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(fantasy, horror, thriller)
Download Movie TamaraTamara (Jenna Dewan) is an unattractive and not popular abused girl in a high-school. She has a crush on her Literature teacher, Mr. Bill Natolly (Matthew Marsden), and she likes witchcraft. When his teacher publishes her article about the use of steroids by the high-school athletes in the school newspaper expecting to improve her self-esteem, the matter indeed puts the students against Tamara. Three classroom mates use three other silly students to play a prank with Tamara, but they accidentally kill her. Due to a spell, Tamara returns from death and plots a lethal evil revenge against the group, and tries to take Bill from his beloved wife, since there is a bond between Bill and Tamara due to the witchcraft.


Matthew Marsden as Mr. Bill Natolly
Chad Faust as Jesse
Gil Hacohen as Patrick
Claudette Mink as Sheila
Jeremy Haft

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