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Download Movie Soldier's GirlThe true story of a young soldier beaten to death for falling in love with a transgendered nightclub performer.


Troy Garity as Barry Winchell
Lee Pace as Calpernia Addams/Scottie
Andre Braugher as Sergeant Carlos Diaz
Shawn Hatosy as Justin Fisher
Philip Eddolls as Calvin Glover
Merwin Mondesir as Henry Millens
Dan Petronijevic as Collin Baker
Mike Realba as Edgar Martinez
Jeanie Calleja as Ashley Martinez
Barclay Hope as Sergeant Howard Paxton
Tulsi Balram as Ginger
Vince Corazza as Lester
Kathryn Zenna as Female guard
Kent Staines as Mistress of Ceremonies
Sofonda as Midnight Express
Frank Pierson

I loved the film and I am still recalling various scenes of the same. As
Victim of a beating gay hatred many years ago, when I was 22, which killed nearly
me, that affected me deeply.

The military code of "Not Ask, Do not Tell" is stupid. As in the
The segregation of whites and blacks in the army until around 1943. As
The ban on interracial marriages in this country in a series of
States until 1967. As in the internment of American citizens of
Asia during World War II. As is the antipathy against civil marriage for same-sex couples
couples now. Where is the "love" in all this? Why is that not even
mentions? The love for one's own country and for others. Barry and Calpernia
Amado yes. What's wrong with that? When two people love each other and decide
share their lives together, it is a compromise between two
People. It is not a compromise with the government or any religion.
Can only acknowledge the commitment in the way everyone does. Love
not recognize restrictions, is universal.

Fanaticism understand that kills. This film shows. Also, back to reality, I
Read the commander (or whatever they are called), Fort Campbell, which never
says a word about the anti-gay attitude from Fort Campbell was in this Now
recently promoted. Now what does that say about our government and the

The film gave me a 10. Hopefully I can give more people the same

I will not add to the insightful comments made so far in the
paradigm of today's society. Instead I would like to point out the

I understood perhaps for the first time in my life radically new

In the past, my smug assumption was that a transsexual is' just 'a man
loved to be accepted as a woman. "Duh," some of you might say, what COULD

Well, what I saw in this jewel of a film, the magic lantern of soul
so to speak, was something else. I saw that she was NATURE

In a nutshell (possible bad word for me to use here!) What I see now is
; REALLY ARE SOME opposite sexes within genres. In this movie I
SorprendiĆ³ blind as the Bible Paul with the vision of a woman
COULD mans soul inhabiting a body, it 'just' live life so
SOCIETY would like dignity.

If this is true even marginally, we are ALL defendants and barbaric
Cavedwellers for not seeing the obvious ... And on the cover of "The Pandora's Box of
What is normal" has finally emerged with love
Their hinges and thrown into the abyss! Thanks

writers, directors and actors to portray --- especially
In all, and so well!

Download Soldier's Girl
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