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(comedy, romance)
Download Movie John Tucker Must DieThree ex-girlfriends of a serial cheater (Metcalfe) set up their former lover to fall for the new girl in town so they can watch him get his heart broken.


Jesse Metcalfe as John Tucker
Brittany Snow as Kate Spencer
Ashanti as Heather
Sophia Bush as Beth
Arielle Kebbel as Carrie Schaefer
Penn Badgley as Scott Tucker
Jenny McCarthy as Lori Spencer
Fatso-Fasano as Tommy
Kevin McNulty as Basketball Coach
Patricia Drake as Coach Williams
Jeffrey Ballard as Cute Boy
Taylor Kitsch as Justin
Steve Bacic as Skip #1
Dean Wray as Skip #2
Jon Cuthbert as Skip #3
Betty Thomas

My friend and I was not sure if he wanted to see this movie, or wait until it came out on video. Because we are already seeing almost every other comedy out there, we decided to give this one a try. We are not sure whether we like to think it was more of a crowd of teenagers. We are laughing out loud throughout the film and left completely satisfied with this movie. It is worth seeing and I do not feel robbed paying the price of the night-time. The pranks are hilarious in this film. If you want a good laugh I recommend this movie. Men running in thong underwear, "is like having your best friend in a hammock of silk." The comments are very funny in this film.
I do not know why everyone is so critical about this movie, especially if the girls liked to say. This film was one of the most fun I've seen this year and was not as small as flicky Mean Girls, as I thought (of course, is still a little). Definitely I think the depth in this film is more accurate for a normal high school than other films, is not too exaggerated. Of course, the story of John Tucker is unrealistic but is very fun to see the reactions of the 3 girls that he cheated on ... Everyone complains that this film is so predictable that even before seeing it, including me ... But guess what .... Most of them were wrong ... For much of the film, my predictions are correct, but in a moment, I began to be bad and the movie was catching me by surprise. But the only thing that does not disappoint this film is that I always had fun and laughed a few surprises.

If you're not a fan of teen movies, i would not see it. But if the only reason you do not want to see it b / c you think it is entirely predictable, go see it! you might just be surprised that I have very high expectations for this movie, not quite reach them, but it is worth my money.

6 / 10

Download John Tucker Must Die
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