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(action, adventure, comedy, sci-fi)
Download Movie InnerspaceCocky space ace Tuck Pendelton volunteers to be minaturized and injected into a lab rabbit. Some techno-terrorists foul up these plans and Tuck is mistakenly injected into hypochondriac Jack Putter instead. Now the terrorists are after Jack with all-American hero Tuck shrunk inside him. Their only hope is Tuck's journalist girl- friend Lydia, but Jack has developed a crush on her.


Dennis Quaid as Lt. Tuck Pendleton
Martin Short as Jack Putter
Meg Ryan as Lydia Maxwell
Kevin McCarthy as Victor Eugene Scrimshaw
Fiona Lewis as Dr. Margaret Canker
Vernon Wells as Mr. Igoe
Robert Picardo as The Cowboy
Wendy Schaal as Wendy
Harold Sylvester as Pete Blanchard
William Schallert as Dr. Greenbush
Henry Gibson as Mr. Wormwood
John Hora as Ozzie Wexler
Mark L. Taylor as Dr. Niles
Orson Bean as Lydia's Editor
Kevin Hooks as Duane
Joe Dante

This film offers a perfect entertainment.

main characters and performances by the actors are very good
and comedian. The film is full of a madman 'not-so-everyday'
characters and the villains are delightfully stereotypical
and highly entertaining and there are simply some hilarious moments throughout the film

The film can be described as an adventure of science fiction, comedy.
No doubt the film will not be remembered as one of the best of all time
but I will always remember this film as a very entertaining and I have much affection
some childhood memories.

pleasant 'unknown' musical score by Jerry Goldsmith is very good,
I actually saw this film in honor of his death the day he died, the
July 21, 2004.

While you do not expect a masterpiece and
just want to be entertaining, this movie is well recommended. It is also very watchable
for the whole family.

7 / 10
This is an update of "Fantastic Voyage" and curiously fact, I thought
. Joe Dante directed a series of fun to see movies.

This is not the innocent Steven Spielberg "ET"-as the film that he hoped
because of the language and sex jokes number. In other words, this is
not a film for children.

Dennis Quaid stars and played his usual cocky self. (He is
mellowed in recent years.) Meg Ryan is his custom-cute, but little of substance free
and Martin Short is simply fun - the best man in the film.

The film offers a good combination of humor and science-fiction thriller
. It's a fun movie I would rate higher if it were not so foolish
in spots.

Download Innerspace
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