Bee Season

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Download Movie Bee Season11-year-old Eliza Naumann comes from an odd family; they all divert their emotional frustrations into secret channels. When Eliza unexpectedly begins winning spelling bees, what had been a stable dynamic within the family becomes disrupted; long held secrets emerge, and a latent spiritual yearning is awakened in her withdrawn father Saul and compulsive mother Miriam. As Eliza moves closer and closer to the national spelling bee, the Naumann family finds itself in a spiral of surprising discovery and jarring uncertainty...


Richard Gere as Saul
Juliette Binoche as Miriam
Flora Cross as Eliza
Max Minghella as Aaron
Kate Bosworth as Chali
Corey Fischer as National Spelling Bee Pronouncer
Sam Zuckerman as National Spelling Bee Judge
Joan Mankin as Ms. Bergermeyer
Piers Mackenzie as Dr. Morris
Lorri Holt as Ms. Rai
Brian Leonard as Mr. Julien
Kathy McGraw as Regional Bee Pronouncer
John Evans as Regional Bee Judge
Alisha Mullally as Young Miriam
Olivia Charles as State Bee Judge
Scott McGehee
David Siegel

Download Bee Season
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