Scary Movie 4

Download Scary Movie 4
(comedy, horror)
Download Movie Scary Movie 4
Anna Faris returns as the caring yet dumb witted Cindy Campbell in the latest installment of the Scary Movie Franchise. Cindy has taken up a job as a house caretaker for a nice old lady that is said to be cursed. Cindy moves right in and the house is located right next to Craig Bierko as Tom Ryan, a down on his luck father. Cindy soon discovers a dreaded secret about the house and she is comforted by Tom who is watching his children for the weekend. As soon as the two become more then just friends, a huge storm rolls on in and hits the town. Tom discovers a giant hole in the ground and an alien TrIpod emerges from it's depth's. Meanwhile, Cindy finds the soul of a tortured boy living inside the house who tells her he knows the secret on how to defeat the aliens. But before he gives it too her, he vanishes. The only way to figure out the mystery is to find the boy's father. Cindy and Tom split away from each other and Tom, with his children, seek refuge in a torn up basement owned by shotgun wielding man named Oliver. Cindy, while trying to figure out her own mystery, bumps into her old friend Brenda Meeks. Teogether, they decide to defeat the aliens. Brenda then discovers a hidden village outside of town and Cindy figure's out the boys father is somewhere inside. Now it's up to Cindy and Brenda to find the boys father and unfold the mystery on how to defeat the aliens, who in fact have their own plans on how to torture such people like Shaq and Dr. Phil.


Regina Hall as Brenda
Craig Bierko as Tom Ryan
Bill Pullman as Henry Hale
Anthony Anderson as Mahalik
Leslie Nielsen as President Baxter Harris
Anna Faris as Cindy Campbell
Molly Shannon as Marilyn
Michael Madsen as Oliver
Chris Elliott as Ezekiel
Carmen Electra as Holly
Shaquille O'Neal as Shaq
Phil McGraw as Dr. Phil
Cloris Leachman as Mrs. Norris
Conchita Campbell as Rachel
Beau Mirchoff as Robbie
David Zucker

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Projectionist, The

Download Projectionist, The
(comedy, drama)
Download Movie Projectionist, The
A projectionist bored with his everyday life begins fantasizing about his being one of the superheroes he sees in the movies he shows.


Chuck McCann as Projectionist/Captain Flash
Ina Balin as The Girl
Rodney Dangerfield as Renaldi/The Bat
J??ra Kohout as Candy Man/Scientist
Harry Hurwitz as Friendly Usher
Mike Gentry as Usher/Henchman
Lucky Kargo as Usher/Henchman
David Holliday as Fat Man/Bat's Henchman
Sam Stewart as Usher/Henchman
Alex Stevens as Usher/Henchman
Robert Lee as Usher/Henchman
Stephen Philips as Minister
Morocco as Belly Dancer
Clara Rosenthal as Crazy Lady
Jacqueline Glenn as Nude on Bearskin
Harry Hurwitz

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Cinematic Orchestra - Man With The Movie Camera - The Projectionist

Universal Soldier

Download Universal Soldier
(action, drama, sci-fi)
Download Movie Universal Soldier
Luc Devreux and Andrew Scott are US soldiers who kill each other in Vietnam when Devreux interferes with Scott's slaughter of a friendly village. Listed as MIA, they are actually flash-frozen and shipped to a top-secret facility where a team of scientists led by Colonel Perry turn the two, along with other select specimens, into super-soldiers known as "UniSols." While helping foil a terrorist takeover of the giant McKinley Dam, Devreux starts having flashbacks to his former life, and makes a break from his colleagues. The increasingly human Devreux teams up with TV reporter Veronica Roberts, while they are chased across much of the Midwest by Scott, and also by Perry and the police, who capture them long enough for Scott to find them. After a chase, thinking that they killed Scott in a truck crash, Veronica takes Devreux home to his parents in Louisiana, only to have Scott catch up with them for a brutal confrontation.


Jean-Claude Van Damme as Luc Deveraux/GR44
Dolph Lundgren as Andrew Scott/GR13
Ally Walker as Veronica Roberts
Ed O'Ross as Colonel Perry
Jerry Orbach as Dr. Christopher Gregor
Leon Rippy as Woodward
Tico Wells as Garth
Ralf Moeller as GR76
Robert Trebor as Motel Owner
Gene Davis as Lieutenant
Drew Snyder as Charles
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister as GR55
Simon Rhee as GR61
Eric Norris as GR86
Michael Winther as Technician
Roland Emmerich

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Christopher Franke - Universal Soldier
2. Bushido - Von Der Skyline Zum Bordstein Zuruck - Universal Soldier
3. Donovan - Catch The Wind - The Universal Soldier
4. Donovan - Donovan Live (1984 Madison Square Garden, NY) - Universal Soldier
5. Pop - Various Artists - Summer of Love (cd3) - Donovan - Universal Soldier

Breaks, The

Download Breaks, The
Download Movie Breaks, The
A Sunday in the life of Derrick King, an Irish kid raised in South Central L.A. by a Black family. He talks Black, dresses Black, and thinks of himself as Black. It's a day of disasters: his mom kicks him out of the house, his uncle fires him, the woman he loves dismisses him as childish, the LAPD (wearing Confederate-flag shoulder patches) impounds his car and tosses him in the drunk tank, a mean dude is after him for money, he's imprisoned in a store basement by gay sadists, and he's shot at. Along the way, however, he shows kindness to a near-sighted kid, and those random acts may prove to be his salvation.


Teddy Lane Jr. as Large Jaw Guy in Jail
George Clinton as Himself
Paul Benjamin as Clerk
Lamont Bentley as Darryl
Justin Doran as Nilla
E-40 as Judge
Pierre Edwards as The Pimp
Art Evans as
John Farley as Police Officer
Kevin P. Farley as Police Officer
Ricky Harris as Militant Leader
Edwin Hodge as Tiki
Darius McCrary as Shaquan
Eddie Mui as Kim
Mitch Mullany as Derrick King
Eric Meza

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Breaks FM Russia vs UK
2. breaks mix 06/2004
3. Danny Breaks
4. DC Breaks
5. Madam Breaks
6. T Breaks Vs the Hives

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Download Cheaper by the Dozen 2
(adventure, comedy, family)
Download Movie Cheaper by the Dozen 2
Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt return as heads of the Baker family who, while on vacation, find themselves in competition with a rival family of eight children, headed by Eugene Levy


Steve Martin as Tom 'Dad' Baker
Bonnie Hunt as Kate 'Mom' Baker
Piper Perabo as Nora Baker
Tom Welling as Charlie Baker
Hilary Duff as Lorraine Baker
Kevin Schmidt as Henry Baker
Alyson Stoner as Sarah Baker
Jacob Smith as Jake Baker
Forrest Landis as Mark Baker
Liliana Mumy as Jessica Baker
Morgan York as Kim Baker
Blake Woodruff as Mike Baker
Brent Kinsman as Nigel Baker
Shane Kinsman as Kyle Baker
Carmen Electra as Sarina Murtaugh
Eugene Levy as Jimmy Murtaugh
Adam Shankman

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Hitcher, The


Download Outlaw
(action, crime)
Download Movie Outlaw
A group of people who feel betrayed by their government and let down by their police force form a modern-day outlaw posse in order to right what they see as the wrongs of society.


Sean Bean as Bryant
Danny Dyer as Gene Dekker
Lennie James as Cedric Munroe
Rupert Friend as Sandy
Sean Harris as Simon Hillier
Bob Hoskins as Walter Lewis
Allan Aldred as Publican
Matthew Badham as Extra
Ian Calver as Stag
Michael Culkin as Barrister
Alexander Ellery as Rugby Player
Jack Ellis as Kelly's Father
Michael Foden as Wedding Guest
Neil Hardy as Jamie
Stephen Humby as Dave
Nick Love

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. DJ Rap feat Outlaw Candy
2. Alabama 3 - Outlaw
3. Blood For Blood - Outlaw Anthems
4. Hank III Williams - Risin' Outlaw
5. Jackson Taylor - Outlaw Vol.1
6. Jacky Murda and RCola - Junglist Outlaw

Golden Child, The

Download Golden Child, The
(action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, mystery)
Download Movie Golden Child, The
Eddie Murphy plays a detective with a speciality of finding lost children. He is told he is the 'Chosen one' who will find and protect the Golden Child, a Bhuddist mystic who was kidnapped by an evil sorcerer. Murphy disbelieves the mysticism but finds more and more evidence of demon worship as he investigates.


J.L. Reate as The Golden Child
Eddie Murphy as Chandler Jarrell
Charles Dance as Sardo Numspa
Charlotte Lewis as Kee Nang
Victor Wong as The Old Man
Randall 'Tex' Cobb as Til
James Hong as Doctor Hong
Shakti as Kala
Tau Logo as Yu
Tiger Chung Lee as Khan
Pons Maar as Fu
Peter Kwong as Tommy Tong
Wally Taylor as Detective Boggs
Eric Douglas as Yellow Dragon
Charles Levin as TV Host
Michael Ritchie

See also: Action: Executive Decision

Download mp3 tracks:
1. DJ Sammy - Life Is Just A Game - Golden Child (Accapella)
2. DJ Sammy - Life Is Just A Game - Golden Child
3. Alan Lomax - Child Ballads Vol 2 - the golden victory [dodie chalmers]
4. Rock & Roll - Various Artists - The Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 6 - Real Wild Child (Ivan)
5. Swartalf - The Golden Section - Child Of Night
6. The Ventures - Golden Pops - Sometimes I Feel The Longing For A Motherless Child

Conan the Destroyer

In the Cut

Download In the Cut
(crime, drama, mystery, romance, thriller)
Download Movie In the Cut
Following the gruesome murder of a young woman in her neighborhood, a self-determined woman living in New York City—as if to test the limits of her own safety—propels herself into an impossibly risky sexual liaison. Soon she grows increasingly wary about the motives of every man with whom she has contact—and about her own.


Jennifer Jason Leigh as Pauline
Meg Ryan as Frannie
Micheal Nuccio as Frannie's Young Father
Allison Nega as Young Father's Fiancee
Dominick Aries as Attentive Husband
Susan Gardner as Perfect Wife
Sharrieff Pugh as Cornelius Webb
Nick Damici as Detective Rodriguez
Heather Litteer as Angela Sands
Daniel T. Booth as Red Turtle Bartender
Yaani King as Frannie's Student
Frank Harts as Frannie's Student
Sebastian Sozzi as Frannie's Student
Zach Wegner as Frannie's Student
Mark Ruffalo as Detective Malloy
Jane Campion

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Cut and Run
2. Cut Chemist
3. Cut Chemist and Madlib
4. Cut Chemist Meets Shortkut
5. Cut Copy
6. Dj Shadow And Cut Chemist

Legend of the Tamworth Two, The

Download Legend of the Tamworth Two, The
(comedy, drama, family)
Download Movie Legend of the Tamworth Two, The
Based on a true story, the movie tells the story of two pigs, named Butch and Sundance, who staged a dramatic escape from an abattoir in January 1998 and remained at large for a week despite the best effort of the press and public to re-capture them.


Gerard Horan as Ned Watkins
Tim Plester as Slaughterman
Trevor Peacock as Mr. Martin
Brenda Cowling as Mrs. Martin
Darren Boyd as PC "Dusty" Springfield
Emma Pierson as Jenny West
Chris Langham as Jack
Alexei Sayle as Newspaper Editor
John Sessions as Rival Editor
Dermot Murnaghan as Himself
Rafe Spall as Crustie
Kevin Whately as Wolf
Natasha Day as Sundance
James Dodd as Butch
Brian Blessed as Wild Boar
Metin H??seyin

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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Download Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
(action, adventure, fantasy, thriller)
Download Movie Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Intrepid British archaeologist Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) has made perhaps the most important archaeological discovery in history: an orb that leads to the mythical Pandora's Box. Unfortunately, the orb falls into the hands of Jonathan Reiss (Ciar??n Hinds), an evil scientist who deals in killer viruses and hopes to sell the secrets of the box as the ultimate weapon. Recruited by British Intelligence to get the orb back from Reiss, Lara recruits Terry Sheridan (Gerard Butler), a British marine turned mercenary (and her former love interest) to help. The two embark on an adventure that spans continents in an attempt to regain the orb...


Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft
Gerard Butler as Terry Sheridan
Ciar??n Hinds as Jonathan Reiss
Chris Barrie as Hillary
Noah Taylor as Bryce
Djimon Hounsou as Kosa
Til Schweiger as Sean
Simon Yam as Chen Lo
Terence Yin as Xien
Daniel Caltagirone as Nicholas Petraki
Fabiano Martell as Jimmy Petraki
Jonathan Coyne as Gus Petraki
Robert Cavanah as MI6 Agent Stevens
Ronan Vibert as MI6 Agent Calloway
Lenny Juma as Village Leader
Jan de Bont

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Tides of War

Postman, The

Download Postman, The
(action, adventure, drama, sci-fi)
Download Movie Postman, The
In the year 2013 civilization has all but destroyed itself. After a war that decimated the government and most of the population of the United States (possibly the world) people struggle to survive against starvation and rogue groups of armed men. One such group is called the Holnists. This group is bigger than any other and their leader, General Bethlehem, has delusions of ruling the country. A drifter (Costner) is captured by the group and forced to join. He escapes at the first chance and happens on a mail jeep with a skeleton in it. The skeleton is wearing a postal uniform and the drifter takes it to keep him warm. He also finds a mailbag and starts conning people with old letters. The hope he sees in the people he delivers to changes his plans and he decides that he must help bring the Holnists down.


Will Patton as General Bethlehem
Larenz Tate as Ford Lincoln Mercury
Olivia Williams as Abby
James Russo as Idaho
Daniel von Bargen as Pineview Sheriff Briscoe
Tom Petty as Bridge City Mayor
Scott Bairstow as Luke
Giovanni Ribisi as Bandit 20
Roberta Maxwell as Irene March
Joe Santos as Colonel Getty
Ron McLarty as Old George
Peggy Lipton as Ellen March
Brian Anthony Wilson as Woody
Todd Allen as Gibbs
Kevin Costner

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. The Presidents Of The United States Of America - Some Postman
2. Aereogramme - Seclusion - Lightning Stikes The Postman
3. Burning Spear - Best Of Burning Spear - African Postman
4. Carpenters - Carpenters - Their Greatest Hits - Please Mr Postman
5. Carpenters - Horizon - Please Mr. Postman
6. Dinah Washington - Sings the Blues - Postman Blues

Another Stakeout

Download Another Stakeout
(action, comedy, crime, thriller)
Download Movie Another Stakeout
A witness against the Mafia is being secretly held till the trial when a violent attempt against her is made that kills several of her guards. She disappears and Bill and Chris are sent to another stakeout. This one is arranged by the D.A.'s office and comes with Gina (and her pet Rottweiler) who is to keep an eye on them since the observation post is a vacation resort community in the home of a judge. Bill and Chris are annoyed and are every bit as childish as before.


Richard Dreyfuss as Detective Chris Lecce
Emilio Estevez as Detective Bill Reimers
Rosie O'Donnell as Assistant D.A. Gina Garrett
Dennis Farina as Brian O'Hara
Marcia Strassman as Pam O'Hara
Cathy Moriarty as Luella Delano
John Rubinstein as Las Vegas District Attorney Thomas Hassrick
Miguel Ferrer as Tony Castellano
Sharon Maughan as Barbara Burnside
Christopher Doyle as McNamara
Sharon Schaffer as Tilghman
Rick Seaman as Van Agent
Jan Speck as Van Agent
Gene Ellison-Jones as Vegas Police Captain
John Badham

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Showdown in Little Tokyo

Download Showdown in Little Tokyo
(action, comedy, crime, drama)
Download Movie Showdown in Little Tokyo
In the area of Little Tokyo, Funekei Yoshida is the Yakuza boss, The policemen Chris Kenner and Johnny Murata try to stop him, both of them are experts in martial arts, language and japanese habit.


Dolph Lundgren as Sgt. Kenner
Brandon Lee as Johnny Murata
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Yoshida
Tia Carrere as Minako
Toshir?? Obata as Sato
Philip Tan as Tanaka
Rodney Kageyama as Eddie
Ernie Lively as Detective Nelson
Renee Griffin as Angel
Reid Asato as Muto
Takayo Fischer as Mama Yamaguchi
Simon Rhee as Ito
Vernee Watson-Johnson as Nonnie Russell - Coroner
Lenny Imamura as Kickboxer #1
Roger Yuan as Kickboxer #2
Mark L. Lester

See also: Action: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Ewok Adventure, The

Download Ewok Adventure, The
(adventure, family, fantasy, sci-fi)
Download Movie Ewok Adventure, The
The Towani family civilian shuttlecraft crashes on the forest moon of Endor. The four Towani's are separated. Jermitt and Catarine, the mother and father are captured by the giant Gorax, and Mace and Cindel, the son and daughter, are missing when they are captured. The next day, the Ewok Deej is looking for his two sons when they find Cindel all alone in the shuttle (Mace and Cindel were looking for the transmitter to send a distress call), when Mace appears with his emergency blaster. Eventually, the four-year old Cindel is able to convince the teenage Mace that the Ewoks are nice. Then, the Ewoks and the Towani's go on an adventure to find the elder Towanis.


Burl Ives as Narrator
Eric Walker as Mace
Warwick Davis as Wicket W. Warrick
Fionnula Flanagan as Catarine
Guy Boyd as Jeremitt
Aubree Miller as Cindel
Daniel Frishman as Deej
Debbie Lee Carrington as Weechee
Tony Cox as Widdle
Kevin Thompson as Chukha-Trok
Margarita Fern??ndez as Kaink
Pam Grizz as Shodu
Bobby Bell as Logray
Darryl Henriques as Wicket
Sydney Walker as Deej
John Korty

See also: Adventure: Hunt for Red October, The

Shadow Hours

Download Shadow Hours
(drama, thriller)
Download Movie Shadow Hours
Michael is a recovering alcoholic/drug user. Back on the wagon, he's now responsible for a young, beautiful, and pregnant wife. He's working the graveyard shift at a gas station to support his new family, but the job drives him crazy. Then a wealthy stranger, Stuart, enters Michael's life, taking Michael through a tour of the seediest and slimiest parts of L.A. underbelly. Is Stuart leading Michael to hell, or salvation?


Balthazar Getty as Michael Holloway
Peter Weller as Stuart Chappell
Rebecca Gayheart as Chloe Holloway
Peter Greene as Det. Steve Andrianson
Frederic Forrest as Sean
Brad Dourif as Roland Montague
Michael Dorn as Det. Thomas Greenwood
Corin Nemec as Vincent
Johnny Whitworth as Tron
Arroyn Lloyd as Mickey
Clayton Landey as Announcer
Richard Moll as Homeless Man
Downtown Julie Brown as Speaker
Christopher Doyle as Sweeny
Tane McClure as Keesha
Isaac H. Eaton

See also: Drama: Ring, The

See also: Balthazar Getty in Feast

Download mp3 tracks:
1. Brian Culbertson - After Hours - Shadow's Dance

Drop Zone

Download Drop Zone
(action, thriller)
Download Movie Drop Zone
A team of skydiving crooks led by DEA-agent-turned-bad Busey specialize in landing on police roofs and breaking in so their evil computer nerd can steal undercover agents' files and sell them to drug lords. Federal Marshal Snipes lost a brother to this crew and learns skydiving with the help of tough-but-lovable instructor Butler so he can track them down. DIE HARD meets PASSENGER 57 meets CLIFFHANGER.


Wesley Snipes as Pete Nessip
Gary Busey as Ty Moncrief
Yancy Butler as Jessie Crossman
Michael Jeter as Earl Leedy
Corin Nemec as Selkirk
Kyle Secor as Swoop
Luca Bercovici as Don Jagger
Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Terry Nessip
Grace Zabriskie as Winona
Rex Linn as Bobby
Robert LaSardo as Deputy Dog
Sam Hennings as Torski
Claire Stansfield as Kara
Mickey Jones as Deuce
Andy Romano as Tom McCracken
John Badham

See also: Action: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

See also: Wesley Snipes in Mo' Better Blues

Download mp3 tracks:
1. Hans Zimmer - Drop Zone
2. Cybin - Lockdown (LOC005) - Drop Zone

Space Jam

Download Space Jam
(adventure, animation, comedy, family, fantasy, sci-fi, sport)
Download Movie Space Jam
Swackhammer, owner of the amusement park planet Moron Mountain is desperate get new attractions and he decides that the Looney Tune characters would be perfect. He sends his diminutive underlings to get them to him, whether Bugs Bunny & Co. want to go or not. Well armed for their size, Bugs Bunny is forced to trick them into agreeing to a competition to determine their freedom. Taking advantage of their puny and stubby legged foes, the gang selects basketball for the surest chance of winning. However, the Nerdlucks turn the tables and steal the talents of leading professional basketball stars to become massive basketball bruisers known as the Monstars. In desperation, Bugs Bunny calls on the aid of Micheal Jordan, the Babe Ruth of Basketball, to help them have a chance at winning their freedom.


Michael Jordan as Himself
Wayne Knight as Stan Podolak
Billy West as Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd
Dee Bradley Baker as Daffy Duck/Tazmanian Devil/Bull
Theresa Randle as Juanita Jordan
Danny DeVito as Mr. Swackhammer
Manner Washington as Jeffrey Jordan
Bob Bergen as Bertie/Herbie/Marvin Martian/Porcine "Porky" Pig/Tweety Bird
Eric Gordon as Marcus Jordan
Bill Farmer as Sylvester/Yosemite Sam/Foghorn Leghorn
Penny Bae Bridges as Jasmine Jordan
Brandon Hammond as Michael Jordan at 10
June Foray as Granny
Larry Bird as Himself
Maurice LaMarche as Pepe le Pew
Joe Pytka

See also: Adventure: Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

See also: Michael Jordan in Super Size Me

Download mp3 tracks:
1. Alien Vs The Cat - Space Jam
2. Alien Vs The Cat - Space Jam - Space Jam
3. Drum & Bass - Various Artists - Kemistry + Storm - DJ Kicks - Space Jam (J Majik)
4. Electric Boys - Groovus Maximus - Space Jam
5. King Kooba - Nufoundfunk - Space Jam (parts 1 and 2)
6. Michael Ball - Movies - Space Jam: I Believe I Can Fly

Marrying Man, The

Download Marrying Man, The
(comedy, romance)
Download Movie Marrying Man, The
Rich playboy Charley Pearl meets Vicki Anderson, singer at a nightclub. But she's a gangster's-moll, Bugsy Siegel's, and when he finds the two of them in bed, he forces them to marry each other. Charley was going to marry his girlfriend but when she finds out about him and Vicki, she leaves him. And Vicki doesn't seem to be his kind of woman at all...


Kim Basinger as Vicki Anderson
Alec Baldwin as Charley Pearl
Robert Loggia as Lew Horner
Elisabeth Shue as Adele Horner
Armand Assante as Bugsy Siegel
Paul Reiser as Phil Golden
Fisher Stevens as Sammy
Peter Dobson as Tony
Steve Hytner as George
Jeremy Roberts as Gus
Big John Studd as Dante
Tony Longo as Sam
Tom Milanovich as Andy
Tim Hauser as Woody
Carey Eidel as Cab Driver
Jerry Rees

See also: Comedy: Nanny McPhee

See also: Kim Basinger in 8 Mile

Pacifier, The

Download Pacifier, The
(action, comedy, family, thriller)
Download Movie Pacifier, The
The film is the story of an undercover agent who, after failing to protect an important government scientist, learns the man's family is in danger. In an effort to redeem himself, he agrees to take care of the man's children only to discover that child care is his toughest mission yet.


Vin Diesel as Shane Wolfe
Lauren Graham as Principal Claire Fletcher
Faith Ford as Julie Plummer
Brittany Snow as Zoe Plummer
Max Thieriot as Seth Plummer
Chris Potter as Capt. Bill Fawcett
Carol Kane as Helga
Brad Garrett as Vice Principal Murney
Morgan York as Lulu Plummer
Kegan Hoover as Peter Plummer
Logan Hoover as Peter Plummer
Bo Vink as Baby Tyler
Luke Vink as Baby Tyler
Tate Donovan as Howard Plummer
Scott Thompson as Director
Adam Shankman

See also: Action: King Kong

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Pacifier
2. Pacifier - Pacifier (CD 1)
3. Pacifier - Pacifier (CD 2) - Weapons Of Mass Destruction
4. Sean Tyas - Pacifier
5. Sean Tyas - Pacifier - Pacifier

Stepford Wives, The

Download Stepford Wives, The
(comedy, drama, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie Stepford Wives, The
Joanna Eberhart (Nicole Kidman) is a successful TV producer on the verge of yet another Emmy-winning streak of TV shows when she is fired from her job at a prestigious network. She then has a mental breakdown and her husband Walter (Matthew Broderick) and their two children (Dylan Hartigan, Fallon Brooking) move to Stepford, Conneticut, the most perfectly perfect little town there ever was. The women of Stepfrod spend all day knitting, gardening, exercising in beautiful dresses, and are the most splendid of all women on Earth. Soon, Joanna along with her best-selling author buddy, Bobbie (Bette Midler) and Democratic, flamboyant fairy friend Roger (Roger Bart) realize that something isn't right in Stepford. All is not as perfect as it seems...especially after Roger and Bobbie are turned into perfect portraits of Stepford. Why are the women of Stepfrod so perfect? What do the Stepford Husabnds have to do with the scheme? Will Joanna ultimately uncover the truth? Or are the Stepford coming for her to make her a blonde, bubbly piece of perfection?


Nicole Kidman as Joanna Eberhart
Matthew Broderick as Walter Kresby
Bette Midler as Bobbie Markowitz
Glenn Close as Claire Wellington
Christopher Walken as Mike Wellington
Roger Bart as Roger Bannister
David Marshall Grant as Jerry Harmon
Jon Lovitz as Dave Markowitz
Dylan Hartigan as Pete Kresby
Fallon Brooking as Kimberly Kresby
Faith Hill as Sarah Sunderson
Matt Malloy as Herb Sunderson
Kate Shindle as Beth Peters
Tom Riis Farrell as Stan Peters
Lorri Bagley as Charmaine Van Sant
Frank Oz

See also: Comedy: Barnyard

See also: Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge!

See also Comedy Grumpier Old Men


Download Soldier
(action, sci-fi)
Download Movie Soldier
In a futuristic society, some people are selected at birth to become soldiers, and trained in such a manner that they become inhuman killing machines. One of the most succesfull and older of these soldiers (Russell) is pitted against a new breed of soldiers, and after the confrontation is believed to be dead. His body is left behind in a semi-abandoned colonial planet, where everything is peaceful, and he is taught about the other aspects of life. But eventually he has to fight the new breed of soldiers again, this time to defend his new home...


Kurt Russell as Todd
Jason Scott Lee as Caine 607
Jason Isaacs as Mekum
Connie Nielsen as Sandra
Sean Pertwee as Mace
Jared Thorne as Nathan
Taylor Thorne as Nathan
Mark Bringleson as Rubrick
Gary Busey as Church
K.K. Dodds as Sloan
James Black as Riley
Mark De Alessandro as Goines
Vladimir Orlov as Romero
Carsten Norgaard as Green
Duffy Gaver as Chelsey
Paul W.S. Anderson

See also: Action: Alien: Resurrection

See also: Kurt Russell in Overboard

See also Action Constantine

Download mp3 tracks:
1. Alan Lomax - Folksongs of Britain Vol 8 A Soldier's Life for Me
2. Christopher Franke - Universal Soldier
3. Clannad - The Angel and The Soldier Boy
4. Congo Natty - Junglist Soldier / Fever ('98 remix)
5. David Grier - Lone Soldier
6. Diana Krall and Dave Grusin - Soldier In The Rain


Download Cocktail
(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie Cocktail
After leaving the Army, Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) tries to get a marketing job in New York. But without a college degree, this was not possible. He then decides to start studying for a business degree at the local City College and gets a part time job as a bartender. He realizes that its not that easy, but when his new boss Douglas Coughlin (Brian Brown) teaches him the secrets of the bar trade and they become the most famous bartenders in town. Both Brian & Doug Coughlin want their own top class cocktail bars someday and Brian's Cocktail Bar is to be called 'Cocktails & Dreams', and in order to get the necessary money to open it, Brian travels to Jamaica to work as a bartender at a resort Tiki Bar, and the pay is good. There he meets Jordan Mooney (Elisabeth Shue), a young and pretty, up and coming American artist on vacation with her girlfriend from New York, staying at the Island resort. Jordan and Brian spend some quality time together and fall in love. But when Brian takes a dare from his old buddy, Doug Coughlin to sleep with an older woman, who is also staying at the resort. Jordan, herself the daughter of wealthy parents back in New York, leaves the Island overnight, after seeing Brian and the older woman together after closing... Will Jordan ever forgive Brian and will they get back together???


Tom Cruise as Brian Flanagan
Bryan Brown as Douglas 'Doug' Coughlin
Elisabeth Shue as Jordan Mooney
Lisa Banes as Bonnie
Laurence Luckinbill as Richard Mooney
Kelly Lynch as Kerry Coughlin
Gina Gershon as Coral
Ron Dean as Pat Flanagan
Robert Donley as Eddie
Ellen Foley as Eleanor
Andrea Morse as Dulcy
Chris Owens as Soldier
Justin Louis as Soldier
John Graham as Soldier
Richard Thorn as Soldier
Roger Donaldson

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Montefiori Cocktail
2. Belanova - Cocktail
3. E-Rotic - Cocktail E-Rotic
4. Little River Band - Diamantina Cocktail
5. The Lance Gambit Trio - Cocktail 2000
6. Various Artists - Cocktail Mood - Bossa. N. Go

Watcher, The

Download Watcher, The
(crime, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie Watcher, The
A detective (James Spader) tracking a serial killer (Keanu Reeves) gives up all hope of solving the crimes and moves to another city. After he's settled in the old acquaintance he makes himself known. The serial killer has resurrected and resumes sending him pictures of his next victim.


Jeff Rice as
James Spader as Joel Campbell
Keanu Reeves as David Allen Griffin
Marisa Tomei as Dr. Polly Beilman
Ernie Hudson as Ibby
Chris Ellis as Hollis
Robert Cicchini as Mitch
Yvonne Niami as Lisa
Jenny McShane as Diana
Gina Alexander as Sharon
Rebekah Louise Smith as Ellie
Joseph Sikora as Skater
Jill Peterson as Jessica
Michele DiMaso as Rachel
Andrew Rothenberg as Jack Fray
David Pasquesi as Norton
Joe Charbanic

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Download mp3 tracks:
1. Endura - The Watcher
2. Various Artists - Watcher of the skies genesis revisited
3. Alice Gomez - Echoes Of The Land - Star Watcher
4. Brotha Lynch Hung and C-Bo - Blocc Movement - The Watcher - Brotha Lynch Hung
5. Chinmaya Dunster - Yoga on Sacred Ground - The Watcher
6. Diary Of Dreams - One Of 18 Angels - People Watcher

Hollywood Homicide

Against the Ropes

Download Against the Ropes
(drama, sport)
Download Movie Against the Ropes
A Jewish woman from Detroit who became a boxing manager, guiding several major careers. This film focuses on her relationship with one boxer (Epps), who's reportedly a composite of several including Toney, McKart and Hearns. Kallen eventually left her husband of 30 years, and moved to Los Angeles, becoming the commissioner of the International Female Boxers Association...


Meg Ryan as Jackie Kallen
Omar Epps as Luther Shaw
Charles S. Dutton as Felix Reynolds
Tony Shalhoub as Sam LaRocca
Timothy Daly as Gavin Reese
Joseph Cortese as Irving Abel
Kerry Washington as Renee
Sean Bell as Ray Kallen
Dean McDermott as Pete Kallen
Skye McCole Bartusiak as Little Jackie
Juan Carlos Hern??ndez as Pedro Hernandez
Holt McCallany as Dorsett
Tory Kittles as Devon Green
Gene Mack as Kevin Keyes
Beau Starr as Corcoran
Charles S. Dutton

See also: Drama: Human Stain, The

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See also Drama Star Trek: Nemesis

Download mp3 tracks:
1. August Burns Red - Messengers - Up Against the Ropes

Ghost Ship

Download Ghost Ship
(adventure, horror, thriller)
Download Movie Ghost Ship
After discovering a passenger ship missing since 1962 floating adrift on the Bering Sea, salvagers claim the vessel as their own. Once they begin towing the ghost ship towards harbor, a series of bizarre ocurrences happen and the group becomes trapped inside the ship, which they soon learn is inhabited by a demonic creature.


Gabriel Byrne as Captain Sean Murphy
Julianna Margulies as Maureen Epps
Ron Eldard as Dodge
Desmond Harrington as Jack Ferriman
Isaiah Washington as Greer
Alex Dimitriades as Santos
Karl Urban as Munder
Emily Browning as Katie Harwood
Francesca Rettondini as Francesca
Boris Brkic as Chief Steward
Bob Ruggiero as Captain
Iain Gardiner as Purser
Adam Bieshaar as First Officer
Cameron Watt as Second Officer
Jamie Giddens as Friendly Officer
Steve Beck

See also: Adventure: Vertical Limit

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See also Adventure Omega Code, The

Download mp3 tracks:
1. Acid Jazz - Various Artists - Another Late Night - Ghost Ship In A Storm (Jim O'Rourke)
2. Brannan Lane and Ashera - Sextant - Old Ghost Ship
3. Drum & Bass - Various Artists - Dj Ink - Ghost Ship (Ink)
4. Galleon - Galleon - Ghost Ship
5. Jim O'rourke - Eureka - Ghost Ship in a Storm
6. Llewellyn and Juliana - Members Exclusive Songs - Mary Celeste (The Ghost Ship)

Ast?�rix et Ob?�lix contre C?�sar

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Scorpion King, The

Download Scorpion King, The
(action, adventure, fantasy)
Download Movie Scorpion King, The
In an ancient time, predating the pyramids, the evil king Memnon is using the psychic powers of his sorceress Cassandra to fortell his great victories. In a last ditch effort to stop Memnon from taking over the world, the leaders of the remaining free tribes hire the assassin Mathayus to kill the sorceress. But Mathayus ends up getting much more than he bargained for. Now with the help of the trickster Arpid, tribal leader Balthazar and an unexpected ally, it's up to Mathayus to fufill his destiny and become the great Scorpion King.


The Rock as Mathayus the Scorpion King
Steven Brand as Memnon
Michael Clarke Duncan as Balthazar
Kelly Hu as Cassandra
Bernard Hill as Philos
Grant Heslov as Arpid
Peter Facinelli as Takmet
Ralf Moeller as Thorak
Branscombe Richmond as Jesup
Roger Rees as King Pheron
Sherri Howard as Queen Isis
Conrad Roberts as Chieftain
Joseph Ruskin as Tribal Leader
Esteban Cueto as Third Akkadian
Nils Allen Stewart as Torturer
Chuck Russell

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See also Action 007 You Only Live Twice

Download mp3 tracks:
1. Soundtrack - Various Artists - The Scorpion King

Major Payne

Download Major Payne
Download Movie Major Payne
Major Benson Winifred Payne is being discharged from the Marines. Payne is a killin' machine, but the wars of the world are no longer fought on the battlefield. A career Marine, he has no idea what to do as a civilian, so his commander finds him a job - commanding officer of a local school's JROTC program, a bunch or ragtag losers with no hope. Using such teaching tools as live grenades and real bullets, Payne starts to instill the corp with some hope. But when Payne is recalled to fight in Bosnia, will he leave the corp who has just started the believe in him, or will he find out that killin' ain't much of a livin'?


Damon Wayans as Maj. Benson Payne
Ross Bickell as Col. Braggart
Scott 'Bam Bam' Bigelow as Huge Biker
Joda Blaire as Cadet Bryan
Orlando Brown as Cadet Kevin 'Tiger' Dunne
Peyton Chesson-Fohl as Cadet Sgt. Johnson
Stephen Coleman as Cadet Leland
Mark Conway as Police Sergeant
David DeHart as Wellington Cadet Captain
Joshua Todd Diveley as New Cadet
Robert Faraoni Jr. as Smart Ass Soldier
Michael Gabel as Lt. Wiseman
Albert Hall as Gen. Decker
William Hickey as Dr. Phillips
Michael Ironside as Lt. Col. Stone
Nick Castle

See also: Comedy: Sabrina

See also: Damon Wayans in Last Boy Scout, The

See also Comedy Squid and the Whale, The


Download Dreamcatcher
(drama, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie Dreamcatcher
Four friends sruggling with life meet in the Maine woods for their annual hunting trip. When a stranger stumbles in to their camp disoriented mumbling things about lights in the sky the four friends put in a struggle with a psychotic army colonel and a being that has taken control of one of their minds.


Morgan Freeman as Col. Abraham Curtis
Thomas Jane as Dr. Henry Devlin
Jason Lee as Joe 'Beaver' Clarenden
Damian Lewis as Gary 'Jonesy' Jones
Timothy Olyphant as Pete Moore
Tom Sizemore as Lt. Owen Underhill
Donnie Wahlberg as Douglas 'Duddits' Cavell
Mikey Holekamp as Young Henry
Reece Thompson as Young Beaver
Giacomo Baessato as Young Jonesy
Joel Palmer as Young Pete
Andrew Robb as Young Duddits
Eric Keenleyside as Rick McCarthy
Rosemary Dunsmore as Roberta Cavell
Lawrence Kasdan

See also: Drama: Lilo & Stitch

See also: Morgan Freeman in High Crimes

See also Drama We Are Marshall

Download mp3 tracks:
1. Ian Gillan - Dreamcatcher
2. Medwyn Goodall - The Dreamcatcher
3. Ron Allen and One Sky - Secrets Of The Dreamcatcher
4. Secret Garden - Dreamcatcher
5. Axess and Maxxess - The Sequel - Dreamcatcher
6. Craig Chaquico - Once In A Blue Universe - Dreamcatcher (Alternative)

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Download Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
(action, adventure, fantasy)
Download Movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
A member of a rich British aristocratic family, Lara Croft is a "tomb raider" who enjoys collecting ancient artifacts from ruins of temples, cities, etc. worldwide, and doesn't mind going through death-defying dangers to get them. She is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, weapons training, and foreign languages - and does them all in tight outfits. Well, the planets of the solar system are going into planetary alignment (Which occurs every 5,000 years), and a secret society called the Illuminati is seeking an ancient talisman that gives its possessor the ability to control time. However, they need a certain clock/key to help them in their search, and they have to find the talisman in one week or wait until the next planetary alignment to find it again. Lara happens to find that key hidden in a wall of her mansion. The Illuminati steal it, and Lara gets an old letter from her deceased father telling her about the society's agenda (Her father was also the one who hid the key). Now, she must retrieve the key and find and destroy the talisman before the Illuminati can get their hands on it.


Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft
Jon Voight as Lord Richard Croft
Iain Glen as Manfred Powell
Noah Taylor as Bryce
Daniel Craig as Alex West
Richard Johnson as Distinguished Gentleman
Chris Barrie as Hillary
Julian Rhind-Tutt as Mr. Pimms
Leslie Phillips as Wilson
Robert Phillips as Assault Team Leader Julius
Rachel Appleton as Young Lara
Henry Wyndham as Boothby's Auctioneer
David Cheung as Head Laborer
David K.S. Tse as Head Laborer
Ozzie Yue as Aged Buddhist Monk
Simon West

See also: Action: Conan the Barbarian

See also: Angelina Jolie in Shark Tale

Red Planet

Download Red Planet
(action, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie Red Planet
In the near future, Earth is dying. A new colony on Mars could be humanity's only hope. A team of American astronauts, each a specialist in a different field, is making the first manned expedition to the red planet and must struggle to overcome the differences in their personalities, backgrounds and ideologies for the overall good of the mission. When their equipment suffers life-threatening damage and the crew must depend on one another for survival on the hostile surface of Mars, their doubts, fears and questions about God, man's destiny and the nature of the universe become defining elements in their fates. In this alien environment they must come face to face with their most human selves.


Jessica Morton as
Val Kilmer as Robby Gallagher
Carrie-Anne Moss as Cmdr. Kate Bowman
Benjamin Bratt as Lt. Ted Santen
Tom Sizemore as Dr. Quinn Burchenal
Simon Baker as Chip Pettengill
Terence Stamp as Dr. Bud Chantilas
Jessica B. Morton as Website Fan
Caroline Bossi as Website Fan
Bob Neill as Houston Control
Antony Hoffman

See also: Action: Young Guns II

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1. Cydonia - In Fear Of A Red Planet
2. Emma Shapplin - Red Planet
3. Red Flag - Fear Of A Red Planet
4. Underground Resistance - A RED PLANET COMPILATION
5. Ambient - Various Artists - Perceptual Defence - Wishstone - Approaching The Red Planet
6. At the Drive-In - Hell Paso Single - Red Planet

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