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Download Movie AliIn 1964, a brash new pro boxer, fresh from his olympic gold medal victory, explodes on to the scene, Cassius Clay. Bold and outspoken, he cuts an entirely new image for African American's in sport with his proud public self confidence with his unapologetic belief that he is the greatest boxer of all time. To his credit, he sets out to prove that with his highly agile and forceful style soon making him a formidable boxer who soon claims the heavyweight championship. His personal life is no less noteworthy with his allegiance to the Nation of Islam, his friendship with the controversial Malcolm X and his abandonment of his slave name in favour of Muhammad Ali stirring up controversy. Yet, at the top of his game, both Ali's personal and professional lives face the ultimate test with the military draft rules are changed, making him eligible for military induction during the Vietnam War. Despite the fact that he could easily agree to a sweetheart deal that would have meant an easy tour of duty for himself, Ali refuses to submit on principle to cooperate in an unjust war for a racist nation that treated his people so poorly. The cost of that stand is high as he finds himself unable to legally box in his own country while his case is contested in court. What follows is a battle for a man who would sacrifice so much for what he believes in and a comeback that would cement his legend as one of the great sports figures of all time.


Will Smith as Cassius Clay/Cassius X/Muhammad Ali
Jamie Foxx as Drew 'Bundini' Brown
Jon Voight as Howard Cosell
Mario Van Peebles as Malcolm X
Ron Silver as Angelo Dundee
Jeffrey Wright as Howard Bingham
Mykelti Williamson as Don King
Jada Pinkett Smith as Sonji
Nona Gaye as Belinda Ali
Michael Michele as Veronica Porche
Joe Morton as Chauncey Eskridge
Bruce McGill as Bradley
Paul Rodriguez as Dr. Ferdie Pacheco
Barry Shabaka Henley as Herbert Muhammad
Giancarlo Esposito as Sr. Cassius Clay
Michael Mann

Muhammad Ali is a heroic character with the legendary wit, humanity, and
boxing skill. Always a fighter, always a lover of life
Ali is a clever and subtle story of dignity, strength and compassion. And Ali
himself wrote that story. This film reminds me of a deeply
autobiography Ali wrote several years ago with the help of a friend.
never afraid to do what should be done to get where I wanted to go,
Ali was never a stranger to controversy, flambuoyance, acid wit and a
openly promoting the truth - even if the Most of their own fans could not see him
. This film captures the champ of many battles, not least of which are
internal battles himself with wages over politics,
his ego, money and their own destructive patterns in relations with
women. But fortunately, it does so in a respectful way that does not compromise the
heroism of man, nor spared the audience of
laughter, mischief and joy Ali became so well known.

Michael Mann film has relatively little boxing in it, and is not in a way
chronicles the career of Ali. A better choice for that item is
"Everything" - starring
Ali himself, or one of many documentaries about Ali. This film is
about how and why Ali is who he is and how it led to himself and
entire world around you to reach the phenomenal heights. He is
early career of Ali, followed through the most difficult
part of his career, when he fought the U.S. government
during the Vietnam war, fought their own religious community during his outspokenness, and
even fought against hypocrisy promoters was based on
who were bent on exploiting the third world. Too smart to be merely a prize fighter
, passionate just too quiet and too faithful to renounce their religion when
surrendered to him, Ali has just kept on driving. The film ends
after Ali's fight against George Foreman in 1977, so no
cover his entire career, and not to discuss his latest
activities. His life since retiring from boxing is equally interesting,
in my opinion, but given that Mann wanted to describe the most dramatic and
challenge is the Ali legend, I can not blame him on his election
the deadline.

The cast is very strong. Will Smith gives a good performance
Ali recast wonderfully wonderful facial expressions, gestures,
physical style and pattern of expression, Jamie Foxx, Ron Silver and Mario Van Peebles
are all excellent in their support functions. And boxers are
all very credible. Even see how people played. Smith
really do not see something like Ali, and you are aware occasionally
(mainly through Smith imitation of the biggest is very unique voice)
you're watching an imitation, but that does not
mean in any way undermine the film.

Highly recommended for those interested in real-life drama and heroism,
the civil rights movement in the years 1960 and 1970, and intelligent
and political americas sports. Not recommended for fans
boxing films and action films. This is a slow-moving, intense drama and
or an idea-good film, not a slug-fest.
Well, if you went to Ali to see a boxing movie that could have been
disappointed, but if you went to see a great movie that hit the mark. The
resulted hype. A conglomerate of great acting, great direction, and a great

history has made a landmark film Ali. This film is socially important because

posed one of the most remarkable and underappreciated figures of the twentieth century
, Ali. Many felt Ali just a boxer with a big mouth

but this film exposes the latest in what really was one of the largest

civil rights leaders of our time. The film makes subtle but
astonishing fact -
comparisons between Ali and other civil rights leaders, including Malcolm X,
and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ali highlites with the influence of < br> yours. This topic is
culminated in the beautiful scenery of Ali (Will Smith) running through the streets
in Africa with local children chanting his name. In this

moment in the movie, as viewers we understand that Ali did not fight for fame or fortune
, but he fought for their rights and the rights of all persons in black
< br> United States and the world. No other film has exalted Ali's influence

so. It was beautifully done. Ali will become one of my favorite

films of all time, and I think that will be remembered years from now
as the culmination of both the main actor and director. I applaud their efforts

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