Download Candy
Download Movie CandyThis story is a narration from an Australian man who falls in love with two kinds of Candy: a woman of the same name and heroin. The narrator changes from a smart-aleck to someone trying to find a vein to inject, while Candy changes from an actress, call girl, streetwalker, and then a madwoman. Starting in Sydney, the two eventually end up in Melbourne to go clean, but they fail. This leads them to turn to finding money and heroin, while other posessions and attachments become unimportant.


Abbie Cornish as Candy
Heath Ledger as Dan
Geoffrey Rush as Casper
Tom Budge as Schumann
Roberto Meza-Mont as Jorge
Tony Martin as Jim Wyatt
Noni Hazlehurst as Elaine Wyatt
Holly Austin as Sunglasses Shop Assistant
Craig Moraghan as Washing Machine Dealer
John Lee as Hock Shop Man
Noel Herriman as Celebrant
Tim McKenzie as Uncle Rod
Tara Morice as Aunt Katherine
Maddi Newling as Janey
Patricia Lemon as Wedding Guest
Neil Armfield

This is a brilliant film with a great script, pending
consummate acting and directing.

Is dark but wonderfully romantic. Most importantly, it is true.
This is an Australian 'Requiem for a Dream, "but with much greater depth.

May not be commercial, but who traditionally would have thought
a movie about two gay cowboys would be?

I say well done to producers and the entire team for their work. I
also say that this has inspired me to look at the theater Australian
Directors of future features.

PS. Abbie and Heath were seamless. So good to see how these two talents
Working together and come back to Australia.

CEO David Steinhoff presence movies Sydney Australia
Saw this last night in the Grand Union Tuggerah. There were about 10 of
We, and only 3 of us loved .. But to put it in perspective,
others were more interested in seeing Click and The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift

I thought it was a good film, but lacked deep in some places
character. Heath Ledger was good, but it's really Abbie Cornish (so
Exceptional also in Somersault) and Geoffrey Rush, which
earrings. Abbie Cornish is unbelievable as Candy, who really lives and breathes
paper, except for the last scene, where his thinking
Character reality does not match the emotion shown by Heath Ledger's
Character. To Heath scene of the best for me, how much he could
Retratar emotion without saying anything at all.

Tony Martin and Noni Hazelhurst were good in his time on the small screen
, but once again, the breakdown of the relationship between Candy and her mother
It was not really explored, not really help when she goes off in
His mom and she starts screaming for ruining his life ..

Great direction of Neil Armfield and this was really a film about
Heath and Abbie characters and drug dependency itself
Throughout his ordeal. Some of the things they do to get drugs and
The money to buy drugs is shocking, but they only need to
Get ways and means of achieving "a solution".

As good as this movie was, if you liked Candy, please take time to see
previous film in Australia a few years ago called The Head of Anna
Kikkonos (I that's his name). By Alex Dimitraides stars and is a lot better
exploration of the drug scene.

General Candy is a worthy addition to the local and Australian cinema
I am glad to have been able to enjoy this movie. Definitely worth seeking
performances by Abbie Cornish, Geoffrey Rush and Heath Ledger

Download Candy
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Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Download Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
(adventure, animation, comedy, family)
Download Movie Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-RabbitIt's 'vege-mania' in Wallace and Gromit's neighborhood, and our two enterprising chums are cashing in with their humane pest-control outfit, "Anti-Pesto." With only days to go before the annual Giant Vegetable Competition, business is booming, but Wallace & Gromit are finding out that running a "humane" pest control outfit has its drawbacks as their West Wallaby Street home fills to the brim with captive rabbits. Suddenly, a huge, mysterious, veg-ravaging "beast" begins attacking the town's sacred vegetable plots at night, and the competition hostess, Lady Tottington, commissions Anti-Pesto to catch it and save the day. Lying in wait, however, is Lady Tottington's snobby suitor, Victor Quartermaine, who'd rather shoot the beast and secure the position of local hero-not to mention Lady Tottingon's hand in marriage. With the fate of the competition in the balance, Lady Tottington is eventually forced to allow Victor to hunt down the vegetable chomping marauder. Little does she know that Victor's real intent could have dire consequences for her ...and our two heroes.


Peter Sallis as Wallace/Hutch
Ralph Fiennes as Victor Quartermaine
Helena Bonham Carter as Lady Campanula Tottington
Peter Kay as PC Mackintosh
Nicholas Smith as Reverend Clement Hedges
Liz Smith as Mrs. Mulch
John Thomson as Mr. Windfall
Mark Gatiss as Miss Blight
Vincent Ebrahim as Mr. Caliche
Geraldine McEwan as Miss Thripp
Edward Kelsey as Mr. Growbag
Dicken Ashworth as Mr. Mulch
Robert Horvath as Mr. Dibber
Pete Atkin as Mr. Crock
Noni Lewis as Mrs. Girdling
Steve Box
Nick Park

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Download Serenity
(action, adventure, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie SerenityThe crew of the Serenity is getting desperate. They have lain lower and lower to protect their doctor, Simon Tam (Sean Maher), and his telepathic traumatized little sister, River (Summer Glau), from the alliance, whom he rescued her from a year earlier. This has made getting jobs harder and now they are desperate. When they take River on a robbery during which Reavers (humans who have gone crazy and turned into cannibals) attack, Simon decides that its time to leave the crew of the Serenity for his and River's safety. She then mutters "Miranda" and goes berserk and nearly shoots Capt. Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), until her brother says the safety word to put her to sleep. Reynolds decides to take them back on board for safety, only now an alliance operative (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is on their tracks and making Reynolds determined to find out what "Miranda" is and what the Alliance is hiding.


Nathan Fillion as Mal
Gina Torres as Zoe
Alan Tudyk as Wash
Morena Baccarin as Inara
Adam Baldwin as Jayne
Jewel Staite as Kaylee
Sean Maher as Simon
Summer Glau as River
Ron Glass as Shepherd Book
Chiwetel Ejiofor as The Operative
David Krumholtz as Mr. Universe
Michael Hitchcock as Dr. Mathias
Sarah Paulson as Dr. Caron
Yan Feldman as Mingo
Rafael Feldman as Fanty
Joss Whedon

I have seen this movie twice in a preview of exams in May and June, and I can
not emphasize enough how gratifying it is to see this movie more than once
. The first is perhaps through an amazing journey that is
Unable to absorb everything up. Subsequent viewings really give
Any new levels of recognition. There is SO much going on here, and
is incredibly good.

There has never been a film quite like this. It defies easy categorization
gender, and has many beautiful moments, comic moments, and
Fantastic action sequences that has come to appeal to a much broader
Only a scifi "public. It really gives an important message
while being enormously entertaining - a rare feat.

Joss Whedon has produced one of its smallest, most of the scripts
never masterly, and its direction is masterful. For example, which exceeds even
Some of his own legend "one-two" of Buffy and Angel in the
introductory sequence on the ship.

Addition, the actors are talented and damn pretty to boot.
*** *** NO SPOILERS I saw the film at a sneak preview of Houston, Texas in
6/23/05. I was happy to be doing more of these characters
And this configuration.

Visually, it is impressive. The additional budget for the purpose was well spent.
The characters and their relationships are recognizable, but that
Been changes in the program. I think this is necessary within the
Theater, and part of an evolution of the television show to the big screen (the
The film takes place 6 months after the last episode, "Objects in Space") .
Things have changed.

There is a higher level of action and violence in this (duh, it's a film, not
on television), and we have some major revelations about the world (
Some who saw me and dislikes). There are some MAJOR
events which affect the characters, and I was not entirely happy with them
- Conmocionado is the word. But this is the world Joss, and his characters,
And he tells the stories he wants to say. He does not get tied
Herir our feelings, which only tells things as they are. I think he did say
this was the hardest thing that he had to write.

At least one person in our selection was a "Firefly virgin," and he says that
liked. I hope that people who have no exposure to the sample
may see and enjoy this. Our great heroes come across
So damn, and I hope that this will get some well-deserved exposure. This is a non-
has banned big-time action / adventure sci-fi story, bold and
Oil, and in a world unlike what has been described before in SF (well, except
of the "Firefly"). And I hope that makes it very, very well, and we
Come to see the aftermath.

Download Serenity
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Download Magnolia
Download Movie MagnoliaMagnolia is the study of nine lives in one day in San Fernando Valley, California. These nine lives all connect and revolve around the game show "What Do Kids Know?"(WDKK), where a team of three kids play against adults and everytime the show is on, there is a new team of adults and the kids remain; if they won the previous game. Earl Partridge (the late Jason Robards) produced "WDKK" when it was first on in the late 60s. He is dying of brain and lung cancer and is being taken care of by Phil Parma (Philip Seymour Hoffman), a male nurse. Linda, Earl's trophy wife (Julianne Moore) starts to fall in love with Earl for real, despite her cheating. Earl, rapidly dying on his bed, asks Phil to find his estranged son, Frank T.J. Mackey (Tom Cruise), who grew up hating Earl and now runs a seminar for single men, which teaches them how to seduce a woman and leave her... The host of "WDKK", Jimmy Gator (Philip Baker Hall), is also dying, but not as rapidly as Earl. He has a very rocky relationship with his daughter Claudia (Melora Waters), who sniffs crack 24/7 and accuses her father of sexually molesting her. Police Officer Jim (John C. Reilly) goes to Claudia's house after getting called about a disturbance. He falls in love with her right away... Stanley Specter (Jeremy Blackman) is a contestant on "WDKK", who is a genius and is being used by his father to make money. If Stanley and his team keep winning, they will set a record on the show and get tons of money. The record Stanley is trying to beat is the 1968 record set by Donnie Smith (William H. Macy), who had the exact same childhood when he was on the show and has now grown up to be a pathetic loser. He's been recently fired from his job, and is trying to find his way into happiness...


Tom Cruise as Frank T.J. Mackey
Pat Healy as Sir Edmund William Godfrey
Julianne Moore as Linda Partridge
Genevieve Zweig as Mrs. Godfrey
Mark Flannagan as Joseph Green
William H. Macy as Quiz Kid Donnie Smith
Neil Flynn as Daniel Hill
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Phil Parma
Rod McLachlan as Stanley Berry
Allan Graf as Firefighter
Melora Walters as Claudia Wilson Gator
Philip Baker Hall as Jimmy Gator
Patton Oswalt as Delmer Darion
Jeremy Blackman as Stanley Spector
Raymond 'Big Guy' Gonzales as Reno Security Guard
Paul Thomas Anderson

Magnolia is a film of epic proportions. A film that is our generation.
This is real life, real people and real matches. These things
Occur, this is happening as Stanley says Spector. Magnolia is so perfect
A film as can be seen these days. P.T. 'S camera acts as the protagonist,
Issued and the set is one of the strongest in the history of cinema. He said in 24 Hours
created by a prologue and ends with a beautiful
Epilogue, Magnolia finds beauty in the darkness of life. The redemption
dirt of life sometimes brings. It shows us that we are all
Connected through the pain and suffering and sin, and yet does not give us
this pessimistic view. Certain films can not be described, which should be
having regard and the entire world should see this masterpiece!
I remember being startled when I saw "Magnolia" again in 1999. I enjoyed
fund and I sang its praises to PT Anderson. We are now in 2007 - two
On New Year's Day - and I decided to see "Magnolia" again with a pair
people who were seeing for the first time. Shocking
really. The shine is still there but could not help seeing
Through him. Everything has been so damned smart ass calculated that his phoniness
It took over my senses. Only Philip Seymour Hoffman's performance made me
"Feeling" something. When I was with him I was somewhere and Tom Cruise is
fun to watch. Julianne Moore is unbearable and drag the entire movie
, for the time being, in turn, predictable predictable turn. The frogs are
Wonderful, but frogs are just pouring over the valley.
I will see you again in another six years and let's see what happens. I think that Mr
Anderson, if you forgive the impertinence, you need a dose of humility.
Talent has, in huge quantities.

Download Magnolia
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5. Blue Cheer - Outsideinside - Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger
6. Bury Your Dead - Alive - Magnolia
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Mamma Roma

Download Mamma Roma
Download Movie Mamma RomaMamma Roma is a middle-aged whore of Roma. Now she can quit her job to become a fruit seller. And she can take back her 16-year-old son, Ettore. For him, she dreams of a good position. But it is perhaps too late for Ettore, whose company includes mostly teenaged louts...


Anna Magnani as Mamma Roma
Ettore Garofolo as Ettore
Franco Citti as Carmine
Silvana Corsini as Bruna
Luisa Loiano as Biancofiore
Paolo Volponi as Il Prete (Priest)
Luciano Gonini as Zacaria
Vittorio La Paglia as Il sig. Pellissier
Piero Morgia as Piero
Lanfranco Ceccarelli as Carletto
Marcello Sorrentino as Tonino
Sandro Meschino as Pasquale
Franco Tovo as Augusto
Pasquale Ferrarese as Lino
Leandro Santarelli as Begalo
Pier Paolo Pasolini

Strong and tragic film with a surprising Anna Magnani as the broken down
Women who struggle for a decent life in the poor neighbourhood of Rome. Inflexible
social realism and nobody can use music as Pasolini
As the ensuing commentary on the themes in the film. In his films the
Music is not isolated from the scene specific, but always to the film as
A hole. He does this in a way so that the viewer is forced
In the film and becomes an "active" participant in the action. It
characteristic of the Italian films in general, but succeeded Pasolini
this in the most painful and hypnotic. Perhaps with a tendency towards
rhetoric, but that does not weaken the film. This is a
After many years of working in the streets of Rome, the average age whore
Mamma Roma (Anna Magnani), save money to buy an apartment in upper class,
A fruit stand and withdrew from prostitution. She brings her teenage son
Ettore (Ettore Garofolo), which rose only in the country,
Living with her, and Ettore became his pride and joy. However, the boy
not wish to study or work, joins the idle friends, has a crush
On a bitch, and Mamma Roma uses its best efforts, but merely
Ettore straight and make him an honest man. However, his past haunts
With its tragic consequences.

"Mamma Roma", the second film by Pier Paolo Pasolini, is a
Impressive, cruel, moving, realistic and fascinating drama. Anna Magnani has
An impressive performance in the role of mother of a small trying to live an honest life
and give the best for their child. Franco Citti has a short,
Fantasy, but also acting in the role of a nasty pimp. At a time when
Hollywoodian fairy world prevails in the majority of cinemas around the world
And rents, it is good to revisit the real world in this unforgettable
Gema. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Mamma Roma"

Download Mamma Roma
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Download Scarface
(action, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie ScarfaceWhen Castro opened the port at Mariel Harbor, thousands of Cubans fled to the United States. One is a young tough named Antonio (Tony) Montana, who, with his friend Manny Ray, starts in with Miami's cocaine trade. He survives attack by chainsaw after a deal goes bad, and several other attempts by other dealers to eliminate him. Eventually the grandiose Montana becomes head of a cocaine cartel. But his enemies start coming after him, and his paranoia threatens to drive Montana's empire into the ground...


Al Pacino as Tony Montana
Steven Bauer as Manny Ribera
Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Gina
Robert Loggia as Frank Lopez
Miriam Colon as Mama Montana
F. Murray Abraham as Omar Suarez
Paul Shenar as Alejandro Sosa
Harris Yulin as Mel Bernstein
??ngel Salazar as Chi Chi
Arnaldo Santana as Ernie
Pepe Serna as Angel
Michael P. Moran as Nick The Pig
Al Israel as Hector The Toad
Dennis Holahan as Banker
Brian De Palma

I am enjoying this movie, when I watch. Well, perhaps
is enjoying a bit of a verb strange when you think of
The story, its characters, the amount of violence and
Of course, the f-bomb that fell around 15000 times.

I like Pacino in this film. He shows us the violent
Ira non saw in Michael Corleone. We Michael
I would say, "Do not hate your enemies, clouds your judgement," Tony Montana
to death throughout the world. Now granted,
are moments in his performance ... Or in the script where
You have to laugh. The interrogation scene at the beginning
movie is a good example. When asked where he came
that the scar on his cheek ... Well, I can not write what
He says in the regular version, but I will tell you that in the edited version in
TNT, which was "eating apples pine."

There is a great performance by Robert Loggia. He is
The only character who really believes in the film. Frank
was a businessman, not a murderer. All they wanted was the money.
Greed killed him, as it has killed many people. I enjoyed
The address Loggia was with Frank. It has taken more than
His recent work and has made a Hollywood Loggia
Enduring should support the players.

Brian DePalma adds his usual mixture of violence, but
It seemed that for once, he is trying to make his own film.
Not borrowed. No guessing games about who stole this
Despite that desparramó for the content of the film, it is a new
Starting his career taking off, but it was really
"The Untouchables", which made me feel what a serious director.
This is one of my favorites of all time.

If the film has a flaw, is that it comes at you like a raging bull.
Not so with the participation of the viewer as he assault. Scarface''''es
Voraz as inflexible and production as Tony Montana himself.
Nothing is left to the imagination of the viewer.

Moroder's languorous synthpop action suits to a tee. Like the chorus in a Greek tragedy
, wails and gnashes, breeds and tugboats, a constant reminder
Tony's inexorable fate.

Not so much a tale of caution as a disaster in progress,''Scarface''
Rasgaduras across the screen with the unstoppable force of a runaway train.

Download Scarface
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Mystic River

Download Mystic River
(crime, drama, mystery)
Download Movie Mystic RiverSummer, 1975: in a tight blue-collar Boston neighborhood, three kids are playing when one is abducted and sexually abused for several days. Jump ahead: the victim, Dave, is haunted by memories and protective of his own son. Jimmy's an ex-con, father of three. Sean is a homicide detective, estranged from his pregnant wife. When Jimmy's teen daughter dies, Sean investigates, Dave's a suspect, and Jimmy vows to find the killer before the cops. The dead girl has a boyfriend whose long-missing father has a history with Jimmy. The boyfriend's a suspect, and when ballistics turns up a link to a gun owned by the young man's father, the case breaks. In the background, wives move events along.


Sean Penn as Jimmy Markum
Tim Robbins as Dave Boyle
Kevin Bacon as Sean Devine
Laurence Fishburne as Sgt. Whitey Powers
Marcia Gay Harden as Celeste Boyle
Laura Linney as Annabeth Markum
Kevin Chapman as Val Savage
Tom Guiry as Brendan Harris
Emmy Rossum as Katie Markum
Spencer Treat Clark as Silent Ray Harris
Andrew Mackin as John O'Shea
Adam Nelson as Nick Savage
Robert Wahlberg as Kevin Savage
Jenny O'Hara as Esther Harris
John Doman as Driver
Clint Eastwood

As children Jimmy, Dave and Sean are all good friends until one day when
Dave is abducted by men pretending to be the police. He escapes after days
abuse, but is marked for life. Years later was married, but remains a mixed
Little Jimmy is an ex-con and Sean is a police officer. When Jimmy
daughter is murdered, which seeks revenge - either through
His own path or Sean work of the police. The three old friends are brought
together in a variety of ways.

Had heard mixed things about this movie before I saw, but what I wanted to see
the strength of the cast and the names of the director. The story begins
With a horrific scene of the kidnapping that, while far from a graph, is a sense
Aprensión about what is very aggravating. After that the film jumps
Forward and led us on a novel that deals with the past and
how it affects our lives today. Connections are sometimes very badly
Issued - for example, the whole matter concerning women Sean is only
And there are never really understood in the context of the film. Likewise a
Many of the other connections appear to be an afterthought to the main
detective story - I have not read the book but I got the impression a lot of
had been crammed into a short period of time with mixed results.

The end of the film itself exposes the uncertainty that mixes themes.
Jimmy wife's speech, which is misleading in its intention, the reaction of Sean (both conversation and `Happy
finger gun" gesture) is inexplicable - the end
seemed to wipe clean the lives of these two characters, although
And despite the loss of the wife of Dave is shocking in the way they are portrayed. When the film is stronger
is on the characters - that keep the story moving and
A good mix of personalities. Sean is the least well explained, but remains
A good solid character when it ignores its sub.

Type Bacon is the main character of the three because it is the engine of
Research, is given good support by Fishburne - I could see how
Stop Morpheus after about 5 minutes. Penn is a great actor but
It is not a big fan of "everything in moderation" and to be very hammy
Times. At one point in the film that is surrounded by a group of policemen
And howler to the moon with pain - if you get the DVD and freezeframe
You can see clearly that Penn twins shirt bits are real bacon
Because he is just a big piece of ham! For most of the film is
really very good, but at crucial moments steps up too. Much
Best because of his underplaying, is Robbins. His character is much more
Difficult and I suspect that will receive less than this is a
Nominated for best actor. Of the women, the highlight Harden.
Although his character is a bit difficult to understand in terms of motivation, they
The performance is powerful. Linney is good, but it has less to do
until near the end.

The location is very strong - full of majesty and sweeps nice shots. The
The music is a bit overwrought, as if the film needs the music to make
Emotional working for it. One thing that bothers me is that Eastwood
Clearly, what he considers his next Oscar - is a worthy, films and depressing
is filled with worthy / grand shooting with intent to be worthy enough for < br> Oscar. I have the feeling that his heart was as much to reach
Oscar as it was to make a movie for its own sake.

In general this is a quality film, but it's a film of poor quality. It aims
much - but much of what he wants is just out of reach. It is worth
see as a good film driven by big characters painted by
very good actors.
Twenty years ago, children Markun Jimmy, Sean Devine and Dave Boyle is
Neighbors and friends, playing hockey in the street. One day, Dave was abducted
For two men, being sexually abused, but escapes from them four days later. In
today, each followed by a way in his life:
Jimmy (Sean Penn) is married to Annabeth Markum (Laura Linney), has three
Daughters and has a small business. Sean (Kevin Bacon) is a detective, and
His pregnant woman left him six months ago. His companion is the detective
Whitey Powers (Laurence Fishburne). And Dave (Tim Robbins) is a traumatized
Male, married to Celeste Boyle (Marcia Gay Harden), and have a child.
When the daughter of nineteen years of Jimmy Markum Katie (Emmy Rossum),
is found dead in the neighborhood, the three friends in childhood meet each
Again, in the murder investigation. A tragic event that happened in
the conclusion of this investigation. This film is excellent. Yesterday
Seen on DVD and I have been impressed with the direction of Clint Eastwood and
The performance of the cast. It is almost impossible to highlight an actor or actress
, but I was surprised with the performance of Sean Penn. This is a
film based on the act, and not the special effects, firing or
race cars. I was very impressed, as the tragic story of the loss of youth
is very real, full of human failings, the riots, prejudice and the trials.
The fate of this film in the future can be considered a
Contemporary Classic. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "On Meninos e Lobos' (` On children and wolves')

Download Mystic River
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4. New Age - Various Artists - Spirit Of The Andes - Mystic River (Primal Instinct)
5. Primal Instinct: Alexander B.. - Heart of the Rainforest - Mystic River
6. Various Artists - Spirit of the Andes - Mystic River - Primal Instinct
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Download Heat
(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie HeatNeil McCauley is a thief... an expert thief... one of the best. His philosophy in life - become attached to nothing in life that you can't walk away from if the "Heat" is on. His crew of criminals is a high-tech outfit pulling off professional jobs that impress even the likes of Detective Vincent Hanna. But Hanna, a man driven through life only by his work, becomes obsessed, at the expense of his private life, with bringing McCauley down. As McCauley's crew prepare for the score of a lifetime, and Hanna's team tries to bring him in, the two find that they are challenged by the greatest minds on the opposite side of the law that either one has ever encountered.


Al Pacino as Lt. Vincent Hanna
Robert De Niro as Neil McCauley
Val Kilmer as Chris Shiherlis
Jon Voight as Nate
Tom Sizemore as Michael Cheritto
Diane Venora as Justine Hanna
Amy Brenneman as Eady
Ashley Judd as Charlene Shiherlis
Mykelti Williamson as Sergeant Drucker
Wes Studi as Detective Casals
Ted Levine as Bosko
Dennis Haysbert as Donald Breedan
William Fichtner as Roger Van Zant
Natalie Portman as Lauren Gustafson
Tom Noonan as Kelso
Michael Mann

Heat is an artist of the police and robbers tale that shows the two sides of the law
In exquisite detail. Strong performances by Pacino and DeNiro (the scene
sitting across the table from each other is perhaps the most
5 Memorable minutes in the history of cinema). Excellent cinematography and perhaps
The best shooting (if not one of the most intense) since Hard Boiled. More

the value of 3 hours or so.

Download Heat
See also: Crime: Shaft

See also: Al Pacino in Godfather, The

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Big Fish

Download Big Fish
(adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy)
Download Movie Big FishThe story revolves around a dying father and his son, who is trying to learn more about his dad by piecing together the stories he has gathered over the years. The son winds up re-creating his father's elusive life in a series of legends and myths inspired by the few facts he knows. Through these tales, the son begins to understand his father's great feats and his great failings.


Ewan McGregor as Ed Bloom (Young)
Albert Finney as Ed Bloom (Senior)
Billy Crudup as Will Bloom
Jessica Lange as Sandra Bloom (Senior)
Helena Bonham Carter as Jenny (Young & Senior) & The Witch
Alison Lohman as Sandra Bloom (Young)
Robert Guillaume as Dr. Bennett (Senior)
Marion Cotillard as Josephine
Matthew McGrory as Karl the Giant
David Denman as Don Price (Age 18-22)
Missi Pyle as Mildred
Loudon Wainwright III as Beamen
Ada Tai as Ping
Arlene Tai as Jing
Steve Buscemi as Norther Winslow
Tim Burton

What can we say about this movie?

I am at a total loss to describe it. The concept itself, a child tries
Reaching an agreement with his dying father that he knows nothing about, but a
Huge catalogue of incredible stories, does not sound very promising.
It sounds like a tired old formula, and I hoped that began when the rental


Werewolves, giants, witches, siamese twins, bank robbers, hidden cities,
Sirens, etc. are all present in the imagination, but unremarkably
seem to be part of life a salesman otherwise ordinary. If
actually are or not is never completely clear, but this is the

Once read a review by Harlan Ellison, in which the main point is how a
So he told the truth lie illuminates much better than a simple clarity of the facts
Recitación never can. At one point in the film, the search
remarks to his son who is bedridden father heard all their stories
Thousands of times, and have an idea of knowing that his father really is. The
Father of the answer is, `I have never been anyone but myself from the day I was born.
If you do not know who I am, which is failing, not mine. "Later
investigators that point clearer. I bet Ellison loved this movie. It is a special

Do I like the film? You bet. Tim Burton is the best job without hesitation.
Is it for everyone? Probably not. Many will be confused and
Useless, but good, as it is fantasy. All I can say is, relax and let
happen. There you may win.
Tim Burton continues to prove its maturity as a director
Despite having a soft spot for the fantastic and strange.

It is probably not a surprise that this film would generally
Mixed-to-good reviews, but it is virtually ignored by the Academy. It is a
Visually too eccentric for his own good and that somehow
It translates as a film that uses beautiful images and the media tell a
History, which in 2003 was not the type movies that
was told, with the exception of THE LORD OF RINGS, which in itself is a
Triumph of the effects serving a story, albeit deeply entrenched in the fantasy,
But not too different from this one.

Tall tales are part of Americana. Here are coming under the pretext of
Hilarious situations and extremely poignant, compassionate moments.
In essence, this is a humanist fable dressed deep poetic
magic realism, because it is the story of a man who is dying and having a
Last thing to do.

This man is Ed Bloom (Albert Finney), which has become over the years
Remote his son William (Billy Crudup), because William has ever obtained
Jaded Higher Ed tells these stories over and over again
. We can call syndrome someone who has lost touch with his inner self
and has accommodated itself to the rules of
society and what is considered "normal" and "acceptable".

In his last days he recalls his memories of his much younger days
(Interpreted by Ewan McGregor), when he had not found his vocation until
Met with a witch ( Helena Bonham Carter), who predicted his future.
Since then had what might be called a "hell of a life" from
seems implausible adventure to another. These stories exaggerated
Infuriates William until a crucial event is compelled to recognize the
Essence of the issue - Ed Bloom reality - and an overwhelming
tour de force of direction, William (grotesquely at first, but then more
insurance itself) creates its own story, which I will not talk about
. Suffice it to say that the transition is in reality is one of the most beautiful and
motion sequences I have ever seen.

This is by far one of the best films of Tim Burton has done in his
Offbeat curriculum films. Solid performances are by leaps and bounds
key players to the minor players - the sad
expression of a circus clown who has to shoot Ed because the wolf is about to kill is really disturbing
Amos Calloway is a shot, for example. Jessica Lange's
Quiet scene in the bathtub full of water, hugs and tears Ed.
Alison Lohman trapped in a frozen moment of time, thereby increasing its
Beauty. The time it enacts William return to their own history and "leads"
Ed outside the hospital, which segues into the other world, emotional
Clímax. A beautiful ensemble piece, with images of another world, it is only second to
LORD OF THE RINGS, a distant cousin, on the absolute beauty
And the simplicity of its message.

Download Big Fish
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See also: Ewan McGregor in Valiant

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5. Fabric - Fabriclive 01 - James Lavelle - Altitude – Night Stalker (Meat Katie Remix) - UK Bonzai / Big Fish
6. Fabric - Fabriclive 02 - Ali B - Gyromancer (Big Fish Music) (Pmt)
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Download Shrek
(adventure, animation, comedy, family, fantasy, romance)
Download Movie ShrekShrek is a big ogre who lives alone in the woods, feared from all the people in the land of Duloc. When Lord Farquaad, the ruler of Duloc, exiles all the fairy-tale beings in the woods, Shrek looses his peaceful life and his home becomes a refugees camp. So, he sets to find Lord Farquaad and convince him to take the fairy-tale beings back where they belong, and leave him alone. Lord Farquaad accepts, under one condition. Shrek must first go and find the beautiful young princess Fiona, who will become Farquaad's bride. So, the big Ogre begins his quest, along with his newfound donkey friend...


Mike Myers as Shrek/Blind Mouse
Eddie Murphy as Donkey
Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona
John Lithgow as Lord Farquaad
Vincent Cassel as Monsieur Hood
Peter Dennis as Ogre Hunter
Clive Pearse as Ogre Hunter
Jim Cummings as Captain of Guards
Bobby Block as Baby Bear
Chris Miller as Geppetto/Magic Mirror
Cody Cameron as Pinocchio/Three Pigs
Kathleen Freeman as Old Woman
Michael Galasso as Peter Pan
Christopher Knights as Blind Mouse/Thelonious
Simon J. Smith as Blind Mouse
Andrew Adamson
Vicky Jenson

Shrek is a film like no other. It is only in its appeal to the people

All ages and in his presentation of comedy, romance, history and creative
line. Shrek is a delightful comedy about an ogre crude, energetic
Princess, a donkey and an ingenious uptight ruler. The film has a
History of the line, following the path of an ogre initially capricious as he discovers
friendship and love to all in the face of hysterical comedy. The story line is

Layers of different levels of understanding, is a pleasant film for
People of all ages. A tool Shrek intelligent use humor to the public is
Spoof other fairy tales. In one scene, Princess Fiona singing causes
Bluebird to explode. And in another scene, the description of the Magic Mirror
Snow White is "She can live with seven men, but do not be fooled, she is
It is not easy. "While these lines subtle comic entertain adults, is the
Humor, as the opening of the film with the ogre sitting in a swamp
" Farting, "
amuses children. The amazing cast of Shrek, Eddie Murphy
including Mike Myers does a great job of living up to their expectations comical.
Shrek has something for everyone, is a great story that is animated
Wonderful for adults and children alike.
Never the bar too high for children or adults because animated films that never seems
can enter them. Go to adults because their animated films
And children complain of noise and drag them to see it with them. Meanwhile, the
Father is stuck there trying to see the film, but could not because all
children are asleep, whether or screaming their lungs and the father only
wants to go see the new action film playing next to the hotel. It is a waste
$ 7.00, I know. However, Shrek was a real gift to go to and is understood by
Crowd older.

Stories of our parents bedtime used children as we say and we
Skip to ours is retold to please crowd much older who grew up with these
stories. It is a parody of fairy tales that we all know.
However, this story has a wonderful touch to it. There's no prince charming
And there is no pre-night to save the day. Shrek is a ogar, which must
princesses rescue so that it can return to their land of the stories that have exceeded

Mike Myers is witty and brilliant as the voice of Shrek. He allows that the role
Shrek to come alive. This probably has to be one of Mike Myers' best
Movies, and the greatness of a voice work as an entertainer is that you
not have to spend three hours in makeup and another hour or so at < br> Cloakroom. You can just get up at six o 'clock in the morning to go to her and say
Lines exit.

The other great thing about this movie is that spoofs of movies such as The Matrix and
almost any fairy tale ever made. However, as original

Eddie Murphy steals the screen as the donkey talking about. Apparently, everything
his mouth is wittier and wittier throughout the film. He
Light up the screen with a zany performance.

Cameron Diaz shines as princesses. She enlightens us with his ingenious
Charm and surprising outbursts. John Lithgow plays the devious prince who
Send Shrek in the quest to save the princess. For some reason John Lithgow
seems to have an incredible voice and talent. Overall I liked
The film and would give him a 7. If you liked the movie
I suggest watching There's Something About Mary, Wayne's World and Austin Powers

Download Shrek
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See also Adventure Cutthroat Island

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Download Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
(action, adventure, comedy, fantasy)
Download Movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlThis swash-buckling tale follows the quest of Captain Jack Sparrow, a savvy pirate, and Will Turner, a resourceful blacksmith, as they search for Elizabeth Swann. Elizabeth, the daughter of the governor and the love of Will's life, has been kidnapped by the feared Captain Barbossa. Little do they know, but the fierce and clever Barbossa has been cursed. He, along with his large crew, are under an ancient curse, doomed for eternity to neither live, nor die. That is, unless a blood sacrifice is made. Full of edge-of-the-seat action and swashbuckling adventures, this is a movie you won't want to miss!


Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa
Orlando Bloom as Will Turner
Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann
Jack Davenport as Norrington
Jonathan Pryce as Governor Weatherby Swann
Lee Arenberg as Pintel
Mackenzie Crook as Ragetti
Damian O'Hare as Lt. Gillette
Giles New as Murtogg
Angus Barnett as Mullroy
David Bailie as Cotton
Michael Berry Jr. as Twigg
Isaac C. Singleton Jr. as Bo'sun
Kevin McNally as Joshamee Gibbs
Gore Verbinski

Although I had expectations (watch the trailer)
that this could be a good film, I am surprised that it is still as good as it is
. The story is really more complex than I expected, with the participation of
Damn pirates and their struggle to get rid of the curse.
I will not say more than that so as not to spoil if they have not seen.

There are not many action scenes as I thought it would be like a
Pirated movies, but those in the film are a lot of fun and
Pleasant. After seeing him, I think he had the right balance of action
And the drama. There are also, of course, a lot of funny bits interspersed
Between action and the drama. Some really good special effects
also add to the enjoyment of this film.

I was not much of a fan of Johnny Depp until I saw this movie. I think
He deserves to win the Academy Award for best actor. It is largely
Because of his performance, IMO, that the movie was so good. Most
Support for the foundry did well, mind you, only that it was Johnny Depp
Very above the rest. I find Orlando Bloom, the performance of a little
wood, but other than that it was good acting.

Ultimately, it's a very funny movie and it had to give about 8 out of 10
Despite being riddled with technical errors, as the longest of the full Moon
in history, the first Disney film PG is not proving to be a financial
Profit at the same time collecting comments from critics
That ranges from red hot to lukewarm. I totally agree with Roger Ebert
on one point: At some 143 minutes on this tour de force there
Acecha a very good movie ninety minutes.

Aside from Johnny Depp, that his style personality of the character (and
Eye Makeup?) After the comments of his good friend Keith Richards
Rolling Stones, the cast 'Pirates' reads like a Who's Who of
English film actors, including Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Jack
Davenport and Mackenzie Crook.

When screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio originally launched the
movie to the Disney executives in the early 90's, Disney rejected.
Not only makes one wonder who is running the Disney empire.
Universal Studios has been the combination of action / adventure with the theme park movies
Walking for more than two decades (ET, Jurassic Park, Jaws, and return to the Future
to name a few) only in the reverse order of the first film, then the
Walk. This combination has worked well for Universal, and
seems almost absurd that Disney has taken so long to pick up on the obvious.

Three things I liked in particular about this film. Suffice it to say Johnny Depp
three times. His character Jack Sparrow redefines the term
Swashbuckler. Not since William Hurt in the performance of the children in a Juvenile
God, and to a lesser degree slightly Kevin Costner at JFK,
has an actor so resonant stolen the show. If you do not like
Johnny Depp, "Pirates" is not for you. If it does as Mr Depp (
Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood), can enjoy 'Pirates'.

This is not to say that Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush were less than
Fantastic. Rush made a charming villain as Captain Barbossa, and
Orlando Bloom performance brought charisma and not limited to a role
As Will Turner. Expect nothing but good things about this young actor in

Consider the plot. This will be a brief paragraph in time for
Sword fights not make a film. The opening scenes show a young
starwarsgirl on a ship at sea. A young Will Turner floating in a raft
, unconscious, wearing a gold medallion round her neck. Elizabeth
hides the medallion so that nobody else knows it is a young Will
Pirate. Years later, the pirates come to Port Royal in the search for gold and
piece kidnap the governor's daughter Elizabeth (Kiera Knightly
), now all adults. The fact that it also has the medallion
are seeking is only one of the fortunate things is going to happen
If it is a good pirate who eats well and keeps in shape. Captain Jack Sparrow
appears almost at the same time and he and Will
ship of the Royal Navy to hunt pirates, except Elizabeth, and add
Some of adventure to their lives otherwise bleak. Swordfight, swordfight,
Swordfight, and that's it. Let's say that
Pirates of the Caribbean has all the plots of an amusement park ride and leave it at

Some predictions may be in order, however. Look for an Oscar Nomination
the efforts of Depp. Look for the nomination and for the sound,
scenery, makeup and cinematography. As far as best picture? Alongside
Lord of the Rings (Return of the King)? Not likely.

Director Gore Verbinski, who used to play in a punk rock band and is
Best known for creating the Budweiser frogs, does an excellent job
Making the tracking of thousands details necessary for a director, given his experience
limited. True, 'Pirates' had countless mistakes in continuity,
But those in any movie of this magnitude. Mr. Verbinski has only four
Other films to its name: a short entitled The Ritual (1996), and then
Three very different, but effective films, Mouse Hunt (1997), The
Mexico (2001), and very creepy thriller The Ring (2002). Once again,
It makes one wonder who is in command of the USS
Disney to put $ 125 million into the film in the hands of a novice. Well, who worked with
Lord of the Rings and a very inexperienced Peter Jackson, and it worked for Disney
Here too.

'Pirates of the Caribbean' is a fun film for most of the family.
It can be rather afraid to children under ten and a little boring and
Many more than twenty-five. I enjoyed it immensely exactly what
... A fun ride.

Download Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
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Download Trainspotting
(comedy, crime, drama)
Download Movie TrainspottingA wild, freeform, Rabelaisian trip through the darkest recesses of Edinburgh low-life, focusing on Mark Renton and his attempt to give up his heroin habit, and how the latter affects his relationship with family and friends: Sean Connery wannabe Sick Boy, dimbulb Spud, psycho Begbie, 14-year-old girlfriend Diane, and clean-cut athlete Tommy, who's never touched drugs but can't help being curious about them...


Ewan McGregor as Renton
Ewen Bremner as Spud
Jonny Lee Miller as Sick Boy
Kevin McKidd as Tommy
Robert Carlyle as Begbie
Kelly Macdonald as Diane
Peter Mullan as Swanney
James Cosmo as Mr. Renton
Eileen Nicholas as Mrs. Renton
Susan Vidler as Allison
Pauline Lynch as Lizzy
Shirley Henderson as Gail
Stuart McQuarrie as Gavin/US Tourist
Irvine Welsh as Mikey Forrester
Dale Winton as Game Show Host
Danny Boyle

Following _Pulp Fiction_, much of the cinema of the 1990's
Prosperado to attempts to appear "edgy" in the construction
Independent Cinema, or simply to provide shock value empty cliches. And not always cinema
Near the great cunning of Tarantino's masterpiece.

_Trainspotting_, However, somehow achieves take
the excesses of the mid-90's and have risen far, far beyond the cliches film that could easily have been
become. A film that deals with any hot-button social issue can, and usually does
simply become a didactic piece of propaganda. Fortunately,
_Trainspotting_ is much more intelligent in its edginess and

To appreciate fully _Trainspotting_, the viewer must abandon any
Preconcebidas about what defines truly great film, because this movie
to Defy convention in almost all times. And with the rapid pace of its
That is a bit of ground to cover.

Although a large amount of brightness of the image is derived from director Danny Boyle
constant rejection of the typical techniques of cinema,
Satisfactory and _best_ aspect of _Trainspotting_ Boyle is that creates a

movie is neither pro-drug or anti-drug. Instead, it maintains a rare
Objectivity throughout the film, which represents this fascinating range of
Complex, characters beautifully acted with honesty that rarely
Captured in the film. And, given the life that each character lives, it
Incomprehensible that a director shall abstain from influencing the

Impressions Of the viewer in any way, and yet, that is exactly what makes Boyle.

Dialogue - or at least portions of the brogue-drenched dialogue
American viewers will understand - is alternately hilarious,
And brutal. And Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle and bring a
Notable compassion and depth of his portraits of characters who

could easily have fallen into cliche.

Despite its excellent brightness, _Trainspotting_ is not a film that's easy to watch
. The audience is bombarded with images that transcend
Visceral Pain in the horror - this film contains two of the most graphic,
Horribles scenes that I found. But surprisingly, none of these
Elements that are used merely for shock value. Although the viewer is
For some of the things that happen on screen - well documented dive in Scotland
vilest public bath, for example - that all those scenes in the
_perfect Sense_ context of a masterfully told

To all the subtlety of notification that also exists in _Trainspotting_
Repeat viewings are needed, especially to reduce some of the most Powerful

clashes ever so slightly, although its effects are never entirely lost. Some
images is likely to haunt even the most cynical, jaded viewer for

RATING: 10 out of 10. Never patronizing and completely unpretentious,
_Trainspotting_ is one of the most daring, unconventional films throughout the night.
Was inspired by a level of discomfort rivalizaba very few movies because, even
mostly graphics, Boyle never insult the viewer with a simple clash
Brillantemente acted, directed and written, with a truly rare objectivity

allows each viewer to interpret its history on its own terms
I saw this movie last year as a friend who was on DVD from the UK and Ewan McGregor

Being a fan, I thought to be given a shot despite the
Consider a " ; artsy "film. I was so shocked! It is a fantastic movie.
What I saw more and more until they made me give it back. The young Ewan
Worthy of an Oscar (why he was not nominated is beyond me) turn as a heroin addict
himself trying to pull off and away their friends addicted. He tells
entire movie with the rich accent of his Scots (reminds me
Scottish grandparents), which gives even more depth to the characters and situations
. The fall in the hell of addiction to the death of an innocent baby
(very realistic) in his "home", Ewan swimming through a
Sea crap (yes, that type) in a bath, especially through the film
His constant struggle within himself in the midst of his friends to stay clean and
Sobrio is surprising. I could go on and on. Bring a memory of another film

I saw years ago with a young Leo DiCaprio and David Thewlis
seen in a little movie called "Total Eclipse", and which is also considered an "art" And cinema

really very good. If you have the opportunity to see this, please. You
Lamentaremos. If you happen to find it on DVD, BUY IT.

Download Trainspotting
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5. Soundtrack - Various Artists - Trainspotting - Trainspotting
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Die Hard

Download Die Hard
(action, crime, thriller)
Download Movie Die HardNew York cop John McClane, who has been a cop for 11 years, has just arrived in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve. For the past six months, John's wife Holly and their two kids Lucy McClane and John McClane Jr. have been living in Los Angeles without John. In New York, Holly had a good job that turned into a career, and Holly was promoted to a powerful position in the Nakatomi Corporation. The promotion called for Holly to move to Los Angeles to work in the Nakatomi Plaza, a 40-story skyscraper where the uppermost floors are still under construction. John stayed behind in New York because John didn't think Holly would make it in Los Angeles and that she would come crawling back to him in New York, so John figured that there was no reason to pack his things for the move to Los Angeles. A limo driver named Argyle drives John to the Nakatomi Plaza, and John heads to the 30th floor, where a Christmas party is going on. John gets into an argument with Holly in the office of her drug using co-worker Harry Ellis, because Holly uses her maiden name Gennero instead of the name McClane on her nameplate in her office. Holly leaves the room to give a speech. While he's by himself in the office, John is wishing that this argument hadn't happened. A few minutes later, a group of German terrorists, led by Hans Gruber and his right hand man Karl, enter the building and take everyone hostage on the 30th floor. John is able to avoid being taken hostage because Hans and his men don't even know that John is in the building. Hans takes Holly's boss Joseph Yashinobo Takagi to an office where Hans demands that Takagi give him the computer code key that will allow Hans and his men to start opening the building's safe so they can steal the $640,000,000 in negotiable bearer bonds that are in the safe. Takagi refuses to cooperate with Hans, so Hans kills Takagi, and John witnesses it. Hans then tells his technology expert Theo to start working on getting the safe opened, and after John alerts LAPD Sergeant Al Powell about the situation, John is forced to kill Karl's brother Tony. Now, Karl wants revenge on John, and John must keep Karl off his back and work on his own to rescue the hostages from Hans, because other than Powell, the LAPD is not much help.


Bruce Willis as John McClane
Reginald Johnson as Sgt. Al Powell
Reginald VelJohnson as Sgt. Al Powell
Bonnie Bedelia as Holly Gennero McClane
Alexander Godunov as Karl
Paul Gleason as Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson
William Atherton as Richard Thornburg
De'voreaux White as Argyle
Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber
Hart Bochner as Harry Ellis
Dennis Hayden as Eddie
Clarence Gilyard Jr. as Theo
Bruno Doyon as Franco
Andreas Wisniewski as Tony
James Shigeta as Joseph Takagi
Robert Davi as FBI Special Agent Johnson
John McTiernan

Bruce Willis offers an incredible performance in perhaps one of the best movies
the 1980's. This is an action / adventure movie ages. There is a big
Many scenes, including the scene in which Bruce Willis jumps outside the
Roof and accidents through the window. I never thought it would be as good
When I first saw, but I was wrong. Do not miss one of Willis' best films
all time.

Download Die Hard
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5. Black Sabbath - Never Say Die - Hard Road
6. Crucified - The Crucified - Die Hard
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Groundhog Day

Download Groundhog Day
(comedy, fantasy, romance)
Download Movie Groundhog DayA weather man is reluctantly sent to cover a story about a weather forecasting "rat" (as he calls it). This is his fourth year on the story, and he makes no effort to hide his frustration. On awaking the 'following' day he discovers that it's Groundhog Day again, and again, and again. First he uses this to his advantage, then comes the realisation that he is doomed to spend the rest of eternity in the same place, seeing the same people do the same thing EVERY day.


Bill Murray as Phil Connors
Andie MacDowell as Rita
Chris Elliott as Larry
Stephen Tobolowsky as Ned Ryerson
Brian Doyle-Murray as Buster Green
Marita Geraghty as Nancy Taylor
Angela Paton as Mrs. Lancaster
Rick Ducommun as Gus
Rick Overton as Ralph
Robin Duke as the Waitress Doris
Carol Bivins as Anchorwoman
Willie Garson as Kenny
Ken Hudson Campbell as Man in Hallway
Les Podewell as Old Man
Rod Sell as Groundhog Official
Harold Ramis

See also: Comedy: See Spot Run

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