Charlie's Angels

Download Charlie's Angels
(action, adventure, comedy)
Download Movie Charlie's AngelsBased on the popular 70's TV show, three cute chicks work for the mysterious "Charlie". They are the female 'James Bonds'' of our time. They get to blow stuff up, kick the cr*p out of people, and wear really tight clothing, all whilst trying to retrieve stolen software and balance in high heels.


Cameron Diaz as Natalie Cook
Drew Barrymore as Dylan Sanders
Lucy Liu as Alex Munday
Bill Murray as John Bosley
Sam Rockwell as Eric Knox
Kelly Lynch as Vivian Wood
Tim Curry as Roger Corwin
Crispin Glover as Thin Man
Luke Wilson as Pete Komisky
John Forsythe as Charles Townsend
Matt LeBlanc as Jason Gibbons
Tom Green as Chad
LL Cool J as Mr. Jones
Sean Whalen as Pasqual
Faye Dunaway as Flight Attendant

Three girls have become three small ladies working as special agents
Charlie (through intermediary Bosley). When you are hired to obtain evidence in
Roger Corwin steal abductees Eric Knox
of voice recognition device. The agents are successful, but it Knox
have more sinister motives and the angels are fighting to protect
Charlie and bosley.

However, another in a line from the film remake of old TV shows, in the words of LL Cool J `
another remake of an old television program." However, this only happens
for one simple reason - it never tries to take seriously.
This works because it can be camp, silly and OTT because we know that means
be. The plot is good and has some twists reasonable, but it really
jokes and action throughout the move. The silliness can sometimes get a bit much and is
a little tired.

For example we have too many photos of girls throwing their hair, and
too many scenes that do not mean anything. For example, a car high-speed pursuit ends in a
bridge, but has no reason to happening and nothing happens as a result.
The fights are very OTT and depend largely Matrix rip off - are only just saved by
tongue in cheek attitude of the film. But even then
still silly.

The cast are fine but they really are just silly game. Rockwell is really good and
Bill Murray keeps the whole movie because it really fun.
Tom Green is in his girlfriend because she felt compassion for him and he wanted to be in a
film shown at a cinema outside the U.S., but his character is stupid and useless
. Wilson is good and LL Cool J is a good cameo, but
Tim Curry has been better.

General is welcome if you are in the mood for silly popcorn trash.
If you're not in the mood that this would only serve to irritate you how the poor can be
Hollywood blockbusters.
There is no intellectual challenges in this movie plot, and
that's how it should be, the characters are only slightly more
fleshed-out than any of the television program, and that is also not
A bad thing - if you get too serious in this kind of movie,
kill you close the roar of the good times that were. What really makes
cinematographic work is the charisma (and physical charms) of the 3 major
ladies, along with well-choreographed action sequences and
tongue in cheek script. If you like Diaz, Barrymore and Liu (not to mention
Bill Murray) when they are on the screen, you'll love this

Download Charlie's Angels
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Johnny English

Download Johnny English
(action, adventure, comedy, family)
Download Movie Johnny EnglishRowan plays the eponymous lead character in a spoof spy thriller. During the course of the story we follow our hero as he attempts to single-handedly save the country from falling into the hands of a despot.


Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English
Tasha de Vasconcelos as Countess Alexandra
Ben Miller as English's Sidekick Bough
Greg Wise as Agent One
Douglas McFerran as Carlos Vendetta
Steve Nicolson as Dieter Klein
Terence Harvey as Official at Funeral
Kevin McNally as Prime Minister
Tim Pigott-Smith as the Investigator Chief Pegasus
Nina Young as Pegasus' Secretary
Rowland Davies as Sir Anthony Chevenix
Natalie Imbruglia as Lorna Campbell
Philippa Fordham as Snobby Woman
John Malkovich as the Greedy Frenchman Pascal Sauvage
Tim Berrington as Roger
Peter Howitt

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Download Shadowboxer
(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie ShadowboxerWhen Rose, a female assassin, is diagnosed with terminal cancer; she decides to carry out one final killing, assisted by lover and also stepson, Mickey.


Cuba Gooding Jr. as Mikey
Helen Mirren as Rose
Vanessa Ferlito as Vicki
Macy Gray as Neisha
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Dr. Don
Mo'Nique as Precious
Stephen Dorff as Clayton Mayfield
Matt Higgins as Eddie
Tom Pasch as Andrew
Ryan Eric Speise as Anthony - Age 3
Ryan Eric Speise as Anthony Age 3
Cullen Flynn Clancy as Anthony - age 7
Marilyn Yoblick as Real Estate Agent
Darnell Williams as Mikey's Father
Marvina Vinique as Mikey's Mother
Lee Daniels

Mr Shadowboxer black grade: B starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Helen Mirren

For the first time director Lee Daniels, producer of two challenging projects,
Monster's Ball and The Woodsman tries his hand behind the lens. Mirren
women play a murderer who has been diagnosed with cancer, and decides
carrying out a final death assisted by Gooding.

Shadowboxer doubt is a dark movie - I think Prizzi's Honor, but with a very different tone
- but Helen Mirren handles this' single '
relationship with tenderness and dignity. I thought the ending was not
terribly suspenseful, and should have been. I kept trying to picture
how a different and more experienced director would deal with him. A
number of crew members were there for Q / A, including the director.
Heck, even came to the Palestinian Authority in Philly (who prefer!)
Wes Bentley was scheduled to co-star, but abandoned.

His role was filled by Cuba Gooding Jr., who managed to clear snow
dogs of my memory. He is very good, playing very straight and
cold. In the Q / A later talked about the differences between
doing comedy and drama. He is carrying out functions that allow
humor that come from the actions of the character - as in this movie - and not
obvious comedy. From enjoying the laughter that his character is
of the crowd in the selection, when his character was
react to situations in the plot and not "trying" to be fun.
This movie was pretentious and mediocre at best. I liked the
performance of Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Helen Mirren, and a decent work
Vanessa Ferlito (which I found difficult to enjoy when she appeared in
season 3 of "24"). But the direction and cinematography are
cloying and manipulative. There were all these hazy, fuzzy,
slow motion images of falling leaves and sun glinting and
naked bodies rolling around the bed or on the ground. I think the director is one of many contemporary
, pedestrians filmmakers whose only means of representing
emotion is a foreground of an actor emoting, and whose only means of showing
intimacy between actors is a scene of sex. Eventually, however, although I admired
Gooding's performance, I was tired of seeing the
soft-focused, beefcake photograph of her naked or semi-naked body. And

writing sucked a lot, too. Not only was this other movie
on ageing, dying murderer questioning their morals and the state
existence of God, but the film constantly brought up plot points and character
conflict that apparently had no interest in.
Gooding What exactly is the relationship with Mirren? Is Gooding
? Is it anything other than a strange, incestuous,
lover / child / boy-toy and business associate of Mirren? There were other
points that needed to explore, but the film seems to have no problem
forget, so I've already forgotten them, too.
And there are other things too, as elements of the story that
solely for the sake of convenience narrative. Like all the
character played by Stephen Dorff. I still looking forward to the day when we got
- fed films to be established at the outset that his villains are
irredeemably evil sadists who deserve horrible fate that awaits
in the last reel. But Daniels apparently no cree
we have reached this point yet. Another inexplicable narrative convenience is
the 5-6 years spent in an instant for the child in the film is
suddenly about 7-8 years old. I think the only reason for this is so
that the child is old enough to use a weapon well enough to emerge as the
filius ex machina at the end of the film. Meanwhile, all other
character, conflict, and the relationship in the film is in suspended animation
, while the child gets old enough to be the little button budding
man that eventually becomes.

guess that's one of my complaints. I think this could have been better
film (still derivatives, but stronger) if they had allowed the
Gooding character to be the main character in the film. But instead of
revealing his character, all Daniels managed to do was highlight is
his face stone, rock-hard biceps and cut the buttocks. I have not received anything near a
meet a glimpse of what he did was,
than cliches childhood trauma regarding their hit-man father.
But even if that was the anchor point in his life, the film does not work
Gooding show through it or even so far as
matters to him. Apparently, the film that this pop-psych background
is important as the film ends with the lives of Gooding echoing
substitute for that child, but as I never know what Gooding children
Meant to him, I really do not worry about what that might mean for the
Anthony little monster that magically has learned to kill and
fine with it.

My feeling is that this movie career to be important, who lost all
opportunity to be "important" (ie, whatever) and the
fair chance to be entertained. It could have focused successfully on
Mirren, whether or Gooding, but rather that Flitter
Mirren to Dorff Gooding to the doctor and Mo'Nique, etc. I am curious to see what
happens when this movie comes out in the world (apparently
in June). I can not imagine that it is a great release, but the art house circuit
compares very unfavourably to films that are better targeted and better

Download Shadowboxer
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The Legend of Zorro

The Indian in the Cupboard

Download Indian in the Cupboard, The
(adventure, family, fantasy)
Download Movie The Indian in the CupboardOn his ninth birthday a boy receives many presents. Two of them first seem to be less important: an old cupboard from his brother and a little Indian figure made of plastic from his best friend. But these two presents turn out to be much more magic than the rest...


Hal Scardino as Omri
Litefoot as Little Bear
Lindsay Crouse as Jane
Richard Jenkins as Victor
Rishi Bhat as Patrick
Steve Coogan as Tommy Atkins (British medic)
David Keith as Boo-hoo Boone
Sakina Jaffrey as Lucy
Vincent Kartheiser as Gillon
Nestor Serrano as Teacher
Ryan Olson as Adiel
Leon Tejwani as Baby Martin
Lucas Tejwani as Baby Martin
Christopher Conte as Purple Mohawk
Cassandra Brown as Emily (girl in Omri's class)
Frank Oz

First I must say I was surprised to see that the average rating given
this film was below 6 (when I found that in January del'05). Although I have a 10
, I fully expect at least a 7 mid-hearing IMDb.
This is a wonderful film that I like to show my children. What
not? It has a single plot - that an Indian comes to life in a
boy's wardrobe, and the wonderful acting and music. Through the child
experiences with the Indians (wonderfully played by Litefoot)
comes to a new level of maturity. Hal Scardino
acting is natural and absolutely credible. If you're tired of the deadline, children
Hollywood actors who gives us too often, then you'll love Hal. What fabulously
underestimated. The end always makes me and my wife mourn.
There are so few really good films for children. I hate to suffer
through other movies I've purchased for children (like "Inspector Gadget" - a
truly horrible movie) and I wish there were more films like this.
This is a wonderful film and I recommend it wholeheartedly.
Why this movie does not have an average of about 9 eludes me. This is a wondeful
film. As well
and acted with a share of history. This is a great movie for the whole family
. You'll love.
The lead actor - Hal Scardino - is one of those natural. It is completely
credible, as is his friend.
India is also beautifully brought to life. How did the special effects
working so well
in 1995 (well. .. which is a time for cinema special effects
anyway ...) Not knowing
. I wish we could see more films like this warm heart

Download Indian in the Cupboard, The
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Man About Town

Download Man About Town
(action, comedy, drama)
Download Movie Man About TownA top Hollywood talent agent (Affleck) finds his cushy existence threatened when he discovers that his wife is cheating on him and that his journal has been swiped by a reporter out to bring him down.


Ben Affleck as Jack Giamoro
Rebecca Romijn as Nina Giamoro
John Cleese as Dr. Primkin
Samuel Ball as Jimmy Dooley
Mike Binder as Morty
Erica Cerra as Sela
Gina Gershon as Arlene Kreiner
Adam Goldberg as Phil Balow
Howard Hesseman as Ben Giamoro
Ling Bai as Barbi Ling
Jerry O'Connell as David Lilly
Kal Penn as Alan Fineberg
Amber Valletta as Brynn Lilly
Damien Wayans as Lucky Reynolds
Laura Soltis as Barbara Giamoro
Mike Binder

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The Ugly Duckling and Me!

Download Ugly Duckling and Me!, The
(animation, comedy)
Download Movie The Ugly Duckling and Me!


Morgan Jones as Ratso/Frank
Paul Tylack as Ratso
Kim Larney as Baby Ugly
Anna Olson as Phyllis
Gary Hetzler as Stan
Danna Davis as Chickens
Barbara Bergin as Esmeralda
Michelle Read as Peep Olga
Hilary Cahill as Daphne
Hillary Kavanagh as Pox
Laurann Rabbitt as Lou
Aoife Murray as Emmy
Liz Lloyd as Swan #2 Fox
Aileen Mythen as Jessie
Justin Gregg as Stan
Michael Hegner

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The Deep

Download Deep, The
(adventure, horror, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie The DeepA pair of young vacationers are involved in a dangerous conflict with treasure hunters when they discover a way into a deadly wreck in Bermuda waters. Featuring extended underwater sequences and a look into the affairs of treasure hunting. Based on a novel by Peter 'Jaws' Benchley.


Robert Shaw as Romer Treece
Jacqueline Bisset as Gail Berke
Nick Nolte as David Sanders
Louis Gossett Jr. as Henri Cloche
Eli Wallach as Adam Coffin
Dick Anthony Williams as Slake
Earl Maynard as Ronald
Bob Minor as Wiley
Teddy Tucker as The Harbor Master
Robert Tessier as Kevin
Lee McClain as Johnson
Peter Benchley as Mate
Colin Shaw as Young Romer Treece
Peter Wallach as Young Adam Coffin
Peter Yates

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6. Deep Flexion
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Scary Movie

Download Scary Movie
(comedy, horror)
Download Movie Scary MovieA parody of modern horror films about a group of teenagers who are being terrorised by a serial killer. Some of the send-ups include: "Scream", "I Know What You Did Last Summer", "The Blair Witch Project", "The Sixth Sense" and "The Matrix".


Kurt Fuller as
Lochlyn Munro as
Cheri Oteri as
Shawn Wayans as
Carmen Electra as Drew Decker
Dave Sheridan as The Killer/Bodfy
Frank B. Moore as Not Drew's Boyfriend
Giacomo Baessato as Trick or Treater #1
Kyle Graham as Trick or Treater #2
Leanne Santos as Trick or Treater #3
Mark McConchie as Drew's Dad
Karen Kruper as Drew's Mom
Anna Faris as Cindy Campbell
Jon Abrahams as Bobby Prinze
Rick Ducommun as Cindy's Dad
Regina Hall as Brenda Meeks
Marlon Wayans as Shorty Meeks
Shannon Elizabeth as Buffy Gilmore
Lloyd Berry as Homeless Man
Keenen Ivory Wayans

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3. Rickie Lee Jones - Ghostyhead - Scary Chinese Movie
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All Dogs Go to Heaven

FernGully: The Last Rainforest

Download FernGully: The Last Rainforest
(adventure, animation, comedy, family, fantasy)
Download Movie FernGully: The Last RainforestFerngully, a spectacular rainforest where a bat named batty, whose radar has gone haywire, joins together with Crysta, Pips and the Beetle Boys to save their world from the evil Hexxus. Ignoring the warnings of her friends, Crysta, the curious tree fairy, explores the world beyond Ferngully. She discovers Zak, a human who is helping to demolish the rainforest. Once Zak sees the beauty and magic of Ferngully, he vows to save it. But it may be too late. The diabolical Hexxus is on the loose and is intent on destroying all of Ferngully.


Tim Curry as Hexxus
Samantha Mathis as Krysta
Christian Slater as Pips
Jonathan Ward as Zak Young
Robin Williams as Batty Koda
Grace Zabriskie as Magi Lune
Geoffrey Blake as Ralph
Robert Pastorelli as Tony
Cheech Marin as Stump
Tommy Chong as Root
Tone Loc as Goanna
Townsend Coleman as Knotty
Brian Cummings as Ock
Kathleen Freeman as Edler
Janet Gilmore as Fairy
Bill Kroyer

I've seen this maybe three times at different ages. I liked a lot, and I knew

reconized Robin Williams. At an early age I have always thought "Dude, this man
Zak has the most cool haircut." And so far, I did not realize

Hexxus who was a demon, or was expressed by Tim Curry.

It is an interesting film in a large tropical forest inhabited by fairies.

They think human beings are dead, untied a bat named Batty (Robin Williams) shows.
These are two main characters, Zak humans surfer boy child, and a fairy called
Krysta, which shrinks its size. The film has a very cliché, but
thus saith the point in my opinion, and a good plot. The music is too big, and
Villa is great, Hexxus, and the old demons, but perhapes a little frightening at times
. (Villains are always the most cool)

Basically, good music, the characters are good, the voices are good,

the bad is good (and terrifying, but the animation is good.
I see nothing wrong with this movie, and I commend it to those who
as classics.

Download FernGully: The Last Rainforest
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Step Up

Mr. 3000

Download Mr. 3000
(comedy, drama, sport)
Download Movie Mr. 3000Stan Ross was a baseball superstar who turned his back on the game years ago when he finally hit 3,000 hits. Years later, he's now a successful, self-made entrepreneur whose many businesses revolve around his title: Mr. 3000. But a clerical error has proven that Stan is just short three hits of his spectacular hit record. Now, with time on his side and the potential to be inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Stan must return back to the game and get back his title. But things have changed with age, and as Stan finds out, it's not too easy to get back into the game when he hasn't played for years, and he's nearing 50.


Bernie Mac as Stan
Angela Bassett as Maureen "Mo" Simmons
Michael Rispoli as Boca
Brian J. White as T-Rex
Ian Anthony Dale as Fukuda
Evan Jones as Fryman
Amaury Nolasco as Minadeo
Dondre Whitfield as Skillet
Paul Sorvino as Gus Panas
Earl Billings as Lenny Koron
Chris Noth as Schiembri
Neil Brown Jr. as Clubhouse Assistant
Scott Martin Brooks as Eddie Richling
Rich Komenich as Big Horse Borelli
David Devey as Gervis
Charles Stone III

The premise of this film was quite good, and Bernie Mac playing a typical
character was enough to make me want to see.

did not disappoint, but not surprised.

Mac became so pompous but likable, especially because you can see that events
Movie matured him.

As a baseball fan, contempt is usually where sports movies too
reality is suspended. In this era of statistics, it is hard to believe
a mistake that could have happened without the explanation is reasonable.
His return at age 47, losing to a club during September call ups,
addition, it was not too much of a stretch, nor was the 'publicity' angle.

This film was a huge gaff .... why was Dick ENBERG team
announcer Bob Uecker was an obvious choice when, although he was not
"playing" himself? I thought that the "love interest" was a plot line
little contrived. Personally, I think it would have been better in a baseball sense
to explore the relationship between him and his former coach and manager
see it become increasingly
a mentor for younger players.

Overally however, is entertaining. More good than bad. I would love to put
somewhere between Major League II (better) and Maror
League III (worse). About equal to Mr. Baseball with Tom Selleck.

If you are already paying for movie channels, it's worth seeing, if not,
capture in regular cable in a year.
I'm not a fan of Bernie Mac per se, but it does a good job in this movie.
It is a great baseball movie, but most importantly, a movie about
grow and mature into a responsible human being
its willingness to sacrifice for the good. It's better than I thought
that even taking the affected semi-mandatory hump
scenes with his girlfriend.

crashed warning - do not read past here if you have not seen the film.

whole history is apparently based on Bernie's selfish jerk
character trying to regain the base 3 hits in the big leagues that
eliminated because they were published by mistake. His whole life is wrapped around
be one of the few headlines in 3000 hit big business, so
is dedicated to the recovery of them solely for his own ego. Along the way,
however, discovers something he should have known all along
(and most professional sports figures have forgotten) -
is a team sport, not an individual sport. At the end of the last game of the season
, with his last shot at number 3000 on the line, Bernie
establishes a sacrifice to tap his team can win the game and take third place
. He gives his shot in 3000 and in so doing, he becomes a star that would
greater if it had taken a great swing.

Download Mr. 3000
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Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Last Man Standing

Download Last Man Standing
(action, crime, drama)
Download Movie Last Man StandingJohn Smith is an amoral gunslinger in the days of Prohibition. On the lam from his latest (unspecified) exploits, he happens upon the town of Jericho, Texas. Actually, calling Jericho a town would be too generous--it has become more like a ghost town, since two warring gangs have 'driven off all the decent folk.' Smith sees this as an opportunity to play both sides off against each other, earning himself a nice piece of change as a hired gun. Despite his strictly avowed mercenary intentions, he finds himself risking his life for his, albeit skewed, sense of honor....


Bruce Willis as John Smith
Bruce Dern as Sheriff Ed Galt
William Sanderson as Joe Monday
Christopher Walken as Hickey
David Patrick Kelly as Doyle
Karina Lombard as Felina
Ned Eisenberg as Fredo Strozzi
Alexandra Powers as Lucy Kolinski
Michael Imperioli as Giorgio Carmonte
Ken Jenkins as Capt. Tom Pickett
R.D. Call as Jack McCool
Ted Markland as Deputy Bob
Leslie Mann as Wanda
Patrick Kilpatrick as Finn
Luis Contreras as Comandante Ramirez
Walter Hill

This brutal Walter Hill pic has one of the best knocks ever burned
celluloid. It's so brutal, in fact, that the victim (Bruce Willis)
looks like Jason from "Friday 13" once their attackers are
with him. Even better, then Lurcher around Hatten as Rondo in "The Man
Creep" plotting his revenge. The film

final action is a horrible scene, indescribable disorder, and I
always wondered why Hill and publisher usual Freeman Davies opted to build
this way. It introduced a firefight in a series of
is dissolved, and that simply does not work. Hill has always been a Adroit
director and editor action, and her good work has an accuracy
that it lacks this sequence. Perhaps the camera negatives were damaged or
study ordered truncation. Whatever the reasons for this are defective
sequence, which, unfortunately, becomes a great movie in a good movie

The opening sequence, replete with Ry Cooder good score, is
poetic and beautiful; Willis arrival of the city is directed with skill and energy
; cud and are also to the scene in which the
first shot and fired a Stuntman flight is sent through a door in
the dusty streets.

Christopher Walken is fantastic as the executor violent Hickey, and
is great to see David Patrick Kelly again on the screen as the malicious

There are many standout sequences and much to enjoy. Willis solitaire
site of a brothel, for example, is classic Hill things in terms of its
on the scene, Unapologetic brutality and arrogance of the court.

that the film is a remake of a remake is not of consequence to me. It
remains a rousing, replacement parts of male entertainment with a whiff of
Peckinpah, a dash of Kurosawa, and a sprinkle of Corbucci.

That is no bad thing.
I loved Bruce Willis and character of the cast
elected watching Walken (Hickey) and Kelly (Doyle). Actually the fact
interesting characters for the audience and they deserve much credit for
doing an excellent job in this movie older. I have seen many of Willis's
films and say this is undervalued and unique. In addition,
is well written, with many twists in the plot, maintaining that
on the edge of your seat. If you are an action film shoot upwards fan, as
type of gangster movies and appreciate the scenery oldest of the previous decade of 1930.
I would highly recommend this movie. Kudos to those who made this film as I
rate as one of my favorites of all time.

Nick Milone

Download Last Man Standing
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The Jewel of the Nile

Download Jewel of the Nile, The
(action, adventure, comedy, romance)
Download Movie The Jewel of the NileThis is the sequel to "Romancing the Stone" where Jack and Joan have their yacht and easy life, but are gradually getting bored with each other and this way of life. Joan accepts an invitation to go to some middle eastern country as a guest of the sheik, but there she is abducted and finds her- self involved with the "jewel". Jack decides to rescue her with his new partner Ralph. They all go from one adventure to another... What is the story of this "jewel"?


Michael Douglas as Jack Colton
Kathleen Turner as Joan Wilder
Danny DeVito as Ralph
Spiros Foc??s as Omar
Avner Eisenberg as Jewel
Paul David Magid as Tarak
Howard Jay Patterson as Barak
Randall Edwin Nelson as Karak
Samuel Ross Williams as Arak
Timothy Daniel Furst as Sarak
Hamid Fillali as Rachid
Holland Taylor as Gloria
Guy Cuevas as Le Vasseur
Peter DePalma as Missionary
Mark Daly Richards as Pirate
Lewis Teague

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See also Action Get Rich or Die Tryin'

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Rated X

Download Rated X
Download Movie Rated XBased on the true story of Jim and Artie Mitchell, two brothers who entered the porn industry in the early 60's. After creating such legendary porn films as "Behind the Green Door" and "Inside Marily Chambers", they later became addicted to drugs and began a downward spiral leading to bankruptcy and murder.


Charlie Sheen as Artie Mitchell
Emilio Estevez as Jim Mitchell
Geoffrey Blake as Michael Kennedy
Rafer Weigel as Lionel
Tracy Hutson as Marilyn Chambers
Megan Ward as Meredith
Terry O'Quinn as J.R. Mitchell
Danielle Brett as Adrienne
Nicole de Boer as Karen Mitchell
Deborah Grover as Georgia Mae
Dylan McFadyen as Young Jim
Taylor Estevez as Teenage Jim
Eric Cabral as Young Artie
Robert Clark as Teenage Artie
Loretta Jafelice as First Grade Teacher
Emilio Estevez

I am not a fan of the brothers who dominate this movie, but it seems
for playing against type well enough that it does not matter.

Anyone who wants to see this movie knows about the Mitchells
at least slightly, so I will talk more about how they are rendered here: Emilio
Jim Mitchell does, basically, as the most mature and older brother
Arty is, of course, self-wheel Schmuck Jim feels indebted to.
They make what is essentially "Vanilla Porn" in the sense that
it appears none of the most often do not incorporate fetish (probably
often rightly) considered perversions are visible, like pedophelia,
corpophelia, bestiality, rape or snuff is included. And as a result of living
something that is considered a social strip in the seventies,
who have a drug-induced fall. That would have seen that coming?

however, for me, the fall is played with reality enough (Arty
still seems a bit sympathetic, even during its depth, except when he
hopes that a spouse is doing somebody behind your back) and I would say that sympathy
felt like a new experience for me. But that's just me: I do not look too
the sidelines of nerdy things.

Frankly, I think that beats Boogie Nights because there is no
Mark Wahlbergs or Burt Reynolds around, and most importantly, not
Paul Thomas Anderson. Estevez is not the most humble man, but at least
not approach the material in such a seemingly "I will make sure everyone pays attention to how well
to me this thing rather than how good < br> history or things that happen in it are supposed to be. "There's nothing really painful
develop like the opening three minutes and not the cutesy
ton of dialogue. It is much more bare bones production, which I
are generally similar.

Plus, I like the commentary track. God help me, but I do.
The first time I heard of the Mitchell Brothers I was in a house full of friends,
leafing through a "Penthouse" magazine. In the pages I read a story that
that time had not ended. The story was in San Francisco porn kings
Artie and Jim Mitchell. The story was so good in fact that I forgot the
why we picked up the magazine first (before the booing
begins, at least I'm honest enough to admit that .. lol ). Anyway, when "
Rated X" in Showtime promo for his debut Saturday, I made a point to watch
. I sat there wondering when it would get better.

Sheen / Estevez brothers have created a visual marvel, no doubt
. The film was beautifully shot. Great cinematography and that is key to
sitting through this one.

Charlie Sheen steals the film as Artie Mitchell, the younger of two brothers
. Charlie's descent into drugs and alcohol hell is so credible
almost seems that you're seeing his autobiography. Emilio Estevez
gives a good performance as older brother Jim, that the relationship with his own demons
lead to try to help his brother before
things go tragically wrong.

rest of the cast is solid, even though most of them are simply
bit players. The woman who stars as Marilyn Chambers
Marilyn is as impressive as she herself and takes almost a strange similarity

"Rated X" was the theme for a stellar production, but instead of
why, the director (Estevez) focuses instead on abuse drug portion
's brother's life. I know Jim Mitchell same contacted, but
refused to cooperate throughout the film. What have any bearing on how the story was
? Possibly. Still, there is enough information in the public register
that have enabled us to better understand what happened in
rainy night that we succeed.

1 1 / 2 of 5

Download Rated X
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5. Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On CD2 - The World Is Rated X
6. Miles Davis - Agharta (CD 1) - Rated X
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The Replacement Killers

Download Replacement Killers, The
(action, crime, thriller)
Download Movie The Replacement KillersJohn Lee is a hitman who works for Chinese crime lord, Terence Wei. It seems that Joh is obligated to Mr. Wei and so far has done everything he was told to do. Now Mr. Wei wants John to get revenge on a police detective who killed his son. John was about to carry out the job but for some reason can't do it. When Mr. Wei hears of this, he sends for some replacements. John now has to return to China to help his mother and sister whom Mr. Wei will now target because of his disobedience, but first he needs a passport. He needs find someone who can give him a passport who is not beholden to Mr. Wei. He is told of Meg Coburn, a small time documents forger. John goes to see her and was in the process of making his passport when some Wei's people come in shooting. While John gets away, Meg is caught by the police but is released by the cop whom Mr. Wei has a beef with. John goes to her and still needing a passport, forces to go with him. Mr. Wei's people finds them and was about to take care of them but John managed to escape. So now the two of them are not only hunted by Mr. Wei but also the police.


Yun-Fat Chow as John Lee
Mira Sorvino as Meg Coburn
Michael Rooker as Stan 'Zeedo' Zedkov
Kenneth Tsang as Terence Wei
J??rgen Prochnow as Michael Kogan
Til Schweiger as Ryker
Danny Trejo as Collins
Clifton Collins Jr. as Loco
Carlos G??mez as Hunt
Frank Medrano as Rawlins
Leo Lee as Lam
Patrick Kilpatrick as Pryce
Randall Duk Kim as Alan Chan
Andrew J. Marton as Stevie
Sydney Coberly as Sara
Antoine Fuqua

Those of you who desire deep, suggestive, plot. One
that leaves you asking questions after the film is done. Well, guess what?
This is not the movie for you. However, if you're looking for a high intensity, pace
past, exciting, full of action, drama, watch because the ride has just begun
. This is the second time I've seen this movie.
Noted that when he arrived for the first time, and then once again only last night. I can not help but
Chow Yun-fat is undoubtedly the Sean Connery of our eastern brothers

I will admit that this movie is not for everyone. Moreover, one can not
make everyone happy all the time. You can make some people happy some of
time. This movie made money it's worth, so it seems
made more people happy most of the time.
Some may call this movie "derivative" but many Hong Kong productions
be about revenge and / or organized crime. While it may not be what others kinetic
Cyf films like Hardboiled or murderer, but also lacks the campy
are moments in these films. In this sense, Cyf performance is slightly higher at HK
his job because he has an obligation to be much more subtle
than some of its most over-the-top roles. Heresy, I know, but
what many people can see how the film could be considered vices
virtues: less action and fewer lines to allow a more genuine dialogue to develop
emotional history Cyf and to make more real action.
The opening sequence is brilliant as pure cinema and should be considered. The
relationship between John Lee and Meg Coburn is unique in this genre in which
is basically a romantic situation with friend Undertones,
is one of the best things about the film. (It is a cliché when
characters hop in bed only 10 minutes after meeting.)
Highly recommended.

Download Replacement Killers, The
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Blown Away

Download Blown Away
(action, thriller)
Download Movie Blown AwayThere's a serial bomber loose in Boston, and he has killed Blanket, a member of Boston's bomb squad and the best friend of explosives expert Jimmy Dove. Dove has just retired from the bomb squad to marry a violinist named Kate, who has an 11-year-old daughter named Elizabeth. Haunted by grisly flashbacks, Dove soon figures out the identity of the bomber -- Irish explosives expert Ryan Gaerity, a man who is so radical in his views that even the IRA wants nothing to do with him. Gaerity has escaped from the maximum security Castle Gleigh prison in Ireland, using a bomb made from ingredients that include blood, wool, and a porcelain toilet. Gaerity has fled to Boston, where he saw Dove, who had just disarmed a bomb planted in the Harvard computer lab, painted as a reluctant hero on TV. Gaerity was furious: it's because of Dove that he's spent years in prison. Dove was born Liam McGivney, and he used to be a naive Irish patriot. Gaerity recruited him and taught him to build bombs, and Gaerity conceived a terrorist plan that went terribly wrong. Liam helped Gaerity build a bomb, then he realized that Gaerity intended to detonate it on a crowded street. Liam tried to stop Gaerity from detonating the bomb, but bomb device went off, killing a lot of people, including Gaerity's sister. Liam escaped from Ireland and made his way to America, where he changed his name to Jimmy Dove. Gaerity was arrested, tried, and imprisoned until his escape. Gaerity, who has now taken up residence in an abandoned gambling ship called the Dolphin, has decided to get revenge on Dove, and Gaerity started terrorizing the bomb squad by killing Blanket. Now, Dove is the only one who can stop Gaerity.


Jeff Bridges as James "Jimmy" Dove/Liam McGivney
Tommy Lee Jones as Ryan Gaerity
Suzy Amis as Kate Dove
Lloyd Bridges as Max O'Bannon
Forest Whitaker as Anthony Franklin
Stephi Lineburg as Lizzy
John Finn as Capt. Fred Roarke
Caitlin Clarke as Rita
Christofer de Oni as Cortez
Loyd Catlett as Bama
Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Blanket
Lucinda Weist as Nancy
Brendan Burns as Kevin
Patricia A. Heine as Connie
Josh McLaglen as Prison Guard
Stephen Hopkins

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6. Dogstar - Happy Ending - Blown Away
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Dak miu mai shing

Download Dak miu mai shing
(action, comedy, thriller)
Download Movie Dak miu mai shingThis action movie unfolds with the story of Bei, a salesman at a workout equipment store, who harbors dreams of adventures. It all starts when on one normal dull day, Bei follows his instincts to trail two suspicious looking men into an alley. When he realizes that these men are robbing a jewelry store, he jumps into action to foil their plans. Soon after Bei meets Liu, a private investigator who convinces Bei that he may be the long-lost son of a rich Korean businessman. In no time, Bei is on his way to fulfill his dreams of adventure and fortune travelling to Korea and even exotic Turkey. As Bei is drawn deeper into the game of cat and mouse, he realizes he has become the key to locating a lung cancer virus. With an assortment of characters fighting him along the way, will Bei succeed in finding the virus himself?


Jackie Chan as Jackie Chan
Eric Tsang as Many Liu
Vivian Hsu as Yong
Min Kim as Carmen Wong
Hsing-kuo Wu as Lee Sang-Zen
Alfred Cheung as Cheung the Lawyer
Anthony Rene Jones as Philip Ashley
Glory Simon as TCN Field Reporter
Bradley James Allan as Lee's Bodyguard
Tat-Ming Cheung as Tsui
Teddy Chan

I had heard good things about this movie and was very psyched to check
that as I love Chan go easy humor and styles of fighting mad. But
as I saw that I got increasingly frustrated - where people were in
cover and where were the planes and parachute? Silly as it
with things in cabinets that are not in the film, dubbing is absolutely painful
- totally out of sync - and if history is
as fragmented as is the case in the version I saw, one has to wonder whether
dubbing lost things, or if the Danish version has been reduced,
because the story is quite impossible to understand.

Jackie has some good moves and there are a couple of gels
very nice to see for a few moments, but that is about the qualities that are
who are in this movie. The history of the liberation Danish
is impossible to understand for anyone with a normal IQ, as is the
character progression, and quality of the effects are below par for what can be

Altogether this version is somewhat disappointing film and not a
that can be recommended, unless you're a hardcore fan of Jackie Chan.

4 / 10

Download Dak miu mai shing
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Rapid Fire


Download Meltdown
Download Movie MeltdownAfter failing to save his wife from 'The Doctor', Kit Li is working as a bodyguard and secret stunt double for the cowardly martial arts film star Frankie Lane. Frankie attends an exhibition of the crown jewels of Russia at a Hong Kong hotel, and when the Doctor's gang take over the building in attempt to steal them, Kit is the only thing standing in their way. Will Frankie regain his courage? Will romance blossom between Kit and the nosy reporter? Who has the best Kung-Fu?


Jing Wong

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The Santa Clause 2

Download Santa Clause 2, The
(adventure, comedy, drama, family, fantasy, romance)
Download Movie The Santa Clause 2Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) has been Santa Claus for the past eight years, and his loyal elves consider him the best Santa ever. But Santa's got problems (he's even mysteriously losing weight) and things quickly go south when he finds out that his son, Charlie, has landed on this year's "naughty" list. Desperate to help his son, Scott heads back home, leaving a substitute Claus to watch over things at the Pole. But when the substitute institutes some strange redefinitions of naughty and nice, putting Christmas at risk, it's up to Scott to return with a new bag of magic to try to save Christmas.


Tim Allen as Scott Calvin/Santa Claus
Wendy Crewson as Laura Miller
Judge Reinhold as Dr. Neal Miller
Eric Lloyd as Charlie Calvin
David Krumholtz as Bernard
Larry Brandenburg as Det. Nunzio
Mary Gross as Miss Daniels
Paige Tamada as Judy the Elf
Peter Boyle as Mr. Whittle
Judith Scott as Susan Perry
Jayne Eastwood as Judy the Waitress
Melissa King as Little Girl
Bradley Wentworth as Kid Elf
Azura Bates as Elf in Hangar
Joshua Satok as Elf Larry
John Pasquin

OK so it admit I thought this was going to be a failure. The first was sorta
intelligent, but a sequel ... Skies. I ended up going to see anyway, not entirely

Well, actually is quite good. There were several
interweaving plot lines, lots of laughter is not Tim Allen and decreased fat
down, and children in the theater seemed to enjoy as well. So, what is
(clean family entertainment), is actually quite good.
This was a very fun movie! Easily as fun as the first. He had a great

mixture of humor, romance and 'feel good'. The first film gave me the feeling of

joy at the thought of adults find the wonder of Christmas again
and conducting Scott Neal was really Santa). The second gave me the same feeling
(the staff Christmas party). I'm kind of partial to this kind of

films because I like having the Spirit of Christmas and share
throughtout the year. I liked the attitude of Bernard
more in the first one. It seemed more on top of things, a little cocky, very in control.
Apart from that, I can not think of one thing I do not like this film.
And it's not bad language! Ideal for the whole family. 10/10

Download Santa Clause 2, The
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Dick Tracy

Download Dick Tracy
(action, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Dick TracyAll Tess Trueheart wants is to settle down to a quiet life with her boyfriend, detective Dick Tracy. But there's something pretty rotten going on in town, with someone pretty rotten behind it, and Tracy has his hands full with the likes of villain Big Boy Caprice and with the almost irresistable Breathless Mahoney.


Charlie Korsmo as 'Kid'/Dick Tracy Jr.
Michael Donovan O'Donnell as Mr. Gillicuddy
Jim Wilkey as Stooge
Stig Eldred as Shoulders
Neil Summers as The Rodent
Chuck Hicks as The Brow
Lawrence Steven Meyers as Little Face
William Forsythe as Flattop
Ed O'Ross as Itchy
Glenne Headly as Tess Trueheart
Marvelee Cariaga as Soprano
Michael Gallup as Baritone
Seymour Cassel as Sam Catchem
James Keane as Pat Patton
Warren Beatty

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What a Girl Wants

Download What a Girl Wants
(adventure, comedy, drama, family, musical, romance)
Download Movie What a Girl WantsDaphne, a seventeen-year-old girl from New York goes to England in search of her father, who does not know he had a child with an American girlfriend he met while working in Morocco, and whose aristocratic family did not approve of the woman.


Amanda Bynes as Daphne Reynolds
Colin Firth as Henry Dashwood
Kelly Preston as Libby Reynolds
Eileen Atkins as Jocelyn Dashwood
Anna Chancellor as Glynnis Payne
Jonathan Pryce as Alistair Payne
Oliver James as Ian Wallace
Christina Cole as Clarissa Payne
Sylvia Syms as Princess Charlotte
Soleil McGhee as Young Daphne
Peter Reeves as Sir John Dashwood
James Greene as Percy
Steven Osborne as Staff Member
Mike Toller as Libby's Band Member
Tom Penn as Libby's Band Member
Dennie Gordon

I have read several reviews of this movie, and I must say that men only
not going to "get" it. Our local newspaper reviewer said that only
not get the "stars in the eyes" of women leaving the theater. His
review does not even mention Colin Firth. Well, yo! Colin
is what is going to attract women to this film, and he does not disappoint. The
is the best thing about the film. Amanda Bynes is cute, and he enjoyed his.
The rest of the cast is quite good ... Anna Chancellor (Caroline Bingley,
for those Pride and Prejudice fans ...), and Eileen Atkins in particular.
I felt that the argument about the daughter yearning for his father and father
only discovered his very sweet and moving. Yes, the script was a bit
bad temper and often falls flat, but in general, Colin Firth's performance did
worth seeing for me. This is definitely a film of chicken, although
As far as I'm concerned, this movie gives us the perfect 'time out'

the daily grind. It's sweet, charming and has a good cast. Still,
Of course, is Colin Firth. Respondents who say that this movie is great
for "under-13 and over 80" crowd just do not get it right. Many of
we will love forever Mr Darcy, and who have a need for more
Colin Firth movies. He is, of course, absolutely fantastic in the film, and has

a lot of screen time. I would pay to watch and listen to him read a

phone book, so I am going to see this movie again and definitely will be one of the first

in line to buy the DVD .

It is strange to see Anna Chancellor as his fiancee, a part she played in
much the same way she portrays Caroline Bingley.
His character was not good enough for Mr. Darcy, nor is it appropriate for a

Lord Dashwood.

Although many people have criticized the sweetness of the film, I'm

that desperately romantic, ending their loved one. I left the theater feeling better than

that when he entered. (I felt the same way when "Bridget Jones's Diary"
come to an end. Actually, I could not wait to see her again since the end
kiss was probably the best
kiss I've seen in a movie. I parentheses. Sorry.) Although

I realize that this movie will not win any Oscars, is still

a wonderful way to spend one hour and a half.

Download What a Girl Wants
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5. Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera (Bonus CD) - What A Girl Wants (Eddie Arroyo Dance Radio Edit)
6. Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera SE - What A Girl Wants (Eddie)
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