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(action, comedy, crime, thriller)
Download Movie Lethal WeaponLos Angeles police sergeant Roger Murtaugh, who has just turned 50 years old, is assigned to investigate the death of Amanda Hunsaker, a prostitute who is one of the daughters of bank president Michael Hunsaker, a friend whom Roger has known since they were in the Vietnam War together, but Roger hasn't seen Michael in 12 years. Beginning with this investigation, Roger is assigned a new partner Sergeant Martin Riggs, who has been suicidal ever since his wife Victoria "Vicky" Lynn Riggs died in a car crash in 1984. Riggs and Murtaugh's investigation of Amanda's death reveals that she was murdered. Upon hearing of this, Michael tells Murtaugh that he would like for whoever is behind Amanda's murder to end up dead, like Amanda. Riggs and Murtaugh's investigation continues and it makes them the targets of Shadow Company, a group of former Vietnam War era mercenaries who now bring heroin into the Los Angeles County region. Shadow Company's leader, General Peter McAllister, and his right hand man, Mr. Joshua, want Riggs and Murtaugh dead, no matter what the cost.


Mel Gibson as Sergeant Martin Riggs
Danny Glover as Sergeant Roger Murtaugh
Gary Busey as Mr. Joshua
Mitch Ryan as General Peter McAllister
Tom Atkins as Michael Hunsaker
Darlene Love as Trish Murtaugh
Traci Wolfe as Rianne Murtaugh
Jackie Swanson as Amanda Hunsaker
Damon Hines as Nick Murtaugh
Ebonie Smith as Carrie Murtaugh
Bill Kalmenson as Beat Cop
Lycia Naff as Dixie
Patrick Cameron as Cop #1
Don Gordon as Cop #2
Jimmie F. Skaggs as Drug Dealer #1
Richard Donner

Doing things like magic really exists? Well, if you have seen Lethal Weapon -
Not only the greatest comedy action, but perhaps also the greatest
movie of all time! -- You should know that the answer to this question is YES
. If not, it is very obvious that you need to see a doctor.
And in the event that for some incomprehensible reason have not seen lethal
However, I have just one thing to say: stop reading this review and go
rent immediately! There is simply no logical excuse for anyone old enough bright
NOT to see this film. 1987, the phenomenal
Starring Mel Gibson as a loose cannon psychotic
Martin Riggs and Danny Glover (really wonderful as well) as its total opposite
For partners - and family man by the book officer Police
Roger Murtaugh.

Murtaugh live a happy life with her loving family in a friendly
District and plans to retire from the force. But on his 50th Birthday
of his life goes in a different direction when the daughter
an old friend from Vietnam jumps from a window and dies. This incident
Murtaugh tosses in a dangerous and twisted investigation.
And as if that was not enough: it is also associated with a new partner -
A burned-out lunatic named Martin Riggs, which has been leaning on the edge
suicide since his wife died in a car accident. Roger is
Conmocionado when it meets this "Lethal Weapon". These two policemen have
only two things in common: both are Vietnam veterans, and they both hate
work with partners.

This is my favorite movie of all time because it gives you everything you could ask
of a great movie: action, drama, suspense, and even
Amor (without get all sentimental). And if you like Mel Gibson
(God, it used to be so beautiful!) - Like me - is that it makes
One of the strongest and most impressive performances. Actually, I can hardly call it acting
- which Riggs. The emotions running through him
Tan is evident in his eyes and make real and cuts right through his soul:
In fact one can feel their pain and anger. Mel and also contributes
Much to the humorous element of the film with his attitude,
Ingenious comments and eagerness to do his job: "Man, I love this job!
Can we put the sirens? "Danny Glover is exceptional and Murtaugh
serves as the audience normal, middle-aged man who is struggling with his
Age, a daughter who turns into a young woman and a partner who will not
Whether live or die. Danny's hilarious to those
Faces and pulling back to Mel! He plays his part with great sensitivity
and I think that, like Mel, gives so much life to his
character than any other actor could have done better. And together, he and Mel
certainly makes the best team in the movie was, is or ever was
! (The concept has been copied many times, but ..."< br>
With the fantastic action, humor, action and screenplay,
Lethal Weapons and its aftermath certainly top the list of all Action Movies
times. Mel and Danny (naturally) won an award for "best on-screen duo"
MTV Movie Awards once, and taking into account his work with this series, I think
Director Richard Donner and producer Joel Silver makes the duo
Best OFF screen.

I am convinced that this is an action film that not only enjoy the fans
Viewing, I recommend it to everyone. This is a movie that can not
Taking the luxury of losing!
Lethal Weapon I have seen dozens of times and still entertains me as
was originally made in 1987. A good movie

police must have the following ingredients;
chemistry between stars, full of action, full of humor, action, racing cars and a
Damn good villain.

Police America seemed to be stereotyped in movies. They always seem
Loco and without any respect for their superiors. I hope not
as in real life, but is perfect for a movie. It's great to see

Riggs and Murtaugh become good friends by the end of the
film. I like cop films like that. The

really great thing about Lethal Weapon is the action. Riggs is madness in
This film would not want to meet a policeman like him. Riggs and Murtaugh are
oppose, but they say opposites attract. Riggs and Murtaugh is crazy is sane. Together
spell bad news for the bad guys.

I also want to give credit to Gary Busey, who never disappoints when it comes
to play a villain (or any other).

Great movie!

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