Raging Sharks

Download Raging Sharks
Download Movie Raging SharksEver since JAWS enchanted and frightened cinemagoers in the 1970s, the shark movie has become a welcome addition to the horror film genre. RAGING SHARKS continues the tradition, once again tapping into mankind's innate fear of these creatures who lurk in the ocean. This time out, the Bermuda Triangle is the location for some Great White action, as a strange object plops into the water from outer space. Unfortunately this drives our amphibious friends into a frenzy, with carnage ensuing, and a chance for the rugged Corbin Bernsen to come to the rescue.


Corin Nemec as Dr. Mike Olsen
Vanessa Angel as Linda Olsen
Corbin Bernsen as Capt. Riley
Todd Jensen as Ben Stiles
Elise Muller as Vera
Simone Levin as Simona
Binky van Bilderbeek as Harvey
Michael P. Flannigan as Paradiso Captain
Jonas Talkington as Jonas
Danny Lerner

This film was on TV the other night and I knew nothing about it. After the opening scene I found something at the end of the 80 shark movie and would watch a fun passtime for typical B-movie elements. Geez, they made a movie in 2005!

OK, let me tell you this. I do not see the movie expecting a great story exciting or great ideas or things like that. It is quite obvious that this film contains the history lamest possible (sharks near abroad under the water and waste are crazy), with the lamest dialogue ( "Man of the Bermuda Triangle ... you know how many vessels drowned here? ") and the effects cheaper.

I noticed that wait a little splash of gore and nudity etc. Well, it seems that the wish to make a G-rated movie. I mean, there were three pretty girls in the underwater laboratory, and none of them tried to remove their cloths. So why no one should see these films? Plastic shark head movement under water? Sorry for women-objectifying wishes, but I know what to expect.

Why are these things again and again?

Download Raging Sharks
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Download Tamara
(fantasy, horror, thriller)
Download Movie TamaraTamara (Jenna Dewan) is an unattractive and not popular abused girl in a high-school. She has a crush on her Literature teacher, Mr. Bill Natolly (Matthew Marsden), and she likes witchcraft. When his teacher publishes her article about the use of steroids by the high-school athletes in the school newspaper expecting to improve her self-esteem, the matter indeed puts the students against Tamara. Three classroom mates use three other silly students to play a prank with Tamara, but they accidentally kill her. Due to a spell, Tamara returns from death and plots a lethal evil revenge against the group, and tries to take Bill from his beloved wife, since there is a bond between Bill and Tamara due to the witchcraft.


Matthew Marsden as Mr. Bill Natolly
Chad Faust as Jesse
Gil Hacohen as Patrick
Claudette Mink as Sheila
Jeremy Haft

See also: Fantasy: King Kong

See also: Matthew Marsden in Rambo 4

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Tamara
2. CJ Stone - City Lights Feat. Tamara Rhodes - Promo (Vinyl)
3. Bruno Pelletier - Bruno Pelletier - Tamara
4. Evgeniy Osin - Vse te zhe devchonki - Ah, Tamara
5. SymPhoenix - Timisoara - Tamara
6. Latin - Various Artists - La plena the true soundz of panama - No Te Puedo Amar (Tamara Ferrari)

The Book of Swords

Download Book of Swords, The
(action, drama, thriller)
Download Movie The Book of SwordsAn Asian cop returns to Chicago to revenge his brother's death, only to come up against a psycho threesome on a killing spree.


Ho Sung Pak as Lang
Kevin Ula Christie as X-Man
Taimak as Lucky
Liesl Lombardo as Beth Howard
Richard Divizio as Taz
Bert Matias as Sifu
Peter Allen

I caught a screening of this film in the AFM last February. Wow ... very impressive. I recognized the lead, Pak Hosung, his co-star of Jackie Chan in The legend of drunken master (the best fight scenes with Hosung unfortunately deleted in the final cut of drunken master). For those who do not know, Hosung is one of the true masters of Wushu. Nobody can fight with swords like it may have. I used to see him when he was a legend in the martial arts tournament circuit to America again in the late 80s, early 90s. Book of Swords "story is just one piece of action, but has some of the best fight scenes of martial arts I've seen in the movie. It is a good change of pace to see an action movie with real action, as opposed to the use of wire tricks, CG improvements, etc. I hear they are releasing this on DVD soon. I will be definitely pick up a copy. Hosung hope is planning to exit more quickly. The martial arts / action genre definitely needs a breath of fresh air ... hopefully Hosung films that can provide new kick fans are looking for.

Download Book of Swords, The
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The Sleeper

Download Sleeper, The
(sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie The SleeperIn the 1990's, the CIA develops a small group of spies, referred to by the CIA as Sleepers, gifted with the ability to connect with other people in their dreams. This clandestine espionage group was used by the CIA to gather intelligence that would be otherwise impossible to obtain. The Sleeper Agents could enter the minds of world leaders in what is called the Dreamlink. The existence of this experimental program is known only to an elite few and was used only for espionage, until now. Someone within the NSA has learned of the Sleeper Program and has trained its own Sleeper Agent to be the ultimate untraceable assassin. No politician, scientist or business leader is safe.


Lucian McAfee as Kyle Manning
Cotter Smith as Dr. Altman
Mark Metcalf as Richmond
Shannon Watson as Owen Bishop
Nicola DePinto as Allison Williams
Drew Maxwell

See also: Sci-Fi: Signal, The

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1. Sleeper Cell
2. Little River Band - Sleeper Catcher
3. Merzbow / Christoph Heemann - Sleeper Awakes on the Edge of the Abyss
4. Silver Convention - Love In A Sleeper
5. Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis
6. Metal - Various Artists - Sleeper Styles - New Metal

Tides of War

Download Tides of War
Download Movie Tides of WarIn the cold, dark waters off North Korea a U.S. Navy fast attack submarine meets with a mysterious disaster - it's attacked and nearly sunk by an ominous stealth submarine resulting in the deaths of the Executive Officer and the Engineering Officer. The sub's captain, Commander Burt Habley (Adrian Paul), faces a court-martial by a Naval Board of Inquiry. He's rescued from this fate when he's chosen to lead a top secret mission back to tap a North Korean underwater communications cable. Habley must protect his boat and crew from this phantom submarine while completing a successful mission. His instincts tell him they're being followed and he begins to navigate the sub away from the original mission and into open waters drawing the phantom sub away from the U.S. fleet. This puts him at odds with his new by-the-book Executive Officer (Mathew St. Patrick) who eventually, with the help of the special missions team, takes command of the submarine and navigates back on course just as they are attacked again. Validated, Habley and his crew come together to defeat this dangerous enemy before they can destroy them or the fleet.


Brian Trenchard-Smith

See also: Drama: Mrs Henderson Presents

See also: in Creating a World: Aeon Flux

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Tyranny - Tides Of Awakening - Upon The War-Torn Shape Of Cold Earth
2. Leverage - Tides - Marching On To War

The Wedding Date

Alien Abduction

Download Alien Abduction
Download Movie Alien AbductionWritten and directed by Eric Forsberg, this unabashedly low-budget sci-fi flick has a young woman being abducted by aliens on a camping trip—and then going through an even harder ordeal when she wakes up in a brutal military hospital for the rehabilitation of abductees.


Megan Lee Ethridge as Jean
Mark Elias as Rescue Worker
Griff Furst as Todd
Marissa Morse as Britney
Patrick Thomassie as Bud
Jilon Ghai as Thomas
Bobby James as Dr. Booker
Claudia Katz as Major Shakti
Edwin Craig as The Director
Angela Landis as Nurse White
Deirdre Schwiesow as Nurse Green
Alisha Seaton as Nurse Schwartz
Amanda Weier as Captain Helens
Robert Lucchesi as Lieutenant Biggs
Scott Evans as Staffer Maurice
Eric Forsberg

See also: Sci-Fi: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Syndromeda - The Alien Abduction Phenomenon
2. Sweet - Solid Gold Action - 15 Alter.. - Sweet F.A. (Alien Abduction ..
3. Syndromeda - The Alien Abduction Phenomenon - After The Abduction

Way of the Vampire

Download Way of the Vampire
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Way of the VampireThis cheerfully low-budget riff on the Dracula story from directors Sarah Nean Bruce and Eduardo Durao follows Van Helsing, the immortal vampire hunter, as he battles the evil dead throughout the centuries. Asylum Pictures favorite Rhett Giles stars, alongside Paul Logan, Denise Boutte, Brent Falco, and Anthony Turk.


Rhett Giles as Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
Paul Logan as Dracula
Andreas Beckett as Sebastien
Denise Boutte as Arianna
Brent Falco as Emily
Alix Henning as Yvonne
Anthony Turk as Father Cefalu
Sarah Nean Bruce
Eduardo Durao

See also: Horror: Rise of the Dead

Tags: Download Movie Way of the Vampire, Download Film Way of the Vampire, Instant Movie Download Way of the Vampire, Way of the Vampire DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Cd 2) - blur - there is no other way

Demon Hunter

Download Demon Hunter
Download Movie Demon HunterAfter resolving a situation of exorcism, the half-breed demon hunter Jake Greyman (Sean Patrick Flanery) reports to Cardinal White (William Bassett) and they realize that the demon Asmodeus (Billy Drago) is impregnating many mortals trying to raise offspring. Cardinal White calls Sister Sarah Ryan (Colleen Porch) to assist Jake in his hunting for Asmodeus and his women. Meanwhile, Asmodeus sends the delicious and sexy Succubus (Tania Deighton) to seduce Jake. A battle between good and evil is in course.


Robert Alonzo as Guard #2
Harlan Baird as Dying Man
William Bassett as Cardinal White
Terrence Beasor as Bishop Desapio
Sophia Crawford as Hooker
Tania Deighton as Succubus
Billy Drago as Asmodeus
Sean Patrick Flanery as Jake Greyman
Bertha Holguin as Anna
Charles Howerton as Inquisitor #1
Lea Moreno Young as Maria
Johnny Nguyen as Guard #5
Gary Nickens as Hell's Angel
Eddie Perez as Big Man
Colleen Porch as Sister Sarah Ryan
Scott Ziehl

See also: Horror: Storm Warning

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1. Demon Hunter
2. Demon Hunter - Demon Hunter
3. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse - My Heartstrings Come Undone (Demon Hunter)
4. Tosca - The Chocolate Elvis Dubs - Uptight Version (By Rodney Hunter and Demon Flowers. Uptight Productions)

Do You Like Hitchcock?

Download Do You Like Hitchcock?
Download Movie Do You Like Hitchcock?Giulio, a film student working on his thesis, spends most of his time at the local video store, when he's not busy watching German expressionists or classic thrillers. One night at the store he becomes acquainted with Sasha, who turns out to live across the street from his apartment. The next day, Sasha's mother is found dead. Giulio is convinced the murder has been inspired by the films of Alfred Hitchcock, and against his new girlfriend's advice, decides to start his own investigation.


Elio Germano as Giulio
Chiara Conti as Federica
Elisabetta Rocchetti as Sasha
Cristina Brondo as Arianna
Dario Argento

Horror master Dario Argento's tribute to legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock is not as elegant or as category Argento films. But why should it be? It is a tribute to Hitchcock and his films were not bloody at all. The two films that most of the tributes is the "rear window" and "Strangers on a Train."

I am a big fan of Hitchcock and Argento what I expected to see him. I enjoyed it. Not exactly scared, but really has some scenes of suspense and some chilling murder scenes. The dubbing is bad, though. If you like Hitchcock and Argento will probably be entertained by this movie. Not as good as films like "Suspiria" or "rear window", though.

Download Do You Like Hitchcock?
See also: Thriller: Scarlet Claw, The

Tags: Download Movie Do You Like Hitchcock?, Download Film Do You Like Hitchcock?, Instant Movie Download Do You Like Hitchcock?, Do You Like Hitchcock? DivX Download

Just Friends

Corpse Bride

Unfinished Life, An


Download Dot.Kill
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Dot.KillA vicious serial killer is broadcasting his brutal slayings live on the Internet for all to see, and the only hope to put an end to his voyeuristic killing spree is a morphine-addicted detective in this thriller from Ghost Story director John Irvin. The technologically savvy madman has struck once again, and with each killing, drug-addicted detective Charlie Daines (Armand Assante) is coming one step closer to discovering the killer's true identity. As the clock on the next murder counts down, Detective Daines realizes that the killer has begun to take his investigation personally. Upon realizing that the hunter has become the hunted, Detective Daines sets out on a desperate mission to find the killer before he himself is slaughtered live on camera for all the world to see.


Armand Assante as Charlie Daines
Sonny Marinelli as Harwell
Raffaello Degruttola as Adam
Stanley Townsend as Byrnes
Clare Holman as Mary
Frank Nasso as Stevie
Jason Durran as C.I.T.U Specialist Mitch
Tony Schiena as C.I.T.U Specialist Pete
Jeff Merchant as Edward Maxwell
Ray Nicholas as Charles Horvath
Frank Henson as Michael McEllroy
Morven Christie as Jane
Kieran Cunningham as Frank Schuman
James Jordan as Dr. Morelli
John Irvin

One of those movies that you select Blockbuster when most of the choices are unappetizing. Armand Assante delivers a strong performance as a police detective with a bad habit of smoking, trying to run a creative murderer. In this moody, film all urban areas is above average acting and the story is well paced. The number of characters in the story is important, but the main actors (spouse, child, friend, snitch, computer-geek) are easy to follow. The murderer selects each of his victims from diverse backgrounds, and then proceeds to murder unusual - but terrible ways. If you're tired of animated animals (except Ice Age) and / or not funny slapstick comedies populate video stores, try Dot.Kill.

Download Dot.Kill
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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Easy Listening - Various Artists - Global Underground Afterhours 2 CD1 - Kill the Pain (Slam Feat. Dot Allison)


Download Asylum
(romance, thriller)
Download Movie AsylumA psychiatrist's wife encounters one of her husband's charges, an inmate at a maximum security asylum in the outskirts of London. Her curious attraction to this man, who was found guilty in the murder and disfigurement of his former wife, grows stronger as he's placed on the job to restore the asylum's conservatory, mere steps from her home.


Natasha Richardson as Stella Raphael
Hugh Bonneville as Max Raphael
Gus Lewis as Charlie Raphael
Ian McKellen as Dr. Peter Cleave
Joss Ackland as Jack Straffen
Wanda Ventham as Bridie Straffen
Sara Thurston as Mrs. Rose
Alwyne Taylor as Monica
Maria Aitken as Claudia Greene
Hazel Douglas as Lilly
Anna Keaveney as Mrs. Bain
Marton Csokas as Edgar Stark
Robert Willox as John Archer
Judy Parfitt as Brenda Raphael
Sean Harris as Nick
David Mackenzie

See also: Romance: Before Sunset

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Amber Asylum
2. Soul Asylum
3. Asylum
4. Theatres Des Vampires - Bloody Lunatic Asylum
5. Angel X - Welcome To The Soul Asylum
6. Angel - Welcome To The Soul Asylum

Mrs Henderson Presents

Download Mrs Henderson Presents
(comedy, drama)
Download Movie Mrs Henderson PresentsRecently widowed well-to-do Laura Henderson is at a bit of a loose end in inter-war London. On a whim she buys the derelict Windmill theatre in the West End and persuades impresario Vivian Van Damm to run it, despite the fact the two don't seem to get on at all. Although their idea of a non-stop revue is at first a success, other theatres copy it and disaster looms. Laura suggests they put nudes in the show, but Van Damm points out that the Lord Chamberlain, who licenses live shows in Britain, is likely to have something to say about this. Luckily Mrs Henderson is friends with him.


Judi Dench as Laura Henderson
Bob Hoskins as Vivian Van Damm
Will Young as Bertie
Kelly Reilly as Maureen
Thelma Barlow as Lady Conway
Christopher Guest as Lord Cromer
Stephen Frears

See also: Comedy: Life of Brian

See also: Judi Dench in Casino Royale

Tags: Download Movie Mrs Henderson Presents, Download Film Mrs Henderson Presents, Instant Movie Download Mrs Henderson Presents, Mrs Henderson Presents DivX Download


Download Mortuary
(horror, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie MortuaryDeerhaven has been burdened by disappearances for more than two decades and local officials have come up empty as no trace of the missing have ever been found. An eccentric psychiatrist with questionable credentials comes to town implicating the local mortician, Henry Parks. Claiming to be Henry's former doctor from a facility where Henry had been institutionalized, Dr. Gronig suggests that the mortician may not have been suitable for release and may be using his father's parlor as a cover for deeper, darker things. During the same week four young college students plan for the local Friday night bash, but Monte has bigger plans for them. He wants to do something different and takes them from party to the local mortuary for a kinky midnight treat. The problem is that some of the doctor's implications may have been true and for Monte, Sky, Tina and Tony, this will be a night they will never forget. That is if they survive.


Dan Byrd as Jonathan Doyle
Stephanie Patton as Jamie Doyle
Tarah Paige as Sara
Price Carson as B. Fowler
Greg Travis as Eliot Cook
Tobe Hooper

See also: Horror: Sublime

See also: Dan Byrd in Lonely Hearts

Tags: Download Movie Mortuary, Download Film Mortuary, Instant Movie Download Mortuary, Mortuary DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Mortuary Hacking Session
2. Mortuary IOD
3. Mortuary
4. Protector - A Shedding Of Skin - Mortuary Nightmare
5. Pungent Stench - Masters Of Moral - Servants Of Sin - Mortuary Love Affair
6. Turbo - Dead End - Mortuary


Download Man-Thing
(action, horror, sci-fi)
Download Movie Man-ThingAgents of an oil tycoon vanish while exploring a swamp marked for drilling. The local sheriff investigates and faces a Seminole legend come to life: Man-Thing, a shambling swamp-monster whose touch burns those who feel fear.


Matthew Le Nevez as Sheriff Kyle Williams
Rachael Taylor as Teri Elizabeth Richards
Jack Thompson as Frederic Schist
Rawiri Paratene as Pete Horn
Alex O'Loughlin as Deputy Eric Fraser
Steve Bastoni as Rene LaRoque
Robert Mammone as Mike Ploog
Patrick Thompson as Jake Schist
William Zappa as Steve Gerber
John Batchelor as Wayne Thibadeaux
Ian Bliss as Rodney Thibadeaux
Brett Leonard as Val Mayerick
Imogen Bailey as Sarah
James Coyne as Billy James
Cheryl Craig as Michele
Brett Leonard

See also: Action: French Connection, The

Tags: Download Movie Man-Thing, Download Film Man-Thing, Instant Movie Download Man-Thing, Man-Thing DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Dance - Various Artists - Beenie Man Cecile Daville Elephant Man Goofy Lady Saw Mr Vegas Ms Thing Rik Rok Nina Sky Tanya Stephens Ward 21 Wayne Marshall (cd1)
2. Dance - Various Artists - Beenie Man Cecile Daville Elephant Man Goofy Lady Saw Mr Vegas Ms Thing Rik Rok Nina Sky Tanya Stephens Ward 21 Wayne Marshall (cd2)
3. Dance - Various Artists - Beenie Man Cecile Daville Elephant Man Goofy Lady Saw Mr Vegas Ms Thing Rik Rok Nina Sky Tanya Stephens Ward 21 Wayne Marshall (cd3)
4. Dance - Various Artists - Beenie Man Cecile Daville Elephant Man Goofy Lady Saw Mr Vegas Ms Thing Rik Rok Nina Sky Tanya Stephens Ward 21 Wayne Marshall (cd4)
5. Junior Reid and The Bloods - Junior Reid and The Bloods - Not A One Man Thing
6. Various Artists - Alphabet Of Pop Part 2 (Cd 56) - Beenie Man Featuring Ms. Thing - Beenie Man Featuring Ms. Thing - Dude

The Number One Girl

Download Number One Girl, The
(action, drama, thriller)
Download Movie The Number One GirlJoey Scalini (Tony SCHIENA) is one of Hollywood's biggest action stars and the undefeated full-contact martial arts world champion. When his life-long friend and London mob godfather Dragos Molnar (Vinnie JONES) invites him to serve as a celebrity judge on the televised World Fashion & Cosmetics Beauty Pageant, hosted by Mr. Sakata (PAT MORITA), Joey finds himself falling for the most beautiful contestant Tatiana, (LISA McALLISTER). He is fully aware of Dragos' number one rule that his top four girls are always off-limit, so when he gets caught entwined with Tatiana the new Number One Girl, Dragos orders all doors to be locked and the nightclub stage to be turned into a fighting ring where Joey will have to fight his five bodyguards and Dragos himself for a fight to death. When the closest friends engage into the fiercest and bloodiest battle on live TV, there is much more at stake than the beautiful Tatiana.


Tony Schiena as Joey Scalini
Vinnie Jones as Dragos Molnar
Luc Campeau

I saw the cover of this and be a fool, I fell for it. Is there really anything cooler than a guy with two guns and explosions? The acting is terrible, I mean TERRIBLE! I will never be happy if Tony Schiene (was Jean-Claude Van Damme in the Wake of Death, which was very good) or make another film Luc Campeau. Script, are you kidding? There is a skirt-relentless pursuit of A-list movie star, a great British mobster, and a lot of Bimbo to make a buck and none of that even comes close to the sum. I had to do lip syncing scene three times, I can not believe this blatant lip done through synchronization (there are backup singers in the audio track ....) It is not a low budget Chuck Norris / Jean-Claude film with tons of action. Even the scene transitions sucked, the best I've seen blackouts in life.

Download Number One Girl, The
See also: Action: Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Tags: Download Movie The Number One Girl, Download Film The Number One Girl, Instant Movie Download The Number One Girl, The Number One Girl DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. The Bellamy Brothers - Number One Hits - Redneck Girl


Download Hoodwinked!
(animation, comedy, family)
Download Movie Hoodwinked!The "Little Red Hiding Hood" fairytale gets an imaginative update. After The Wolf (Patrick Warburton) is found at Granny's charged with an intent to eat an investigation starts up by Nick Fippers (David Odgen Stiers). Red (Anne Hathaway), The Wolf (Warburton), The Woodsman (Jim Beluchi) and Granny (Glenn Close) give their stories, Flippers and Cheif Grizzly (Xzibit) and the rest of the police try to find out who is the Goodie Bandit. Bill: Anthony Anderson, Twitchy: Cory Edwards, Boingo: Andy Dick.


Glenn Close as Granny
Anne Hathaway as Red
James Belushi as The Woodsman
Patrick Warburton as The Wolf
Anthony Anderson as Det. Bill Stork
David Ogden Stiers as Nicky Flippers
Xzibit as Chief Grizzly
Chazz Palminteri as Woolworth the Sheep
Andy Dick as Boingo
Cory Edwards as Twitchy
Todd Edwards as Sandwich Man
Tye Edwards as Dolph
Benjy Gaither as Japeth the Goat
Joshua J. Greene as Jimmy Lizard
Ken Marino as Raccoon Jerry
Cory Edwards
Todd Edwards
Tony Leech

See also: Animation: City of Rott

See also: Glenn Close in Evening

Tags: Download Movie Hoodwinked!, Download Film Hoodwinked!, Instant Movie Download Hoodwinked!, Hoodwinked! DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Baby Mammoth - Bridging Two Worlds - Hoodwinked
2. Baby Mammoth - Best Food Forward - Hoodwinked


Danny the Dog

Download Danny the Dog
(action, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Danny the DogA man treated like a dog and raised as a fighting machine his entire life, ends up in a coma and is taken in the care of good people, but his sinister owner is looking to retrieve his most prized possession: a non stop human weapon triggered by the collar leashed on his neck.


Jet Li as Danny
Morgan Freeman as Sam
Bob Hoskins as Bart
Kerry Condon as Victoria
Vincent Regan as Raffles
Dylan Brown as Lefty
Tamer Hassan as Georgie
Michael Jenn as Wyeth
Phyllida Law as Distinguished Lady
Carole Ann Wilson as Maddy
Michael Ian Lambert as The Stranger
Jaclyn Tze Wey as Danny's Mother
Puthirith Chou as Teen Danny
Tony Theng as Little Danny
Owen Lay as Baby Danny
Louis Leterrier

Download Danny the Dog
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Tags: Download Movie Danny the Dog, Download Film Danny the Dog, Instant Movie Download Danny the Dog, Danny the Dog DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Massive Attack - Danny The Dog
2. Massive Attack - Danny The Dog - Danny The Dog
3. Massive Attack - Collected - Danny The Dog
4. Massive Attack - Mad Storage - Danny The Dog
5. Massive Attack - Danny The Dog - The Dog Obeys
6. Danny Cavanagh - A Place To Be - Black Eyed Dog

Hellraiser: Deader

Download Hellraiser: Deader
(horror, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie Hellraiser: DeaderIn London, after investigating crack addicted junkies for an article in her newspaper, the journalist Amy Klein (Kari Wuhrer) watches a bizarre videotape. Her editor Charles Richmond (Simon Kunz) received the footage of an underground group of youngsters in Bucharest apparently becoming zombies through the power of their leader Winter (Paul Rhys) from a member, Marla (Georgina Rylance), and invites Amy to prepare the story. Amy accepts the challenge, and once in Romania, she finds Marla dead with a puzzle cube in her hands. She brings the object to her hotel room, and opens it, beginning her journey to hell.


Doug Bradley as Pinhead
Kari Wuhrer as Amy Klein
Rick Bota

Download Hellraiser: Deader
See also: Horror: Population 436

See also: Doug Bradley in Cottage, The

Tags: Download Movie Hellraiser: Deader, Download Film Hellraiser: Deader, Instant Movie Download Hellraiser: Deader, Hellraiser: Deader DivX Download

The Matador

Crash Landing

Sound of Thunder, A

Download Sound of Thunder, A
(action, adventure, drama, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie Sound of Thunder, A"A Sound of Thunder" is about a game hunter (Burns) who goes on a time-traveling safari owned and operated by Kingsley's character to hunt dinosaurs in the prehistoric era. When he kills a butterfly, he unknowingly sets off a chain reaction that will erase humanity from existence. A team of experts must return back in time and replace the butterfly. McCormack is the inventor of the time-traveling computer.


Edward Burns as Travis Ryer
Armin Rohde as John Wallenbeck
Catherine McCormack as Sonia Rand
Ben Kingsley as Charles Hatton
Jemima Rooper as Jenny Krase
David Oyelowo as Tech Officer Payne
Wilfried Hochholdinger as Dr. Lucas
August Zirner as Clay Derris
Corey Johnson as Christian Middleton
Alvin Van Der Kuech as Young Technician
William Armstrong as Ted Eckles
Nikita Lespinasse as Newswoman on TV
Stuart Ong as Chinese Man I
Antonin Hausknecht as Taxi Driver
Anezka Novak as Elderly Woman
Peter Hyams

I saw the poster of this movie and read a propaganda, and while cool, my wife and I love action adventure sci-fi movies. I ended up getting 2 free cinema tickets and thought of taking my wife to see this ... What can I say? this movie is bad. Many times my wife and I snickered as the FX were not much better than what the majority of children with any university can do with your computer, a green cloak and a MiniDV camera. It was like watching some Sci-Fi Channel at 1 am on a slow holiday at home. people ahead of us stood up and left and never returned. there were only 8 or 9 of us in the theater to begin with and there were only 2 times for this film, which warned me that especially because I had never seen any commercial or trailer for this before.

Sure there are some parts to cool, and some interesting tidbits, but they were difficult to follow. I am saddened that Peter Hyams had such a good story by Ray Bradbury and turned it into this CRUD.

Yes, this was at least a D movie ... D silly, sad, disappointing, and D for Do not Go see this. If you like the low rent Movies go to your video store or turn on your TV via cable.

Download Sound of Thunder, A
See also: Action: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

See also: Edward Burns in Saving Private Ryan

Tags: Download Movie Sound of Thunder, A, Download Film Sound of Thunder, A, Instant Movie Download Sound of Thunder, A, Sound of Thunder, A DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Thunder
2. Thunder In The Valley
3. Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder
4. Celtic Thunder
5. Thunder of the Swords
6. Pink Floyd - The Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Cd1)

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