Download Blur
(drama, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie BlurRAYMOND WEIR is a shut in computer genius surviving in the post dot-com era. Disabled as a result of a home invasion that took the life of his late wife, SARAH, Raymond sits in his makeshift apartment above a run down bar, over medicated, mourning her loss and contemplating suicide. His only contact with the world, besides his close friend PAUL are the three computer screens that blink emotionlessly at him twenty four hours a day, through sleepless nights. There, he sees the universe, filled with images of webcams around the world, from petty crimes and private confessions, to public tragedies and natural disasters. It is here, one night, as Raymond finishes piecing together an old video recording of his late wife, that he sees a mysterious woman, LAYLA. The image of her is unexpected, sexual, as she goes through a ritualistic set of gestures that leads to an emotional plea to Raymond. Alone, in an undisclosed location, she begins confessing in a sing song voice, speaking to him about her dreams, in words that echo Sarah's. As Raymond listens, he begins to realize that not only may she know the key to the death of Sarah, but that she herself may be in danger, and that it is up to him to save her before she too becomes a victim.


Burt Bulos as Paul
Mark Halfmoon as Marty
Conor Hamill as Glen O'Neill
Charlie Hofheimer as Raymond
Saurabh Kikani as Cab Driver
Ralph Peduto as Halleck
Donn Andrew Simmons as Suit
Steve Voldseth as James Nathanson
Emily Marie Grant as Lone Woman Tableau
Lila Green-Goodwin as Larissa
Christa Martin as Lead Investigative Reporter
Kristin Minter as Candace
Katharine Towne as Sarah
John W. Kim

I thought that the ugly face red in the main character of the canvas
family seemed so I hoped and, yes, it almost line by line
the famous drawing "Head Study" Leonardo da Vinci
at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. Of course, it might be just a coincidence, but I
I think it is a subliminal message, something like: "Go to the museum,
go to the museum, do not waste your money, do not waste your money ... "
anyway, starts interesting, with good acting by a group of interesting
virtually unknown. Then ever so slowly that receives
spookier Cornier and in a subtle and extremely confusing fashion. They use lots
contrived false leads nowhere in particular until
end, when he slaps in the face and brazenly tells you, "
should have ido to the museum, you wasted your money ... "I just wish I
could spoil the ending for you, but for the most part, is so boring
it is a Blur.
After reading some of the observations made here I am beginning to think I've seen
else! I understand that this is an independent
low-budget movie! So what! Only by this fact people are praising this movie
! At least that's the impression I am getting! An increased budget for this movie
does not matter much because "Blur" seems to be depending
in history and not style or special effects! I think thrillers (
in particular) have to be tried in the plot and creativity! In "Blur"
plot seems to be a lot of directions without a real
Goal! This is obviously to deceive you! There is nothing wrong with this all the time
there are subtle suggestions for us to know what is happening! From here
lies the problem! We only get a perspective and that is the main character
! Hence, automatically assume that what you see is actually
happens! Not once have a hint of other characters who
something is wrong with him! The only thing that is said to be paranoid! I
not had my doubts about the behaviour of Adrien, but could not do if
script or acting evil! The really surprising twist leaves
nowhere and only in the epilogue it gets explained! This has to be
one of the worst sprains I've ever seen! Come on how could I accept that
without a single clue given in advance! This is not to be creative!
laziness! And why is this movie is called a horror movie!
There are no supernatural elements involved! Apart from a scare or two and
the main character cree he is a psychic, nothing happens
Ignition! This film has been very disappointing, and certainly not worth watching

Download Blur
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6. Robert Nickson - Motion Blur EP
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Download Transformers
(action, adventure, sci-fi)
Download Movie TransformersA long time ago, far away on the planet of Cybertron, a war was being waged between the noble Autobots (led by the wise Optimus Prime) and the devious Decepticons (commanded by the dreaded Megatron) for control over the Allspark, a mystical talisman that would grant unlimited power to whoever possessed it. The Autobots managed to smuggle the Allspark off the planet, but Megatron blasted off in search of it. He eventually tracked it to the planet of Earth (circa 1850), but his reckless desire for power sent him right into the Arctic Ocean, and the sheer cold forced him into a paralyzed state. His body was later found by Captain Archibald Witwicky, and before going into a comatose state Megatron used the last of his energy to engrave a map, showing the location of the Allspark, into the Captain's glasses, and send a transmission to Cybertron. He is then carted away by the Captain's ship. A century later, Sam Witwicky, nicknamed Spike by his friends, buys his first car. To his shock, he discovers it to be Bumblebee, an Autobot in disguise who is to protect Spike, as he bears the Captain's glasses and the map carved on them. But Bumblebee is not the only Transformer to have arrived on Earth - in the desert of Qatar, the Decepticons Blackout and Scorponok attack a U.S. military base, causing the Pentagon to send their special Sector Seven agents to capture all "specimens of this alien race," and Spike and his girlfriend Mikaela find themselves in the middle of a grand battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons, stretching from Hoover Dam all the way to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, within the depths of Hoover Dam, the cryogenically stored form of Megatron awakens...


Shia LaBeouf as Sam 'Spike' Witwicky
Megan Fox as Mikaela
Josh Duhamel as Captain Lennox
Rachael Taylor as Maggie
Tyrese Gibson as USAF Master Sgt. Epps
Jon Voight as Keller
Anthony Anderson as Glen
John Turturro as Agent Simmons
Michael O'Neill as Banachek
Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime
Charlie Bodin as USAF Staff Sergent
Andrew Caldwell as Cafe' kid 1
Bryan Cox as
Keith David as Barricade
Frederic Doss as Navy Petty Officer
Michael Bay

What is the concept. Two rival factions of transforming robots
crash land on Earth, and was re-awakened in 1984 to continue his epic struggle between one race
much lower. One party, the heroic Autobots,
battles to save his homeworld of the evil Decepticons.

humans takes back seat in this war. Seen from the Autobots as
life that must be protected and the Decepticons as insignificant obstacles,
the characters who made so popular Transformers were

Alas, Michael Bay's vision is obviously something quite different.

After an outstanding exhibition in which we met
lead and supporting characters, the film goes downhill. Fast. Filled with plot holes that invalidate
half of the events of the film, written and stupid
that simply makes no sense, Transformers seriously makes me doubt the abilities of its writers
(once again, one of its writers did fazer Catwoman and the nucleus - two films more stupid).

Plot defects? That's right! Most of the film is spent
after the two factions in the race to find a map made Megatron
'Allspark. " Of course, after discovering that it was the Allspark
moved by humans after the route was made at a particular place
selected to prevent processors to find. But does that
now stop using the map to find it invalid? Not at all! The
map leads them right to it. Somehow.

So now the Allspark is, but entrusted to Bumblebee. And what makes
U.S. an operation by special forces decide to do? That is -
drive in the middle of a big city, where hundreds if not thousands of
people can be killed in the inevitable battle between 20 feet tall
transforming robots.

A good story can be established in the present day, or in time of Shakespeare,
or ancient Rome, underwater or in space. Their characters can be humans,
farm animals or robots, and if this is a good story, little is lost.

So why Bay found necessary to processors available to just any
or timelines decent screen? And why are half of her scenes only girl
jokes (I mean far too long scene in which the processors to act as
complete idiots like Witwicky searching for his grandfather
glasses. It is fun for about 2 minutes. The other 30 minutes were simply

I do not think I could ever run out of bad things to say about this movie
. Seriously, does not see it - especially if you care
Transformers and has more than one brain cell.
Transformers is very heterogeneous. There are great things about him and
there are some not so great things about him ...


- visual effects. Perhaps the best special effects I've ever seen
in a movie. The transformations are amazing not to mention
Super-awesome. The CGI fits perfectly with the live action and
is easy to forget how difficult logistically a lot of what had been
to film.

- The sound design. The sound effects are designed to compliment each action
do everything twice as exciting. Probably less recognized is the
exotic atmosphere created by some of the score increases
tension effectively and most likely without
most of the audience to notice.

- Shia LeBeouf. Without him the film would not be so attractive.
has natural comic timing and is probably second to none in
expressing disbelief of the "holy crap, there is a giant alien robot
transforming in front of me" variety.

- Humor. Transformers fun is that most good comedies
that I did not expect at all. The Transformers themselves are often
fun of what they are impressive.

- Decepticons. The man who was cool. The opening scene is particularly

The bad:

- Megan Fox. If hot means "can not act and does not weigh much" then yes,
it is very hot. It is not a good sign if you want one of the main characters
of dying or at least leave the road and stop trying
act. His performance just seemed too little, and probably was not helped by his

- The script. Although the argument is generally good, some of
dialogue is terrible. Too much of the film is dedicated to Mumbo Jumbo
technical explanations to the audience simply not interested. The less serious
parts of the script work very well though.

- Michael Bay. Although some of the action scenes are very well put together
and humor are very good sides eventually Bay can not stop
ruin some of the scenes with flashy editing and unnecessarily during
top drama accompanied by none-too-subtle dramatic music. Not that
Michael Bay's style is too high, it's too cliches.

- music. Nothing new here (other than the foreign parts of drilling). Virtually
rips of Batman Begins and is otherwise forgettable. The
music should improve the film or what was interesting topics
emotions, not force-feeding the drama we can see clearly in the
screen in super slow motion.

The ugly:

- Megatron. He is ugly. And super cool.

Therefore, my verdict? The good outweighs the bad quite comfortably. If
drew the evil that might even have a classic on their hands. Instead you get
revolutionary action scenes and some great comedy with Michael Bay
brand exclusive address of mediocre sprinkled throughout.

Download Transformers
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6. 777Minus111 - Akademiks - Transformers
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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Download Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
(action, adventure, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver SurferAfter the death of Dr.Doom the Fantastic Four fell life is back to normal for the team. And Reed Richards and Sue Storm Get married. Little do they know that a new enemy the Silver Surfer takes charge to destroy the earth and it's up to the fantastic four to stop him. As they also deal with the return of Dr. Doom.


Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards
Jessica Alba as Susan Storm
Chris Evans as Johnny Storm
Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm
Doug Jones as The Silver Surfer
Julian McMahon as Victor Von Doom
Kerry Washington as Alicia Masters
Beau Garrett as Frankie Raye
Peter Benson as Airline Representative
Andre Braugher as General Hager
Graeme Duffy as Gift Shop Employee
Laurence Fishburne as The Silver Surfer
Fabrice Grover as News Anchor
Gonzalo Menendez as Major Cruz
Heather Cant as Mother at Airport
Tim Story

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The Prince and Me 2

Download Prince and Me 2, The
Download Movie The Prince and Me 2The Prince and Me 2: The Royal Wedding continues the story of 2003's fantasy romance The Prince and Me. In the earlier film, Paige (Julia Stiles) - a midwestern college co-ed - falls in love with Edvard (Luke Mably), sans realizing that he is actually the Prince of Denmark. In this sequel, Paige (now played by neophyte Kam Heskin) and Eddie must confront a centuries-old Danish edict declaring that if a Danish prince marries a commoner, he must abdicate his throne.


Luke Mably as Prince Edvard
Kam Heskin as Paige Morgan
Clemency Burton-Hill as Princess Kirsten
Maryam d'Abo as Queen Rosalind
Jonathan Firth as Soren
Jim Holt as Albert
David Fellowes as King Haarald
Catherine Cyran

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Download Undiscovered
Download Movie UndiscoveredAn aspiring model falls in love with a struggling musician when they suddenly cross paths on a NY subway train. Having achieved success as a NY model, Brier decides to move to L.A. to launch an acting career. With the support of her acerbic agent and sometimes surrogate mom, Carrie, Brier lands a spot in a highly sought after acting class where she befriends another would-be actress, Clea. While out on the town discovering the music scene, Brier again crosses paths with Luke, a singer/songwriter who has been toiling for years without a record deal. Brier and Clea decide to help Luke and unbeknownst to him, they set out to create some L.A. style hype to get him noticed. As Luke's profile rises, so do the demands of his budding new career. When Luke and Brier can't hide that spark that was always there, they both discover that the price of fame may be higher than anyone expected.


Steven Eskay as Wyatt Green
John Dow as Dr. Banks
Maura McGinn as Gretchen Bailey
Paul Morella as Roger Steele
Jana Zeineddine as Monique
Mike Million

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3. DJ Pippi - Undiscovered Ibiza 3
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5. New Age - Various Artists - Undiscovered Ibiza
6. Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography - Undiscovered
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Find Me Guilty

Download Find Me Guilty
(crime, drama)
Download Movie Find Me GuiltyA drama based on the longest Mafia trial in U.S. history, mobster Jack DiNorscio (Diesel), faced with a series of charges, decides to stand trial instead of ratting out his family and associates. A wrench is thrown into the system when DiNorscio opts to defend himself.


Vin Diesel as Giacomo 'Fat Jack' DiNorscio
Cassandra Hepburn as Klandis Secretary
Jerry Grayson as Jimmy Katz
Sidney Lumet

It's amazing to see certain actors who work with a director like Sidney Lumet
veteran (whether it is appropriate to use what you know,
although this is his last film, at 81, over nearly 50 years career), and see
really intriguing, especially things that happen on the screen. Players like
Pacino, Lee J. Cobb, Rod Steiger, Peter Finch and among many others
undoubtedly has other notable performances in other films, but in
the work they have done with Lumet there is something that only connects
right, to get that full contact reaching into the character and pulling
humanity, or lack thereof. Vin Diesel, in this case has
possibly his most convincing and field performance to date and, with the exception of
his supporting role in the Boiler Room, goes beyond the
Typically macho roles of his career in recent years. He is a guy
hard on this, truth, and Jackie DiNorscio has the life of a criminal
for him. But the story is presented in the film, this man
defend themselves at trial longest in U.S. history, is essential
played by the actor gives him the right emotional connections
character, to be truthful. Diesel which
right, in a show that has that quality gangster (err, 'GAGsT'
as DiNorsci refers to himself as), but it is also true is a fascinating
that the complexity of character, for example, the prosecution
lawyer, could never have.

however, Lumet captures this set with enough nuance and well-spun,
real dialogue for two films. It is not at all strange to see him doing a
drama about life, and reaching his first film 12 Angry Men.
This time, however there is a difference in the approach to a story
lasting three years, and evidence in the expansion, if Elephantine
against crime families is not as crucial to engage in
The film as people making up the case and the courtroom. There are at least some
character actors providing some terrific work, like
Ron Silver as the judge, Peter Dinklage as one of the defence lawyers. And although
amid a scene or shot here and there that could have been lost or
put into the cutting room floor (which is difficult to say that after a
first: without notes), there are at least a few
offered little more interest than most other filmmakers have been lost. The
detail of a mobster who gets sick and has to come in every day
to court on a stretcher is one thing. Or details of the importance of
a chair in the prison cell Jackie.

And in this mix are some scenes that rank with some of the most spectacular scenery
perfect Lumet has carried out mainly by left-
actors who have inhabited the roles until The point certainly
believability-just do their job. Two that come to mind when the judge
Jackie reports on the death of his mother, and how
Diesel does not show the public is even more important that what is (I remember the scene towards
the end of Serpico, where he gets the badge
). Another is when Jackie is questioning his cousin at the booth.
The filming of this scene is not all that complex, but the dynamics
between the two characters is the right and the notes are there
between the two players. In late Search Me Guilty, I do not think
saw an absolute masterpiece as some of the director's other films.
Neverhtheless, I also knew that I had seen a lot of confidence and
very good work that reveals what is reliable and Lumet
which is unexpected in Diesel as an actor. Not to mention that
here and there, the film is quite funny. 8.5/10

Download Find Me Guilty
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Wo shi shei

Download Wo shi shei
(action, adventure)
Download Movie Wo shi shei


Jackie Chan as
Yamamoto Mira as
Benny Chan

A great film, great stunts and an incredible
Jackie Chan.
Jackie Chan is and will always be King of action and comedy
I've seen most of the films of Jackie, and this is one of its best
I've never seen a guy as much insane Jackie. Go to Jackie, is in
your best.

As with Mr Nice Guy, Jackie Chan this vehicle is basically a Hong Kong
production filmed in English with most Western players. It is indeed a strange
Chan film in some respects. To begin with, the first third of
film hardly seems a film by Chan at all, except for some comic bits
business (Chan chased up a tree a lion) who are mostly cutting < br> U.S. version anyway. Even in abbreviated form, and with some good
desert photography, the whole 'Chan is among the desert tribes'
seems a sub-unnecessarily laborious path to enter the
amnesia story that becomes the main objective of history.

However, after this movie becomes the solid Chan fare with the same rapid pace of
Mr Nice Guy. There is a great car and persecution, while the
fights are fairly short (as of the latest movies Chan, he spends a lot of time
fleeing opponents), it is good to see Chan about Bashir
A little-it seems very vulnerable in this movie. Of course, is serving
weak and some of the (dialogue ridiculous I'm not sure I agree with the reviewer
here said intentionally comic, but opinions differ
!) While the intrigue of amnesia / spy plot only becomes an excuse
usual for the game around. However, one can forgive almost everything
the climax when this presents a great struggle at the top of a skyscraper
followed simply one of the most impressive and frankly reckless stunts
Chan has led to out. I will not describe in detail, only to see
! You will be surprised.

There is a feeling with Who am I that the filmmakers tried to tell a story
quite complex and then realized that they were doing a Jackie Chan movie
and changed accordingly, leaving a fair bit of confusion.
Interestingly, Chan's original cut was about 3 hours, and perhaps
made more sense and balanced the two elements of the film better.
However, there are a lot of fun to be had here nevertherless. And only
Chan listen to the rap part English, part of China
song during the end credits.

Download Wo shi shei
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007 Dr. No

Download 007 Dr. No
(action, adventure)
Download Movie 007 Dr. No


Sean Connery as
Bernard Lee as
Ursula Andress as
Joseph Wiseman as
Jack Lord as
Eunice Gayson as
John Kitzmiller as
Margaret Le Wars as
Zena Marshall as
Terence Young

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Lost Voyage

Download Lost Voyage
(action, fantasy)
Download Movie Lost  VoyageTwenty five years ago, the SS Corona Queen disappeared in the region known as, "The Bermuda Triangle". Now, it has returned. Seven people go on board to learn the truth behind her disappearance but the ship did not return alone...


Judd Nelson as Aaron Roberts
Janet Gunn as Dana Elway
Janet Gunn as Dana Elway
Jeff Kober as Dazinger
Mark Sheppard as Ian Fields
Richard Gunn as Randall Banks
Scarlett Chorvat as Julie Largo
Lance Henriksen as David Shaw
Robert Pine as Mike Kaplan
Wendy Robie as Mary Burnett
Ray Laska as Parker Roberts
Bill Livingston as Helicopter Pilot
Ron Otis as Helmsman
Mason Lucero as Young Aaron
Donna Magnani as Cheryl Roberts
Christian McIntire

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4. And Oceans - Cypher - Voyage: Lost Between Horizons: Eaten By The Distance (feat. miqlo)
5. Michael Giacchino - Lost - Season 2 - Bon Voyage, Traitor
6. Michael Stearns - Spirits Of The Voyage - Lost
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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Download Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
(action, adventure, sci-fi)
Download Movie Mad Max 2: The Road WarriorMax is travelling in a post apocalypse Australia where Gasoline is the most valuable commodity. He becomes involved in a struggle between bandits and a town that has build defenses around a small refinery. He must cross the no man's land several times to allow them to make a dash for freedom, pursued by the bandits in their vehicles.


Mel Gibson as
Bruce Spence as
Vernon Wells as
George Miller

The first time I saw this on a recommendation from friends was in 1985 in our new
VHS VCR. I was absolutely blown away from that at age 16
and I still watch every few months on DVD
now.I would give anything to see this on a big screen. This film started a real trend of a lot of real crappy
B movies to follow and, unfortunately, Mel Gibson has called
this movie with an apologetic shrug "Class B category of garbage" that
it is sad, because it would be his best film by far.
What really liked about this film is its lack of dialogue and how
smart enough to let your settings, action and make the costumes to speak.
Perhaps this is why Gibson did not have much praise for him because he is nothing but a representation
the Western Gunslinger in the film. I liked how
there was a brief explanation of how the world fell in this apocalyptic
disorder and allows the viewer to make their own conclusion that
end. It is not important anyway. The lack of ammunition indicated
rapidly across the Wez use of a wrist-strapped crossbow, very
price of petrol has been established as quickly as the Max
mopping up anxious to that the catch and make some shifts
topics including a soldier dusty hull.

The original Mad Max had too much dialogue and proved problematic for
age 18, Gibson to convey the emotion of losing his family and
best friend. He is now, but eventually lost its impact because
his own clumsy attempt to try to establish the family man-Max. The Road Warrior
not try to attempt any deep characterizations,
pain and suffering was quick and clear, the need to survive only in this world marked
transmitted across a few words spoken and
violent actions. George Miller I am entitled to this, unfortunately, had
to make Mad Max first to arrive at Mad MaxII horribly and had to make Mad
I must admit that at first viewing, was not a great fan of this film and
prefers the original 1979 classic. However, in more recent
viewings, I have come to admire director George Miller's signature style, which matured
of MAD MAX in the budget bigger and riskier MAD MAX 2 (
THE ROAD WARRIOR) < br> Using oil strikes in the 70 and incorporation of a futuristic
context, Miller builds a sense of desperation in the structure of road movie
and prudently success incorporates elements of the original MAD MAX
a broader canvas. The dialogue is sharper, more defined and action
Vernon Wells is a villain much larger than the Toecutter in MAD MAX. The
as hero-savior-is another matter clear throughout the film and Mel Gibson
happily used his charisma to disguise its limited use of
A true classic with the passage of time ....

Download Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Download Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
(adventure, fantasy)
Download Movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


Sean Connery as
John Rhys-Davies as
Kevork Malikyan as
Denholm Elliott as
Julian Glover as
River Phoenix as
Michael Byrne as
Alison Doody as
Robert Eddison as


Everything clicks in this action-packed Cliffhanger. In its third (and
that during the years what cree que su last) adventure, Indy is in the
search of treasure that ultimately the Holy Grail. Along the way
contend with the Nazis, a secret brotherhood and, of course, snakes.
Sean Connery is a wonderful addition as the father of Indy, and
chemistry between him and star Harrison Ford can be one of the best in cinema history
. The film is a true rarity in their attempts to overcome each
Chase sequence previous success. Although children can have trouble
interpretations of the plot, this crusade is a people of all ages
An ideal action-comedy/adventure if ever was one. In this entertaining
third share archaeologist Ford
must travel to Italy to try to rescue his father separated. However, the rescue mission
soon becomes a quest for historical seeking the Holy Grail, and
again is fighting the Nazis and Hitler
dangerous hazards encountered at every step of the way . More basically the same formula as
Raiders of the Lost Ark, but Connery is an added advantage
and the two make a perfect duo. A good mix of elements as the film provides
large number of exciting, Cliffhanger style action / acrobatics,
memorable lines, and genuine humor, but the relationship between the two drivers
is what really gives stability. Lots of fun. *** ½

Download Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
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See also Adventure Hellboy

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Way of the Vampire

Download Way of the Vampire
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Way of the VampireThis cheerfully low-budget riff on the Dracula story from directors Sarah Nean Bruce and Eduardo Durao follows Van Helsing, the immortal vampire hunter, as he battles the evil dead throughout the centuries. Asylum Pictures favorite Rhett Giles stars, alongside Paul Logan, Denise Boutte, Brent Falco, and Anthony Turk.


Rhett Giles as Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
Paul Logan as Dracula
Andreas Beckett as Sebastien
Denise Boutte as Arianna
Brent Falco as Emily
Alix Henning as Yvonne
Anthony Turk as Father Cefalu
Sarah Nean Bruce
Eduardo Durao

See also: Horror: Minotaur

See also Horror Valentine

Tags: Download Movie Way of the Vampire, Download Film Way of the Vampire, Instant Movie Download Way of the Vampire, Way of the Vampire DivX Download

Vampires vs. Zombies

Download Vampires vs. Zombies
Download Movie Vampires vs. ZombiesThe battle between the living dead and the undead has begun!


Bonny Giroux as Jenna Fontaine
C.S. Munro as Travis Fontaine
Maratama Carlson as Carmilla
Brinke Stevens as Julia/State Trooper
Peter Ruginis as The General
Melanie Crystal as Tessa Briggs
Erica Carroll as Mary
Roy Tupper as The Doctor
Rob Carpenter as Gas station attendant
Jon Scheffer as Gas station boss
Derek Champion as Jeep driver
Ligaya Allmer as Bob
Colin Worley as 1st zombie
Chris Webb as Roadworker zombie
Tarja Ridgewell as Vamp
Vince D'Amato

I wanted to see this movie since I first saw the cover. The cover
made me laugh so hard I urine my pants. The total coverage is a rip off of
Freddy Vs. Jason, nice marketing strategy dudes. Anyway, this movie is so bad
is good. Acting sucks, is the worst scenes of lesbian sex
never ... does not show anything! What fun is that? We want more! Movie
had some decent gore, surprisingly, the story is not as confusing as some say
. I had the film mostly expected
Much worse. The best thing is that the zombies and vampires
never really fight! Yes, like a scene for perhaps ... 2 ... but hardly any
fighting. The zombie of which was also bad ... but fun. Especially the
opening scene. I love the opening scene. If you do not like that crap
not be watching. It is worth a watch dudes, if you hate
should know better than to rent in the first place! P.S. Keep an eye out for
special thanks to Lloyd Kaufman man. They also get the DVD
so you can see the short film, "Heads are Gonna Roll." Quite interesting
OK, I knew that this would be a back alley F-film (well below
B-movie standards) going into it, so I thought, "Man, I could use a good laugh, So
we see some Netherlands beings kill each other. "Well, what I got
could have been found in your local" love toy store. Random
lesbian scenes, very little fighting and no plot.

For example, one scene in particular I remember (for his great stupidity only
best I have seen porn on ABC) is where the two main characters
(I can not remember their names .. . Offhand great movie, huh?)
Are along the drive, as most did, and the driver was tired of
driving and stopped:

Driver: "We are going to pull over, I'm tired. You want to take over? "Passengers:
" Of course, I can not drive for a while. "(Once again retreated, the driver begins
grabbing the breasts of the passenger) Passengers:" what are you doing? I'm not
like that! "Driver:" Okay, everybody does it ever. "Passengers:
" OK. "(Proceed to remove the shirts, fondle, kiss and perform fellatio

Now, the last time I checked, movies horror were not in the porno section
Hollywood Video (unless you are in S & M, then go elsewhere), and
definitely should not be in the main videos in Blockbuster.
Not get me wrong, I'm definitely not one of those people who hate porn, but
I only see it if necessary and definitely do not want to see it
if I'm looking for a film in major stores such as this that I
was leased to one of the two retailers appointed (and probably the
others too if I went and hoped).

worst films ever, we must not rent it, and should only be purchased
for a public burning ceremony. If I could give it a 0, I would like, but I can only give a
*, 10.

Download Vampires vs. Zombies
See also: Horror: House of 9

See also Horror Scary Movie 3

Tags: Download Movie Vampires vs. Zombies, Download Film Vampires vs. Zombies, Instant Movie Download Vampires vs. Zombies, Vampires vs. Zombies DivX Download

Chinese Kamasutra - Kamasutra cinese

Download Chinese Kamasutra - Kamasutra cinese
Download Movie Chinese Kamasutra - Kamasutra cinese


Joe D'Amato

See also: in Boat Trip

Tags: Download Movie Chinese Kamasutra - Kamasutra cinese, Download Film Chinese Kamasutra - Kamasutra cinese, Instant Movie Download Chinese Kamasutra - Kamasutra cinese, Chinese Kamasutra - Kamasutra cinese DivX Download

Sweet Insanity

Download Sweet Insanity
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Sweet InsanityHigh school senior Stacey has a frightening nightmare that just might come true. Christina, the new girl in school, has brought something evil with her and Stacey and all of her friends are threatened. The plot twists and turns, but the ending is the biggest surprise of all.


Rebekah Hoyle as Stacey
Mackenzie Firgens as Christina
David Fine as Mr. Sutherland
Josh McRae as Rich
Larry Beck as Homeless man
Jeff Bell as Lex
Vic Chiapetta as Pizza manager
Evan Clinton as Burglary Kid
Zak Kilberg as Tony
Cory Knauf as Ty
Robert Kraus as Grown Man
Sam Kraus as Sean
Ed McCloud as Mr. Rooney
Steve McMoy as Father
Ryon Nixon as Brian
Daniel Hess

Well, this movie was so bad that freakin astounds me that all
people time and money that should have taken that could have done better
went to those places. Like so many other reviewers - where to begin to
the description of this craptacular? The sound of this movie was terrible,
most people can ignore this becuz performance, and direction screenplay is so
too bad. But the songs is pretty weak, too quiet dialogue, some
obviouslt that re-recorded in post production and atmospheric sounds
were mixed too bad, sounded too strong and separately. This "film" has the
be the best example of the worst delivery of dialogue ever.
The director did a terrible job of casting and the use of their players, and players were surprisingly
terrible - that hell than ever
act and say half the things the main female lead not ? Ah, and then there are the
ending - has been done many times before, much better. The main
women bearing such a bad performance gave the final 'twsit' (
you can see a mile away from its becuz has done so often now) is stupid!
Not saboteurs ...

This is just another useless in the movie "child slaughter" category.
There is absolutely no plot. The story goes through complete "
bacause I say so" ... there is no cause or reason to what happened in the film, and even
sad attempt to "suggest" an old trauma through some confusing flashbacks
is not actual use if you want to find meaning in this

The characters are just the same old cliché of students' hot, and the Slut
between Moron "with a cast of supporting rich-but-punk friends.
Oh ... and a totally unrelated SPOOKY-Neighbor!

Not to mention that the "spin" of this story becomes quite obvious
after the first 30 seconds of the film ... this "special" idea is totally
abused in recent films, so do not order any effect unless
the film is made with a little skill ... that this movie is not: P

The only reason I watched through the entire film is because girls are
damn HOT ... and there are a lot of 'em! All this beautiful
almost-25 year old girls pretending to be innocent seventeen students.
Yummy. Yes ... this is the only positive thing in the whole film ... oh,
and poster too! The poster image is too cool ... That is bad
unrelated to the film, except perhaps the last 15 seconds: P

Download Sweet Insanity
See also: Horror: Scary Movie

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1. Brian Wilson - Sweet Insanity - Sessions
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Son of the Mask

Download Son of the Mask
(action, adventure, comedy, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Son of the MaskA cartoonist named Tim Avery loves his dog, Otis, more than anything in the world. But when Tim and his wife have a baby, Otis starts to feel left out. But then Otis finds an enchanted mask and plots to be rid of the baby once and for all, but is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, up in Valhalla, Odin is infuriated at Loki for losing the mask and orders him to go get it...


Jamie Kennedy as Tim Avery
Alan Cumming as Loki
Liam Falconer as Alvey
Ryan Falconer as Alvey
Traylor Howard as Tonya Avery
Steven Wright as Daniel Moss
Kal Penn as Jorge
Ben Stein as Dr. Neuman
Brett Pickup as Museum Boy
Peter Callan as Museum Redneck
Ashley Lyons as Museum Security Guard
Wayne McDaniel as Museum Person
Sandy Winton as Chris
Rebecca Massey as Clare
Issac Longmuir as Chris & Clare's Child
Lawrence Guterman

Is there any reason to revive the characters 10 years after the fact, when
the only reason it worked was the first time due to
actors playing.

Who can replace Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz - or better yet, it can replace
to cut rates and prices that most studies of knowing that sequels not
bring in as much revenue as the originals to cut corners
from the get-go go.

Where are the good films will play if powerful Hollywood studios
can clog up the 3000 opening of cinemas weekend with everything you feel like turds
general public may be in SUCKER.

Enough of enough people, this sequel-ITIS have to stop and
Hollywood, people need to start getting their act together or
begin distributing the much better foreign product that floating in limbo.

Hollywood Wake up, because the people have woken up and not
the purchase of a just cause that is new and shiny. They give us good things and
send the rest to the shelves of DVD, because you're taking back the theaters
once and for all!
I simply picture of how this film came to be:

"So how else can we screw up our careers?"

"I know! We are going to have a movie that was tremendously successful and make a sequel

"Perfect! We'll B-grade actors who have half the charisma and want
only 10% of Carrey's original salary. We will save millions and
rake in a massive profit, never mind the fact that nobody wants to see a second type
sequel to any of the original actors who made popular the first place
! We, as executives still believe honestly
was a popular movie based on the name and history, not the players who did so
in the first place! "

" Brilliant! Let's put a big budget and get the cheaper than actors
can find! "

And really, that's what Son of the Mask can be described as. Only a simple
grade B-movie that attempts to suck the life out of its original

however, if the film does not contain the words mask, or
nothing to do with the mask, it is a good film for children. For all
is massive and horrible acting flaws, this really will appeal to
for children. It's a good natured movie that really wants to shout "
just like me! "But only 8 and young people really enjoy.

Jamie Kennedy is the only worth mentioning in this film. The
is clearly trying to make the material work, play the desperate, but dad
script is so poor, the only thing that spews worth
my cup was after seeing this. The character of Loki
also deserves a mention, as he was the most pleasant character and really
only one of the reasons for older adults to see this film. It's too bad the
the character is lost in this movie, I would have liked to have actually seen the character
assume the true mask. Instead, they are reduced to
fart jokes and toilet humor near the end.

The plot is both books, I will not bother to mention here.
is all so clearly evident that even a Disney exec
would be green with envy.

Save your money, it goes to DVD in three months from the
awaiting her. Shame on those studies to once again smearing a film with a decent sequel
horrible. Do not dumb and dumberer teach them something?

Download Son of the Mask
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Tags: Download Movie Son of the Mask, Download Film Son of the Mask, Instant Movie Download Son of the Mask, Son of the Mask DivX Download

The Nun

Download Nun, The
Download Movie The NunAn abusive and merciless nun turns an all-girl boarding school into a sadistic prison. Then she mysteriously disappears. Years later, someone or something begins brutally murdering the alumnae of the school. The surviving women regroup to face, once again, the ghastly violence of the nun.


Luis De La Madrid

See also: Horror: Alien

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6. Paul Kantner and Grace Slick - Baron Von Tollbooth And The Chrome Nun
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House of the Dead

Epic Movie

Star Hunter

Download Star Hunter
Download Movie Star HunterStar hunters are the space monsters who hunt helpless creatures for pleasure. One night couple of high school fotball players and their cheerleaders are returning home after the lost game. But, when their bus makes the wrong turn, they are going to meet those creatures, and the real game will begin.


Roddy McDowall as Riecher
Stella Stevens as Mrs. March
Rebecca Budig as Carrie
Kenn Scott as Pichel
Zack Ward as Cooper
Sean P. Donahue as Spivak
Alexander Keith as Leslie
Gregg Brazzel as Star Hunter
Steve Barkett as Street Bum
Tripp Reed as Junkie
Ted Monte as Kyle
Bob Bragg as Cop
John Brandon as John Taylor
Hoke Howell as Jack Turner
Fred Olen Ray
Cole S. McKay

See also: Sci-Fi: Butterfly Effect, The

See also: Roddy McDowall in Overboard

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4. John Williams - Star Wars 2 Attack of the Clones (Score) - Bounty Hunter's Hot Pursuit
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6. Trance - Various Artists - FullMoon Hunter - Yellow Magnetic Star (Highko)
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Alien Abduction

Download Alien Abduction
Download Movie Alien AbductionWritten and directed by Eric Forsberg, this unabashedly low-budget sci-fi flick has a young woman being abducted by aliens on a camping trip—and then going through an even harder ordeal when she wakes up in a brutal military hospital for the rehabilitation of abductees.


Megan Lee Ethridge as Jean
Mark Elias as Rescue Worker
Griff Furst as Todd
Marissa Morse as Britney
Patrick Thomassie as Bud
Jilon Ghai as Thomas
Bobby James as Dr. Booker
Claudia Katz as Major Shakti
Edwin Craig as The Director
Angela Landis as Nurse White
Deirdre Schwiesow as Nurse Green
Alisha Seaton as Nurse Schwartz
Amanda Weier as Captain Helens
Robert Lucchesi as Lieutenant Biggs
Scott Evans as Staffer Maurice
Eric Forsberg

After watching more than two hours of Steven Spielberg "War of the Worlds" and Michael Bay
"The Island" I am not convinced that throwing
million dollars at a film production means that it will be good .
I really liked "The Island" but I certainly found that the large budget
history helped to be more entertaining. I wonder if I would have liked
whether the budget was less than half a million. David Michael Latt
directed a version of War of the Worlds that came to
immediately after the Spielberg epic. I must admit that if I were stripped
the huge budget Spielberg version I liked best cheap Latt.
It had more heart. So I went to a film festival where another low-budget science fiction
was playing, this was only one produced by David Michael Latt
. It was directed by Eric Forsberg never made a Sci Fi
before. Well, the film was called "Alien Abduction" and again I
surprised by the amount of heart and head that involves making a
. This film had even less money behind him that Latt
version of the War of the Worlds. In the first minute of the film I saw a spaceship
that was so cheap I began to worry what I had come to
myself into. But then I forgot the house without money and effects of films
really started sinking my teeth into the flesh of history. And
worked. It was like breaking an addiction to big glitzy special effects
high-budget films and going cold turkey right there in the theater. By the end of
Alien Abduction I do not even notice the cheap sets and
bad sound. I left the theater feeling like I had been part of something
. Like when I was alone in the theatre
The Motorcycle Diaries. And I wonder if Michael Bay's budget had been dumped in
Alien Abduction that I was more interested in
the establishment of history that the sense of history.
I have read many of the other comments on this movie because I saw that with
some people really loved him and one and one and I really hated what
rate in half. In fact all of us because we are big
Alien fans and we love the world of Star Fleet and Babylon 5 and Doctor
And by that what they are trying to compare this film to everyone and emerged as a
the best ideas and one of the worst looking. And finally
discover just made on the cheap. And when we realized that we all liked

I love night of the living dead and Pink Flamingos and the Blair Witch and
being done at all cheap. I never like "oh, that's your corned beef
not eat human flesh" or "hey you're really acting
fans" because the films were really convincing and I could not stop a suit
flaw in the way.

Alien Abduction is not the great innovator of film that could
have been if it had more money behind him. But it is certainly original
enough and quite scared and interesting enough to see, perhaps even
more than once. And the initiative was a good actress. I say "go for".

Download Alien Abduction
See also: Sci-Fi: Children of Men

Tags: Download Movie Alien Abduction, Download Film Alien Abduction, Instant Movie Download Alien Abduction, Alien Abduction DivX Download
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2. Sweet - Solid Gold Action - 15 Alter.. - Sweet F.A. (Alien Abduction ..
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Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Download Get Rich or Die Tryin'
(action, crime, drama, music)
Download Movie Get Rich or Die Tryin'A tale of an inner city drug dealer who turns away from crime to pursue his passion, rap music.


50 Cent as Marcus
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Majestic
Joy Bryant as Charlene
Omar Benson Miller as Keryl
Tory Kittles as Justice
Terrence Howard as Bama
Ashley Walters as Antwan
Marc John Jefferies as Young Marcus
Viola Davis as Grandma
Sullivan Walker as Grandpa
Serena Reeder as Katrina
Bill Duke as Levar
Mpho Koaho as Junebug
Russell Hornsby as Odell
Joseph Pierre as Uncle Deuce
Jim Sheridan

Few redeeming qualities.

This film is a cheap, brainless waste of time and money glorifying a character that nothing
care scene 1. As protagonitst, 50
be very boring and without complications. The story of his life was enough to get
to bed twice. It took me 3 tries to get through this movie, and I can not say that I
better than I have ever seen. We still have no interest in his
music, or whatever it does.

Pop icons should not have made films about them until at least 10
years after his death. 10 years from now, who the hell is going to care about
50 Cent? Moreover, the hell cares about him now?
I hope that the right people get a hold of the comments that I am about to make
. Moving images still have the ability to be used as an art form
that can be an effective means of communication. As a culture we
forgotten how to use the talents and gifts? As a nation (USA)
we have decided that freedom means that "gangsters" pimp with the arts can
money and influence? Let's face it, music, television and film are
characteristic of art in our world. And, while
abuse of these media has caused talents and gifts to be eroded from
next generation. There are pot of gold in our youth and young adults who
executives and directors of media have a moral and cultural obligation to ensure
art is not bastardized for profit. Mr Jackson (50 cents)
is only one of many symptoms of what is becoming a village, a
cancer. As an American of African heritage, I feel a burden to my fellow
caucasion of ethnicity, please do not "help" black people
lavishing wealth and opportunity in higher, more threatening and menacing < br> people in our communities. Saying "no" for the next 50 Cent, not
his music, his "acting" and its abuse of the rights of 1 st Amendment. Lets send a message
as leaders in the media that everything is not acceptable. Allows
educate people to what is good, positive and life affirming it
well as creative. Allows financing and supporting education in the arts and
create new industries from places with fewer opportunities
and hope. Art can be done at the bell, but his date of birth of the heart.

With great power comes great responsibility. -- Stan Lee

Download Get Rich or Die Tryin'
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1. 50 Cent - Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
2. Rap - Various Artists - Yukmouth - Million Dollar Mixtape - Yukmouth-Get Rich Or Die Snitchin
3. Various Artists - DJ Whoo Kid and 50 Cent - G-Unit Radio Part 13 (The Return Of The Mixtape Millionaire) - Get Rich Or Die Trying (Movie Coming Soon November 6) (50 cent; Tony Yayo; Young Buck; Mobb; Mase; Prodigy; Lloyd banks)
4. Yukmouth - Million Dollar Mixtape - Get Rich or Die Snitchen
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Stomp the Yard

Download Stomp the Yard
(drama, musical, romance)
Download Movie Stomp the YardAfter the death of his younger brother, a troubled 19-year-old street dancer from Los Angeles is able to bypass juvenile hall by enrolling in the historically black, Truth University in Atlanta, Georgia. But his efforts to get an education and woo the girl he likes are sidelined when he is courted by the top two campus fraternities, both of which want and need his fierce street-style dance moves to win the highly coveted national step show competition.


Columbus Short as DJ
Meagan Good as April
Ne-Yo as Rich Brown
Darrin Dewitt Henson as Grant
Brian J. White as Sylvester
Laz Alonso as Zeke
Valarie Pettiford as Jackie
Jermaine Williams as Noel
Allan Louis as Dr. Palmer
Harry J. Lennix as Nate
Chris Brown as Duron
Oliver Ryan Best as Easy
Richmond Duain Martyn as Mark
Justin Hires as Byron
Michael Ngaujah as Harold
Sylvain White

I can not believe this sits with a 3 rating? I found the
dance / choreography fascinating not to mention the eye candy element
and only the logistics of how they do those moves? I had not seen the actor who played previously
DJ, but found it was very capable as the
women to drive.

Plot-wise vaguely reminiscent of Save the Last Dance.

I do not know what people who rated this low expectations -
my thinking is that "dancing" was the main point of the whole film and entertainment
enough in itself same. The plot elements were somewhat predictable
but with a little twist I was not expecting and generally
thought the movie was progressing well as opposed to films that long, leaving
plot development.

Ideal for those of us with ADD;)
I know. The idea is not really original, but still I have to admit the
characters and the acting is not bad. The movements are pretty good, too.
What I really did not like was the plot points. Everything was so obvious
. Especially in the end. He knew exactly what would happen
. However, a Green Show

I have enjoyed much of the protagonist.

I saw the street Paso and Style. Which I think Stomp the Yard
is not enough for passage, is undoubtedly the most street betther

- 2 stars because it is not a real idea - 1 star because the plot points
very easy to predict - 1 Star bad for dialogue sometimes

.. . that leaves 6 out of 10 for a pleasant movie. If you like the genre
, go see.

Download Stomp the Yard
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Tags: Download Movie Stomp the Yard, Download Film Stomp the Yard, Instant Movie Download Stomp the Yard, Stomp the Yard DivX Download
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1. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Stomp the Yard
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