The Easter Egg Adventure

Download Easter Egg Adventure, The
Download Movie The Easter Egg AdventureIn the middle of the night in EggTown, a mysterious figure sneaks into a bakery shop to steal some pastries. He is chased out, thanks in large part to the keen eye of Good Gracious Grasshopper, but not before his cloak is marked with some desert-like evidence. The thief is Terrible Timothy Take-It, and he scurries to his mother's home. Timothy's mother, Tiny Tessie, is asleep. He loves his mother and deep down yearns to be good, but circumstance has led Timothy down a slippery slope to mischief. He leaves the cloak behind, and the next day, wearing that same garment, Tessie wanders into the village to do her shopping. Seeing the evidence on Tessie's cloak, the townsfolk believe she is the thief. Coming to her rescue is Horrible Harriet Hare, a smart, lonely and occasionally over-bearing, schoolteacher. She convinces the townsfolk that Tiny Tessie, a frail, old hen, could not have been responsible for the break-in. The incident is forgotten, and the town prepares for its biggest day of the year, Egg Day. Egg Day is the day every Easter egg in the world is manufactured. Horrible Harriet Hare also prepares for the big day: each year, on Egg Day, she has a picnic with the school's headmaster, Big Boring Benedict Bunny. Benedict and Harriet love each other, but they can never find the courage to express their feelings to one another. They are embarrassed by their nicknames, meanwhile, Timothy Take-It returns to the lair where he lives with the other Take-Its. They are a rough and menacing lot who conspire to steal all of EggTown's Easter eggs. That night, they sneak into EggTown and do the deed, but Good Gracious Grasshopper is on the job again and witnesses the robbery. At an emergency town meeting, an unusual group of heroes assemble to retrieve the stolen eggs: the group consists of Benedict, Harriet, Good Gracious, Tiny Tessie, Boss Baker (the owner of the pastry shop) and Mrs. Baker. They must brave the treacherous swamps and forests to get to the Take-Its' lair. The journey is fraught with danger and adventure and the brave little group ends up finding a lot more than what they were looking for.


Brooke Shields as Horrible Harriet Hare
James Woods as Grab Takit
Joe Pantoliano as Terrible Timmy Takit
Sandra Bernhard as Claralyne Cluck
Nancy Kerrigan as Helen Hen Bernadette Baker
Eli Wallach as Narrator
John Michael Williams as Big Boring Benedict Bunny
Greg Littman as Good Gracious Grasshopper
Rob Bartlett as Boss Baker
Becca Lish as Tiny Tessie
John Michael Williams

Surely this is one of the best animated features I have seen.Its luck, good story, excellent cast, great songs and a runtime to satisfy the most ardent collectors of children and family entertainment DVD, especially a shear joy to watch. I totally recommend this classic animated. The story is quite simple and relates to the inhabitants of an idyllic Egg Town where neighboring chickens and rabbits live together in harmony.However beyond the borders of this humble burg, lurk the mysterious thieves and "Take It" which conspire to steal the eggs of the City Easter eggs and spirit ... fun loving for children much better than a chocolate Easter egg
This film is definitely for children. The songs are cute and very catchy rap. There are a lot of movies around Easter and this is a feel good story that needs no censorship. It is not religious and is a more personal story about courage.The characters have texture which is unusual for an animated film. Brooke Shields has a good job and sings a little. Joey Pants does a great job as a villain. The whole film has a look of Eastern Europe it is a refreshing change of pace. Pets in the film steal every scene they are in. I have children and have seen the movie many times. If you have a child under 3 is a scene a little scary in the swamp. In general, the film was very good and a good diversion from the new movies coming out that are starting to all look the same.

Download Easter Egg Adventure, The
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