Fat Albert

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(comedy, drama, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Fat AlbertFat Albert and the rest of the Cosby Kids are living happily in their animated world of Philadelphia when one day, a young teen cries on her remote control because she doesn't have any friends. Fat Albert and his gang then magically come out of her TV and enter the real Philadelphia! They decide-being such good kids-to help the teen make friends. Albert then falls in love with the girl's beautiful foster sister-but oh, no! If Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids stray from their TV world, they begin to fade away! Will Albert be able to return home after enlisting the help of Bill Cosby himself, or will he and his gang vanish forever? Go and see to find out!


Kenan Thompson as Fat Albert
Shedrack Anderson III as Rudy
Jermaine Williams as Mushmouth
Keith Robinson as Bill
Alphonso McAuley as Bucky
Aaron Frazier as Old Weird Harold
Marques Houston as Dumb Donald
Dania Ramirez as Lauri
Omarion Grandberry as Reggie
J. Mack Slaughter as Arthur
Rick Overton as Coach Gillespie
Kyla Pratt as Heather
Alice Greczyn as Becky
Farnsworth Bentley as Salesman
Joel Zwick

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