Scanner Darkly, A

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(animation, drama, mystery, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie Scanner Darkly, AThe L.A. of a not-too-distant future suffers a surge of drug abuse involving a new ultra-addictive and eventually brain-damaging substance simply named "D". Bob Arctor is an undercover narc leading a double life, dutifully reporting to his superiors while effectively having abandoned whatever normal existence he had for a "D" user/dealer career. But this schizophrenic situation and the drug-induced memory and concentration lapses put Bob under mounting stress.


Rory Cochrane as Charles Freck
Robert Downey Jr. as James Barris
Mitch Baker as Brown Bear Lodge Host
Keanu Reeves as Bob Arctor
Sean Allen as Additional Fred Scramble Suit Voice
Cliff Haby as Voice from Headquarters
Steven Chester Prince as Cop
Winona Ryder as Donna Hawthorne
Natasha Valdez as Waitress
Mark Turner as Additional Hank Scramble Suit Voice
Woody Harrelson as Ernie Luckman
Chamblee Ferguson as Medical Deputy #2
Angela Rawna as Medical Deputy #1
Eliza Stevens as Arctor's Daughter #1
Sarah Menchaca as Arctor's Daughter #2
Richard Linklater

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