Beowulf & Grendel

Bee Season

Download Bee Season
Download Movie Bee Season11-year-old Eliza Naumann comes from an odd family; they all divert their emotional frustrations into secret channels. When Eliza unexpectedly begins winning spelling bees, what had been a stable dynamic within the family becomes disrupted; long held secrets emerge, and a latent spiritual yearning is awakened in her withdrawn father Saul and compulsive mother Miriam. As Eliza moves closer and closer to the national spelling bee, the Naumann family finds itself in a spiral of surprising discovery and jarring uncertainty...


Richard Gere as Saul
Juliette Binoche as Miriam
Flora Cross as Eliza
Max Minghella as Aaron
Kate Bosworth as Chali
Corey Fischer as National Spelling Bee Pronouncer
Sam Zuckerman as National Spelling Bee Judge
Joan Mankin as Ms. Bergermeyer
Piers Mackenzie as Dr. Morris
Lorri Holt as Ms. Rai
Brian Leonard as Mr. Julien
Kathy McGraw as Regional Bee Pronouncer
John Evans as Regional Bee Judge
Alisha Mullally as Young Miriam
Olivia Charles as State Bee Judge
Scott McGehee
David Siegel

Download Bee Season
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Into the Sun

Download Into the Sun
(action, adventure, thriller)
Download Movie Into the SunAfter the assassination of Tokyo's Governor by Yakuza members, the CIA bureau chief (William Atherton) for Tokyo puts out a call to an agent (Steven Seagal) that had been raised in Japan and trained by ex-Yakuza. Using his former ties, he quickly determines that a war is brewing between old-guard Yakuza members and a young, crazed leader (Takao Osawa) with ties to the Chinese Tong. Siding with the older members, killing and mayhem ensues as Segal chops his way through the upstart gang members. Contains frequent profanity, very gory violence involving considerable swordplay, some nudity and mild sexual situations.


Steven Seagal as Travis Hunter
Matthew Davis as Sean
Takao Osawa as Kuroda
Eddie George as Jones
William Atherton as Agent Block
Juliette Marquis as Jewel
Ken Lo as Chen
Kosuke Toyohara as Fudomyo-o
Akira Terao as Matsuda
Eve Masatoh as Kojima
Chiaki Kuriyama as Ayako
Kanako Yamaguchi as Nayako
Namihiko Ohmura as Takeshi
Daisuke Honda as Kawamura

See also: Action: Gladiator

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Fektion Fekler - Into the Sun
2. Bill Hallett - ...Into The Shining Sun
3. Beats For Beginners - Dont Fly Into The Sun
4. Organized Konfusion - Walk into the sun
5. Libertines - The Don't Look Back Into The Sun Single
6. Bothy Band - Out of the wind into the sun

Rumor Has It...

The Kid & I

Download Kid & I, The
Download Movie The Kid & IBill Williams (Arnold) is a down-and-out actor who is unexpectedly hired to write a sequel a la "True Lies," the action film that made him famous more than a decade ago. When Bill learns that his co-star is Aaron Roman (Gores), a rich kid with no acting experience, what appeared to be the chance for a major comeback turns into a series of outlandish complications. As the duo embark on a journey of outrageous misadventures, the unlikely pair discover that it takes more courage to face real life challenges than it does fighting bad guys on the big screen. Although Aaron may be inexperienced in acting, his tenacious spirit, unwavering optimism and unconditional friendship turns out to be an important, enduring gift to Bill.


Tom Arnold as Bill Williams
Eric Gores as Aaron Roman
Richard Edson as Guy Prince
Joe Mantegna as Davis Roman
Henry Winkler as Johnny Bernstein
Shannon Elizabeth as Shelby Roman
Linda Hamilton as Susan Mandeville
Arielle Kebbel as Arielle
Yvette Nicole Brown as Bunny
Brenda Strong as Bonnie
Pat O'Brien as Pat O'Brien
Alejandro Patino as Apartment Manager
Eric Dickerson as Coach
Branden R. Morgan as Fake Reporter
Mark Chadwick as Blind Guy
Penelope Spheeris

See also: Comedy: Edward Scissorhands

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Soundtrack - Various Artists - The Karate Kid I
2. Red Rat - I'm A Big Kid Now
3. Fear Before The March Of Flames - Art Damage - Hey Kid, I\'m A Computer Stop All the Downloading
4. Various Artists - Mgpjunior - Lle Deltagerne - Kid I 2095
5. Rodney Crowell - The Houston Kid - I Know Love Is All I Need
6. Elton John - The Captain and The Kid - I Must Have Lost It On The Wind

The Game of Their Lives

Download Game of Their Lives, The
(drama, history, sport)
Download Movie The Game of Their LivesIn 1950, few soccer players in the United States played the game with any particular degree of expertise. Most Americans had heard about the soccer only by hearsay, even though it was the world's most popular sport, and when the United States was invited to compete in the World Cup in Brazil, the country turned out to have no soccer team to call their own. The U.S. set out to recruit players in the soccer breeding ground of St. Louis, Missouri, where they found a group of young friends with almost absolute lack of an appropriate experience, only an unabashed love of the game.


Gerard Butler as Frank Borghi
Wes Bentley as Walter Bahr
Richard Jenik as Joe Maca
Jay Rodan as Frank 'Pee Wee' Wallace
Louis Mandylor as Virginio 'Gino' Pariani
Jimmy Jean-Louis as Joe Gatjaens
Zachery Ty Bryan as Harry Keough
Nelson Vargas as John 'Clarkie' Souza
John Rhys-Davies as Bill Jeffrey
Gavin Rossdale as Stanley Mortenson
Maria Bertrand as Rosemary Borghi
Terry Kinney as younger Dent McSkimming
Joe Erker as Chubby Lyons
David Anspaugh

See also: Drama: Reservoir Dogs

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Download Rent
(drama, musical, romance)
Download Movie RentThis film adaptation of Jonathan Larson's Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning rock opera tells the story of one year in the life of a group of bohemians struggling in modern day East Village New York. The story centers around Mark (Anthony Rapp) and Roger (Adam Pascal), two roommates. While a former tragedy has made Roger numb to life, Mark tries to capture it through his attempts to make a film. In the year that follows, the group deals with love, loss, AIDS, and modern day life in one truly powerful story. Rosario Dawson, Jesse L. Martin, Idina Menzel, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Tracie Thoms, and Taye Diggs also star.


Anthony Rapp as Mark Cohen
Adam Pascal as Roger Davis
Rosario Dawson as Mimi Marquez
Jesse L. Martin as Tom Collins
Wilson Jermaine Heredia as Angel Dumott Schunard
Idina Menzel as Maureen Johnson
Tracie Thoms as Joanne Jefferson
Taye Diggs as Benjamin Coffin III
Julia Roth as Rent Tenant
Porscha Radcliffe as Rent Tenant
Stephen Payne as Homeless Squeegee Man
Darryl Chan as Thug
Ken Clark as Thug
Julia Ormond as Thug
David Fine as Homeless Man on Range Rover
Chris Columbus

See also: Drama: Little Children

See also: Anthony Rapp in Beautiful Mind, A

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1. Dido - Life For Rent (The Complete Version)
2. Dido - Life for Rent
3. Pet Shop Boys - Rent
4. Dido - Life For Rent - Live and Remixes
5. Dead Bodies Everywhere - Buy A Bullet Rent A Gun
6. Mourning Widows - Furnished Souls For Rent

My Big Fat Independent Movie

Download My Big Fat Independent Movie
Download Movie My Big Fat Independent Movie"My Big Fat Independent Movie" is a spoof along the lines of "Scary Movie" and "Not Another Teen Movie." It includes parodies of some of the indie film world's most renowned movies such as "Memento," "Pulp Fiction," "Magnolia," "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," "Amelie," "Run Lola Run," "El Mariachi," "The Good Girl," "Pi," "Swingers" and many others.


Paget Brewster as Julianne
Neil Barton as Sam
Eric Hoffman as Harvey
Darren Reiher as Johnny Vince
Ashley Head as Anomalie
Brian Krow as Memento Guy
Neil Hopkins as Lanky Man
Rob Schrab as Bald Genius
Philip Zlotorynski

This movie was horrible. Possibly one of the worst I've ever seen - and believe me, I have seen many horrible student films at festivals and indies. I have each of the jokes. I knew all the references. None of them are funny.

It was not even watchable - I'm a respect for movies that are so bad that they are grabbing the attention. I also respect that I think the movies were terrible, but at least an attempt to make something new. This does not correspond to any of these categories. There was a good actor who shows any kind of charisma in all of this god awful movie. But to his defense, there was nothing to work with to begin with. The writers thought it was hilarious and witty, but ended up trying to jest film that will never be worthy of being associated with their lives and that I think they thought they were pathetic. He was ordained the same jokes that were not even fun to begin, for all its worth (ie, calling all cliché, a term that describes all the movies you're using, and complain about evil voice).

The only reason that the content on any of the films that have been forged is a "cliché" because it is horrible and painful lack of originality on the screen writers and filmmakers (such as those responsible for this piece of trash) to parody relentlessly and without end.

Those responsible for this: I UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE NOT FUNNY AND you deserve to drink a tall glass of shame!
No. Just no. If you're thinking about being in the same city as this film, no. Do not do it. My friend held the remote control hostage and forced me to see it. Never get that time back. I wish I could get beaten on the back of the head and forget that ever created. Oh yes, it's that bad. To explain that it is even more terrible quality, the movie only makes allusions to other films retarded horrible. I felt like eating my own heart to stop it quickly. The only redeeming quality is something that the protagonist of black hair made me laugh. It's like a sponge wrapped around his head. Or even better, is like one quarter of African. But that's all. Hopefully that 10 could be a wide scale in order to give 1000000000000 a low rating.

Download My Big Fat Independent Movie
See also: Comedy: Outsourced

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The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D

Download Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, The
(action, adventure, family, fantasy)
Download Movie The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-DDreamer Max, ridiculed by his classmates, conjures up his perfect dreamworld...the Planet Drool. But his dream is more powerful than even he suspects, and his favourite dream super-heroes, Sharkboy and Lavagirl, materialise on Earth. They need help from Max. All is not well in Max's dreamworld. An alien intelligence is interfering and darkness threatens his beloved Planet Drool. Is it true, as Sharkboy and Lavagirl say, that only Max, the powerful dreamer, can stop it? Max takes off on a wild and dangerous journey to the fantastic Planet Drool with Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Can they discover the source of the danger? Will they be able to stop it in time?


Taylor Lautner as Sharkboy
Taylor Dooley as Lavagirl
Cayden Boyd as Max
George Lopez as Mr. Electric/Tobor/Ice/Guardian/Mr. Electricidad
David Arquette as Max's Dad
Kristin Davis as Max's Mom
Jacob Davich as Linus/Minus
Sasha Pieterse as Marissa/Ice Princess
Rico Torres as Sharkboy's Dad
Marc Musso as Classroom Kid #1
Shane Graham as Classroom Kid #2
Tiger Darrow as Classroom Kid #3
Rocket Rodriguez as Lug
Racer Rodriguez as Age 7 Sharkboy
Rebel Rodriguez as Age 5 Sharkboy
Robert Rodriguez

Download Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, The
See also: Action: Pathfinder

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The Proposition

Download Proposition, The
Download Movie The PropositionRural Australia in the late nineteenth century: Capt. Stanley and his men capture two of the four Burns brothers, Charlie and Mike. Their gang is held responsible for attacking the Hopkins farm, raping pregnant Mrs. Hopkins and murdering the whole family. Arthur Burns, the eldest brother and the gang's mastermind, remains at large has and has retreated to a mountain hideout. Capt. Stanley's proposition to Charlie is to gain pardon and - more importantly - save his beloved younger brother Mike from the gallows by finding and killing Arthur within nine days.


Tom Budge as Samuel Stote
Guy Pearce as Charlie Burns
Emily Watson as Martha Stanley
Ray Winstone as Captain Stanley
David Wenham as Eden Fletcher
John Hurt as Jellon Lamb
Richard Wilson as Mike Burns
Robert Morgan as Sgt Lawrence
John Hillcoat

See also: Drama: Alien Agent

See also: Tom Budge in Candy

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Nick Cave and Ellie Warren - The Proposition
2. Nick Cave and Ellie Warren - The Proposition - The Proposition #1
3. Nick Cave and Ellie Warren - The Proposition - The Proposition #2
4. Nick Cave and Ellie Warren - The Proposition - The Proposition #3
5. Methods Of Mayhem - Methods Of Mayhem - Proposition Fuck You
6. Lou Reed - Set the Twilight Reeling - Proposition

Nanny McPhee

Download Nanny McPhee
(comedy, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Nanny McPheeMr. Cedric Brown (Colin Firth) has just lost his wife and is now left with his seven children who misbehave so much that all the nannies have run away. Now he is told by a mysterious voice that he should get Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) who is a magical woman with special powers.


Emma Thompson as Nanny McPhee
Colin Firth as Cedric Brown
Kelly Macdonald as Evangeline
Celia Imrie as Selma Quickly
Derek Jacobi as Mr. Wheen
Patrick Barlow as Mr. Jowls
Imelda Staunton as Mrs. Blatherwick
Thomas Sangster as Simon Brown
Angela Lansbury as Great Aunt Adelaide
Kirk Jones

See also: Comedy: Trainwreck: My Life as an Idiot

See also: Emma Thompson in Love Actually

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Wedding Crashers

Download Wedding Crashers
(comedy, romance)
Download Movie Wedding CrashersDivorce mediators John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey are business partners and lifelong friends who share one truly unique springtime hobby—crashing weddings! Whatever the ethnicity of the wedding party—Jewish, Italian, Irish, Chinese, Hindu—the charismatic and charming duo always have clever back stories for inquisitive guests and inevitably become the hit of every reception, where they strictly adhere to their proven rules of wedding crashing to meet and pick up women aroused by the very thought of marriage. At the tail end of another successful season of toasting brides and grooms, Jeremy learns that the daughter of Treasury Secretary William Cleary and his wife, Kathleen, is getting married in what is sure to be the Washington D.C. social event of the year. After infiltrating the lavish affair, John and Jeremy quickly set their sights on two bridesmaids, Claire and Gloria Cleary. With the lavish reception in full swing, Jeremy works his game plan to perfection in seducing Gloria, but John's flirtation banter with Claire is unexpectedly impeded by her pompous, Ivy League boyfriend Sack. Having uncharacteristically fallen hard and fast for Claire, John convinces a resistant Jeremy to bend the crashing rules and accept an invitation to an extended weekend party at the Cleary family compound. Once at the palatial waterfront estate, John and Jeremy endure a multitude of comical mishaps at the hands of the dysfunctional members of the Cleary family, but also learn a few unexpected lessons about love and relationships.


Owen Wilson as John Beckwith
Vince Vaughn as Jeremy Grey
Christopher Walken as Treasury Secretary William Cleary
Rachel McAdams as Claire Cleary
Isla Fisher as Gloria Cleary
Jane Seymour as Kathleen Cleary
Ellen Albertini Dow as Grandma Mary Cleary
Keir O'Donnell as Todd Cleary
Bradley Cooper as Zack "Sack" Lodge
Ron Canada as Randolph
Henry Gibson as Father O'Neil
Dwight Yoakam as Mr. Kroeger
Rebecca De Mornay as Mrs. Kroeger
David Conrad as Trap
Jennifer Alden as Christina Cleary
David Dobkin

See also: Comedy: Americanizing Shelley

See also: Owen Wilson in Darjeeling Limited, The

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Memoirs of a Geisha

Download Memoirs of a Geisha
(drama, history, romance)
Download Movie Memoirs of a GeishaIn 1929 an impoverished nine-year-old named Chiyo from a fishing village is sold to a geisha house in Kyoto's Gion district and subjected to cruel treatment from the owners and the head geisha Hatsumomo. Her stunning beauty attracts the vindictive jealousy of Hatsumomo, until she is rescued by and taken under the wing of Hatsumomo's bitter rival, Mameha. Under Mameha's mentorship, Chiyo becomes the geisha named Sayuri, trained in all the artistic and social skills a geisha must master in order to survive in her society. As a renowned geisha she enters a society of wealth, privilege, and political intrigue. As World War II looms Japan and the geisha's world are forever changed by the onslaught of history.


Suzuka Ohgo as Chiyo
Togo Igawa as Tanaka
Mako as Sakamoto
Samantha Futerman as Satsu
Elizabeth Sung as Sakamoto's Wife
Thomas Ikeda as Mr. Bekku
Li Gong as Hatsumomo
Tsai Chin as Auntie
Kaori Momoi as Mother
Zoe Weizenbaum as Young Pumpkin
David Okihiro as Shamisen Teacher
Miyako Tachibana as Dance Teacher
Kotoko Kawamura as Granny
Karl Yune as Koichi
Eugenia Yuan as Korin
Rob Marshall

See also: Drama: Devil Wears Prada, The

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. John Williams - Memoirs Of A Geisha
2. Red Elvises - Lunatics and Poets - Memoirs Of A phuket Geisha
3. John Williams - Memoirs Of A Geisha - Becoming A Geisha

Fun with Dick and Jane

The Fog

Download Fog, The
(action, horror, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie The FogExactly one hundred years ago, off the rocky shore of an isolated Northern California town, a ship of lepers seeking refuge was betrayed by the town's founding fathers and burned, dooming everyone aboard. Now, tonight, the ghosts of the long-dead mariners have returned from their watery graves to exact revenge. Shrouded within a supernatural fog, the ghosts trap the residents of the remote community, intent on seeking out the descendants of those who founded the town...and killing anyone who stands in their murderous path.


Tom Welling as Nick Castle
Maggie Grace as Elizabeth Williams
Selma Blair as Stevie Wayne
DeRay Davis as Spooner
Kenneth Welsh as Tom Malone
Adrian Hough as Father Malone
Sara Botsford as Kathy Williams
Cole Heppell as Andy Wayne
Mary Black as Aunt Connie
Jonathon Young as Dan The Weatherman
R. Nelson Brown as Machen
Christian Bocher as Founding Father Malone
Douglas Arthurs as Founding Father Williams
Yves Cameron as Founding Father Wayne
Charles Andre as Founding Father Castle
Rupert Wainwright

See also: Action: 007 Goldfinger

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Fog In The Shell
2. Forest Of Fog
3. J Mascis + the Fog
4. Moonspell - Goat On Fire - Wolves From The Fog (7'' Vinyl)
5. Klinik - Blanket Of Fog
6. Cradle Of Filth - Her Ghost In The Fog EP

Carlito's Way: Rise to Power

The Brothers Grimm


Download Domino
(action, biography, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie DominoThe daughter of an actor with a high-society woman, Domino Harvey, bored with her life, decides to join the team of Ed Mosley and becomes a bounty hunter. But she gets in trouble when the Mafia's money is stolen from an armored truck, while Mosley and his crew are in action participating of a reality show produced by Mark Heiss. The situation becomes out of control when the sons of a rival mobster are kidnapped while FBI is monitoring the two gangs of mobsters.


Keira Knightley as Domino Harvey
Mickey Rourke as Ed Mosbey
Edgar Ramirez as Choco
Riz Abbasi as Alf
Delroy Lindo as Claremont Williams
Mo'Nique Imes-Jackson as Lateesha Rodriguez
Ian Ziering as Himself
Brian Austin Green as Himself
Joe Nunez as Raul
Macy Gray as Lashandra Davis
Shondrella Avery as Lashindra Davis
Dabney Coleman as Drake Bishop
Peter Jacobson as Burke Beckett
Kel O'Neill as Francis
Lucy Liu as Taryn Miles
Tony Scott

See also: Action: Two Tigers

See also: Keira Knightley in Atonement

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Domino
2. Fats Domino
3. Domino, Fats
4. Fats Domino - Best of Fats Domino
5. Fats Domino - Get Away With Fats Domino
6. Fats Domino - This Is Fats Domino


Zathura: A Space Adventure

Download Zathura: A Space Adventure
(action, adventure, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Zathura: A Space AdventureDanny and Walter are two brothers who barely get along even while driving their parents to distraction as their older sister tries to ignore them. Despite their squabbling, the brothers manage cooperate enough to play an old mechanical board game named Zathura. However, after their first move, they find that the game has apparently flung them, their sister and their entire house into outer space. Furthermore, the brothers surmise the only way to return home is to finish the game. However with almost every move, new dangers arise as the siblings find themselves learning to cooperate in ways they never expected as they realize what they mean to each other.


Jonah Bobo as Danny
Josh Hutcherson as Walter
Dax Shepard as Astronaut
Kristen Stewart as Lisa
Tim Robbins as Dad
Frank Oz as Robot
John Alexander as Robot
Derek Mears as Lead Zorgon
Douglas Tait as Zorgon
Joe Bucaro III as Zorgon
Jeff Wolfe as Zorgon
Jon Favreau

Download Zathura: A Space Adventure
See also: Action: Assault on Precinct 13

See also: Jonah Bobo in Fox and the Hound 2, The

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Saw II

Download Saw II
Download Movie Saw IIWhen detective Eric Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg) is called to a crime scene of a victim of Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), he finds a lead to the place where he is hidden. Once there, he realizes that Jigsaw trapped his son Daniel Matthews (Erik Knudsen) with three women and four men in a shelter, and they are inhaling a lethal nerve gas. If they do not use an antidote within two hours, they will die. Eric follows with increasing desperation the death of each member of the group in monitors, while trying to convince Jigsaw to release his son.




Just back from midnight of the film and I must say - It is an OK movie.

Coolest of all the "dead" has been shown in any of the clips on TV or ... but the main highlight of the film was the conversation between Eric Mathews and Jigsaw same. Learn more about him then you think. Find what makes it tick. Of course, not as Gory as what you are saying is just a marketing scam .. However, there is more blood after 1 sierra.

The end ... Grabs you by the hair and kicked the nuts in the plaza!.

And you know when he was told to revisit some "old friends"? .. do:) Darren Bousman is definitely a film career in his hands and hope it goes well with him because the man has talent.

I can clearly see SAW become the next "horror" franchise.

Download Saw II

See also: in Flags of Our Fathers

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Saw Ii
2. Industrial - Various Artists - Blech - Saw II CD2.6 (Aphex Twin)
4. Bartok, Bela - 20 Piano Works III - 7 Sketches, Op.9b: II. Comodo (See-saw, dickory-daw) [BB 54]
5. Gregorian - Masters Of Chant Chapter II - The first Time Ever I saw Your Face
6. Anthony Phillips - Private Parts and Pieces II - I Saw You Today

One Last Thing...

Download One Last Thing...
Download Movie One Last Thing...A boy, Dylan (Michael Angarano), in grade ten with terminal cancer gets a last wish from the Wish Givers Foundation. His makes a new wish which seems a little inappropriate. As his last wish he wants to be with a super model (Sunny Mabrey) for a week alone. At first Nikki (Mabrey) has pity for him but soon it turns into love.


Cynthia Nixon as Carol Jameison
Gina Gershon as Arlene
Dana Eskelson as Patti
Gia Carides as Madelene
Johnny Messner as Jason O'Malley
Michael Angarano as Dylan
Alex Steyermark

Download One Last Thing...
See also: Drama: Marie Antoinette

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Dave Koz - Saxophonic - One Last Thing
2. Lynyrd Skynyrd - The Last Rebel - One Thing
3. Various Artists - Hitzone 12 - Last One Standing (Girl Thing)
4. Pop - Various Artists - Absolute Music 34 (Cd 1) - Last One Standing - Girl Thing

The Upside of Anger

Download Upside of Anger, The
(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie The Upside of AngerA sharp-witted suburban wife, Terry Wolfmeyer, is left to raise her four headstrong daughters when her husband unexpectedly disappears. Things get even more hectic when she falls for her neighbor Denny, a once-great baseball star turned radio d.j. This leaves her daughters out on a limb. They are forced to juggle their mom's romantic dilemmas as well as their own.


Joan Allen as Terry Ann Wolfmeyer
Kevin Costner as Denny Davies
Erika Christensen as Andy Wolfmeyer
Keri Russell as Emily Wolfmeyer
Alicia Witt as Hadley Wolfmeyer
Evan Rachel Wood as Lavender 'Popeye' Wolfmeyer
Mike Binder as Adam 'Shep' Goodman
Tom Harper as David Junior
Dane Christensen as Gorden Reiner
Danny (IV) Webb as Grey Wolfmeyer
Magdalena Manville as Darlene
Suzanne Bertish as Gina
David Firth as David Senior
Rod Woodruff as Dean Reiner
Stephen Greif as Emily's Doctor
Mike Binder

See also: Comedy: Just My Luck

See also: Joan Allen in Bourne Ultimatum, The

Tags: Download Movie The Upside of Anger, Download Film The Upside of Anger, Instant Movie Download The Upside of Anger, The Upside of Anger DivX Download


Download Shopgirl
(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie ShopgirlThe story follows Mirabelle, a disenchanted salesgirl and aspiring artist who sells gloves and accessories at a department store. She has two men in her life: wealthy divorcee Ray Porter (Steve Martin) and struggling musician Jeremy. Mirabelle falls in love with the glamorous Ray, and her life takes a magical turn, but eventually she realizes that she must empower herself and make a choice between them.


Steve Martin as Ray Porter
Claire Danes as Mirabelle
Jason Schwartzman as Jeremy
Bridgette Wilson as Lisa Cramer
Sam Bottoms as Dan Buttersfield
Frances Conroy as Catherine Butterfield
Rebecca Pidgeon as Christie Richards
Samantha Shelton as Loki
Gina Doctor as Del Rey
Clyde Kusatsu as Mr. Agasa
Romy Rosemont as Loan Officer
Joshua Snyder as Trey Bryan
Rachel Nichols as Trey's Girlfriend
Shane Edelman as Chet
Anand Tucker

See also: Comedy: Toy Story 2

See also: Steve Martin in Pink Panther, The

Tags: Download Movie Shopgirl, Download Film Shopgirl, Instant Movie Download Shopgirl, Shopgirl DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Old Blind Dogs - Five - The Walking Nightmare / The Shopgirl / Croix Rousse

Colour Me Kubrick: A True...ish Story

Download Colour Me Kubrick: A True...ish Story
(comedy, drama)
Download Movie Colour Me Kubrick: A True...ish StoryBased on true events, the story is of a man who bluffed his way into London's high society by pretending to be legendary director Stanley Kubrick during the shooting of Eyes Wide Shut in 1998 and 1999.


John Malkovich as Alan Conway
Jim Davidson as Lee Pratt
Richard E. Grant as Jasper
Luke Mably as Rupert Rodnight
Marc Warren as Hud
Terence Rigby as Norman
James Dreyfus as Melvyn
Peter Bowles as Cyril
Ayesha Dharker as Dr. Stukeley
Robert Powell as Robert
Henry Goodman as Mordecai
Maynard Eziashi as Adibe
Leslie Phillips as Freddie
Honor Blackman as Madam
William Hootkins as Frank Rich
Brian W. Cook

Let me preface this entire review by saying that he is most familiar with the work of Stanley Kubrick, the most enjoyable in this movie is for you.

If you are only slightly familiar with Kubrick, and are not interested in seeing a John Malkevich playing a nuanced impressive, however, unprogressing character (after viewing, one has to admit that was quite the feat), then your $ 10 is probably better spent elsewhere. However, if you're like me and kick out any work that can be piped into a Kubrick reference no excuses, this film could be up your alley.

In this film there are no significant comments, there is no great message, and does not prevail plot. It does contain a character, a twisted path, and within the whole series of jokes that if you are in the bit, this film is worth every penny of the ticket price. A confidence man, Alan (Malkevich) grifts his way through every episode of this nonlinear Aristelean movie still pretending to be the lone film director Stanley Kubrick. Each episode is structured around a reference (which Alan never seems to get because it seems as if you have never seen a Kubrick film) on one of the greatest scenes from Kubrick.

I think much will ruin the trip for those who care to take it. And, oh my, what a wonderful strange trip it is.

Download Colour Me Kubrick: A True...ish Story
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Little Fish

Download Little Fish
(drama, thriller)
Download Movie Little FishIn Sidney, Tracey Heart is a thirty-two years old manager of a video shop ex-addicted in heroin and clean for four years. She is trying to raise forty thousand dollars to buy a shop for computer games on the next door of the rental and become partner of her boss, but based on her negative records, the banks deny the loan. Tracey takes care of her junkie stepfather Lionel Dawson, unsuccessfully trying to make him quit his heroin habit. When her former boy-friend Jonny returns from Vancouver, Tracey's mother Janelle fears a fall of Tracey, while she blames Jonny for the car accident where her son Ray lost one leg. When Ray and Jonny associate to Moss, the assistant of the retired criminal boss Bradley 'The Jockey' Thompson, in drug dealing, Tracey is convinced by Jonny to join them and raise the necessary money for her business along the weekend.


Cate Blanchett as Tracy Heart
Sam Neill as Brad
Hugo Weaving as Lionel Dawson
Martin Henderson as Ray Heart
Noni Hazlehurst as Janelle Heart
Joel Tobeck as Steven
Lisa McCune as Laura
Susie Porter as Jenny
Nina Liu as Mai
Linda Cropper as Denise
Daniella Farinacci as Donna
Ferdinand Hoang as Khiem
Anh Do as Tran
Jason Chong as Ming
Anthony Wong as Mr. Chan
Rowan Woods

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The Nun

Download Nun, The
Download Movie The NunAn abusive and merciless nun turns an all-girl boarding school into a sadistic prison. Then she mysteriously disappears. Years later, someone or something begins brutally murdering the alumnae of the school. The surviving women regroup to face, once again, the ghastly violence of the nun.


Luis De La Madrid

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The Devil's Rejects

Download Devil's Rejects, The
(action, crime, horror, thriller)
Download Movie The Devil's RejectsSequel to 'House of 1000 Corpses' is set some months later with the Texas State Police making a full-scale attack against the murderous Firefly family residence for the 1,000+ murders and disappearances of the past several years. But three of the family members escape, including Otis, Baby Firefly and Baby's father Captain Spaulding. The evil trio go on a road trip, leaving dozens of mangled bodies in their wake. Evading a massive Texas Rangers dragnet as well as a group of equally murderous bounty hunters led by Ken Dwyer (the brother of a policeman Mamma Firefly killed in 'House of...') who's obsessed with finding the deadly killers, the surviving Firefly clan gather at a run-down amusement park owned by Captain Spaulding's half-brother, Charlie Altamont, whom offers them shelter and a new base of operations for their killing spree as Sheriff Dwyer, the Texas Rangers, the FBI and others slowly close in.


Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding
Bill Moseley as Otis
Sheri Moon as Baby
William Forsythe as Sheriff Wydell
Ken Foree as Charlie Altamont
Matthew McGrory as Tiny
Leslie Easterbrook as Mother Firefly
Geoffrey Lewis as Roy Sullivan
Priscilla Barnes as Gloria Sullivan
Dave Sheridan as Officer Ray Dobson
Kate Norby as Wendy Banjo
Lew Temple as Adam Banjo
Danny Trejo as Rondo
Dallas Page as Billy Ray Snapper
Brian Posehn as Jimmy
Rob Zombie

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The Marksman

Download Marksman, The
(action, adventure, thriller)
Download Movie The MarksmanChechen rebels take over a Russian nuclear plant and it's up to a mysterious agent(Snipes) to stop them.


Wesley Snipes as Painter
Emma Samms as Amanda Jacks
William Hope as Johnathan Tensor
Anthony Warren as Naish
Peter Youngblood Hills as Hargreaves
Ryan McCluskey as Rodgers
Warren Derosa as Orin
Christiaan Haig as Hightop
Dan Badarau as Egor Zaysan
Serge Soric as Flintov
Gelu Nitu as Ivanov
Matt Salinger as General Parent
John Guerrasio as Secretary Cummings
Ian Ashpitel as Major Devro
Johnny Myers as Moffit
Marcus Adams

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House of Fury

Download House of Fury
(action, comedy)
Download Movie House of FuryTeddy Yu is a former secret agent turned chiropractor who thought he left his past behind. He teaches martial arts to his two kids. However, his past catches up to him as a rogue agent demands to know the whereabouts of an agent known as Dragon. Now, father and children must team up to stop the rogue agent and his goons.


Anthony Wong Chau-Sang as Yue Siu Bo
Michael Wong as Rocco
Gillian Chung as Natalie
Daniel Wu as Jason
Charlene Choi as Ella
Ma Wu as Uncle Chiu
Josie Ho as Assassin
Jake Strickland as Nelson
Jon Foo as Sam Shan
Philip Ng as King
Stephen Fung

Download House of Fury
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5. Steel Pulse - Rage And Fury - House Of Love

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