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Download Movie Sin City"Sin City" is Four stories inter-weaved telling tales of corruption in Basin City. The First Story (The Customer is always right)is short, and is based on the depression of women that they need to pay a man to feel loved when they commit suicide. The Next Story is Part 1 of "That Yellow Bastard" starring Bruce Willis as a cop who needs to save a young girl from being raped. The Third Story (The Hard Goodbye) features Mickey Rourke and his revenge on a heartless killer who murdered his one-night stand. The fourth story (The Big, Fat Kill) stars Clive Owen as a man who must dispatch of a cop's body, but it will be a tough ride to do it. Following that are two conclusions to Sin City, the ending of "That Yellow Bastard" which is set 8 years later, and a short story that ends Sin City.


Jessica Alba as Nancy
Devon Aoki as Miho
Alexis Bledel as Becky
Powers Boothe as Senator Roark
Jude Ciccolella as Liebowitz
Jeffrey J. Dashnaw as Motorcycle Cop
Rosario Dawson as Gail
Jesse De Luna as Corporal Rivera
Benicio Del Toro as Jackie Boy
Jason Douglas as Hitman
Michael Clarke Duncan as Manute
Tommy Flanagan as Brian
Christina Frankenfield as Judge
Rick Gomez as Klump
Carla Gugino as Lucille
Robert Rodriguez
Quentin Tarantino
Frank Miller

I caught the Philly sneak preview of "Sin City" yesterday, and I have to say my hat
is shut down. Few films have comics
never looked good on screen. The X-Men and Spider Man movies have done a good job breaking
stigma. In my opinion, these have been a OFF THE TV AND LEAVE
perfect fusion of Hollywood and the comic book universe, but "
Sin City" is raised to an art form, literally. This is hands down the best
representation of a comic book turned movie ever. After capturing the
trailer in a TV commercial, I was intrigued, to say the least.
So I went to my local shop and bought the comic books by Frank Miller
It is based on the movie, and enjoy them for takeoff beat humor,
Incredible violence, and love stories, lust, friendship, honor and
Seedily obtained from the redemption in the world of fiction under in the city of Cuenca.
Once again contact the owner of shop comic books, and look me in
sneak preview on March 16 (yesterday as he put it), so
As a children on their way to pick up the latest issues of any comic
are popular these days, I took the day off and went to the shows.
Having recently read the stories that are included in the film ( "Without
City," later called "The Hard Goodbye," "The Big Fat Kill" and
"That Yellow Bastard"), I was surprised by the amount of dialogue and the narration of
books that actually did to the big screen translation.
This coming from a man whose heart was ripped out by the bastardization
"The Sum of All Fears," take into account - I know what it means to have
A book that love is not given love we feel attention it deserves
When comes the big screen. The dialogue is not always the best (
comics is not Shakespeare, people), and even the best acting in the World
that will not change. But seriously, if you are paying attention to
the minor flaw, which is losing the point of the film to begin
. Apart from the dialogue, the images in the film is something that
is appreciated, whether you like or not the stories. Equally beautiful
Sandy and black and white, with some of the brushes of all colors
But exploded outside the screen comics (graphic novels for you
Puristas) acted as storyboards for this movie - as life is breathed into
pictures on the pages. The book to the screen, "the section
undoubtedly will be a feature in future DVD
this movie, no doubt, some jaws drop those who have not bothered to
Checking the source material. Cold, cruel humor and over-the-top,
- Parpadeado public or to encourage violence are mixed in the style of "Pulp Fiction
" and "Dusk: 'Till Dawn , "for obvious reasons, but as I said before
is all direct from the books. Congratulations to Robert
Rodriguez, in order not to jeopardize the realization of this movie and its promise
the original source material, as well as its co-director Frank Miller
for their obvious contribution. And the actors in it -
hodgepodge of them. My favorite was the performance by Mickey Rourke
Marv to play absolutely perfect letter from the book (and he demonstrates
one of the best stories I have heard voices in a film
From Morgan Freeman in "The Shawshank Redemption "). Elijah Wood has a
not speaking role, but her Kevin will follow you home as much as
Nick Stahl's Junior ago. Clive Owen as Dwight is solid (and I know a lot
Friki-fan around boys were upset that he was chosen for the
Character) and Bruce Willis does what he likes, as a police officer who did not
Quitting, Hartigan. Women stand out performance is a lance between
Rosario Dawson, either for his valkyrie, warrior, hooker Gail, or (
I say kills) Brittany Murphy as a "His Girl Friday" cocktail
Waitress. The film is definitely not for all tastes, and children
should not be allowed even in the buildings next to theaters showing this
The film, but is certainly also a hotly debated movie as they creep
Hollywood usually through "phoned-in, pre-summer" February / March / April
If I was to use one word to describe this movie would have to be violent
....! If I was allowed two words I would add

The film is two hours and is structured in a similar way to
pulp fiction. A lot of stories in a world consistent with characters
Caen inside and outside each other plot lines. Overall Shining
works, and by the time there is not a dull moment. It
High octane, millions of miles and hours of stories, and Robert Rodriguez
EASILY the best film.

Allow Frank Miller to write the script was a fantastic move, as
The dialogue is edgy, fun and very faithful to the original material. In
Done, many many lines just taken directly from the pages. Similarly,
The camera behaves like a painting in motion cartoon. The development of all
key scenes OS is faithful to the printed page that produces a truly original
We hope that is quite unique. Visually its true
Original. Sometimes these visual fall, there are some very very
Digital Photography clearly not quite gel, but mostly
The cinematography is jaw drop. You can literally break in the film
Almost anywhere and simply to fall into a wall, that her

Performances are good in all respects. Mickey Rourke Marv absolutely nails,
And girls from Old City are as beautiful as they are deadly. The
Other highlights for me was Elijah Wood, which was really chilling.
Bruce Willis puts in a solid, if dramatic turn as Hartigan.

The film is not completely void of criticism. There are some fudging time
Hartigans with character lines (really buy Bruce Willis as a
Nearly 70 years old?) Jumps from story to story discordant
initially, but once you installed on the ride itself is fantastic.

My other criticism is the same as I have with Quentin Tarantinos
Labour. That each character and each voice in the movie is the same.
This is more a fault of the source material, but when each
It is a wise person cracks, hard boiled tough guy (even the women) then
kind of distilled the effect of its hardness. In a film that is
Predominantly voice over driven, it is difficult to differentiate characters
When all exactly the same sound, both tonally and in the language used
. Even Marv, who's supposed to be a meat head, in talks
Gravoso prose that would feel like a Bukowski Nancy.

Other Minor niggles are very low. From a technical point of view
view of the sound effects are WAY high. All beatings, shootings
Etc. are those ridiculous prominence in the track
threaten to make mockery of violence. He discovered that in fact the
They did not want more weapons were fired cos hurt my ears! All in all
However, his hell of a ride, and only a couple of notches below
Pulp Fiction in the "Oh my god that movie was cool-o-meter."

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