Robin Hood

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(adventure, animation, comedy, family, musical)
Download Movie Robin HoodRetelling of the Robin Hood legend with animals for the characters. Robin Hood is an outlaw who starts to form a gang in Sherwood Forest to fight the injustices of the Sheriff of Nottingham, who levies unpayable taxes upon the people.


Brian Bedford as Robin Hood
Peter Ustinov as Prince John (voice: German version)
Phil Harris as Little John
Terry-Thomas as Sir Hiss
Monica Evans as Maid Marian
Carole Shelley as Lady Kluck
Andy Devine as Friar Tuck
Roger Miller as The Rooster/Alan-A-Dale
Pat Buttram as Sheriff of Nottingham
George Lindsey as Trigger
Ken Curtis as Nutsy
Billy Whitaker as Skippy
Dana Laurita as Sis
Dora Whitaker as Tagalong
Richie Sanders as Toby
Wolfgang Reitherman

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