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Download Movie HoneyHoney Danels (Jessica Alba) is a 22-year-old, sexy, tough-minded, part-black, part-Latina hip-hop dancer in New York's East Harlem who dreams of making it big as a music video choreographer. She teaches hip-hop dancing at a local youth center and encourages the local kids to attend to keep them off the streets and out of trouble. When luck shines on Honey in the form of a famous music video director, named Michael, who casts her in one music video, she's encouraged to make the transition from dancer to choreographer. But Honey's sudden success comes with a price when Michael refuses to take "no" for an answer to his sexual advances and then tries to sabotage her career by blackballing her out of the business.


Jessica Alba as Honey Daniels
Lil' Romeo as Benny
Mekhi Phifer as Chaz
David Moscow as Michael Ellis
Zachary Williams as Raymond
Joy Bryant as Gina
Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott as Herself
Anthony Sherwood as Mr. Daniels
Lonette McKee as Mrs. Daniels
Wes Williams as B.B.
Judi Embden as Mrs. Strom
Laurie Ann Gibson as Katrina
Scott Neil as Lenny
Alison Sealy-Smith as Marisol
Jull Weber as Joey
Bille Woodruff

Any comparison between Honey "and" Glitter "are probably at the same time
Movie Script having work by Kate Lanier (which, funnily enough, is not listed in
Completed the film) ... And, of course, to have something similar
Plots. Except that "Glitter" is likely to be more of a mark in black
Mariah Carey's book "Honey" is Jessica Alba.

This film about a type of heart couple in New York who used to dance
Helping people in his neighborhood (people who meets when she
Walking by the street ... Sorry, could not resist) and that of a plucked
To become a nightclub Paula Abdul Century 21 - still has a
Little Moon in the face - receives well-deserved name ; character is as sweet as its title character
and have little or no benefit in the system, except to slide down
Pleasant and easy and not leave much behind. The area is filled with all
Realism what he expects from the producers of "Legally Blonde" and "Josie and the Pussycats
", but is not as much fun as either. Part of that is a personal
Thing (Rodney Jerkins executives produced music that permeates
The film is not my thing, but it is rhythmic), but the thin,
- Originality defied silly scripting and dialogue are more of a problem;
Bartender-by-night/dance-teacher-by-day when our heroine tells a child "Your Flava
's hot" is a little embarrassing, but Equality "Honey" 's
Street talk is not wince as much as some other examples of this type

To be honest, the movie is virtually one ear and out the other;
No one really dramatic moment, with the setbacks in the next cue
(When Li & # 39 l Romeo receives matter detained, and many other moments in
Theater, plays like a less than brilliant After School Special) and
Characters are right Cliches Central, the nearly
holy title character to the predatory sexual rival dancer. (And note to the filmmakers
: As anyone who ever watched MTV, VH-1 et al confirm, music videos not
choreographer credit on the screen ... Regardless of what the
One who plays alongside the end credits of the film might say.)

But it is really impossible to hate "Honey", the film is too inoffensive and
Good tempered for any person to enter a hissyfit over its drawbacks, and
Although the R & B flavored cameos means a lot of people who see this movie will probably
"Tweet Who is this person?" Missy Elliott is really fun
in his very brief scenes. Dance is also good, which is one of the main reasons
to go see movies like this one, and though not actually
There seems to be nothing like a unit narrative (it seems that instead end
climax), has been worst films of the directors of music videos, for example,
almost anything directed by Russell Mulcahy.

Oh yes, Jessica. She does not seem very street, including the type, but she
not supposed to, the party is and exits reasonably well, as
Besides having the advantage over Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance", in which
she really does most of his own dancing. This is not really the best vehicle
For her, to be honest, but Jessica is an undeniably charming on the screen, and
Too sexy for this or anything that has been in (with the arguable exception
From "Paranoid") to be an excruciating experience. All you have to do is improve
His choice of the scripts ...
- Jessica Alba is sympathetic

- Dance is good and frequent

- Missy Elliott, Tweet and other stars of hip hop can be seen in cameo

- Never gets too slow or too boring

- The characters do not feel realistic in certain situations

-- ... Ranging from the fabric as well. For example, peolpe seem to know a dance routine
seeking once.

- The plot is not original, you know where "Honey" is heading.

Abstract: "Honey" is a film sympathetic, but you have to enjoy listening

Hip Hop and see people dancing.

Download Honey
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