Download Aquamarine
(comedy, family, fantasy, romance)
Download Movie AquamarineAfter a vicious storm , half the ocean washes into the beach club swimming pool. Two teenagers, Haley and Claire, discover a mermaid in the pool. She tells them that she needs to find love in three days, and they agree to help her because helping a mermaid means you get a wish, and they decide that they can use their wish to try and stop Haley from moving to Australia.


Emma Roberts as Claire
Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque as Hailey
Sara Paxton as Aquamarine
Jake McDorman as Raymond
Arielle Kebbel as Cecilia
Claudia Karvan as Ginny
Bruce Spence as Leonard
Tammin Sursok as Marjorie
Roy Billing as Grandpa Bob
Julia Blake as Grandma Maggie
Shaun Micallef as Storm Banks
Lulu McClatchy as Bonnie
Natasha Cunningham as Patty
Dichen Lachman as Beth-Ann
Lincoln Lewis as Theo
Elizabeth Allen

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5. Ian Boddy - Rare Elements Cd 1 - Aquamarine
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The Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting

Download Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting, The
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie The Hitcher II: I've Been WaitingAfter being discharged from the local police force, Jim Halsey (C. Thomas Howell) travels to Texas with his girlfriend Maggie (Kari Wuhrer) to face down his demons and visit an old friend. Along the way, however, Jim & Maggie picks up a demented hitchhiker who has diabolical plans for the duo.


Kari Wuhrer as Maggie
Jake Busey as Jack
C. Thomas Howell as Jim Halsey
Shaun Johnston as Sheriff Castillo
Marty Antonini as Semi-Truck Driver
Darcy Dunlop as Bonnie Esteridge
Duncan Fraser as Buick man
Mackenzie Gray as Lieutenant
Stephen Hair as Capt. Esteridge
Terry King as Rancher
Doug MacLeod as Sheriff Walters
Austen Meadows as Buick Boy
Janne Mortil as Sgt. Kibble
Valerie Planche as Cashier
Jim Rattai as Tanker Driver
Louis Morneau

I will admit ... This is not a good film. But it has some things that
always works.

1. A buxom woman and the star of SOUL MAN running for their lives in
middle of the dessert. Joyride. Duel. Breakdown. It all
Fear bigger ... Except for being stuck in a cornfield.

2. Jake Busey teeth.


3. THE KILLING OFF LEAD half of the film. Totally Unexpected
... Except for C Thomas Howell agent guess.

4. An airport runway that magically appears from nowhere. Love

5. Completely random reference to the grisly murder of the end of the

6. About ten different endings.

7. Flaming parts of the body. As

fee goes directly to DVD, this is strikingly evident. Totally
worth half my life waiting to see this sequel.


theory, "Hitcher II is a sequel to the violent Rutger Hauer
" The Hitcher. " In fact, Kari Wuhrer is a disguised as a thriller

"Hitcher" sequel. Oh sure, there are C. Thomas Howell driving along the highway

Same as the first film. And look! There is a blonde hitchhiker acting
Loco. So what's the problem? No problem really. I wonder why bother with Howell
if at all only wanted to make another Wuhrer
Thriller. Say it with me: EXPLOITATION. What

both, "Hitcher" title was slapped in this little B-movie. They had a
Rubia psycho ready to go, and wondered how they will tighten
Wuhrer in a movie. So Wuhrer runs afoul of loony birds and psychosis
Start developing events. Like the first film, tries within its
Ridículo turn. Like the first film, there are ropes and two trucks
Involved in a key scene. Like the first film, there is a special finger
Added to the deep fryer. So why am I saying "Hitcher II" is not really a
Sequel? Because

"The Hitcher" was about a violent Howell S / M relationship
Impulse to psycho Hauer. "Hitcher II" is just another generic
film with Wuhrer crying their eyes at every turn. Busey just

Doing Everything for the B-movie kicks. Now, if a woman had succeeded in collecting hitchhiker
Wuhrer, and the two of them went through the motions for resolutions and Hauer

Howell has gone through ... Oh yeah. I have been waiting ... Still waiting. Now

not get me wrong. I have nothing against B-movie excitement. In
Done I love. "Hitcher II" is the best bloody bits of the first
"Hitcher" and gets through the blender Kari Wuhrer. I enjoyed myself.
Simply did not feel like a sequel to me. It was stolen, but the first
Forgotten 'pirated' the best part.

Download Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting, The
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See also: Kari Wuhrer in Hellraiser: Deader

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The Easter Egg Adventure

Download Easter Egg Adventure, The
Download Movie The Easter Egg AdventureIn the middle of the night in EggTown, a mysterious figure sneaks into a bakery shop to steal some pastries. He is chased out, thanks in large part to the keen eye of Good Gracious Grasshopper, but not before his cloak is marked with some desert-like evidence. The thief is Terrible Timothy Take-It, and he scurries to his mother's home. Timothy's mother, Tiny Tessie, is asleep. He loves his mother and deep down yearns to be good, but circumstance has led Timothy down a slippery slope to mischief. He leaves the cloak behind, and the next day, wearing that same garment, Tessie wanders into the village to do her shopping. Seeing the evidence on Tessie's cloak, the townsfolk believe she is the thief. Coming to her rescue is Horrible Harriet Hare, a smart, lonely and occasionally over-bearing, schoolteacher. She convinces the townsfolk that Tiny Tessie, a frail, old hen, could not have been responsible for the break-in. The incident is forgotten, and the town prepares for its biggest day of the year, Egg Day. Egg Day is the day every Easter egg in the world is manufactured. Horrible Harriet Hare also prepares for the big day: each year, on Egg Day, she has a picnic with the school's headmaster, Big Boring Benedict Bunny. Benedict and Harriet love each other, but they can never find the courage to express their feelings to one another. They are embarrassed by their nicknames, meanwhile, Timothy Take-It returns to the lair where he lives with the other Take-Its. They are a rough and menacing lot who conspire to steal all of EggTown's Easter eggs. That night, they sneak into EggTown and do the deed, but Good Gracious Grasshopper is on the job again and witnesses the robbery. At an emergency town meeting, an unusual group of heroes assemble to retrieve the stolen eggs: the group consists of Benedict, Harriet, Good Gracious, Tiny Tessie, Boss Baker (the owner of the pastry shop) and Mrs. Baker. They must brave the treacherous swamps and forests to get to the Take-Its' lair. The journey is fraught with danger and adventure and the brave little group ends up finding a lot more than what they were looking for.


Brooke Shields as Horrible Harriet Hare
James Woods as Grab Takit
Joe Pantoliano as Terrible Timmy Takit
Sandra Bernhard as Claralyne Cluck
Nancy Kerrigan as Helen Hen Bernadette Baker
Eli Wallach as Narrator
John Michael Williams as Big Boring Benedict Bunny
Greg Littman as Good Gracious Grasshopper
Rob Bartlett as Boss Baker
Becca Lish as Tiny Tessie
John Michael Williams

I can see why "Easter Egg Adventure" has not come to the cinemas. I
I think the fact is very little animation. It seems unfinished and
Sloppy. "Lil 'Pimp" is better than this. The story is through OK.
The voice cast is mediocre. James Woods does not have a large role in
East. Joe Pantoliano does a decent job as Timmy. Brooke Shields and
Gary Littman are very annoying as Hare and Mrs Gracious Grasshopper. The majority
writing is wordplay for Chickens and Rabbits.
The songs are also very weak. The only saving grace in this mess is the fun
close ups of the characters.

Definitely only for young children.

Download Easter Egg Adventure, The
See also: Animation: Lilo & Stitch

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Download Jigsaw
Download Movie JigsawA college art class is given a bizarre assignment—they are each given part of a mannequin which they must decorate according to their own personal fears. They then reassemble the pieces and dub the resulting figure "Jigsaw." During a drunken celebration, the students burn the figure as an effigy—but somewhere along the line, Jigsaw is given the gift of life and rises to brutally slaughter its creators


Barrett Walz as Colin
Aimee Bravo as Tawny
Mia Zifkin as Val
Arthur Simone as Eddie
Maren Lindow as Louise
James Palmer as Todd
Mark Vollmers as Sneaky Pete
David Wesley Cooper as Art
Marissa Adams as Kimmy
Brian Ellis as Jigsaw
Lance Miller as Tawny's Fan
Tom Berna as Big Spender
Clem Stein III as Peeking Man
Allison Stein as Jealous Girlfriend
Joe Spang as Guy Catching Hat
Don Adams
Harry James Picardi

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5. Claude Young - K7 DJ Kicks - Counterpoint - Jigsaw
6. Clinic - Visitations - Jigsaw man
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Knock Off

Download Knock Off
(action, thriller)
Download Movie Knock OffIt is June of 1997. In 72 hours, Hong Kong will return to Chinese rule after 150 years as a British-ruled colony. Marcus Ray and Tommy Hendricks are sales reps for V SIX Jeans, and they are enjoying life in Hong Kong in this time before the island nation's transition back to Chinese rule. While Tommy busily prepares for the latest fashion show, Marcus is off looking at knock off goods -- imitation watches, jewelry, and baby dolls, in which his longtime friend Eddie Wang and his Hong Kong associate, Skinny Wang, are involved. When Marcus and Tommy's supervisor Karen Leigh arrives and informs them that much of their last shipment of jeans was filled with knock off imitations, the two can't believe her, but they agree to help in raiding a warehouse to prove their innocence. After a violent encounter that involves local police Ling Ho and Lieutenant Han, Marcus eventually learns that Tommy is an undercover CIA agent, and so is Karen. Meeting with their boss, agent Harry Johansson, Marcus learns of a conspiracy involving the Russian mafia and their attempts to smuggle tiny, but highly explosive "microbombs" to the worldwide terrorist black market. And these are bombs that explode into green flame when detonated. Marcus, Tommy, and Karen set out to stop the conspiracy and figure out who's behind it.


Jean-Claude Van Damme as Marcus Ray
Rob Schneider as Tommy Hendricks
Lela Rochon as Karen Lee
Paul Sorvino as Harry Johanson
Carman Lee as Detective Ling Ho
Glen Chin as Skinny
Wyman Wong as Han
Moses Chan as Officer Fong
Lynne Langdon as V-Six Secretary
Ray Nicholas as Karl
Jeff Wolfe as Skaar
Michael Miller as Tickler
Steve Brettingham as Hawkeye
Mark Houghton as Bear
Hark Tsui

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Fair Game

Download Fair Game
(action, comedy, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Fair GameMax Kirkpatrick is an excellent cop who takes it to himself to protect the lovely Kate McQuean, a civil law attorney, from a renegade KGB team out to terminate her. An exciting chase ensures, with the KGB team demonstrating its prowess at electronic tracking. Scenes to watch out for include a hilarious 3-way phone conversation and the effect of cold showers on heat sensing equipment but the movie suffers from an excessive number of explosions, including McQuean's house, a number of cars and a ship.


William Baldwin as Det. Max Kirkpatrick
Cindy Crawford as Kathryn 'Kate' McQuean
Steven Berkoff as Colonel Ilya Kazak
Christopher McDonald as Lieutenant Meyerson
Miguel Sandoval as Emilio Juantorena
Johann Carlo as Jodi Kirkpatrick
Salma Hayek as Rita
John Bedford Lloyd as Det. Louis Aragon
Olek Krupa as Zhukov
Jenette Goldstein as Rosa
Marc Macaulay as Navigator
Sonny Carl Davis as Baker
Frank Medrano as Graybera
Don Yesso as Beanpole
Paul Dillon as Hacker
Andrew Sipes

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2. Hans Zimmer - Mark Mancina and The Hans Zimmer Collaboration - Fair Game (End Title)
3. Hans Zimmer - Mark Mancina and The Hans Zimmer Collaboration - Fair Game (Main Theme)
4. The Assailant - The Assailant - Fair Game
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Rest Stop

Download Rest Stop
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Rest StopIn Texas, the aspirant actress Nicole Carrow runs away home to Los Angeles with her boyfriend Jess Hilts. They drive through a shortcut in an old road, and when they park in a rest stop, Jess is abducted by the sadistic driver of an old yellow truck. Along the night, Nicole is threatened by the sick maniac, while mysterious things happen to her in the place.


Jaimie Alexander as Nicole Carrow
Joey Mendicino as Jess Hilts
Deanna Russo as Tracy Kress
Diane Salinger as The Mother
Michael Childers as The Father
Curtis Taylor as The Ranger
Joseph Lawrence as Officer Michael Deacon
Gary Entin as Twin #1
Edmund Entin as Twin #2
Jennifer Cormack as College Student
Mikey Post as Scotty
Nick Orefice as The killer/kzl-303
John Shiban

* * Minor deterioration

It is a shame to see the current state of horror movies only useless ... Crap
built around the pictures of people who are cruelly tortured to death
. Once upon a time, films like FEAST OF BLOOD and BLOODSUCKING FREAKS
were at least shocking, but today it's all just business as usual (
disturbing thought, truth, but to save time for another rant) < br> Enter
Rest Stop ... An ambitious indie film in the above
category, but not a particularly good one, a runaway and her lover
meet their grisly fate in a road toilet. Along the way,
are introduced in the characters that appear and disappear mysteriously,
Loans this movie a slight incline supernatural (the only element that distinguishes
slightly from the other titles of its kind) < br>
Amid the "fight for their lives" emotion, a witness
atrocity exhibition of the tongue-cutting, drilling of meat, bone
calculation ... Graphic scenes of torture as the "most outstanding" in the films of this type
and that are powerful, indeed. Still, Rest Stop happens only on
Gross-out department ... All else fails (apart from the performance of
The main lady ... her performance, while strained in points, is
Penosamente credible despite his character is poorly written)
< , br> Worst of all is frustrating the unresolved end, and
Any bit of intrigue presents this film is sadly cancelled by it.

A bad attempt amateur at best. 3.5/10
I will not spoil it for you. Although you probably could care less if
was in poor condition (you know what I mean after launch) Bad history.
B-rated movie quality. Typical horror of stupid situations-rare opportunity. I
of known when it comes to pushing a lot of exaggerations in their
Advertising or even add "quotes". I just said that the film bombed
Great time. And they are trying to pull around the world just so they can break
Even with the cost of doing this pump. Wish I could recover
The time I spent watching this. I was stupid and thought that there
only had to be something big around the corner. But it kept me get
Defraudados. I usually do not waste my time to add comments to any film.
In fact, this is my second post. I felt maybe I could save a few
you spend money on something that had a lot of hype surrounding it.

Download Rest Stop
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Fat Albert

Download Fat Albert
(comedy, drama, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Fat AlbertFat Albert and the rest of the Cosby Kids are living happily in their animated world of Philadelphia when one day, a young teen cries on her remote control because she doesn't have any friends. Fat Albert and his gang then magically come out of her TV and enter the real Philadelphia! They decide-being such good kids-to help the teen make friends. Albert then falls in love with the girl's beautiful foster sister-but oh, no! If Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids stray from their TV world, they begin to fade away! Will Albert be able to return home after enlisting the help of Bill Cosby himself, or will he and his gang vanish forever? Go and see to find out!


Kenan Thompson as Fat Albert
Shedrack Anderson III as Rudy
Jermaine Williams as Mushmouth
Keith Robinson as Bill
Alphonso McAuley as Bucky
Aaron Frazier as Old Weird Harold
Marques Houston as Dumb Donald
Dania Ramirez as Lauri
Omarion Grandberry as Reggie
J. Mack Slaughter as Arthur
Rick Overton as Coach Gillespie
Kyla Pratt as Heather
Alice Greczyn as Becky
Farnsworth Bentley as Salesman
Joel Zwick

Today I saw a free "Fat Albert" at a theater in Manhattan, and
Enfrentaron the cold morning to make sure I got in. It was well worth it!
Let us be realistic, this film could have been total crap, which
Hollywood is made with the two remakes and TV adaptations of films. But
"Fat Albert" claims so many levels, this is a surprisingly good movie
Even can be done in the year 2004.

Before I hit on the positive, I will go over some of the negatives.
When the band Fat Albert are in the form of cartoons, which appear to be drawn
"Pleasant" so as not to offend, and their voices are very different from what
Old-schoolers remember. Dumb Donald's voice is no longer the screechy
Highpitched type, Russell's voice is nothing like it was, and Mushmouth
Especially sounds different. Sure that he is still, but it sounds Mushmouth
As someone doing a very bad imitation Mushmouth.

But there are many positive developments that make you forget anything.
The film is a sweet story of the band at the turn of a girl from TV and
In the "real land" to help with their problems. The well-intentioned gang
It puts in a lot of crazy and zany situations, but always seems to win
Most of the crowd, except for the bad guy, he likes the same girl fat
Albert likes. This girl, incidentally, is the half-sister of the girl
The band has come to help, and she is incredibly hot,
a cross between Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry, always wearing sexy clothes and looking
Great, but of course, she is a sweetheart.

There are a few brief scenes of how the band will be surprised
modern technology (they do come from the 70's, after all, despite the fact that the decade
No. it is never directly mentioned), but thankfully the movie does not waste time
In many gags as well. The band itself, but the actors actually make a
Worthy of imitation of the band after their appearance, manners and even
His walks up to a point. But beyond the area is
Dude plays Fat Albert, a seemingly perfect choice, a large
Performance, in which, of course, fun.

The film is a great family film, and there is no fools "adult jokes"
fly on the head of the child, that's all good clean fun. Probably
The only "racy" all is the hot girl Fat Albert has
For one thing, she is always dressed sexy and looks incredible
throughout the entire image. The camera always seems to manage to capture their perfect
Corps and tight, trim figure, and while it is there to keep dad
Displaying and paying attention, all the others will enjoy the movie,
Although especially if Dad watched Fat Albert 30 years ago, there is no reason
can not enjoy it for what it is too.

The end is a big heart-tugger and not stop the foreseeable
you may have expected. The film does not try to be a little "Today" by
Fat Albert and the gang singing and dancing to a hip-hop version of
His theme song ( "Gonna Have A Good Time") and that have more than one hip-hop
Party, but even that is done so well that really does not count.

This is a very enjoyable movie with laughs galore. Probably the
Mayor laughs when Fat Albert races the bad boy of the school
Slope (to be the speed at which always managed to run into caricature), and
Mushmouth every time they said something. Yes, even in these extremely
Politically correct times, a jam-packed theater can still crack a
child's speech impediment when given the opportunity. Well, it Mushmouth,
30 years that all laughed, so why not now? My advice is to forget
Overblown crap like "The Polar Express" and take their children to see this movie
, which will be loved by millions of children and adults alike, not
Fat Albert is sufficiently well-intentioned ... I do not think that the film
Established those responsible for destroying one o'clock on Saturday at the Gods
Way atrocious. While this genre, as the most successful comic book
Gender, something can be done successfully (ie, Scooby Doo), there is a
Delgada line to walk without making the characters look and empty < br> Embarazoso. Fat Albert, unfortunately, it does. Takes two
Dimensionalidad of the original characters and focuses on it until
Loose any vibration than before. The story is predictable and
Extremely. Grandberry is his habit of chewing-on stage
Free. Thompson is passable as Fat Albert, but should stay far away
Outside the rap music for the rest of their days. The only truth
Pleasant scenes of the movie were the ones with Bill Cosby. All
all, this movie is a total float. Do not look only rinse.

Download Fat Albert
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2. Bill Cosby - Album - Fat Albert
3. Bill Cosby - At His Best - Fat Albert Got A Hernia
4. David Gilmour - Remember That Night Live At The Royal Albert Hall - Fat old sun (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)
5. Tony Macalpine - Madness - Albert's Fat Sister
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Bachelor Party Vegas

Download Bachelor Party Vegas
(adventure, comedy)
Download Movie Bachelor Party VegasFive friends' road trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party.


Kal Penn as Z-Bob
Jonathan Bennett as Nathan
Donald Faison as Ash
Vincent Pastore as Mr. Kidd
Lin Shaye as Cassandra
Daniel Stern as Harry Hard
Graham Beckel as Officer Stone
Eric Bernt

When I rented this movie from Blockbuster, I thought it was going to be
Good. We Kal Penn photo on the cover of the DVD and
I thought it would be fun .... NO. Although I think
Kal Penn is hilarious in his other films like Harold & Kumar and
Van Wilder, do you not think that it was great. I thought that the
Acting aspirated and the plot was concerned. This is a total
low-budget B movie. I cannot believe I wasted my time watching this movie. I would
You can get a refund returned from Blockbuster. Anyway, there was some fresh
Camafeo appearances by Chuck Liddell and Vincent Pastore so I did vote to
This 2.
Oh, to be honest. What do you expect to watch a movie with a name
As this. Well, that is what you get.

Of course there are many great tits perfect, some of the best I have ever
View, but who can not support themselves interest.

Kai Penn tried to make this fun. It was really worth seeing, but there are only
jokes were not enough to argue that what they did and have
was tired and a rehash of other movies.

I could not believe the bad luck taking this seeking
Fiesta, and I guessed the gag long before it was revealed. Could
They have done without the intervention.

Download Bachelor Party Vegas
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Tags: Download Movie Bachelor Party Vegas, Download Film Bachelor Party Vegas, Instant Movie Download Bachelor Party Vegas, Bachelor Party Vegas DivX Download

Warrior Angels

Download Warrior Angels
(action, adventure)
Download Movie Warrior AngelsA tale of vengeance


Byron W. Thompson

I saw this movie DVD entitled "Crusade of revenge," was fired
In Europe, and has an authentic look and, despite some bad CGI.
Joanna Pacula stars as Elizabeth Cooke, who fought for the Crusades
God, only to return to England and his son is a captive of evil
Codiciosos and warlord Grekkor, wonderfully played by Rutger Hauer .

Assembling a rag-tag group of women warriors, Elizabeth sets
Stop Grekkor and reunited with her son. This is not Shakespeare, but his
Thus played by a professional cast and the film has its fair share of
Humor too!

Rutger Hauer plays a great villain and he impregnates Grekkor stylish.
Arnold Vosloo, I am not aware, plays Luke, a knight in casting
eventually help Elizbeth. Molly Culver is perfectly cast as a lonely
Hunter, which still manages to be ultra-hard, and yet completely

Its great from start to finish and was never a serious or very foolish.
Well, I am a fan Joanna Pacula, so I did enjoy this movie. While
entire plot is very predictable, action and adventure were great.
To see women in the fight against the Crusaders in reality, even though it is fiction,
It's great! There should have been some romance instead of just a bunch
sex between men Grekkor army and the ladies
Kidnapped, but that was the only real problem I had with the film. It
Interestingly enough, and that it had to be very funny moments, especially
Eve scenes, it was a total ditz! Lucas was hot, we need to say
More? Grekkor has not age as well as I think he would have liked.
And the child, the child oh ... Well, it was just boring, and all
The film is about him. So the film is boring? Not quite. The boy,
Peter, it is very cowardly and has no idea that part of it should be.
His mother, or Grekkor's ... Grekkor begins to teach him how to fight
And how to "be a man", while his mother left him for a year to go
Struggle in the Crusades. When she returns to the fight, it is his son Ido
that panics, and then goes on a search to find him. Women
Forest, Hunter, which seems like that is attracted to the ladies, who
makes a kind of sense at times amusing. While Eve, the
Prostitute, is just stupidly fun all the way through. Yes, this is a
B movie, but it's worth the rental if you need something interesting
View one night.

Download Warrior Angels
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1. Richard Thompson - Sweet Warrior - She Sang Angels To Rest
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Mio West, Il

Download Mio West, Il
(comedy, drama, western)
Download Movie Mio West, IlThe idealistic lifestyle of a old West farmer Leonardo Pieracconi), his Indian wife Sandrine Holt), and half-breed son (Yudii Mercredi), who narrates the tale is disrupted when his father (Harvey Keitel), an old gunslinger shows up on the farm. Although looking to retire, the family is not happy with his return given his past lifestyle and mistreatment of his family. Things get worse when another gunfighter (David Bowie) shows up and terrorizes the town trying to force the father into a gun fight.


Leonardo Pieraccioni as Doc Lowen
Harvey Keitel as Johnny Lowen
David Bowie as Jack Sikora
Sandrine Holt as Pearl
Alessia Marcuzzi as Mary
Jim van der Woude as Joshua
Yudii Mercredi as Jeremiah
Michelle Gomez as Leather girl
Kwame Kwei-Armah as Rastafarian
Stephen Jenn as Albino
Rosalind Knight as Mrs. Willow
Jimmy Gardner as Sam Comet
Jean Heywood as Mrs. Comet
Lorenzo Wilde as Lieutenant
Sean Baker as Telegraph man
Giovanni Veronesi

Several of the comments here negative response to show what I think is
In fact a kind of tribute to the great Sergio Leone film. This film could easily have been
Parmesan over the fabulous western Leone
And Clint Eastwood created, but I think it has a good mix with the
Gender. Yes, the main character, Doc, is that spoke in Italian and English
is folded in. But that is much of the charm of all "foreign"
Movies, especially those spaghetti westerns. And having spent my childhood
In Oklahoma, thought Bowie psychotic man bad accent was
surprisingly good (although I would have made a Dwight Yoakam
Best casting choice). The soundtrack, likewise, could have come out
As a pale substitute for Morricone memorable results. I thought that the
Election of melody reggaeesque Marley was more than adequate,
Especially since one of the "bad guy" characters are Rastafarian - one
Additions of many colors, in my opinion, bring the pleasant flavors

My only complaint after seeing the film once it's too short. If
That will be expanded to include more information on the nature of Keitel and his
Previous connection with Bowie's, the scene could have climatic
took more punch - perhaps not in line with the Bronson / Fonda
Tiroteo once in a while in the West, but richer character
definitely development have been added over
order and helped keep a well-worn genre in the 21 st century.

I do not think anyone who is a real fan of spaghetti westerns were
Disappointed in spending 95 minutes with a tasteful created
Colorful, extravagant movie like this.
Beginning with its first line of dialogue, one hopes that the main
Character (Leonardo Pieraccioni) to receive shots. The child is bored.
Keitel can not do anything with the script (and you can not blame him for not really
trafficking). I do not understand the complaints about Bowie ...
He is cliché, and the accent is horrible, but their scenes are the only
provide any semblance of entertainment.

But it is the dialogue, history, and the main actor who kill the film. The
Main characted give his lines in English, but clearly has been nicknamed
For a native speaker (unfortunately, not an actor). To call the result
"Wood" ply wood give a bad name. Attempts to reclassify as
A kind of pastiche intentionally cult comedy so desires with reality.
Not that the film does not inspire a degree of laughter ...

Download Mio West, Il
See also: Comedy: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

See also Comedy Serving Sara

Tags: Download Movie Mio West, Il, Download Film Mio West, Il, Instant Movie Download Mio West, Il, Mio West, Il DivX Download

Sound of Thunder, A

Download Sound of Thunder, A
(action, adventure, drama, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie Sound of Thunder, A"A Sound of Thunder" is about a game hunter (Burns) who goes on a time-traveling safari owned and operated by Kingsley's character to hunt dinosaurs in the prehistoric era. When he kills a butterfly, he unknowingly sets off a chain reaction that will erase humanity from existence. A team of experts must return back in time and replace the butterfly. McCormack is the inventor of the time-traveling computer.


Edward Burns as Travis Ryer
Armin Rohde as John Wallenbeck
Catherine McCormack as Sonia Rand
Ben Kingsley as Charles Hatton
Jemima Rooper as Jenny Krase
David Oyelowo as Tech Officer Payne
Wilfried Hochholdinger as Dr. Lucas
August Zirner as Clay Derris
Corey Johnson as Christian Middleton
Alvin Van Der Kuech as Young Technician
William Armstrong as Ted Eckles
Nikita Lespinasse as Newswoman on TV
Stuart Ong as Chinese Man I
Antonin Hausknecht as Taxi Driver
Anezka Novak as Elderly Woman
Peter Hyams

I just see this film tonight as part of a promotional screening.
This film wants to be a strong moral tale about how human beings should not
Lío with time travel for fear of disrupting our natural evolution. But it is good
Ed Burns as lead, which was never convinced by the
History, as it is full of cliches and seemingly viraron-
in action sequences. They are persecuted by the monsters of much of the film that
Start asking questions about what is confused between science fiction and
Horror genres. The special effects are abundant, however, that are
Atroces, false and free in the sense that the camera lingers
CG monsters and landscapes for so long that it seems that perhaps
I wanted to show how much money they spent. But it added nothing to
The weakness of the other plot, which - now that I think of it - has a
Simplista comic-book quality to it. But if the latter is true that they are completely
should be more surreal, and not have so much superfluous terrible
Dialogue that, in reality, only sounds as stated in repeat ( 'you do not know
what playing with time travel .. "And like). If
Happens to have anything more to do, hire Timecop. Yes, this movie is
bad. P.S. Ben Kingsley, why make this film? After seeing
in so many wonderful movies, including as a major villain in Sexy Beast,
These results only seemed he was doing a bad used car -
vendor printing.
Imagine a film student who learns to use CGI technology
for the First Time. His final project of the class is to create a full-length film
using everything they have learned in class throughout the semester
. His movie will be better than A Sound of Thunder.

Jurassic Park meets The Butterfly Effect, but it is total crap. The
Production of this futuristic science fiction story (based on the classic story by Ray Bradbury
) is pathetically cheap and completely distracts
another interesting story. It was 2055, and now it's time to travel
Possible. When a group of hunters safari trip back to prehistory
Time kill a tyrannosaurus Rex, an equipment failure caused once
Traveller passage and panic in a butterfly, thus disrupting the entire < br> Evolution of life on earth.

Cool story, right? Bad, bad, bad execution. The CGI is dinosaur
joke, like all other "creatures", and outside the futuristic
Gunfire are so lame practically can see the outline of green screen
actors. Filmed during the 2002 floods in the city of Prague, A Sound of Thunder
was delayed for so long because the production company went bankrupt.
And it shows.

Download Sound of Thunder, A
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See also: Edward Burns in Sidewalks of New York

See also Action Rookie, The

Tags: Download Movie Sound of Thunder, A, Download Film Sound of Thunder, A, Instant Movie Download Sound of Thunder, A, Sound of Thunder, A DivX Download
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5. Pink Floyd - The Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Cd1)
6. Pink Floyd - The Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Cd2)
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Double Team

Wild Wild West

Villa del venerd?�, La

Loose Cannons

Download Loose Cannons
(action, comedy)
Download Movie Loose CannonsMac, the two fisted savy cop finds that he's being saddled with a new partner, a known burn out, to work with him on a new and difficult case. The new partner is, Ellis, an amazing detective, one who puts Sherlock Holmes to shame with his lightning fast deductions. Ellis has a couple of problems. He keeps assuming the personalities of entire casts of Television shows. This can be a problem when people begin shooting at them.


Dan Aykroyd as Ellis Fielding
Gene Hackman as MacArthur Stern
Dom DeLuise as Harry 'The Hippo' Gutterman
Ronny Cox as Smiley
Nancy Travis as Riva
Robert Prosky as Von Metz
Paul Koslo as Grimmer
Dick O'Neill as Captain
Jan Triska as Steckler
Leon Rippy as Weskit
Robert Irvin Elliott as Monseigneur
Herb Armstrong as Cheshire Cat
Robert Dickman as White Rabbit
David Alan Grier as Drummond
S. Epatha Merkerson as Rachel
Bob Clark

See also: Action: Charlie's Angels

See also: Dan Aykroyd in Curse of the Jade Scorpion, The

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1. Loose Cannons
2. The Loose Cannons
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4. House - Various Artists - Nu Cool - the loose cannons-why you
5. Loose Cannons - Make the Face - Almost on Fire - The Loose Cannons,
6. Roisin Murphy - Overpowered, Pt. 2 - Overpowered (Loose Cannons Remix)
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Kangaroo Jack

Download Kangaroo Jack
(adventure, comedy, crime)
Download Movie Kangaroo JackA comedy that follows the misadventures of two friends from Brooklyn who are forced to deliver mob money to Australia. While taking pictures of a kangaroo, one of them places his red jacket on it. When the wild kangaroo bounces off, they realize the mob money is in the jacket and are forced to give chase through the Outback.


Jerry O'Connell as Charlie Carbone
Anthony Anderson as Louis Booker
Estella Warren as Jessie
Christopher Walken as Salvatore 'Sal' Maggio
Marton Csokas as Mr. Smith
Dyan Cannon as Anna Carbone
Michael Shannon as Frankie Lombardo
Bill Hunter as Blue
David Ngoombujarra as Sr. Sgt. 'Mr. Jimmy' Inkamala
Mark Sellito as Blasta
Damien Fotiou as Baby J
Christopher Baker as Crumble
Ryan Gibson as Hoon
Denise Roberts as Tansy
Antonio Vitiello as Toot
David McNally

It was a great movie and also different from all the other movies that are
Now ..
Made the film much better if Lara Cox had a greater role in

Cos. film is really hot!
Ehm .. What else can I say?!
Was a great movie with good actors and the kangaroo expected as a great
Gangster so all peeps there and check out the movie!
I had intended to see Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, but the newspaper had
wrong times, and ending watch this movie instead.

Ads for the film did not do justice. Do not get me wrong. This film is
Citizen Kane, but not an easy way to spend a few hours in theatre
Not bad. The best thing about the film is the stage. Salt
Maggio (Christopher Walken) in Bensonhurst house was perfect. Being an old
Bensonhurst boy myself, I have seen the enormous homes with big walls of the small
lots owned by mafia second class. The scenery was Australia
Magnificent and I was wistful care about getting the opportunity to take a month
There is a time. The CG Kangaroo is quite good, much better than the CG
In the last Star Wars atrocity. There are many good slapstick.

The film ends stupidly and Estella Warren can not act. She makes Margaux Hemingway
aspect Katherine Hepburn or Elizabeth Hurley aspect
Dame Maggie Smith, in terms of capacity to act. Not even a clue. Even the
Simple soupcon of talent. Stick to the gateway, baby.

If you enjoy good slapstick and fairly decent chemistry between the two men
leads, and do not care about checking your brain at the door, I recommend this film

Download Kangaroo Jack
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See also Adventure Return to Never Land

Tags: Download Movie Kangaroo Jack, Download Film Kangaroo Jack, Instant Movie Download Kangaroo Jack, Kangaroo Jack DivX Download

Biker Boyz

Download Biker Boyz
(action, crime, drama)
Download Movie Biker BoyzA mythic motorcycle tale of father and son", this is the story of Manuel Galloway (Fishburne), also known as "the King of Cali", the president of a motorcycle club whose members are all African-American men, mostly white-collar workers who exchange their suits and ties at night and on weekends for leather outfits and motorcycle helmets. The focus of this story takes place at an annual drag-racing event in Fresno, as Manuel tries to retain his championship title.


Laurence Fishburne as Smoke
Derek Luke as Kid
Orlando Jones as Soul Train
Djimon Hounsou as Motherland
Lisa Bonet as Queenie
Brendan Fehr as Stuntman
Larenz Tate as Wood
Kid Rock as Dogg
Rick Gonzalez as Primo
Meagan Good as Tina
Salli Richardson as Half & Half
Vanessa Bell Calloway as Anita
Dante Basco as Philly
Dion Basco as Flip
Tyson Beckford as Donny
Reggie Rock Bythewood

Kid is the son of Tariq aka "Slick Will," the engineer smoke, which is the
leader of the group Black Knights motorcycle and a legend in the
Streets. When Tariq was killed in a motorcycle accident, Kid decreases
The scene for six months, but returned determined to become more than just a
perspective. Its ultimate objective is himself and the challenge of smoke
Making his mark by taking the biggest dog but it must first
Go legit and formed his own band bike with friends and Stuntman

Opening with a beautiful shot tracking (or series of shots, I am not sure
) this movie was my interest from the beginning, but very quickly flew. With
A clear and predictable establishing the scene, the narrative arc is
Established and thus began my weary trudge from start to finish,
Music through a myriad of video scenes, little convincing scenes and dialogue
charges of motorcycles. It is very basic and things that never aspired to
lot. The characters are cardboard cut and dialogue is
Terrible, this could reduce the mustard if the film was an extension of the action and
movie, but it's not. Instead, it is supposed to be a character-driven film
And therefore it is a big problem not to have
Convincing characters or dialogue. Unfortunately it is a mess in terms of writing and
Tramando and only forgive the material is worth two hours

The action is pretty weak. I did not think any of the races are
Emotionally and although they are well done, all of them can work both
uses the characters' emotions to feed on them. As is the
failure of the plot means that much of the film is missing and feels
Rather useless. Sometimes referred to the depth and humanity, but is absolutely
Occasional spark drowned in a sea of noise. Music Video of the film
objectives are met, but personally I am glad not be in
demographic sector to be deceived into thinking that this makes
For a good movie.

The division mingle with the people who I expected and better
People who deserve things like this. Fishburne might well have expected
Most of the film, because sometimes it can get to see it, unfortunately he
There can achieve the impossible and any glimmer of a good performance is
sunk. Luke struggles from the outset. He is very charismatic and
here, but he is unable to deliver the excitement and understanding that is not in the script and
His narration is terrible. The supporting cast are flatly
Media with obvious performances by Jones, Hounsou, Fehr and others.
Well, but it's very sexy vacant while I am not sure why the trouble to Bonet
turn for so little.

General rather pointless then a film that shrinks shoulders against any potential
character that can be taken in favour of MTV, the age for dialogue and annoying
Mainly, the best average performances. You can see the potential in the
history, but also through various aspects of the film fails to deliver on this potential
and only leave completely unnecessary film that
not deserve any of his time.
Not sure what movie the other person was watching, but in
enjoyed this movie a lot. Also, I am not sure if it has ever rode on a motorcycle
, but before some of the tricks are not as easy as they seem.
I had no problem following the story and is definitely one of
The best motorcycle films I have seen. I am, however, unaware
a movie about motorcycle racing and drag bike gangs must have
explosions and effects of fantasy. This is not one of those "quick and
Furioso" movie tries to capture wrong with the illegal racing
Entremezclado simply to make the film stand out and have appeal. I
agree, however, that some of the scenes of the race seemed to 30 mph. All
In all its a good movie and if it is on motorcycles, especially its

Download Biker Boyz
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Tags: Download Movie Biker Boyz, Download Film Biker Boyz, Instant Movie Download Biker Boyz, Biker Boyz DivX Download

Stay Alive

Download Stay Alive
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Stay AliveAfter the brutal death of a friend, a group of friends find themselves in possession of a video-game called "Stay Alive," a blood-curdling true story of a 17th century noblewoman known as the Blood Countess. After playing the game when they know they shouldn't, however, the friends realize that once they die in the game—they die for real. As their numbers begin dropping and as they begin dying in the ways they died in the game, the remaining friends realize they must defeat the Blood Countess or accept their fates.


Jon Foster as Hutch
Samaire Armstrong as Abigail
Frankie Muniz as Swink
Jimmi Simpson as Phineas
Wendell Pierce as Detective Thibodeaux
Milo Ventimiglia as Loomis Crowley
Sophia Bush as October
Adam Goldberg as Miller Banks
Billy Slaughter as Rex
Nicole Oppermann as Sarah
April Wood as Loretta
Monica Monica as Mrs. Crowley
Rio Hackford as Detective King
Billy Louviere as Fidget
J. Richey Nash as Young Rookie
William Brent Bell

A group of teenagers discovers a smuggled video game, but once you start playing
, begin to die, each of them just as they do in the video game.
As you become addicted to gambling, it is necessary to find a way to beat
The game's central villain, The Blood Countess, before she killed

The premise sounds a bit stupid and family, but this film might have been even slightly
entertaining. However, this "horror" movie is
No fear at all. Actually it is more a comedy than anything else.
The movie takes itself too seriously and how the film is not a great deal of
fun to watch. Of course, there is the occasional laughter, but for most
party, the film is very boring. PG-13 horror movies can still be good as
The Ring or Cry Wolf. The Ring and Stay Alive is not really the same type
horror film well. Stay Alive is a film and commands
Since its rated PG-13, the scenes of death are very meek. It must have
Been the main movie to sell and since there was an interesting concept
the deaths could have been really good. Unfortunately, the studio wanted a
Mayor audience and the film had to be altered.

The act is a complete joke and most of the cast give
dreadful performances. Jon Foster is not a very good man leader. It lacks
Charm to really engage the audience or the audience attention
on him. His character is not only unlikable very soft. Samaire Armstrong
offers a good performance though actually a little too boring
to really stick. Frankie Muniz probably gives the best results
I live in the residence. That is an honor in the level of being the best player
Houston Texans. Sophia Bush is absolutely terrible in October. His
Yield feels so rushed and so untrue. The most annoying character in the film is
Phineas played by Jimmi Simpson. His character is so
Unlikable was rooting for him to die.

In fact, most of the characters are quite unlikable so that makes it even more difficult
become interested in the film. Only
is difficult to feel sorry for some of these children is a nuisance and a lot more fun to see
If you really want the characters survive. The only good
Thing on the film is the atmosphere. It's a little old but still
type works. The film is really short so it is not too much of a
pain to sit through. I do not really blame, because although the cast
were working with a director and writer of inexperience. The
Address is not very good and the script is not much better. Stay Alive
is actually not the worst horror film of 2006. Honor that
Go to Requests When a stranger. Stay Alive is still a missed opportunity
however. In the end, and this affected lame horror film is better left
platform. Rating 4 / 10.

Download Stay Alive
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5. Lil Wayne - The Suffix - Stay Alive Intro
6. Memphis Bleek - Coming of Age - Stay Alive In NYC
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Room 6

Download Room 6
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Room 6A young woman's world is turned upside down after a tragic accident steals away her boyfriend. The walls of reality continue to crumble as the troubled woman and a fellow victim try to track down their loved ones at a mysterious hospital which should not exist.


Christine Taylor as Amy
Shane Brolly as Nick
Chloe Moretz as Melissa Norman
Jerry O'Connell as Lucas Dylan
Ellie Cornell as Sarah
Jimmy Shubert as Bob
Lisa Ann Walter as Sgt. Burch
Marshall Bell as Amy's Dad
John Billingsley as Harrison McKendrick
Jack Riley as James Brewster
Andrew Davoli as Paramedic
Marissa N. Blanchard as Young Amy
Stacy Fuson as Nurse Price
Katie Lohmann as Nurse Lowe
Cheryl Tsai as Nurse Park
Michael Hurst

See also: Horror: Hellboy

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Tags: Download Movie Room 6, Download Film Room 6, Instant Movie Download Room 6, Room 6 DivX Download
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Soul Assassin

Steel Dawn

Download Steel Dawn
(action, sci-fi)
Download Movie Steel Dawn


Patrick Swayze as Nomad
Lisa Niemi as Kasha
Anthony Zerbe as Damnil
Christopher Neame as Hired Killer Sho
Brion James as Kasha's Foreman Tark
John Fujioka as Cord the Peacemaker
Brett Hool as Jux
Marcel Van Heerden as Lann
Arnold Vosloo as Makker
James Whyle as Kasha Farmhand Tooey
Russel Savadier as Kasha Farmhand Off
Joe Ribeiro as Cali the Doctor
Alex Heyns as Priest
Brad Morris as Bluto
Tullio Moneta as Henchman
Lance Hool

War and drought have ravished the future, a distant reality, and the World

is now a shell of its former self. Civilization now exists in small pockets
Diseminados across the desolate landscape. This is a time for heroes, fighters,
Bronceados and men who know how to kick ass in a big way.

Dawn Steel, it has an interesting premise, but as a history of struggles
develop much higher than a collection of action set pieces. Swazye
plays a nomad (the man with no name), who after a tangle with some strange
As human creatures from land waste, faces his former mentor in the way
pub. His mentor is killed Swazye and the character is now after revenge.
The film has a spaghetti western feel to it, but with the

But despite that also has its bright side, as it is always nice Swazye

Watch and supporting casts to do an admirable job with their characters.
Christopher Neame brings a sympathetic side to his fallen warrior turned
Murderer, Sho. Who, after all, I just wanted to challenge a worthy rival
Struggle. Brion James is good as Tark, Kasha foreman, whose initial
the nomadic makes him suspect everything he does, so of course the confidence of Tark
should win.

This is not an example of cinematic magic. It is in many ways but a fun movie
, gracious and pleasant, without a doubt oh so affected.

Enjoy what I have done.
First, I must say that I saw for the first time before this movie Mad Max 2
- Road Warrior, which is actually very important for the final rating
In the same.

If we have seen so much, you know what I am talking about. Steel
Below is very much like a remake of Road Warrior, except for cars
weapons And the detractors say SD can not afford because of budget constraints

Every main character SD is a correlation in RW, and
History is so well you can not help feeling is "seen before" things.

So if this kind of film in which compares with that rule, which is not going
Obvio in almost all aspects. But if you do not have to
Standard account, or have not seen at all (kind of hard, I admit),
Steel Down and take on its own terms, you sure is a great
of Pleasant the piece "80-style" action film.

Thus, some aspects of it, such as the feeling
Rivalry Swayze's character and Sho, well choreographed sequences
fighting and well prepared swords, this movie get one step ahead
others of its kind (though it can not avoid the situation of the unanimous
Affected things), and myself to continue calling from a B-movie.

Straight in the face, no frills, no plot, plot, in my opinion,
It is a good point of the film. I do not see any way to improve it! Add
A kind of return or mystery in the script, what I can see, that only makes
useless or confusing. So, if the writing is not
Original, it is at least honest about it, not trying to fool the viewer
plot turns unnecessary.

One important thing about this is that it was not intended to be a
Milestone in making movies. There was concern about the criticism or the
comments. It was never intended to be a winner, and that is how
was done.

From this standpoint, the production succeeded in making the film
wanted to do.

However, it is undeniable that there is much to criticize about the
The film, from his generally poor acting overly conventional
direction, not to mention more technical aspects, such as Construction
set, sound and cinematography, which are in fact the worst
Part of the effort.

If the film is just the way it is, but with a great film,
It used scores and remarkable special effects - if it did look
Best - which could be a classic no matter the content poor. Taking
film history is littered with examples of good-looking/no-content

But, based almost exclusively on the screen presence of Patrick Swayze,
They show the weaknesses quickly.

But the only thing I wanted to say is that this is, in my opinion,
Much more interesting and fun "Dirty Dancing.

Both have the same good and bad points - the difference lies in the
Style, opposed the action, romance, and music, which is largely
" ; Dirty Dancing "and lacking in Dawn Steel.

Both films are based on the nature of Swayze, which both have a worn
plot that anyone can find out from the beginning, the two
Come to a climax, which is based in the choreography, both are technically
Nothing special, and they act on the two is poor.

We therefore there's no way to a couple of good songs, I can do rate Steel
Down Below "Dirty Dancing, and I can not agree with anyone who done.

After a lengthy review, I think that my final opinion is fairly obvious,
But, in a nutshell, I would say that this film has a lot of technical defects
certainly feels like something who has seen before and is something
You could certainly spend your life without, but it is also safe,
Straight and fun to watch.

It is not anything special, but you may win give an example.

Download Steel Dawn
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Tags: Download Movie Steel Dawn, Download Film Steel Dawn, Instant Movie Download Steel Dawn, Steel Dawn DivX Download
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