The Negotiator

Download Negotiator, The
(action, crime, drama, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie The NegotiatorIn the midst of an elaborate conspiracy, an expert negotiator is driven to the edge when he's framed for the murder of his partner, as well as embezzling money from his department's pension fund. His only chance to prove his innocence is to take hostages himself, acquire the services of another expert negotiator, and find out who's running the conspiracy before it's too late.


Samuel L. Jackson as Lt. Danny Roman
Kevin Spacey as Lt. Chris Sabian
David Morse as Cmdr. Adam Beck
Adam Rifkin as Cmdr. Grant Frost
John Spencer as Chief Al Travis
J. T. Walsh as Insp. Terence Niebaum
Siobhan Fallon as Maggie
Paul Giamatti as Rudy Timmons
Regina Taylor as Karen Roman
Bruce Beatty as Markus
Michael Cudlitz as Palermo
Carlos G??mez as Eagle
Tim Kelleher as Argento
Dean Norris as Scott
Nestor Serrano as Hellman
F. Gary Gray

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Download Unbreakable
(drama, fantasy, thriller)
Download Movie UnbreakableThis suspense thriller unfolds as the audience is introduced to David Dunn, played by Willis. Not only is he the sole survivor of a horrific train-crash that killed 131 people he doesn't have a scratch on him. Samuel L Jackson plays an obscure character who approaches Dunn with a seemingly far fetched theory behind it all rocketing off an enticing thriller with a sci fi twist


Bruce Willis as David Dunn
Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price
Robin Wright Penn as Audrey Dunn
Spencer Treat Clark as Joseph Dunn
Charlayne Woodard as Elijah's Mother
Eamonn Walker as Dr. Mathison
Leslie Stefanson as Kelly
Johnny Hiram Jamison as Elijah Age 13
Michaelia Carroll as Babysitter
Bostin Christopher as Comic Book Clerk
Elizabeth Lawrence as School Nurse
David Duffield as David Dunn Age 20
Laura Regan as Audrey Inverso Age 20
Chance Kelly as Orange Suit Man
Michael Kelly as Doctor Dubin
M. Night Shyamalan

Willis discovers some strange things about himself after being the only
Survivor in the wreck of a train. Jackson said that he is special.
Is he really?

Unbreakable really is a story of superheroes act 1
to feature length (Night tells us in an interview). Genius. For once I
Willis is the person on the screen, which is not playing Bruce Willis, the actor
Cool. Night uses colors (mostly blue, purple and green) and
- camera angles chosen as imagesystems (word is read the script
As a comic). Most of them really work well. I loved the slow
Rhythm of the film. It really takes time to tell us what is happening.
As usual, Shyamalan puts human drama in the first place in the script. The first scene where Willis
meets the woman on the train ... You have to see the
Genius of the same. In a few lines of dialogue Shyamalan we will discover the
Character Dunn.

Another reason why I love this movie is that Shyamalan has shown that
Courage to do this after the huge success of The Sixth Sense, I think it is
less than this movie. I just know the studio executives
Where pushing for something more tangible than this, but he chose this
Place. A tribute to the comics. And it works! BEAUTIFUL!
My Mona M. Night Shyamalan to demonstrate the consistency of its capabilities
moviemaking. "Unbreakable" is a film that is rich in both
Bright art, as well as the quality of the script.

First, I want to get my objection to the film out of my chest. The end
could have been done better. Most of the length of "Unbreakable"
Makes an excellent job of building suspense, wonderfully with silence,
Melancholy acting thoroughly and add tension to the plot. My problem is that
not live up to their own expectations, the end does not consummated
From everything expected of her. Somehow, in a film that was hard
details to illustrate each step in the hearing, the conclusion that as
felt that it did almost blasphemous. Perhaps in an action thriller unnamed
that could pass by a simple hackery. But here, it seems strangely out of place
, the kind of an enigma in itself ...

Now that is the most ugly, I almost feel compelled to sing the praise of
"Unbreakable." Shyamalan with the technical feat
And photographic processes through this show, with reddish tones and the possibility of blacks
scenes of emotion and cold wet colors dedicated to the grim, indifferent
(Uncared?) World. One technique I particularly liked was the
photographic manipulation of the media, parts of films using 35 mm and crisp
Other people who use angry, magnetic shutter (or 16mm?) Film. In the end, all
It worked very well, because each technique seems to integrate seamlessly with
The plot and mood (note the confusion and panic in the end?)
"Traffic" is a good example transformation of an overdose. "Unbreakable" in the
Moreover, hones perfectly. The exuberance of this movie comes in close
Secondly appearance of the wonderful "American Beauty." Easily
I could see him again ... With the sound off!

On the human side of the spectrum, the acting is wonderful.
It is lovely to see Bruce Willis proving himself to be a real actor Class A-! His
unsafe behavior and unpretentious * * worked perfectly for this function. Samuel L.
Jackson, as always, gave a blast working with what the script gave him.
Robin Wright and Spencer Clark characters seem a little two-dimensional, but
seems to be lower as compared to the role of Willis and Jackson
Characters. A bit of character development that has been appreciated, but
If the end is the result of the limitation in time guillotine, then I
We hope that the development of the scenes have gone too.

The thing that people seem to be the most about this movie is the plot. As I
the premise. A bit of fantasy in our movies is not so bad once
At one time, is it?

Download Unbreakable
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6. Westlife - Westlife - Unbreakable 1: Greatest Hits
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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Download Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
(action, adventure, thriller)
Download Movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomAfter a frightening escape from death at the hands of Chinese gangster Lao Che in Shanghai, Indiana Jones & 2 companions, Short Round (Quan) and Willie Scott (Capshaw) board a freight plane to escape. Over the Himalayas, the pilots dump the fuel, and Indy discovers they are in serious trouble when the plane's engines start to stall. Parachuting out of the plane in a life raft, they survive a 300-foot fall into a raging mountain river and its rapids. They are now in India, and as their raft heads down river they are met by an Indian shaman, who leads them to his village where people are starving, crops are blighted, and there is not a single child! Indy's mastery of their language helps him learn that a sacred stone was taken by some strange men, which caused all the problems facing the villagers now. Short Round & Indy figure out that the missing stone is one of the Sankara stones, which are supposed to have a magical effect on whomever possesses them. The shaman sends them on a mission to Pankot Palace, which once housed the Thuggee cult. After a series of near-death encounters, Indy & the others discover the Temple of Doom, where the human sacrifices to Kali - the Thuggee goddess of death - are carried out, as well as a mine that has enslaved the children of the Shaman's village. Indy must get the stone back and free the children from the Thuggees and their psychopathic high priest, Mola Ram (Puri). What follows are several spectacular fights, a frightening chase through a mine shaft in tiny mine cars, and a bridge collapse 100 feet above a river filled with crocodiles! Hang on - and enjoy!


Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
Kate Capshaw as Wilhelmina 'Willie' Scott
Jonathan Ke Quan as Short Round
Amrish Puri as Mola Ram
Roshan Seth as Chattar Lal
Philip Stone as Captain Blumburtt
Roy Chiao as Lao Che
David Yip as Wu Han
Rick Young as Kao Kan
Chua Kahjoo as Chen
Rex Ngui as Maitre d'
Philip Tan as Chief Henchman
Dan Aykroyd as Earl Weber
Dr. Akio Mitamura as Chinese Pilot
Michael Yama as Chinese Co-Pilot


Everybody complains Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. One of my
Friends and I used to argue for months on end in which India Film

Jones was the superior. Hardly anyone ask Temple of Doom is to say that they
Less preferred, and the worst of the trilogy Jones.
I think that the only reason people say that is because it is the medium of cinema, inserted
One moment classic, and a Hollywood blockbuster. To me, that question is NO
Raiders of the Lost Ark is the top
Indiana Jones movie. To anyone who says Last Crusade is the best I can do nothing more
Disagree (let me point out that all three films are little more than
Great). Temple of Doom had much to live up to after the first movie

And instead of trying to re-create Raiders (something I feel Crusade
Lucas and Spielberg decided to take of the franchise in a new direction.

In My Opinion, this was a great idea. Crusade and Raiders are very similar: both

They take place in the desert terrain, both have Indy going after a very
Biblical artifact, and both have in front of the Indy fight against Nazi
This subject of world domination. Without a temple of doom, the last crusade
would be a clear copy of Raiders of the Lost Ark a different style of
Indy movie is needed to expand the trilogy, making a real Indiana Jones
Character world and the Temple of Doom did just that.

The film itself is a non-stop action adventure travel. Harrison Ford is

AMAZING Once again as the pre-teacher finder archaeologist emotion.
Short Round is a lovable character who adds a touch of humor, and highlights the
more compassionate side of the Indy character. The ceremony of the scenes are really

Impressive and tense. During these scenes of the film contains some very graphic images
, but rightly, are used to convey the true dark, feeling
This film (ie, the elimination of man's heart while he is still live
Download him in a pit of fire). The mine cart hunting scenes are the most
Surprising, fast-moving action sequence in any of the Indy movies, and you

As if I were on a roller coaster every time you see it. All these events
Giving rise to film the spectacular and memorable climax.

Be with three films as surprising as the Indiana Jones trilogy, it
choose a best and worst movie, in fact it is almost impossible.
I am going to say that every film is great on its own, and in fact should not be
Compared to the other two.
Set before the events of 'Raiders', Dr. Jones is doing in Shanghai
Business with Chinese crime boss Lau Che. The loss of the top
in a night club that barely escaped with their lives (and baggage in the form of
Willie Scott and sidekick child Short Round) Airport. But little
You know it reaches the plane is owned by Lau Che
Hurtadillas and pilots in the air while they are asleep.

After jumping to safety in a rubber boat Indy, Willie and Short Round
adrift by an indigenous people who have been affected by bad luck
Since theft Shankara their magic stones. Encouraged by the
villagers to go to Pankot Palace and retrieve the stones, Indy
has no idea that what they were trying to find an evil cult hellbent on taking
world crazy with its new religion.

Temple of Doom is, without a doubt, the best
Indiana Jones movie. I know that a lot of nerds are going to disagree with me, but I think I
superior to the Raiders because I prefer the Lost Ark
More dark, nastier tone and the fact that it simply does not allow face
the word 'go'! Two hours of Temple of Doom uptime pass in a breeze
pure adventure as Spielberg brings us a memorable piece
another. The opening musical number, the fight at the Club Obi-Wan,
Persecution through Shanghai, the plane crash / dingy ride, the trip to
Pankot Palace, the scene of the dinner, the human sacrifice, the liberation of slaves
, mine cart ride, water rushed, the rope bridge,
Cliff-hanging ... Wow! How much more can you pack into a movie? It
Physically impossible! Originally criticized

is on the release as being too dark, Temple of Doom
still ends up being a classic. I suppose that the public in 1984 was
Expects Game 2 Lost Ark, and were surprised when
Something more. If you see with others, how can feel
Different from the film is, without scenes that take place in America, not
University and not Sallah or Marcus Brody.

John Williams' brilliant also in the music is the best. Even received
An Oscar nomination despite already being nominated by his
the work of Raiders Lost Ark, which is quite rare. The film did win
An Oscar for his visual effects (to beat the effects equally impressive
Ghostbusters), which, given today, at least, may seem a bit
Shortly date, but are still quite well.

Or course, there is nothing really important in the movie. I mean
not beat Schindler's List or Munich in terms of drama, but if you want
And the rapid rise of escapism, the thrill-a-minute your name is the adventure of Indiana Jones
, and the place is the Temple of Doom.

Download Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
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Total Recall

Download Total Recall
(action, adventure, horror, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie Total RecallWhat is reality when you can't trust your memory? Arnold Schwartzenegger is an Earthbound construction worker who keeps having dreams about Mars. A trip to a false memory transplant service for an imaginary trip to Mars goes terribly wrong and another personality surfaces. When his old self returns, he finds groups of his friends and several strangers seem to have orders to kill him. He finds records his other self left him that tell him to get to Mars to join up with the underground. The reality of the situation is constantly in question. Who is he? Which personality is correct? Which version of reality is true?


Arnold Schwarzenegger as Douglas Quaid/Hauser
Rachel Ticotin as Melina
Sharon Stone as Lori
Ronny Cox as Vilos Cohaagen
Michael Ironside as Richter
Marshall Bell as George/Kuato
Mel Johnson Jr. as Benny
Michael Champion as Helm
Roy Brocksmith as Dr. Edgemar
Ray Baker as Bob McClane
Rosemary Dunsmore as Dr. Lull
David Knell as Ernie
Alexia Robinson as Tiffany
Dean Norris as Tony
Mark Carlton as Bartender
Paul Verhoeven

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Download Jarhead
(action, biography, drama, war)
Download Movie JarheadJarhead (the self-imposed moniker of the Marines) follows "Swoff" (Gyllenhaal), a third-generation enlistee, from a sobering stint in boot camp to active duty, sporting a sniper's rifle and a hundred-pound ruck on his back through Middle East deserts with no cover from intolerable heat or from Iraqi soldiers, always potentially just over the next horizon. Swoff and his fellow Marines sustain themselves with sardonic humanity and wicked comedy on blazing desert fields in a country they don't understand against an enemy they can't see for a cause they don't fully fathom... Foxx portrays Sergeant Sykes, a Marine lifer who heads up Swofford's scout/sniper platoon, while Sarsgaard is Swoff's friend and mentor, Troy, a die-hard member of STA-their elite Marine Unit.


Jake Gyllenhaal as Swoff
Scott MacDonald as D.I. Fitch
Lo Ming as Bored Gunny
Kevin Foster as Branded Marine
Peter Sarsgaard as Troy
Damion Poitier as Poitier
Riad Galayini as Nurse
Craig Coyne as Young Mr. Swofford
Katherine Randolph as Young Mrs. Swofford
Rini Bell as Swoff's Sister
Dendrie Taylor as Mrs. Swofford
James Morrison as Mr. Swofford
Arman Zajic as Boy Swoff
Brianne Davis as Kristina
Jamie Foxx as Staff Sgt. Sykes
Sam Mendes

Finally - a movie that just shows things as they are ... No "Rambo"
Superhéroe-idiot-nonsense, it is not exaggerated, melancholy, in an attempt
cinematic arts in the cost of authenticity - as is in
"Platoon," "agnes" ;, "Apocalipse Now" and "Deerhunter" - to name a few
Subestimarse films war. Last

a film that captures the FEEL of being a marine in
Eighty ... The hearings, sounds, events - all back alive
Memories. As the scenes unfolded, I found myself thinking "... I
I remember when it happened ... "Over and over again, because my service
Swofford something parallel his own, and I was aware of - if not a
witnesses - some events that took place. A film that portrays the Marine
hard for what is ... Certainly no angel, but the absolute
Spine of the American military resistance. The barracks and camp life
Retratado in this film is perhaps the most accurate portrayal of Hollywood
has produced.

With only a few minor technical inaccuracies realtively, this is a film whose full richness
probably can only be experienced by those who
were in the Corps at that time. And to the degree of accuracy, I
Agradecido the authors and producers of the film. Too often
Producers and directors to overlook the details that make a film
Creíble to military veterans - such as the details of uniforms, sounds
And the role of arms, behavior of the characters. Not so in
"Jarhead." And the dialogue is right.

After reading several of the other comments, it was clear to me that there
events are represented in the film that may not be clearly understood or
Properly contextualized by someone who has not
served in the Marine Corps Infantry. Do not let that stop you from seeing the film - is
An excellent sight in a world most people will never see. I left the theatre
feel proud of my service, and although miss everyday
a marina on active duty, "Jarhead" left me feeling strangely happy
Being able to look back in the the same - and sleep in my own house, my own bed,
Tonight. However, for many veterans of the Navy, the hope remains in the back of our minds that
the phone rings tomorrow with a chance to go back and bring
men again - and yes, for those who might wonder,
Even in Iraq or anywhere else - as the line to advance the so eloquently
, "Forget about politics. We are here now. "Such is the loyalty of a
- Tunes built of rough stone few who are willing to fight when called upon. Gruñidos really
We do not expect most people we like or understand us, but we hope that
Some are people out there who could appreciate the fact that we are
there. I think the notion that the film captures commendable.
I saw a promotional screening of the film, sponsored by my college.
The next step is a hearing Q & A with the author (and major
Character), Tony Swofford.

And it is not surprising that the first question from the audience
was very ambiguously, "Is support for the military?" When Swofford
dismissed the question is too broad and complex to be answered with a simple yes or no
, the applicant continues with: "Well, do you support
war? "Swofford dismissed this even more easily.

To me, this is perfectly representative of the way in which the film handles its
Possible political implications. As

Troy said at the beginning of the film, To hell with politics. We are here
Now. " And that is essentially the way the film was.

To jump the talks and simply tells how it is, the
perspective of a single soldier. And while the opening boot camp scenes may seem
Lite Full Metal Jacket, the rest of the film is really

Sam Mendes directs with his usual brilliance, showing once again its
Affinity for bright, vivid colors even in the large monochromatic

Jake Gyllenhaal gives an excellent performance as Anthony Swofford,
Complemented by the power of talent Jamie Foxx and Peter Sarsgaard. The film

the only flaw is that, like the war in which it is based,
It is a slow process, and not much really happens.

In the strictest sense, he would have difficulty even classify this
As a war movie, and certainly not a film deliberately politics.

But in its own way, it tells an intense, personal story. Beyond that,
You are simply left to make their own judgements.

7 / 10

Download Jarhead
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Download Go
(action, comedy, crime)
Download Movie Go'Go' is set mostly during one long Christmas Eve in the lives of a group of young adults on the events surrounding a drug deal in Los Angeles replayed three different times from three different views. In a straightforward manner; when slacker Simon Baines (Desmond Asknew) takes off for a getaway to Las Vegas with his friends, Ronna (Sarah Polley) takes his shift at the 24-hour grocery store where they work. When two guys, named Adam and Zack (Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr), walk in asking to score some dope from Simon, Ronna takes it upon herself and her friends Claire (Katie Holmes) and Mannie (Nathan Bexton) to buy some some stuff from the local drug dealer Todd Gains (Timothy Olyphant). But the drug deal is a sting that Adam and Zack are forced to set up by an overzealous narcotics agent, Burke (William Fichtner). Ronna is forced to dispose of the drugs. With no other alternative, she tries to double-cross Todd with phony drugs. Meanwhile in Las Vegas, Simon's adventures with his best friend Marcus (Taye Diggs) hit an unfortunate turn during a trip to a strip club, while Adam and Zack end up spending Christmas Eve with Burke and his wife Irene (Jane Krakowski), and afterwards while driving to a rave that Ronna is dealing, the guys accidentally hit Ronna with their car and leave her for dead. Nearby, Mannie nearly OD's on dope, and Claire gets more friendly with a vengeful Todd whom is now looking for Ronna.


Katie Holmes as Claire Montgomery
Sarah Polley as Ronna Martin
Suzanne Krull as Stringy Haired Woman
Desmond Askew as Simon Baines
Nathan Bexton as Mannie
Robert Peters as Switterman
Scott Wolf as Adam
Jay Mohr as Zack
Timothy Olyphant as Todd Gaines
Jodi Bianca Wise as Ballerina Girl
William Fichtner as Burke
Rita Bland as Dancing Register Woman
Tony Denman as Track Suit Guy
Scott Hass as Raver Dude
Natasha Melnick as Anorexic Girl
Doug Liman

Go is very fresh and fun film. The cast is excellent and the direction fom
Doug Liman is very strong. I liked the way the story is told in this film and I really enjoyed
Jay Mohr and Scott Wolf's history as a small dark comedy.
Katie Holmes is very Good and Sarah Polley excels in its role. I could not stop
Think Pulp Fiction while watching this movie. Liman has led a very
Apretado film. Young people in this movie has some serious problems, but
In short, a very Good film.
The title is apt - the film is on the Go most of the time with little
Opportunity to capture their breath. This is a strange, but entertaining film that can be described as
RASHOMON meets PULP FICTION. But it is better than PULP FICTION
due to its clear sense of humor, irony, and consistent history

Get the stories of several people in a little messy Christmasy
Eve. Each story is told from the perspective of someone in the stories
Interconnection all a decidedly un-Christmasy rave filled with music at high volume,
Drugs, people looking at other people, identities mistaken, and the other
Ingredients of a savage comedy. Although some people may consider offensive, as a
Satire and updated black film is hilarious.

Download Go
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2. Go Team
3. Go West
4. Good To Go (Remix)
5. OK Go
6. The Go Find
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Download Cinderella
(animation, family, fantasy, musical, romance)
Download Movie CinderellaIn a far away, long ago kingdom, Cinderella is living happily with her mother and father until her mother dies. Cinderella's father remarries a cold, cruel woman who has two daughters, Drizella and Anastasia. When the father dies, Cinderella's wicked stepmother turns her into a virtual servant in her own house. Meanwhile, across town in the castle, the King determines that his son the Prince should find a suitable bride and provide him with a required number of grandchildren. So the King invites every eligible maiden in the kingdom to a fancy dress ball, where his son will be able to choose his bride. Cinderella has no suitable party dress for a ball, but her friends the mice, lead by Jaques and Gus, and the birds lend a hand in making her one, a dress the evil stepsisters immediately tear apart on the evening of the ball. At this point, enter the Fairy Godmother, the pumpkin carriage, the royal ball, the stroke of midnight, the glass slipper, and the rest, as they say, is fairy tale history.


Ilene Woods as Cinderella
Eleanor Audley as Lady Tremaine
Verna Felton as Fairy Godmother
Claire Du Brey as Additional Voices
Rhoda Williams as Drizella
James MacDonald as Bruno/Gus/Jaques
Helene Stanley as Cinderella's singing voice
Luis Van Rooten as King/Grand Duke
Don Barclay as Doorman
Mike Douglas as Prince Charming's singing voice
John Fontaine as Additional Voices
Earl Keen as Bruno
Clint McCauley as Mice
William Phipps as Prince Charming
John Woodbury as Additional Voices
Clyde Geronimi

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1. Cinderella
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3. Bonnie Bianco - Cinderella
4. John Williams - Cinderella Liberty - The Reivers
5. America - Perspective - Cinderella
6. Andre Rieu - In Wonderland (cd1) - Cinderella Waltz
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The Believer

Download Believer, The
Download Movie The Believer"The Believer" explores a Jewish student's private journey to understand the meaning of Judaism in his life. Set in New York City, the Plot follows a morally confused young adult struggling with the conflict between his beliefs and his heritage. "The Believer" examines themes of religion, family, and self-loathing. It is a psychological examination into the forces of intolerance, both on the individual and society as a whole.


Ryan Gosling as Danny Balint
Summer Phoenix as Carla Moebius
Theresa Russell as Lina Moebius
Billy Zane as Curtis Zampf
A.D. Miles as Guy Danielsen
Joshua Harto as Kyle
Glenn Fitzgerald as Drake
Garret Dillahunt as Billings
Kris Eivers as Carleton
Joel Garland as O.L.
Elizabeth Reaser as Miriam
Dean Strober as Stuart
Judah Lazarus as Avi
Ronald Guttman as Danny's Father
Heather Goldenhersh as Linda
Henry Bean

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3. John Campbell - One Believer
4. John McLaughlin/Shakti - Remember Shakti - The Believer
5. Remember Shakti - The Believer
6. 38 Special - Anthology - Stone Cold Believer
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Cast Away

Scanner Darkly, A

Download Scanner Darkly, A
(animation, drama, mystery, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie Scanner Darkly, AThe L.A. of a not-too-distant future suffers a surge of drug abuse involving a new ultra-addictive and eventually brain-damaging substance simply named "D". Bob Arctor is an undercover narc leading a double life, dutifully reporting to his superiors while effectively having abandoned whatever normal existence he had for a "D" user/dealer career. But this schizophrenic situation and the drug-induced memory and concentration lapses put Bob under mounting stress.


Rory Cochrane as Charles Freck
Robert Downey Jr. as James Barris
Mitch Baker as Brown Bear Lodge Host
Keanu Reeves as Bob Arctor
Sean Allen as Additional Fred Scramble Suit Voice
Cliff Haby as Voice from Headquarters
Steven Chester Prince as Cop
Winona Ryder as Donna Hawthorne
Natasha Valdez as Waitress
Mark Turner as Additional Hank Scramble Suit Voice
Woody Harrelson as Ernie Luckman
Chamblee Ferguson as Medical Deputy #2
Angela Rawna as Medical Deputy #1
Eliza Stevens as Arctor's Daughter #1
Sarah Menchaca as Arctor's Daughter #2
Richard Linklater

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Antwone Fisher

Download Antwone Fisher
(biography, drama, romance)
Download Movie Antwone FisherA sailor (Derek Luke) prone to violent outbursts is sent to a naval psychiatrist (Washington) for help. Refusing at first to open up, the young man eventually breaks down and reveals a horrific childhood. Through the guidance of his doctor, he confronts his painful past and begins a quest to find the family he never knew.


Derek Luke as Antwone Quenton 'Fish' Fisher
Malcolm David Kelley as Antwone Fisher Age 7
Cory Hodges as Antwone Fisher Age 14
Denzel Washington as Dr. Jerome Davenport
Joy Bryant as Cheryl Smolley
Salli Richardson as Berta Davenport
Leonard Earl Howze as Pork Chop
Kente Scott as Kansas City
Kevin Connolly as Slim
Rainoldo Gooding as Grayson
Novella Nelson as Mrs. Tate
Stephen Snedden as Berkley
Leo Nepomuceno as SP #1
Sung Kang as Receptionist
Cordell Stokes as Keith Age 5
Denzel Washington

An adaptation of the book 'The search for fish. " This story is about a troubled young sailor
Antwone Fisher (Derek Luke), which tells the story of painful
His past a psychiatrist Jerome Davenport (Denzel Washington). A
brilliant debut performance by Derek Luke and
always impressive performance by Denzel Washington.

This film was so incredible at many levels and I am disappointed
not win an Oscar, I think it was because it was released at a bad time
is why we overlooked. I strongly recommend this film to
All you touched by his story and makes the
Hearing become empathy with this young man who is Antwone Fisher.

If you like the real source of inspiration stories, and then watch them Antwone Fisher. Thanks

Based on a true story, and with a script written by the real Antwone Fisher
(who never before had written a screenplay), this film is also
Denzel Washington, the first exit as director, Derek Luke and the first
Role as Antwone. All these firsts made this a movie you wanted to see
curiosity more than anything else, and at the end I was slightly
Impressed with her, although the film is definitely not without its

In particular, the first hour or so of the film is very slow pace. In
Times, is the temptation to turn away, but there was not enough interest that
keeps bothering me to stay with him. In the end, this became a
enough as interesting journey of self-discovery, as they delve deeper and deeper into
Antwone past to try to discover what childhood demons have caused him Growing up in
a young man angry. As slow as I thought that the movie
Ironically, I also felt that moved too quickly through some things.
Antwone anger seems determined largely by a handful of sessions with
Commander Davenport, the Navy psychiatrist (played by Washington) and
really only see a couple of flashes of anger - just enough, I believe in
you been sent to the psychiatrist in the first place. (I know that the
represented Struggle was probably part of a series. In real life, it is reasonable to
Mandarlo Davenport, but in the strict context of the movie that looked like a
little extreme.) Antwone the relationship with Cheryl (Joy Bryant) also seemed
develop very quickly. He takes his time, suddenly, it is their
Bride and he is in love, then they are sharing a hotel room. (For a guy
has no experience with it is a romance naturally!)

But despite these contradictions and the slow pace of the first hour or
Thus, the film gathers very well in the second half as Antwone starts
Discover who is and where it comes from. The second half is quite
Interesting. Although not overcome some of the flaws I mentioned
Previous becomes, however, which had been looking for some time as a
Mediocre at a fairly decent movie.

6 / 10

Download Antwone Fisher
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See also Biography Man on the Moon

Tags: Download Movie Antwone Fisher, Download Film Antwone Fisher, Instant Movie Download Antwone Fisher, Antwone Fisher DivX Download


Download Frequency
(drama, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie FrequencyA rare atmospheric phenomenon allows a New York City firefighter to communicate with his son 30 years in the future via short-wave radio. The son uses this opportunity to warn the father of his impending death in a warehouse fire, and manages to save his life. However, what he does not realize is that changing history has triggered a new set of tragic events, including the murder of his mother. The two men must now work together, 30 years apart, to find the murderer before he strikes so that they can change history—again.


Dennis Quaid as Frank Sullivan
James Caviezel as John Sullivan
Shawn Doyle as Jack Shepard
Elizabeth Mitchell as Julia 'Jules' Sullivan
Andre Braugher as Satch DeLeon
Noah Emmerich as Gordo Hersch
Melissa Errico as Samantha Thomas
Daniel Henson as Johnny Sullivan
Jordan Bridges as Graham 'Gib' Gibson
Stephen Joffe as Gordo Hersch
Jack McCormack as Commander Butch O'Connell
Peter MacNeill as Butch Foster
Michael Cera as Gordy Jr.
Marin Hinkle as Sissy Clark
Richard Sali as Chuck Hayes
Gregory Hoblit

The Frequency plot is hard to believe, but the twists of the movie, action, and dramatic moments
concealing their uncertainties. The idea of the way in the past
affects the future is not original, but the rest of the film is.

When I first saw the preview Frequency, I thought that the idea of a child
Talking to a deceased his father in a radio is original and interesting.
I did not think, however, that the film is going to be very good. I
wrong however. The film is full of action, mystery, twists and emotion. The
The love between father and son is so real, as are the characters

Frequency uses remarkable use of the capacity of film to stretch the time of
Intercut time and between different events. And as far as timing goes, this film has
stopwatch precision. As a result, it can produce tears, outbursts
laughter, or drop jaws at the hearing.

I believe that the end of the film could be improved, but I still highly recommend
see this movie. As long as not worry too much about the
Plausibility of the data of time, you enjoy it. After all, it
Entertainment at its finest.
An excellent film, which is a pleasant surprise. I can not remember the last time
I was in a movie where the audience applauded at the end, in scenes

During the film, too. It could be called a thriller, but that is only a
Part of what the film is about. It is full of good position
Sentimentalismo and timely humor. There is a moment in the film had a
Desperdiciado scene or a moment when I lost interest. Yes, a Hollywood ending, but
Like most good things, is the journey, not the destination that makes
valid sentence. What I saw in a sneak preview, and I will go see again
Their release. I recommend it. This is not an epic, but it is the
The best movie I have seen in years.

Download Frequency
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Robin Hood

Download Robin Hood
(adventure, animation, comedy, family, musical)
Download Movie Robin HoodRetelling of the Robin Hood legend with animals for the characters. Robin Hood is an outlaw who starts to form a gang in Sherwood Forest to fight the injustices of the Sheriff of Nottingham, who levies unpayable taxes upon the people.


Brian Bedford as Robin Hood
Peter Ustinov as Prince John (voice: German version)
Phil Harris as Little John
Terry-Thomas as Sir Hiss
Monica Evans as Maid Marian
Carole Shelley as Lady Kluck
Andy Devine as Friar Tuck
Roger Miller as The Rooster/Alan-A-Dale
Pat Buttram as Sheriff of Nottingham
George Lindsey as Trigger
Ken Curtis as Nutsy
Billy Whitaker as Skippy
Dana Laurita as Sis
Dora Whitaker as Tagalong
Richie Sanders as Toby
Wolfgang Reitherman

See also: Adventure: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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4. Alan Lomax - Songs From Aberdeenshire: The Alan Lomax Portait Series - Robin Hood
5. Autopsia - The Silence Of The Lamb (Waldsinfonie) - Condemnation Of Robin Hood
6. Basil Poledouris - Making The Grade - Palmer's Mansion - Robin Hood
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Love in the Afternoon

Download Love in the Afternoon
(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie Love in the AfternoonDirector Billy Wilder salutes his idol, Ernst Lubitsch, with this comedy about a middle-aged playboy fascinated by the daughter of a private detective who has been hired to entrap him with the wife of a client.


Gary Cooper as Frank Flannagan
Audrey Hepburn as Ariane Chavasse/Thin Girl
Maurice Chevalier as Claude Chavasse
Van Doude as Michel
John McGiver as Monsieur X
Lise Bourdin as Madame X
Bonifas as Commissioner of Polilce (phoned by Ariane)
Billy Wilder

This has always been my all-time favourite romantic comedy. Thanks
Billy Wilder's creative genius works in spite of this movie Gary Cooper
being miscast as the main man. Unfortunately, Gary Cooper was not only
Too old, but lacked charm and the suaveness necessary for the role. Cooper
also in the twilight of his career and suffered from health problems to
when the film was made. Cary Grant or Gregory Peck should
Been best suited to the role of Frank Flannagan, womanizing
jet setter who falls madly in love with the daughter of a detective who
He has been investigating. However, even with a miscast
Gary Cooper, the movie works .... Thanks to the wonderful performances of
Audrey Hepburn, and Maurice Chevalier, who play the young innocent
Musician and her daughter snooping, pooping private detective father.
The title of the song "Fascination" with original music by FD Marchetti and
Franz Waxman serve as a romantic thread that runs close out through
whole heart beating movie experience. Billy Wilder's more
Noted films like "The Apartment" and "Some Like It Hot" may have
He received increased recognition that this film over the years, but in my
Opinion none of them has the charm that this film has to offer. In
Made of whether one is willing to "What if?" And the free trade of Gary Cooper
Gary Grant for the role of Frank Flannagan, I suspect that this movie would have been
right up there with the best romantic comedy
All of the times, "Happened One Night."
The first and only time that Billy Wilder and Gary Cooper worked together,
And the second time Wilder worked with Audrey Hepburn 1954 after the Sabrina.
I liked this movie a lot better than Sabrina, who was in the kind of thinking
passed anyway. Some people have said Cooper was miscast in this film, but
I thought he did a good job. Humphrey Bogart was miscast in Sabrina and Cary Grant would
done a better job.

The plot of this movie has to do with Cooper being watched by a private investigator
and husband of the woman with Cooper is going to kill
Cooper. Audrey Hepburn is the daughter of the cock and private saving
We want to go to the hotel to warn him. Hepburn falls in love with Cooper
But he flees every time a girl gets serious. Over the plot
But only see the film.

Download Love in the Afternoon
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2. Belle, Regina - Lazy Afternoon - Theres A Love
3. Belle, Regina - Lazy Afternoon - For The Love Of You
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5. Belle, Regina - Lazy Afternoon - Why Do You People Fall In Love?
6. Craig Morgan - I Love It - Every Friday Afternoon
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It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Download It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
(action, adventure, comedy, crime, drama)
Download Movie It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad WorldOn a hilly highway in the California desert are three cars and a truck. In one car are Russell Finch, his wife Emeline, and her obnoxious mother; in another car are Melville Crump and his wife Monica; in another are two pals, Dingman "Dingy" Bell and his obese friend Benjy Benjamin; and in the truck is delivery driver Leonard "Lennie" Pike. Suddenly the four vehicles are nearly struck by a wildly fleeing car that smashes through the guardrail and plummets down the embankment. The other vehicles stop and the men rush to help the injured driver, who turns out to be a wanted felon, "Smiler" Grogan, who is fatally injured and whose dying words to his would-be rescuers are an alert that a large case with hundreds of thousands of dollars is to be found buried beneath "a big W." A detective arrives at the scene and questions the men, who all explain that they could make no sense of what Grogan was saying. But after the detective and his partner leave, the men begin wondering if Grogan's dying words are true, and eventually a series of wild misadventures ensues as the four parties begin searching for the mysterious "big W," find it and the treasure - and find themselves facing potential arrest at the hands of area police captain G.C. Culpepper.


Spencer Tracy as Capt. C. G. Culpepper
Milton Berle as J. Russell Finch
Sid Caesar as DDS Melville Crump
Buddy Hackett as Benjy Benjamin
Ethel Merman as Mrs. Marcus
Mickey Rooney as Ding 'Dingy' Bell
Dick Shawn as Sylvester Marcus
Phil Silvers as Otto Meyer
Terry-Thomas as Lt.Col. J. Algernon Hawthorne
Jonathan Winters as Lennie Pike
Edie Adams as Monica Crump
Dorothy Provine as Emeline Marcus-Finch
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson as Second cab driver
Jim Backus as Tyler Fitzgerald
Ben Blue as Biplane pilot
Stanley Kramer

Well, if I gave them the names of all the famous comedians who were in this film is
It would be a long, long review. Just check the credits - is incredible!
Suffice it to say that this is an "all-star" cast of all you might think
who was a big name comedian in 1963 including some former and equal
Mickey Rooney, Milton Berle , etc. Adding a dramatic famous actor, Spencer Tracy
, to the mix, too, and you have one of the most famous comedies
never put into the film.

When I saw this in the theater, and even 80 years on the tape, I liked
immensely, but now is just a little too strong for me
Stains. I am either too old or doing this movie is getting to look dated
And rancid ..... Probably both. However, if you want three hours of pure
Madness and escapist fare, which could make a whole lot worse.

Despite all the cries, the film has some of the most all-time comedy
Memorable scenes ever put on film. Moreover, unlike today
Comedy, no profanity, no sex, not just blood .... And silliness
A wild scene after another, with an amazing slapstick ending
top of a building.

For anyone who collects films, or enjoy a good laugh, this is a "must"
For your collection, and I do not say that very often. However, as I get older
, all shouting and screaming made me get off my rating
10 to 9 to 8 and now 7.
Often accused of being less than the sum of its parts, "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
is one of the most precious jewels in filmdom. True, much

Being the funniest movie ever made. Once, when I was putting a Monty Python movie
Together, we realized that after fifty-odd minutes, the audience stopped
Riendo. Thinking is the material, so that the latter recut
material came first. The audience stopped laughing yet to fifty-odd
minutes, even with what he assumed MP concentrated material fun. The
Certainly, the people can only laugh so long.

Even armed with the information that can not hold a hearing laughter

For three hours, "Mad World" is not overwhelmingly fun. Although many
The dialogue is fun, and all the proceedings are pending, but the

film suffers from a delusion common people away from comedy, like Stanley Kramer
is that the mere vision of the cars that clashes somehow is fun in itself.

One is reminded of the spectacular sequence in "1941", when a ferries wheel

Breaks Loose and rolls off a pier into the ocean. The sequence itself is
Mandible fall - and very well done, and not a funny

Value "Mad World" is its cast. Most of the big names in comedy in
The years 1950 and 1960 did in the cast (Ernie Kovaks, possibly
More brilliant luck, originally cast in the role of Sid Caesar, unfortunately

He died long before the shooting started not). The cast of name in the comics
Papers does them justice: Stan Freberg has nothing to do but watch
Andy Devine talking on the phone; Doodles Weaver is an uncredited "Man
Outside the hardware store ", the Three Stooges show up simply to be recognized

Jack Benny, even in a minuscule role entertaining the mere fact that it is, does not have a
impact very few people remember today because it was.
Once again, a little milk for their small roles as it deserves, giving the film

Some background mood beyond directors: Don Knotts,
Carl Reiner, Jesse White, Paul Ford, Jim Backus.

"Mad World" is more valuable simply because it is a cross-section of
In its day. Although he was talented in many ways, nobody knows
Phil Silvers see him in a performance that was the epitome of what he was famous for
. Dick Shawn maniac of wildness is captured forever in a way
That is not seen in his films some others. Terry-Thomas, whose
was often obscure to most British films rarely seen, is a
The joy of seeing his inclination British and provides a variation of Americans who learned his craft
in the Catskills and Vaudeville. Jonathan Winters,
Robin Williams used as a prototype, was the most talented ad-lib comic
Day and seldom presented well when he was limited by a hyphen and a
Character sustained, but he brings many of the best laughs in this movie

And with Arnold Stang and Marvin Kaplan of the most memorable piece together

film. Milton Berle and Mickey Rooney lead lives of both the stage and screen
work for the project, and their contribution is invaluable.

All principals (Berle, Caesar, Adams, Rooney, Hackett, Terry-Thomas, Shawn
, Silvers, Winters, Anderson, Falk) are good. Even those who seem to have fun
shorted lines, as Edie Adams, and Eddie Anderson, however
come off well. Although mixes well together, there is a
Sutil fight among themselves for attention, to steal a scene with a
facial expressions (see Adams' face, for example, when you drag away Caesar,
front of the "Big W", although you may have to put it in slow motion), or a bit

business. You can see every one of them thought, at all times. Each gives
intelligent performance, having laboriously developed its schedule
His business, and all those who are thinking, with the clock of the brain
He comedians. They may not all be funny every minute, but each time
They know what they are doing, the development of better performances that many
serious Oscar-winning actors have never turned in. Although

film might be too swollen to the promised three hours of
Hilarante ride, too dependency, "Hey, there is Edward Everett Horton
flashing a switch! "But lovers of comedy and its history
Needs - deserves - to see the best in the business of comedy in 1963
Interacting with his schtick, especially if there is no meeting
By -- sometimes senseless - car racing and accidents.

Download It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
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The School of Rock

Download School of Rock, The
(comedy, music)
Download Movie The School of RockDown and out rock star Dewey Finn (Black) gets fired from his band, and he faces a mountain of debts and depression. He takes a job as a 4th grade substitute teacher at an uptight private school where his attitude and hijinx have a powerful effect on his students. He also meets Zack, a 10-year-old guitar prodigy, who could help Dewey win a "battle of the bands" competition, which would solve his financial problems and put him back in the spotlight.


Jack Black as Dewey Finn
Adam Pascal as Theo
Lucas Papaelias as Neil
Chris Stack as Doug
Sarah Silverman as Patty Di Marco
Mike White as Ned Schneebly
Lucas Babin as Spider
Joan Cusack as Rosalie Mullins
Jordan-Claire Green as Michelle
Veronica Afflerbach as Eleni
Miranda Cosgrove as Summer Hathaway
Joey Gaydos Jr. as Zack Mooneyham
Robert Tsai as Lawrence
Angelo Massagli as Frankie
Kevin Alexander Clark as Freddy Jones
Richard Linklater

Has anyone noticed that the School of Rock is like a modern version rock,
And 10 million times better version of Sound Of Music? Both are about
A teacher who spends time with a small group of children and inspires some
Music in them. Anyone who falls in love with 50-90 years the sound of music,
As a member of the younger generation of today, I think it's safe to say
The School of Rock is the "Sound of Music" of the new Version
Millennia, because I doubt another film in the next 100 or maybe even 1000
years with the same plot (teacher inspiring children with music)
Is Better than the School of Rock, as well as the film not done between 1900-2000
Better than the sound of the music in this regard.

Jack Black's passion for music is obviously sincere and genuine, just
As Professor lady on the Sound Of Music passionately mattered
Music and proceeded to teach children the tes base ray memes
When making through the fields of grass. The sound of music is mushy
Brady Bunch trap trap rancid seriously in the World War II version
(That can be nice), the School of Rock is the hard and humorous
And much more updated version . At the sound of major music
Character main survive the difficult situation was harsh reality of the Nazi World War
along with his love interest in the School Of Rock, Jack Black main
suffering is to survive the marketing of music
(Instead of Nazism), or get started his own group, while his
Members of the band replaced him with a beautiful dude with a great body More
is marketable, and to see that today's children are fed elementary
Crap, but nothing about music. See how everything is more modernized each day?
Basically, the School of Rock ROCKS!
What can I say? I'ma rockaholic. I eat, breathe and dream of a classic
Rock, and the glory days. I just listen to rock radio, and all other
Tomorrow I am going to an AC / DC Binge. Rock is pure and beautiful.

Unfortunately, it is not the only music that exists.

Pop Culture today sucks, put it well. All things that there is
Arruinar minds of the people today. For a time it seems that
Rock disappeared, hiding underneath everything else, is
For fans today. Then

'School of Rock' appeared.

Dewey Finn (played by Jack Black) is a vagabond who was expelled himself
his own band because of their unruly antics. To top this off, his replacement floor
Professor Ned and Ned's girlfriend Patti begin to nag
Dewey money for the rent. Dewey can not pay defuse it. After spending some time
Trying to sell their personal belongings, a phone call from a prestigious
Preparing for school looking for a substitute teacher to the attention of catches Dewey
And around the parades as Ned, hoping to walk in alone, leaving children fazer What they want, to earn a little money, and nothing is left each
This report.

Until it is discovered that the class of fifth graders who has been assigned to teach
are vocal talent and musically.

Sparks face an idea in the minds of Dewey, the thought that you can turn your
group of fifth graders in a rock group so that it can win 25000 US dollars
in a contest called 'The Battle of the Bands'.

This is a wonderful and classical - fueled rock movie. Jack Black is
Histérico as Dewey Finn. Children are talented, particularly
About instruments and voice.

If you want to love rock music, go see this movie.

If not, then you have missed something big.

Download School of Rock, The
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6. Brats On The Beat - Ramones For Kids - Rock 'N' Roll High School (Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio))
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