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(comedy, crime, thriller)
Download Movie Snatch.Turkish and his close friend/accomplice Tommy get pulled into the world of match fixing by the notorious Brick Top. Things get complicated when the boxer they had lined up gets the shit kicked out of him by Pitt, a 'pikey' ( slang for an Irish Gypsy)- who comes into the equation after Turkish, an unlicensed boxing promoter wants to buy a caravan off the Irish Gypsies. They then try to convince Pitt not only to fight for them, but to lose for them too. Whilst all this is going on, a huge diamond heist takes place, and a fistful of motley characters enter the story, including 'Cousin Avi', 'Boris The Blade', 'Franky Four Fingers' and 'Bullet Tooth Tony'. Things go from bad to worse as it all becomes about the money, the guns, and the damned dog!


Jason Statham as Turkish
Stephen Graham as Tommy
Alan Ford as Brick Top Polford
Brad Pitt as Mickey O'Neil
Dennis Farina as Abraham 'Cousin Avi' Denovitz
Rade Serbedzija as Boris 'The Blade' Yurinov
Robbie Gee as Vincent
Lennie James as Sol
Vinnie Jones as Bullet Tooth Tony
Benicio Del Toro as Franky Four Fingers
Mike Reid as Doug 'The Head' Denovitz
Jason Flemyng as Darren
Andy Beckwith as Errol
William Beck as Neil
Ewen Bremner as Mullet
Guy Ritchie

A film about boxing, diamonds, gangsters pretending to be Jews, fat
Escape driver, a vicious dog and not eat pork and men.
Guy Richie has followed the success of Lock, Stock with an equally impressive return ambitious
And like Tarantino did with Pulp Fiction. The

They are so colorful characters that move directly off the screen, so that the dialogue snappy
want to learn by heart and serving simply wonderful. Vinnie Jones
reveals that can act and Brad Pitt shows that he is much more than a pretty face
and could win a best actor Oscar for his role as Irish
Mickey. See this movie!
Carefully read this review, please.

First, Snatch is a surprising film in every sense of the word. Done
There are very few movies where the director obviously not leave a FRAME
screen without a reason, and Snatch is one of them. No problem
screen without their effect on the plot.

By now you know the plot or plots. We remain a diamond-heist and
Various characters trying to get theirs, while following
Participants in a boxing ring illegal. The incredible part of the film is
How each scene in ties with the rest in some way, each character is connected with
The rest at least once.

There are complaints that the film is confusing, or misleading.
There is a lot of things that you do not (as the dog has to do with
Nothing, but it is a very important character), and that's a good thing. Too Many
films to feed the strength of its plot points for hearing (Think of the Ring vs.
Ringu, was necessary "How long could you survive there alone?"
? ). Instead, just watch events, and they have to collect what
links everything together, the plot weaves together beautifully.

Cinematography and performances are great, too.
Even the soundtrack is perfect. The style of the camera during fight scenes
(Slowdown / stop / g) makes it difficult to stop seeing the effects of sound on
Encajan silently in the background without being overwhelming. And it will be impossible
see this movie without having to repeat many of the lines around
Your friends. I found saying "Zee Germans", and things like "It is not
He is like a game of car keys, it is now? "A little. Of course, Brad Pitt
Pikey is one of the most outlandish that I have ever seen.

Summary: see the movie, and we do not expect to be TOLD all, I expect that

Download Snatch.
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