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(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie ShadowboxerWhen Rose, a female assassin, is diagnosed with terminal cancer; she decides to carry out one final killing, assisted by lover and also stepson, Mickey.


Cuba Gooding Jr. as Mikey
Helen Mirren as Rose
Vanessa Ferlito as Vicki
Macy Gray as Neisha
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Dr. Don
Mo'Nique as Precious
Stephen Dorff as Clayton Mayfield
Matt Higgins as Eddie
Tom Pasch as Andrew
Ryan Eric Speise as Anthony - Age 3
Ryan Eric Speise as Anthony Age 3
Cullen Flynn Clancy as Anthony - age 7
Marilyn Yoblick as Real Estate Agent
Darnell Williams as Mikey's Father
Marvina Vinique as Mikey's Mother
Lee Daniels

Mr Shadowboxer black grade: B starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Helen Mirren

For the first time director Lee Daniels, producer of two challenging projects,
Monster's Ball and The Woodsman tries his hand behind the lens. Mirren
women play a murderer who has been diagnosed with cancer, and decides
carrying out a final death assisted by Gooding.

Shadowboxer doubt is a dark movie - I think Prizzi's Honor, but with a very different tone
- but Helen Mirren handles this' single '
relationship with tenderness and dignity. I thought the ending was not
terribly suspenseful, and should have been. I kept trying to picture
how a different and more experienced director would deal with him. A
number of crew members were there for Q / A, including the director.
Heck, even came to the Palestinian Authority in Philly (who prefer!)
Wes Bentley was scheduled to co-star, but abandoned.

His role was filled by Cuba Gooding Jr., who managed to clear snow
dogs of my memory. He is very good, playing very straight and
cold. In the Q / A later talked about the differences between
doing comedy and drama. He is carrying out functions that allow
humor that come from the actions of the character - as in this movie - and not
obvious comedy. From enjoying the laughter that his character is
of the crowd in the selection, when his character was
react to situations in the plot and not "trying" to be fun.
This movie was pretentious and mediocre at best. I liked the
performance of Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Helen Mirren, and a decent work
Vanessa Ferlito (which I found difficult to enjoy when she appeared in
season 3 of "24"). But the direction and cinematography are
cloying and manipulative. There were all these hazy, fuzzy,
slow motion images of falling leaves and sun glinting and
naked bodies rolling around the bed or on the ground. I think the director is one of many contemporary
, pedestrians filmmakers whose only means of representing
emotion is a foreground of an actor emoting, and whose only means of showing
intimacy between actors is a scene of sex. Eventually, however, although I admired
Gooding's performance, I was tired of seeing the
soft-focused, beefcake photograph of her naked or semi-naked body. And

writing sucked a lot, too. Not only was this other movie
on ageing, dying murderer questioning their morals and the state
existence of God, but the film constantly brought up plot points and character
conflict that apparently had no interest in.
Gooding What exactly is the relationship with Mirren? Is Gooding
? Is it anything other than a strange, incestuous,
lover / child / boy-toy and business associate of Mirren? There were other
points that needed to explore, but the film seems to have no problem
forget, so I've already forgotten them, too.
And there are other things too, as elements of the story that
solely for the sake of convenience narrative. Like all the
character played by Stephen Dorff. I still looking forward to the day when we got
- fed films to be established at the outset that his villains are
irredeemably evil sadists who deserve horrible fate that awaits
in the last reel. But Daniels apparently no cree
we have reached this point yet. Another inexplicable narrative convenience is
the 5-6 years spent in an instant for the child in the film is
suddenly about 7-8 years old. I think the only reason for this is so
that the child is old enough to use a weapon well enough to emerge as the
filius ex machina at the end of the film. Meanwhile, all other
character, conflict, and the relationship in the film is in suspended animation
, while the child gets old enough to be the little button budding
man that eventually becomes.

guess that's one of my complaints. I think this could have been better
film (still derivatives, but stronger) if they had allowed the
Gooding character to be the main character in the film. But instead of
revealing his character, all Daniels managed to do was highlight is
his face stone, rock-hard biceps and cut the buttocks. I have not received anything near a
meet a glimpse of what he did was,
than cliches childhood trauma regarding their hit-man father.
But even if that was the anchor point in his life, the film does not work
Gooding show through it or even so far as
matters to him. Apparently, the film that this pop-psych background
is important as the film ends with the lives of Gooding echoing
substitute for that child, but as I never know what Gooding children
Meant to him, I really do not worry about what that might mean for the
Anthony little monster that magically has learned to kill and
fine with it.

My feeling is that this movie career to be important, who lost all
opportunity to be "important" (ie, whatever) and the
fair chance to be entertained. It could have focused successfully on
Mirren, whether or Gooding, but rather that Flitter
Mirren to Dorff Gooding to the doctor and Mo'Nique, etc. I am curious to see what
happens when this movie comes out in the world (apparently
in June). I can not imagine that it is a great release, but the art house circuit
compares very unfavourably to films that are better targeted and better

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