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(action, crime, thriller)
Download Movie Smokin' AcesAn FBI agent (Reynolds) hunts for a Las Vegas stand up comedian (Piven) who has decided to squeal on the mob but, before he heads off for protective custody, decides to go to the casinos at Lake Tahoe for one last good time, drawing a crowd of assassins (including Affleck and Keys).


Ben Affleck as Jack Dupree
Zach Cumer as Warren
Jason Bateman as Rip Reed
Common as Sir Ivy
Joseph Ruskin as Primo Sparazza
Andy Garcia as Stanley Locke
Alex Rocco as Serna
Wayne Newton as Himself
Alicia Keys as Georgia Sykes
Ray Liotta as Donald Carruthers
Jeremy Piven as Buddy 'Aces' Israel
Peter Berg as "Pistol" Pete Deeks
Ryan Reynolds as Richard Messner
Martin Henderson as Hollis Elmore
Christopher Michael Holley as Bernard "Beanie" Alfonso
Joe Carnahan

It is a new genre that infects our nation's cinemas. With
Apologies to Garrison Kellior, let's call him "black boy". Movies directed
Directly to the young, hip male audience. Movies are an unholy combination
black film classic and modern action movies, as
Led by the class clown. They provide quick and entertainment,
great character actors, twisty plot lines, explosions and spent more
Ordinance used in a typical week in Baghdad. Even new genres race
However cliches and freshness original
announced by Quentin Tarantino for Pulp Fiction is beginning to smell the slightest bit outdated.
This brings us to Smokin 'Aces, a film that is not so smug as
Intolerable or so brilliant as to be revolutionary. Rather, it is
Well, competent drafting example of its kind, which is bad news
For a film that wants to be hip and edgy.

Smokin 'Aces has the twisty plot. In fact, it has at least
Nine plots, all with curves. In fact, it has so many plots of the film
Dissolves in a series of incidents structured by a smattering
narrative glue. Aces, a card magician and peat nabob, makes federal
Stoolie and dying Godfather posts a high US dollars contract on him. Naturally
all photogenic hit-man with the weekend free falls to
Ace's casino penthouse to do the job and collect the dough. Smokin 'Aces
endeavors and includes everything needed to qualify as a guy noir. Even
is to incorporate "Digression Tarantino." That is,
extended expository flashbacks built for no reason except
are fun to watch. Smoking Aces can not pull those dismissed
require a defter touch that the film is capable of.

There are no real people in Smokin 'Aces. All the characters are played by
Strictly effect of stereotypes rather than reality. Aces
Jeremy Piven as self horror head Hop, Alicia Keys and Georgia
Sykes are the hot lesbian hit team, Ben Afleck is an abundance hipster
Hunter and so forth. Everything you need to know about these guys you
Learning in the first fraction of a second they are on the screen. No
Star in Smokin 'Aces. Afleck, the biggest name, has a relatively small
Upstaged and is part of his hat. You may remember Chris Pine, Kevin Durand and Maury Sterling
like Tremor brothers if only because
It was the loudest, most violent high pile of violent films. The only
Actor, which rises above the caricature is Ray Liotta, who spends his
FBI agent with quiet dignity and a touch of pathos and, in so doing, sticks
As a pain in the thumb. It takes a strange kind of film for a major review
Criticizing the good performance of truth in it, but only Liotta
not fitting.

Smokin 'Aces manages to hold its whirly free concert with the best
party. There are some problems. You do not need too much time after the weather
blood bath wrap up plot threads that probably are not aware of
explosions. There is an outcome where a hero brought so
In the area of the left, makes an existential choice is not so
Agonizante as the movie thinks it is because we do not have the emotional
Roommates Investing in what you are doing. Although the final touch
plot is ready and makes much sense as anything else in the film,
still feels flat and unsatisfactory. Think of Smokin 'Aces as
shaggy dog story. It is long, involved and fun to listen to, but ultimately goes
Smoking Aces is a movie that tries, and in doing so is one that is
not going to be easy to describe. The basic argument revolves around the central
Character "Aces", which is to testify against the mafia, and
Return has a contract on his head. Encerrados in his suite
in Las Vegas, which is protected by the Federal Reserve, but there are multiple contract
Murderers (all different from each, as you can imagine!) To reach him.

First hour seems to be stuck piecing different contract murderers
Together and its background, while the Federal Reserve shows that this is
Find out what is happening. No one set of players but is above the
Others, and, in doing so, you have several stories at the movies linked to
whole premise of the film. Acting is great for the general meeting
Fine including performances by Andy Garcia and Ray Liotta.

Problematically, the movie tries to be too cool in the beginning, and
It reminds me too much of "Things to do in Denver ...." and so on.
In addition, the film is really confusing at points, but it's worth
But with perseverance. The complexity makes it very original,
And you never know where its going, but wrapped together in the
Last 30 minutes are more than worth the cinema ticket alone.

Not classic, but enjoyable, original and interesting in general ..

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