The Marksman

Download Marksman, The
(action, adventure, thriller)
Download Movie The MarksmanChechen rebels take over a Russian nuclear plant and it's up to a mysterious agent(Snipes) to stop them.


Wesley Snipes as Painter
Emma Samms as Amanda Jacks
William Hope as Johnathan Tensor
Anthony Warren as Naish
Peter Youngblood Hills as Hargreaves
Ryan McCluskey as Rodgers
Warren Derosa as Orin
Christiaan Haig as Hightop
Dan Badarau as Egor Zaysan
Serge Soric as Flintov
Gelu Nitu as Ivanov
Matt Salinger as General Parent
John Guerrasio as Secretary Cummings
Ian Ashpitel as Major Devro
Johnny Myers as Moffit
Marcus Adams

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