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(crime, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie ThunderheartThere has been a series of mysterious homicides on a Sioux Indian reservation in the Badlands of South Dakota. The investigation of homicides on Native American territory is within Federal jurisdiction, but the FBI is finding it difficult to gather information from the native Sioux. Ray Levoi, a promising but inexperienced field agent who happens to be one-quarter Sioux, is called in to assist in the investigation. As he probes deeper into the events on the reservation, he is torn between his duty to the FBI and his awakening sense of duty to the Sioux nation.


Val Kilmer as Ray Levoi
Sam Shepard as Frank Coutelle
Graham Greene as Walter Crow Horse
Fred Ward as Jack Milton
Fred Dalton Thompson as William Dawes
Sheila Tousey as Maggie Eagle Bear
Ted Thin Elk as Grandpa Sam Reaches
John Trudell as Jimmy Looks Twice
Julius Drum as Richard Yellow Hawk
Sarah Brave as Maisy Blue Legs
Allan R.J. Joseph as Leo Fast Elk
Sylvan Pumpkin Seed as Hobart
Patrick Massett as Agent Mackey
Rex Linn as FBI Agent
Brian A. O'Meara as FBI Agent
Michael Apted

Maybe it's because this movie followed in the shadow of "Dances With Wolves
" - or perhaps simply not sold well - but it is beyond me and all
I know who have seen this movie why not do better in the

All the pieces are there: big players (and act), characters surprising
Excellent cinematography, a credible, engrossing, and simply wonderful
history, mystery, suspense, comedy. I did not want this end of the film! A
For many beings movie. Rent now.
This film, based on a true incident in Oglala
Indian Reservation in South Dakota, seamlessly combines great acting, largely by native Americans
, tense direction, and the delicious dialogue. It
Esclarecedor, a pace well, and always entertaining. As a film as poignant
never seen, I rate this side of LA Confidential, Life Is Beautiful

As one of the three best films of 1990. Val Kilmer has never been
Best and Graham Greene is simply wonderful, even better than he was in
Dances with Wolves. This is a must-see for everyone

Download Thunderheart
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