Gangs of New York

Download Gangs of New York
(action, crime, drama, history)
Download Movie Gangs of New YorkAs waves of immigrants swell the population of New York, lawlessness and corruption thrive in Manhattan's Five Points section. After years of incarceration, young Irish immigrant Amsterdam Vallon returns seeking revenge against the rival gang leader who killed his father. But Amsterdam's personal vendetta becomes part of the gang warfare that erupts as he and his fellow Irishmen fight to carve a place for themselves in their newly adopted homeland!


Leonardo DiCaprio as Amsterdam Vallon
Daniel Day-Lewis as William 'Bill/The Butcher' Cutting
Cameron Diaz as Jenny Everdeane
Jim Broadbent as William 'Boss' Tweed
Henry Thomas as Johnny Sirocco
Liam Neeson as Priest Vallon
Brendan Gleeson as Walter 'Monk' McGinn
John C. Reilly as 'Happy' Jack Mulraney
Gary Lewis as McGloin
Stephen Graham as Shang
Eddie Marsan as Killoran
Alec McCowen as Rev. Raleigh
Larry Gilliard Jr. as Jimmy Spoils
Cara Seymour as Hell-Cat Maggie
David Hemmings as Mr. Schermerhorn
Martin Scorsese

We believe Scorcese has bitten a bit more than it could possibly chew,

this time. Well, he did not. Gangs of New York is not an "epic masterpiece" and

it is not because I seriously doubt that the directors aim was that. It is a great movie
at its own expense, but we must see it in the right

The plot: Tight enough and good pace, with a few casualties (which is expected

three-hour film), but generally leaves quite neat. Some may find
disturbing, as it contains extreme violence and which does not represent a
americas happy workers, including slaves happy, wealthy and benevolent just
authorities - instead, the true portrait 1860 society. Definitely not
for those who like their movies with a lot of sugar in the top

The epic and drama: Well, basically the film is the story of two men. Some of them
things evolve and a brave new world comes forth - but only
get to see the pictures of that world. Until the last sequence, that is when

whole city "exploits" (sometimes literally ...) and

streets were covered in blood, and the two aspects (the main story and
events of the season) are tied together in the same continuum.

At the same time, the director of attempts around the portrait and the birth
growth of the United States, in a kind of parable, but without losing its

focus on the main story and the surrounding area. Scorsese is deeply immersed in

the psychology of their heroes, without giving any explanation of his acts

than likely - that allows us to figure it out ourselves, and that

is a God-given gift. The visual

: The film is disturbing, as it contains extreme violence.

There are literally streams of blood, hacking, slashing, crushing - even some
action film fans (hey dude, look, he smashed his head with that thing ...
Cool, man! ") Might find some parts of the film interesting. The last
sequence is visually striking, and is on its own
a reason to see this movie again and again ... if you got the stomach to reality
cope with the disturbing images, ie.

Actors: I did not think that would come a day when I would say that Leo Di Caprio
can act, but ... here I go: The child can act. And also quite good.
needed a Scorsese that put him on the right track. Same with Cameron Diaz
she has some possibilities, so it seems. Too bad she debris
in films such as "the sweetest thing" and pull-ups as well. And ...
Daniel Day Lewis.
Truly, these results should give the Academy Award. The
portrays the vile "Butcher" in a way that few of power, and he adds depth

a character who very easily could end up "in two dimensions." The
is incredibly good.

New York, New York: Scorsese gets involved in something that compares with

his previous work the way a little fancy sports car compared to a huge truck: < br> A
Grandioso film of epic proportions and great ambition. What makes
believe. But this movie is not universally recognized, because there

is too violence, corruption, lack of good old white vs. black
good vs. evil, I mean) concept and not sweeten the pill in any way. It
raw and disturbing, and is a great. It is not a political film - in
such, the director captures
usually a position, a "real" hero, an opposing view, and
se basa in them. In this case the director is really endistancemented

and maintaining distance, including his "hero". There are "good" people in
this film, all are acting like chess pieces in a default, but in

while trying to burst and make your own.

The verdict: A fabulous film, which will be recognized by such in some years

Well, I have just returned from seeing "Gangs of New York" in the theater, and I

have many positive things to say about this movie. It's the easiest
powerful movie I've seen this year, surpassing even the excellent "White
Laurel." I've never seen a movie portray poverty in the years 1800 and
as this movie did. It also made me feel like I was there, witnessing the
poverty and brutality. It is a film that makes us be thankful that times
as those who have passed, and for us not forget those who lived and died
during those times. It is also a film that is not afraid to show the war in its
uglyness total. Martin Scorsese finally got his point across
this movie, but not do it alone. The cast is excellent in all its
parties, not acting at all wrong here. Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz showed

that are more than pretty faces. Daniel Day-Lewis was magnificent
as "The Butcher", a character who wants both love and hate.
Quite simply the best movie I've seen all year, and I hope it will receive
nominated (and winning) many Oscars. Even if not, is a real winner in my eyes.
It's good to see that Hollywood can actually do something useful with a
budget of $ 100 per once. This was playing at the theater the same time

as "The Two Towers" ... Unfortunately, the majority of the population in the long line-up

went to see "TTT" ... surely lost because GONY have more to say in

the first 10 minutes of LOTR has to say more than 3 hours. Despite the fact that this movie is
quite long (2 hours 47 minutes), has caused me so that the time flew by
"Gangs of New York ".... A film that must not be lost!

10/10 - Higly recommended!

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The Pursuit of Happyness

Download Pursuit of Happyness, The
(biography, drama)
Download Movie The Pursuit of HappynessIn 1981, Chris Gardner was a struggling salesman in little needed medical bone density scanners while his wife toiled in double shifts to support the family including their young son, Christopher. In the face of this difficult life, Chris has the desperate inspiration to try for a stockbroker internship where one in twenty has a chance of a lucrative full time career. Even when his wife leaves him because of this choice, Chris clings to this dream with his son even when the odds become more daunting by the day. Together, father and son struggle through homelessness, jail time, tax seizure and the overall punishing despair in a quest that would make Gardner a respected millionaire.


Will Smith as Chris Gardner
Jaden Smith as Christopher
Thandie Newton as Linda
Brian Howe as Jay Twistle
James Karen as Martin Frohm
Dan Castellaneta as Alan Frakesh
Kurt Fuller as Walter Ribbon
Takayo Fischer as Mrs. Chu
Kevin West as World's Greatest Dad
George Cheung as Chinese Maintenance Worker
David Michael Silverman as Doctor at First Hospital
Domenic Bove as Tim Ribbon
Geoff Callan as Ferrari Owner
Joyful Raven as Hippie Girl
Scott Klace as Tim Brophy
Gabriele Muccino

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Layer Cake

Download Layer Cake
(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Layer CakeA successful cocaine dealer, who has earned a respected place among England's Mafia elite, plans an early retirement from the business. However, big boss Jimmy Price hands down a tough assignment: find Charlotte Ryder, the missing rich princess daughter of Jimmy's old pal Edward, a powerful construction business player and gossip papers socialite. Complicating matters are two million pounds' worth of Grade A ecstasy, a brutal neo-Nazi sect and a whole series of double crossings. The title "LAYER CAKE" refers to the layers or levels anyone in business goes through in rising to the top. What is revealed is a modern underworld where the rules have changed. There are no 'codes', or 'families' and respect lasts as long as a line. Not knowing who he can trust, he has to use all his 'savvy', 'telling' and skills which make him one of the best, to escape his own. The ultimate last job, a love interest called Tammy, and an international drug ring threaten to draw him back into the 'cake mix'. But, time is running out and the penalty will endure a lifetime..


Daniel Craig as XXXX
Tom Hardy as Clarkie
Jamie Foreman as Duke
Sally Hawkins as Slasher
Burn Gorman as Gazza
George Harris as Morty
Tamer Hassan as Terry
Colm Meaney as Gene
Marcel Iures as Slavo
Francis Magee as Paul the Boatman
Dimitri Andreas as Angelo
Kenneth Cranham as Jimmy Price
Garry Tubbs as Brian
Nathalie Lunghi as Charlie
Marvin Benoit as Kinky
Matthew Vaughn

After an art house release in the entire civilized world,
Tartan cap (LC) unexpectedly came out in our area, the Lehigh Valley,
to $ 4 theater in Easton (this was initiated as a whole second installment
theater, but in recent acclaimed indies and imports
lately, too. Somebody has a good programmer). This British import
, adapted by JJ Connolly from his novel, is a tense crime drama
that moves with the threat of an elegant tigre. Imagine the great dream of
ever so slightly more coherent plot and, as its protagonist, a prosperous
, cunning drug dealer looking to retire after one final Result
rather than hard but noble private eye Philip Marlowe. Our hero
problem is that he is a prisoner, calculating businessman in a dicey business where
surrounded by loose cannons that shoot, stab or
punch first and ask questions later. Director Matthew Vaughn has been
better known as Guy Ritchie's producer, but in his directorial debut
Vaughn is like Martin Scorsese to Ritchie's Barry Sonnenfeld (equivalent to
meant as a compliment to all concerned, I assure you). It helps that
Vaughn gives excellent performances by Daniel Craig as our cool, but
- along their head-unnamed Antiheroes (usually films and books that refuse to
name of his main character seems to me too difficult to try to be smart, but it works here
), Michael Gambon nearly stealing the show as a
cultivated, but ruthless drug angle, Colm Meaney and George interpreters THE
Harris as our protagonist partners in crime, and
Many people in Guy Ritchie's films. Sienna Miller is not that fazer far beyond being eye candy, but her eyes sweet tasty indeed. I'm as heterosexual as a girl
come, but after seeing Litho, leggy Miller
strip down to lingerie and black garters, I could not avoid thinking,
"That Jude Law is a lucky guy!" ; :-) One of the things I liked about
LC is that the protagonist, while thoughtful and competent, is never as smart as
cree que es, somehow manages to be all over the world
one step ahead of him, if only because they are all so damned unpredictable.
Although I have only seen Daniel Craig in three of his many films (the other two were
the road to perdition and shirt), he is clearly a
of those actors who never looks or sounds the that same role after role,
so if it does actually end up being the successor to Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
as rumored, it will be interesting to see how the game rates
same character in more a movie! :-) In any case, certainly
Craig at the height of the "new Steve McQueen" LC rep who has obtained from him. I
We look forward to seeing what I'll do next!
Trailers for Layer Cake left me with mixed feelings. Usually, when a trailer
need the reference to 'have done before "(in this case
Lock, Stock and snatch) when the writer or filmmaker said
has nothing to do with the project, the end result is a poor imitation.
After seeing the film, I'm more than impressed!

Layer Cake introduces us (once again) the world of
cockney gangsters and drug dealing. The drug of choice on this occasion is
Ecstacy, and by launching involves an up-and coming in the name
trade deal is launched work of one of the big names. Envoy to find
lack of a girl, and also bought and sold in a large shipment, everything seems like
easy job. However, as soon discovers, things are not always seem like
, and long before that his life is in jeopardy when the deal starts to go sour

During the first 20 minutes of the film could not decide whether it will be a
Lock, Stock, or honest (the terrible film All Saints).
The film uses the mandatory 'catchy' melodies for the past 2 decades,
and uses the same type of framing of scenes such as gender.
For the first 20 minutes, even though they were introduced quickly to
characters in the story, it is difficult to discern whether the plot was going, and even harder to
care much about the players. At the halfway point I absorbed!
The plot twists and turns in various points along, and it does
begin to care about the main character and partners around it.

cockney The film oozes cool, and although not quite on a par with the best
gender remains a worthy and very engrossing, offering
director Matthew Vaughn. Style Shooting, with a great banda sonora,
this is one of those films that thing going to be very happy, but
its partners may not feel the same way. Although not really
violent or sexist nature, this is a movie through and through lads, and is
a cake that I want another slice.

Download Layer Cake
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Download Hooligans
(crime, drama)
Download Movie HooligansUnjustly expelled from Harvard when a stash of cocaine is found in his possession, Matt (Elijah Wood) moves to London to live with his sister and her husband Steve (Marc Warren.) He is quickly introduced to Steve's chirpy, cock-sure younger brother Pete (Charlie Hunnam.) Initially, Pete is reluctant to get acquainted with Matt and allow him to tread around the capital city with him because he may be seen by others as an 'outsider', but after a heavy drinking session with him and his mates he quickly changes his opinion of him. On the way back from a football match, Matt is viciously accosted by a gang of Birmingham City thugs, until Pete and his friends step in and save him. It is from here that Matt learns the truth about Pete and his friends- they are football hooligans, operating the GSE (Green Street Elite) 'firm.' Initially afraid of the violence, Matt soon ends up becoming as desensitized to it as his new found friends- but as events roll on, suspicion, shocking revelations and unsettled scores combine to a devastating climax where London's most fierce football rivals- Millwall and West Ham United- are set to go head to head.


David Alexander as Nigel
Elijah Wood as Matt Buckner
Charlie Hunnam as Pete Dunham
Claire Forlani as Shannon Dunham
Marc Warren as Steve Dunham
Leo Gregory as Bover
Henry Goodman as Carl Buckner
Geoff Bell as Tommy Hatcher
Andrew Blair as Announcer
Rafe Spall as Swill
Kieran Bew as Ike
Brendan Charleson as John Morris
Joel Beckett as Terry
Ross McCall as Dave
Christopher Hehir as Keith
Lexi Alexander

Hopefully this movie will not be limited to receiving it as a "sport"
film, and more despectivamente to americas as a football film. Much
more than any of distinction, since it depicts the transformation
awakening of a young man as he becomes proactive rather than reactive
about life.

This transition occurs within a culture often misunderstood
"Hooligans", hordes of fanatical football fans who show a
jingoistic loyalty to their teams and location from
of which hail. The information presented in this world reveals more gang
triviality of these men do not compete for the sake of criminal
company or carnal spoils of women. Their skirmishes often brutal
, are to play in a sense of pride that reminds us that athletes
bring glory to our sport, but for some fans, the glory is the sport. That
pride, as it transmits, does well to compensate for the characterization of
drunken recklessness that could be easily evaluated to hooliganism.

--- I recommend this movie is not "soccer". It is awakening to
This is the best new film of any genre I've seen in many months.

The film actually called me into his world of neighborhood bars,
football supporters, and dirt in the cracks of reality in London. Violence
is credible, realistic, graphic and frightening. As
are the consequences of such violence. This film does not glorify vandalism, which portrays

Hooligans not preach about mob mentality, or the strength in numbers,
and does not give credence to force the person who lives up to its commitment
with his friends despite the fact that may suffer because of it.
(That is the best way I could speak without including a spoiler.)

Download Hooligans
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5. Audio and Mackie - EURO2004 - Hooligans Anthem (Clean Mix)
6. Audio and Mackie - EURO2004 - Hooligans Anthem (Explicit Mix...)
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Download Fragile
(drama, short)
Download Movie FragileA riptide occurs when 2 opposing natural currents collide. 'Fragile' is a non-conventional tale about a married woman who goes through a mid-life crisis and who finds self-liberation after an encounter with a photographer with a strange offer while her husband is on the hunt for a rapist.


Aneese Khamo as Anchorman #2
Brett Kolste Miller as Mark
Alexi Yulish as Alejandro
Sharon Hogg as Therapist
Sheree J. Wilson as Sophie
Frederic Galfo

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6. Cherrelle - Fragile
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Eight Below

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Download Planes, Trains & Automobiles
(adventure, comedy, drama)
Download Movie Planes, Trains & AutomobilesAll that Neal Page wants to do is to get home for Thanksgiving. His flight has been cancelled due to bad weather, so he decides on other means of transport. As well as bad luck, Neal is blessed with the presence of Del Griffith, Shower Curtain Ring Salesman and all-around blabbermouth, who is never short of advice, conversation, bad jokes, or company. And when he decides that he is going the same direction as Neal....


Steve Martin as Neal Page
John Candy as Del Griffith
Laila Robins as Susan Page
Michael McKean as State Trooper
Kevin Bacon as Taxi Racer
Dylan Baker as Owen
Carol Bruce as Joy Page
Olivia Burnette as Marti Page
Diana Douglas as Peg
Martin Ferrero as Second Motel Clerk
Larry Hankin as Doobie
Richard Herd as Walt
Susan Kellerman as Waitress
Matthew Lawrence as Little Neal Page
Edie McClurg as Car Rental Agent
John Hughes

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1. Justin Martin - Trains Planes And Automobiles EP-(UTR0020) Vinyl
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Download Monster
(biography, crime, drama, romance, thriller)
Download Movie MonsterA dark tale based on the true story of Aileen Wuornos, one of America's first female serial killers. Wuornos had a difficult and cruel childhood plagued by abuse and drug use in Michigan. She became a prostitute by the age of thirteen, the same year she became pregnant. She eventually moved to Florida where she began earning a living as a highway prostitute—servicing the desires of semi-truck drivers. The tale focuses on the nine month period between 1989 and 1990, during which Wuornos had a lesbian relationship with a woman named Selby. And during that very same time, she also began murdering her clientele in order to get money without using sex. This turned the tables on a rather common phenomena of female highway prostitutes being the victims of serial killers—instead Wuornos, herself, carried out the deeds of a cold-blooded killer.


Charlize Theron as Aileen
Christina Ricci as Selby
Bruce Dern as Thomas
Lee Tergesen as Vincent Corey
Pruitt Taylor Vince as Gene/Stuttering "John"
Annie Corley as Donna
Marco St. John as Evan/Undercover "John"
Marc Macaulay as Will/Daddy "John"
Scott Wilson as Horton/Last "John"
Rus Blackwell as Cop
Tim Ware as Chuck
Stephan Jones as Lawyer
Brett Rice as Charles
Kaitlin Riley as Teenage Aileen
Cree Ivey as 7-Year-Old Aileen
Patty Jenkins

Based on a true story this movie is about Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute who killed
few men that he "serviced". She was convicted in 1990 and
executed in 2002.

She is played by Charlize Theron who just incredible. It starts
just before she began murdering men and has met Selby (Christina Ricci), an adorable
lesbian who loves her. Basically
chronicles their relationship and
Wuornos leading to kill these men. She also reaccounts
his childhood and how it became a prostitute. It's more than a little depressing - is

a tragic story of a battered woman who saw the murder as the only way out. Only
three murders are shown and that is more than enough. Violence is not glorified
- is bloody and sick and is the most distressing thing I've seen in years
. Why is it so fascinating (and fear) about this movie is that

I actually began to sympathize with Wuornos! Although I could never tolerate

your actions you can see clearly what led to it. This is a rare film -
makes a serial murderer sympathetic gaze.

Theron is a wonder in this - became Wuornos (who was very unattractive
). She won
weight off his eyebrows shaved, hair color, used

contacts and dentures to change their appearance completely. Never once did I think I

was watching Theron acting - became Wuornos. Great performance -
she'll easily get the Oscar for this. Ricci is also good here. She has been
ignored in the press very well but she underplays the role of Selby and is a perfect contrast to the
Theron act. Also nice to see Bruce Dern in a small


music is used very effectively. They play the songs the time they took
(1980) so you know when this happens and also very well
actions on the screen (especially with the trip "do not stop
Believing ").

A very good movie, but a very depressing. Proceed at your own risk.
For once the Oscar went to the most deserving. I was not sure I wanted
to see this movie, but after seeing a trailer I became curious and decided to check out
. Charlize Theron totally blew me away! She
is barely recognizable and seems to be channeling Wuornos
some points. Patty Jenkins was highly praised for his writing and directing skills
too. I have rarely been so moved by a film, but this one just
cuts to the core and leaves you in the rough. Wuornos was obviously not well
, however, Jenkins provides insightful monologues that allowed me to understand and sympathize
of Wuornos. It is a sad and exciting film.
I've never felt so disturbed still riveted by a movie like this.

Download Monster
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The Descent

Download Descent, The
(action, adventure, horror, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie The DescentA woman goes on vacation with her family and friends and her husband and her daughter encounters a tragic accident. One year later she goes hiking with her friends and they get trapped in the cave. With a lack of supply, they struggle to survive and they meet strange blood thirsty creatures.


Shauna Macdonald as Sarah
Natalie Jackson Mendoza as Juno
Alex Reid as Beth
Saskia Mulder as Rebecca
MyAnna Buring as Sam
Nora-Jane Noone as Holly
Oliver Milburn as Paul
Molly Kayll as Jessica
Leslie Simpson as Crawler
Mark Smith as Crawler
Mark Cronfield as Crawler
Stephen Lamb as Crawler
Craig Conway as The Limper
Sophie Trott as Crawler
Tristan Matthiae as Crawler
Neil Marshall

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Freedom Writers

Two for the Road

About a Boy

Download About a Boy
(comedy, drama)
Download Movie About a BoyWill Freeman is a hip Londoner who one day realizes that his friends are all involved with the responsibilities of married life and that leaves him alone in the cold. Passing himself as a single father, he starts to meet a string of single mums, confident in his ability to leave them behind when they start to ask for a commitment. But Will's hope of a continued bachelorhood is interrupted when he meets 12-year old Marcus, in many ways his complete opposite.


Hugh Grant as Will
Nicholas Hoult as Marcus Brewer
Toni Collette as Fiona Brewer
Rachel Weisz as Rachel
Sharon Small as Christine
Madison Cook as Imogen
Jordan Cook as Imogen
Nicholas Hutchison as John
Ryan Speechley as Barney
Joseph Speechley as Barney
Natalia Tena as Ellie
Laura Kennington as Ellie's Friend
Tanika Swaby as Ellie's Friend
Peter McNicholl as Ellie's Friend
Christopher Webster as Ellie's Friend
Chris Weitz
Paul Weitz

Described by some as a male version of Bridget Jones Diary the
What is remarkable is that to match the description. Hugh Grant,
with an excellent script that could have been written especially for
he plays a young yuppie single confirmed several, dividing his time
in units in which to pack their meaning but without worries ,
Philandering lifestyle and disposable income. After initially discovering
unmarried mothers as a new offer of sex objects grateful, becomes
draw in a life after making friends with a young man. Avoid ending a
affected the film is one of many triumphs.
Being offered a life independent media can be a blessing in some
respect, perhaps, but it can also be the ultimate test of his character.
If you choose to use such a situation towards the end altruistic, or
at least one company that can provide some personal satisfaction, said
something about that person is. On the other hand, if one
squanders the opportunity in a totally self-absorbed, shallow existence, even more
said. And while taking the latter path may provide some interesting moments
, this is a cosmetically created, external bubble that does not serve other purposes
covering more than one empty life, and sooner or later --
anyone with even a minimum of intelligence - that the bubble is bound to burst, and if
finally occurs when the wake-up call comes, how he responds to it is the proof
Final character, which is what happens to a man in such
`About a Boy ', directed by Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz and starring Hugh Grant

As far as Will Freeman (Grant) is concerned, he has the perfect life; he
comfortable life, if not exceptional, on revenues provided by a certain type of
inheritance. On the surface, at least, he is happy. Admittedly,
however, he is the epitome of very shallow "," reflecting a
conscious and concerted effort to avoid any commitment in relationships or even
aims to reach or achieve anything at all . The
simply making life gives absolutely nothing new and has always been the contents.
But in recent times, their relations have become a bit `sticky '. Women are
becoming too demanding, too messy break-ups. It needs a new conquest, a
relationship in which it can flex its superficiality again, with a woman who
will give everything and demand nothing in return.

fortuitous circumstances to provide only what he is looking;
fortuitous, however, in a manner not realize, as it leads to a
relationship through which encounters a young man, Marcus (Nicholas Hoult
). And it is a meeting that is destined to have a huge impact on
his life, as Marcus becomes the catalyst that changes everything
perspective. For the first time, Will begins to question who he is and
what you're doing - or not - with his life.

Telling this story (adapted for the screen by Peter Hedges and
Weitz brothers, the novel by Nick Hornby) presents a challenge to the filmmakers
, in the sense that nothing really new, the history of film
is full of stories of individual epiphanies, many in the same line as
this (recently, `The Kid ', with Bruce Willis, for example). Therefore, a new
approach and presentation, including the type of actions that could
extract their players, is essential for this film to reach any
distinction. What it does, and very well. And, moreover,
success on all fronts. The screenplay is intelligent, and the characters - and especially
Marcus' mother, Fiona (Toni Collette) - are convincing
well developed. With Will, there is no sudden jump in that becomes
by the end of the movie, but comes across a gradual recognition and realization
that he is, after first establishing a point starting
that the character can grow. The same is true for Fiona. There are no detours and
set of backs that - as in real life - to prevent a direct route from point A to point B
, and create the proverbial sticky wickets along the way. Weitz and Weitz
a good pace, and most importantly, give the film its management
some real heart without falling into any melodramatic, maudlin sentimentality.
By contrast, express feelings and situations that are real and credible,
and presented in such a way that ensures the audience at any number of elements
those who can really relate.

As Will, Hugh Grant certainly gives his best performance ever.
In some respects, is similar to Grant has created other characters (mostly
Daniel particularly in `Bridget Jones's Diary '), but there is a fund to Do' s
Never before achieved, and without a doubt, this is the most
three-dimensional character fully developed yet. Grant has a natural charm
and a charismatic screen presence, but its presentation is often dyed
a bit of pretentiousness that is completely absent here. The
makes a particularly pleasant task of making the transition from Will in very real and credible
, and in the end, it is clear that this is a part of the grant
we have not seen before, with this feature , Has expanded its range as an actor
. Ultimately, it is a show with real substance, and
Will makes it a truly memorable character. The couple

Hoult Marcus convincingly brings to life and, with a very natural
performance, which manages praise for avoiding the traps
stereotype in which this character could have easily fallen.
Some credit must go to its directors, of course, but Hoult
which makes it particularly credible in the way they responded, for example,
given to certain situations that normally seem to evoke a reaction when
be represented on the screen (rather introspective its response to the taunts of his classmates
school, for example, very different from what is often portrayed in film
). And in their scenes together, and Grant Hoult strike a chord
reality that finally ensures the overall success of this film

The supporting cast includes Rachel Weisz (Rachel), Elizabeth Brook (Angie),
Sharon Small (Christine), Victoria Smurfit (Suzie) and Nat Gastiain Tena
(Ellie) . Entertaining and insightful, "About a Boy 'gives a real
new perspective to an item of the human condition that has been
explored before, but rarely in the most effective way. The Weitz Brothers
make the theme of his film accessible to a wider audience, and in a manner that is
attractive and successful. This film will be a pleasant surprise for many who see it
, in the sense that it offers a lot more than most
wait. And that's the magic of cinema. 9 / 10.

Download About a Boy
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Midnight Run

Download Midnight Run
(action, adventure, comedy, thriller)
Download Movie Midnight RunJack Walsh is a former cop from Chicago, who was framed by criminal he was investigating and about to arrest. He is now a bounty hunter based in Los Angeles. His boss wants him to find, Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas, an accountant, who was working for Las Vegas mobster, who stole millions of dollars from him and gave it away. His boss was the one who bailed him out, and now unless he can get him back in L.A. in the next 5 days, he will forfeit the bond and be placed out of business. So he sends Jack to get him, which is Midnight Run or easy job in the bail bond business. Except for the fact that the man The Duke stole the money from, wants to get him, and he is also the same man who framed Jack. And also the FBI wants to get Mardukas so that they can use him to get his boss, so they warn Walsh not to get in their way. But Walsh nevertheless finds The Duke and is about bring him back but when Mardukas claims that he has difficulty with flying the airline throws them out of the plane, so they have to go back on the road. When Walsh's boss, learns that he didn't arrive when he was suppose to, he sends another bounty hunter, Marvin, who is Jack's greatest adversary, to get Mardukas. And when Marvin cancels Walsh's card, they don't have enough funds to make it all the way, so they have to scrape everything they have. And it doesn't help that Mardukas is doing everything he can to escape, cause he says that his former boss can get him even in jail.


Robert De Niro as Jack Walsh
Charles Grodin as Jonathan Mardukas
Yaphet Kotto as FBI Agent Alonzo Mosely
John Ashton as Marvin Dorfler
Dennis Farina as Jimmy Serrano
Joe Pantoliano as Eddie Moscone
Richard Foronjy as Tony Darvo
Robert Miranda as Joey
Jack Kehoe as Jerry Geisler
Wendy Phillips as Gail
Danielle DuClos as Denise Walsh
Philip Baker Hall as Sidney
Tom McCleister as Bill 'Red' Wood
Mary Gillis as Bus Ticket Clerk
John Toles-Bey as Monroe Bouchet
Martin Brest

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6. Max Coveri - Run To The Sun - Midnight Radio
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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Download Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
(action, adventure, comedy, fantasy)
Download Movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's ChestCaptain Jack Sparrow's life is in debt to the legendary Davey Jones, Captain of the Flying Dutchmen who are supernatural warriors out for blood. Facing possible eternal damnation, Jack must save himself with help from Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, who must come to Jack's aid.


Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Orlando Bloom as Will Turner
Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann
Jack Davenport as Norrington
Bill Nighy as Davy Jones
Jonathan Pryce as Governor Weatherby Swann
Lee Arenberg as Pintel
Mackenzie Crook as Ragetti
Kevin McNally as Gibbs
David Bailie as Cotton
Stellan Skarsg??rd as Bootstrap Bill
Tom Hollander as Cutler Beckett
Naomie Harris as Tia Dalma
Martin Klebba as Marty
David Schofield as Mercer
Gore Verbinski

Let me begin by saying how much I loved the first film PotC. I adored
. It is not on my list of favorite movies of all time, but I still adored
. Johnny Depp was brilliant, the story was fun, was immensely entertaining
, although Orlando Bloom does not annoy me as much as
customarily does. But this thing? People are comparing the
Empire Strikes? This movie broke records Revenge of the Sith
and Spiderman? Two films that are really good?

Instead of comparing Dead Man's Chest for The Empire Strikes Back (
my favorite movie of all time), I would compare it to the Temple of Doom. This is far
as good as the first film and
relied too much on special effects and "serious" moments. Disney made the mistake that
studies often do when they have a huge success with an action
film was supposed to be the special effects that people liked, not
history or the characters. Where was my beloved Captain Jack? The
the film was two and a half hours long. You might think that you have put in more
, but no. His character is also a rather
dimension in this film, having almost no compunction to abandon their friends and
such. The plot is contrived and simply stupid. Half the time I had
no earthly idea what was happening. In fact, the friend who saw the film with
kept poking me in the arm and ask, "Wait ... what's happening? "

And I began to villain. It was a freaking octopus. All
the CGI are used for different things did not seem so concerned.
They were not frightening at all. What about Davy Jones why? Why
Want Captain Jack's soul so much? I was totally confused.

Lastly, what's with all the romance between Isabel and Jack?
What about? I know that any woman in their right mind will probably choose
Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom during any day, but this makes the
romance between Will and Elizabeth in the first movie quite useless. And their romance was
most of the plot in the first film.

So basically hated this movie. Not bad offensive, however,
and not as bad as the Temple of Doom (What is it?) I was laughing throughout the whole thing
at its absolute stupidity. Frankly, however,
I would rather be disappointed again X3.

Which is very sad.
This had to be absolutely wonderful. Usually, a lot of films that have
a second or third tend to ruin the first one, and it certainly does not
. It is one hundred percent better than the first,
actually. It is action packed, fun, and it is people who
not wait, I was still my jaw dropping all the time! If
liked Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, you're going to have
love this one too. Of course, Johnny Depp's wonderful
continues to act as the last one, as well as Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley
. The effects are quite impressive and keeps you on the edge of your seat
. I suggest, however, if you have not seen the first
one, you need to see before going to see this otherwise ..
you're going to be a "little" CLUELESS in some parts. The film makes a total
justice and I would like to see again and again!

Download Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Download Who Framed Roger Rabbit
(animation, comedy, family, fantasy, mystery)
Download Movie Who Framed Roger RabbitRoger Rabbit is a cartoon character who (along with many others) exists along side of real humans. Eddy is a private eye who has seen better days and has been on the skids since the death of his brother at the hands of a Toon (cartoon character). Rogers' boss hires Eddy to see if his sexy wife has other male interests, but things get out of hand as Roger is framed for murder with no one but the Toon hating Eddy to go to for help.


Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant
Christopher Lloyd as Baron von Rotton a.k.a. "Judge Doom"
Joanna Cassidy as Dolores
Charles Fleischer as Roger Rabbit/Benny The Cab/Greasy/Psycho
Stubby Kaye as Marvin Acme
Alan Tilvern as R.K. Maroon
Richard LeParmentier as Lt. Santino
Lou Hirsch as Baby Herman
Betsy Brantley as Jessica's Performance Model
Joel Silver as Raoul (Director)
Paul Springer as Augie
Richard Ridings as Angelo
Edwin Craig as Arthritic Cowboy
Lindsay Holiday as Soldier
Mike Edmonds as Stretch
Robert Zemeckis

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The Abyss

Download Abyss, The
(action, adventure, drama, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie The AbyssAn American nuclear submarine is attacked (during the cold war) and crashes underwater. The navy asks the workers of a nearby underwater oil rig who are joined by a number of navy SEALS to locate and investigate the cause of the crash. As the crew embark on their mission, they encounter a number of difficulties and discover that they may not be alone. There is something else down there.


Ed Harris as Virgil 'Bud' Brigman
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Lindsey Brigman
Michael Biehn as Lt. Coffey
Leo Burmester as Catfish De Vries
Todd Graff as Alan 'Hippy' Carnes
John Bedford Lloyd as Jammer Willis
J.C. Quinn as Arliss 'Sonny' Dawson
Kimberly Scott as Lisa 'One Night' Standing
Captain Kidd Brewer Jr. as Lew Finler
George Robert Klek as Wilhite
Christopher Murphy as SEAL Team Member Schoenick
Adam Nelson as SEAL Team Member Ensign Monk
Dick Warlock as Dwight Perry
Jimmie Ray Weeks as Leland McBride
J. Kenneth Campbell as DeMarco
James Cameron

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The Railway Children

Download Railway Children, The
(drama, family)
Download Movie The Railway ChildrenThe film opens in a happy, comfortable upper middle-class home in Victorian London. One night the three children see their father usher two strangers into his study. After an argument he leaves with them and does not return. They and their mother fall on hard times and eventually move to a cottage in the country. Yet they keep their spirits up and find ways to help others. Fascinated by the nearby railroad, they wave to the passengers faithfully every day, and their vigilance and courage prevent an accident. Their kindness makes friends of some important people who can help solve the mystery of their missing father.


Dinah Sheridan as Mrs. Waterbury
Bernard Cribbins as Albert Perks
William Mervyn as Old Gentleman
Iain Cuthbertson as Charles Waterbury
Jenny Agutter as Bobbie Waterbury
Sally Thomsett as Phyllis Waterbury
Gary F. Warren as Peter Waterbury
Peter Bromilow as Doctor
Gordon Whiting as Russian
Ann Lancaster as Ruth
Beatrix Mackey as Aunt Emma
Deddie Davies as Mrs. Perks
Christopher Witty as Jim
David Lodge as Bandmaster
Brenda Cowling as Mrs. Viney
Lionel Jeffries

See also: Drama: Godfather, The

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The Godfather: Part III

Download Godfather: Part III, The
(crime, drama)
Download Movie The Godfather: Part IIIIn the final instalment of the Godfather Trilogy, an aging Don Michael Corleone seeks to legitimize his crime family's interests and remove himself from the violent underworld but is kept back by the ambitions of the young. While he attempts to link the Corleone's finances with the Vatican, Michael must deal with the machinations of a hungrier gangster seeking to upset the existing Mafioso order and a young protoge's love affair with his daughter.


Al Pacino as Don Michael Corleone
Diane Keaton as Kay Adams Michelson
Talia Shire as Connie Corleone-Rizzi
Andy Garcia as Don Vincent 'Vinnie' Mancini-Corleone
Eli Wallach as Don Altobello
Joe Mantegna as Joey Zasa
George Hamilton as B.J. Harrison
Bridget Fonda as Grace Hamilton
Sofia Coppola as Mary Corleone
Raf Vallone as Cardinal Lamberto
Franc D'Ambrosio as Anthony Vito Corleone/Turiddu (sequence 'Cavalleria Rusticana')
Donal Donnelly as Archbishop Gilday
Richard Bright as Al Neri
Francis Ford Coppola

"The Godfather III" is a beautiful film, visually wonderful, and
great importance, completing the tragic saga of the Corleone family ...
They are so tempting these Byzantine intrigue: Partnering with betrayed
violence; murderers dressed as priests; knives and poison invading
opera; someone in the deepest shadows, always whispering
devious means. ..

Coppola's intention was clearly aimed at offering a story of redemption
... Nominated for 7 Academy Awards, the film reflects the masterly
Coppola film making ... Fascinating

threads of continuity support this illusion: The bridesmaid
(Jeannie Linero) that had a hasty meeting with Sonny
in the first film, now makes an important appearance as the mother of
a vibrant new character, a suitable successor to Michael, the godfather of the future
Vincent Mancini (Andy García).

Vincent, strong, focused and loyal, shares his father's hot temper ...
He is the most suitable heir to the family business ... His desire for a
life of crime is driven by its desire to destroy a more vile bandit named Joey
ZAS beautifully played by Joe Mantegna ...

Connie (Talia Shire), tries to push his brother to take under his tutelage
Vincent ... Eventually, Michael-a man obsessed by the death of Fredo,
his separation from his wife, his estrangement from his children-
realizes he can never really leave his life of crime ...
We feel his frustration when he says, "Just when I think I'm in good condition,
pull me back in."

Concerned about their children and the fate of their empire, Michael
is torn between two characters: their warm daughter Mary (
Sophia Coppola), who likes a lot, and Vincent, who sees the death of
his enemies as the only answer to every question ... There are also

Kay (Diane Keaton), which remains the woman who loves, and
mother of her beloved sons ... The family is crucial for Michael ...
His children are his reason to live ... In his words: "The only wealth in this word is
childhood ... They are my treasure. "

Michael Anthony wants to be a lawyer ... Kay defends his son
aspiration to be an opera singer ... The best scenes in the film are
between this charming couple, passionately tied to a fight that
began some time ago that when a wedding party official
innocent and a gentleman told his girlfriend not Italian, was not on their side
family business ...

The film has a great cast of supporting actors: Talia Shire,
deliciously evil, and his nephew always counseling on how to get in
Michael is well thanks, Eli Wallach The talent
peace with a stone in his shoe, Raf Vallone, the wise priest true; Franc D'Ambrosio,
the artist's voice in "Cavalleria Rusticana" Donal Donnelly,
Fallen archbishop, George Hamilton, attorney for the family; Helmut Berger,
missing Banking God; Richard Bright who heads to Rome to "light a candle
by the archbishop," Franco Citti, the former bodyguard;
Mario Donatone, "As in the hole," Bridget Fonda, sexy reporter;
Al Martino, the Hollywood singing idol, and John Savage, the priest with an assignment in
Italy ...

brilliant shots and unforgettable sequences:

- The opening sequence in which the camera moves over the rubble of the Corleone
of holiday homes in the Lake ...

- The helicopter attack on Michael and a group of elderly Dons
across the transom of a hotel banquet room in Atlantic City, New Jersey ..

- The trap and murder of a "small-time executor" in the streets of
'Little Italy' by a false police ...

- The beautiful scene in which a Cardinal kindly
heard the confession of a penitent, desperate for acquittal ...

- Anthony dedicating a sweet song to his father ( "La Terra Brucio"), and
while Michael was listening to the melody, was recalled his first
beautiful and wonderful girlfriend. ..

- The natural landscape of Sicily ...

- The opera spectacular end that converts the expectations of Michael
in an inferno of mob violence ...

- The cry that allows out that night in the stairwell ...

- The penalty ... The terrible phrase ...

Coppola's first two Godfather movies is a work of art ... More
famous for his excellent performance and deep character studies,
beautiful photography and choreography, authentic recreation of the era, and
Result rich ...

"The Godfather III" is a mesmerizing film worthy of being taken on its own terms
... This document lays the seeds for a complex financial scandal involving the Bank
Vatican and the mysterious death of Pope John Paul I in 1978
Many believed that the series is completed in 1974. Even Francis Ford Coppola
thought it was unlikely another share. However, in 1990,
some 16 years later, "The Godfather, Part III" was released with the results
that few could have received. The film was not very successful at the box office and
many did see the film says "ho-hum." Critics also were indifferent
by one degree. A Christmas release would create enough steam to the film
to achieve a better picture nomination and seven nominations for all the
Academy (which did not win any good). Of course, "dancing with wolves"
dominated the night and that the film along with "Goodfellas" are considered
kind of acts that year. Why has "The Godfather, Part III" following a failed
like its two predecessors (Parts I & II)? I'm not sure I can answer that question
. Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) is becoming an elder
and his health is deteriorating slowly. He wants the family to become 100%
legitimate and even makes an agreement to link their finances to the Vatican.
But Michael has become a bit naive and all crossings double him. Now
seems that the only solution is to revert to the old ways. More
younger sister Connie (Talia Shire) cree that Michael has grown soft and
Santino's (James Caan of the first film), illegitimate child must have control
(Andy García, for his Oscar-nominated performanece). He is ambitious and has the
short fuse that his late father had and this will lead to
fireworks for the family. Also, Michael begins to see the
teenage daughter (Sofia Coppola, Francis Ford of real-life daughter) and a romance blooms. Meanwhile
crime chiefs Eli Wallach Joe Mantegna and represent a threat to
Corleone. Kaye (Diane Keaton) has been divorced herself and her son Michael
(Franc D'Ambrosio) has a little face with it. Michael's health takes
turn for the worse since it actually goes into a diabetic coma for a while
during the movie and when it does recover (though not completely) begins to reflect on a
the loss of life. The order of the death of Fredo (John Cazale)
in the second term and his wife's murder in the Sicilian original haunt
Michael and he tries to get to terms with his life but learns a
Catholic cardinal, while in Sicily it deserves all the suffering that
experiences and realizes that their suffering will be even greater in the future
. In fact, there will be a final which will be the "fatal
nail in the coffin" for Michael. "The Godfather, Part III" focuses on Michael and
so unique to the series. The first two
sport so many rich characters that it was impossible to concentrate on one. This film
might be better described as "Reflections of a life of loss". The film is excellent and
although it's likely the weakest of the three when compared
is somewhat unfair to put all three "Godfather" movies together because
can fend for itself . Great movies at its own stand and "
The Godfather, Part III" does just that. 5 of 5 stars.

Download Godfather: Part III, The
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The Hudsucker Proxy

Download Hudsucker Proxy, The
(comedy, drama, fantasy, romance)
Download Movie The Hudsucker ProxyWhen Waring Hudsucker, head of hugely successful Hudsucker Industries, commits suicide, his board of directors, led by Sidney Mussberger, comes up with a brilliant plan to make a lot of money: appoint a moron to run the company. When the stock falls low enough, Sidney and friends can buy it up for pennies on the dollar, take over the company, and restore its fortunes. They choose idealistic Norville Barnes, who just started in the mail room. Norville is whacky enough to drive any company to ruin, but soon, tough reporter Amy Archer smells a rat and begins an undercover investigation of Hudsucker Industries.


Tim Robbins as Norville Barnes
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Amy Archer
Paul Newman as Sidney J. Mussburger
Charles Durning as Waring Hudsucker
John Mahoney as Chief Editor Manhattan Argus
Jim True-Frost as Buzz the Elevator Operator
Bill Cobbs as Moses the Clock Man
Bruce Campbell as Argus Reporter Smitty
Harry Bugin as Mussburger's Spy Aloysius
John Seitz as Bennie the Cabbie
Joe Grifasi as Lou the Cabbie
Roy Brocksmith as Board Member
John Wylie as Board Member
I.M. Hobson as Board Member
Gary Allen as Board Member
Joel Coen
Ethan Coen

The Coens make Capra, with his inimitable style and ingenuity. More specifically, this is the
innocent hick in the big city corrupt thing Smith, Mr
know the facts and John Doe, with Tim Robbins as an adequate substitute for
lanky Jimmy Stewart and Gary Cooper, and a wonderful talk fast
tomboy Journées turn of Jennifer Jason Leigh. Paul Newman is equally
fantastic as the evil corporate bigwig, and the story of a Patsy
turn the tables on their handlers through their own naivete and innocence is perfectly
packed with moments of inspiration, wonderfully fantastic staging
nut dialogue, good music and bright streak of madness
operation across all Coens' work magic. It makes my "top ten of the decade"
safely, that beauty can only mature and grow in stature over time

Download Hudsucker Proxy, The
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Tags: Download Movie The Hudsucker Proxy, Download Film The Hudsucker Proxy, Instant Movie Download The Hudsucker Proxy, The Hudsucker Proxy DivX Download

Three Days of the Condor

Download Three Days of the Condor
Download Movie Three Days of the CondorA mild mannered CIA researcher, paid to read books, returns from lunch to find all of his co-workers assassinated. "Condor" must find out who did this and get in from the cold before the hitmen get him.


Robert Redford as Joseph Turner/The Condor
Faye Dunaway as Kathy Hale
Cliff Robertson as J. Higgins
Max von Sydow as G. Joubert
John Houseman as Wabash
Addison Powell as Leonard Atwood
Walter McGinn as Sam Barber
Tina Chen as Janice Chon
Michael Kane as S.W. Wicks
Don McHenry as Dr. Ferdinand Lappe
Michael B. Miller as Fowler
Jess Osuna as The Major
Dino Narizzano as Harold
Helen Stenborg as Mrs. Edwina Russell
Patrick Gorman as Martin
Sydney Pollack

Three Days of the Condor is a classic espionage thriller with a little twisted
takes place within the U.S. There are striking local, not super-hero
types, and not threatening ultra-bad guys who spew affected dialogue instead
have an ordinary man (Robert Redford) battling for his life in a strange
situation. This is similar to Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest in its
theme and intensity and that Sydney Pollack pulled out

Robert Redford stars as Joseph Turner a "reader" of the CIA who is
himself within after everyone in his office is murdered. Pollack
wisely allows us to share in Turner's horror and confusion to the search for his dead
coworkers. We witness his struggle to protect its fragile and
call to the headquarters of the CIA, as he needs to be input
The wheels start turning and it seems that everything is resolved, fast and secure, but < br> things do not go as planned. After a firefight in the streets, Turner
is seen as a potential agent of transmission of the picaresque in it more. Now everyone is
to obtain from it. Only through quick, imaginative thinking and survival instincts
Turner can stay ahead of those who are out to kill him.

In a desperate moment of improvisation, Turner kidnaps Faye Dunaway
to evade their pursuers. This in turn allows us to take another order
Redford's character for us and offer a different intensity, an intensity sexual
to the film. Again, this is somewhat reminiscent of Cary Grant meeting
Eva Marie Saint on the train in North by Northwest. But this story has an advantage over
Dunaway and it has the greatest depth of character and purpose that we
possible to imagine. She acquiesced to his captor as the demands of trafficking in
understand him and quickly learns to appreciate him and the situation is

in. Through the help of Dunaway, Redford was lets meet with the man (Cliff Robertson
) cree that he is pulling the strings inside the CIA. The story becomes more cerebral
as we learned why the office was Turner who was beaten and
behind him. Moreover, we understand how really just the nature of Redford
really is. The public is maintained through guessing until the end
on whether or not the character of Redford will survive.

This is a movie that offers action and excitement, along with a strong
solid plot and characters. Max von Sydow is excellent as Joubert, a
sophisticated, calculating, even-keeled murderer who is doing just what he is paid
be done. Redford shines as a man whose entire world is thrown into disarray
violent forcing him to fight for their survival.
His ability to project their thoughts and concerns through their actions and facial expressions
the public to it.

While this movie does not have the overwhelming feeling paranoid that a cree
The film, as Parallax View, is elegant and convincing, and a
intriguing film. Sydney Pollack does not fill the scenes with deep shadows
hard and camera angles, as some would do. Instead, most of this story has
place in broad daylight, which increases the tension.
There is no easy place to hide, no dark doors in duck, not an intensification of characters
of fog when least expect. Like Hitchcock, Pollack knows that
exposing his hero to daylight him to leave his pursuers.
The audience is pulled to the right along with the character of Redford and
can not let go until we know we are safe.
10 of 10. And took about 5 seconds to decide on
This is simply a brilliant film. It is very intelligent, do not feel like he has
to explain everything that happens again and again. And the story here
is so deep and well-structured that it is possible to find alternate
several films in the main it could almost all work as well as the final product

It may not be perfect films, but Three Days of the Condor
is as close to perfect as any film of the modern era.

Download Three Days of the Condor
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