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(action, adventure, thriller)
Download Movie Kill Bill: Vol. 1"The Bride" was once part of a group of world class female assassins, until the group leader, "Bill" and the other assassins turn against her. Four years later "The Bride" awakens from the coma the assassins left her in and heads out to seek bloody revenge. Unlike conventional movies, Kill Bill is told in chapter format making the narrative flow more like a book than a film.


Uma Thurman as The Bride
Lucy Liu as O-Ren Ishii
Vivica A. Fox as Vernita Green
Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver
David Carradine as Bill
Michael Madsen as Budd
Julie Dreyfus as Sofie Fatale
Chiaki Kuriyama as Gogo Yubari
Sonny Chiba as Hattori Hanzo
Chia Hui Liu as Johnny Mo
Michael Parks as Earl McGraw
Michael Bowen as Buck
Jun Kunimura as Boss Tanaka
Kenji Ohba as Bald Guy (Sushi Shop)
Yuki Kazamatsuri as Proprietor
Quentin Tarantino

"The fourth film Quinton Tarantino," as the credits shamelessly
Recommended is another classic of a director who has already changed
Art with `Reservoir Dogs," "Pulp Fiction" and " ; Jackie Brown ".

`Kill Bill From the first shot to his monumental surprising cliffhanger ending
(right up there with` Luke, I am your father "), the film is intense
Truce, tearing an audience between those who want more action and
Wanting a cigarette to calm the nerves broken. We follow the story of "The Bride
(Played to convince, vengeful perfection by Uma Thurman), which stipulates
Murder of his former colleagues, members of the Deadly Viper'

Murder Squad ', and its leader, the enigmatic, the bill faceless. After trying

Abandoning the group of murderers of a normal life, the bride was crawled

Your wedding day and witnesses of the murder of her wedding party, the Right
His bill puts into a coma. Four years later, very angry Bride awakens

Tarantino not strip blows, creating, as one critic said, "Most
violent film ever released by an American film distributor." Eyaculatorio
And flying limbs abound, but the director is responsible for everything with an impressive
Sense of style. We are witnessing a sword-in the silhouette of dance, one in black and
White, a beautifully filmed over a snowy Japanese garden, and

Anime Even in a sequence. KB `The story is minimal, but Tarantino goal is style:
Sergio Leone, Cheh Chang and Bruce Lee paid tribute to all, and then
Pass gracefully.

The soundtrack, mostly Japanese artists of the styles of America, was
Worrying: Tarantino breaks form by not using well-known American classic
Rock (who could forget "Stuck in East 'Mr Blonde and
Cop homeless?), but in doing so sets the perfect mood of the film. They
songs that we have never heard before, but I feel strangely connected

Yes, the film is divided into two volumes. However, the end feels comfortable coming
After an epic battle that puts the `` Reloaded Burly Brawl 'to shame.
`Kill Bill 'is a testament to the ability of Tarantino to take the job of his idols
And make your own, blending classic and cult movie that mixes with her
Impíos own sense of Cool. Not for the faint of heart or anyone looking for
"Feeling good" movie, but "Kill Bill" is at least an instant
Ensure that is outlandishly violent and bloody. Can anyone expect from Tarantino Film
not be a real amazing, adrenaline-pumping shocker? Of course

No! Sandy and slippery, his first term of rocks with moody KB

Western images, years 60 and 70-was the Hong Kong martial arts action,
Influences of the samurai swordsmanship ritual, and the Japanese anime.
As in all his films, Tarantino continues to merge with dark humor
Terror. It is impossible not to smile along the Shaw Bros. 'Icónico
Introduction tactic and De Palma-esque split screens. Observe the
`Carrie '
Estrellado blank-eyed image repeated on The Bride of the bloody face as she
the hearing. Perhaps, Uma Thurman, in her yellow dress is a salute to

Yellow-appropriate Bruce Lee in his latest film, The Game of Death. Or is the

Wife 'Just another little girl playing West to be a samurai' - as O-Ren Ishii puts

This film is an example of Tarantino's' rage ', the short Tarantino
Burning usual language. Tarantino is celebrated brand avoid
The use of the computer, CGI special effects. It is almost as if someone I
Displaying a colorful and bloodied Kabuki that stage that shows a
Massive tournament layered kung-fu and women samura
Sword of the fight against
Styles dazzle the audience. It was examining how Tarantino catalogs
Large elements of their favorite style 'old school' and filmmakers
Transforms in a creative and fascinating film. Yes,
There is a great deal of artistic audacity captivatingly in this film.
Poderosamente portrayed and will not be easily forgotten. Brutal and violent
Gloriosamente bloody certainly, and yet so beautiful and lyrical
Surprisingly artificiality. The music and lyrics that accompany the scenes are
Amazing. They set the mood adequately with the events.

Even in 'The House Of Blue Leaves', we get to see the fabric Tarantino
Styles artistic Lucio Fulci, Chang Che-Sergio Leone, Kurosawa, Zhang < br> Yimou and Busby Berkeley style to bring the audience exhibition
Mounting remarkable greatness. The themes of betrayal and revenge is released
Fort. Each camera shooting scene seems to scream, non-stop,
`Kill Bill and all the members of the bill DVAS '. My adrenaline still flowing as I

Recalling scenes. Tarantino has a strong point to make with this movie
show scenes of martial arts that we should stick to the artificiality and realistic
Choreographic treatment to keep the true spirit of spiritual warfare
A +

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