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(comedy, drama)
Download Movie Art School ConfidentialConvinced that art school will put him on the path to fame, Jerome (Minghella) must come to terms with his anemic talent, as he watches the girl of his dreams fall in love with another student. Then, strangely, he's arrested as a suspected murderer — only to discover that crime might actually pay.


Max Minghella as Jerome
Sophia Myles as Audrey
John Malkovich as Sandy
Jim Broadbent as Jimmy
Joel Moore as Bardo
Scoot McNairy as Army Jacket
Ezra Buzzington as Leslie
Terry Zwigoff

I believe that those who felt the film began as a parody of art schools, but certainly not turning dark, you lose the point. Turning dark, you start to fear for the main character only to be confronted by the fact that the art world is so ridiculous to praise anyone for more crazy. Jerome art was considered boring until he was not. Not that the movie was dark ... I had to go in that direction to reach the last travesty.

As someone who is disappointed that regularly passes for art today, it's refreshing to see this face in the open field. It's a disappointment that people without knowledge has been successful - and that art is the only discipline where teachers are afraid of giving low grades. Of course, this experience in my art days. Students who put in the effort and not to complete the requirements are still a good rating, it had already put in the effort.

This film is fantastic because it goes so far as to comment on the art of today.

Download Art School Confidential
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