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(action, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Kill Bill: Vol. 2The Bride woke up after a long coma. The baby that she carried before the coma was gone. The only thing on her mind was to get revenge on the assassination team that betrayed her - a team she was once part of. With two of the people on her Death List taken care of, she must pursue Budd, Elle Driver and of course Bill himself. But she is in for a surprise...


Uma Thurman as The Bride
David Carradine as Bill
Lucy Liu as O-Ren Ishii
Vivica A. Fox as Vernita Green
Michael Madsen as Budd
Chia Hui Liu as Pai Mei
Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver
Michael Parks as Esteban Vihaio
Bo Svenson as Reverend Harmony
Jeannie Epper as Mrs. Harmony
Stephanie Moore as Joleen
Shana Stein as Erica
Caitlin Keats as Janeen
Christopher Allen Nelson as Tommy Plympton
Samuel L. Jackson as Rufus
Quentin Tarantino

This film is totally different from the first. Unlike the first
quick action and extreme entertainingly super-style gore,
Kill Bill Vol. 2 is all we lack right now in the first place.

Girlfriend revenge is burning strong and we can see it in his eyes. We
Discover the truth behind the slaughter of the wedding, and all questions
1 st film are answered. We discover why the bride is the deadliest
Women in the world. She discovered why is missing one eye. We discovered
Bill really is. We discover the Brides name. And finally
Discovering the truth of the secret revealed at the end of Vol. 1.

His first objective is Budd. The loser bum ex-fatal
murderer living in a trailer in the middle of nowhere. The short ends with a confrontation
the most terrifyingly claustrophobia-inducing (sp?)
Scenes ... Especially if you never see it in the dark. They are then taken to the
Journey of the way in which the bride became the most deadly in the world. We
See story between her and her teacher is very hard
-Pai Mei.

After a while is the confrontation with Elle Driver battle ...
De la Rubia Gargantuants ... Uma Thurman as that referred to it in an interview
. This scene is a fight almost as exciting as seeing the Bride
tons compared to the struggle of the Crazy 88s Vol. 1.

After the battle that everyone was waiting for. To kill Uma Thurman
Bill ... Good thing I am not going to spoil it for you. Basically Vol. 1 was 95% 5%
Substance style while Vol. 2 is 95% 5% substance style. Very emotional and
Touching movie with a few key scenes gore ... Definitely a must see ...
It is a matter of debate, which some volume of Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill
" is better. Let's break the argument now: David Carradine
not even appear in the "Volume 1". Have not sent to the Academy will
Best Supporting Actor Oscar already?

In the first volume of "Kill Bill", published only a few months before
"Vol. 2 "at the end of 2003, we find Uma Thurman, a peeded-off
Super-murderer taking some of its past, one at a time, with
mega-posse occasional thrown interests . "Vol. 1 "had a lot of
Blood, violence and wisecracks, and galopado through the screen as a
Rap video on steroids.

"Vol. 2 "is a different way. It makes sense is a movie, the tone is such
departure from "Vol. 1 "in two ways. One is style.
Director Tarantino has fun stylistically citing Sergio Leone and
Chop-fu cheapos since the late 1960 and early 1970. Sampling film
is something that is good and enjoy, but in "Vol. 2 "he does not go so
In the sea as it does in" Vol. 1. "He pulls back and lets the plot
Breathing, rather than fill every second with a replacement
Cum-tribute-parody that perhaps a dozen lucky fans will have. Maybe some
Here I wish it had in the stack is a little more, but they have to do with fazer Ridículo Pei Mai sequence, a flashback, and therefore not in discordant His
"Vol. 1 "-style comic-book treatment. Throughout "Vol. 2 "
Emphasizes the narrative and character-building, which is where
must be given now being asked to deepen our commitment to
Interest for these people. "Vol. 1 "is fine for what it is, but his
Flash and action are no match for the depth and nuances of" Vol. 2. "

Arrives to the second different tonal difference between the films,
is emotional. It all comes back to the characters. Not Quite
become real people, but close enough for low
Its skin. Certainly, the opening of part of "Vol. 2 "the viewer evidence
A little patience, there are some bits that long show, the director has not really dominates
self-discipline, as with the cemetery Thurman
Struggle, but meanders usually has a purpose. Tarantino is
Towards building something that has your payments when Thurman
character finally has her face to face with a showdown Carradine of the bill.

From that moment onwards until the end, this is the best Tarantino has

Carradine and Thurman dominate the process with
two of the best performances that I have seen, certainly the best Tarantino has directed
Playing in front of the mythology we have been taught in the "Vol. 1 "and the development of
Resonancias with the viewer the two together and also to surprise
expected a casual ass-kicking affair. We finally know what
Carradine half in the first line of "Vol. 1 "which tells a
Whimpering victim being masochist, not sadistic, and is a powerful
revelation that this sinister baddie can have a heart buried
Under this cold outside. Carradine is perfect in his phrasing, his
Pauses, tired glint in his eye, or how they said "Kiddo."
You can not ask for a better performance veteran. For its part, Thurman
presents a character brilliantly in conflict who can not stop or
Bill hate or love, and not lead us to a world of cartoons
Anxiety, but the real human pain.

"Kill Bill Vol. 2 "is slow-moving, and needs" Vol. 1 "in a way few
Sequels done, as it assumes that you know almost all the characters coming
Pulg That is a weakness. So, undeniably, some are useless bits, including
entire sequence with the bill of the figure of the father, Esteban Vihaio and some
Business in a bar by Michael Madsen, who plays a former murderer
now gone to seed.

Madsen is good, however, and so as Daryl Hannah again mouthy
Murderer, Gordon Liu as Pei Mei and, in particular, Perla Haney-Jardine as
A girl BB called The nice thing about Tarantino is that for every scene
Achieves vagabond note, there are four or five that hit the right mark, and
Some manage to do much more. My favorite scene involves a Mexican
THE confrontation in a hotel room between Thurman and an anonymous character
Hitwoman, while grippingly suspenseful, hilarious, and
the affirmation of life. Still, the final moments of this movie that
Staying with you, as Bill and his former student of his work "
unfinished business" and leaves us to reflect on the results of
their decisions and actions.

"Kill Bill Vol. 2 "may not reach the heights to which cinema
Aspira, the level of" The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly "cited in his
Result, but it is a thin film that will glad that the majority of viewers glued
around for the second term. Me.

Download Kill Bill: Vol. 2
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