Choi as Boss Kim
Hugh Laurie as Captain James Biggs
Cle Shaheed Sloan as Fremont
Amaury Nolasco as Detective Cosmo Santos
John Corbett as Detective Dante Demille
Terry Crews as Detective Terrence Washington
The Game as Grill
Kevin Benton as Lt. Van Buren
Daryl Gates as The Chief


(Synopsis) Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves), a veteran LAPD detective, works in a
Vice Squad Special Unit in Los Angeles.
Ludlow has been suffering from depression since his wife died. Apart from that,
his former partner, detective Washington Terrance (Terry Crews) is murdered by two
gang members. Ludlow is a wild and reckless search across
the mean streets of Los Angeles to track them and obtain justice for
Washington. Captain Jack Wander (Forest Whitaker) is the Ludlow
supervisor to keep him from going over the edge and outside the cross-shaped
Internal Affairs Captain James Biggs (Hugh Laurie).

(my comments) Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker were excellent at stake
their parts. In the first 10 minutes, we got to see how good it is in Ludlow
use of their weapons. The film races to this rapid pace, and
it is so intense that sometimes you do not know which is the good guy or bad boy
. There are some great scenes of shooting, and everything that we do not
Ludlow put on the road, because it will take you out. Usually, the police
have this culture of the police to protect each other. After implying that
Ludlow had something to do with the murder of detective in Washington,
begins to question his loyalty to his fellow officers, especially when it
hung to dry. At that time the movie gets real interesting
. The only problem I had with the script is to put the hard
Ludlow police in a sombre mood throughout the film. I would have preferred that
is a policeman with the self-control and strength of mind. If you enjoy
cop dramas, you like this, because it has so many twists and turns
and back stabbing to keep you interested and wanting more
. You will love some of Ludlow of interrogation techniques
the bad guys. (Fox Searchlight, Run Time 1:49, Rated R) (8 / 10)

Download Street Kings
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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Kings Of Convenience - Riot On An Empty Street
2. Electronic - Various Artists - Mix The Vibe: Louie Vega - For The Love Of King Street (cd2) - Souffles H (Kings Street Club Mix) - (Mondo Gosso)
3. Flower Kings - Flower Power - Mr. Hope Goes To Wall Street
4. Go West - Aces and Kings - The Best of Go West - One Way Street

The Oxford Murders

Meet the Spartans

Download Meet the Spartans
Download Movie Meet the SpartansMeet the Spartans is a 2008 film produced and directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. Similar to past movies, such as Scary Movie, along with its spinoffs Epic Movie and Date Movie, it pokes fun at various movies in a juvenile manner. Although it references many movies, TV shows, people and pop cultural events, it focuses mainly on the film 300. The film is rated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor throughout, language and some comic violence.


Greg Ellis as Shrek
Michael Arnona as Spartan Gladiator
Diedrich Bader as Traitoro
Ike Barinholtz as Prophet #1
Leon C. Carswell as Dancing Soldier
Hunter Clary as Leo Jr.
Dean Cochran as
Tim Connolly as Spartan Soldier
Jareb Dauplaise as Actor
John Di Domenico as Donald Trump
Robin Atkin Downes as Narrator
Chris Gann as Spartan soldier
Nate Haden as Ryan Seacrest
Danny Cosmo Higginbottom as Persian Soldier #2
Martin Klebba as Mumbles
Jason Friedberg

This is perhaps one of the most terrible movies I've seen. As much as I like
tacky parody humor, this movie just falls flat. So many of the film
jokes are so indicated that whatever the mood was originally only this
diluted. It's fun kicking a celebrity in the pit of death once. Five times
later, is simply dragging and rancid. If you've seen the trailers
to this, you've basically seen about 90% of the film. The
script could easily have been condensed to 10 minutes to outline
Saturday Night Live. The humor is so repetitive, almost all jokes
play outside the Spartans, either questionable or sexuality
celebrities' promiscuity. A blurred-out vagina just is not that funny,
why choose to use the film 5 times? Although there were numerous
pop-culture references, simply was not much to do with him. Someone forgot to tell
half Elementary who wrote this to have a bad
impersonate celebrity seems funny is not by itself.

not see this film, even if you liked movies like parody (as
Scary Movie).
This was literally the worst movie I've ever seen. I am a movie fan
and tend to love all kinds of movies, this movie was a waste of my time and money
. They tend to use the same joke over and over again, after
the first time, is no more fun! Moreover, parents beware!
This is NOT a movie for children to go. It's PG-13, but I think anyone under 16 should not
view, in a scene Carmen Electra is laying on a table
only with tomatoes covering their nipples and a slice of pizza covering
His crotch. There are plenty of other provocative scenes that
inappropriate for children. But the film was crude, vulgar and disgusting
no fun at all, except for the opening scene. Do not see
it, you'll be very disappointed.

Download Meet the Spartans
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Tags: Download Movie Meet the Spartans, Download Film Meet the Spartans, Instant Movie Download Meet the Spartans, Meet the Spartans DivX Download

Senior Skip Day

Download Senior Skip Day
Download Movie Senior Skip DayThe plan for these high-school seniors with a major case of senioritis: break into Principal Dickwalder's house and throw the party of the year. But Principal Dickwalder overhears Adam explaining the plan; ruining the celebration... or does it? Adam's only chance at redemption is to host the party himself. Gorgeous models stripteases a gigantic gravity bong a funeral and some crepes are the key elements to the best skip-day party ever. Their only problem? Prinicipal Dickwalder is on a mission to stop the festivities. This hilarious fun-filled adventure will make you want to plan a skip day of your own.


Larry Miller as Mr. Frankfurt Dickwalder
Gary Lundy as Adam
Tara Reid as Ellen Harris
Lea Thompson as Cathleen
Norm MacDonald as Mr. Rigetti
Clint Howard as Lionel Huffer
Kayla Ewell as Cara
Talan Torriero as Scott
Chuck Carter as Tate
Brett Claywell as Carl Smith
Mike Dunay as Brian Saxton
Lindsey Axelsson as Laura
Jackson Rathbone as Snippy
Taryn Southern as Isha
Derek Mio as Ralph Lee Cheng
Nick Weiss

It was good. Larry Miller is one of my favorite players for adults
authority roles (ah, 10 Things I Hate About You, good times). Also,
I had a crush on Lea Thompson from Caroline in the City. I'm cool

Anywho, insofar as adolescents comedies go, this does not make me throw my hands
and shouting "I WASH my hands of you!" as most do. Actually I liked
well enough.

The story was fairly run-of-the-mill, but the way it works is quite entertaining
. And the slap-sticky random nature of elderly
make me laugh out loud.

Nevertheless, I a 6.5/10, just because it's refreshing
of American Pie and Harold and Kumar distasteful humor, and is a little more
ridiculous and fun.
Are you kidding? This is the worst movie I've seen in my life.
I feel asleep after the first five minutes. is the fun way.
i thought it was a local movie or something at first. I can not believe
nationality. there is no plot, too many facts that make no sense
, and the lead actor still speaking to the camera.
is dull and mute. perhaps if not rest however, I would have liked.
after seeing the cover, I thought it would be similar to americas
cake, a stupid, but entertaining movie. this movie is not only stupid and
entertaining. Sorry if I offend anybody, but this is only my opinion
. i really hated it. my favorite part of the whole film is
although Talon. was in Laguna Beach and was an entire piece.
I am surprised that he can act.

Download Senior Skip Day
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Tags: Download Movie Senior Skip Day, Download Film Senior Skip Day, Instant Movie Download Senior Skip Day, Senior Skip Day DivX Download

Good Man Is Hard to Find, A

Download Good Man Is Hard to Find, A
Download Movie Good Man Is Hard to Find, AA look at African-American family life in the United States.


Lance E. Nichols as Deacon Smith
Allen Boudreaux as Business Executive
David Haines as Abdul
Hill Harper as Damion Marshall
Darrin Dewitt Henson as Clarence
Jason Hewitt as John
Mel Jackson as Jasper King
Bishop Noel Jones as Reverend Peters
Clyde Jones as Old Man Sam
Bryan Madden as Parole Officer
Darius McCrary as Bruce
Anh Huu Nguyen as Ming
Henry Pelitire as Board Member
Aaron Sauer as Attorney
Dante Swain as Poet
Leslie Small

See also: Drama: Eye, The

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Alberta Hunter - Amtrak Blues - Good Man Is Hard to Find
2. Barbara Streisand - Just For The Record (Disc 2) The 60's - A Good Man Is Hard To Find - Some Of These Days
3. Bessie Smith - Blue Spirit Blues - A Good Man Is Hard To Find
4. Bruce Springsteen - Tracks (CD 2) - A Good Man Is Hard To Find (Pittsburgh)
5. Eddie Condon - Dixieland - A Good Man Is Hard To Find
6. Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans - A Good Man Is Hard to Find


The Forbidden Kingdom

Download Forbidden Kingdom, The
Download Movie The Forbidden KingdomAn American teenager who is obsessed with Hong Kong cinema and kung-fu classics makes an extraordinary discovery in a Chinatown pawnshop: the legendary stick weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King. With the lost relic in hand, the teenager unexpectedly finds himself traveling back to ancient China to join a crew of warriors from martial arts lore on a dangerous quest to free the imprisoned Monkey King.


Michael Angarano as Jason Williams
Morgan Benoit as Lupo
Jackie Chan as Lu Yan
Collin Chou as Jade War Lord
Jet Li as Monkey King/Lan Cai He
Jacky Wu as Assassin from state of Chu
Bingbing Li as
Yifei Liu as Golden Sparrow
Rob Minkoff

See also: Action: Army of the Dead

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Fast Track: No Limits

Download Fast Track: No Limits
(action, thriller)
Download Movie Fast Track: No LimitsAn action movie centered around a group of street racers. Love, hate, friendship and treason... at reckless speed!


Erin Cahill as Katie Reed
Andrew W. Walker as Mike Cassidy
Joseph Beattie as Eric Visnjic
Alexia Barlier as Nicole Devereaux
Nicholas Aaron as Wolf
Pasquale Aleardi as Gregor Gargolov
Jack Bence as Rainer
Tim Dantay as Neubeck
Ill-Young Kim as Markus
Shaun Prendergast as Heinrich
Carl St+-ck as Porsche Driver
Anna Tkatschenko as Race Driver
Axel Sand

They argue all you want their fast and furious clone, but
take the time to recognize this movie on its own merits. Budget is obviously a
issue in this film is that nobody in the street or racing scene
racing in general will realize the obvious plot holes, but as pure entertainment
this movie is a standout. A lot of adrenaline scenes
sexy and hot action with the actors and actresses who, despite knowing that there will be no
Oscars for their performances put all.
to sum up .... 've seen this movie before in one pretext or the next, but
not let you hinder spend some time with Fast Track: No
Its limits ... not a great time, but their value to the entry.

Download Fast Track: No Limits
See also: Action: Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

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The Cottage

Download Cottage, The
(comedy, horror)
Download Movie The CottageTHE COTTAGE is a relentless dark comedy with an extreme twist. Set in a remote part of the countryside, a bungled kidnapping turns into a living nightmare for our four central characters when they cross paths with a psychopathic farmer and all hell breaks loose.


Doug Bradley as Old Man
Jonathan Chan-Pensley as Chun Yo Fu
Johnny Harris as Smoking Joe
Dave Legeno as The Farmer
Steve O'Donnell as Andrew
Simon Schatzberger as Steven
Andy Serkis as
Reece Shearsmith as Peter
Logan Wong as Muk Li San
Jennifer Ellison as Tracey
Eden Groome as Farmer's Daughter 2
Georgia Groome as Farmer's Daughter 1
Katy Murphy as Farmer's Wife
Eden Watson as Daughter 2
Paul Andrew Williams

See also: Comedy: Thank You for Smoking

Tags: Download Movie The Cottage, Download Film The Cottage, Instant Movie Download The Cottage, The Cottage DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Eric Chang - White Cottage Love
2. Steeleye Span - Rocket Cottage
3. 7 Stone Lighter - Hope Against Hope - Ivy Cottage
4. Cherish The Ladies - New Day Dawning - The Green Cottage Polka / Jer O'Connell's / Tom's Tavern
5. Cherish The Ladies - One and All: The Best of Cherish the Ladies - The Green Cottage Polka/Jer O'Connell's/Tom's Tavern
6. Chris Connor - Sings Lullabys of Birdland - Cottage for Sale

The Hottie and the Nottie

Download Hottie and the Nottie, The
(comedy, romance)
Download Movie The Hottie and the NottieNate moves to L.A. to track down Cristabel, the woman he's been in love with since childhood, only to discover that his plan to woo her only has one hurdle to overcome: what to do with June, Cristabel's ever-present, not-so-hot best friend? What's even more complicating is Nate's growing feelings for June, whose true beauty starts to emerge.


Paris Hilton as Cristabelle Abbott
Joel Moore as Nate Cooper
Christine Lakin as June Phigg
Adam Kulbersh as Cole Slawsen
The Greg Wilson as Arno Blount
Johann Urb as Johann
Don Abernathy as Man on the pier
Walter Delmar as Geek
Kurt Doss as Young Arno
Marcus Lindsey as Evil Konieval
Gino Anthony Pesi as Cheesy Guy
Shadii as Club Goer
Evan Shields as Club Patron
Jason Thornton as Barry Abbott
Henry Fleming Wood as Club Patron 2
Tom Putnam

See also: Comedy: Apartment, The

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Horton Hears a Who!

Download Horton Hears a Who!
(adventure, animation, family)
Download Movie Horton Hears a Who!One day, Horton the elephant hears a cry from help coming from a speck of dust. Even though he can't see anyone on the speck, he decides to help it. As it turns out, the speck of dust is home to the Whos, who live in their city of Whoville. Horton agrees to help protect the Whos and their home, but this gives him nothing but torment from his neighbors, who refuse to believe that anything could survive on the speck. Still, Horton stands by the motto that, "After all, a person is a person, no matter how small."


Jim Carrey as Horton
Steve Carell as The Mayor of Who-ville
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Town Crier
Will Arnett as
Dane Cook as
Josh Flitter as Rudy
Dan Fogler as Yummo
Jonah Hill as
Seth Rogen as
Shelby Adamowsky as The Mayor's Daughter
Carol Burnett as Kangaroo
Samantha Droke as Mayor's Daughter
Isla Fisher as
Selena Gomez as Mayor's daughter
Joey King as Katie
Jimmy Hayward

For the first time in many years, I can honestly say that this movie
is the most faithful adaptation of Dr. Suess of children's books TIME
of being subjected to the big screen with the voice talent of Jim Carrey, Steve
Carell, and of course, Carol Burnett. I never thought that
Suess's cartoon illustrations can be as wonderfully
spot in this film with his brilliant, crisp colors, and flawless animation. What great
of all this is that by extending the film, rather than improve
with excess baggage as they did in the 2004 live action -
flop "The Cat in the Hat" ; Which practically was "Batman & Robin"
adaptation of the classic children's book and I hated that movie with a maximum
abhorrent passion. At least "The Grinch who stole Christmas"
entertaining in its own right, although I admit that it was also a bit nauseating
; namely because some scenes had as many colors garishly lit
and was a little more at the top. With all that aside, "Horton heard a
That" will not only be the best animated film of the year, but can also
win an Oscar for "more faithful adaptation of a classic child."
I think that this film will appeal to children and adults and for which
read the book from childhood not to mention serve as the venue for another
healthy family entertainment for the general public .
I suppose it would be remiss if I approached "Horton heard a Who!"
With some reservations as trailers were anything but
something to be excited. Had it not been for the Que and Dr. Seuss
tag that comes with the title, this latest computer-animated movie
"Ice Age" team leaves as another animal-on-a-mission movie
directly from the assembly line. And the films adapted from one of
Dr. Seuss' books have not been as successful as they were in print,
as lightly.

relatively NEUTER Jim Carrey provides the voice of Horton, a
elephant who hears a voice of a floating speck
and discovers that there are people who actually live in it in a place called Who-ville.
That call, these people have a mayor (also voiced by one-NEUTER
Steve Carrell) who has 96 daughters and a son who did not speak. Everything depends
to Horton to find a safe place to save for the speck of Who-ville
destruction, even if the property has meant Pachyderm
to avoid all kinds of obstacles, including Sour Kangaroo, Vlad the vulture,
Wickersham brothers, and other metaphors of McCarthyism.

As usual with such fine material, the film has an obligation to
additional scenes to pad time, but ultimately
that captures the spirit of its source, and is a case in which a G-rated movie offers
entertainment for both children and their older colleagues as well. (
I have said "a rare case" but in this country, the G-rating applies
most liberal of the censor board.)
The animation is consistent and a good Japanese-inspired animation nontraditional
do not feel out of place in the overall enjoyment of material. The
voice cast, according to the credits, implies some relatively big names, but
than Carrey and Carrell, none of the players take care of
his characters and hence, not distract .

and fast moving, "Horton heard a Who!" represents a step forward for
Blue Sky Studios, which has served to support
Pixar and Dreamworks. I am tempted to say that is the best film Dr.
Seuss adaptation ever, but not say much taking into account other films
involved. So perhaps only say it is one of the best animated films
, that is true anyway.

Download Horton Hears a Who!
See also: Adventure: Blade Runner

See also: Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Tags: Download Movie Horton Hears a Who!, Download Film Horton Hears a Who!, Instant Movie Download Horton Hears a Who!, Horton Hears a Who! DivX Download
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1. Soundtrack - Various Artists - John Powell - Horton Hears A Who!

Grizzly Park

Download Grizzly Park
Download Movie Grizzly ParkEight young adults are sent to do community service at Grizzly Park. There, they are hunted by an escaped serial killer along with the animals of the forest.


Shedrack Anderson III as Ty
Brody the Bear as Grizzly Bear
Ryan Culver as Ranger Mike
Erik Hollander as Newscaster
Rance Howard as Ranger Howard
Glenn Morshower as Ranger Bob
Trevor Peterson as Trickster
Kavan Reece as Ryan
Jerry Sword as Jerry
Jeff Watson as Butch
Randy Wayne as Michael 'Scab' White
Whitney Cummings as Tiffany Stone
Emily Foxler as Bebe
Zulay Henao as Lola
Jelynn Rodriguez as KiKi
Tom Skull

I watched this movie online, thank God, because I will not pay
to see the stupid thing. From the description, I thought it would be
about an escaped murderer on the hunt a lot of dimwitted girl
contras through the forest, but the fugitive was killed shortly after the film began.
Instead, this group of minor offenders is pursued by a bear that
behaves differently from any bear that I have heard of, stalking, while those who sit in a group
large, and ripping apart a building (not a tent, people)
to get people inside. All rages Hollywood just made it even
Sillian, and since when have wolves go after human beings, especially a human
whose wounds yet? I am surprised there was no evil
squirrels bent on infecting these idiots and-with pestis.

None of the characters are likable, especially Baby, who was so stupid I
she wanted to die a horrible death immediately. I was disappointed to see
Glenn Morshower, I have always wanted as Aaron Pierce at 24,
starring in this garbage. Dialogue can only be described as wooden.
You might think that with a bunch of criminals in a beautiful
the establishment of this type, the screenwriter have been included
characters involved in some self-reflection. But you are wrong.
All of these people were basically without a soul, in a group like this in real life
, I expect some do not feel remorse for what they did, but
Certainly some of them have felt bad to respect. Therefore, I did not care
if either died, in all media that were over the top gruesome,
that is, in my opinion, the only reason why this movie was made. And if
is expected for some beautiful pictures of forests to a
River Runs Through it, forget it; imagination in the department of cinematography
as missing, as it is in screen writing department. The conclusion
was a little smart-a very little-but other than that this movie
amounted to a bear makes it into the woods.

Download Grizzly Park
See also: Horror: April Fool's Day

Tags: Download Movie Grizzly Park, Download Film Grizzly Park, Instant Movie Download Grizzly Park, Grizzly Park DivX Download

Over Her Dead Body

Download Over Her Dead Body
(comedy, fantasy, romance)
Download Movie Over Her Dead BodyA ghost tries to sabotage her former boyfriend's current relationship with a psychic.


Eva Longoria as Kate
Paul Rudd as Henry
Lake Bell as Ashley
Jason Biggs as Dan
Lindsay Sloane as Chloe
Stephen Root as Sculptor
Freddy Andreiuci as Hot dog vender
Antonio D. Charity as Guard
Misha Collins as Brian
Jack Conley as Cab Driver
Cullen Douglas as Handler
Colin Fickes as Don
Clint Jung as John
Bru Muller as Rude Customer
Sam Pancake as Bill
Jeff Lowell

Over His body was a good little
movie.It was dignified and entertaining, but remains fairly funny.There were some cliché, but I found it more
fresh.At the first things I do not think it would be < br> good at all, when it began out.If you can get past the first 20
although minutes, the film begins increasingly interesting.This
movie is not bursting into laughter hilarious, and it was not my OH gosh
wonderful.It was only a movie that can sit and enjoy how pleasant it
was.I do not see how this movie was bad.It 's rating is only a little
too low.I could have dealt with a 5.5, but a 4.8? Moreover, given that the film is a
1 disgraceful.It was pretty good, and there was nothing
horrible enough about what we give it a 1, which is what most people gave < br>.
With films like this you know they're getting the usual jokes
in connection with ghosts. Eva as a ghost is quite fun. And the other actors
also do a good job. It is the direction and story that is lacking.
That might have overlooked the jokes have worked better.
The only problem is that there are not many jokes. Of course I laughed a couple of times
. Apart from the talking parrot no
one ounce of creativity that can be seen in the film. I blame the director does not use
the premise to its full potential. Eva certainly has the ability to show more comic
, but did not have the opportunity to do so. In general
this film is ideal for a Sunday afternoon. Apart from
that can be omitted altogether.

Download Over Her Dead Body
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Hero Wanted

Download Hero Wanted
(action, crime, drama)
Download Movie Hero WantedAfter he awakens in a hospital, a man tracks down and murders the man that left him and a bank teller for dead during a robbery, only to end up having the slain thief's associates come after him in retaliation.


Cuba Gooding Jr. as Liam Case
Ray Liotta as Detective Terry Subcott
Norman Reedus as Swain
Tommy Flanagan as Derek
Jean Smart as Melanie McQueen
Kim Coates as Skinner McGraw
Gary Cairns II as Gill
Steven Kozlowski as Lynch McGraw
Ben Cross as Cosmo Jackson
Sammi Hanratty as Marley Singer
Christa Campbell as Kayla McQueen
Paul Sampson as Gordy McGraw
Todd Jensen as Detective Wallace MacTee
Nathan Bautista as The Door Dude
Lisa Dunne as Marley's Mom
Brian Smrz

I just saw this movie expecting much more than gift!
amateur and is an insult to all those attending film intelligence. i long-awaited
much of Cuba Gooding. What is these days with film makers
trying to be clever with your time changing. I have no problems
after their efforts to try to be smart, but it seems unnecessary and boring.The
hero imperfect idea and concept of revenge never hits the mark
and while most of us enjoy a good old revenge movie this one does not
Saca. It felt like a B movie at the end and that's what it was,
save your money and not waste time with it. Shame on Cuba Gooding
be done
While mourning for the death of his beloved wife, who drowned in a car accident
, Liam Case garbage man (Cuba Gooding Jr.) becomes a hero
when he saves a girl from a car destroyed by fire. Years later,
Liam has a secret crush stop Kayla (Christa Campbell) and
while on the bench with her, there is a heist and one of the five robbers
outbreaks Kayla and Liam. When he recovers, Kayla is in a deep coma and
pursued the murderer, but the banda has a dark secret
Liam and goes after him looking for revenge.

My first impression of "Hero Wanted" was not good, with the confusing
non-linear story and a disappointing conclusion. However, accession to the
pieces of the puzzle that make up the story later, I found a reasonable
film, at least the intentions of the writers are good. But
the tag line says that "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"
and the screenplay does not work well. Cuba Gooding Jr. and is
a charismatic character who finds redemption only after going to hell.
Apparently, his friend Cosmo Jackson died, but this character is simply
forgotten in the end of the story. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Herói" ( "Hero")

Download Hero Wanted
See also: Action: Akira

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First Sunday

Download First Sunday
(comedy, crime)
Download Movie First SundayDurell and LeeJohn are best friends and bumbling petty criminals. When told they have one week to pay a $17,000 debt or Durell will lose his son, they come up with a desperate scheme to rob their neighborhood church. Instead, they end up spending the night in the presence of the Lord and are forced to deal with much more than they bargained for.


David Arnold as Wheelchair thief
Michael Beach as
P.J. Byrne as
Paul Campbell as
Ice Cube as Durell
Antwone Dickey as Pirate
Calvin Harrison as Officer Perry
Trae Ireland as Himself
Roy Jackson as Boyfriend
Ken-Ali as Church goer
Chi McBride as
Tracy Morgan as LeeJohn
Clifton Powell as
Reynaldo Rey as
C.J. Sanders as Durell Jr.
David E. Talbert

It is difficult to decide whether to praise or crucify director David E. Talbert
to make "First Sunday," but because it is not completed
blasphemy, I think he can be forgiven.

Now that I have these word games off the road, "First Sunday" is a film about two friends
, Durell (Ice Cube) and LeeJohn (Tracy Morgan), which
Are also bumbling criminals. To pay a debt of $ 17,000 to
Durell can keep her son, the two decide to hold a church for its
large amount of the donation money. As the plan begins to crumble,
both learn a lot about themselves did not expect that.

Being a fan of "30 Rock", I was eager to see Morgan
take on a movie role, and I think what pulls off so well as it does in
TV. He is quite the same type of character though, so no
that a quantum leap. His party also probably would have been better if
the letter has been the same.

I do not want to go to a rant, Ice Cube, but it really showed me
with this film which is a trick of a horse. He is not a bad actor, but when it comes to
comedy is always the same. I am quite sure that only got
work in this because of his character in "Are we there yet?"
Films. It is simply the same thing and I'd like to see him do something
else. Seeing as I have not seen much of his work, I suppose I could always
start there.

As I said before, writing is not the best.
There were some amusing moments, but each character was generic and each plot is cliché.
I thought the idea of the film is interesting at first, but
could have been dragged out better.

After all, "First Sunday" is not as horrible as it sounds of
trailers and such, and I really did enjoy it. I just do not think
going to join my DVD shelf in the near future. I will probably buy Juno
later this year instead.

Work: 6 / 10 Writing: 4 / 10 Video / Edition: 4 / 10 Audio / Music: 2 / 10
Entertainment: 4 / 10

End Result : 4 / 10
What can I say? I did not expect much to walk in. Can you blame me? He
you see the trailer? You know that a trailer when the unfunny comical
funny thing is the logo of study at the beginning and that
is not fun. This debacle stars' multi-talented "act of rapper Ice Cube
whose career was launched after the merger barbershop 2. Ice Cube, even
try to be funny or fun he had nothing to do or say. Why is this guy
, even in comedies or movies that matter? The comedy
revolution of a plot consists of two losers trying to make you rich quick.
That is what the plot is reduced a. Ice Cube's character wants
demonstrate to his son that he is not a loser and Tracy Morgan
character wants to show the public that belongs to this movie.
None of them are credible. The writer / director * Insert
black writer / director 's name here * trying to add elements to a dramatic
humorless comedy script and not so much as he was trying to add

there anything in this film about the 2 main characters
trying to steal a church and realize that money to the church is already
stolen, but I was too distracted by the idea that someone actually
green-lit this script. First, there is even an interesting idea for a church
Rob? I suppose the writer imagined that the banks stopped the execution
money. Secondly, who the hell Katt Williams cree que es
a line in this movie is funny? The director keeps cutting to him as if he said that the
uproarious thing as Stephen Hawking Yodel Green eggs and ham.
You know a comedy is bad when they go to a character
comic relief ... IN a comedy! This film tries so hard to have too many redeeming moments and sentimental
wishing to enable him to get up and
joy. But such "redeeming" moments like Ice Cube film
embrace their offspring and Tracy Morgan feel like he belongs to society felt as if
that have been added as a script last minute due to the revision comedy
was not working. The hilarity of this movie is composed of Tracy Morgan
receiving a massage from a transvestite badly bent. It also includes
"pimp out wheelchairs, because a wheelchair with chrome rims hot
equals comedy gold. By the way, wheelchairs
mentioned more times in this film of Jesus Christ in the Bible.

First (and hopefully last) Sunday frankly is not horrible. Not as terrible as
other urban comedies such as Who's Your Caddy? or anything
Mike Epps. First Sunday is by far not Epic Movie (which is definitely a
0 of 500) but is clearly a waste of time. Not only because of the
audience, but for those involved in making it. It adds nothing new
and insults the intelligence of the public many times. I would
the list of a bunch of films that are more fun First Sunday but after
list Schindler's List, Citizen Kane, and in March of the Penguins
I was tired. Therefore, in conclusion, except turn save his life, and most important
save your money. If you save your money than most
avoid a likely second round on Sunday.

Download First Sunday
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Tags: Download Movie First Sunday, Download Film First Sunday, Instant Movie Download First Sunday, First Sunday DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Jon Mark - A Sunday In Autumn - First Snowfall
2. Me First and The Gimme Gimmes - Love Their Country - Sunday Morning Coming Down (Johnny Cash/Kris Kristofferson)


Download Impulse
(mystery, thriller)
Download Movie ImpulseActing on impulse, CLAIRE DENNISON, enjoys a brief fling with a sexy stranger (a dead ringer for her husband), only to realize that the object of her desire is a crazed, manipulative, and tenacious psychopath.


C. Ernst Harth as Herbie
Taku Kawai as Japanese Translator
Angus Macfadyen as Dr. Jonathan Dennison/Simon Philips
Darren Moore as Malcolm
Ron Selmour as Hector
Pablo Silveira as Che
Marco Soriano as Pierre
Richard Stroh as Sam
Lindsay Collins as Rachel
Willa Ford as Claire Dennison
Lowela Jotie as Jen
Stephanie Marois as Lena
Laura Soltis as Joan
Ingrid Torrance as Melissa
Charles T. Kanganis

A fantastic idea, about losing control over the animal Impulses, is bogged down in thinking
simplistic and poorly directed scenes. The film begins
creepy place, but becomes confused in scene after scene of Stilt
sex and violence. There is a vibration dirty in the movie that never seems
to go anywhere. A man Pees in a car, the sheriff tries to shoot some
delinquent children, and is a mother of his children, as an attempt to burn a
their friends. It's all so vile. Only one character, Tim Matheson,
have any other Impulses, as a curiosity. There are some effective scenes
playfully Hume Cronyn as the doctor of the court
oxygen to one of his patients and Tim Matheson introduction of Tiny Tim Matheson
a girl. Meg Tilly is completely lost in a boring
role as Bill Paxton. It's really Tim Matheson and the movie is not bad
. The main problem of the film is lazy direction that kills
scene before it has a chance to live.
I saw this movie on television late one night years ago, but this is a disturbing
experience that has stayed with me until today.

The premise may seem somewhat unoriginal - due to an earthquake, a hidden underground warehouse
a toxic nerve agent in the hills above the city a small
is raped, and a microscopic amount of the substance has its
how their food supply. The inhabitants of the city
begin to lose their ability to exercise restraint in every whim and desire basis
floating across all our minds from time to time, and that
Normally we know that simply should not act on it.

The pace of the film is slow, but for me, which only added to the malaise
trailing as the inhabitants of behavior begins to slowly unravel
. There are several surreal and very disturbing scenes that have
remains etched in my memory all this time.

raises interesting questions about what we might be able to
if we have given our most savage instincts. Do I love? I'm not sure
'Enjoy' is the correct word. Will I suggest? Definitely.
I still think about it. Scary things.

Download Impulse
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6. Free System Projekt - Impulse Re Issue

The Bank Job

Download Bank Job, The
Download Movie The Bank JobIn September 1971, thieves tunneled into the vault of a bank in London's Baker Street and looted safe deposit boxes of cash and jewelry worth over three million pounds. None of it was recovered. Nobody was ever arrested. The robbery made headlines for a few days and then disappeared - the result of a 'D' Notice, gagging the press. This film reveals what was hidden for the first time. The story involves murder, corruption and a sex scandal with links to the Royal Family - a story in which the thieves were the most innocent people involved.


Jason Statham as Terry
Saffron Burrows as Martine
Stephen Campbell Moore as Kevin
Daniel Mays as Dave
James Faulkner as Guy Singer
Alki David as Bambas
Michael Jibson as Eddie
Richard Lintern as Tim Everett
Don Gallagher as Gerald Pyke
David Suchet as Lew Vogel
Peter Bowles as Miles Urquhart
Andrew Brooke as Quinn
Trevor Byfield as Jack Jessell
Peter De Jersey as Michael X
Rufus Dean as Young Cop
Roger Donaldson

See also: Thriller: Terminator, The

See also: Jason Statham in Snatch.

Tags: Download Movie The Bank Job, Download Film The Bank Job, Instant Movie Download The Bank Job, The Bank Job DivX Download
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