Charlie's Angels

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(action, adventure, comedy)
Download Movie Charlie's AngelsBased on the popular 70's TV show, three cute chicks work for the mysterious "Charlie". They are the female 'James Bonds'' of our time. They get to blow stuff up, kick the cr*p out of people, and wear really tight clothing, all whilst trying to retrieve stolen software and balance in high heels.


Cameron Diaz as Natalie Cook
Drew Barrymore as Dylan Sanders
Lucy Liu as Alex Munday
Bill Murray as John Bosley
Sam Rockwell as Eric Knox
Kelly Lynch as Vivian Wood
Tim Curry as Roger Corwin
Crispin Glover as Thin Man
Luke Wilson as Pete Komisky
John Forsythe as Charles Townsend
Matt LeBlanc as Jason Gibbons
Tom Green as Chad
LL Cool J as Mr. Jones
Sean Whalen as Pasqual
Faye Dunaway as Flight Attendant

Three girls have become three small ladies working as special agents
Charlie (through intermediary Bosley). When you are hired to obtain evidence in
Roger Corwin steal abductees Eric Knox
of voice recognition device. The agents are successful, but it Knox
have more sinister motives and the angels are fighting to protect
Charlie and bosley.

However, another in a line from the film remake of old TV shows, in the words of LL Cool J `
another remake of an old television program." However, this only happens
for one simple reason - it never tries to take seriously.
This works because it can be camp, silly and OTT because we know that means
be. The plot is good and has some twists reasonable, but it really
jokes and action throughout the move. The silliness can sometimes get a bit much and is
a little tired.

For example we have too many photos of girls throwing their hair, and
too many scenes that do not mean anything. For example, a car high-speed pursuit ends in a
bridge, but has no reason to happening and nothing happens as a result.
The fights are very OTT and depend largely Matrix rip off - are only just saved by
tongue in cheek attitude of the film. But even then
still silly.

The cast are fine but they really are just silly game. Rockwell is really good and
Bill Murray keeps the whole movie because it really fun.
Tom Green is in his girlfriend because she felt compassion for him and he wanted to be in a
film shown at a cinema outside the U.S., but his character is stupid and useless
. Wilson is good and LL Cool J is a good cameo, but
Tim Curry has been better.

General is welcome if you are in the mood for silly popcorn trash.
If you're not in the mood that this would only serve to irritate you how the poor can be
Hollywood blockbusters.
There is no intellectual challenges in this movie plot, and
that's how it should be, the characters are only slightly more
fleshed-out than any of the television program, and that is also not
A bad thing - if you get too serious in this kind of movie,
kill you close the roar of the good times that were. What really makes
cinematographic work is the charisma (and physical charms) of the 3 major
ladies, along with well-choreographed action sequences and
tongue in cheek script. If you like Diaz, Barrymore and Liu (not to mention
Bill Murray) when they are on the screen, you'll love this

Download Charlie's Angels
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