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(action, crime, drama)
Download Movie Biker BoyzA mythic motorcycle tale of father and son", this is the story of Manuel Galloway (Fishburne), also known as "the King of Cali", the president of a motorcycle club whose members are all African-American men, mostly white-collar workers who exchange their suits and ties at night and on weekends for leather outfits and motorcycle helmets. The focus of this story takes place at an annual drag-racing event in Fresno, as Manuel tries to retain his championship title.


Laurence Fishburne as Smoke
Derek Luke as Kid
Orlando Jones as Soul Train
Djimon Hounsou as Motherland
Lisa Bonet as Queenie
Brendan Fehr as Stuntman
Larenz Tate as Wood
Kid Rock as Dogg
Rick Gonzalez as Primo
Meagan Good as Tina
Salli Richardson as Half & Half
Vanessa Bell Calloway as Anita
Dante Basco as Philly
Dion Basco as Flip
Tyson Beckford as Donny
Reggie Rock Bythewood

Kid is the son of Tariq aka "Slick Will," the engineer smoke, which is the
leader of the group Black Knights motorcycle and a legend in the
Streets. When Tariq was killed in a motorcycle accident, Kid decreases
The scene for six months, but returned determined to become more than just a
perspective. Its ultimate objective is himself and the challenge of smoke
Making his mark by taking the biggest dog but it must first
Go legit and formed his own band bike with friends and Stuntman

Opening with a beautiful shot tracking (or series of shots, I am not sure
) this movie was my interest from the beginning, but very quickly flew. With
A clear and predictable establishing the scene, the narrative arc is
Established and thus began my weary trudge from start to finish,
Music through a myriad of video scenes, little convincing scenes and dialogue
charges of motorcycles. It is very basic and things that never aspired to
lot. The characters are cardboard cut and dialogue is
Terrible, this could reduce the mustard if the film was an extension of the action and
movie, but it's not. Instead, it is supposed to be a character-driven film
And therefore it is a big problem not to have
Convincing characters or dialogue. Unfortunately it is a mess in terms of writing and
Tramando and only forgive the material is worth two hours

The action is pretty weak. I did not think any of the races are
Emotionally and although they are well done, all of them can work both
uses the characters' emotions to feed on them. As is the
failure of the plot means that much of the film is missing and feels
Rather useless. Sometimes referred to the depth and humanity, but is absolutely
Occasional spark drowned in a sea of noise. Music Video of the film
objectives are met, but personally I am glad not be in
demographic sector to be deceived into thinking that this makes
For a good movie.

The division mingle with the people who I expected and better
People who deserve things like this. Fishburne might well have expected
Most of the film, because sometimes it can get to see it, unfortunately he
There can achieve the impossible and any glimmer of a good performance is
sunk. Luke struggles from the outset. He is very charismatic and
here, but he is unable to deliver the excitement and understanding that is not in the script and
His narration is terrible. The supporting cast are flatly
Media with obvious performances by Jones, Hounsou, Fehr and others.
Well, but it's very sexy vacant while I am not sure why the trouble to Bonet
turn for so little.

General rather pointless then a film that shrinks shoulders against any potential
character that can be taken in favour of MTV, the age for dialogue and annoying
Mainly, the best average performances. You can see the potential in the
history, but also through various aspects of the film fails to deliver on this potential
and only leave completely unnecessary film that
not deserve any of his time.
Not sure what movie the other person was watching, but in
enjoyed this movie a lot. Also, I am not sure if it has ever rode on a motorcycle
, but before some of the tricks are not as easy as they seem.
I had no problem following the story and is definitely one of
The best motorcycle films I have seen. I am, however, unaware
a movie about motorcycle racing and drag bike gangs must have
explosions and effects of fantasy. This is not one of those "quick and
Furioso" movie tries to capture wrong with the illegal racing
Entremezclado simply to make the film stand out and have appeal. I
agree, however, that some of the scenes of the race seemed to 30 mph. All
In all its a good movie and if it is on motorcycles, especially its

Download Biker Boyz
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