I, Robot

Download I, Robot
(action, mystery, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie I, RobotSet in a future Earth (2035 A.D.) where robots are common assistants and workers for their human owners, this is the story of "robotophobic" Chicago Police Detective Del Spooner's (Smith) investigation into the murder of Dr. Alfred Lanning (James Cromwell), who works at U.S. Robotics, in which a robot, Sonny (Tudyk), appears to be implicated, even though that would mean the robot had violated the Three Laws of Robotics, which is apparently impossible. It seems impossible because.. if robots can break those laws, there's nothing to stop them from taking over the world, as humans have grown to become completely dependent upon their robots. Or maybe... they already have? Aiding Spooner in his investigation is a psychologist, Dr. Susan Calvin (Moynahan), who specializes in the psyches of robots.


Will Smith as Del Spooner
Bridget Moynahan as Susan Calvin
Alan Tudyk as Sonny
James Cromwell as Dr. Alfred Lanning
Bruce Greenwood as Lawrence Robertson
Adrian Ricard as Granny
Chi McBride as Lt. John Bergin
Jerry Wasserman as Baldez
Fiona Hogan as V.I.K.I.
Peter Shinkoda as Chin
Terry Chen as Chin
David Haysom as NS4 Robots
Scott Heindl as NS5 Robots
Sharon Wilkins as Woman
Craig March as Detective
Alex Proyas

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. I Am Robot and Proud
2. Alan Parsons Project - I Robot
3. Marco Beltrami - I Robot OST (Score)
4. Yamo - I was a robot
5. Robot Ate Me - On Vacation Vol. I
6. Alan Parsons Project - I Robot - I Robot

Balto III: Wings of Change

Download Balto III: Wings of Change
(adventure, animation, family, musical)
Download Movie Balto III: Wings of ChangeThe mail in the north used to be delivered by dogsled, but the success of airplane delivery leaves Balto and the other sled dogs feeling neglected. However, when a delivery plane crashes on a mountain side, the sled dogs get the opportunity to show their worth. This story also prominently features Balto's son, Kodi, who was among the puppy litter that we met in Balto II: Wolf Quest.


Sean Astin as Kodi
Jodi Benson as Jenna
Keith Carradine as Duke
Bill Fagerbakke as Ralph
Charles Fleischer as Boris
Charity James as Dusty
Maurice LaMarche as Balto
Kathy Najimy as Dipsy
David Paymer as Mel
Kevin Schon as Muc and Luc
Jean Smart as Stella
Carl Weathers as Kirby
Josh Shada as Movie trailor
Phil Weinstein

this movie sucked. How can you even try to make a sequel to a true story? let alone two sequels? and the first one does not even cover the real story. I know, I live in Alaska. Balto even the dog who ran the race. The real guide dog was another dog that just got tired after running across the frickin state, and to Balto for the past 20 or more miles and every memory of him and not the other. see, although I do not remember his name. I can not say enough about how much this movie sucked. I mean, ... crap. i own ninja vs ninja on DVD, this is a very bad movie. I would not say this film is worse, not even as bad, but ... .. holy crap. this movie sucked, do not see it.

Download Balto III: Wings of Change
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Mr. 3000

Download Mr. 3000
(comedy, drama, sport)
Download Movie Mr. 3000Stan Ross was a baseball superstar who turned his back on the game years ago when he finally hit 3,000 hits. Years later, he's now a successful, self-made entrepreneur whose many businesses revolve around his title: Mr. 3000. But a clerical error has proven that Stan is just short three hits of his spectacular hit record. Now, with time on his side and the potential to be inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Stan must return back to the game and get back his title. But things have changed with age, and as Stan finds out, it's not too easy to get back into the game when he hasn't played for years, and he's nearing 50.


Bernie Mac as Stan
Angela Bassett as Maureen "Mo" Simmons
Michael Rispoli as Boca
Brian J. White as T-Rex
Ian Anthony Dale as Fukuda
Evan Jones as Fryman
Amaury Nolasco as Minadeo
Dondre Whitfield as Skillet
Paul Sorvino as Gus Panas
Earl Billings as Lenny Koron
Chris Noth as Schiembri
Neil Brown Jr. as Clubhouse Assistant
Scott Martin Brooks as Eddie Richling
Rich Komenich as Big Horse Borelli
David Devey as Gervis
Charles Stone III

If you like baseball, here is a good film for you. Bernie Mac is perfect in the title role as a baseball player with a beer ego the size of Milwaukee who is retiring after he believes his success 3000th, which will assume a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame. Induction and not many years later, he learns that three of the hits did not count, and returns to the game to get three hits. Mac does a good job and actually develops the character, to aid his return to learn more about being a team player. I really liked this movie when I saw her.

*** From ****
I'm not a fan of Bernie Mac itself, but does a good job in this film. It is a great baseball movie, but most importantly, a movie about growing up and maturing into a responsible human being who is willing to sacrifice for the greater good. It's better than I thought it would be, even allowing for the cheesy, semi-obligatory hump scenes with his girlfriend.

SPOILER ALERT - do not read past here if you have not seen the film.

The whole story is apparently based on Bernie's a selfish idiot trying to recover the 3-base hits in the major leagues who withdrew because they had been sent by mistake. His whole life is wrapped around one of the few holders of success in the 3000 majors, so dedicated to the recovery of them solely for his own ego. Along the way, however, he discovers something he should have known all along (and most professional sports figures have forgotten) - it is a team sport, not an individual sport. At the end of the last game of the season, with his last shot at number 3000 on the line, Bernie Bunt provides a sacrifice for your team can win the game and take third place. Gives his shot in 3000 and in doing so, became a star more than he would have if he had taken a great swing.

Download Mr. 3000
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The Manchurian Candidate

Download Manchurian Candidate, The
(drama, mystery, sci-fi, thriller, war)
Download Movie The Manchurian CandidateWhen his army unit was ambushed during the first Gulf War, Sergeant Raymond Shaw saved his fellow soldiers just as his commanding officer, then-Captain Ben Marco, was knocked unconscious. Brokering the incident for political capital, Shaw eventually becomes a vice-presidential nominee, while Marco is haunted by dreams of what happened — or didn't happen — in Kuwait. As Marco (now a Major) investigates, the story begins to unravel, to the point where he questions if it happened at all. Is it possible the entire unit was kidnapped and brainwashed to believe Shaw is a war hero as part of a plot to seize the White House? Some very powerful people at Manchurian Global corporation appear desperate to stop him from finding out.


Jeffrey Wright as Al Melvin
Pablo Schreiber as Eddie Ingram
Anthony Mackie as Robert Baker
Dorian Missick as Owens
Jose Pablo Cantillo as Villalobos
Teddy Dunn as Wilson
Joaquin Perez-Campbell as Atkins
Tim Artz as Jameson
Denzel Washington as Ben Marco
Robyn Hitchcock as Laurent Tokar
Liev Schreiber as Raymond Shaw
Antoine Taylor as Boy Scout #1
Joseph Alessi as Boy Scout #2
Raymond Anthony Thomas as Scout Dad
Bill Irwin as Scoutmaster
Jonathan Demme

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Return to Sender

Download Return to Sender
(drama, thriller)
Download Movie Return to SenderCharlotte Cory (Connie Nielsen) is a young woman convict on Death Row who has built up a friendship with Frank Nitzche (Aidan Quinn) through mail correspondence, whilst her attorney (Kelly Preston) desperately tries to appeal the verdict before Charlotte's time runs out. With only days to spare Frank realizes that he has fallen in love with Charlotte and discovers that there is much more to the tragic circumstances of her imprisonment than he first thought - her life is now in his hands. Frank races to solve the puzzle that will reveal the truth, and tell the secrets that both he and Charlotte have been concealing, before it's too late.


Aidan Quinn as Frank Nitzche
Connie Nielsen as Charlotte Cory
Kelly Preston as Susan Kennan
Timothy Daly as Martin North
Mark Ryan as Mark Schlesser
Mark Holton as Joe Charbonic
Sara-Marie Maltha as Stella
Bill Thomas as Gubby
Randy Colton as Joe Hammond
Robin Brooks Sullivan as Mary Hammond
Madison Mueller as Kirstie
Eric Starkey as Hammond's brother
Montana Sullivan as Hammond's son
Brian Shoop as District Attorney
Michael Phillip Simpson as Johnny Decker
Bille August

See also: Drama: Glory

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Helmut Lotti - My Tribute to the King - Return to Sender
2. Elvis Presley - The Great Performances - Return To Sender
3. Elvis Presley - Gold Records Volume 4 - Return To Sender
4. Midnight Oil - Redneck Wonderland - Return To Sender
5. Elvis Presley - Artist of the Century (CD 2) - Return To Sender
6. Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes: The Ultimate Rock 'n' Roll Collection - Return To Sender

Toolbox Murders

Home at the End of the World, A

Download Home at the End of the World, A
(drama, music, romance)
Download Movie Home at the End of the World, ATwo childhood friends face their past relationships, including their own, alongside a new friend in the 1980's in New York City. Their friendship becomes a love triangle as they struggle with a father's death and an unexpected pregnancy. Together, the shall face each other as they realize that everything they have may not be what they expected.


Andrew Chalmers as Bobby Morrow
Ryan Donowho as Carlton Morrow
Asia Vieira as Emily
Quancetia Hamilton as Dancing Party Guest
Jeff J.J. Authors as Frank
Lisa Merchant as Frank's Date
Ron Lea as Burt Morrow
Erik Smith as Bobby Morrow
Harris Allan as Jonathan Glover
Matt Frewer as Ned Glover
Sissy Spacek as Alice Glover
Colin Farrell as Bobby Morrow
Dallas Roberts as Jonathan Glover
Robin Wright Penn as Clare
Shawn Roberts as Club Boy
Michael Mayer

"A Home at the End of the World" is a film well done. Sissy Spacek is cast as the mother, Alice Glover. Dallas Roberts plays a role in convincing his son, Jonathan Glover. Colin Farrell as Bobby Morrow plays a young man, and he is really the protagonist of this unusual image. His life as a child is portrayed by Erik Smith, and he is convincing in his child actor performance. The strange relationship in this film is unique in this film. The story is convincing, though it is a little difficult to combine in the attitudes of our society. This film is a good topic to see the light of current legal changes in marriage concepts. The music is inspiring and photography is well done. There is an expected end to what remains a time after the show has ended. Now on DVD, and is a good movie to see.

Download Home at the End of the World, A
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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Apoptygma Berzerk - Until The End Of The World
2. Apoptygma Berzerk - Until The End Of The World I
3. Apoptygma Berzerk - Until The End Of The World Ii
4. Ivan Smirnov - At The Other End Of The World
5. Oophoi - Three Lights At The End Of The World
6. London After Midnight - Selected Scenes from the End of the World (re-release)

Super Size Me

Download Super Size Me
(comedy, documentary)
Download Movie Super Size MeWhy are Americans so fat? Two words: fast food. What would happen if you ate nothing but fast food for an entire month? Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock does just that and embarks on the most perilous journey of his life. The rules? For 30 days he can't eat or drink anything that isn't on McDonald's menu; he must wolf three squares a day; he must consume everything on the menu at least once and supersize his meal if asked. Spurlock treks across the country interviewing a host of experts on fast food and an equal number of regular folk while chowing down at the Golden Arches. Spurlock's grueling drive-through diet spirals him into a physical and emotional metamorphosis that will make you think twice about picking up another Big Mac.


Morgan Spurlock as Himself
John Banzhaf as Himself
Kelly Brownell as Himself
Ron English as Himself
Ron English as Himself
Jared Fogle as Himself
Don Gorske as Himself
Samuel Hirsch as Himself
Dr. Daryl Isaacs as Himself
Michael Jordan as Himself
William Kish as Himself
Ronald McDonald as Himself
John Robbins as Himself
David Satcher as Himself
Dr. Stephen Siegel as Himself
Morgan Spurlock

Super Size Me is a great documentary. Enlightening and informative, we discover the fast food industry's conspiracy, which is not about the people they serve, but for the money given to them. That manufacture and process food so that we must have more. "You can not eat just one chip is not only a good marketing - they really put things in the food, even in our flesh, to make it more addictive! The food industry in general is just another selfish money-making machine, is no better than the large companies that outsource their manufacturing to inhumane factories in third world countries. Who exploit the poor to feed their gluttonous appetites and materialistic.

It had a lot of courage to go ahead with this experiment, with the risk of his own body to a greater cause. This film is expected to help change the way the fast food industry thinks and acts, exposure of the conspiracy. If nothing else, Super Size Me inspiration to eat well, exercise and possibly become a vegan. At least you'll be motivated to eat better.

Although the film is a bit slow at times, taking into account the content, is definitely worth seeing. As a result of seeing this film, I do not want to eat fast food anymore! We need more movies and books such as this.

Anyone who cares about what happens in the world should see this movie. I highly recommend it.

Download Super Size Me
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Cube Zero

Download Cube Zero
(drama, horror, mystery, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie Cube ZeroA young man whose job is to watch over the Cube endeavours to rescue an innocent woman trapped in one of its rooms.


Zachary Bennett as Eric Wynn
Stephanie Moore as Cassandra Rains
Michael Riley as Jax
Martin Roach as Haskell
David Huband as Dodd
Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang as Meyerhold
Richard McMillan as Bartok
Terri Hawkes as Jellico
Tony Munch as Owen
Jasmin Geljo as Ryjkin
Diego Klattenhoff as Quigley
Alexia Filippeos as Little Girl
Fernando Cursione as Doctor
Araxi Arslanian as Female Doctor
Joshua Peace as Finn
Ernie Barbarash

The original "Cube" is a fantastic B-movie rich with paranoia, the characterization of meat and fine over the top performances. It is rare, cryptic, and cool. And it's perfectly fine on their own without a stupid sequel as "Cube Zero".

The third (!) Film in the series of buckets retreaders is part (most of the traps are sadly recycling), part of aberration. Take the bold step of explaining what the cube is - something that was never revealed in the first film - but, as said reason is bland, I would like to be kept secret. There are some potentially interesting references to the society that exists outside of the bucket, but never go beyond an indication of some kind of political-religious totalitarian state. So what little social commentary is flat and little.

What works? Basically nothing. The act is purely amateur hour, the pace is slow (as much of this film consists of two nerds watching a screen?) The gore and effects, while repugnant, not to convince. In short, "Cube Zero" reminds me of a "cube" fan-fiction, a sloppy and sophomoric clone of a good movie that definitely did not need a sequel.
Follows the same path that most sequels. First it was big. Secondly, and this half filled with bad acting and some stupid dialogue and a lot of suspension of disbelief, this film is weak.

Too predictable and I could not be Henry Wrinkle-like head with that stupid eye, there is much more that could have done with this. I liked the first lot. Would have the lines below, instead of what they did here.

There was too much unexplained that needs to be explained, what time is it in this period and why why why is there an old phone in that room?

I understand that there is another in the works.


Download Cube Zero
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Secret Passage

Download Secret Passage
Download Movie Secret PassageIsabel and Clara are growing up in a time of terror. It is 1492, and Spain has decreed that all Jews must either convert to Catholicism, go into exile or face trial and execution. Although forcibly baptized, the sisters are chased through Christendom until they arrive in Venice. It is in this great maritime empire, where opulence rhymes with tolerance, that Isabel organizes secret passages for refugees fleeing the Inquisition while Clara falls in love with a Venetian noble, Paolo Zane. Isabel intends for her family to go to Istanbul, the only place where Jews can live freely, but Clara is reluctant to leave. She challenges Isabel's authority and is prepared to break her family ties and sacrifice her faith for love. Caught in this battle of wills is Clara's daughter, Victoria, who finds she is about to be married into the same faith that murdered her father.


John Turturro as Paolo Zane
Richard Harrington as Joseph
Ademir Kenovic

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Patrick Doyle - Igor - Secret Passage
2. Kevin Braheny - Secret Rooms - Passage 1 Ingress
3. Kevin Braheny - Secret Rooms - Passage 2
4. Kevin Braheny - Secret Rooms - Passage 3
5. Kevin Braheny - Secret Rooms - Passage 4
6. Kevin Braheny - Secret Rooms - Passage 5

One Point O

Download One Point O
(mystery, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie One Point OAfter receiving mysterious empty packages inside his apartment, a young computer-programmer (named Simon) begins a personal investigation into their origins. This leads him to discover his odd and eccentric neighbors; an artificially intelligent robot-head, named Adam; a virtual-reality sex game; and a possible corporate conspiracy. As the story progresses, Simon's grip on reality becomes more and more tenuous, while his craving for Nature Fresh milk becomes almost unbearable. Is it all just in his mind, or is something more sinister happening here?


Jeremy Sisto as Simon J.
Deborah Kara Unger as Trish
Lance Henriksen as Howard
Eugene Byrd as Nile
Bruce Payne as The Neighbour
Udo Kier as Derrick
Ana Maria Popa as Alice
Emil Hostina as Landlord
Sebastian Knapp as Harris
Constantin Cotimanis as Polanski
Matt Devlen as Cashier
Richard Rees as Hiep Pham
Lucia Maier as Alley Woman
Roxana Ciuhulescu as Tall Woman
Michael Weinberg as Bartender
Jeff Renfroe
Marteinn Thorsson

Caught in the Sundance and recommend. Think you have everything under control? Think you know what you want and why? Think again. Who said that the film can not be fun and have a point? Great idea. It seems incredible. And banda sonora. This thing stayed with me for days. Yes, we have seen in computer programmers and science fiction before. This is closer to home that you think if you know anything about nanotechnology, or the machinations of business. But then, when nobody believes in the Internet, either. I loved this movie. Easily one of my festival faves. Lance Henriksen shook.
Have you ever left the theater with more questions than when you entered? Check this one. Or a point is a refreshing alternative to Hollywood formula ..... Nicely shot and well directed, with a cast and dialogue that is right. The plot does not allow above. The film was the subject of numerous interpretations and discussions long after leaving the theater. Point O is a very short future, realistic image of isolated individuals and to be paranoid - possibly affected by the latest ploy of corporate marketing. This is truly a unique script! This was my favorite at Sundance this year.

Download One Point O
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The Easter Egg Adventure

Download Easter Egg Adventure, The
Download Movie The Easter Egg AdventureIn the middle of the night in EggTown, a mysterious figure sneaks into a bakery shop to steal some pastries. He is chased out, thanks in large part to the keen eye of Good Gracious Grasshopper, but not before his cloak is marked with some desert-like evidence. The thief is Terrible Timothy Take-It, and he scurries to his mother's home. Timothy's mother, Tiny Tessie, is asleep. He loves his mother and deep down yearns to be good, but circumstance has led Timothy down a slippery slope to mischief. He leaves the cloak behind, and the next day, wearing that same garment, Tessie wanders into the village to do her shopping. Seeing the evidence on Tessie's cloak, the townsfolk believe she is the thief. Coming to her rescue is Horrible Harriet Hare, a smart, lonely and occasionally over-bearing, schoolteacher. She convinces the townsfolk that Tiny Tessie, a frail, old hen, could not have been responsible for the break-in. The incident is forgotten, and the town prepares for its biggest day of the year, Egg Day. Egg Day is the day every Easter egg in the world is manufactured. Horrible Harriet Hare also prepares for the big day: each year, on Egg Day, she has a picnic with the school's headmaster, Big Boring Benedict Bunny. Benedict and Harriet love each other, but they can never find the courage to express their feelings to one another. They are embarrassed by their nicknames, meanwhile, Timothy Take-It returns to the lair where he lives with the other Take-Its. They are a rough and menacing lot who conspire to steal all of EggTown's Easter eggs. That night, they sneak into EggTown and do the deed, but Good Gracious Grasshopper is on the job again and witnesses the robbery. At an emergency town meeting, an unusual group of heroes assemble to retrieve the stolen eggs: the group consists of Benedict, Harriet, Good Gracious, Tiny Tessie, Boss Baker (the owner of the pastry shop) and Mrs. Baker. They must brave the treacherous swamps and forests to get to the Take-Its' lair. The journey is fraught with danger and adventure and the brave little group ends up finding a lot more than what they were looking for.


Brooke Shields as Horrible Harriet Hare
James Woods as Grab Takit
Joe Pantoliano as Terrible Timmy Takit
Sandra Bernhard as Claralyne Cluck
Nancy Kerrigan as Helen Hen Bernadette Baker
Eli Wallach as Narrator
John Michael Williams as Big Boring Benedict Bunny
Greg Littman as Good Gracious Grasshopper
Rob Bartlett as Boss Baker
Becca Lish as Tiny Tessie
John Michael Williams

Surely this is one of the best animated features I have seen.Its luck, good story, excellent cast, great songs and a runtime to satisfy the most ardent collectors of children and family entertainment DVD, especially a shear joy to watch. I totally recommend this classic animated. The story is quite simple and relates to the inhabitants of an idyllic Egg Town where neighboring chickens and rabbits live together in harmony.However beyond the borders of this humble burg, lurk the mysterious thieves and "Take It" which conspire to steal the eggs of the City Easter eggs and spirit ... fun loving for children much better than a chocolate Easter egg
This film is definitely for children. The songs are cute and very catchy rap. There are a lot of movies around Easter and this is a feel good story that needs no censorship. It is not religious and is a more personal story about courage.The characters have texture which is unusual for an animated film. Brooke Shields has a good job and sings a little. Joey Pants does a great job as a villain. The whole film has a look of Eastern Europe it is a refreshing change of pace. Pets in the film steal every scene they are in. I have children and have seen the movie many times. If you have a child under 3 is a scene a little scary in the swamp. In general, the film was very good and a good diversion from the new movies coming out that are starting to all look the same.

Download Easter Egg Adventure, The
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Download Millions
(comedy, crime, drama, family)
Download Movie MillionsThe UK is about to switch its currency from Pounds to Euros, giving a gang a chance to rob the poorly-secured train loaded with money on its way to incineration. But, during the robbery, one of the big bags falls literally from the sky on Damian's playhouse, a 5-year old given to talking to saints. The boy then starts seeing what the world and the people around him are made of. Ethics, being human and the soul all come to the forefront in this film.


Alexander Nathan Etel as Damian
Lewis Owen McGibbon as Anthony
Leslie Phillips as Himself
James Nesbitt as Ronnie
Daisy Donovan as Dorothy
Christopher Fulford as The Man
Pearce Quigley as Community Policeman
Jane Hogarth as Mum
Alun Armstrong as St. Peter
Enzo Cilenti as St. Francis
Nasser Memarzia as St. Joseph
Kathryn Pogson as St. Clare
Harry Kirkham as St. Nicholas
Cornelius Macarthy as Gonzaga
Kolade Agboke as Ambrosio
Danny Boyle

See also: Comedy: Sideways

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Low Millions
2. M.O.D. - Love By Thousands... Hated By Millions
3. M.D.C. - Millions of Dead Cops
4. Oasis - Familiar To Millions (CD 1)
5. Oasis - Familiar To Millions (CD 2)
6. M.O.D. - Loved By Thousands Hated By Millions

The Good Shepherd

Download Good Shepherd, The
(drama, thriller)
Download Movie The Good ShepherdCHRISTIAN SLATER plays a worldly and urbane priest who is forced to challenge his comfortable existence as an ecclesiastical spin-doctor when he comes to believe in the innocence of a young priest accused of murder. His only ally, a journalist, is also his former sweetheart...


Christian Slater as Daniel Clemens
Molly Parker as Madeline Finney
Stephen Rea as McCaran
Gordon Pinsent as Cardinal Ledesna
Nancy Beatty as Lucy Gallagher
Von Flores as Father Andrews
Daniel Kash as Jeffrey Altman
Alex Paxton as Monica
Jordan Hughes as Cameron
Roman Podhora as Detective Sherman
Shawn Lawrence as Bishop Sorano
Colin Glazer as Monsignor Hummel
Joan Gregson as Mrs. Donelly
Kyra Harper as Mrs. Andrews
Duane Murray as James
Lewin Webb

See also: Drama: Babel

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Ashton Shepherd - Sounds So Good
2. Jefferson Airplane - Jefferson Airplane Loves You (CD 3) - Good Shepherd
3. Jefferson Airplane - The Worst Of - Good Shepherd
4. Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers (Remastered) - Good Shepherd
5. Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers (Remastered) - Good Shepherd
6. Jorma Kaukonen - Magic Two - Good Shepherd


Download Madhouse
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie MadhouseThe psychiatric intern Clark Stevens (Joshua Leonanrd) comes to Cunningham Hall, a mental healthy facility administrated by Dr. Franks (Lance Henriksen), for a training period before his graduation in medical college. He gets close to the resident Sara (Jordan Ladd) and to Ben London, a dangerous patient lodged in cell 44 in the basement of the clinic. Clark becomes intrigued with a boy, who seems to be a ghost, and finds that Dr. Franks does not use real medication in the patients. A further investigation shows hidden dark secrets in the clinic.


Joshua Leonard as Clark Stevens
Jordan Ladd as Sara
Natasha Lyonne as Alice
Lance Henriksen as Dr. Franks
Dendrie Taylor as Nurse Hendricks
Leslie Jordan as Dr. Morton
Patrika Darbo as Betty
Christian Leffler as Drake
Newell Alexander as Dr. Douglas
Dan Callahan as Dr. Hendricks
Mark Holton as Mr.Hansen
Aaron Strongoni as Carl
Todd Stites as Trannie
Muffy Bolding as Polly Bond
Adam Lazarre-White as Wallace
William Butler

See also: Horror: 2001 Maniacs

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Gamma Ray - Future Madhouse
2. Mandragora Scream - Madhouse
3. Anthrax - Madhouse: The Very Besy of Anthrax
4. Silver Convention - Madhouse
5. House - Various Artists - Madhouse The Bounce Till You Drop Edition Cd1
6. House - Various Artists - Madhouse The Bounce Till You Drop Edition Cd2



Download Blessed
(drama, horror, thriller)
Download Movie BlessedHeather Graham and James Purefoy play a couple who desperately want to have a baby. Unfortunately, she has been diagnosed as infertile, and the couple can't afford the medical treatments that might allow her to conceive. Good fortune appears to be smiling on the couple when they are given an opportunity to receive free treatments at a mysterious fertility clinic. The woman is soon the expectant mother of twins, but as her due date draws nearer, she begins to suspect something is wrong, and that she has become the unwilling victim of a pact with evil.


Heather Graham as Samantha Howard
James Purefoy as Craig Howard
Fionnula Flanagan as J. Lloyd Samuel
Alan Mckenna as Detective Connors
Michael J. Reynolds as Dr. Lohman
Debora Weston as Dr. Leeds
Stella Stevens as Betty
William Hootkins as Detective Lauderdale
Andy Serkis as Father Carlo
David Hemmings as Earl Sidney
Michele Gentille as Mrs. Guber
Simon Fellows

See also: Drama: Babel

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Blessed Death
2. Blessed In Sin
3. 3 Way Split [Blessed In Sin, Kristallnacht, Seigneur Voland]
4. 69 Eyes - Blessed Be
5. Metal - Various Artists - 3 way split [Blessed in Sin, Kristallnacht, Seigneur Voland] - (2001) Gathered Under The Banner Of Concilium
6. High On Fire - Blessed Black Wings

Shallow Ground

Download Shallow Ground
(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Shallow GroundA naked teenage boy covered in blood appears at a remote sheriff's station one year after the brutal unsolved murder of a local girl. Now Sheriff Jack Shepherd, guilt ridden over the girl's murder, must confront his own demons as he desperately searches for the boy's true identity and possible victims. Little does Jack realize that he has started down a path that will bring him face to face with an unthinkable horror. Before sunrise the living will pay for the pain the dead have suffered.


Timothy V. Murphy as Jack Sheppard
Stan Kirsch as Stuart Dempsey
Lindsey Stoddart as Laura Russell
Patricia McCormack as Helen Reedy
Rocky Marquette as Boy
Natalie Avital as Darby Owens
Chris Hendrie as Albert Underhill
Tara Killian as Amy Underhill
Myron Natwick as Harvey
Steve Eastin as Detective Russell
John Kapelos as Leroy Riley
Christine Avila as Mrs. Underhill
Ori Pfeffer as Curtis
Victor Campos as Bus Driver
John MacKane as Passenger #1
Sheldon Wilson

Download Shallow Ground
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Tags: Download Movie Shallow Ground, Download Film Shallow Ground, Instant Movie Download Shallow Ground, Shallow Ground DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Corrosion Of Conformity - Blind - Shallow Ground


Download Evilenko
Download Movie EvilenkoIn 1984, in Kiev, the communist teacher Andrej Romanovic Evilenko is dismissed from his position after a pedophilic act against a student. On 15 May 1984, the pedophile Evilenko begins to rape children, and then slashing the victims in pieces and eating them. The magistrate family man Vadim Timurouvic Lesiev is assigned to catch the serial killer and almost eight years later he finally captures the monster that killed fifty-five persons, most of them children and young women. On 22 May 1992, Evilenko goes to the court and on 14 February 1994 he is finally executed.


Malcolm McDowell as Andrej Romanovic Evilenko
Marton Csokas as Vadim Timurovic Lesiev
Ronald Pickup as Aron Richter
David Grieco

Evilenko is one of those rare moments in movie history, when a (nearly) perfect combination of elegance and perversion produces an alarming portrait of the world in which we live. Acting, script, direction, music and scenes, all contribute to create a realistic, dark atmosphere of decadence and horror inside. The story is somewhere in Russia at the time Gorbacev. But we can find everywhere - everywhere there is a school, there is a hierarchy and willing to meet even the worst of crimes. Malcolm McDowell creates one of the most credible, disgusting and disturbing monsters ever seen on screen. It is not as fascinating as Hannibal Lecter, his clear change of character is not enough to be aware of its pernicious. This is the first film Grieco: not a bad debut! The film has not been distributed in Italy really, and I see the average score is very low in IMDb. I understand that this is not the usual investigation of the film, making it difficult to be accepted. However, I find that it is an important film, if it is not really a milestone.

Download Evilenko
See also: Drama: Talk to Me

See also: Malcolm McDowell in Clockwork Orange, A

Tags: Download Movie Evilenko, Download Film Evilenko, Instant Movie Download Evilenko, Evilenko DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Angelo Badalamenti - Evilenko
2. Angelo Badalamenti - Evilenko - Evilenko's Dark Fairy Tale
3. Angelo Badalamenti - Evilenko - Theme From Evilenko

Fat Albert

Download Fat Albert
(comedy, drama, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Fat AlbertFat Albert and the rest of the Cosby Kids are living happily in their animated world of Philadelphia when one day, a young teen cries on her remote control because she doesn't have any friends. Fat Albert and his gang then magically come out of her TV and enter the real Philadelphia! They decide-being such good kids-to help the teen make friends. Albert then falls in love with the girl's beautiful foster sister-but oh, no! If Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids stray from their TV world, they begin to fade away! Will Albert be able to return home after enlisting the help of Bill Cosby himself, or will he and his gang vanish forever? Go and see to find out!


Kenan Thompson as Fat Albert
Shedrack Anderson III as Rudy
Jermaine Williams as Mushmouth
Keith Robinson as Bill
Alphonso McAuley as Bucky
Aaron Frazier as Old Weird Harold
Marques Houston as Dumb Donald
Dania Ramirez as Lauri
Omarion Grandberry as Reggie
J. Mack Slaughter as Arthur
Rick Overton as Coach Gillespie
Kyla Pratt as Heather
Alice Greczyn as Becky
Farnsworth Bentley as Salesman
Joel Zwick

See also: Comedy: Music and Lyrics

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1. Herbie Hancock - Fat Albert Rotunda
2. Bill Cosby - Fat Albert
3. Herbie Hancock - Fat Albert Rotunda - Fat Albert Rotunda
4. Bill Cosby - Fat Albert - Fat Albert S Car
5. Bill Cosby - Fat Albert - Fat Albert Plays Dead
6. Bill Cosby - Fat Albert - Fat Albert Got A Hernia


The Legend of the Tamworth Two

Download Legend of the Tamworth Two, The
(comedy, drama, family)
Download Movie The Legend of the Tamworth TwoBased on a true story, the movie tells the story of two pigs, named Butch and Sundance, who staged a dramatic escape from an abattoir in January 1998 and remained at large for a week despite the best effort of the press and public to re-capture them.


Gerard Horan as Ned Watkins
Tim Plester as Slaughterman
Trevor Peacock as Mr. Martin
Brenda Cowling as Mrs. Martin
Darren Boyd as PC "Dusty" Springfield
Emma Pierson as Jenny West
Chris Langham as Jack
Alexei Sayle as Newspaper Editor
John Sessions as Rival Editor
Dermot Murnaghan as Himself
Rafe Spall as Crustie
Kevin Whately as Wolf
Natasha Day as Sundance
James Dodd as Butch
Brian Blessed as Wild Boar
Metin H+-seyin

Not much to say about this effort, it may not be an appeal to very young children or people with a very, very soft place for pigs.

The problem with the Legend of the Tamworth two is not clearly separate fact from fiction. A simple documentary presented in an appropriate way would have been much more entertaining story. That said, the parody of Quint in Jaws was the brief.

If you're a big fan Babe, this may be your cup of tea. If not, it will not.

'Nuff Said.

Download Legend of the Tamworth Two, The

Tags: Download Movie The Legend of the Tamworth Two, Download Film The Legend of the Tamworth Two, Instant Movie Download The Legend of the Tamworth Two, The Legend of the Tamworth Two DivX Download

Boa vs. Python

Download Boa vs. Python
(action, comedy, horror, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie Boa vs. PythonAfter an overly ambitious businessman transports an 80-foot python to the United States, the beast escapes and starts to leave behind a trail of human victims. An FBI agent and a snake specialist come up with a plot to combat the creature by pitting it against a bioengineered, 70-foot boa constrictor. It's two great snakes that snake great together!


David Hewlett as Emmett
Jaime Bergman as Monica
Kirk B.R. Woller as Agent Sharpe
Adam Kendrick as Broddick
Angel Boris as Eve
Marianne Stanicheva as Agent Koznetova
Griff Furst as James
Ivo Naidenov as Littlefield
George R. Sheffey as Danner
Atanas Srebrev as Foley
Harry Anichkin as Tex
Jeff Rank as Kent Humphries
Assen Blatechki as Ramon
Velizar Binev as Louis
Jonas Talkington as Deputy
David Flores

Boa vs Python (obviously inspired by AVP: Alien vs. Predator) is very, very, very stupid. United Film Organization (UFO) had two of his low-budget productions and snakes faced against each other (Gee, what'd you expect?) In any case, this movie sucks. Firstly, I do not know why it is called Boa vs. Python because snakes do not even fight to the end of the battle and only a few minutes. Two snakes mate and produce eggs (is that possible even crossroads Pythons and boas?). Three, or even explain that Python came from or how he was captured. And if he was captured, why not just use the same routine to re-capture? Four, dialogue and acting is terrible. And five, we needed some-one like the part where we see a woman taking a bubble bath. Before our very eyes! Do not allow young children to see the parties. And will the good parts of the film ... Well, there is only one good hand. The CGI is actually pretty darn good. Snakes now halfway realistic for once, but when they learn that snakes do not growl and roar and the like? Oh, and another thing on the DVD cover, showing the snake scene in a city with a helicopter firing a missile at them. Snakes fought in a kind of social club and an underground tunnel (I guess that how we die?) And no helicopter involved.
This film is all that is expected to be a complete and utter piece of shit. Not appear, except the special effects in film style, the Board of Auditors, which was a very good film. This has to do with a rich education that organizes hunts big game for the rich losers, only the big game - a giant reticulated python - is lost in the jungle outside of Philadelphia and the FBI decided to borrow some scientists to capture a giant boa. The plot is even Sillian after that. The effects are cheesy - CGI under budget, although the camera work and editing is very good. Senseless and moronic characters - most of them created just for old friends to show your assetts Toots and at the expense of a story interesting or relevant. That said, however, I must confess that crimson hair co-star Angel Boris was intoxicatingly attractive in all his scenes. But the story is the biggest film of the blame - there is no attempt to be logical or read and write, and even the suggestion that the film is half of the comedy is no excuse for the history of intelligence failures.

Download Boa vs. Python
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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Test Icicles - For Screening Purposes Only - Boa Vs Python


Download Blast!
(action, comedy, thriller)
Download Movie Blast!A terrorist, Michael Kittredge (Jones), posing as an environmentalist protester leads a team of highly-skilled mercenaries to take control of an oil rig off the coast of California, intending to detonate an electromagnetic bomb over the United States, striking a sort of "new Pearl Harbor" attack on behalf of enemies to the nation. What Kittredge didn't count on is a tugboat captain, Lamont Dixon (Griffin), who survives an attack on his ship, and is soon recruited by an FBI agent (Fox) to infiltrate the oil rig and procure information about their plans... and if possible, stop them. In the process, Dixon meets an eager computer expert (Meyer) aboard the oil rig who helps Dixon even as he gets on his nerves and Lamont suspects he can't really trust him.


Eddie Griffin as Lamont Dixon
Vinnie Jones as Michael Kittredge
Breckin Meyer as Jamal
Soup as Raj
Shaggy as Mace
Nadine Velazquez as Luna
Hannes Jaenicke as CEO Heller
Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr. as Smiley
Warwick Grier as Telford
Vivica A. Fox as Agent Reed
Nicky Andrews as Eric
Paul Du Toit as Smiley's Goon
Langley Kirkwood as Agent Phillips
Dean Slater as Dean
Brett Whitehead as Uli
Anthony Hickox

See also: Action: Sharpe's Challenge

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Anal Blast
2. Nuclear Blast Allstars
3. Stendal Blast and Blutengel
4. Gamma Ray - Blast From The Past CD1
5. Gamma Ray - Blast From The Past CD2
6. Stray Cats - Blast Off

The Eliminator

Download Eliminator, The
(action, adventure)
Download Movie The EliminatorFormer LAPD cop, Dakota Varley (played by UFC champion Bas Rutten), enters a power boat race seeking the prize of $250,000, but immediately discovers, first hand, that this race's risk matches the prize: one racer is killed, 3 others seriously injured in multiple action-packed crashes and explosions. Varley prevails. Varley tries to leave the lake and collect his prize money but is drugged and kidnapped by Dawson (portrayed by Michael Rooker) and thrown into a different world: a world where survivl means everything and no-one follows the rules. Varley awakens on an island, strapped to pole, like a pig being carried to a barbeque. Surrounded by heavily-armed men, he soon learns that he and six other victims have been assembled to be contestants in the ultimate survival game: they will be hunted nightly by hunters with rifles until there is one remaining survivor, who will win a $10,000,000 cash prize! As the story unfolds, we meet the other contestants Jesse is an undercover DEA agent in Venezuela, Santha is military instructor for a group of revolutionaries in Sierra Leone, and that Darius is a socio-pathic murderer, court-martialed and supposedly imprisoned by the U.S. Army for slaughtering 40 innocents in Kosovo. We also learn, in bits and pieces, that each contestant has been brought to the game by a "Player." Wealthy men and women who have each selected of one of the Contestants. Among these men are Carlos Alvarez, Venezuelan Drug Lord; U.S. Army General Ellison; and Ochiro Sumanni, a Japanese Gang Boss. All the while, we follow the Contestants as they struggle to survive the attacks not by of the hunters, but also each other. Enjoy the thrill ride as we follow Varley throught this intense action adventure: Varley's game. Are you ready to play?


Michael Rooker as Miles Dawson
Bas Rutten as Dakota Varley
Dana Lee as Ochiro Sumanni
G. Anthony Joseph as Warden Sutherland
Wolf Muser as Deitrich Remmel
Marco Ruas as Salvador
Michael Gregory as General Ellison
Gareth Myles as Watson
Geoffrey Forward as Sir Crawley
Jamal Duff as Darius
Ivo Cutzarida as Alvarez
Danielle Burgio as Santha
Paul Logan as Jesse
Vickie Phillips as Tonya
Stephen Wozniak as Rocker
Ken Barbet

See also: Action: Rescue Dawn

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. ZZ Top - Eliminator
2. Agnostic Front - Cause For Alarm - The Eliminator
3. New Age - Various Artists - Better shred than dead - Mr Eliminator
4. Agnostic Front - Live at CBGB - The Eliminator
5. Sonic Youth - Bright (Live @ Metro Club Chicago 1988-05-11) - Eliminator Jnr.
6. Zeke - Flat Tracker - Eliminator

She Hate Me

Download She Hate Me
(comedy, drama)
Download Movie She Hate MeHarvard-educated biotech executive John Henry Jack Armstrong gets fired when he informs on his bosses, launching an investigation into their business dealings by the Securities & Exchange Commission. Branded a whistle-blower and therefore unemployable, Jack desperately needs to make a living. When his former girlfriend Fatima, a high powered businesswoman--and now a lesbian--offers him cash to impregnate her and her new girlfriend Alex, Jack is persuaded by the chance to make easy money. Word spreads and soon Jack is in the baby-making business at $10,000 a try. Lesbians with a desire for motherhood and the cash to spare are lining up to seek his services. But, between the attempts by his former employers to frame him for security fraud and his dubious fathering activities, Jack finds his life, all at once, becoming very complicated.


Anthony Mackie as John Henry 'Jack' Armstrong
Kerry Washington as Fatima Goodrich
Ellen Barkin as Margo Chadwick
Monica Bellucci as Simona Bonasera
Jim Brown as Geronimo Armstrong
Ossie Davis as Judge Buchanan
Jamel Debbouze as Doak
Brian Dennehy as Chairman Billy Church
Woody Harrelson as Leland Powell
Ling Bai as Oni
Lonette McKee as Lottie Armstrong
Paula Jai Parker as Evelyn
Q-Tip as Vada Huff
Dania Ramirez as Alex Guerrero
John Turturro as Don Angelo Bonasera
Spike Lee

See also: Comedy: Robots

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Billy Ray Cyrus - Time Flies - She Don T Love Me (She Don T Hate Me)
2. Jeff Danna - Tideland - She Doesnt Hate Me
3. Godfathers - More Songs About Love and Hate - She Gives Me Love
4. Von Bondies - Love, Hate And Then There's You - She's Dead To Me
5. Von Bondies - Love, Hate And Then There's You - She's Dead To Me


Download Wimbledon
(comedy, drama, romance, sport)
Download Movie WimbledonIn just two summer weeks, a British tennis player who was ranked 119th in the world (Bettany), and generally considered to be on his last legs as a professional player, gets his one last chance to win both the All-England Lawn Tennis Championships on the grassy courts of Wimbledon... and the heart of the rising star "bad girl of tennis" (Dunst) as well...


Kirsten Dunst as Lizzie Bradbury
Paul Bettany as Peter Colt
Kyle Hyde as Monte Carlo Opponent
Robert Lindsay as Ian Frazier
Celia Imrie as Mrs. Kenwood
Penny Ryder as Mrs. Littlejohn
Annabel Leventon as Mrs. Rossdale
Amanda Walker as Country Club Tennis Lady
James McAvoy as Carl Colt
Bernard Hill as Edward Colt
Eleanor Bron as Augusta Colt
Marina Morgan as Hotel Receptionist
Barry Jackson as Danny Oldham
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Dieter Prohl
Sam Neill as Dennis Bradbury
Richard Loncraine

See also: Comedy: All Together, The

See also: Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette

Tags: Download Movie Wimbledon, Download Film Wimbledon, Instant Movie Download Wimbledon, Wimbledon DivX Download

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