The Bucket List

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(adventure, comedy, drama)
Download Movie The Bucket ListCorprate billionaire Edward Cole and working class mechanic Carter Chambers have nothing in common except for their terminal illnesses. While sharing a hospital room together, they decide to leave it and do all the things they have ever wanted to do before they die according to their bucket list. In the process, both of them heal each other, become unlikely friends, and ultimately find the joy in life.


Jack Nicholson as Edward Cole
Morgan Freeman as Carter Chambers
Sean Hayes as Thomas
Beverly Todd as Virginia Chambers
Rob Morrow as Dr. Hollins
Ian Anthony Dale as Instructor
Alfonso Freeman as Roger Carter
Hugh B. Holub as County Health Director
Jordan Lund as Tattoo Artist
Frank Maharajh as Sashi Olpadwala
Jonathan Mangum as Richard
Richard McGonagle as Board Chairman
Ramon Roullard as Busboy
Christopher Stapleton as Kyle
Roy Vongtama as Doctor Yang
Rob Reiner

On New Year 2008, I saw the movie "The Bucket List."
It was not my first choice for a movie he wanted to see. To be honest, however,
I probably would not have enjoyed any of the films that I would have chosen more
. This film is very well done. I liked the screenplay, by
Justin Zackham. I liked the direction, the real talent by Rob Reiner.
And I was very impressed by the performance. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman
did a great job, playing two boys who die of age who
befriend each other, and in them the adventure of their lives. The film is very good
. The plot involves this hospital-owner Edward Cole-
who is dying of cancer, cancer and other victim-Carter-Chambers which meets Cole
while receiving treatment at the same hospital. After that both are outside
that each have only a few months of life, they agree to travel
well as around the world, and follow this list of tasks. They call
the bucket list.

Nicholson gives a real yield touching as Ed Cole. Cole
the game fun, sad, stubborn, angry, strong, brave and strong. Morgan gives
equally touching performance as C. Chambers. The game Chambers
smart, cool, romantic, funny, fearless and emotional. Both men are
very emotional in this movie. It is sharing the big screen. I really enjoyed watching
play scenes together. It gives me real pleasure.
These guys, Nicholson and Freeman, are two of our best players. And
this film is no exception.

Although "The Bucket List" is a small film about friendship, and
sense of real life, I do not recommend it for preteens.
There are some very adult scenes. However, families with teenagers
enjoy watching together.

Josh Weinman
You know that feeling when walking outside a movie and think 'God, that
was just a great movie? It takes a lot for me to think that ...
especially when it comes to a film about two men who have cancer ...
but this movie really did it for me and everyone else in the theater.
I saw the movie in its first screening in Pasadena, and was only
wonderful ... Temp even with music and visual effects unfinished!
Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are truly amazing together -
is a film about cancer, yet both were able to balance comedy and drama
the dash in such a way that the perfect
audience loved every moment of the film. The script is fairly original, which was
such a breath of fresh air, and those who act could not have been any
better. I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone - as was
this feel good movie that has made him both laugh and mourn
at the same time - something that we do not find too often. Not only
the audience applauded the film at the end, but each and every spectator who stayed
to give feedback agree that the film was "Excellent" ...
I can not imagine how often that happens. I would be surprised if this movie is not for some
an Oscar or come next year.

Download Bucket List, The
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