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Download Movie My Big Fat Independent Movie"My Big Fat Independent Movie" is a spoof along the lines of "Scary Movie" and "Not Another Teen Movie." It includes parodies of some of the indie film world's most renowned movies such as "Memento," "Pulp Fiction," "Magnolia," "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," "Amelie," "Run Lola Run," "El Mariachi," "The Good Girl," "Pi," "Swingers" and many others.


Paget Brewster as Julianne
Neil Barton as Sam
Eric Hoffman as Harvey
Darren Reiher as Johnny Vince
Ashley Head as Anomalie
Brian Krow as Memento Guy
Neil Hopkins as Lanky Man
Rob Schrab as Bald Genius
Philip Zlotorynski

This movie was horrible. Possibly one of the worst I've ever seen - and believe me, I have seen many horrible student films at festivals and indies. I have each of the jokes. I knew all the references. None of them are funny.

It was not even watchable - I'm a respect for movies that are so bad that they are grabbing the attention. I also respect that I think the movies were terrible, but at least an attempt to make something new. This does not correspond to any of these categories. There was a good actor who shows any kind of charisma in all of this god awful movie. But to his defense, there was nothing to work with to begin with. The writers thought it was hilarious and witty, but ended up trying to jest film that will never be worthy of being associated with their lives and that I think they thought they were pathetic. He was ordained the same jokes that were not even fun to begin, for all its worth (ie, calling all cliché, a term that describes all the movies you're using, and complain about evil voice).

The only reason that the content on any of the films that have been forged is a "cliché" because it is horrible and painful lack of originality on the screen writers and filmmakers (such as those responsible for this piece of trash) to parody relentlessly and without end.

Those responsible for this: I UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE NOT FUNNY AND you deserve to drink a tall glass of shame!
No. Just no. If you're thinking about being in the same city as this film, no. Do not do it. My friend held the remote control hostage and forced me to see it. Never get that time back. I wish I could get beaten on the back of the head and forget that ever created. Oh yes, it's that bad. To explain that it is even more terrible quality, the movie only makes allusions to other films retarded horrible. I felt like eating my own heart to stop it quickly. The only redeeming quality is something that the protagonist of black hair made me laugh. It's like a sponge wrapped around his head. Or even better, is like one quarter of African. But that's all. Hopefully that 10 could be a wide scale in order to give 1000000000000 a low rating.

Download My Big Fat Independent Movie
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