Dak miu mai shing

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(action, comedy, thriller)
Download Movie Dak miu mai shingThis action movie unfolds with the story of Bei, a salesman at a workout equipment store, who harbors dreams of adventures. It all starts when on one normal dull day, Bei follows his instincts to trail two suspicious looking men into an alley. When he realizes that these men are robbing a jewelry store, he jumps into action to foil their plans. Soon after Bei meets Liu, a private investigator who convinces Bei that he may be the long-lost son of a rich Korean businessman. In no time, Bei is on his way to fulfill his dreams of adventure and fortune travelling to Korea and even exotic Turkey. As Bei is drawn deeper into the game of cat and mouse, he realizes he has become the key to locating a lung cancer virus. With an assortment of characters fighting him along the way, will Bei succeed in finding the virus himself?


Jackie Chan as Jackie Chan
Eric Tsang as Many Liu
Vivian Hsu as Yong
Min Kim as Carmen Wong
Hsing-kuo Wu as Lee Sang-Zen
Alfred Cheung as Cheung the Lawyer
Anthony Rene Jones as Philip Ashley
Glory Simon as TCN Field Reporter
Bradley James Allan as Lee's Bodyguard
Tat-Ming Cheung as Tsui
Teddy Chan

I had heard good things about this movie and was very psyched to check
that as I love Chan go easy humor and styles of fighting mad. But
as I saw that I got increasingly frustrated - where people were in
cover and where were the planes and parachute? Silly as it
with things in cabinets that are not in the film, dubbing is absolutely painful
- totally out of sync - and if history is
as fragmented as is the case in the version I saw, one has to wonder whether
dubbing lost things, or if the Danish version has been reduced,
because the story is quite impossible to understand.

Jackie has some good moves and there are a couple of gels
very nice to see for a few moments, but that is about the qualities that are
who are in this movie. The history of the liberation Danish
is impossible to understand for anyone with a normal IQ, as is the
character progression, and quality of the effects are below par for what can be

Altogether this version is somewhat disappointing film and not a
that can be recommended, unless you're a hardcore fan of Jackie Chan.

4 / 10

Download Dak miu mai shing
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