Hazard of Hearts, A

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(drama, romance)
Download Movie Hazard of Hearts, ACompulsive gambler, Sir Giles Staverley is tricked into gambling away his home by his old adversary Lord Harry Wrotham. As Staverley is distraught and desperate, Wrotham gives him one last chance - he will gamble everything Staverley has lost against Staverley's daughter's hand in marriage and her trust fund of 80,000 guineas. Staverley agress and loses once again, but unable to face his daughter, Serena, he kills himself. Lord Justin Vulcan, a notoriously cold, clear headed gambler challenges Wrotham for the house and the girl and, much to Wrotham's disgust, wins. Justin now finds himself in possession of the house and Serena, but has no idea of what to do with them. After meeting Serena and realising that she is much younger and more beautiful than he had imagined, he installs her as a guest at Mandrake, his family home, despite the hatred of Justin's mother, Lady Harriet Vulcan. As Lady Vulcan attempts to marry Serena off to anyone except her son, Serena and Justin become friends and he teaches her about Mandrake, the home he loves. A crisis forces Serena and Justin to confront their feelings for each other. Can the course of true love run smooth for them?


Diana Rigg as Lady Harriet Vulcan
Edward Fox as Lord Harry Wrotham
Helena Bonham Carter as Serena Staverley
Fiona Fullerton as Lady Isabel Gillingham
Neil Dickson as Nicholas
Christopher Plummer as Sir Giles Staverley
Stewart Granger as Old Vulcan
Anna Massey as Eudora
Eileen Atkins as Lady Harriet's Maid
Gareth Hunt as Joker
Marcus Gilbert as Lord Justin Vulcan
Robert Addie as Lord Peter Gillingham
James Gaddas as Lord John Burley
Christopher Villiers as Captain Jackson
Ben Aris as Lieutenant of Dragoons
John Hough

I love this movie and have done since we saw for the first time many years ago.

The script is firmly buried at the plate and in places laughable (She's
point of having vapors - I will lay odds on it!), Sino that only adds to
Its charm.

An impressive performance at the beginning of Helena Bonham-Carter as the spunky
Country-mouse, and a first look at Marcus Gilbert (phoaar) as-yet-
Incubators misunderstood - and hunky-Vulcan Mr provides energy
The film, but the old guard (Diana Rigg, Stewart Granger, Anna Massey
Et al), constitute the condiment that makes this effort more palatable.

I have seen a hundred times, and virtually impossible to speak
Along with him, but that never age, never tires and DVD
be my next purchase (* I * was have!).

Download Hazard of Hearts, A
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