The River Wild

Download River Wild, The
(action, adventure, drama, thriller)
Download Movie The River WildGail (Meryl Streep) is a professional at water rafting. She twigs every day, and she is in a very good shape. She takes her family, one day, to a rafting trip down the river, but she has no idea that the planed trip is about to become a nightmare. Two escaping robbers with a handgun, meet the family in the way, and join them to the trip. Only later the Gail realize that their new friends are dangerous criminals, but it's too late. The two men force them to stay together, and to keep cruising down the river. The family's life are risked not only by the 2 men, but also by the river which becomes more stormy and wilder.


Meryl Streep as Gail Hartman
Stephanie Sawyer as Willa
Joseph Mazzello as Roarke
David Strathairn as Tom
Elizabeth Hoffman as Gail's Mother
Victor Galloway as Gail's Father
Kevin Bacon as Wade
John C. Reilly as Terry
William Lucking as Frank
Diane Delano as Ranger
Thomas F. Duffy as Ranger
Benjamin Bratt as Ranger Johnny
Paul Cantelon as Violinist
Glenn Morshower as Policeman
Curtis Hanson

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5. D.A.D. - Call Of The Wild - Rock River
6. David Arkenstone - Sketches From An American Journey - Wild River
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Download Overboard
(comedy, romance)
Download Movie OverboardJoanna Stayton (Hawn) is a rich snotty millionairess and Dean Proffitt (Russell) is a struggling carpenter trying to get by with 4 obnoxious children. After doing a job which Joanna is dissatisfied with, she tosses Dean overboard and refuses to pay him, then Joanna gets amnesia and Dean decides to get back at her by claiming her as his "wife" and mother of his 4 brats.


Goldie Hawn as Joanna Stayton/Annie Proffitt
Kurt Russell as Dean Proffitt
Edward Herrmann as Grant Stayton III
Katherine Helmond as Edith Mintz
Michael G. Hagerty as Billy Pratt
Roddy McDowall as Andrew
Jared Rushton as Charlie Proffitt
Jeffrey Wiseman as Joey Proffitt
Brian Price as Travis Proffitt
Jamie Wild as Greg Proffitt
Frank Campanella as Captain Karl
Henry Alan Miller as Dr. Norman Korman
Frank Buxton as Wilbur Budd (Elk Cove)
Carol Williard as Rose Budd (Elk Cove)
Doris Hess as Adele Burbridge (Elk Cove)
Garry Marshall

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The Perfect Storm

Download Perfect Storm, The
(action, adventure, drama, thriller)
Download Movie The Perfect StormBilly Tyne is a sword-fishing-boat captain out of Gloucester, highly competitive and stung by a string of poor outings. His crew is hardly back in port when he tells them he's going out again, even though it's October and the weather can turn ugly. Five join him: the young Bobby, newly in love; Murph, a devoted father recently divorced; Sully, a guy Murph despises; Bugsy, who's finally met a woman who likes him; and Alfred, a quiet Jamaican. They catch little, so they sail east, with Tyne ignoring storm warnings behind him. Finally, the fish bite, but the ice machine fails. Should they head home through the storm of the century, or wait it out and lose their catch? Fearful, the women wait.


George Clooney as Capt. Billy Tyne
Mark Wahlberg as Bobby Shatford
John C. Reilly as Dale 'Murph' Murphy
Diane Lane as Christina 'Chris' Cotter
William Fichtner as David 'Sully' Sullivan
Bob Gunton as Mistral Owner Alexander McAnally III
Karen Allen as Melissa Brown
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Linda Greenlaw
Allen Payne as Alfred Pierre
John Hawkes as Mike 'Bugsy' Moran
Christopher McDonald as TV Meteorologist Todd Gross
Dash Mihok as Sgt. Jeremy Mitchell
Josh Hopkins as Capt. Daryl Ennis
Michael Ironside as Bob Brown
Cherry Jones as Edie Bailey
Wolfgang Petersen

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High Crimes

Download High Crimes
(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie High CrimesHigh powered lawyer Claire Kubik finds her world turned upside down when her husband, who she thought was Tom Kubik, is arrested and is revealed to be Ron Chapman. Chapman is on trial for a murder of Latin American villagers while he was in the Marines. Claire soon learns that to navigate the military justice system, she'll need help from the somewhat unconventional Charlie Grimes; meanwhile, Claire's sister, Jackie, is falling in love with wet-behind-the-ears Lieutenant Embry assigned as the official defense lawyer. And most of the eyewitnesses have rather too conveniently died.


Ashley Judd as Claire Kubik
Morgan Freeman as Charlie Grimes
James Caviezel as Tom Kubik/Ron Chapman
Adam Scott as Lieutenant Embry
Amanda Peet as Jackie
Bruce Davison as General Marks
Tom Bower as FBI Agent Mullins
Juan Carlos Hern??ndez as Major Hernandez
Michael Gaston as Major Waldron
Jude Ciccolella as Colonel Farrell
Emilio Rivera as Salvadoran Man
Michael Shannon as Troy Abbott
John Billingsley as Lie Detector Coach
Dendrie Taylor as Lola
Paula Jai Parker as Gracie
Carl Franklin

This was a story involving a soldier accused of murdering civilians
15 years ago and then going AWOL All
story revolves around one question: What makes or is innocent?

This question keeps the viewer guessing for much of the film and provides very good
hold. This is another film, however, in which
there is a strong anti-US military flavor, so typical in movies
the decade since 1960.

Also, once you know the end, I doubt that this is a movie that
to look more than once. However, it is definitely worth seeing and
entertain you for about two hours. Ashley Judd, Jim Caviezel and Morgan Freeman
three main actors are attractive, interesting for all
clock, as usual.
I went to the preview to see most of Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman as
I like these two actors. What pleasant surprise as the script was great and the

by all participants was first class. I think this will be a sleeper and
should do very well at the box office. Do not wait for this to come to
the local theater, go see now is a great movie all around

Download High Crimes
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Download Blink
Download Movie BlinkTwenty years ago, 8-year-old Emma Brody's abusive mother smashed Emma's face into a bathroom mirror just for pilfering in the mother's makeup drawer. Today, Emma is an independent, self-assured woman who plays violin in a popular Celtic folk band in Chicago. Emma lives life on her own terms, only without sight -- the result of the traumatic injuries to her eyes at the hands of her mother. Luckily for Emma, medical science has vaulted a quantum leap in the past two decades. Now, thanks to corneal implants installed by her kindly eye surgeon, Dr. Ryan Pierce, Emma can see again. Emma's sight is at first cloudy, and she suffers from "retroactive hallucinations," a clinically documented syndrome in which the newly sighted sometimes "see" things hours, or even days, after they actually happen. This becomes a big problem when Emma sees a suspicious man leaving her neighbor's apartment at 4AM, but his features appear to her only in flashback later that morning. After failing to get a response at the neighbor's door, Emma tries to convince detective John Hallstrom and his partner Tom Ridgely to check things out. At first, Hallstrom dismisses Emma as a nutcase, but when the cops finally arrive on the scene, they find the guy murdered, using the same MO as a series of killings that Hallstrom and Ridgely are already investigating. Emma herself is in danger, because she's the only person who can identify the killer. Hallstrom's colleagues remain doubtful because Emma's vision flawed. When the killer begins to stalk Emma, Hallstrom has her placed under police protection, and the two soon become lovers while Hallstrom tries to figure out who the killer is.


Madeleine Stowe as Emma Brody
Aidan Quinn as Detective John Hallstrom
James Remar as Thomas Ridgely
Peter Friedman as Dr. Ryan Pierce
Bruce A. Young as Lt. Mitchell
Laurie Metcalf as Candice
Matt Roth as Officer Crowe
Paul Dillon as Neal Booker
Michael Byrne as Barry
Anthony Cannata as Ned
Greg Noonan as Frank
Heather Schwartz as Young Emma
Marilyn Dodds Frank as Emma's Mother
Michael Stuart Kirkpatrick as Michael
Sean C. Cleland as Drover
Michael Apted

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The Replacements

Download Replacements, The
(comedy, sport)
Download Movie The ReplacementsA comedy based on the 1987 professional football players' strike. Gene Hackman plays the coach of the team, Jack Warden is the owner, Brett Cullen is the All-Pro quarterback that goes on strike and Keanu Reeves is the "scab" who replaces the star QB.


Keanu Reeves as Shane Falco
Gene Hackman as Jimmy McGinty
Brooke Langton as Annabelle Farrell
Orlando Jones as Clifford Franklin
Faizon Love as Jamal Jackson
Michael Taliferro as Andre Jackson
Ace Yonamine as Jumbo
Troy Winbush as Walter Cochran
David Denman as Brian Murphy
Jon Favreau as Daniel Bateman
Michael Jace as Earl Wilkinson/Ray Smith
Rhys Ifans as Nigel 'The Leg' Gruff
Gailard Sartain as Pilachowski
Art LaFleur as Banes
Brett Cullen as Eddie Martel
Howard Deutch

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5. Superdrag - Greetings From Tennessee - Bastards Of Young (The Replacements Cover)
6. The Replacements - Let It Be - The Replacements We're Comin' Out
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Download Trapped
(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie TrappedJoe Hickley thinks he's got a great scheme: kidnap the child of rich parents, hold it for 24 hours, keeping the mother under his control while an accomplice gets the ransom from the father, who is on a trip. But things go very wrong when he tries this scheme on the Jennings family, in part because their daughter Abby is asthmatic, and in part because the Jennings' find out more than Hickley wants them to know.


Charlize Theron as Karen Jennings
Courtney Love as Cheryl Hickey
Stuart Townsend as William Jennings
Kevin Bacon as Joe Hickey
Pruitt Taylor Vince as Marvin
Dakota Fanning as Abigail Jennings
Steve Rankin as Hank Ferris
Gary Chalk as Agent Chalmers
Jodie Markell as Mary McDill
Matt Koby as Peter McDill
Gerry Becker as Dr. Stein
Andrew Airlie as Holden
Randi Lynne as Hotel Operator
Colleen Camp as Joan Evans
J.B. Bivens as Gray Davidson
Luis Mandoki

Sometimes I wonder if the actors who agree to appear in movies with Kevin Bacon
do so because they have a secret desire to become a primary link

that increasingly popular parlor game known as six degrees of Kevin Bacon, a move

intended to assure that at least some screenland opportunity for immortality.
The actors co-starring with him in `Trapped '- aptly named
a movie that is little more than a 99-minute Wallowa useless, unadulterated sadism -
include Charlize Theron, Courtney Love and Stuart Townsend, not exactly
non-Nobodies name, but not quite Hollywood A-list of players either. But

selling your soul for eternal fame often comes with a price tag high, and he and
Sneaking not suspect that these last days Mephistopheles'

be just as happy if we forget that they were ever associated with this
perfectly dreadful, if thriller - Kevin Bacon and all. Even a

opportunity to cinematic immortality can not be a value that appears in a movie this awful.

Is there any topic more sensitive these days that children and the danger
kidnapping? And can any filmmaker, foolish or bold enough to take that
really do without calling into question its own staff and objectives
reasons? Do we really want to see traumatized children torn away from

their parents or in danger of strangulation around the pretext of `
popular entertainment? It has been done successfully in the past, of course.

One of the greatest thrillers of all time - the 1964 British film "Séance on a Wet Afternoon
'- used the issue of child abduction as the source of its
Drama, but that film was a masterpiece, a poignant, psychologically
study of forcing a woman to the brink of madness. It takes a fine
sensitivity and a steady hand to maintain a touchy issue as child

danger becomes an exercise in cheap exploitation, and, sorry to say
, none of
these qualities in abundance appears very `Trapped ',
latest variation on the theme. In fact, `Trapped 'is almost as far from being

an artwork as possible for a film to get.

Bacon plays the leader of a trio of kidnappers of children whose modus operandi is

to target wealthy couples keep their children for ransom and then release them
< br> when parents have coughed up the money demanded. The trio

claims to have "success" retreated outside this small trick
four times already - in each case ended with parents were reunited with their children
, no questions asked. The fifth and current involves kidnapping
little Abby Jennings, the youngest daughter of Will and Karen Jennings, a high-priced
, apparently world-renowned anesthesiologist and a doting mother
with a few self - defense tricks of his sleeve (or their knickers

be more accurate). And as if they are forced to see the poor girl was
threatened by a group of third-rate thugs are not bad enough, they also have

to bear witness to his gasping breath to any number of attacks asthma that

lit by the stress of the experience. Well, what with `Signs'
before and now this film, I suppose that asthma has become a disease of childhood
film of this election season.

Throughout the film he always told how these hijackers brilliant
are supposed to - however, seem to do everything in its power to pay

their victims the opportunity to turn the tables on them. One of them, Bacon's wife
, conveniently falls asleep so that the casual
good doctor can remove all the bullets
his pistol, another Bacon's deaf - Ingeniously, oafish cousin,
to-kidnapper-with-a heart of gold, enters the kitchen to heat some soup

so the girl could walk free at the door, cells

phone in hand, to seek help, and even Bacon, `brain 'of the package, allows
Madam Jennings unaccompanied to go to the bathroom where they proceeded to
rummages through medicine cabinet of what seems like ten minutes until it finds a scalpel
then proceeded to hold his private parts
after he has made it vulnerable to fund itself completely disrobing in anticipation
to get a little nooky on the side. One wonders how these world-class
bumblers never managed to draw or a success
kidnapping, let alone four. The film includes even oldest of all
kidnap-scene cliches - the obligation of a nosey neighbor who drops

the most inopportune moment and needs to be fobbed off the victim's desperate
without arousing suspicion. And, of course, we have Ms Theron strip to their undies
(Bacon and Mr strip down to his birthday suit) only for
until sleaze quotient a little.

The film is not only ugly in a moral level, but on a visual level as well.
photography Frederick Elmes and Piotr Sobocinski is drab, mundane

and color, and director Luis Mandoki's `style 'consists mainly of

have the camera jump up and down like crazy whenever a character is excited or

story threatens to undermine the audience's attention span. The end
involves a large multi-vehicle accumulate on a highway in Oregon that is
as ridiculous as it is unconvincing.

'Trapped' almost says it all - for actors, filmmakers and
especially the audience.
I had not even heard of this movie and was surprised to find not one or two big players 5
but in this movie. And I can see why. This is a smart
thriller about a kidnapping. Such begins as a typical Hollywood
Blockbuster and certainly as one ends but history and how it unfolds
is very good.

This is a script with strong beautiful cinematography (again,
Vancouver), great performance. Theron proves once again that here is a strong
actress with great skill and a lot more potential. To boot, this is a reality
great action sequence near the end. A good, entertaining movie, this is a definitive

8 / 10

Download Trapped
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4. R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet (Chapters 1-12) DVDA
5. Rage - Trapped !
6. 2Pac - 2pacalypse Now - Trapped
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Between Strangers

Download Between Strangers
Download Movie Between StrangersToronto, 2001. Three women in spiritual crisis. In secret from her dismissive husband, Olivia draws what she sees in dreams. Catherine, a world-class cellist, has abandoned her husband and daughter to hunt down her father. Photojournalist Natalia, in her famous father's footsteps, scores her first Time Magazine cover, but realizes she has paid an incalculable price for the photo. Olivia has another secret besides her art; Catherine makes discoveries about her father; Natalia receives a gift that's undeserved: these complications push each woman in a new and unexpected direction.


Sophia Loren as Olivia
Mira Sorvino as Natalia Bauer
Deborah Kara Unger as Catherine
Pete Postlethwaite as John
Julian Richings as Nigel
Klaus Maria Brandauer as Alexander Bauer
Malcolm McDowell as Alan Baxter
Len Doncheff as Grocery Store Owner
Corey Sevier as Jeb
Dov Tiefenbach as Matt
Ngozi Taymah Armatrading as Angolan War Child
Alex House as Kevin
Noam Jenkins as Rogelio
Sydney Pearson as Little Girl
Andrew Tarbet as George
Edoardo Ponti

This movie was better than expected, well acted and the little dramas
is sincere. It is Deborah Kara Unger Mira Sorvino And many more
other high-caliber actors in small parts. But there are some negative aspects
to keep it from greatness. 3

The vandals were too disturbing for this type of film and made me want
twist their necks. None of these justice in the movie.

The connection between the three women is carried too far-fetched and
virtually nonexistent. The end makes no sense, why are these
3 women waiting at the same table at the airport, they all have different
destinations. The girl does not make sense if other
an evil plot device built to link the three women.
Also unnecessary because this story already has a link between them: they are at a crossroads
between past and present,
until something new in his life.

also the photographer accidentally a meeting with angoli as
mentioned here before, is too coincidental.

It seems that this kind of storytelling has become popular with
Short Cuts and Magnolia, the first of which is by far the best.

Download Between Strangers
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My Blue Heaven

Download My Blue Heaven
Download Movie My Blue HeavenFBI agent Barney Coopersmith is assigned to protect former Mafia figure turned informant Vincent Antonelli. In the witness protection program one is supposed to keep a low profile, but that is something that Antonelli has trouble doing. Coopersmith certainly has his hands full keeping Antonelli away from the Mafia hitmen who want to stop him testifying, not to mention the nightclubs...


Steve Martin as Vincent 'Vinnie' Antonelli
Rick Moranis as Barney Coopersmith
Joan Cusack as Hannah Stubbs
Melanie Mayron as Crystal
Bill Irwin as Kirby
Carol Kane as Shaldeen
William Hickey as Billy Sparrow
Deborah Rush as Linda
Daniel Stern as Will Stubbs
Jesse Bradford as Jamie
Corey Carrier as Tommie
Seth Jaffe as Umberto Mello
Robert Miranda as Lilo Mello
Ed Lauter as Underwood
Julie Bovasso as Vinnie's Mother
Herbert Ross

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2. Artie Shaw - Let's Dance - My Blue Heaven
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4. Cliff Richard - 21 Today - My Blue Heaven
5. Coleman Hawkins - Body and Soul Revisited - MY BLUE HEAVEN
6. Fats Domino - Best of Fats Domino - My Blue Heaven
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The 51st State

Download 51st State, The
(action, comedy, crime, thriller)
Download Movie The 51st StateElmo McElroy (Jackson) is a streetwise American master chemist who heads to England to sell his special new formula - a powerful, blue concoction guaranteed to take you to 'the 51st state.' McElroy's new product delivers a feeling 51 times more powerful than any thrill, any pleasure, any high in history. But his plans for a quick, profitable score go comically awry when he gets stuck in Liverpool with an unlikely escort (Carlyle) and his ex-girlfriend (Mortimer) and becomes entangled in a bizarre web of double-dealing and double-crosses.


Rhys Ifans as
Sean Pertwee as
Ricky Tomlinson as
Samuel L. Jackson as Elmo McElroy
Nigel Whitmey as L.A. Highway Patrol
Robert Jezek as Priest
Emily Mortimer as Dakota Parker
Meat Loaf as The Lizard
Jake Abraham as Konokko
Mac McDonald as Mr. Davidson
Aaron Swartz as Mr. Yuri
David Webber as Mr. Jones
Michael J. Reynolds as Mr. Escobar
Sonny Muslim as Boy in Plane Tommy
Barbara Barnes as Boy's Mother
Junix Nocian as Mr. Ho-Fat
Robert Carlyle as Felix DeSouza
Paul Barber as Frederick
Ronny Yu

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2. New Model Army - The Ghost Of Cain (Remastered) (CD 2) - 51st State (Live)
3. Pop - Various Artists - Fetenhits-The Best of Real Classics - 51St State (New Model Army)
4. Test Dept - European Network - 51st State Of America
5. Various Artists - ... Nobody Else Cd 2 - 51St State
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Employee of the Month

Download Employee of the Month
(comedy, drama)
Download Movie Employee of the Month"Employee of the Month" is about a guy (Matt Dillon) whose day spirals from bad to worse when he gets fired from his dream job at the bank and is dumped by his fiancee Sara (Applegate). David's best friend Jack (Zahn) tries to convince him it's for the best, but the opposite occurs when bank robberies and millions of dollars become part of his day from hell.


Fiona Gubelmann as
Matt Dillon as David Walsh
Steve Zahn as Jack
Christina Applegate as Sara Goodwin
Andrea Bendewald as Wendy
Dave Foley as Eric
Jay Leggett as Dorff
David Pasquesi as Kyle Lacopa
Peter Jason as Bill Gartin
Paul Dooley as Reverend Ben Goodwin
Noel Gugliemi as Chicken
Renee Albert as Martha
Enrique Almeida as Ruben
Mark Beltzman as Hank
Brian Blondell as the Waiter Paulo
John Timothy Botka as Yuppie
Mitch Rouse

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Mean Machine

Download Mean Machine
(comedy, drama, sport)
Download Movie Mean MachineDisgraced ex-England captain (Danny 'Mean Machine' Meehan) is thrown in jail for assaulting two police officers. Whilst in jail, he doesn't recieve any favours because of his celebrity status in the outside world. He is out numbered and many prisoners constantly barrage him with insults for letting down his country in a crucial World Cup game. He keeps his head down and has the opportunity to forget everything and change the lives of the prisoners. These prisoners have the chance to put one over the evil guards. The prisoners are lead by Danny and the whole of the prison, guards aside, are behind them. Game on......


Vinnie Jones as Danny Meehan
David Kelly as Doc
David Hemmings as Governor
Ralph Brown as Burton
Vas Blackwood as Massive
Robbie Gee as Trojan
Geoff Bell as Ratchett
John Forgeham as Sykes
Sally Phillips as Tracey
Jason Flemyng as Bob Likely
Danny Dyer as Billy the Limpet
Jason Statham as The Broadhurst Monk
Martin Wimbush as Z
David Reid as Barman
David Cropman as Second Barman
Barry Skolnick

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Demolition Man

Download Demolition Man
(action, comedy, crime, sci-fi)
Download Movie Demolition ManJohn Spartan and his nemisis Simon Phoenix are imprisoned in cryogenic stasis. While in deep freeze John's brain is filled with a love of knitting while Simon gains knowledge in computers, weapons and fighting techniques. The police force of the future is uncapable of apprehending Simon after he escapes and the department is forced to wake John. He must cut his way through the totally different world he has awoken in while at the same time trying to find and capture Simon once and for all.


Sylvester Stallone as John Spartan
Wesley Snipes as Simon Phoenix
Sandra Bullock as Lt. Lenina Huxley
Nigel Hawthorne as Dr. Raymond Cocteau
Benjamin Bratt as Alfredo Garcia
Bob Gunton as Chief George Earle
Glenn Shadix as Associate Bob
Denis Leary as Edgar Friendly
Grand L. Bush as Zachary Lamb - Young
Pat Skipper as Helicopter Pilot
Steve Kahan as Captain Healy
Paul Bollen as T.F.R. Officer
Mark Colson as Warden William Smithers - Young
Andre Gregory as Warden William Smithers - Aged
John Enos III as Prisoner
Marco Brambilla

See also: Action: Apocalypse Now

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6. Drum & Bass - Various Artists - Knowledge and Wisdom-The Jungle Lost Scrolls EP-LS001 - Computer Tongue ('97 dubplate (K&W ft Demolition Man and Millio)
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Mars Attacks!

Download Mars Attacks!
(action, comedy, sci-fi)
Download Movie Mars Attacks!President James Dale of the United States and his right-hand man, Jerry Ross discover that an army of Martian UFOs are hovering around the Earth, and everyone has a different response. Some, like Texan alcohol dealer Art Land and slimy nesman Jason Black, just want to make a profit out of it. Others, such as TV hostess Nathalie Lake, Land's spiritualist wife Barbara, and the Southern-like Norris family, are excited, and some, like Dale's wife, Marsha, and daughter, Taffy, don't care. Richie Norris is extremely intelligent but is only respected by his insane grandmother, while his older brother Billy is favored for joining the army. General Decker doesn't trust the Martians and insist they fight, but General Casey is more optimistic. The Martians appear to come in peace but suddenly begin to use their super-powerful and technologically advanced weapons to wipe out the population and great structures. Soon, they attack Las Vegas, where the Norrises are living, where former heavyweight champion Byron Williams is visiting, where an obnoxious lawyer is gambling, and where Tom Jones is performing in concerts.


Jack Nicholson as President James Dale/Art Land
Glenn Close as First Lady Marsha Dale
Annette Bening as Barbara Land
Pierce Brosnan as Professor Donald Kessler
Danny DeVito as Rude Gambler
Martin Short as Press Secretary Jerry Ross
Sarah Jessica Parker as Nathalie Lake
Michael J. Fox as Jason Stone
Rod Steiger as General Decker
Tom Jones as Himself
Jim Brown as Byron Williams
Lukas Haas as Richie Norris
Natalie Portman as Taffy Dale
Pam Grier as Louise Williams
Lisa Marie as Martian Girl
Tim Burton

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5. Drum & Bass - Various Artists - Various Artists - Mars Attacks (Stakka & Hochi)
6. Generation Dub - GRID025 - Mars Attacks
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Download Heartbreakers
(comedy, crime, romance)
Download Movie HeartbreakersMax (Weaver) and Page (Hewitt) are a mother and daughter con team. Max seduces wealthy men into marrying her, then Page seduces them into infidelity so Max can rake them over the divorce court coals. And then it's on to the next victim.


Sigourney Weaver as Max Conners/Angela
Jennifer Love Hewitt as Page Conners/Jane Helstrom
Ray Liotta as Dean Cumanno/Vinny Staggliano
Jason Lee as Jack Withrowe
Anne Bancroft as Gloria Vogal/Barbara
Jeffrey Jones as Mr. Appel
Gene Hackman as William B. Tensy
Nora Dunn as Miss Madress
Julio Oscar Mechoso as Leo
Ricky Jay as Dawson's Auctioneer
Sarah Silverman as Linda
Zach Galifianakis as Bill
Michael Hitchcock as Dr. Arnold Davis
Pierre Gonneau as Priest at First Wedding
Shawn Colvin as Minister at Second Wedding
David Mirkin

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Four Rooms

Download Four Rooms
(comedy, drama)
Download Movie Four RoomsThis movie features the collaborative directorial efforts of four new filmmakers, each of whom directs a segment of this comedy. It's New Year's Eve at the Mon Signor Hotel, a former grand old Hollywood hotel, now fallen upon hard times. Often using physical comedy and sight gags, this movie chronicles the slapstick misadventures of Ted, the Bellhop. He's on his first night on the job, when he's asked to help out a coven of witches in the Honeymoon Suite. Things only get worse when he delivers ice to the wrong room and ends up in a domestic argument at a really bad time. Next, he foolishly agrees to watch a gangster's kids for him while he's away. Finally, he finishes off the night refereeing a ghastly wager.


Paul Calderon as Norman (segment "The Man from Hollywood")
Bruce Willis as Leo (segment "The Man from Hollywood")
Tim Roth as Ted the Bellhop
Sammi Davis as Jezebel (segment "The Missing Ingredient")
Amanda De Cadenet as Diana (segment "The Missing Ingredient")
Valeria Golino as Athena (segment "The Missing Ingredient")
Madonna as Elspeth (segment "The Missing Ingredient")
Ione Skye as Eva (segment "The Missing Ingredient")
Lili Taylor as Raven (segment "The Missing Ingredient")
Alicia Witt as Kiva (segment "The Missing Ingredient")
Jennifer Beals as "The Man from Hollywood") Angela (segments "The Wrong Man"
David Proval as Sigfried (segment "The Wrong Man")
Antonio Banderas as The") Man (segment "Misbehavers
Lana McKissack as Sarah (segment "The Misbehavers")
Patricia Vonne as Corpse (segment "The Misbehavers")
Tamlyn Tomita as Wife (segment "The Misbehavers")
Danny Verduzco as Juancho (segment "The Misbehavers")
Salma Hayek as TV Dancing Girl (segment "The Misbehavers")
Robert Rodriguez
Allison Anders
Alexandre Rockwell
Quentin Tarantino

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Download Paycheck
(action, mystery, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie PaycheckMichael Jennings is a reverse engineer and what he does is technical jobs for certain companies and as soon as he is done, his memory of the work he has done is wiped out. Now the longest he has been contracted is 2 months. But now billionaire, James Rethrick offers him a job that would last 2 years, maybe 3, and he promises that he will probably earn 8 figures. Michael agrees. Before beginning he turns in all of his personal effects. And when the job is done, his memory is erased and he learns he made over 90 million dollars over the three years. When he goes to claim it and his personal effects, he discovers that prior to the erasure of his memory he waived his rights to the money he earned and that the items that were given to him were not the ones he gave when he began. Later he is arrested by the FBI who say that he committed some act of treason and murder. It's while he is in custody that he escapes using some the items that he was given. He later meets with a friend who gives him some information that helps him understand what is going on. And at the same time Rethrick for some reason wants him so he is being pursued by Rethrick's people.


Ben Affleck as Michael Jennings
Aaron Eckhart as James Rethrick
Uma Thurman as Dr. Rachel Porter
Paul Giamatti as Shorty
Colm Feore as John Wolfe
Joe Morton as Agent Dodge
Michael C. Hall as Agent Klein
Peter Friedman as Atty. Gen. Brown
Kathryn Morris as Rita Dunne
Ivana Milicevic as Maya-Rachel
Christopher Kennedy as Stevens
Fulvio Cecere as Agent Fuman
John Cassini as Agent Mitchell
Callum Keith Rennie as Guard Jude
Michelle Harrison as Jane
John Woo

See also: Action: Last Boy Scout, The

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The Faculty

Download Faculty, The
(horror, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie The FacultyA horror tale set in a High School where the students suspect the teaching staff of being aliens, who are intent on making the students their victims.


Jordana Brewster as Delilah Profitt
Clea DuVall as Stokely 'Stokes' Mitchell
Laura Harris as Marybeth Louise Hutchinson
Josh Hartnett as Zeke Tyler
Shawn Hatosy as Stan Rosado
Elijah Wood as Casey Connor
Salma Hayek as Nurse Rosa Harper
Famke Janssen as Miss Elizabeth Burke
Piper Laurie as Mrs. Karen Olson
Christopher McDonald as Mr. Frank Connor
Bebe Neuwirth as Principal Valerie Drake
Usher Raymond as Gabe Santora
Robert Patrick as Coach Joe Willis
Jon Stewart as Prof. Edward Furlong
Daniel von Bargen as Mr. John Tate
Robert Rodriguez

See also: Horror: Identity

See also Horror House of 9

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U.S. Marshals

Download U.S. Marshals
(action, thriller)
Download Movie U.S. MarshalsWhen a prisoner transport plane carrying Deputy Sam Gerard as an escort crashes, one prisoner, Mark Sheridan helps him rescue some trapped prisoners and then escapes himself. Gerard and his crack team of U.S. Marshals start their pursuit, but the simple fugitive situation soon gets more complicated when Gerard learns that Sheridan is no mere criminal and the story behind his incrimination becomes more and more suspicious. At the same time, Mark Sheridan is out to find out the truth himself while keeping one step ahead of Gerard


Tommy Lee Jones as Chief Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard
Wesley Snipes as Mark J. Sheridan/Warren/Roberts
Robert Downey Jr. as Special Agent John Royce
Joe Pantoliano as Deputy Marshal Cosmo Renfro
Daniel Roebuck as Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs
Tom Wood as Deputy Marshal Noah Newman
LaTanya Richardson as Deputy Marshal Savannah Cooper
Irene Jacob as Mark's Girlfriend Marie Bineaux
Kate Nelligan as United States Marshal Catherine Walsh
Patrick Malahide as Security Service Director Bertram Lamb
Rick Snyder as Special Agent Frank Barrows
Michael Paul Chan as U.N. Cultural Attache of China Xian Chen
Johnny Lee Davenport as Deputy Marshal Henry
Donald Li as Detective Kim
Marc Vann as Deputy Jackson
Stuart Baird

See also: Action: Stargate

See also: Tommy Lee Jones in Space Cowboys

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Bad Boys II

Osmosis Jones

Download Osmosis Jones
(action, animation, comedy, crime, drama, romance, thriller)
Download Movie Osmosis JonesFrank Detomello catches a cold. The inside of his body is known as the "City of Frank" to its inhabitants, two of which - white blood cell cop Osmosis Jones, and cold tablet Drixorial - team up to fight the invading viruses intent on taking over the City.


Molly Shannon as
Bill Murray as
Ben Stein as
Joel Silver as
Chris Rock as Osmosis Jones
Laurence Fishburne as Thrax
David Hyde Pierce as Drix
Brandy Norwood as Leah
William Shatner as Mayor Phlegmming
Ron Howard as Tom Colonic
Kid Rock as Kidney Rock
Kenny Olson as Kidney Rock
Jason Krause as Kidney Rock
Joe C. as Kidney Rock
Stefanie Eulinberg as Kidney Rock
Jimmie Bones as Kidney Rock
Uncle Kracker as Kidney Rock
Jonathan Adams as Additional Character Voice
Carlos Alazraqui as Additional Character Voice
Bobby Farrelly
Peter Farrelly

See also: Action: Swordfish

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Don't Say a Word

Download Don't Say a Word
(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Don't Say a WordA group of thieves steal a rare gem, but in the process, two of the men double cross the leader of the thieving group, Patrick (Sean Bean), and take off with the precious stone. Ten years later, prominent psychiatrist Nathan Conrad (Michael Douglas) is invited to examine a disturbed young woman named Elisabeth (Brittany Murphy). Patrick immediately kidnaps Nathan's daughter, forcing Nathan to attempt to get Elisabeth to reveal a secret number which will ultimately lead Patrick to the whereabouts of the precious gem that has eluded him.


Michael Douglas as Dr. Nathan R. Conrad
Sean Bean as Patrick Koster
Brittany Murphy as Elisabeth Burrows
Skye McCole Bartusiak as Jessie Conrad
Guy Torry as Dolen
Jennifer Esposito as Detective Sandra Cassidy
Shawn Doyle as Russel Maddox
Victor Argo as Sydney Simon
Conrad Goode as Max Dunlevy
Paul Schulze as Jake
Lance Reddick as Arnie
Famke Janssen as Aggie Conrad
Oliver Platt as Dr. Louis Sachs
Aidan Devine as Leon Edward Croft
Alex Campbell as Jonathan
Gary Fleder

Here is another interesting story kidnap. Sean Bean always plays a villain
credible and Michael Douglas are usually performs the functions that keep
the audience's attention .... so that the nearly two hours
go quite quickly. The entire cast, actually, quite good with a person not

The story loses points because it will stop too long and has the standard villain
retention-the-gun-and-shoot-it does not work too long cliché that
units critics, including me crazy. That, and a bit too many f-words in
here by the police female (Jennifer Esposito) who simply are not
necessary, and some other holes reduce all of this insurance to 9 stars
"8 ..... but not misunderstand: it's worth a look.
.... This is what we do not say a word I shouted at the opening heist
sequence. This is very true to life, thieves stab another in each of the
back and once they are trapped is a race to turn stool pigeon and fazer an agreement with the DA. However, after the opening of theft that we are treated to
domestic life hero of retraction Nathan Conrad. Cheer as Nathan
tucks her daughter into bed, mourn with amazement as Nathan gives his wife a blanket
bathing, oh surprise as Nathan shows the public
their culinary skills in the kitchen, but not worry history improvement
when Mr Bean and the bad guys reappear in the history

***** mild spoilers *****< br> As
history that gather here, but your attention to some
huge plot holes. The bad guys have created cameras closed-circuit television in Nathan's
home and have also made wiretapping in a patient's room at the local psychiatric hospital
. In reality this is explained later so it is not necessarily
plot holes but your attention to these details at the moment so
undoubtedly play like holes in the plot. You also have to suspend
his belief that the Bean boys can be divided into Nathan's flat and kidnap her daughter without
Mr & Mrs Conrad notice much
or hearing anything, but there is a huge gap in logic at the height of the
film. Ill need a number of a patient Elisabeth Nathan's
and it turns out that Isabel is the daughter of a thief who ripped off the
banda at the beginning of the film and that number is after is the
number of serious cases where both his father and is a hidden jewel
. It shows through flash back to the banda reaching
father and kill him after being arrested, and that is that after this
Elisabeth puts the jewel hidden inside his father
Dolly in his grave. But if Elisabeth did this after the gang had been arrested as
that the bad guys know the number is related to a grave where there
been arrested before, during and after the funeral? It goes
what makes sense?

not say a word is a disappointment mainly to the phase of the mill
script that is a pity, because a movie with Michael Douglas
playing a good guy and a bad guy Sean Bean must be a sure fire success. Douglas
and Bean and the rest of the cast try to make over the material, but
there is not much material to rise above in the first place

Download Don't Say a Word
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