Night at the Museum

Download Night at the Museum
(action, comedy, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Night at the MuseumIn New York, the unemployed divorced Larry Daley is a complete loser. His son Nick is very disappointed with his father that is gong to be evicted, and Larry accepts the job of night watchman in the Museum of Natural History as the substituted for three old security guards that have just retired to raise some money and pay his bills. In his first nightshift, Larry realizes that everything at the museum comes to life at night. The Museum transforms in a complete chaos with the inexperienced Larry, and he learns that since an old Egyptian stone came to the Museum in 1950, the was statues comes to life until dawn. When Larry brings his son to spend a night with him, the three old guards break in the Museum to stole the magic stone. Larry organizes the historic characters to help him to arrest the criminals and save the museum.


Ben Stiller as Larry Daley
Carla Gugino as Rebecca
Dick Van Dyke as Cecil
Mickey Rooney as Gus
Bill Cobbs as Reginald
Jake Cherry as Nick Daley
Ricky Gervais as Dr. McPhee
Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt
Kim Raver as Erica Daley
Patrick Gallagher as Attila the Hun
Rami Malek as Ahkmenrah
Pierfrancesco Favino as Christopher Columbus
Charles Q. Murphy as Taxi Driver
Steve Coogan as Octavius
Mizuo Peck as Sacajawea
Shawn Levy

I have seen with a large group of friends (all in their early 20s) in
opening night, and everyone thought it was hilarious. It was not until a few days later
that I have heard comments to consider that were less than favourable
. I thought that the film is fun and joyous light. Yes, some
parties may not have seemed to make sense, but come. This is a film about
exhibitions in a museum coming to life - I do not think that the creators
were designed for realism. I thought Ben Stiller has done a great job, like
other actors, especially security guards. Everybody in the theater
applauded when it was over, so it must have liked too.
I certainly recommend it.
Excellent movie fun ... Dinosaurs and best film in a long time ;-)

I promised my nephew Grade 8 I take him to a movie this Christmas
break - without their younger brothers and sisters. The
initially wanted to see that movie dragon, but he discovered that sucked, so I suggested

With adolescents, there is the delicate balance between too "child" too development-oriented and
dark, but he laughs along the rest of the theater, and the loss of < br> itself to the fun with the rest of us.

He wants to see you again, * I * want to play again, and I recommend
for anyone with a sense of fun. It is also the first film by Ben Stiller
in a while I can say that about. I hope that all the study
reward for putting out a true "family film" for the holidays, so we'll see more
in the future.

It's good to see Dick Van Dyke, Andy Rooney and Bill Cobbs to light,
comic roles, and Robin Williams in a strong supporting role. They
give the film more "credibility".

very fun, easy value of 2 hours and $ 10.00, more than once.

Download Night at the Museum
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The Family Stone

Download Family Stone, The
(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie The Family StoneThe Stone family unites in common cause when their favorite son brings his uptight girlfriend home for the Christmas holiday, with plans of proposing. Overwhelmed by the hostile reception, she begs her sister to join her for emotional support, triggering further complications.


Claire Danes as Julie Morton
Diane Keaton as Sybil Stone
Rachel McAdams as Amy Stone
Dermot Mulroney as Everett Stone
Craig T. Nelson as Kelly Stone
Sarah Jessica Parker as Meredith Morton
Luke Wilson as Ben Stone
Tyrone Giordano as Thad Stone
Brian J. White as Patrick Thomas
Elizabeth Reaser as Susannah Stone Trousdale
Paul Schneider as Brad Stevenson
Savannah Stehlin as Elizabeth Trousdale
Jamie Kaler as John Trousdale
Robert Dioguardi as David Silver
Carol Locatell as Jeweler
Thomas Bezucha

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The Dark Hours

Download Dark Hours, The
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie The Dark HoursThe thirty and something years old psychiatrist Dr. Samantha Goodman has an incurable brain tumor that has just started to grow. Felling totally stressed, she decides to spend the weekend in her cottage with her husband, the writer David Goodman, and her sister Melody. She unexpectedly arrives in the cabin and finds a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator. Later, a young man, Adrian, asks for help due to the cold weather and once in the house, he shows a gun and brings his partner, the violent sexual offender and Samantha's former patient Harlan Pyne. Along the night, Harlan forces the family to participate in twisted games, where truths are disclosed.


Kate Greenhouse as Samantha Goodman
Aidan Devine as Harlan Pyne
Gordon Currie as David Goodman
Iris Graham as Melody
Dov Tiefenbach as Adrian
David Calderisi as Dr. Lew Lanigan
Jeff Seymour as Radiologist
Trevor Hayes as Doctor
Bruce McFee as Donald Wegman
Kathryn Haggis as Waitress
Paul Fox

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6. Various Artists - Heavenly Voices Vol.2 - Sea Is My Soul - 24 Hours (Dark Orange)
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Black Rain

Download Black Rain
(action, crime, drama)
Download Movie Black RainTwo New York cops get involved in a gang war between members of the Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia. They arrest one of their killers and are ordered to escort him back to Japan. In Japan, however, he manages to escape. As they try to track him down, they get deeper and deeper into the Japanese Mafia scene and they have to learn that they can only win by playing the game the Japanese way.


Michael Douglas as Nick
Andy Garcia as Charlie
Ken Takakura as Masahiro
Kate Capshaw as Joyce
Yusaku Matsuda as Sato
Shigeru K??yama as Ohashi
John Spencer as Oliver
Guts Ishimatsu as Katayama
Yuya Uchida as Nashida
Tomisaburo Wakayama as Sugai
Miyuki Ono as Miyuki
Luis Guzm??n as Frankie
John Costelloe as The Kid
Stephen Root as Berg
Richard Riehle as Crown
Ridley Scott

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Blast from the Past

Download Blast from the Past
(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie Blast from the PastBrandon Fraser is Adam Weber, the child of an eccentric inventor and his wife. Following a bomb scare in the 1960s that locked the Webers in their bomb shelter for 35 years, Adam Weber must venture out into Los Angeles and obtain food and supplies for his family, and a non-mutant wife for himself. He meets Eve (Alicia Silverstone), who reluctantly agrees to help him out.


Brendan Fraser as Adam Webber
Alicia Silverstone as Eve Rustikoff
Christopher Walken as Calvin Webber
Sissy Spacek as Helen Thomas Webber
Dave Foley as Troy
Joey Slotnick as Soda Jerk/Archbishop Melker
Dale Raoul as Mom
Hayden Tank as Age 3 1/2 Adam
Douglas Smith as Age 11 Adam
Ryan Sparks as Age 8 Adam
Don Yesso as Jerry
Scott Thomson as Young Psycho
Ted Kairys as Navy F86 Pilot Wolf One
Rex Linn as Dave
Cynthia Mace as Betty
Hugh Wilson

It was 1962 when first established in the eyes Calvin and Helen Webber. They are
have a party for some of his friends. Calvin, a scientific genius of
CalTec, is a man who has been preparing for bad times. When the
president of the United States, JFKennedy takes to the airwaves to announce
an impending clash with the Soviet Union over missiles in Cuba
, Calvin is figures! Decides to end the match and that he and Helen
go to his well-prepared and stored bomb shelter. Recently
he knows, but the fall of a military jet in the area launches
locking system and before realizing it, are trapped in their own

Helen gives birth to a child, she names Adam. The child is educated
in his bunker and grows to be a genius in his own right. Adam
grows listening to the old Perry Como records and can speak several foreign languages
that their parents have taught him. Adam is a well-adjusted young
, after thirty-five years on his own, without the prospect of
a woman, or love. When the locking mechanism finally frees family,
are still reluctant to enter the world, something that Calvin
not want to do, but Helen, Adam wanting to be happy, decides to send
replenish declining their supplies.

of course, Adam, in the real world seems to be a monster. With its
old clothes, his bad haircut, is a sight not to be
cree. Being naive and without malice, has no idea how the man who
intends to sell his valuable collection of baseball cards
is trying to cheat him. Enter Eve, a young woman in the store, who tells Adam
the mistake being made. Adam is fortunate to have found their own Eve. Adam
not have much time to acquire a taste for everything modern as
guided by Eva and her gay brother.

Hugh Wilson directs this charming film with the right touch, as everything has a sense
ironic light on everything we see. Written by
Bill Kelly, the game screen is one of the best things in movies of this genre
recent years.

Brendan Fraser, who has played these characters before naive,
is attractive as Adam. Christopher Walken took a respite from his usual heavy
characters and is a winner as Calvin Webber, who was the genius
wrong. Sissy Spacek also seems to be having fun with her Helen.
Alicia Silverstone plays Eve, the wise girl street from Pasadena
who fell in love with Adam.

"Blast from the Past" is a film that shows the talent of Hugh Wilson
at its best. It will not disappoint!
See the movie to find out why, but Brendan Fraser's crazy dad took him
meter for thirty years in an elaborate bomb shelter, so
when Brendan finally goes up in the years to 90
more supplies for their parents, in a bit of a shock.

Christopher Walken is wonderful as the crazy, atomic-age inventor.
Alicia Silverstone deserves to be on screen more - it is beautiful and sassy
as the love interest, but still faces a funny strip with his mouth.
Brendan Fraser is a perfect choice for the largest water fish
ever. His face is so convincing fresh ingenuity. He's larger than life,
and sometimes naive as his corny, but it is consistent, so it works.
Depending on what is morale, Sissy Spacek for his part added
psychological depth to the film or subtracts a bit of fun.

This film is by no means implausible. There was fear as many people as
Christpher Walken for 60 years. In 1962, during the Cuba missile crisis
, Kennedy and Khruschev was press a button away from us all blown to smithereens
(see Thirteen days for a historically accurate picture of this
). And Walken's character is established as crazy enough to
and build its housing stock with 30 years worth of supplies.

8 / 10. Tremenda fun time-jumping romantic comedy driven by the personality of
Fraser - perfect for watching an affection or
families in a warm weekend in.

Download Blast from the Past
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Hot Shots!

Download Hot Shots!
(action, comedy, romance, war)
Download Movie Hot Shots!Topper Harley, a top gun fighter pilot, is recalled to serve on the SS Essess. Topper's mission is to destroy Saddam Hussein's nuclear plants. Unfortunately, Topper is psychologically imbalanced and is sure to crack under pressure.


Charlie Sheen as Lt. Topper Harley
Cary Elwes as Lt. Kent Gregory
Valeria Golino as Ramada Thompson
Lloyd Bridges as Adm. Thomas 'Tug' Benson
Kevin Dunn as Lt. Cmdr. James Block
Jon Cryer as Jim 'Wash Out' Pfaffenbach
William O'Leary as Pete 'Dead Meat' Thompson
Kristy Swanson as Kowalski
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Wilson
Bill Erwin as Buzz Harley
Heidi Swedberg as Mary Thompson
Bruce A. Young as 'Red' Herring
Ryan Stiles as 'Mailman' Farnham
Rino Thunder as 'The Old One' Owatonna
Mark Arnott as Rosener
Jim Abrahams

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Goal II: Living the Dream


Download Prime
(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie PrimePrime is a sophisticated, character comedy set in New York City about Rafi, a recently divorced 37-year-old career woman from Manhattan and what happens when Dave, a talented 23-year-old painter from the upper West Side of Manhattan falls in love with her. The film looks at love from everyone's point-of-view friends, relatives and in this case, Rafi's therapist Lisa, and follows all who comes apart and some who pull it together, when two people fall in love.


Meryl Streep as Lisa Metzger
Uma Thurman as Rafi Gardet
Bryan Greenberg as David Bloomberg
Jon Abrahams as Morris
Adriana Biasi as Bay Ridge Blonde
David Younger as Brother #1
Palmer Brown as Brother #2
Zak Orth as Randall
Annie Parisse as Katherine
Aubrey Dollar as Michelle
Jerry Adler as Sam
Doris Belack as Blanch
Ato Essandoh as Damien
David Anzuelo as Bodega Counterman
Naomi Aborn as Dinah Bloomberg
Ben Younger

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6. Drum & Bass - Various Artists - Prime Mover - Bootshake Volume 3 Vinyl
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The Legend of Bagger Vance

Download Legend of Bagger Vance, The
(drama, romance, sport)
Download Movie The Legend of Bagger VanceRannulph Junnah is the best golfer in Savannah. He's living well and has a girl, Adele Invergordon, who's the daughter of a wealthy landowner. The First World War starts, though, and Junnah goes to Europe to fight. The only survivor of a dangerous mission, Junnah doesn't return to Savannah for 15 years. In 1930, he returns, and Adele's father has already committed suicide during the Depression. Pressured by tax collectors to sell the golf course her father built to pay off debts, Adele, now older, vows to bring to Savannah the greatest match ever played on the greatest golf course, her late father's. She's able to round up the 2 greatest golfers of their time, Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen to play for $10,000. The townspeople insist on having "one of their own" compete also, and Rannulph Junnah is rounded up. Junnah now hangs out with bums and is an alcoholic, as he has lost his authentic swing from 15 years ago. At first he turns down the offer. He gets his old clubs and balls and starts practicing. He has lost his ability. Suddenly, Bagger Vance shows up. He offers to be Junnahs's caddy and help him regain his "authentic swing". He does, and Junnah agrees to play in the big match.


Will Smith as Bagger Vance
Matt Damon as Rannulph Junuh
Charlize Theron as Adele Invergordon
Bruce McGill as Walter Hagen
Joel Gretsch as Bobby Jones
J. Michael Moncrief as Hardy Greaves
Lane Smith as Grantland Rice
Peter Gerety as Neskaloosa
Michael O'Neill as O.B. Keeler
Thomas Jay Ryan as Spec Hammond
Trip Hamilton as Frank Greaves
Dermot Crowley as Douglas McDermont
Harve Presnell as John Invergordon
Danny Nelson as McManus
Bob Penny as Laidlaw
Robert Redford

This adaptation of the book is well done, in many respects. The cast of the
supporting actors, who play Jones & Hagen, as well as young Hardy, is
first class.

Cinematography, etc. is also very well executed.

I thought that Damon did a very credible job as Junuh, although his character is a clone
Redford, until haircut and whispery
delivering their lines, and Will Smith was surprisingly quite good as
Bagger Vance. I must admit when I read the novel I had a difficult time imagining Smith
part of this game, but he carries with Morgan Freeman-esque

I totally disagree with each reviewer who have benefited from Charlize Theron
performance. His character is little more than a footnote in the book, and
in this film that greatly expanded its role as a sub-romantic
that frankly has nothing to do with the rest of the film and swamps
history. Ms Theron is very beautiful, but her accent is terrible! Monitor
his early scenes with the elders of the town and tell me how you can
consider it a true Georgia accent.

Similarly, young Hardy, who has a much more credible Southern accent, seemed to lose
completely by the time it has grown into the
narrator, Jack Lemmon . Shortly continuity errors that drags this movie

In total, Bagger Vance is not a bad movie, but it is not great

Best suited for golfers and fans of the Great Gatsby.
It has been a long time since we have enjoyed a movie as much as I did this
one. We all watch movies for a lot of reasons, besides the obvious reason
"entertainment". Although Legend of Bagger Vance does so at a more

charming and funny that this is redemption. Each of us is faced with adversity
in our daily lives and how we face the brands of quality of life that we live
. Junuh has faced personal demons more than ten years since
fought in World War I. The "lost his swing" is more than an athletic competition that the loss
refers to him. He has lost his faith in itself and its ability to cope with life
after his return from war.

The role of Bagger Vance, ably played by Will Smith, was not as well as God
the character described by Steven Pressfield in his book that this movie was adapted
. In the film Vance had the ability to help people think
beyond the obvious and backwards to get something special. It Junuh
reinstill an aid to personal beliefs and an appreciation of life. In the book
Pressfield, Vance is a God.

All roles were well played and children playing in their Lemmon
youth stole the show. It was also good to see Jack Lemmon in his final film

role. I thought it was an interesting coincidence that Lemmon end of
role was in a movie mystique as well as Burt Lancaster was in the field of dreams
The rating was also especially moving and the music fits the film to a "T."
This is a different kind of movie, but still qualifies as a "feel good"
Film. They do not always have the opportunity to go back and take a second stab

to life and that is the beauty of this film.

It is a wonderful thing to be able to go back and correct errors
we have done in our lives and leave the other side as
a better person. That is what Junuh was able to achieve and that made me feel very good
when the credits rolled. For those of you who thought this was a
golf film that is not the case. It is a film about the life and
opportunity to make a new beginning which is always important for those who
struggling to overcome adversity.

Download Legend of Bagger Vance, The
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Titan A.E.

Download Titan A.E.
(action, adventure, animation, sci-fi)
Download Movie Titan A.E.One thousand years from now, aliens destroy Earth in fear of the Titan project. Some humans escape, becoming a downtrodden Diaspora, living in impoverished settlements. The mysterious Titan spacecraft also escapes, and its inventor has hidden it before dying. A spacecraft captain and its pilot, Korso and Akima, two humans, seek out Cale, the youthful son of the dead scientist and explain that he must help them find the Titan, which holds a mechanism to unite and save humanity. Cale refuses, but the arrival of the killer aliens persuades him to join Korso. Can he avoid his pursuers, know friend from foe, find the Titan, and embrace his humanity, a nature he has despised until now?


Matt Damon as Cale Tucker
Bill Pullman as Capt. Joseph Korso
John Leguizamo as Gune
Nathan Lane as Preed
Janeane Garofalo as Stith
Drew Barrymore as Akima
Ron Perlman as Professor Sam Tucker
Alex D. Linz as Young Cale
Tone Loc as Tek
Jim Breuer as The Cook
Christopher Scarabosio as Queen Drej
Jim Cummings as Chowquin
Charles Rocket as Firrikash/Slave Trader Guard
Ken Hudson Campbell as Po
Tsai Chin as Old Woman
Don Bluth

This film (To be blunt) is one of the greatest animated sci-fi films
ever made. The story is an explosion, like the characters and the visuals are impressive
. Unfortunately the film was very underrated by critics
(But what do we know). Any fan of science fiction
with half a brain can see this is an intriguing story, and that the cast is absolutely committed
. In fact the actors put into this excellent performance
you can believe his luck and really feel for them. Total
this movie is easily capable of sustaining its own against masterpieces as
Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, Fire and Ice and other films in the genre
Sci-Fi/Fantasy animation.
Filled with spectacular visions of other worlds, Titan AE
leads us into the 31 century and
in a whole new level of science fiction. The story is fairly simple, a race called
sits Drejer
the human race is a threat so they decide to destroy us. The only hope for survival

of the human species is a ship called Titan. Only problem is that nobody knows where
is. The answer
states with Cale, the son of the inventor of Titan. Once he realizes what we Cale
therein, we are facing
intergalactic trip in a roller coaster. We persecuted the swamps filled with hydrogen and trees

hide an imaginative game and look in a field of ice crystals. Traditional hand-drawn characters

mixed with astonishing CGI versions of the planets, ships, and the vast emptiness of space

with very good results. Of course there may be some clunker lines here and there but
Titan AE
gives fans of sci-fi what they want. Well worth the price of admission

Download Titan A.E.
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Return to Sender

Download Return to Sender
(drama, thriller)
Download Movie Return to SenderCharlotte Cory (Connie Nielsen) is a young woman convict on Death Row who has built up a friendship with Frank Nitzche (Aidan Quinn) through mail correspondence, whilst her attorney (Kelly Preston) desperately tries to appeal the verdict before Charlotte's time runs out. With only days to spare Frank realizes that he has fallen in love with Charlotte and discovers that there is much more to the tragic circumstances of her imprisonment than he first thought - her life is now in his hands. Frank races to solve the puzzle that will reveal the truth, and tell the secrets that both he and Charlotte have been concealing, before it's too late.


Aidan Quinn as Frank Nitzche
Connie Nielsen as Charlotte Cory
Kelly Preston as Susan Kennan
Timothy Daly as Martin North
Mark Ryan as Mark Schlesser
Mark Holton as Joe Charbonic
Sara-Marie Maltha as Stella
Bill Thomas as Gubby
Randy Colton as Joe Hammond
Robin Brooks Sullivan as Mary Hammond
Madison Mueller as Kirstie
Eric Starkey as Hammond's brother
Montana Sullivan as Hammond's son
Brian Shoop as District Attorney
Michael Phillip Simpson as Johnny Decker
Bille August

See also: Drama: Passion of the Christ, The

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Download Jacknife
Download Movie JacknifeA conflict develops between a troubled Vietnam veteran and the sister he lives with when she becomes involved romantically with the army buddy who reminds him of the tragic battle they both survived.


Robert De Niro as Joseph 'Jacknife' Megessey
Kathy Baker as Martha Flannigan
Ed Harris as David 'High School' Flannigan
Sloane Shelton as Shirley
Ivar Brogger as Depot Mechanic
Michael Arkin as Dispatcher
Tom Isbell as Bobby 'Red Sox' Buckman
Kirk Taylor as Helicopter Gunner
Jordan Lund as Tiny
Charles S. Dutton as Veteran Encounter Group Leader Jake
Bruce Ramsay as Corridor Student
Jessalyn Gilsig as His Girlfriend
George Gerdes as Tony
Josh Pais as Rick
Lois Dellar as Cocktail Waitress
David Hugh Jones

Jacknife war is a film that is almost as far from war as
obtain films of war. It can be classified as a war film, because the only
so that any war has an effect on the story or the characters is in their
memories of her, and even those who almost never shown. It was very
raises interesting questions about life, especially in the way the film
said the slogan that only one of them is really alive (and by the way, even though the motto is
deals only with Dave (Ed Harris) and Megan (Robert DeNiro),
is talk of three of the characters in the movie). Dave and Megan
were friends in the Vietnam War, megs and has returned to take Dave
out on a fishing trip who have been planning a lot longer than you might have guessed

DeNiro provides a perfect performance of the character of megabytes, what we are
not sure if we really want or if it really is as nuts as Martha
thinks it is. Dave remembers Martha repeatedly megs is not his friend,
only someone who knows. There is a great scene early in the movie where megs
ha ido to grab a pack of six beers in his car for breakfast, and he
is just around the corner of the room when Dave said. Megas
pause for a moment and then proceeds to a room with a smile and a big welcome. This
is not until later that you realize how megs must have felt when he heard
who, having been the one to recall what they had planned to do in this
day. This reminds me of the fakeness of the old, `Sure, let's do that 'thing
by what people often say to each other, never have any plans to do any such thing

Ed Harris offers a magnificent performance as Dave, who never received more than
effects that the war had on him. Even so many years later,
has failed to get over the death of a friend during the war, blaming himself for this day for
drowning and, therefore, their lives in alcohol, cigarettes , And
loneliness. All they want, he says, is that people leave him alone.
This is not a man who lives his life the way he wants, if people really
leave him alone or not, he is a man trying to forget that he is alive, to separate themselves
from the same world of life as much as possible.

His sister Martha reminds me of myself, at least in terms of my room.
I have two floors that are 21 and 24 years, and both acted as
still living with their mothers, waiting for their messes only disappears when
leave the courtroom for a while. One in particular (the oldest, unfortunately),
has absolutely no idea how to care for himself, I'm surprised I do not have to clean
his chin while he eats. Martha has to do much the same for
her brother, she hopes in the hands and feet while he overcomes through life
a hangover to the next. Martha and Dave are trapped in a stagnant life and
none of them can leave it until something significant changes, and Dave is
which has to make the change.

I tend to complain about romance movies in which not only belong
about as much as Roger Ebert complains about the pathetic little tension
devices, the red digital readout. But in this case, I do not think the
romance that develops between megs and Martha had any negative effect on
rest of the film. On the contrary, what he did much more interesting,
because it was not foreseeable. The problem with romantic subplots in
Bruckheimer and whatnot is that films are so predictable that you just
wait for the apparent end to come and I hope that something interesting happens
along the way . In this case, however, is not so obvious that something is going to happen between
megs and Martha, because we do not know enough about
Megas. Martha could be right about it, which is one of Dave's crazy war
friends and that he is not the kind of man who should leave. Dave
certainly encourages this idea.

A couple of years after this movie, DeNiro did Cape Fear, where he plays a deranged criminal
for revenge against the lawyer that he landed at the
prison, a character who, in retrospect, makes it very easy to think that
perhaps at the end of Jacknife Martha realizes his mistake, gets rid of megs,
and she and Dave do it saved its ugly
a relationship and then he decides to clean up its act, because what he has done something good for her
. I was half expecting this to happen, so it was pleasantly surprised when Martha
megs and liquidation together and even more pleasantly surprised when Dave
megs asks all the questions about what they had planned after fazer the war was over.

Sometimes it is a drama in slow motion, but it is entertaining Jacknife along the
shape and has a great reward in the end, it manages to be surprisingly sappy
without being affected. There are almost too much emotion at the end of the
film that barely fits with the rest of the film, but it is so good that
is not anything silly that the film has done up to that point
. Everyone involved gives a magnificent performance, and
is one of those rare films that almost makes you want to stand up and shake their fists
victoriously in the air.
Jacknife is a masterpiece of the 80's. It is a movie that breathes
acting through very interesting and surprising touch directing. In
Jacknife both lovers of European and American film can find things that
relate. The script is very precise and full of beautiful
characters. Ed Harris is giving one of the biggest shows up
date. The hero represents their alcoholic magnificently makes us feel
his broken heart in every line, every move. Robert De Niro makes us once again
think of him as one of the greatest players of all time in one of the simplest
but also more realistic performances in his career. Jacknife
is never very boring because shows his clear heroes typical of any
Hollywood's character typical elements. After the war is not a hero.
Everyone is a loser, and this movie is about this simple truth. None
can amend their works until after a war, like the heroes of this film.
Jacknife is on diseases of the soul that war creates. Simply
magnificent film.

Download Jacknife
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Download Northfork
(drama, fantasy)
Download Movie NorthforkIn a near-empty Northfork orphanage, Father Harlan gently tends to Irwin, a eight-year-old who lies between a dreamstate and death. As orphanage caretaker Harlan reads aloud about Northfork's years-ago forced evacuation to make way for a hydro-electric dam, Irwin's imagination takes flight. While a team of six men evacuate the last remaining citizens of the town, Irwin, too, invents a cast of characters to prepare himself for his own evacuation.


James Woods as Walter O'Brien
Nick Nolte as Father Harlan
Douglas Sebern as Mayor
Claire Forlani as Mrs. Hadfield
Duel Farnes as Irwin
Daryl Hannah as Flower Hercules
Graham Beckel as Marvin
Josh Barker as Matt
Peter Coyote as Eddie
Jon Gries as Arnold
Rick Overton as Rudolph
Robin Sachs as Cup of Tea
Ben Foster as Cod
Anthony Edwards as Happy
Michael Polish

This is a very special film, driven by images and character rather than by linear
action or even plot. Things progress along two lines
eventually converge, the dying children cared for by the
Father, and the evacuation of the valley. The boy, delirious, is
pulls back and forth between two kingdoms, while Father hopes when
death. Nick Nolte plays this part with an enormous
restraint and sensitivity. The evacuation teams seem to suggest a parallel to the
Biblical flood, and eventually the two lines of action they merge into one state
dreamy, as if the flooding is waiting for the child, too .
James Woods gives a deceptively simple, finely nuanced performance, providing
emotional depth and approach to history. The question seems, is
the flood waters of life, or the waters of death? Or is it both
at the same time? The writers seem to feel that ultimately
there is no difference between the two. Instead of leaving
discouraged, this movie uplifts.
It's a shame this movie is rated PG 13 - is really very convenient for
anyone - even young children could not keep too well.

belongs to that wonderful kind of serious-comic ghost /
angel stories that would include everything from the Capra "It's a wonderful life" to
Wenders' Wings of Desire " ;.

The photography is stunning, the acting first class, and - wonder of wonders
- the tone is edifying.

My only criticism is that there is not much ambiguity in the film. The two intertwined stories
Curiously seem mysterious at first, but they resolve
a little too well for my taste. As the director draws
its commentary on the DVD, all ingredients in the history of Irwin are in
his bedside table. The symbolism is just a bit too pat for me

But what a lark! My favorite scene has to be when the relocation team
trying to get breakfast in a dining room. This is almost theatrical in its magic - a
tour de force of acting ingenious - subtle, playful, and positively
rhythmic - along with amazing cinematography and a sharp eye for the grotesque

"Northfork" is funny, poignant, beautiful to watch, Magic (with the previous
reservations) and not have a single-car chase.

A simple nine stars.

Download Northfork
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Download Bowfinger
Download Movie BowfingerHollywood, today: Bobby Bowfinger, a run-down actor-producer-director, is reading a script which a friend has written. Completely convinced of its quality, he decides to take a last shot at fame and fortune. But the script is not that easy to sell, and a famous producer promises him to do it, but there is one condition: Kit Ramsey, Hollywood's number one star, has to be in it. So, Bobby tries his luck with Kit - who says no - and then decides to shoot the film himself. Together with the cheapest team available in Southern California, an aspiring beauty from Ohio, a diva who is just a little over the hill, a key-holding gofer from a major studio and a goon hired away from burger-flipping, Bobby sets out to shoot the science-fiction-film starring Kit Ramsey - who does not even know he's being filmed.


Steve Martin as Bobby Bowfinger
Eddie Murphy as Kit Ramsey/Jiffernson 'Jiff' Ramsey
Heather Graham as Daisy
Christine Baranski as Carol
Jamie Kennedy as Dave
Adam Alexi-Malle as Afrim
Kohl Sudduth as Slater
Barry Newman as Kit's Agent Hal
Terence Stamp as Terry Stricter
Robert Downey Jr. as Jerry Renfro
Alejandro Patino as Sanchez
Alfred De Contreras as Martinez
Ramiro Fabian as Hector
Johnny Sanchez as Luis
Claude Brooks as Freddy
Frank Oz

Steve Martin, the funniest man alive in the 80, lost his way in the 90
with the likes of "act of faith" and "A Simple Twist Of Fate." Now, after
excellent work in David Mamet "The Spanish Prisoner", the return of Martin
writing and acting to live up comedy surprisingly good reassuring.
"Bowfinger" is a movie about movies, with all possibilities in-jokery
and self-indulgence that brings, but mostly with the waiver
smart-smart, isn & # 39; t-Hollywood-shallow things to deliver laughs.

Martin's Bobby Bowfinger, a producer struggling desperately for a success before it reaches the
'unemployable' age of 50, hits the idea of putting
action star Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) in his new sci-fi movie "Chubby Rain"
the star without knowing anything about it. Accordingly, Bowfinger of the crew of inept
Ramsey still around even crazier and surreal fashion, using
everything from 'Will work for food' signs of aluminum foil for
cranes mounted on trucks to get the vaccine they need. When Bowfinger stumbles through a double
Kit (Murphy again), who will do anything the director asked to look
including coffee, he starts to think all their birthdays have come to the time.
Meanwhile, neurotic Ramsey, who never stable to begin with, begins to lose
completely when he becomes convinced that sex-crazed pod people are

This is a simple plot, and while the script throws some barbs in Hollywood,
is played mainly for big laughs - and gets them. Heather Graham is the spot-to
as naive, literally, next to the bus from Ohio who is willing to sleep with anyone
for more scenes, and Jamie Kennedy is much like saying laconic
's long-suffering assistant. In reality, however, is Murphy and Martin's show. The
original wild and crazy shows that has not lost all his manic energy
in the title role, nor his wits with the strong script. Surprisingly, however,
standout performance is Murphy's, is bright as the paranoid, highly strung
Kit and his silly-but-sweet double Jiff. This could even be a better

It's simple, lightweight and pull of course, but comedies that try
say something, even if they are good, often simply does not make you laugh that much
. Bowfinger will.
Steve Martin scored a Bullseye with Bowfinger, intelligent and cleverly mounted
comedy, which also wrote Martin, who stars as Steve Martin
Bobby Bowfinger, a down and out Hollywood producer to the brink of
leave the business to be held on a script and wants to produce big stars
action Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) to star in it. When
Ramsey will not give Bobby the time of day. Bobby decides to shoot the film
kit without the knowledge or consent. This premise is a wonderful
set-up for some very funny sight gags. Eddie Murphy is the goal Kit Ramsey and
as milquetoast lookalike hired to do the trick Ramsey
work and close-ups. Murphy offers one of his funniest performances as the
lookalike and there are other effective contributions from
Heather Graham, Jamie Kennedy, Christine Baranski, Terrence Stamp,
and Robert Downey, Jr. An intelligent and winning comedy about the
inner workings of modern Hollywood with a great script and starring performance
Martin and Eddie Murphy in the dual role of a lifetime.

Download Bowfinger
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The Thief Lord

The Hunchback

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Download Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
(action, comedy, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie Ace Ventura: Pet DetectiveHe's the best there is. In fact, he's the only one there is! He's Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Jim Carrey is on the case to find the Miami Dolphins' missing mascot and quarterback Dan Marino. He goes eyeball to eyeball with a man-eating shark, stakes out the Miami Dolphins and woos and wows the ladies. Whether he's undercover, under fire or underwater, he always gets his man . . . or beast!


Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura
Courteney Cox as Melissa Robinson
Sean Young as Lt. Lois Einhorn/Ray Finkel
Tone Loc as Emilio
Dan Marino as Himself
Noble Willingham as Riddle
Troy Evans as Roger Podacter
Raynor Scheine as Woodstock
Udo Kier as Ron Camp
Frank Adonis as Vinnie
Tiny Ron as Roc
David Margulies as Doctor
John Capodice as Aguado
Judy Clayton as Martha Mertz
Bill Zuckert as Mr. Finkle
Tom Shadyac

I am guessing that everyone knows the story of this film by now, but
for those who might not have had the opportunity to see this great
film, is rather simple formula. The Miami Dolphins mascot was stolen
and the mouth advertising Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) is called manic
in action. His job is to find and return the dolphin before
The Miami Dolphins' crucial game.

Jim Carrey is simply incredible, never stopped laughing throughout the
way through the film. This is undoubtedly the best work Carrey, even now. OK,
Dumb and Dumber and The Mask are very funny films too, but this takes the biscuit
. As Everything makes me laugh, flogging
football player with a towel to get a ring seal appears in a mansion
game and be his usual manic self.

100 per hour, laughs, if you have a sense of humor, this movie is
for you!
One of Jim Carrey before he sees the images on the role of
extraordinary detective Ace Ventura who has really bad hair.
The plot has something to do with finding a dolphin, but really can not be sure
. All you remember about this movie is a sublime comic
performance by Jim Carrey.

What is interesting about this action is that reminds us that
Carrey has grown more (and has become a real dramatic actor) and is no longer as
limbo. Would you be able to make an Ace Ventura
today (assuming he wants, of course)? The kind of film
dies away towards the end, and Courteney Cox and Sean Young is embarrassing, but
Jim Carrey is all that matters anyway.

PROS: Jim Carrey!

CONS: Nothing works!

My Rating: ** 1 / 2 / **** (see for Jim Carrey)

Download Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
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Tags: Download Movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Download Film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Instant Movie Download Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective DivX Download

Con Air

Download Con Air
(action, thriller)
Download Movie Con AirCameron Poe is an Army Ranger who was going to go home to his pregnant wife when he got into a fight with three men. He would kill one of them and the other two ran away with the knife they had and because of that he would be convicted of manslaughter. After eight years he would be paroled. He would be part of a group that's being transferred to another prison and flown in a special plane. While in flight a fight breaks out and two of the most dangerous criminals, Diamond Dog and Cyrus the Virus Grissom, would break out from their restraints and take over the plane. When the plane makes it's first stop Poe and friend who's a diabetic and who wasn't given his shot, and all the syringes were destroyed, try to get off but Grissom wouldn't let them. He then tries to alert the authorities but got away. Now the government is considering shooting the plane down but U.S. Marshall Vince Larkin thinks that it's a little hasty and believes that Poe is an ally. When Grissom leads them on a wild goose chase, Poe alerts them to where they are going.


Nicolas Cage as Cameron Poe
John Cusack as U.S. Marshal Vince Larkin
Monica Potter as Tricia Poe
Landry Allbright as Casey Poe
M.C. Gainey as Swamp Thing
Danny Trejo as Johnny 'Johnny-23' Baca
Steve Buscemi as Garland 'The Marietta Mangler' Greene
Steve Eastin as Guard Falzon
Rachel Ticotin as Guard Sally Bishop
Dave Chappelle as Joe 'Pinball' Parker
Ving Rhames as Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones
John Malkovich as Cyrus 'The Virus' Grissom
Renoly Santiago as Ramon 'Sally-Can't Dance' Martinez
Nick Chinlund as William 'Billy Bedlam' Bedford
Mykelti Williamson as Mike 'Baby-O' O'Dell
Simon West

Jerry Bruckheimer-style production rarely makes a good film but
Con Air is one of those rare exceptions where all OTT and chaos
comprehensive measures to make a film so exciting that when Scorch observed.

Nic Cage (typically in a bad performance) is Cameron Poe, a U.S. Ranger
that was sent to prison for wanting to kill a bandit that their attacks
pregnant wife. After 8 years of oats that is free and hitches a ride home
in a prison called The plane Jailbird. But this is not normal

are aboard a small U.S. military toughest thieves including
Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom (John Malkovich) to men sentenced to death for murder, theft
, kidnapping and extortion. Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones (Ving Rhames
), a black militant in murder. Billy Bedlam (Nick Chinlund
), in the interior to kill his wife misled the family and the dog.
Pinball Parker (Dave Chapelle), a pimp and drug dealer. Swamp Thing (MC Gainey
) a pilot who knows a few things about a good hijack. And lastly
Garland Green AKA The Marietta Mangle (Steve Buscemi), a serial murderer
to kill a zillion people and 2 crossing state borders using a
girls as a head hat.

As you can tell, this eclectic bunch of psychoses aboard
is only a matter of seconds before all hell breaks loose. As soon as the plane
is in the air cons have taken over, or subject
killed the guard and have changed the fate of the prison to South americas.

Poe, being the good-hearted sort of chapter that is not as rat
his best friend needs his insulin shot and nobody else will help. Everything depends
to sneakily Poe to round up until ill U.S. Marshall Larkin (John Cusack
) and the cavalry could arrive. It's easier said than done, as
double-crosses, suspicious and the contras lack authority incompetent
everything. The result is an excessive action as the film through flames
his anarchic, devastating climax on another anarchic,
devastating climax. At the end you are left breathless and itching
their senses with too much stimulation. With Air is all an action film should be.

Steve Buscemi steals the entire show. His deadpan, bug-eyed and I dare say
'innocent' portrait of a deranged murderer is the cornerstone of
entire film. The scene where he sings with a girl (and continues
below) or freak you or steal your heart. And the final
is the best we could expect.

Mark Mancina and Trevor Rabin provide a high, blaring results
thrash-metal and acoustic guitars with traditional media glare Ventures.
is brilliant things and I suggest that the game (sadly incomplete)
Result CD. And this does not really deserve the award for Best Original Song
that the thought of a Titanic.

both Superior and The Rock Face / Off, Con Air is Nic Cage in his
(worse) better as a hero and Bruckheimer action at its best as an action
producer. See, for God's sake, see it.
'Con Air' more or less defined the term "popcorn movie" - is an action movie
strictly designed to entertain. The film emphasizes is in flash,
style, and adrenaline, with a smattering of humor and story spread throughout
for good measure. It is not exactly the noblest of objectives, but the
desire to entertain is quite sincere, and "Con Air" is not largely
success in the entertainment department.

When `Con Air 'crumbles, however, is the grandiose, grandstanding way

in which it tells its story. Subtlety is a word that is not possible use in
describe this movie. 'Con Air' is a firm believer in the idea that

more must be better - ten explosions should be better than a three
psychotic villains must be better than two, and so on. "The bigger is better" approach
the film never really becomes a total mess, but it bogs
to some extent - what could have been a fantastic action film
becomes, well Only better than average. A slight and mean 'Con Air'
could have been a classic.

'Con Air' is the story of good guy Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage), an Army Ranger
unjustly thrown in jail for eight long years to protect its
the family of drunkenness, brandishing a knife-manic. Finally paroled, placed

Poe is converted into a troop transport aircraft that was home to his family.
however, also aboard the plane is a list of offenders psychotic
vaguely reminiscent of the Legion of Doom of the old "Superfriends" cartoon. There
Cyrus the Virus (John Malkovich), an articulate, thoughtful
madman with a penchant for automatic weapons; Diamond Dog (Ving Rhames), a black
militants and Cyrus' trusted lieutenant (or Cyrus thinks so, in any case);
Johnny 23 (Danny Trejo), a serial rapist; Garland Greene (Steve Buscemi), a
serial murderer Hannibal Lecter in the vein that is treated as resident < br> prison celebrities and a good half a dozen other colorful characters meat
Rogues flying to this rostrum nightmare of offenders. Under Cyrus "
direction, criminals take control of the plane, and it's up to the
Poe plagued save the day, with the help of a good boy-US. Marshal
Larkin (John Cusack) on the ground, apparently the only person in the U.S.
law enforcement able to decipher Poe brief and cryptic messages to

The film moves along a rapid pace, happily glossing over its own
improbabilities. 'Con Air' is undoubtedly the kind of movie that only works if
not stop to think about it, and director Simon West
keeps things going fast enough to keep most of the plot absurd holes
mercifully brief. He manages to cut a story arc to another
with a certain amount of skill, keeping each arc
snowballing into something completely
unmanageable. However, the juggling act carries thin by the end of the film
- simply too much to try to balance. It is not particularly Simon
fault of the West (although he has an annoying penchant for excessive
slow motion explosion shot from five different angles, "
The A-Team"),
But rather a byproduct of the script. The second half of the film has forced
moments, where the sole purpose of the action scenes seem to be completely overcome
the action scenes in the first half. These scenes are undeniably
fresh looking, but they are filling, stuffing and can have only one
film to date. A good third of the movie - story, the action scenes, you name it
- could easily have been removed from the film, and not only never

be missed, "Con Air" would be much better .

Even the characters, while entertaining, has just closed the overwhelming
film. The Diamond Dog
villain, as played by Ving Rhames, is charismatic,
threatening, and a truly inspired bad movie. . .
and is also completely free. As Cyrus the Virus, John Malkovich is also charismatic,
threatening, and a truly inspired bad movie. . . as well as Diamond Dog.
The film simply has no room for the two villains (and definitely
not have space for reading inspired by Garland Green, Steve Buscemi
becomes a rare kind of comic relief, but otherwise not
serves to nothing in the film.) ONE villain who has been abundant. IDEM heroes:
Cage is good, Cusack is good, but c'mon, pick one. Like the rest of the film, the characters become
too, and wind up becoming a pure excess.

In many ways, "Con Air" is similar to the results of a brainstorming meeting ido Hollywood
haywire, where a thousand ideas are slapped down on a
Scratch notes. . . but these ideas do not necessarily mesh well together. Most

the ideas in `Con Air 'are surprisingly decent, there are too many of them.
(How many times have you heard that an action film?)

In general, "Con Air" is fine, and if you're in the mood for fun, senseless < br> action, which gets the job done. Personally, I'd recommend watching "The Rock
rather than' s by far the best of the recent wave of
Bruckheimer action flicks - but` Con Air ', For all its excesses, has its own good time,
too. Grade: B --

Download Con Air
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3. Trevor Rabin - Con Air - Con Air Theme
4. Concentus musicus Wien, con. Nicolas Harnoncourt. - Suite No.3 In D Major BWV 1068 - Air
5. G. Laurens - mezzo-soprano, Capriccio Stravagante, con. Skip Sempe - Divertissement III - Air pour les demons et les monstres
6. La Petite Band, con. Sigiswald Kuijken. - Hippolite et Aricie. (Tragedie en 5 actes un prologue. Suite pour Orchestre.) - Prologue: Air en rondeau pour Les Amours
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Zathura: A Space Adventure

Download Zathura: A Space Adventure
(action, adventure, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Zathura: A Space AdventureDanny and Walter are two brothers who barely get along even while driving their parents to distraction as their older sister tries to ignore them. Despite their squabbling, the brothers manage cooperate enough to play an old mechanical board game named Zathura. However, after their first move, they find that the game has apparently flung them, their sister and their entire house into outer space. Furthermore, the brothers surmise the only way to return home is to finish the game. However with almost every move, new dangers arise as the siblings find themselves learning to cooperate in ways they never expected as they realize what they mean to each other.


Jonah Bobo as Danny
Josh Hutcherson as Walter
Dax Shepard as Astronaut
Kristen Stewart as Lisa
Tim Robbins as Dad
Frank Oz as Robot
John Alexander as Robot
Derek Mears as Lead Zorgon
Douglas Tait as Zorgon
Joe Bucaro III as Zorgon
Jeff Wolfe as Zorgon
Jon Favreau

There are plenty of nice things about this movie. In particular,
Zathura is a smart film aesthetically. Manufacturers
did a good job of not relying too heavily on CGI, very seriously and design
effects. The use of convincing miniatures, games and real
chaos and destruction really brought history to life. It is true that their children a
film. But not so much bothered that there is a time and
attractive concept of adventure. It really hearkens back to the glory of
Children 80 adventure films. The movie gadgets and Knick-Knacks
is great. The Zathura game home and aboard are both in characters and
themselves, as important as the actors (who did a good job). Throughout the

I felt like I was watching a little "time bandits" mixed with some
"Goonies" and perhaps some "Hitchikers Guide ..." "House".

Some people seem ambivalent to the film. That is regrettable. Up against
many of inspiration without sh * t that is released these days,
Zathura is very successful in creating a fun and visually convincing escape.
Half way through the movie I realized that was waiting and anticipating the film
not, that would let me. Never did.

I appreciated the film.
i was expecting this film confines itself to be a decent way to waste some time
like his predecessor, but Zathura is better. it's just as crazy as
jumanji, but only seems to make more sense.

is a bit short in the face and I expected a little more
action scenes, but what there is is quite good.

dialogue is fun, but it was a little more nervous than I expected.

overall, the film moved along at a rapid pace and has some nice
unexpected twists. it is nice to see that was filmed as a retro
"buck Rogers type" science fiction game, but modern life with levels of action.
is a good mix.

the film offers enough action to keep their attention and
enough surprises to keep you guessing. is much better than I expected
be. it was fun.

Download Zathura: A Space Adventure
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