100 million BC

Download 100 million BC
Download Movie 100 million BCA scientist from the failed Philadelphia Experiment leads a team of Navy SEALs back in time to the Cretaceous Period to rescue the first team he sent back during the 1940s. Things go wildly awry though, when on his return he accidentally brings a giant, man-eating dinosaur back through the portal and into modern-day, downtown Los Angeles.


Michael Gross as Dr. Frank Reno
Christopher Atkins as Erik Reno
Greg Evigan as LCDR Ellis Dorn
Stephen Blackehart as Lt. Robert Peet
Geoff Meed as CPO Lopes
Dean Kreyling as Chief 'Bud' Stark
Wendy Carter as Betty
Marie Westbrook as Ruth
Phil Burke as Stubbs
Nick McCallum as Burke
Aaron Stigger as Manriquez
Daniel Ponsky as Jones
James Viera as Przyzicki
Gregory Paul Smith as Scientist
John Karyus as Scientist
Griff Furst

A bunch of laughs, but I am not sure if that was the intention. The cheap
CGI dinosaurs are usually the best players. Their counterparts are generally human
wood so that you think they are the CGI characters.

Time travel stories are often amusing, if done right. There is actually a
story arc that had potential, raising questions about the paradoxes of
"change history" that are the fodder of these flicks, but never
develops these ideas. The only thing plays with a lot of no-name characters
get croaked. Some guy loses some friends at a time
issuance of travel, so it takes some card-board cut-out "soldiers" with
him in the past to make a ransom. The blood and guts are everywhere, a plant that sprouts
acid (left over from an unfinished "Alien" sequel), T-Rex
always to swallow a person as a whole , Etc. At the luncheon
dino attacks, the victim disappears magically CGI in heaven
an instant before the dino chomps him. Even cheap

dinos are fun to watch, though, so the film is fun to see
with the right frame of mind. However, (mild spoilers follow ** **)
dumb scene that rips off the brunt of Jurassic Park II
frankly idiotic. I love the mix of CGI, where traffic appeared normal
outside the presence of a 25-foot rampaging beast with big teeth. And the team
pursued by the whole thing standing in the middle, while shouting insults at
sophomoric: classic.

best picture, with popcorn and a good sense of humor.

Download 100 million BC
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Day of the Dead

Download Day of the Dead
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Day of the DeadWhen the world is overrun by the flesh hungry dead a small group of survivors head to an underground military bunker in a last ditch effort to stay alive.


Kent Jude Bernard as Zombie
Nick Cannon as Salazar
Neil D'Monte as Zombie
Pat Kilbane as Dr. Engel
Brian La Rosa as Man in the Woods
Ian McNeice as D.J. Paul
Isaac Meisenheimer as Fire zombie
Jason Miller as Zombie
Robert Rais as Mr. Leitner
Jeffrey Reddick as Deputy
Ving Rhames as Captain Rhodes
Matt Rippy as Dr. Logan
Stark Sands as Bud Crain
Luke Sexton as Zombie
Hugh Skinner as Kyle
Steve Miner

Day of the Dead (1985) was the third film in the "Dead" series.
For a while this was going to be the last chapter until
recent events have changed the mind of the creator of the series George A. Romero. While
is going to be a large company budgeted for Romero and Laurel Films, a small budget
and some extras limited the scope of
director's vision for this film. But like all good film makers who made do with what had
around him and made a bleak and depressing film.

society is dead. Zombies have invaded the lives and survival
can only be found in very small quantities. One of these groups are
bunkers inside an old underground bomb shelter. Survivors in this
underground military installation have been divided into three groups:
soldiers, scientists and civilian employees. Stress, tension and sexual
dire situation have divided the group further apart. The dead
have grown in number and outside of declining supplies have made
all desperate. But inside the base is their order. But what will happen
that collapses?

The third film of the series is not as big as the second movie, but
is a good movie. Performances of the actors can be uncomfortable and
tight budget limits the director's vision but still achieves a
very depressing and frightening horror film. Savini and company have made
the gore more realistic and nauseating. Gone is the
cartoonish blood and gore effects affected. State-of-the-art sprinkle
effects have included adding a new element to this impressive trilogy.
I have to strongly recommend this movie. If you love the first two, you
definitely enjoy this facility is the only
trilogy of films!

highly recommended!
A group of survivors emphasized, composed of soldiers and civilians,
share an underground military bunker surrounded by a growing number of
zombies. When the commander of the base dies, the tyrannical captain
Rhodes (Joe Pilate) took his place and friction with the scientific team
reached unmanageable levels. Meanwhile, Dr.
Logan (Richard Liberty), the leader of scientists, develops a kind
affection to zombie Bub (Sherman Howard),
showing signs of madness. Sarah (Lori Cardillo), the helicopter pilot John (Terry
Alexander) and his friend William alcoholic (Jarlath Conroy) are the only people
lucid, are threatened by the rest of the survivors and the zombies
. 'Day of the Dead "is a great celebration of George Romero
trilogy. Yesterday I saw again, perhaps
for the fourth or fifth time, and I found a very claustrophobic story, having excellent special effects
unpleasant. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Day Two Mortos' ( 'Day of the Dead')

Download Day of the Dead
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2. Alice Cooper - Zipper Catches Skin - I'm Alive (That Was the Day My Dead Pet Returned to Save My Life)
3. Amoebic Dysentery - Mongoloid Metal - Happy Dead Mothers Day
4. And Oceans - Cypher - Opaque: The Morning I Woke Up Dead: Today Is The Day
5. And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Madonna - Day the Air Turned Blue
6. And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - So Divided - Eight Day Hell


Download Cloverfield
(action, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie CloverfieldRevolves around a monster attack in New York as told from the point of view of a small group of people.


Michael Stahl-David as Rob Hawkins
Mike Vogel as Jason Hawkins
Lizzy Caplan as Marlena Diamond
Jessica Lucas as Lily Ford
T.J. Miller as Hud
Odette Yustman as
Matt Reeves

So, I went to an exhibition of 5 p.m. Cloverfield today. It's pretty good.
I find the characters to be very human and very well developed over
the course of history. The special effects are excellent, with very few
"oh $#!@" moments.

be warned: If Blair Witch Project has made him nausea, then I would not recommend
Cloverfield. * The entire movie is filmed in the "hand-cam"
style of the trailer - but in my opinion, works better here than in
Blair Witch. Helped noted that the film and
make you feel like you were there, and he made the most convincing CGI.

Very intense film.
Hey, ten bucks and two hours of his life to blow? Why not try
Cloverfield! If you like the proposal to induce disease, handheld, close-up,
- can not concentrate on anything-in-movies (aka, none of Michael Bay), then
this is a film for you and your six seconds of attention! Wait ...
what was I saying? Oh yeah, there is this thing growing
Manhattan. Nobody knows what the hell is just there.
In the meantime, all the crap monster interrupted an episode very special
Dawson's Creek, you know, one of Spain's Dawson will stop
Japan and is in the Joey party who has been sleeping around
him? Well, now that the image, filmed with his dad to the Handycam
midst of a Godzilla movie. It is a great sh! You sandwich alongside
either side by two slices of bread with mold. That is how sweet and satisfying a
this movie is.

But hey, at the bright side, everyone died and that made me smile.

This is a big-budget film-C, while that may sound like something
entertaining for fans of films shlock, believe me when I say that it is not
. Give me Godzilla vs. Mothra any day during this steaming pile.
At least these films have heart.

Download Cloverfield
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Pistol Whipped


Download Conspiracy
Download Movie ConspiracyA seasoned senior enlisted special operations (spec ops) United States Marine is wounded during combat operations in Iraq. He is retired from the Marine Corps and visits a friend on a ranch in the south west. When he arrives he discovers his friend has disappeared and no one will even admit to knowing of him.


Val Kilmer as
Gary Cole as Rhodes
Jennifer Esposito as Joanna
Jay Jablonski as Deputy Foster
Greg Serano as Miguel Silva
Stacy Marie Warden as Carly
Christopher Gehrman as E.B.
Bob Rumnock as Sherrif Bock
Steve Pena as Francisco
Anthony Jordan Atler as Reinol
Keanu Briones as Juan Miguel
Scott Burkett as Deputy Jefferson
Burly Cain as Bodyguard Cowboy
Reynaldo Cantu as General
Tone Forrest as Beggar
Marcus Adams

The Conspiracy was premiered on HBO in 2001 and focuses on the infamous Wannsee conference
, where fifteen senior officials of Nazi Germany
government and military developed the ultimate solution to the problem
Jews in Europe. The meeting took place in a beautiful house in rural
Germany, where food and wine is served, and ideas were born.

This film is the best World War II era film I've seen,
and one of the best movies I've seen, period. The cast is mostly unknown, but
out any act of all-star cast of Hollywood has ever produced. Kenneth Branaugh
offers excellent performance as Heydrich, head of the table to
the meeting. Endangering people with a smile on his face, and
barely bats an eye while talking to kill thousands of people.
Stanley Tucci is also great as part of the planner Eichmann, who created the
entire meeting, from the venue of the food items. The manner in which
account the number of Jews who can be exterminated aa
specified period of time is frankly creepy. The list also includes a great tour
Colin Firth, a lawyer and teacher who thinks the
systematic slaughter of Jews is bad for the future of Germany, and Ian McNiece, which plays an odious and
Officers fun.

The dialogue is intelligent, witty, and cooling, and contains some JABs
in all parts of the larger war in Earth's history. This is a great movie
to show a history class, before seeing a lot of war movies, or if
only have an interest in the war. It teaches a lot more about
the time Saving Private Ryan (great movie, but it really
unilateral), and has the best acting this side of
This is a very well done and memorable movie that you chills to the bone as
you hear a group of men sometimes happy to discuss the genocide!
There are excellent performances by a cast with some well known, familiar names, but
Stanley Tucci as Eichmann and Kenneth Branagh as Heydrich in particular
brightness. Given the history of the two men who portray (none of them terribly
pleasant, but timely, nor were their ends), the performances are all the more disturbing
his understated nature. An excellent film. Majority
highly recommended.

Download Conspiracy
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Army of the Dead

Download Army of the Dead
Download Movie Army of the DeadIn the spirit of "Army of Darkness" comes this incredible chiller following a college professor as he leads his students on an archeological expedition in Baja, Mexico. After unexpectedly unleashing an ancient curse, they find themselves battling hordes of skeletal warriors who were once associates of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado.


Ross Kelly as John Barnes
Stephanie Marchese as Amy
Miguel Martinez as Degama
Mike Hatfield as Fred
Vic Browder as Kittridge
Jocelyn Tucker as Kristen
Audrey Anderson as Jenny
Malcolm Madera as Tobias
Casey Messer as Alicia
Matt Comacho as Rodrigo
Jason E. Hill as Graham
Jeff Mocho as Jack Johnson
Joseph Conti

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5. Manowar - Gods of War - Army of the dead, Part I
6. Manowar - Gods of War - Army of the dead, Part II


Download Untraceable
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie UntraceableA secret service agent, Jennifer Marsh, gets caught in a very personal and deadly cat-and-mouse game with a serial killer who knows that people (being what they are - both curious and drawn to the dark side of things) will log onto an "untraceable" website where he conducts violent and painful murders LIVE on the net. The more people who log on and enter the website, the quicker and more violently the victim dies.


Diane Lane as Jennifer Marsh
Colin Hanks as
Billy Burke as
Joseph Cross as
Mary Beth Hurt as
Tim De Zarn as Michael
Daniel Liu as Detective Tom Moy
Jodi Altendorf as Detective
Brian Benjamin as Police Officer
John Breen as Richard Weymouth
Billy Burke as
Dan Callahan as Trey Restrom
Joseph Cross as
Ryan Deal as Officer Wone
Gray Eubank as Ray
Gregory Hoblit

This story of a murderer using crazy hits on a website to "help" him
in his murder is a refreshing high-tech twist in what I call the
"killer-thriller" kind of movie . Not all computers and incomprehensible
is understandable for those of us - like me - who are not computer geniuses
, but the main plot points or breakthrough - the eye blinks for
one, the early use of what it really is the GM OnStar system in his SUV
by another - are carefully planted and credible.

is irrelevant to whom Diane Lane is married in real life, or that his mother-in-law
.... is what matters is that their performance is superior
flight. She allows the department makeup avoid glamorizing it, and she
comes to be very convincing as a 40-something professional woman
highly competent in their work. I'm not a big fan of it (his memory
miscast role in the stink "is dogs", but now I'm digressing, I'm sorry
), but their performance is superior and nuanced flight.

refreshingly, the filmic style is even vaguely evocative of those
wonderful 1940 film Noirs, with nights of rain and generally
dark patina. I hear Portland is a cold, rainy city, in order to set the story
there was a wise move for atmosphere.

Some other writers have already made the point that it is somewhat surprising
how the "bad boy" is sooo competent, and even hacks of his Saab engine
computer .... but, hey, maybe its possible and even if not yet
the film gives an exciting sequence.

It is not a masterpiece, but much worth seeing ....

Download Untraceable
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27 Dresses

Download 27 Dresses
(comedy, romance)
Download Movie 27 DressesAfter serving as a bridesmaid 27 times, a young woman wrestles with the idea of standing by her sister's side as her sibling marries the man she's secretly in love with.


Roger Dillingham Jr. as Little league parent
Jason Anthony as The Groom
Shaun Aponik as Wedding Guest
Edward Brady as Cool Bar Dude
Edward Burns as George
Josh Casaubon as
David Castro as Pedro
Kevin Cirone as Little League Attendee
Bern Cohen as Rabbi Cohen
Thaddeus Daniels as Jane's Neighbor
Sujoy De as Groomsman
Brian D. Evans as Wedding Guest
Les Gardonyi as Executive
David J. Garfield as Limo Driver
James Granville as Waiter
Anne Fletcher

For many, the plot of this movie feels renewed and formulas. Jane
(Katherine Heigl) is the people-pleaser century. A little girl pretty
thorns that can not say no to anyone,
that has been a bridesmaid 27 times, often exceeding their duties at each wedding.
For all its romantic yearnings, she can not seem to hook his boss, George (Ed Burns
), who has fallen in love with the years. When their self-centered
sister Tess (Malin Akerman) comes in and manages to catching George
Jane once again gave to everyone's needs but his own. In comes
Kevin (James Marsden), a newspaper columnist stuck covering weddings
that yearns to go out and write about more important things. Below
claim to cover the wedding of George and Tess, which is really
written about Jane and her perpetual bridesmaid proceedings. Complications arise
etc etc

For me, what really made this film is the action. Katherine Heigl
did an absolutely fantastic job playing a woman who I am sure
around the world has felt like a moment. She brought a lot of spice to what
could have been a note of paper. James Marsden is also the perfect tone as
the cynical reporter, a foil to Jane. It helps to have a good fight and kiss

addition, for me the story was not so tired and recycled as people
led to the outside. It had a new twist and I really liked. I also prefer
the end of this film for many chicken-Shake
comedies that leave things open and almost unreal. 27 Dresses coats
all lines of the plot in a neat sequence that really is a worthy end

However, as far as romances and rom-CMO go, this
shot to the top of my list.
Katharine Heigl plays Jane, a woman who loves to go to weddings,
be a bridesmaid for his friends and in most cases it will
person when it comes to making wedding arrangements. We found out
before Jane's knack for and fascination with the help
wedding took place shortly after his mother died when a very young child
she helped her sister find a quarter bath, fix their hair, and used a bow in her hair
sister to repair the bride's wedding dress. When
catch up with Jane as an adult, it turns out that she is a bridesmaid in two weddings
different on the same night, which requires hiring a taxi for
night and the service round trip between the two receptions
changing in and out of different bridesmaid dresses
while riding in the back seat.

Enter Kevin (James Marsden). Kevin is a newspaper reporter whose
this job is to go to weddings and then write about them.
It is a job that loathe, but everyone has to make a living somehow we are not
? Before the night is over Jane is forced to share with your Taxi
Kevin, who quickly decides she does not like. After Jane
leaves for the night, Kevin discovers his day planner and learns that
Jane has made almost a lifetime career of being a bridesmaid.
Twenty-seven times to be exact. Kevin convinces his editor to give
write a story about Jane that if he succeeds, he will get a promotion
and outside the wedding of the Week Club.

Meanwhile on the domestic front, soon discovered that the reason Jane
she may never have married is because
is carrying the torch of his boss George (Edward Burns). And there is not a case of George
knowing that there is no Jane. In fact, as far as George is concerned
, Jane is indispensable. It's just that he does not see her as
a love interest, but recognize that it is one of the best
tie levels in the country. Jane all hope that will change
someday, even though his co-worker and friend Casey (
Judy Greer) is constantly pressing her to spend with their lives.

And if all this were not complicated enough for you, Jane's beautiful
sister Tess (Malin Akerman) flies quickly to the city, meets Boss
George, and faster than one can say Viste Number 28,
start dating and fall in love despite much Jane. This, of course, leaves
Jane and Kevin started somehow goes back even though they loathe
his cynical attitude toward marriage.

Like George and Tess marry? Or realize that George
Jane is the girl for him? Is Kevin joins the reality to fall Tess?
Or do they only have eyes for Jane? Is Kevin write the story about Jane's
27 appearances as a bridesmaid? And it will be published on
the time of his cynicism could become love? Does George
Tess discover is that not everything that is to be cracked and in turn to Jane
comfort? Jane finally tire of being a bridesmaid and wedding planner
all rolled into one? There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that
can answer all these questions at the moment
27 Dresses has completed about one quarter of its 107 minute running time
. But chances are that do not mind at all that the film is so predictable
, obviously, like most films in the romance genre
are generally. Enjoy anyway thanks to another strong performance
Katharine Heigl.

It's one thing to star in a film of this kind and to get some laughs
well written with some snappy dialogue, but Heigl achieves
go beyond that. She has this wonderful ability to draw the audience into his character
. You can easily identify with her, laugh with it, to mourn
it be embarrassed by it, and feel sad and lonely, because
seems to be in the first part of this movie. We cheer when she finally
not take a position, but we feel his remorse for having made it when
Backfire somewhat. There are only a handful of actresses who can
manage all that, and do everything in a movie.

cast in this film are not exactly slouches either. Malin Akerman
does a great job of doing evil Tess uncomfortable
sister who likes to hate. James Marsden manages to somehow make his character
credible as someone who is supposed to be a hitch in the
outside, but still no indications that there are more than meets the Kevin
eyes. But the best of players is like Judy Greer
Jane's best friend Casey. She has at least three of the funniest films including
literally doing their best to beat in a sense a Jane

The bottom line is this. Most romantic comedies are predictable.
They are only successful when they have a good novel but trick for fazer interesting thing that the script is quite funny and at its heart tug
chain moments to be worth your time. But most importantly,
actors have to make you care about them and their romantic dilemma,
and feel the same range of emotions they feel in
screen. And thanks largely to another good effort
Katharine Heigl, 27 Dresses certainly achieves do that. And when a film can
achieve such lofty goals I have no choice but to give it my degree, which
for 27 Dresses would be a B-.

Download 27 Dresses
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Perfect Hideout

Download Perfect Hideout
(action, thriller)
Download Movie Perfect HideoutA young couple on the run take a family father as a hostage and are shocked to realize that he actually is a killer...


Billy Zane as Victor
Cristian Solimeno as Nick
Melinda Y. Cohen as Celia
Scarlett Sabet as Nadine
Cornell Adams as Kramer
Ken Bones as Roth
Axel Wedekind as Fischer
Stephen Manuel

I am only 12 minutes in the film, and is a real comedy. The
act is so bad that it can not but make a laugh. The story until now
(which has just arrived at the house I am afraid that
are accommodated in the rest of the film) ... is lame ... and the screenplay
are trying their best to take seriously, so terrible that dialogue is
really ... I mean really fun.

In the car arguing with his girlfriend goes "Na na na na na-nah"
with absolutely no feeling in it ... ... I know that the scene should have
is meant to be serious ... after all that only led away from a crime scene
(not spoiling anything here) ... but only goes so comically

I will attend this show for as long as it entertains me ....
and write more at a later date.

7 minutes later: I am crying from laughter. He had to take a break
this fantastically horribly bad dialogue ... not to mention that the German
SWAT team was apparently unable to coordinate their actions in
German Language. Now that is only the most top! And the poor leader
needs of the SWAT team to be at home at 7, because his wife is doing
Italian food (and he is black, non-Italian ).... This is not a wonder
film. I shall look back.

2 minutes later: This is a serious cracks me. Anyone who does not seem
funny, or does not understand English, has had a very bad day and
lost all sense of humor, or ... well, no offense, but
some people simply are not bright enough to understand this kind of a judgement
film. I think it's probably the best bad movie I've seen ....
and I'm only 23 minutes in it.

12 minutes later: I can not believe this movie .... is unrealistic ... You can
stand against every comedy I've seen in the last 5 years, and would
as the winner. Seriously! When

watching a comedy, one really hopes for jokes flying around ...
but most comedies are irrigated with jokes and tired of that professionals
long lost the spark of joy and fun. This film however, has
something absolutely unique to offer. Do not give away the comedy
aspect in the description ... one of them I think it is some kind of action
film, perhaps with an inclination of horror ... but then the carpet and floor
and the land on which the word was above, is swept and you find
watching fun bad movie in movie history
doing. I did not expect anything like this having been
possible ... but here I am ... 35 minutes into the film, and it is fair
fun as anything else.

7 minutes later: This has to stop. I am in my laughter cramps.
When nobody has ever seen this before entertaining a bad movie? Be honest!

And then it ended for me ... do not have the second part
anywhere in sight. This is a movie I will buy when it is out on DVD.

fantastically fun, and highly recommended for everyone who wants
achieve genuine laughter of a film that one does not expect to be fun

A masterpiece!

I will not rest until you find the second part!

The next day,

in fact I did find the second half and saw that until the end.
This film is very special. It's so bad, I seriously doubt that
was not intended to be made in this way. Thinking back to the story, acting, directing
, plot, etc. .. makes me laugh, a few hours later and after
sleeping. That has not happened to any comedy I have ever seen.

Take a look at the film if it can be, and was amused to death ...
through laughter.

A true masterpiece.
Groom and the bride wakes up in the back seat of his car. When
to start talking and how they behave, is so incredibly unnatural
we have the impression that they are simply
insane. Here's not only them but the majority of
characters in this movie. They are like humans and even some of what they are saying
are similar to human talks, but the lack of logic and everything
strange behavior concludes that must be abroad, a little < br> like the movie "the Invation".

There are some characters human, I suppose, a psycho-killer Victor
played by Billy Zane. And perhaps Nadine, but she in a state of shock
after witnessing the terrifying Victor execution of his family.
There is also a policeman who tries desperately to stop his chief
murder innocent people.

A lot of strange situations and dialogues are really scared because
is sometimes a fine line between schizophasias and just really stupid
talks. It might seem almost like the worst movie b -
dialogue, written by 6-8 years, only much worse.

When the couple accidentally kills a policeman, who
are hiding in a house owned by a wealthy doctor and his family. A SWAT team arrived for them,
and therefore have a prisoner. Much of the film is about this conflict.
They are also "surprised" by the pursuit of family killed, and his prisoner
something unpredictable, even for a human being. But the film is too
clear when it comes to how-why-. The title must be referring
into hiding in human bodies.

Download Perfect Hideout
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Three Can Play That Game

Mad Money

Download Mad Money
(comedy, crime, thriller)
Download Movie Mad MoneyThree female employees of the Federal Reserve plot to steal money that is about to be destroyed.


Diane Keaton as Bridget Cardigan
Queen Latifah as Nina Brewster
Katie Holmes as Jackie Truman
Ted Danson as Don Cardigan
Roger R. Cross as Barry
Adam Rothenberg as Bob Truman
Clay Chamberlin as Waiter
Kip Cummings as Money Sorter
Dustin Estis as Administrative Tech
Travis Fontenot as Federal Reserve Employee
Maliek Golden as Young Dante
Michael J. Hebert as Federal Reserve Officer
Rodney Hill Jr. as Cop
Tron Kendrick as Fed Guy #2
Marc Macaulay as Agent Wayne
Callie Khouri

We went to see this not expecting all that much and were very well
surprised by what a good bit of this comedy that turned out to be.
Diane Keaton was in top form as Bridget, a former upper middle class hausfrau
that forced her to work as far goalkeeper in the Federal Reserve because its
hubby (played by Ted Danson perfect straight man) and is not
employees. Obviously frustrated with their situation and for the sake
faster to fix its financial ills, Bridget hatches a plan to rip off
the Federal Reserve, with the help of other recruits 2, Nina (the moral center
the trio, ably played by Queen Latifah) and Jackie (
really a fun and charming Katie Holmes). Roger R. Cross and Adam Rothenberg
to support good performances as Nina's nice-guy and admirer
Jackie's fun dim-bulb husband. The film has a couple of good turns
so that the result is not the usual and predictable things
fun and stay warm throughout the process. It's a shame this open all
while "Cloverfield" because this peculiar little film failed
the box office it should be. Hopefully people will give this fun
chicken-Buddy film a try. Give it a shot.
The overwhelming feeling of disappointment after walking away from this
the film is that this movie could have been much more. The caper
the heart of "Mad Money" most resembles "The Inside Man" director Spike Lee
under appreciated masterpiece of the bank robbery film. However,
films could not be more different. Spike Lee was
experience and intelligent enough to know that, even with a great cast and smart
caper, you need a vision to carry out the greatness. Lee also knew that
you must choose a style.

Director Kallie Khouri, best known for writing and producing the
feminist cult classic "Thelma & Louise" not in every conceivable way
- demonstrates that not for the eyes cinematography, a tin ear for dialogue, not
schedule pace, not the point of view, and not the talent for directing actors

"Mad Money" basa in a British television caper film "Hot Money",
produced by Granada Television. The script translation for americas
was written by Glenn Gers, whose screenplay best known to date
"Fracture" watching Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. Mr Gers not
miserably to take any chances. A more talented writer
would have created the characters of all material, rather than replace
americas stereotypes in "Mad Money" is the head of early twentieth bopping
something, the black single mother in projects, and
upper middle class housewife desperate. There is no excuse for laziness
. If Mr Gers had to create real people, then perhaps he would not
have created characters who left other poor people
imagination. Writing requires an understanding of humanity and can not
be false. The screenplay of "Mad Money" had not a blade of
genuine emotion. Spares me the idea that these characters are supposed to be light and frothy
drawbacks to the characters as in the classic caper
"Ladykillers" with Sir Alec Guinness. There were only about 3
laughs at the whole image. If I was never so fortunate to have a cast
with Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton, I'd love to be embarrassed that I had put such a stain on his
filmographies, giving them very little to do great.

comedy No, no drama, no excitement, there is no real danger, and does not create romance
not worth seeing the film. I wish it could have offered Carrie Fisher
doctor in this script and imbue with a glint of genuine greed or
true genius or anything that would have made this film more watchable.

also want the study have remained Ms Khouri
in the producer's chair, and brought to a director who knew how to solve a
script, bringing style, instead of shoot from anywhere
is a point of view, and try to do something memorable.

Download Mad Money
See also: Comedy: Snatch.

See also: Diane Keaton in Godfather: Part II, The

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The Eye


Download Jumper
(adventure, drama, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie JumperA genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between "Jumpers" and those who have sworn to kill them.


Hayden Christensen as Davey
Samuel L. Jackson as Cox
Diane Lane as Mary Rice
Jamie Bell as Griffin
Rachel Bilson as Millie
Tom Hulce as Mr. Bowker
Michael Rooker as William Rice
Sean Baek as Lawrence Simmons
Katie Boland as Sue Kimmell
Nathalie Cox as Maggie
Teddy Dunn as Mark
Barbara Garrick as Ellen
Meredith Henderson as Fiona
AnnaSophia Robb as Young Millie
Max Thieriot as Young Davey
Doug Liman

Some people have unrealistic expectations. This film is aimed primarily at adolescents and
sci-fi fans or anyone who wants a good movie popcorn to kill
two hours of his life. If this is not your thing then
not complain if they did not like.

If you can not stand by Hayden Christensen, then do not see a
Hayden Christensen film. It was as simple as that, people. The
no Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio, do not expect an Oscar worthy performance. However
he is not bad in the eyes and as timid as he is, he is not unbearable in

Personally I thought it was entertaining from beginning to end, not
memorable. Acting was bearable, Sam Jackson played a badass as usual.
were a little humor, I liked Jamie Bell's character. It's a fun
and with the concept and imagination like mine the possibilities of such
power is unlimited.

I feel that you never really connected with
characters in an emotional level and the argument was very simple and basic. Not
giros final and was quite boring.

not raise some interesting points, as the real world superpowers.
however, as Alan Moore fan this is nothing particularly new.
After falling into a lake covered with ice, David Rice
teleports himself in a public library. The leaves home and goes to New York to refine their skills
, who used to rob banks. After 8 years David
believes that he is not the only, and that there was a war going on for centuries. Now these people
jury kill Jumpers are after him.

Hayden Christensen is wooden as an organ as Anakin in the Star Wars prequels
, but nowhere revealed that actually has some acting chops when he played a
lying in journalist Shattered Glass. Well, now he is
Go to the sci / fi genre and for some reason decided to jump back
that wooden board. I do not know why, but it seems that sci / fi movies
reveal the evil in it.

Jumper is an intriguing idea, has an opportunity to bring a new
series to film. The idea that people can teleport anywhere and anytime
has been done before, but now we have people who have been
oath to kill them and he has been doing for hundreds of < br> years. It sounds pretty epic, but Jumper does not really jump to any
that only mention it. Why? I do not have the slightest idea, I
sounded more interesting then what they were in reality shows.

The filmmakers had a great opportunity to return to the history and show us
this war, as a character mentions, but does not do once we get some idea of
any of it. There is a lot more story to tell with these Jumpers, but never
any of it, only scratch the surface. It is they who
I am confident he will do so will give a little more in a
sequel? Or do they really have no idea what they were doing and only
I hope the audience liked the jump scenes.

These scenes are certainly jump very well done. No, never
the coldness of Nightcrawler from X-Men 2, but they are very well done. One
his second in New York and its next sitting on top of Big Ben in London
. With a film like this you know the special effects
either make or break the movie, because so much of it se basa en eso. The
believability that these people are really Teleporting
to another location. They retreated to be mostly. My complaints
are more or less what other people probably will. They teleport in
open space for everyone to see, but if there is not going to fight
seems a notice, or care. Moreover, Christensen not really be fat
by now? Teleporting 8 years means that not moving anywhere. The
not even slide over 2 feet on a sofa to get a converter. Do Teleporting
burn calories as well? You know people sworn to kill them, one is
Rolan, played by Samuel L Jackson. Jackson does what he always does,
is a bad ass mofo. Here is the sport white hair and spews out some kind of dialogue
that only God should be in all places at once. Are the good guys?
After all, our hero is called robbing banks and breaking Italian
Collisuem standards. Christensen is not really likable, so many people
until the end of routing Jackson to carry it out. They fight scenes are too
special, which consist of jumping and using a device that
Scorpion of Mortal Kombat should sue. Once you take away all the jazz
jump, leaves you with nothing really.

The story is boring. Guy can jump, people find him and try to kill him,
it out. It again between together with a girl who used to
as when he was a kid, going to Rome because "hey, all girls
put their lives on hold to go to Rome with a
uncle who knew a secondary, but they have not seen for 8 years ... and perhaps I will have sex with him
too. " Bilson is nice, but she gives nothing to do, besides
ask questions. The real star is Jamie Bell, who plays Griffin, another
Jumper. He is the person who really want to continue in this story, he is
fun, kicking ass and has no crap from anybody.

At the time the film is more leftist who sits in his seat
asking you, but what about this and what about. There are so many loose ends in
Jumper is fun. We never know what happens to
his father, who never know what happens to Griffin, who never gives
anything but a sentence of a story about these people. Moreover, the
last 5 minutes seems an addendum to last-minute attempt to tie
one of the loose ends. It seems too hard, but you know you have that
happen, because there is no way this movie can end without
they go back to him. These loose ends very likely to be ordered in
sequel. This is how movies like this are probably going to end now, let
so many things without there just has to be another.

unless you want to see another riddled with special effects sci / fi fest, skip
Jumper because there is no real substance. There is no real story or plot, not
development of character and fun ... Well, there was a bit of fun, but
should have been much more.

Download Jumper
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Tags: Download Movie Jumper, Download Film Jumper, Instant Movie Download Jumper, Jumper DivX Download
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Show Stoppers

Download Show Stoppers
Download Movie Show Stoppers"Show Stoppers" is a comedy-drama set in the world of Greek stepping on a historically black university in Virginia "where Greek steppers get as much attention as star athletes."


Faune A. Chambers as Destiny
Angell Conwell as Pam
Robin Wilson as Angel
Godfrey as Final Judge
Red Grant as Thug #1
Dorian Gregory as Final Judge
Jackie Long as Casino
Rodney Perry as Dont Cuss
Clifton Powell as Coach
Fredro Starr as Clem
Stephon Watford as Thug #2
Bryce Wilson as Fabian
Diana Carreno as Marabell
Melody Cross as Peaches
Tamala Jones as Chapter Leader Renee
Barry Bowles

Firstly, the intensification of the scenes were very good and I say
Very Boring! After seeing the courtyard of Stomp, this seemed a travesty.

the plot was very poor, I do not know if a film is low budget
cause that seemed secure.

To be honest, the actors are fine, its just dance and choreography
involved with everything that was poor.

if I was going to change anything in this movie to make it watchable i
add a better plot, best dancers and some tension: /

I have to give 2 out of 10 case is really bad, 2 i gave
was actually for the players, because they are not so bad.

Download Show Stoppers
See also: Comedy: Snatch.

Tags: Download Movie Show Stoppers, Download Film Show Stoppers, Instant Movie Download Show Stoppers, Show Stoppers DivX Download

April Fool's Day

Download April Fool's Day
Download Movie April Fool's DayThe new "April Fool's" revolves around a party given by two rich siblings, played by Taylor Cole ("Supernatural") and Josh Henderson ("Desperate Housewives"), for their friend (Scout Taylor-Compton of "Halloween"). Tragedy strikes when a friend falls over a balcony and dies. One year later, the teens responsible for the accident become the targets of a twisted killer who begins hunting them down one by one.


Dave Blamy as Valet
Samuel Child as Peter
Joe Egender as Ryan
R. Keith Harris as Seton Motley
Mark D. Headen as Debutant Escort
Josh Henderson as Blaine
Eric Hollenbeck as SFX Guy
David Lowe as Maintenance Man
Joseph McKelheer as Charles
George Peroulas as Master of Ceremonies
Robert Pineiro as Suitor at Debutante Ball
Edd Robinson as Party guest
Mark Alton Rose as Mr. Ellsworth
Mark Scarboro as Stuart
David Schifter as Press Conference Lawyer
Mitchell Altieri

One of the most fondly remembered horror entries los'80 's
is present only jewel that is much smarter and more fun than the average slasher film

young woman invites her beloved college friends to his house for the island
a weekend of fun, but everything goes wrong. A monster of an accident occurs,
mysterious things appear in the guest rooms, our host
starts acting strangely, and agencies are starting to pile!

With its clever combination of Agatha Christie-type mystery, son
horror film conventions, humor and extravagant - is not difficult to understand
why this movie has developed a little a fan base. Even viewers who do not
like the horror films can be found to enjoy this fun and twisted
little risk. Director Walton is right to give the film an air of mystery and
spookiness. All adding to the atmosphere is
Result beautiful music of Charles Bernstein. The film is well shot in
beautiful British Columbia.

The real highlight of this film is its well above average cast. While
there is not really known actors in the cast, all of them offer a wide
performances and bring their characters to a wonderful light and likable!
Deborah Foreman, probably in his best performance, is like a great host
Muffy. Ken Olandt Steel and Amy are great as a couple trying to solve the mystery of
everything. Clayton Rohner and Thomas F. Wilson is a joy as a joke
two friends happy. Jay Baker, Leah Pinsent, and Deborah Goodrich
are equally good in their support functions.

As the tagline, April Fool's Day is certainly a "cut" over the
rest of his class. This is a fun see if you like the genre of horror
or not.

*** 1 / 2 to ****

Download April Fool's Day
See also: Horror: Halloween

Tags: Download Movie April Fool's Day, Download Film April Fool's Day, Instant Movie Download April Fool's Day, April Fool's Day DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Loudon Wainwright III - Career Moves - April Fool's Day Morn

The Price of the American Dream II

Download Price of the American Dream II, The
Download Movie The Price of the American Dream IIA Family struggles when single Mother of four, Laura Munoz loses her job to outsourcing. Moving from Los Angeles to a small town in New Mexico, they face the harsh reality of leaving the comforts of the big city. The eldest son, Manny, still recovering from his Father's death struggles the most. Quickly joining a gang he gets caught up in a whirlwind of violence.


Julieta Ortiz as Laura Munoz
Luis Arrieta as Manny Munoz
Nathan Sanchez as Carlos Munoz
Nicole Otero as Alex
Jesus Valdez as Daniel Munoz
Omar Paz Trujillo as Chepo
Martin Barela as Meno Munoz
Burly Cain as Mortgage Consultant
Sean Childers as Darrel
Stephen Chomko as Bob
Frederic Doss as Harvey
Dennis Foulkrod as Basketball Coach
Tracy Garner as Trevor
Ivan Gonzales as Tuco
Jose Luis Ibarra as Juan
Michael Amundsen

See also: Drama: Million Dollar Baby

Tags: Download Movie The Price of the American Dream II, Download Film The Price of the American Dream II, Instant Movie Download The Price of the American Dream II, The Price of the American Dream II DivX Download


Download Solstice
(drama, horror, thriller)
Download Movie SolsticeA young girl uncovers a disturbing secret about her twin sister, who committed suicide just a few months before.


Elisabeth Harnois as Megan/Sofie
Shawn Ashmore as Christian
Tyler Hoechlin as Nick
Amanda Seyfried as Zoe
Matt O'Leary as Mark
Hilarie Burton as Alicia
R. Lee Ermey as Leonard
Jenna Hildebrand as Malin
Lyle Brocato as Partier
David Dahlgren as Mr. Thomsen
Jacob Hamil as Party Host
Cliff Johnson as Cemetary Visitor
Mark Krasnoff as Cop
Gary Michael Smith as Sheriff
Lisa Arnold as Mrs. Thomsen
Daniel Myrick

This is an effective little thriller that you never know what really happened
until the last 10 minutes of the film.

Megan, in mourning the death of her twin sister, visits the family home
summer with a group of his friends, including his sister
ex-boyfriend. Obsessed by the past, she has a series of visions. She is also
creeped out by an old tramp, played by R. Lee Ermy, who can not seem to get
jobs Drill sergeants play more, so will jobs
as psychotic hillbillies.

The film drags in places, but still very suspenseful, and
ending is quite impressive.
This is a very underrated story .... probably because they do not tell
is history, with over-the-top tactics. But it is worth seeing,
and the end is nothing but a surprise that you feel really good about
take time to see it. Suspense, not on the top ....
but did not reveal many hidden secrets so far. The story is told in real time and flashbacks that
also build the revelation of so many unanswered questions
. All players are young and I unknowns, but all
did a very good job as a player. If you see the word horror in
any descriptions, believe me, there is no horror in this movie. What you see is
gore, but not the strange things that happen. At the beginning of hunting
the scene so quickly catch on to this story is about how and
Affected by main character.

Download Solstice
See also: Drama: Bonnie and Clyde

Tags: Download Movie Solstice, Download Film Solstice, Instant Movie Download Solstice, Solstice DivX Download
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