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(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Young AdamJoe, a rootless young drifter, finds work on a barge travelling between Glasgow and Edinburgh, owned by Les and his wife Ella. One afternoon they discover the corpse of a young woman floating in the water. Accident? Suicide? Murder? As the police investigate and suspect is arrested, we discover that Joe knows more than he is letting on. Gradually we learn of Joe's past relationship with the dead woman. Meanwhile an unspoken attraction develops between Joe and Ella, heightening the claustrophobic tensions in the confined space of the barge.


Ewan McGregor as Joe Taylor
Tilda Swinton as Ella Gault
Peter Mullan as Les Gault
Emily Mortimer as Cathie Dimly
Jack McElhone as Jim Gault
Therese Bradley as Gwen
Ewan Stewart as Daniel Gordon
Stuart McQuarrie as Bill
Pauline Turner as Connie
Alan Cooke as Bob M'bussi
Rory McCann as Sam
Ian Hanmore as Freight Supervisor
Andrew Neil as Barman
Arnold Brown as Bowler Hat Man
Meg Fraser as Stall Woman
David Mackenzie

What Emotionless an image of a man Emotionless. Ewan
once again proves that he is a force both in the community of Hollywood and the independent
forum. Not only for having the courage to go against
American cliché and the struggle to maintain its full frontal nudity in the film,
but also for having the gumption to take this role. This is not your average
characters. Joe is not your normal 'hero'. In fact,
I would go so far as to say he represents us all. He is, unfortunately, our
'hero'. Joe (Ewan and portrays perfectly)
is constantly looking for happiness and acceptance, but somehow does not find it, because the
having sexual impulses. It is interesting to see what they want
emotion, but still have no trouble sleeping with another man's wife.
This is a story of maturity for Joe, but unfortunately we are not ever.
When I was watching this film I was continually thinking about the film
Alfie (not the new version, but the older), in which a man embarks on several
relations and ultimately Ends up with nothing. This is very similar to
history we have here, only Young Adam is much
Gritti and dark… and thus more explicit.

hence, often in the movies we see two actors give
heartbreaking performances on the screen, but simply lack the chemistry needed to collect these
really intense scenes of sex. That is not the case here
. The chemistry and raw emotion between Ewan and Tilda Swinton
is phenomenal. I have not seen a better film adaptation in a long time. This extra
added that the intensity of their moments of glory.
I saw and felt his emotion and passion for each other in
the screen. It is exactly what this film needed to reach the next level

know that this story is basa out a book, but I found that the director David Mackenzie
did a fantastic job of establishing mood and scenes. The
amazingly built this feeling of claustrophobia that surrounded Joe
not only inside the boat, but also under the truck and the second
apartment. There was even that sentiment in the trial. This
claustrophobia is one reason why Joe never stays in one place
long. While some argue that it is nothing but a womanizer
cored and a coward, I saw him as a tragic spirit
the pursuit of happiness of a lifetime that he never could find. His conscious
was too heavy on him than ever to find a perfect place.
Ewan Mackenzie allowed to find this character, and this powerful drama
became well on the screen.

Lastly, I would add that Ewan would not have been worth seeing
in this movie, if not for the impressive Tilda Swinton, who is apparently
in recent times and everything which gives nothing less than 110%.
I have not seen anything that she has been in anything that was below good.
She is our next Oscar winner and one of those actresses who are not afraid to get dirty
. His image She is no different. While
others have simply played the part, creates Swinton part
and this movie gives the backbone it deserves. She steals almost every scene
Ewan, and that is impressive.

In general, Young Adam is deeply disturbing and depressing film that
is not for everyone, but will be enjoyed by those who are fans of this genre

Grade: **** *****
Spoiler warning!

Although the public may not realize that initially, this movie is
carefully constructed with two arguments, one of which is through flashbacks
blending form perfect with the 'submit'
it feels as if he were running in parallel. In addition, the director is not in a hurry to
give the public all at once. It allows the flashback story
are filtered across the screen in due course. However, it does so along the floor
the way a lot of details that may seem a bit strange, but fazer perfect sense that the story takes place. The best example is the principle
. Joe (Ewan McGregor) and his employer, Les (Peter Mullan) fish
corpse of a woman how to Edinburgh, Glasgow barge channel that his
is working. In the evening, when having dinner in the cabin
with "Les wife Ella (Tilda Swinton) and the child, I
asks Joe if he thinks it's murder. Joe explodes in a
almost poetic description of what he thinks has happened, the woman committed suicide
. This monologue is almost totally out of character with humble
Joe barge hand, until two things are revealed later: the writer Joe (or
its aspiration to be one), and its relationship with the dead woman.

Not only the past, but even this is reflected increasingly in a phased manner. As
sexual liaison between Joe and Ella develops, are under the impression that
She is a very abused (although not physically or violently
) wife totally controlled by her husband. It was not until Joe
Les face on the cover we see an unexpected turn of events
, with "Les short, crisp announcement 'Is your barge'.
Although I have never exactly been a model husband, it turns out that
She is the real chief, in a very literal sense. Now we see the harsh
beside her. When Les packs her things and leaves, wondering when
can see that his son is now at boarding school, we can not help but feel a little sympathy for him

The film is certainly not made for mainstream audiences.
First, the practical side, do not worry about political correctness
, and shows scenes of smoking in abundance.
The film was shot with a general tone of gloominess depressing, with a few well placed
out centered on scenes, the most notable is the ending scene with Joe
walk from the river. However, there is a melancholic beauty in photography
sometimes grainy. In the beginning,
long-range shot from the dock and background scenery is so beautifully framed
that can easily win a price in a photo contest. Igual
melancholic is the general use of cello music in the background. Sound
outside is not widely used. In fact, I only remember one, the sound of buses and other vehicles
street, cutting Joe with her in bed to
the cabin of the barge to a flashback of a street scene of his
Re-encounter with his ex-girlfriend Cathie (Emily Mortimer). The reason
of the hand mirror inscribed with loving words to Joe Cathie ie
however, used slightly more.

Regarding the summary of my line, all the more subtle exchanges in the film are
in silence, rather than dialogue. The two best examples are of course
Joe's seduction of She and her first meeting with Cathy
(in that order in the film, but in reverse order chronological order).
There are, of course, dialogue, but by the time it comes to dialogue,
parties have already established an understanding beyond words.

One reviewer makes an insightful comparison to Joe Camus' Outsider.
In fact, instead of being portrayed as an irresponsible libertine, Joe
is shown as an outsider confused, often driven by their own physical
desire, but not totally without sensitivity. This person echoed the title
Young Adam, still young, but after Eden, discharges directly
cheerless a world and condemned to an endless exile.

The first class is everywhere. McGreagor shows that he is made
Increasing the things most needed for a light sabre-happy Obi-wan Kenobi or
a love-sick Christian. Swinton layers She works extremely well,
first, the passive, guilt-troubled wife (especially in the second
Joe liaison when the lamp break), then the woman freed temporarily
carry with ideas of divorce and remarriage, and finally, very quickly
falling to earth again. More easily overlooked Mullan
cockolded play the husband might not live up to the wonderful
the knight in Camelot, but with their own grass root poignancy.
The role of Mortimer can not be as demanding as the other three, but his
competent image Cathie charm of the beloved young
is quite necessary to make Joe's subsequent remorse convincing.

Young Adam is not for everyone, but definitely a wonderful film
experience to those with the capacity to appreciate.

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