Download Beerfest
Download Movie BeerfestTwo brothers travel to Germany for Oktoberfest, only to stumble upon secret, centuries-old competition described as a "Fight Club" with beer games.


M.C. Gainey as Priest
Paul Soter as Jan Wolfhouse
Erik Stolhanske as Todd Wolfhouse/Young Baron Ludwig
Cloris Leachman as Great Gam Gam
J+-rgen Prochnow as Baron Wolfgang von Wolfhaus
Cameron Scher as Helmut
Owain Yeoman as Aussie Sailor #1
Tom Tate as Aussie Sailor #2
Allan Graf as Soup Waiter
Chris Moss as German Producer
Bjorn Johnson as Mr. Schniedelwichsen
Kevin Heffernan as Landfill/Gil/Sausage Lady
Jay Chandrasekhar as Barry Badrinath/Blind Sikh
Steve Lemme as Steve 'Fink' Finklestein/Emcee
Collin Thornton as Little Boy
Jay Chandrasekhar

See also: Comedy: Singin' in the Rain

See also: M.C. Gainey in Sideways

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Download Barnyard
(animation, comedy, family)
Download Movie Barnyard


Kevin James as Otis the Cow
Courteney Cox as Daisy the Cow
Sam Elliott as Ben the Cow
Danny Glover as Miles the Mule
Wanda Sykes as Bessy the Cow
Andie MacDowell as Etta the Hen
David Koechner as Dag the Coyote
Jeffrey Garcia as Pip the Mouse
Cam Clarke as Freddy the Ferret
Rob Paulsen as Peck the Rooster/Gopher
Tino Insana as Pig the Pig
Dom Irrera as Duke the Dog
S. Scott Bullock as Eddy the Cow
John DiMaggio as Bud the Cow/Officer O'Hanlon
Maurice LaMarche as Igg the Cow
Steve Oedekerk

See also: Animation: Doctor Strange

See also: Kevin James in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Revolting Cocks - Linger Ficken' Good... and Other Barnyard Oddities
2. Procol Harum - Home... Plus - Barnyard Story
3. Procol Harum - Home... Plus - Barnyard Story (Take 4 Remix)
4. Saint Etienne - Tales From Turnpike House CD2 - Up The Wooden Hills - Barnyard Brouhaha
5. Bruce Willis - If It Don't Kill You, It Just Makes You Stronger - Barnyard Boogie
6. 13th Floor Elevators - His Eye Is on the Pyramid - Barnyard Blues

The Butterfly Effect 2

Download Butterfly Effect 2, The
(drama, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie The Butterfly Effect 2Nick Larson and his best friends Trevor Eastman and Amanda are celebrating the twentieth-fourth anniversary of his girlfriend Julie Miller in a beautiful lake on a Sunday morning. Nick is expecting to be promoted in the company where he works, and Julie is planning to move to his place instead of going to New York for her Master degree. However, Nick is called by his colleague Dave Bristol, who is disputing the promotion with Nick, for a meeting with a client. While in the road, Nick has an accident and Julie and his friends die. One year later, Nick finds that he can travel in time and tries to fix the past, with tragic consequences for the future.


Eric Lively as Nick Larson
Erica Durance as Julie Miller
Dustin Milligan as Trevor Eastman
Gina Holden as Amanda
David Lewis as Dave Bristol
Andrew Airlie as Ron Callahan
Chris Gauthier as Ted
Susan Hogan as Katherine Larson
JR Bourne as Malcolm Williams
Lindsay Maxwell as Grace Callahan
Zoran Vukelic as Christopher
Jerry Wasserman as Alberto Fuentes
John Mann as Wayne
Tom Bulmer as Executive
Veena Sood as Nurse
John R. Leonetti

See also: Drama: Apocalypse Now

See also: Eric Lively in Breed, The

Tags: Download Movie The Butterfly Effect 2, Download Film The Butterfly Effect 2, Instant Movie Download The Butterfly Effect 2, The Butterfly Effect 2 DivX Download

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Download My Super Ex-Girlfriend
(comedy, romance, sci-fi)
Download Movie My Super Ex-GirlfriendMatt Saunders (Luke Wilson) thought his luck had just changed when he start dating Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman). But what he doesn't know is he is going out with New York super-hero G-Girl. When he breaks it of with her for his work partner Hannah (Anna Faris) G-Girl makes his life hell.


Uma Thurman as Jenny Johnson/G-Girl
Luke Wilson as Matt Saunders
Anna Faris as Hannah Lewis
Rainn Wilson as Vaughn Haige
Eddie Izzard as Professor Bedlam/Barry
Stelio Savante as Leo
Mike Iorio as Lenny
Mark Consuelos as Steve
Wanda Sykes as Carla Dunkirk
Margaret Anne Florence as Shapely Bartender
Eva Veronika as Elderly Lady
Lawrence Feeney as Scary Dude
Lou Bonacki as Parking Lot Manager
Jeff Norris as NYPD Officer at Garage
Greg Northrop as NYPD Officer at Station
Ivan Reitman

See also: Comedy: Then She Found Me

See also: Uma Thurman in Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Tags: Download Movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Download Film My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Instant Movie Download My Super Ex-Girlfriend, My Super Ex-Girlfriend DivX Download

The Devil Wears Prada

Download Devil Wears Prada, The
(comedy, drama)
Download Movie The Devil Wears PradaMiranda Priestley, of "Runway" magazine tears up the landscape as a demanding fashion editor. She is a terror to everyone who is around her as is quickly depicted in the opening scenes of the movie. Her first assistant strives to please her and tries to emulate her, but one can sense that she is not quite as hard as she tries to put on. Into this mix comes a young woman who knows nothing of the fashion industry, has never read the magazine, and doesn't know who Miranda Priestley is. She only sees this as a stepping stone to another journalism position. Showing no fashion sense and immediately scorned by everyone, Miranda nonetheless hires her as the second assistant. When Miranda demands that she obtain the next unpublished Harry Potter manuscript, you can sense that she is trying to force her to quit, but it makes the young woman dig in to please her boss. With the help of one of the magazine's fashion editors, she gets a complete makeover and a new security. However, with her new appearance and the demands placed on her, she starts to lose her friends, family and her live-in boy friend. As she is whisked away to Paris with Miranda and faces all of the glamor that could be hers, including a flashy if not artificial freelance journalist, she is forced to make the decision of where she wants to be in her life.


Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly
Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs
Emily Blunt as Emily
Stanley Tucci as Nigel
Simon Baker as Christian Thompson
Adrian Grenier as Nate
Tracie Thoms as Lily
Rich Sommer as Doug
Daniel Sunjata as James Holt
David Marshall Grant as Richard Sachs
James Naughton as Stephen
Tibor Feldman as Irv Ravitz
Rebecca Mader as Jocelyn
Jimena Hoyos as Lucia
Gisele B+-ndchen as Serena
David Frankel

See also: Comedy: Bucket List, The

See also: Meryl Streep in Rendition

Tags: Download Movie The Devil Wears Prada, Download Film The Devil Wears Prada, Instant Movie Download The Devil Wears Prada, The Devil Wears Prada DivX Download
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1. Devil Wears Prada
2. Soundtrack - Various Artists - The Devil Wears Prada
3. Soundtrack - Various Artists - The Devil Wears Prada - Suite From "The Devil Wears Prada" (Theodore Shapiro)
4. Rock - Various Artists - Warped Tour 2008 Compilation - the devil wears prada-reptar king of the ozone
5. Rock - Various Artists - Vans Warped Tour (2008) (Cd 2) - The Devil Wears Prada-Reptar King Of The Ozone

The Guardian

Download Guardian, The
Download Movie The GuardianThe US Coast Guard version of "Top Gun" with a little "An Officer and A Gentleman" thrown in: an aging USCG rescue swimmer's team is killed in a horrific rescue mission. Immediately prior to this terrible event, his wife also announced that she cannot take anymore. His first love is always the rescue mission. This leaves him an obviously emotional wreck. His commender gives him a choice - quit or take a position as an instructor at the USCG training facility in Louisiana. Reluctantly he takes the position. Moving into the school, he immediately increases the 18 week curriculum that routinely fails half of the people that attend. Here he meets a young man with unlimited potential, but with some secret that seems to hold him back as a team player. Delving into his past, links are found that make him a psychic twin to the older man. Thrown into the midst of the story is a romance with a local girl. Rescue missions punctuate the beginning and end of the story with the training sessions the center of the film.


Steven Dell as Ian
James R. Doddy as Nathan
Ethan Drake as Sal
Gregg Edwards as Priest
Tim Forsyth as Antique Dealer
Richard T. Henry as Camael
Mark Hopkins as Preacher
Paul Hsu as Student
Josh Myers as Student
Forrest Netuschil as Young Gabriel
S.P.I.T. as Band
Adam Somilleda as Nick
David Switch as Gabriel
Jin Yeung as Student
Rebecca Grace as Woman in Church and Alley
Mark J. Doddy

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Blind Guardian
2. Guardian
3. Fates Warning - Awaken The Guardian
4. George Duke - Guardian Of The Light
5. Lux Occulta - My Guardian Anger
6. Fatboy Slim - Halfway Between The Gutter and The Guardian

The Wild

Download Wild, The
(adventure, animation, comedy, family)
Download Movie The WildRyan (Greg Cipes) is a lion who wants to go to the wild, where his dad (Samson, voiced by Keifer Sutherland) once lived. When he gets himself shipped to Africa, his zoo friends (and Samson) work together to bring him back. When they get to Africa, however, the animals find themselves in a pile of danger. They have to fight an evil wildebeest called Kazar (William Shatner). But Kazar's safe compared to the other danger on the island- a volcano that's on the edge of eruption. Can the animals find Ryan and get out of Africa before the volcano erupts in so little time?


Kiefer Sutherland as Samson
James Belushi as Squirrel
Eddie Izzard as Nigel
Janeane Garofalo as Bridget
William Shatner as Kazar
Richard Kind as Larry
Greg Cipes as Ryan
Colin Cunningham as Hyrax
Colin Hay as Fergus Flamingo
Miles Marsico as Duke
Jack De Sena as Eze
Don Cherry as Penguin MC
Christian Argueta as Hamir
David Cowgill as Hamir
Lenny Venito as Carmine
Steve 'Spaz' Williams

See also: Adventure: Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

See also: Kiefer Sutherland in Stand by Me

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Running Wild
2. X Wild
3. Wild Band Of Snee
4. Damon Wild
5. Damon Wild and Echoplex
6. Buck Wild

The Shaggy Dog

Download Shaggy Dog, The
(comedy, family, fantasy)
Download Movie The Shaggy DogA man tries to live a normal life despite the fact that he sometimes turns into a sheepdog.


Tim Allen as Dave Douglas
Kristin Davis as Rebecca Douglas
Zena Grey as Carly Douglas
Spencer Breslin as Josh Douglas
Danny Glover as Ken Hollister
Robert Downey Jr. as Dr. Kozak
Joshua Leonard as Justin Forrester
Shawn Pyfrom as Trey
Bess Wohl as Dr. Gwen Lichtman
Jarrad Paul as Larry
Annabelle Gurwitch as Justin Forrester's Attorney
Jane Curtin as Judge Claire Whittaker
Philip Baker Hall as Lance Strictland
Joel Moore as Pound Employee
Jeanette Brox as Janey
Brian Robbins

See also: Comedy: Hoot

See also: Tim Allen in Toy Story 2

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1. Lightnin' Hopkins - From The Vaults Of Everest Records CD4 - Nothin\' But The Blues - Shaggy Dog
2. Coldcut and Hexstatic - Timber - Timber (Quant's Shaggy Dog Stry)
3. Various Artists - Alligator Stomp 5 - Shaggy Dog Two Step - Zydeco Force


Download Aquamarine
(comedy, family, fantasy, romance)
Download Movie AquamarineAfter a vicious storm , half the ocean washes into the beach club swimming pool. Two teenagers, Haley and Claire, discover a mermaid in the pool. She tells them that she needs to find love in three days, and they agree to help her because helping a mermaid means you get a wish, and they decide that they can use their wish to try and stop Haley from moving to Australia.


Emma Roberts as Claire
Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque as Hailey
Sara Paxton as Aquamarine
Jake McDorman as Raymond
Arielle Kebbel as Cecilia
Claudia Karvan as Ginny
Bruce Spence as Leonard
Tammin Sursok as Marjorie
Roy Billing as Grandpa Bob
Julia Blake as Grandma Maggie
Shaun Micallef as Storm Banks
Lulu McClatchy as Bonnie
Natasha Cunningham as Patty
Dichen Lachman as Beth-Ann
Lincoln Lewis as Theo
Elizabeth Allen

See also: Comedy: This Is Spinal Tap

See also: Emma Roberts in Nancy Drew

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. DJ Kt-15 - Live @ Aquamarine Open Air 21.06.03
2. DJ Kt-15 - Live @ Aquamarine Open Air
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5. DJ Kt-15 - Live @ Aquamarine Open Air - Live @ Aquamarine Open Air 21.06.03
6. DJ Kt-15 - Live @ Aquamarine Open Air - Live @ Aquamarine Open Air 21.06.03


The Hard Corps

Download Hard Corps, The
(action, thriller)
Download Movie The Hard CorpsJean-Claude will be playing a Combat Vet who's just spent the last 3 years fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, who is hired to be a bodyguard to a former World Heavyweight Boxing champ to protect him and his family against a Rap Music Mogul. He sets up a team called "The Hard Corps", complications arise when the boxer suspects that his sister may be in love with the bodyguard.


Jean-Claude Van Damme as Phillip Sauvage
Razaaq Adoti as Wayne Barclay
Vivica A. Fox as Tamara Barclay
Peter Bryant as Kendall Mullins
Ron Bottitta as Detective Teague
Viv Leacock as Terrell Singletery
Adrian Holmes as Cujo
Mark Griffin as Casey Bledsoe
Ron Selmour as Simcoe
Aaron Au as Kim
Dexter Bell as High Dog
Julian Christopher as Clarence Bowden
Nneka Croal as Jessie Otero
Sharon Amos as Lydia
Doron Bell as Leonard
Sheldon Lettich

See also: Action: Minority Report

See also: Jean-Claude Van Damme in Shepherd, The

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Mass Hysteria - Le bien etre et la paix - Hard Corps (les fils du vice)

Attack Force

Download Attack Force
(action, horror, sci-fi)
Download Movie Attack ForceMarshall Lawson loses his strike-team in a cold-blooded and seemingly random attack. After this he takes it upon himself to investigate the suspicious circumstances of the brutal killings. Soon he uncovers CTX Majestic, a covert military operation so secret, that now the military wants Marshall eliminated. Resolute in his pursuit, Marshall engages in a merciless battle with a drug dealer operation that appears to be secretly funded by a rogue arm of the military.


Steven Seagal as Marshall Lawson
Lisa Lovbrand as Tia
David Kennedy as Dwayne
Matthew Chambers as Seth
Danny Webb (V) as Werner
Andrew Bicknell as Robinson
Adam Croasdell as Aroon
Mark Dymond as Phil
Del Synnott as Carl
Cheryl Ko as Admiral's Aide
Ioan Ionescu as Soldier #1
Tomi Cristin as Ambassador
Florian Ghimpu as Tourist #1
Evelyne Armela O'Bami as Reina
Emanuel Parvu as Detective Lambert
Michael Keusch

See also: Action: French Connection, The

See also: Steven Seagal in Pistol Whipped

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Trance - Various Artists - Tunnel Trance Force Vol. 40 / CD 1 - Black Attack Mix
2. Trance - Various Artists - Tunnel Trance Force Vol. 37 (cd1) - Tunnel Allstars feat. DJ Yanny - Tunnel Trance Force Vol. 37 - CD 1 - Saturn Mix - 05 - Captain Future (Enemies Attack Club Mix)
3. Trance - Various Artists - Tunnel Trance Force Vol. 40 / CD 1 - Black Attack Mix - ttf vol 40. cd1 black attack mix
4. Silent Force - Worlds Apart - Heart Attack
5. Trance - Various Artists - Tunnel Trance Force Vol.10 CD1 - State Department (Club Attack) (R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R.)
6. Trance - Various Artists - Tunnel Trance Force Vol.11 CD2 - Base Attack (Space Planet)

The Ugly Duckling and Me!

Download Ugly Duckling and Me!, The
(animation, comedy)
Download Movie The Ugly Duckling and Me!


Morgan Jones as Ratso/Frank
Paul Tylack as Ratso
Kim Larney as Baby Ugly
Anna Olson as Phyllis
Gary Hetzler as Stan
Danna Davis as Chickens
Barbara Bergin as Esmeralda
Michelle Read as Peep Olga
Hilary Cahill as Daphne
Hillary Kavanagh as Pox
Laurann Rabbitt as Lou
Aoife Murray as Emmy
Liz Lloyd as Swan #2 Fox
Aileen Mythen as Jessie
Justin Gregg as Stan
Michael Hegner

See also: Animation: Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale

Tags: Download Movie The Ugly Duckling and Me!, Download Film The Ugly Duckling and Me!, Instant Movie Download The Ugly Duckling and Me!, The Ugly Duckling and Me! DivX Download

John Tucker Must Die

Download John Tucker Must Die
(comedy, romance)
Download Movie John Tucker Must DieThree ex-girlfriends of a serial cheater (Metcalfe) set up their former lover to fall for the new girl in town so they can watch him get his heart broken.


Jesse Metcalfe as John Tucker
Brittany Snow as Kate Spencer
Ashanti as Heather
Sophia Bush as Beth
Arielle Kebbel as Carrie Schaefer
Penn Badgley as Scott Tucker
Jenny McCarthy as Lori Spencer
Fatso-Fasano as Tommy
Kevin McNulty as Basketball Coach
Patricia Drake as Coach Williams
Jeffrey Ballard as Cute Boy
Taylor Kitsch as Justin
Steve Bacic as Skip #1
Dean Wray as Skip #2
Jon Cuthbert as Skip #3
Betty Thomas

My friend and I was not sure if he wanted to see this movie, or wait until it came out on video. Because we are already seeing almost every other comedy out there, we decided to give this one a try. We are not sure whether we like to think it was more of a crowd of teenagers. We are laughing out loud throughout the film and left completely satisfied with this movie. It is worth seeing and I do not feel robbed paying the price of the night-time. The pranks are hilarious in this film. If you want a good laugh I recommend this movie. Men running in thong underwear, "is like having your best friend in a hammock of silk." The comments are very funny in this film.
I do not know why everyone is so critical about this movie, especially if the girls liked to say. This film was one of the most fun I've seen this year and was not as small as flicky Mean Girls, as I thought (of course, is still a little). Definitely I think the depth in this film is more accurate for a normal high school than other films, is not too exaggerated. Of course, the story of John Tucker is unrealistic but is very fun to see the reactions of the 3 girls that he cheated on ... Everyone complains that this film is so predictable that even before seeing it, including me ... But guess what .... Most of them were wrong ... For much of the film, my predictions are correct, but in a moment, I began to be bad and the movie was catching me by surprise. But the only thing that does not disappoint this film is that I always had fun and laughed a few surprises.

If you're not a fan of teen movies, i would not see it. But if the only reason you do not want to see it b / c you think it is entirely predictable, go see it! you might just be surprised that I have very high expectations for this movie, not quite reach them, but it is worth my money.

6 / 10

Download John Tucker Must Die
See also: Comedy: Good Luck Chuck

Tags: Download Movie John Tucker Must Die, Download Film John Tucker Must Die, Instant Movie Download John Tucker Must Die, John Tucker Must Die DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Soundtrack - Various Artists - John Tucker Must Die

Ask the Dust

Download Ask the Dust
(drama, romance)
Download Movie Ask the DustL.A. in the early 1930's: racism, poverty, and disease color the Bunker Hill neighborhood where Arturo Bandini, a lover of men and beasts alike, has arrived from Colorado to write the great Los Angeles novel. After six months and down to his last nickel, he orders a cup of coffee, served by Camilla Lopez, beautiful, self-possessed, and Mexican. Arturo gets advice, encouragement, and an occasional check from H.L. Mencken, so he keeps writing and he keeps seeing Camilla. But, he's mean to her for no apparent reason, so the relationship sputters. A housekeeper from back East suggests a way out of his jealously and fears. "Camilla Bandini": is it in the cards?


Colin Farrell as Arturo Bandini
Salma Hayek as Camilla
Donald Sutherland as Hellfrick
Eileen Atkins as Mrs. Hargraves
Idina Menzel as Vera Rivkin
Justin Kirk as Sammy
Jeremy Crutchley as Solomon
Ronald France as Columbia Sweeper
Dion Basco as Filipino Houseboy
Donna Mosley as Red Headed Girl
Paul Rylander as Harold the Bartender
Natasha Staples as Denver Librarian
Wayne Harrison as Heilman
Yoshimura Yasuhiro as Japanese Vegetable Man
Sid as Willie the Dog
Robert Towne

Robert Towne is the LA Woody Allen? His portraits of the city are indelible, and one of the major pleasures of Ask the Dust is the way in which depression was the City of Angels becomes a character in the film. Ask the Dust is tormented by the idea that LA is the place where people come to die slowly in the sun and it is fascinating as a piece of "sunshine" black film. It also explores the themes of racism, prejudice and self-esteem and how they are manifested in personal relationships. There is a daring romance with the ugliness that makes the first third of the film especially compelling. The scene where Arturo Bandini and Camilla Lopez meet for the first time is pure cinema and one of the most remarkable bit of the mainstream film I've seen in a while. In its way, is as sublime as the photos of Brassaï cafe society of Paris. In the print job that popular, Ask the Dust was not able to maintain the opening of this intensity, but was nevertheless obliged to stay. Perhaps the best compliment I can pay Ask the Dust is that reminded me why Chinese is a great film (and the comparison is inevitable), while I do not think Ask the Dust is in the same league, it does herald the return of Robert Towne welcome as an artist who understands LA instinctively knows how to exploit the rich history of Hollywood, and can offer a human-scale film with the power to reward and possibly even change their audience.

Download Ask the Dust
See also: Drama: Children of Men

See also: Colin Farrell in Minority Report

Tags: Download Movie Ask the Dust, Download Film Ask the Dust, Instant Movie Download Ask the Dust, Ask the Dust DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Soulsavers - It's Not How Far You Fall, It's The Way You Land - Ask The Dust


Download Stormbreaker
(action, adventure, family)
Download Movie StormbreakerBased on the first of the best-selling series of Alex Rider novels by Anthony Horowitz, STORMBREAKER introduces the reluctant teenage super-spy to cinema audiences. After the death of his uncle, the 14-year-old hero is forced by the Special OperationsDivision of Britain's secret intelligence service, MI6, for a mission which will save millions of lives.


Sarah Bolger as Sabina Pleasure
Robbie Coltrane as Prime Minister
Stephen Fry as Smithers
Damian Lewis as Yassen Gregorovich
Ewan McGregor as Ian Rider
Bill Nighy as Alan Blunt
Sophie Okonedo as Mrs. Jones
Alex Pettyfer as Alex Rider
Missi Pyle as Nadia Vole
Mickey Rourke as Darrius Sayle
Andy Serkis as Mr. Grin
Alicia Silverstone as Jack Starbright
Ashley Walters as Wolf
Alex Barrett as Gary
Richard Huw as Teacher
Geoffrey Sax

See also: Action: Fugitive, The

Tags: Download Movie Stormbreaker, Download Film Stormbreaker, Instant Movie Download Stormbreaker, Stormbreaker DivX Download


Download Slither
(comedy, horror, sci-fi)
Download Movie SlitherIn this blend of the B movie classic The Blob (1958) and some Romero's zombies film, a meteorite collides in a small town. Grant finds it, and is infected by a parasite worm, which installs in his brain and causes him a creepy transformation into a monster. Starla, his wife, and Bill, a policeman, will try to stop him and the plague of worms generated by the creature.


Nathan Fillion as Bill Pardy
Elizabeth Banks as Starla Grant
Gregg Henry as Jack MacReady
Michael Rooker as Grant Grant
Don Thompson as Wally
Tania Saulnier as Kylie Strutemyer
Xantha Radley as Uptight Mom
Dustin Milligan as Drawing Boy
Haig Sutherland as Trevor
Jennifer Copping as Margaret
Zak Ludwig as Gina Kid
Kathryn Kirkpatrick as Karaoke Woman
Brenda James as Brenda Gutierrez
Lorena Gale as Janene
Bart Anderson as Butcher
James Gunn

See also: Comedy: King of California

See also: Nathan Fillion in Serenity

Tags: Download Movie Slither, Download Film Slither, Instant Movie Download Slither, Slither DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Earth Crisis - Slither
2. Tyler Bates - Slither: Original Motion Picture Score
3. Earth Crisis - Slither - Slither
4. Tyler Bates - Slither: Original Motion Picture Score - Love Theme from Slither
5. Tyler Bates - Slither: Original Motion Picture Score - Slither Finale
6. Sundown - Design 19 - Slither

Just My Luck

Download Just My Luck
(comedy, fantasy, romance)
Download Movie Just My LuckManhattan socialite, Ashley is the luckiest person in New York. Untill, one night she goes to a masquerade ball and meets, Jake. Jake on the other hand has the worst luck. After kissing Jake, Ashley is horrified to find out that she and Jake swapped luck.


Lindsay Lohan as Ashley Albright
Chris Pine as Jake Hardin
Samaire Armstrong as Maggie
Bree Turner as Dana
Faizon Love as Damon Phillips
Missi Pyle as Peggy Braden
Carlos Ponce as Antonio
Tom Fletcher as Himself - McFly Band Member
Danny Jones as Himself - McFly Band Member
Harry Judd as Himself - McFly Band Member
Makenzie Vega as Katy
Dougie Poynter as Himself - McFly Band Member
Jaqueline Fleming as Tiffany
Dane Rhodes as Mac
Ira Hawkins as Doorman Oscar
Donald Petrie

See also: Comedy: Botched

See also: Lindsay Lohan in Prairie Home Companion, A

Tags: Download Movie Just My Luck, Download Film Just My Luck, Instant Movie Download Just My Luck, Just My Luck DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. McFly - Just My Luck
2. McFly - Just My Luck - Just My Luck
3. Rodney Carrington - Nut Sack - That's Just My Luck

Glory Road

Download Glory Road
(drama, sport)
Download Movie Glory Road40 years ago, Don Haskins went on the recruiting trail to find the best talent in the land, black or white. 7 blacks and 5 whites made up the legendary 1965-66 Texas Western Miners. They were mocked and ridiculed for their showboating and flaunting of black players on the court. Yet, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, Haskins and his Miners came together as a team united to reach the National Championship game against powerhouse Kentucky.


Josh Lucas as Don Haskins
Derek Luke as Bobby Joe Hill
Austin Nichols as Jerry Armstrong
Jon Voight as Adolph Rupp
Evan Jones as Moe Iba
Schin A.S. Kerr as David Lattin
Alphonso McAuley as Orsten Artis
Mehcad Brooks as Harry Flournoy
Sam Jones III as Willie Worsley
Damaine Radcliff as Willie 'Scoops' Cager
Emily Deschanel as Mary Haskins
Al Shearer as Nevil Shed
Red West as Ross Moore
Kip Weeks as Togo Railey
Mitch Eakins as Dick Myers
James Gartner

See also: Drama: Saving Sarah Cain

See also: Josh Lucas in Beautiful Mind, A

Tags: Download Movie Glory Road, Download Film Glory Road, Instant Movie Download Glory Road, Glory Road DivX Download
Download mp3 tracks:
1. Ian Gillan - Glory Road
2. Gov't Mule - Asheville-Warren Haynes - Glory Road (Warren Haynes)
3. Neil Diamond - Gold (Cd 1) - Glory Road
4. Oak Ridge Boys - Collection Gospel Favorites Disc 2 - Glory Glory Clear The Road
5. Jurassic 5 - Pre-Historik Rarities - Long Road To Glory
6. Ozark Mountain Daredevils - The Best - Road To Glory

Art School Confidential

Download Art School Confidential
(comedy, drama)
Download Movie Art School ConfidentialConvinced that art school will put him on the path to fame, Jerome (Minghella) must come to terms with his anemic talent, as he watches the girl of his dreams fall in love with another student. Then, strangely, he's arrested as a suspected murderer — only to discover that crime might actually pay.


Max Minghella as Jerome
Sophia Myles as Audrey
John Malkovich as Sandy
Jim Broadbent as Jimmy
Joel Moore as Bardo
Scoot McNairy as Army Jacket
Ezra Buzzington as Leslie
Terry Zwigoff

I believe that those who felt the film began as a parody of art schools, but certainly not turning dark, you lose the point. Turning dark, you start to fear for the main character only to be confronted by the fact that the art world is so ridiculous to praise anyone for more crazy. Jerome art was considered boring until he was not. Not that the movie was dark ... I had to go in that direction to reach the last travesty.

As someone who is disappointed that regularly passes for art today, it's refreshing to see this face in the open field. It's a disappointment that people without knowledge has been successful - and that art is the only discipline where teachers are afraid of giving low grades. Of course, this experience in my art days. Students who put in the effort and not to complete the requirements are still a good rating, it had already put in the effort.

This film is fantastic because it goes so far as to comment on the art of today.

Download Art School Confidential
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Alien Autopsy

Download Alien Autopsy
(comedy, sci-fi)
Download Movie Alien AutopsyHumouristic reconstruction of the 1995 scandal when two British lads were accused of having faked a documentary from the Roswell incident in 1947.


Declan Donnelly as Ray Santilli
Ant McPartlin as Gary Shoefield
Bill Pullman as Morgan Banner
Harry Dean Stanton as Harvey
Omid Djalili as Melik
Jimmy Carr as Gary's Boss
Mike Blakeley as Camera team
Matthew Blakeley as Camera team
John Shrapnel as Michael Kuhn
David Threlfall as Jeffrey
Winston Thomas as Zachary
Michael Rouse as Young Harvey
Pam Shaw as Aunty P
Luke Shoefield as Steve on the bus
Stephanie Metcalfe as Doreen
Jonny Campbell

See also: Comedy: Americanizing Shelley

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Save the Last Dance 2

Download Save the Last Dance 2
(drama, music, romance)
Download Movie Save the Last Dance 2Continuing the story of the original film, Sara (Izabella Miko) follows her dream and becomes a student at Juilliard. As she is excels and becomes a star pupil, Sara becomes torn between her love for traditional ballet and her passion for the urban street rhythms of hip-hop, complicated further by her new love, hip-hop musician Miles (Columbus Short). When pushed to make a choice, will she follow the path of the tried and true or will she take a risk and dance into uncharted territory?


Izabella Miko as Sara Johnson
Columbus Short as Miles Sultana
Jacqueline Bisset as Monique Delacroix
Aubrey Dollar as Zoe
Ian Brennan as Franz
Maria Brooks as Katrina
Matthew Watling as Marcus
Roshan Amendra as Breakdancer
Ray J as Savion "DJ Scientific " Gibson
Ne-Yo as As himself
Ashley Evelyn Bell as Friend at the play
Ashleigh Rains as Ballet Dancer
David Petrarca

See also: Drama: Edward Scissorhands

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Ice Age: The Meltdown


Download Saw III
(crime, horror, thriller)
Download Movie Saw IIIJigsaw has disappeared. Now aided by his new apprentice Amanda, the puppet-master behind the cruel, intricate games that have terrified a community and baffled police has once again eluded capture and vanished. While city detectives scramble to locate him, Dr. Lynn Denlon is unaware that she is about to become the latest pawn on his vicious chessboard. One night, after finishing a shift at her hospital, Lynn is kidnapped by the deranged Amanda and taken to an abandoned warehouse where she meets Jigsaw, aka: John Kramer, who's now bedridden and on the verge of death. Lynn is told that she must keep the madman alive for as long as it takes Jeff, another of his victims, to complete a game of his own. Racing against the ticking clock of Jigsaw's own heartbeat, Lynn and Jeff struggle to make it through each of their vicious tests, unaware that Jigsaw and Amanda have a much bigger plan for both of them...


Tobin Bell as Jigsaw/John
Shawnee Smith as Amanda
Angus Macfadyen as Jeff Denlon
Bahar Soomekh as Dr. Lynn Denlon
Donnie Wahlberg as Eric Matthews
Dina Meyer as Kerry
Leigh Whannell as Adam
Mpho Koaho as Tim
Barry Flatman as Judge Halden
Lyriq Bent as Rigg
J. LaRose as Troy
Debra McCabe as Danica
Costas Mandylor as Forensic Hoffman
Betsy Russell as Jill
Jane Luk as E.R. Nurse
Darren Lynn Bousman

Just returned from seeing this movie and I really need to emphasize how a movie was crap. I read some comments that was better than 2 and was more like 1 (which was good!) But this is rubbish. This film is based purely on the blood and the ability to make you cringe. The argument was too stupid and idiotic that only seek to enjoy this brain numbing turdness accept. I did not even know who the main character was ... there was no sure. The narrative is poor and it will NAFF.

I felt really uncomfortable watching this film and when I left I was terribly uncomfortable. There is no resolution, which is possibly one of the worst endings to a film that never really p *** ed me more, I felt completely unsatisfied. Not seeing this movie, its pathetic.

Download Saw III
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3. Bela Bartok - Bela Bartok Complete Edition 18-21. Piano Works Part 1 Bb Ce - 20-29 Piano Works Iii - 7 Sketches, Op.9B- No. 2. See - Saw: Comodo

Maid of Honor

Download Maid of Honor
Download Movie Maid of HonorWhile driving in the road, Richard Wynn crashes his car and his beloved wife Molly Wynn dies. Along two years, his sister-in-law Laci Collins moves to his house and helps Richard to raise his son Danny Wynn and his teenage daughter Carrie Wynn. When Richard decides to get married with Nicole Harris, the deranged and psychotic Laci that is in love for Richard, tries to force Richard to call off the wedding with malevolence against Nicole and manipulating Danny.


Linda Purl as Laci Collins
Linden Ashby as Richard Wynn
Shannon Sturges as Nicole Harris
Brent Donnelly as Rev. Saunders
Danielle Kind as Molly Wynn
Steven McPhail as Danny Wynn
Caroline Redekopp as Carrie Wynn
Moira Wylie as Laci's mother
Joanna Noyes as Savannah Kelsey
Michael O'Reilly as Larry Kilborn
Claudia Jurt as Susie
Bill Croft as Joel Maiser
Sophie Gendron as Dr. Volmar
Paul Rainville as Dr. Campbell
Stephanie Halin as Gwen
Douglas Jackson

See also: Thriller: Resident Evil: Extinction

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Brother Bear 2

Download Brother Bear 2
(adventure, animation, comedy, drama, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Brother Bear 2


Patrick Dempsey as Kenai
Mandy Moore as Nita
Jeremy Suarez as Koda
Rick Moranis as Rutt
Dave Thomas as Tuke
Andrea Martin as Anda
Catherine O'Hara as Kata
Wanda Sykes as Innoko
Wendie Malick as Aunt Siqiniq
Kathy Najimy as Aunt Taqqiq
Michael Clarke Duncan as Tug
Jim Cummings as Bering/Chilkoot
Jeff Bennett as Atka
Tress MacNeille as Hoonah
Jack Weber as Young Kenai
Ben Gluck

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Download Doogal
(adventure, animation, comedy, family)
Download Movie DoogalLegend tells of three magic diamonds that, if in the wrong hands, can be united to create a force powerful enough to freeze the sun. When the evil sorcerer Zeebad escapes from his ancient prison, he vows to exact revenge by deep-freezing the earth forever. Determined to save the world, a fellowship of four unlikely heroes band together to foil Zeebad's villainous plot. Led by the candy-loving mutt Doogal, friends Dylan, Brian, and Ermintrude all embark on an epic adventure to save the world. In order to find the diamonds before Zeebad, they must climb icy mountains, navigate fiery pits of molten lava, sail across vast oceans and pass through a booby-trapped temple guarded by an army of ninja skeleton warriors. Along the way they learn that the most powerful weapon is their friendship - which even Zeebad's evil magic cannot destroy.


Daniel Tay as Doogal
Jimmy Fallon as Dylan
Jon Stewart as Zeebad
Whoopi Goldberg as Ermintrude
William H. Macy as Brian
Chevy Chase as Train
Judi Dench as Narrator
Kylie Minogue as Florence
Ian McKellen as Zebedee
Kevin Smith as Moose
Bill Hader as Soldier Sam
Cory Edwards as Additional Voices
John Krasinski as Additional Voices
Heidi Brook Myers as Coral
Dave Borthwick

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Step Up

Nacho Libre

Lonely Hearts

Download Lonely Hearts
(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Lonely HeartsIn the late 40's, the swindler Raymond Martinez Fernandez seduces lonely women to steal their possessions. When he meets the deranged Martha Beck, they fall in love for each other. With the jealous Martha posing as if she were his sister, the crook Ray seduces and kills other women. Two New York Detectives - Elmer C. Robinson and Charles Hildebrandt - chase the sociopaths, but without having the evidence of a body. In the end of 40's, the couple is finally arrested and sentenced to death, being electrocuted in March, 1951 in Sing Sing.


John Travolta as Elmer C. Robinson
James Gandolfini as Charles Hildebrandt
Jared Leto as Ray Fernandez
Salma Hayek as Martha Beck
Scott Caan as Detective Reilly
Laura Dern as Rene Fodie
Michael Gaston as D.A. Hunt
Bruce MacVittie as Eastman
Dan Byrd as Eddie Robinson
Andrew Wheeler as Detective Tooley
Alice Krige as Janet Long
Dagmara Dominczyk as Delphine Downing
John Doman as Chief MacSwain
Bailee Madison as Rainelle Downing
Ellen Travolta as Ida
Todd Robinson

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6. Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (mono) - Good Morning Good Morning / Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) / A Day In The Life


Download Hoot
(adventure, comedy, family)
Download Movie HootA young man (Lerman) moves from Montana to Florida with his family, where he's compelled to engage in a fight to protect a population of endangered owls.


Logan Lerman as Roy Eberhardt
Brie Larson as Beatrice Leep
Cody Linley as Mullet Fingers
Luke Wilson as Officer David Delinko
Eric Phillips as Dana Matherson
Dean Collins as Garrett
Tim Blake Nelson as Curly Branitt
Clark Gregg as Chuck Muckle
Kiersten Warren as Mrs. Eberhardt
Neil Flynn as Mr. Eberhardt
Jessica Cauffiel as Mother Paula/Kimberly
Robert Wagner as Mayor Grandy
Jimmy Buffett as Mr. Ryan
John Archie as Captain
Robert Donner as Kalo
Wil Shriner

See also: Adventure: Underdog

See also: Logan Lerman in Butterfly Effect, The

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Alpha Dog

Download Alpha Dog
(crime, drama)
Download Movie Alpha DogIn 1999, in Claremont, California, the violent Jake Mazursky owes US$ 1,200.00 to the coward drug dealer Johnny Truelove, who is son of the powerful criminal Sonny Truelove. They fight and start a personal war, with Jake breaking into the house of Johnny with his friends, stealing the TV and leaving excrement in the living room. Johnny kidnaps Jake's fifteen year old brother Zach Mazurka, who has just had an argument with his parents, and brings him to the upper class house of his friend Frankie Ballenbacher. Along a couple of days, Zach meets the friends of Frankie, goes to parties, drinks boozes, smokes pot and has sex with other teenagers. When Johnny realizes that kidnapping means life sentence, he asks the servile scum Elvis Schmidt to kill the boy.


Bruce Willis as Sonny Truelove
Matthew Barry as Interviewer
Emile Hirsch as Johnny Truelove
Fernando Vargas as Tiko 'TKO' Martinez
Vincent Kartheiser as Pick Giamo
Justin Timberlake as Frankie Ballenbacher
Shawn Hatosy as Elvis Schmidt
Heather Wahlquist as Wanda Haynes
Alex Solowitz as Bobby '911'
Alec Vigil as P.J. Truelove
Harry Dean Stanton as Cosmo Gadabeeti
Frank Cassavetes as Adrian Jones
Nicole Dubos as Neighborhood Girl on Couch
Regina Rice as Dance Bitch Girl
Laura Nativo as Party Girl
Nick Cassavetes

See also: Crime: Departed, The

See also: Bruce Willis in Perfect Stranger

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