Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Download Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
(action, comedy, mystery, thriller)

A petty thief posing as an actor is brought to Los Angeles for an unlikely audition and finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation along with his high school dream girl and a detective who's been training him for his upcoming role...


Robert Downey Jr. as Harry Lockhart
Val Kilmer as Gay Perry
Michelle Monaghan as Harmony Faith Lane
Corbin Bernsen as Harlan Dexter
Dash Mihok as Mr. Frying Pan
Larry Miller as Dabney Shaw
Rockmond Dunbar as Mr. Fire
Shannyn Sossamon as Pink Hair Girl
Angela Lindvall as Flicka
Indio Falconer Downey as Harry Age 9
Ariel Winter as Harmony Age 7
Duane Carnahan as Chainsaw Kid
Josh Richman as Rickie
Martha Hackett as Pistol Woman
Nancy Fish as NY Casting Woman
Shane Black

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Glassjaw - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Ep)
2. Cinerama - This Is Cinerama - Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
3. High Contrast - Tough Guys Dont Dance-NHS126LP LP - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
4. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Bond 007: Thunderball - Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
5. Bang Tango - Dancin' On Coals - Last Kiss

Blood Diamond

Download Blood Diamond
(adventure, drama, thriller)

Set against the backdrop of civil war and chaos in 1990's Sierra Leone, Blood Diamond is the story of Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) - an ex Mercenary from Zimbabwe - and Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou) - a Mende fisherman. Both men are African, but their histories as different as any can be, until their fates become joined in a common quest to recover a rare pink diamond that can transform their lives. While in prison for smuggling, Archer learns that Solomon - who was taken from his family and forced to work in the diamond fields - has found and hidden the extraordinary rough stone. With the help of Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly), an American journalist whose idealism is tempered by a deepening connection with Archer, the two men embark on a trek through rebel territory, a journey that could save Solomon's family and give Archer the second chance he thought he would never have.


Leonardo DiCaprio as Danny Archer
Djimon Hounsou as Solomon Vandy
Jennifer Connelly as Maddy Bowen
Kagiso Kuypers as Dia Vandy
Arnold Vosloo as Colonel Coetzee
Antony Coleman as Cordell Brown
Benu Mabhena as Jassie Vandy
Anointing Lukola as N'Yanda Vandy
David Harewood as Captain Poison
Basil Wallace as Benjamin Kapanay
Jimi Mistry as Nabil
Michael Sheen as Simmons
Marius Weyers as Van De Kaap
Stephen Collins as Ambassador Walker
Ntare Mwine as M'Ed
Edward Zwick

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Blood Diamond
2. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Blood Diamond - Ankala [As Used in the Film Blood Diamond]
3. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Blood Diamond - Baai [As Used in the Film Blood Diamond]
4. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Blood Diamond - Blood Diamond Titles
5. King Diamond - 20 Years Ago: A Night Of Rehearsal - I Need Blood
6. King Diamond - Deadly Lullabyes Live (CD 2) - Blood To Walk


Download Airplane!
(comedy, romance)

Ted Striker just got dumped by his long-time girlfriend Elaine Dickinson, who works as a stewardess at Trans American Airlines. In his wish to get her back, he follows her aboard the plane, although he has had a deep aversion against anything winged since he lost several men in the war. During flight, he tries to contact her again and again, but as the crew and many passengers get seriously ill due to a bad fish meal, he has no chance to get to her. In fact, Ted Striker seems to be the only healthy person aboard that has piloting experience. Now, it is up to him to get the bird down in Chicago safely, before the poisoning starts causing casualties. But Ted Striker's aversion really is a serious psychosis, which breaks open and needs to be cured - right now.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as Murdock
Lloyd Bridges as McCroskey
Peter Graves as Captain Oveur
Julie Hagerty as Elaine
Robert Hays as Ted Striker
Leslie Nielsen as Dr. Rumack
Lorna Patterson as Randy
Robert Stack as Rex Kramer
Stephen Stucker as Johnny
Otto as Himself
Jim Abrahams as Religious zealot #6
Frank Ashmore as Victor Basta
Jonathan Banks as Gunderson
Craig Berenson as Paul Carey
Barbara Billingsley as Jive Lady
Jim Abrahams

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Jefferson Airplane
2. Mr. Airplane Man
3. Jefferson Airplane - Jefferson Airplane Loves You (CD 1)
4. Jefferson Airplane - Jefferson Airplane Loves You (CD 2)
5. Jefferson Airplane - Jefferson Airplane Loves You (CD 3)
6. Jefferson Airplane - Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [France Bonus Tracks]

Birds, The

Download Birds, The
(drama, fantasy, horror, thriller)

Guaranteed to make you want to stop bird-watching and put the old bird feeder to the ax—at least for a while. The whole thing starts when Melanie Daniels is crossing a lake and is nipped by a gull. Gradually, incidence of bird damage to humans by pecking increases. Glass windows splinter before diving birds, children are sent home from school to safety, townspeople take refuge in a lunchroom, Miss Daniels in a phone booth, and finally everyone hides in homes tightly boarded up against repeated attacks by the birds. It's enough to make you kick the next pigeon you come across.


Rod Taylor as Mitch Brenner
Jessica Tandy as Lydia Brenner
Suzanne Pleshette as Annie Hayworth
Tippi Hedren as Melanie Daniels
Veronica Cartwright as Cathy Brenner
Ethel Griffies as elderly ornithologist Mrs. Bundy
Charles McGraw as fisherman in diner Sebastian Sholes
Ruth McDevitt as pet store clerk Mrs. MacGruder
Lonny Chapman as cook in diner Deke Carter
Joe Mantell as Traveling salesman at diner's bar
Doodles Weaver as Fisherman helping with rental boat
Malcolm Atterbury as Deputy Al Malone
John McGovern as Postal clerk
Karl Swenson as Doomsayer in diner
Richard Deacon as Mitch's city neighbor
Alfred Hitchcock

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Bel Canto - Birds Of Passage
2. Bent Sorensen - Birds and Bells
3. Chyi Yu - Birds And Fish
4. David Sun - Sounds Of The Earth Morning Birds
5. Driftin Thoughts - Birds Eye View [1987-2000]
6. Electronic - Various Artists - Lammergeyer - Birds Of Prey

Good Night, and Good Luck.

Download Good Night, and Good Luck.
(drama, history)

In the early 1950's, the threat of Communism created an air of paranoia in the United States and exploiting those fears was Senator 'Joseph McCarthy (II)' (qv) of Wisconsin. However, CBS reporter 'Edward R. Murrow (I)' (qv) and his producer 'Fred W. Friendly' (qv) decided to take a stand and challenge McCarthy and expose him for the fear monger he was. However, their actions took a great personal toll on both men, but they stood by their convictions and helped to bring down one of the most controversial senators in American history.


David Strathairn as Edward R. Murrow
Robert Downey Jr. as Joe Wershba
Patricia Clarkson as Shirley Wershba
Ray Wise as Don Hollenbeck
Frank Langella as William Paley
Jeff Daniels as Sig Mickelson
George Clooney as Fred Friendly
Tate Donovan as Jesse Zousmer
Thomas McCarthy as Palmer Williams
Matt Ross as Eddie Scott
Reed Diamond as John Aaron
Robert John Burke as Charlie Mack
Grant Heslov as Don Hewitt
Alex Borstein as Natalie
Rose Abdoo as Millie Lerner
George Clooney

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Wait Until Dark

Download Wait Until Dark
(crime, drama, thriller)

After an airplane trip, a young woman asks Susie's husband, Sam, to keep a doll for her to avoid spoiling the surprise of her daughter's gift. But the real reason is to avoid her partner, Harry Roat, whom she hopes to cheat of the drugs hidden in the doll. Harry discovers her treachery, murders her and leaves the body in Susie's apartment, where he has tracked Sam and the doll. He concocts an elaborate plan, involving Mike and Carlino, small-time hoods, to get Susie, who recently lost her sight in a fire, to reveal the doll's hiding place. They lure Sam away and take advantage of Susie's blindness, posing as an old friend, a police detective, and a father-son pair of eccentrics. Susie eventually catches on and, with the help of her young neighbor, Gloria, shows everyone that she is indeed "a world-class blind lady."


Audrey Hepburn as Susy Hendrix
Alan Arkin as Harry Roat
Richard Crenna as Mike Talman
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Sam Hendrix
Jack Weston as Carlino
Samantha Jones as Lisa
Julie Herrod as Gloria
Robby Benson as Boy Tossing Ball in Opening Airport Scene
Jean Del Val as The Old Man
Gary Morgan as Teenage boy on street
Frank O'Brien as Shatner
Terence Young

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Kelly Willis - Easy - Wait Until Dark

Match Point


Download Casino
(crime, drama)

This Martin Scorsese film depicts the Janus-like quality of Las Vegas--it has a glittering, glamorous face, as well as a brutal, cruel one. Ace Rothstein and Nicky Santoro, mobsters who move to Las Vegas to make their mark, live and work in this paradoxical world. Seen through their eyes, each as a foil to the other, the details of mob involvement in the casinos of the 1970's and '80's are revealed. Ace is the smooth operator of the Tangiers casino, while Nicky is his boyhood friend and tough strongman, robbing and shaking down the locals. However, they each have a tragic flaw--Ace falls in love with a hustler, Ginger, and Nicky falls into an ever-deepening spiral of drugs and violence.


Robert De Niro as Sam 'Ace' Rothstein
Sharon Stone as Ginger McKenna/Rothstein
Joe Pesci as Nicky Santoro
James Woods as Lester Diamond
Frank Vincent as Frank Marino
Pasquale Cajano as Remo Gaggi
Kevin Pollak as Phillip Green
Don Rickles as Billy Sherbert
Vinny Vella as Artie Piscano
Alan King as Andy Stone
L. Q. Jones as Pat Webb
Dick Smothers as Senator
Joseph Rigano as Vincent Borelli
John Bloom as Don Ward
Melissa Prophet as Jennifer Santoro
Martin Scorsese

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Casino Royale
2. Al Di Meola - Casino
3. At the Drive-In - 1998 - In Casino Out
4. At the Drive-In - In Casino Out
5. Blue Rodeo - Casino
6. Nu-NRG - Casino Incl Stoneface and Terminal Remix CDR

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Download Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
(adventure, fantasy, mystery, thriller)

Harry's fourth summer and the following year at Hogwarts are marked by the Quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard Tournament, in which student representatives from three different wizarding schools compete in a series of increasingly challenging contests. However, Voldemort's Death Eaters are gaining strength and even creating the Dark Mark giving evidence that the Dark Lord is ready to rise again. In the unsuspecting lives of the young wizard and witches at Hogwarts the competitors are selected by the goblet of fire, which this year makes a very surprising announcement: Hogwarts will have two representatives in the tournament, including Harry Potter! Will Harry be able to rise to the challenge for the Tri Wizard Tournament while keeping up with school or will the challenges along with Voldemort's rebirth be too much for the young hero?


Eric Sykes as Frank Bryce
Timothy Spall as Wormtail
David Tennant as Barty Crouch Junior
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Emma Watson as Hermione Granger
Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley
Mark Williams as Arthur Weasley
James Phelps as Fred Weasley
Oliver Phelps as George Weasley
Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley
Jeff Rawle as Amos Diggory
Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory
Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy
Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy
Stanislav Ianevski as Viktor Krum
Mike Newell

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

King Kong

Download King Kong
(action, adventure, drama, fantasy, thriller)

Set in the 1930s, this is the story of a young and beautiful actress Ann Darrow from the world of vaudeville who finds herself lost in depression-era New York and her luck changes when she meets an over-ambitious filmmaker Carl Denham who brings her on an exploratory expedition to a remote island where she finds compassion and the true meaning of humanity with an ape Kong. The beauty and the beast finally meet their fate back in the city of New York where the filmmaker takes and displays the ape in quest of his fame by commercial exploitation which ultimately leads to catastrophe for everyone including a playwright Jack Driscoll who falls in love with Ann and plays an unlikely hero by trying to save her from Kong and her destiny.


Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow
Jack Black as Carl Denham
Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll
Thomas Kretschmann as Captain Englehorn
Colin Hanks as Preston
Andy Serkis as Kong/Lumpy
Evan Parke as Hayes
Jamie Bell as Jimmy
Lobo Chan as Choy
John Sumner as Herb
Craig Hall as Mike
Kyle Chandler as Bruce Baxter
Mark Hadlow as Harry
Geraldine Brophy as Maude
David Denis as Taps
Peter Jackson
Bryan Singer

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Freedom For King Kong
2. Electronic - Various Artists - King kong techno
3. Frank Zappa - Jean-Luc Ponty - King Kong
4. Jean-Luc Ponty - King Kong
5. Krinjah - King Kong Sound (KKS002)
6. Marche ou Reve - Freedom For King Kong

French Connection, The

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Download E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
(drama, family, fantasy, sci-fi)

While visiting the Earth at Night, a group of alien botanists is discovered and disturbed by an approaching human task force. Because of the more than hasty take-off, one of the visitors is left behind. The little alien finds himself all alone on a very strange planet. Fortunately, the extra-terrestrial soon finds a friend and emotional companion in 10-year-old Elliot, who discovered him looking for food in his family's garden shed. While E.T. slowly gets acquainted with Elliot's brother Michael, his sister Gertie as well as with Earth customs, members of the task force work day and night to track down the whereabouts of Earth's first visitor from Outer Space. The wish to go home again is strong in E.T., and after being able to communicate with Elliot and the others, E.T. starts building an improvised device to send a message home for his folks to come and pick him up. But before long, E.T. gets seriously sick, and because of his special connection to Elliot, the young boy suffers, too. The situation gets critical when the task force finally intervenes. By then, all help may already be too late, and there's no alien spaceship in sight.


Henry Thomas as Elliott
Dee Wallace-Stone as Mary
Robert MacNaughton as Michael
Drew Barrymore as Gertie
Peter Coyote as Keys
K.C. Martel as Greg
Sean Frye as Steve
C. Thomas Howell as Tyler
David M. O'Dell as Schoolboy
Richard Swingler as Science Teacher
Frank Toth as Policeman
Robert Barton as Ultrasound Man
Michael Darrell as Van Man
David Berkson as Medic
David Carlberg as Medic
Steven Spielberg

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Last Emperor, The

Download Last Emperor, The
(biography, drama, history)

A dramatic history of Pu Yi, the last of the Emperors of China, from his lofty birth and brief reign in the Forbidden City, the object of worship by half a billion people; through his abdication, his decline and dissolute lifestyle; his exploitation by the invading Japanese, and finally to his obscure existence as just another peasant worker in the People's Republic.


John Lone as Pu Yi (Adult)
Joan Chen as Wan Jung
Peter O'Toole as Reginald Johnston (R.J.)
Ruocheng Ying as The Governor
as Chen Pao Shen
Dennis Dun as Big Li
Ryuichi Sakamoto as Amakasu
Maggie Han as Eastern Jewel
Ric Young as Interrogator
Vivian Wu as Wen Hsiu
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Chang
Jade Go as Ar Mo
Fumihiko Ikeda as Yoshioka
Richard Vuu as Pu Yi (3 Years)
Tsou Tijger as Pu Yi (8 Years)
Bernardo Bertolucci

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. AK 1200 - Shoot To Kill - Contact (feat. Danny Breaks & Last Emperor)
2. Ambient - Various Artists - A Brief History Of Ambient Volume 3 (CD 1) - Ryuchi Sakamoto / The Last Emperor - Theme Variation 1
3. DJ Jazzy Jeff - The Magnificent - Mystery Man feat. The Last Emperor
4. Easy Listening - Various Artists - Chillout Moods Cd8 - David Byrne - The Last Emperor
5. Electronic - Various Artists - Synthesizer Greatest 6 - Byrne - The Last Emperor
6. Jiang Xiao-Qing - Breathing Spaces - Theme From The Last Emperor

Pride & Prejudice

Download Pride & Prejudice
(drama, romance)

The story is based on Jane Austen's novel about five sisters - Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia Bennet - in Georgian England. Their lives are turned upside down when a wealthy young man (Mr. Bingley) and his best friend (Mr. Darcy) arrive in their neighborhood.


Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet
Talulah Riley as Mary Bennet
Rosamund Pike as Jane Bennet
Jena Malone as Lydia Bennet
Carey Mulligan as Kitty Bennet
Donald Sutherland as Mr. Bennet
Brenda Blethyn as Mrs. Bennet
Claudie Blakley as Charlotte Lucas
Sylvester Morand as Sir William Lucas
Simon Woods as Mr. Bingley
Kelly Reilly as Caroline Bingley
Matthew MacFadyen as Mr. Darcy
Pip Torrens as Netherfield Butler
Janet Whiteside as Mrs. Hill
Sinead Matthews as Betsy
Joe Wright

See also: Drama: Big Fish

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Aidan Broadbridge - Pride and Prejudice

Iron Giant, The

Download Iron Giant, The
(animation, drama, family, sci-fi)

"Iron Giant" is based upon the 1968 story,'Iron Man,' by the British poet laureate Ted Hughes. The film is about a giant metal machine that drops from the sky and frightens a small town in Maine in 1958, only to find a friend named, Hogarth, that ultimately finds its humanity and saving the towns people of their fears and prejudices.


Jennifer Aniston as Annie Hughes
Harry Connick Jr. as Dean McCoppin
Vin Diesel as The Iron Giant
James Gammon as Marv Loach/Floyd Turbeaux/General Sudokoff
Cloris Leachman as Mrs. Lynley Tensedge
Christopher McDonald as Kent Mansley
John Mahoney as General Rogard
Eli Marienthal as Hogarth Hughes
M. Emmet Walsh as Earl Stutz
Mary Kay Bergman as Additional Voices
Ollie Johnston as Train Engineer #1
Jack Angel as Additional Voices
Michael Bird as Additional Voices
Devon Cole Borisoff as Additional Voices
Rodger Bumpass as Additional Voices
Brad Bird

See also: Animation: Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit


Fistful of Dollars, A

Kung fu

Download Kung fu
(action, comedy, crime, fantasy)

Set in Canton, China in the 1940s, the story revolves around a hapless wannabe gangster who aspires to become a member of the notorious "Axe Gang." Other characters include an obnoxious landlady and her apparently frail husband who exhibit extraordinary powers in defending their turf.


Stephen Chow as Sing
Xiaogang Feng as Crocodile Gang Boss
Wah Yuen as Landlord
Dong Zhi Hua as Donut
Kwok Kuen Chan as Brother Sum
Chi Chung Lam as Bone (Sing's Sidekick)
Qiu Yuen as Landlady
Kai Man Tin as Axe Gang Advisor
Kang Xi Jia as Harpist #1
Stephen Fung as Harpist #2
Sheng Yi Huang as Fong
Suet Lam as Axe Gang Vice General
Cheung-Yan Yuen as Beggar
Chi Ling Chiu as Tailor
Yu Xing as Coolie
Stephen Chow

See also: Action: Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Download mp3 tracks:
1. Powerman 5000 - Mega!! Kung Fu Radio
2. Rap - Various Artists - Kung fu vs hip hop
3. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Kung Fu Hustle (Gong Fu)
4. Alternative - Various Artists - Alternative Control - Spiritual Rythms Of Psytrance Vol 1 - Kung Fu (Cpu)
5. Ash - 1977 - Kung Fu
6. Blondie - Blondie - Kung Fu Girls

007 Goldfinger

Last Samurai, The

Download Last Samurai, The
(action, adventure, drama, war)

In the 1870s, Captain Nathan Algren, a cynical veteran of the American Civil war who will work for anyone, is hired by Americans who want lucrative contracts with the Emperor of Japan to train the peasant conscripts for the first standing imperial army in modern warfare using firearms. The imperial Omura cabinet's first priority is to repress a rebellion of traditionalist Samurai -hereditary warriors- who remain devoted to the sacred dynasty but reject the Westernizing policy and even refuse firearms. Yet when his ill-prepared superior force sets out too soon, their panic allows the sword-wielding samurai to crush them. Badly wounded Algren's courageous stand makes the samurai leader Katsumoto spare his life; once nursed to health he learns to know and respect the old Japanese way, and participates as advisor in Katsumoto's failed attempt to save the Bushido tradition, but Omura gets repressive laws enacted- he must now choose to honor his loyalty to one of the embittered sides when the conflict returns to the battlefield...


Shin Koyamada as
Ken Watanabe as Katsumoto
Tom Cruise as Nathan Algren
William Atherton as Winchester Rep
Chad Lindberg as Winchester Rep Assistant
Ray Godshall Sr. as Convention Hall Attendee
Billy Connolly as Zebulon Gant
Tony Goldwyn as Colonel Bagley
Masato Harada as Omura
Masashi Odate as Omura's Companion
John Koyama as Omura's Bodyguard
Timothy Spall as Simon Graham
Shichinosuke Nakamura as Emperor Meiji
Togo Igawa as General Hasegawa
Satoshi Nikaido as N.C.O.
Shintaro Wada as Young Recruit
Edward Zwick

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Hans Zimmer - The Last Samurai
2. Hans Zimmer - Trailer - Small Treasure - Last Samurai
3. Hans Zimmer - Trailer - Small Treasure - Last Samurai (International)

Dances with Wolves

Download Dances with Wolves
(adventure, drama, western)

Lt. John Dunbar is dubbed a hero after he accidentally leads Union troops to a victory during the Civil War. He requests a position on the western frontier, but finds it deserted. He soon finds out he is not alone, but meets a wolf he dubs "Two-socks" and a curious Indian tribe. Dunbar quickly makes friends with the tribe, and discovers a white woman who was raised by the Indians. He gradually earns the respect of these native people, and sheds his white-man's ways.


Kevin Costner as Lt. John Dunbar
Mary McDonnell as Stands With A Fist
Graham Greene as Kicking Bird
Rodney A. Grant as Wind In His Hair
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman as Ten Bears
Tantoo Cardinal as Black Shawl
Robert Pastorelli as Timmons
Charles Rocket as Lt. Elgin
Maury Chaykin as Major Fambrough
Jimmy Herman as Stone Calf
Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse as Smiles A Lot
Michael Spears as Otter
Jason R. Lone Hill as Worm
Tony Pierce as Spivey
Doris Leader Charge as Pretty Shield
Kevin Costner

See also: Adventure: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The

Download mp3 tracks:
1. Andre Rieu - At The Movies - John Dunbar's Theme - Dances With Wolves
2. Electronic - Various Artists - Synthesizer Greatest 6 - Barry - Dances With Wolves
3. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - Spirit Of The Glen - Dances With Wolves (John Dunbar's Theme)

Beautiful Mind, A

Download Beautiful Mind, A
(biography, drama, mystery)

A biopic of the meteoric rise of John Forbes Nash Jr., a math prodigy able to solve problems that baffled the greatest of minds. And how he overcame years of suffering through schizophrenia to win the Nobel Prize.


Russell Crowe as John Nash
Ed Harris as Parcher
Jennifer Connelly as Alicia Nash
Christopher Plummer as Dr. Rosen
Paul Bettany as Charles
Adam Goldberg as Sol
Josh Lucas as Hansen
Anthony Rapp as Bender
Jason Gray-Stanford as Ainsley
Judd Hirsch as Helinger
Austin Pendleton as Thomas King
Vivien Cardone as Marcee
Jill M. Simon as Bar Co-Ed
Victor Steinbach as Prof. Horner
Tanya Clarke as Becky
Ron Howard

See also: Biography: World's Fastest Indian, The

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Little Children

Download Little Children
(drama, romance)

Echoes of "Madame Bovary" in the American suburbs. Sarah's in a loveless marriage, long days with her young daughter at the park and the pool, wanting more. Brad is a househusband, married to a flinty documentary filmmaker. Ronnie is just out of prison - two years for indecent exposure - living with his mother; Larry is a retired cop, fixated on driving Ronnie away. Sarah and Brad connect, a respite of adult companionship at the pool. Ronnie and Larry have their demons. Brad should be studying for the bar; Larry misses his job; Ronnie's mom thinks he needs a girlfriend. Sarah longs to refuse to be trapped in an unhappy life. Where can these tangled paths lead?


Kate Winslet as Sarah Pierce
Patrick Wilson as Brad Adamson
Jennifer Connelly as Kathy Adamson
Gregg Edelman as Richard Pierce
Sadie Goldstein as Lucy Pierce
Ty Simpkins as Aaron Adamson
Noah Emmerich as Larry Hedges
Jackie Earle Haley as Ronnie J. McGorvey
Phyllis Somerville as May McGorvey
Helen Carey as Jean
Catherine Wolf as Marjorie
Mary B. McCann as Mary Ann
Trini Alvarado as Theresa
Marsha Dietlein as Cheryl
Jane Adams as Sheila
Todd Field

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Casino Royale

Thank You for Smoking

Download Thank You for Smoking

Tobacco industry lobbyist Nick Naylor has a seemingly impossible task: promoting cigarette smoking in a time when the health hazards of the activity have become too plain to ignore. Nick, however, revels in his job, using argument and twisted logic to place, as often as not, his clients in the positions of either altruistic do-gooders or victims. Nick's son Joey needs to understand and respect his dad's philosophy, and Nick works hard to respond to that need without compromising his lack of values. When a beautiful news reporter betrays Nick's sexually-achieved trust, his world seems in danger of collapsing. But there's always one more coffin nail in Nick's pack.


Aaron Eckhart as Nick Naylor
Maria Bello as Polly Bailey
Cameron Bright as Joey Naylor
Adam Brody as Jack
Sam Elliott as Lorne Lutch
Katie Holmes as Heather Holloway
David Koechner as Bobby Jay Bliss
William H. Macy as Senator Ortolan Finistirre
J.K. Simmons as BR
Robert Duvall as Captain
Kim Dickens as Jill Naylor
Rob Lowe as Jeff Megall
Todd Louiso as Ron Goode
Dennis Miller as Himself
Joan Lunden as Herself
Jason Reitman

See also: Comedy: Lost in Translation


Download 300
(action, drama, history, war)

In 480 BC, the Persian king Xerxes sends his massive army to conquer Greece. The Greek city of Sparta houses its finest warriors, and 300 of these soldiers are chosen to meet the Persians at Thermopylae, engaging the soldiers in a narrow canyon where they cannot take full advantage of their numbers. The battle is a suicide mission, meant to buy time for the rest of the Greek forces to prepare for the invasion. However, that doesn't stop the Spartans from throwing their hearts into the fray, determined to take as many Persians as possible with them.


Gerard Butler as King Leonidas
Lena Headey as Queen Gorgo
Dominic West as Theron
David Wenham as Dilios
Vincent Regan as Captain
Michael Fassbender as Stelios
Tom Wisdom as Astinos
Andrew Pleavin as Daxos
Andrew Tiernan as Ephialtes
Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes
Giovani Cimmino as Pleistarchos
Stephen McHattie as Loyalist
Greg Kramer as Ephor #1
Alex Ivanovici as Ephor #2
Craig Kelly as Oracle Girl
Zack Snyder

See also: Action: Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

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United 93

Download United 93
(drama, history)

September 11, 2001. The nation was under attack by suicide hijackers, who hit Three famous buildings. The fourth plane United 93 was a story of 40 passengers who were strangers. Who sat through terrifying event. But found courage, rebelled and become hero's. And stood united.


J.J. Johnson as Captain Jason Dahl
Gary Commock as First Officer LeRoy Homer
Opal Alladin as CeeCee Lyles
Starla Benford as Wanda Anita Green
Trish Gates as Sandra Bradshaw
Nancy McDoniel as Lorraine G. Bay
David Alan Basche as Todd Beamer
Richard Bekins as William Joseph Cashman
Susan Blommaert as Jane Folger
Ray Charleson as Joseph DeLuca
Polly Adams as Deborah Welsh
Christian Clemenson as Jr. Thomas E. Burnett
Liza Col??n-Zayas as Waleska Martinez
Lorna Dallas as Linda Gronlund
Denny Dillon as Colleen Fraser
Paul Greengrass

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Clerks II

Download Clerks II

The sequel picks up 10 years later. "It's about what happens when that lazy, 20-something malaise lasts into your 30s. Those dudes are kind of still mired, not in that same exact situation, but in a place where it's time to actually grow up and do something more than just sit around and dissect pop culture and talk about sex," Smith said during an interview at his Hollywood office. "It's: What happened to these dudes?"


Brian O'Halloran as Dante
Jeff Anderson as Randal
Jason Mewes as Jay
Kevin Smith as Silent Bob
Jake Richardson as Teen #1
Ethan Suplee as Teen #2
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith as Emma
Rachel Larratt as Counter Girl with Ear Guy
Shannon Larratt as Ear Guy
Ben Affleck as Gawking Guy
Trevor Fehrman as Elias
Sarah Ault as Catholic Schoolgirl
Lalida Sujjavasin as Catholic Schoolgirl #2
Gail Stanley as Elias' Mom
Bruce Macintosh as Elias' Dad
Kevin Smith

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Spider-Man 2

Download Spider-Man 2
(action, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller)

Peter Parker (Tobey McGuire) can't seem to catch any kind of break. Being Spiderman has brought him nothing but problems as far as his personal life is concerned. Not only that, Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) is engaged to astronaut John Jameson, and Peter may lose her forever. Things are so bad for him that he is pushed past his breaking point, so he decides that he doesn't want to be Spiderman anymore, until a freak accident transforms Dr. Otto Octavius into Dr. Octopus, a super-villian with four metal tentacles coming out of him. Peter realizes that only Spiderman can stop him, but of course, problems arise. Mary Jane gets caught in the middle, and Harry Osborn, who still blames Spiderman for the death of his father, Norman Osborn, also the Green Goblin, wants him dead. Spiderman will have to push himself past his limits if he's going to survive.


Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson
James Franco as Harry Osborn
Alfred Molina as Doc Ock/Dr. Otto Octavius
Rosemary Harris as May Parker
J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson
Donna Murphy as Rosalie Octavius
Daniel Gillies as John Jameson
Dylan Baker as Dr. Curt Connors
Bill Nunn as Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson
Vanessa Ferlito as Louise
Aasif Mandvi as Mr. Aziz
Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin/Norman Osborn
Cliff Robertson as Ben Parker
Ted Raimi as Hoffman
Sam Raimi

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Killing Fields, The

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Mulholland Dr.

Download Mulholland Dr.
(drama, mystery, thriller)

A bright-eyed young actress travels to Hollywood, only to be ensnared in a dark conspiracy involving a woman who was nearly murdered, and now has amnesia because of a car crash. Eventually, both women are pulled into a psychotic illusion involving a dangerous blue box, a director named Adam Kesher, and the mysterious night club Silencio.


Naomi Watts as Betty Elms/Diane Selwyn
Laura Harring as Rita/Camilla Rhodes
Ann Miller as Catherine 'Coco' Lenoix/Adam's Mother
Dan Hedaya as Vincenzo Castigliane
Justin Theroux as Adam Kesher
Brent Briscoe as Detective Neal Domgaard
Robert Forster as Detective Harry McKnight
Katharine Towne as Cynthia Jenzen
Lee Grant as Louise Bonner
Scott Coffey as Wilkins
Billy Ray Cyrus as Gene
Chad Everett as Jimmy Katz
Rita Taggart as Linney James
James Karen as Wally Brown
Lori Heuring as Lorraine Kesher
Mark Pellegrino as Joe Messing
David Lynch

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Whale Rider

Download Whale Rider
(drama, family)

On the east coast of New Zealand, the Whangara people believe their presence there dates back a thousand years or more to a single ancestor, Paikea, who escaped death when his canoe capsized by riding to shore on the back of a whale. From then on, Whangara chiefs, always the first-born, always male, have been considered Paikea's direct descendants. Pai, an 11-year-old girl in a patriarchal New Zealand tribe, believes she is destined to be the new chief. But her grandfather Koro is bound by tradition to pick a male leader. Pai loves Koro more than anyone in the world, but she must fight him and a thousand years of tradition to fulfill her destiny.


Keisha Castle-Hughes as Paikea
Rawiri Paratene as Koro
Vicky Haughton as Nanny Flowers
Cliff Curtis as Porourangi
Grant Roa as Uncle Rawiri
Mana Taumaunu as Hemi
Rachel House as Shilo
Taungaroa Emile as Willie
Tammy Davis as Dog
Mabel Wharekawa as Maka
Rawinia Clarke as Miro
Tahei Simpson as Miss Parata
Roi Taimana as Hemi's Dad
Elizabeth Skeen as Rehua
Tyronne White as Jake
Niki Caro

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Rain Man

Download Rain Man
(adventure, drama)

Charley is a hustler. He's been on his own long enough to know how to work people and situations. He finds that the father who threw him out as a teen ager has died. He's left him a now antique convertible and something more important, a previously unknown brother, Raymond. Raymond is Autistic, but is able to calculate complicated mathematical problems in his head with great speed and accuracy. Their father has left his fortune to Raymond who doesn't even understand what money is for. Charley is enraged by what has happened and by his father keeping Raymond's existence from him for his entire life. He kidnaps Raymond from his residential home but then finds that Raymond will only fly Qantas. The two begin a long road trip that will lead them to an understanding of each other.


Dustin Hoffman as Raymond Babbitt
Tom Cruise as Charlie Babbitt
Valeria Golino as Susanna
Gerald R. Molen as Dr. Bruner
Jack Murdock as John Mooney
Michael D. Roberts as Vern
Ralph Seymour as Lenny
Lucinda Jenney as Iris
Bonnie Hunt as Sally Dibbs
Kim Robillard as Small Town Doctor
Beth Grant as Mother at Farm House
Dolan Dougherty as Farm House Kid
Marshall Dougherty as Farm House Kid
Patrick Dougherty as Farm House Kid
John-Michael Dougherty as Farm House Kid
Barry Levinson

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Lost in Translation

Terminator, The

Download Terminator, The
(action, sci-fi, thriller)

In the future, Skynet, a computer system fights a losing war against the humans who built it and who it nearly exterminated. Just before being destroyed, Skynet sends a Terminator back in time to kill Sarah, the mother to be of John Connor, the Leader of the human resistance. The terminator can pass for human, is nearly indestructible, and has only one mission, killing Sarah Connor. One soldier is sent back to protect her from the killing machine. He must find Sarah before the Terminator can carry out it's mission.


Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator
Michael Bien as Kyle Reese
Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor
Paul Winfield as Lieutenant Ed Traxler
Lance Henriksen as Detective Vukovich
Bess Motta as Ginger Ventura
Earl Boen as Dr. Peter Silberman
Rick Rossovich as Matt Buchanan
Dick Miller as Pawnshop Clerk
Shawn Schepps as Nancy
Franco Columbu as Future Terminator
Bill Paxton as Punk Leader
Brad Rearden as Punk
Brian Thompson as Punk
James Cameron

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Monsters, Inc.

Download Monsters, Inc.
(animation, comedy, family, fantasy)

James P. Sullivan (AKA "Sulley") and Mike Wazowski pick up their paychecks at Monsters Inc., the utility company that generates energy from the goose bumps of children. Sulley, the No. 1 scream-generator at the plant accidentally lets in a little girl into the monster world. Since monsters are actually terrified of children it's a major cause for alarm and a major headache for Sulley and Mike.


John Goodman as James P. "Sulley" Sullivan
Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski
Mary Gibbs as Boo/Mary
Steve Buscemi as Randall Boggs
James Coburn as Henry J. Waternoose III
Jennifer Tilly as Celia
Bob Peterson as Roz
John Ratzenberger as Yeti
Frank Oz as Fungus
Dan Gerson as Needleman/Smitty
Steve Susskind as Floor Manager
Bonnie Hunt as Flint
Jeff Pidgeon as Bile
Samuel Lord Black as George Sanderson
Jack Angel as Additional Voice
Peter Docter
David Silverman
Lee Unkrich

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Download Dogville
(drama, mystery, thriller)

The beautiful fugitive, Grace (Nicole Kidman), arrives in the isolated township of Dogville on the run from a team of gangsters. With some encouragement from Tom (Paul Bettany), the self-appointed town spokesman, the little community agrees to hide her and in return, Grace agrees to work for them. However, when a search sets in, the people of Dogville demand a better deal in exchange for the risk of harbouring poor Grace and she learns the hard way that in this town, goodness is relative. But Grace has a secret and it is a dangerous one. Dogville may regret it ever began to bare its teeth...


Nicole Kidman as Grace Margaret Mulligan
Harriet Andersson as Gloria
Lauren Bacall as Ma Ginger
Jean-Marc Barr as The Man with the Big Hat
Paul Bettany as Tom Edison
Blair Brown as Mrs. Henson
James Caan as The Big Man
Patricia Clarkson as Vera
Jeremy Davies as Bill Henson
Ben Gazzara as Jack McKay
Philip Baker Hall as Tom Edison Sr.
Thom Hoffman as Gangster
Siobhan Fallon as Martha
John Hurt as Narrator
Zeljko Ivanek as Ben
Lars von Trier

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Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman

Download Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman
(documentary, history)

In 1938, two aspiring comic strip talents, Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster, published a character that would create a new genre of fantasy, Superman, the first superhero. This film explores the creation of the character and his subsequent evolution over the decades through various media. With various interviews of noted creative luminaries, the film shows how the character has adapted to the times and bounced back from times when he felt irrelevant to always regain his prominence as one of the great heroes of popular culture.


Forrest J Ackerman as Himself
Gilbert Adler as Himself
Stephan Bender as Himself/Young Clark Kent
Marlon Brando as Himself
Dean Cain as Himself
Mike Carlin as Himself
Gerard Christopher as Himself
Jackie Cooper as Himself
Dan Didio as Himself
Richard Donner as Himself
Michael Dougherty as Himself
Stephen Fishler as Himself
Alfred Gough as Himself
Gary H. Grossman as Himself
Mark Hamill as Himself
Kevin Burns

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Walk the Line

Download Walk the Line
(biography, drama, music, romance)

While growing up in the Great Depression era, Johnny Cash(Joaquin Phoenix) takes an interest in music and eventually moves out of his Arkansas town to join the air force in Germany. While there, he buys his first guitar and writes his own music, and proposes to Vivian. When they got married, they settled in Tennessee and with a daughter, he supported the family by being a salesman. He discovers a man who can pursue his dreams and ends up getting a record with the boys. Shortly after that, he was on a short tour, promoting his songs, and meets the already famous and beautiful June Carter(Reese Witherspoon). Then as they get on the long-term tours with June, the boys, and Jerry Lee Lewis, they have this unspoken relationship that grows. But when June leaves the tour because of his behavior, he was a drug addict. His marriage was also falling apart, and when he sees June years later at an awards show, he forces June to tour with them again, promising June to support her two kids and herself. While the tour goes on, the relationship between June and John grow more,and his marriage to his first wife ends. June finds out about the drugs, and help him overcome it. True love and care helped John eventually stop the drug usage, and finally proposes to her in front of an audience at a show.


Joaquin Phoenix as John R. Cash
Reese Witherspoon as June Carter
Ginnifer Goodwin as Vivian Cash
Robert Patrick as Ray Cash
Dallas Roberts as Sam Phillips
Dan John Miller as Luther Perkins
Larry Bagby as Marshall Grant
Shelby Lynne as Carrie Cash
Tyler Hilton as Elvis Presley
Waylon Payne as Jerry Lee Lewis
Shooter Jennings as Waylon Jennings
Sandra Ellis Lafferty as Maybelle Carter
Dan Beene as Ezra Carter
Clay Steakley as W.S. 'Fluke' Holland
Johnathan Rice as Roy Orbison
James Mangold

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World's Fastest Indian, The

Download World's Fastest Indian, The
(adventure, biography, drama, sport)

In `60s New Zealand, at the bottom of the world, Burt Munro takes a 1920 Indian motorcycle and, delightfully without resources other than his own obsession and a Kiwi #8 wire mentality, spends his retirement rebuilding the bike and following his dream to go to Speed Week at Salt Lake in Utah. Under funded, without the support of a team and against all the odds he not only makes it to Bonneville, he sets a world land spend record, not once, but again and again.


Anthony Hopkins as Burt Munro
Iain Rea as George
Tessa Mitchell as Sarah
Aaron Murphy as Tom
Tim Shadbolt as Frank
Annie Whittle as Fran
Greg Johnson as Duncan
Antony Starr as Jeff
Kate Sullivan as Doris
Craig Hall as Antarctic Angel
Jim Bowman as Cook
Alison Bruce as Doctor
Phoebe Falconer as Janice
Charles Pierard as Bank Manager
Barry Ryan as Burt's Neighbour
Roger Donaldson

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No Man's Land

Download No Man's Land
(drama, war)

After various skirmishes, two wounded soldiers, one Bosnian and one Serb, confront each other in a trench in the no man's land between their lines. They wait for dark, trading insults and even finding some common ground; sometimes one has the gun, sometimes the other, sometimes both. Things get complicated when another wounded Bosnian comes to, but can't move because a bouncing mine is beneath him. The two men cooperate to wave white flags, their lines call the UN (whose high command tries not to help), an English reporter shows up, a French sergeant shows courage, and the three men in no man's land may or may not find a way to all get along.


Branko Djuric as Ciki
Rene Bitorajac as Nino
Filip Sovagovic as Cera
Georges Siatidis as Marchand
Serge-Henri Valcke as Dubois
Sacha Kremer as Michel
Alain Eloy as Pierre
Mustafa Nadarevic as Old Serbian soldier
Bogdan Diklic as Serbian officer
Simon Callow as Soft
Katrin Cartlidge as Jane Livingstone
Tanja Ribic as Martha
Branko Zavrsan as Deminer
Djuro Utjesanovic as Bosnian guide
Mirza Tanovic as Bosnian officer
Danis Tanovic

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Download Candy

This story is a narration from an Australian man who falls in love with two kinds of Candy: a woman of the same name and heroin. The narrator changes from a smart-aleck to someone trying to find a vein to inject, while Candy changes from an actress, call girl, streetwalker, and then a madwoman. Starting in Sydney, the two eventually end up in Melbourne to go clean, but they fail. This leads them to turn to finding money and heroin, while other posessions and attachments become unimportant.


Abbie Cornish as Candy
Heath Ledger as Dan
Geoffrey Rush as Casper
Tom Budge as Schumann
Roberto Meza-Mont as Jorge
Tony Martin as Jim Wyatt
Noni Hazlehurst as Elaine Wyatt
Holly Austin as Sunglasses Shop Assistant
Craig Moraghan as Washing Machine Dealer
John Lee as Hock Shop Man
Noel Herriman as Celebrant
Tim McKenzie as Uncle Rod
Tara Morice as Aunt Katherine
Maddi Newling as Janey
Patricia Lemon as Wedding Guest
Neil Armfield

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Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Download Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
(adventure, animation, comedy, family)

It's 'vege-mania' in Wallace and Gromit's neighborhood, and our two enterprising chums are cashing in with their humane pest-control outfit, "Anti-Pesto." With only days to go before the annual Giant Vegetable Competition, business is booming, but Wallace & Gromit are finding out that running a "humane" pest control outfit has its drawbacks as their West Wallaby Street home fills to the brim with captive rabbits. Suddenly, a huge, mysterious, veg-ravaging "beast" begins attacking the town's sacred vegetable plots at night, and the competition hostess, Lady Tottington, commissions Anti-Pesto to catch it and save the day. Lying in wait, however, is Lady Tottington's snobby suitor, Victor Quartermaine, who'd rather shoot the beast and secure the position of local hero-not to mention Lady Tottingon's hand in marriage. With the fate of the competition in the balance, Lady Tottington is eventually forced to allow Victor to hunt down the vegetable chomping marauder. Little does she know that Victor's real intent could have dire consequences for her ...and our two heroes.


Peter Sallis as Wallace/Hutch
Ralph Fiennes as Victor Quartermaine
Helena Bonham Carter as Lady Campanula Tottington
Peter Kay as PC Mackintosh
Nicholas Smith as Reverend Clement Hedges
Liz Smith as Mrs. Mulch
John Thomson as Mr. Windfall
Mark Gatiss as Miss Blight
Vincent Ebrahim as Mr. Caliche
Geraldine McEwan as Miss Thripp
Edward Kelsey as Mr. Growbag
Dicken Ashworth as Mr. Mulch
Robert Horvath as Mr. Dibber
Pete Atkin as Mr. Crock
Noni Lewis as Mrs. Girdling
Steve Box
Nick Park

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Download Serenity
(action, adventure, sci-fi, thriller)

The crew of the Serenity is getting desperate. They have lain lower and lower to protect their doctor, Simon Tam (Sean Maher), and his telepathic traumatized little sister, River (Summer Glau), from the alliance, whom he rescued her from a year earlier. This has made getting jobs harder and now they are desperate. When they take River on a robbery during which Reavers (humans who have gone crazy and turned into cannibals) attack, Simon decides that its time to leave the crew of the Serenity for his and River's safety. She then mutters "Miranda" and goes berserk and nearly shoots Capt. Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), until her brother says the safety word to put her to sleep. Reynolds decides to take them back on board for safety, only now an alliance operative (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is on their tracks and making Reynolds determined to find out what "Miranda" is and what the Alliance is hiding.


Nathan Fillion as Mal
Gina Torres as Zoe
Alan Tudyk as Wash
Morena Baccarin as Inara
Adam Baldwin as Jayne
Jewel Staite as Kaylee
Sean Maher as Simon
Summer Glau as River
Ron Glass as Shepherd Book
Chiwetel Ejiofor as The Operative
David Krumholtz as Mr. Universe
Michael Hitchcock as Dr. Mathias
Sarah Paulson as Dr. Caron
Yan Feldman as Mingo
Rafael Feldman as Fanty
Joss Whedon

See also: Action: Back to the Future


Download Serenity
(action, adventure, sci-fi, thriller)

The crew of the Serenity is getting desperate. They have lain lower and lower to protect their doctor, Simon Tam (Sean Maher), and his telepathic traumatized little sister, River (Summer Glau), from the alliance, whom he rescued her from a year earlier. This has made getting jobs harder and now they are desperate. When they take River on a robbery during which Reavers (humans who have gone crazy and turned into cannibals) attack, Simon decides that its time to leave the crew of the Serenity for his and River's safety. She then mutters "Miranda" and goes berserk and nearly shoots Capt. Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), until her brother says the safety word to put her to sleep. Reynolds decides to take them back on board for safety, only now an alliance operative (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is on their tracks and making Reynolds determined to find out what "Miranda" is and what the Alliance is hiding.


Nathan Fillion as Mal
Gina Torres as Zoe
Alan Tudyk as Wash
Morena Baccarin as Inara
Adam Baldwin as Jayne
Jewel Staite as Kaylee
Sean Maher as Simon
Summer Glau as River
Ron Glass as Shepherd Book
Chiwetel Ejiofor as The Operative
David Krumholtz as Mr. Universe
Michael Hitchcock as Dr. Mathias
Sarah Paulson as Dr. Caron
Yan Feldman as Mingo
Rafael Feldman as Fanty
Joss Whedon

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